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WEgTPlELD(N. J.) LEADER, Cave Exploring Described to Club


man, Miss | Claire Saundera, Misa Ursula Plinton, Mrs. Kevin Walsh, George Van Hart Jr., Miss Patricia Burr. Miss Mary Lea Webb, Miss Carolyn Grosse, Jack Wade, Frederick T. Could Jr., Pellam Brown, and Mia.s Eilwn Byrne. Kenneth Grouse, chairman of the Reereatien Coninlsion is assistf d by the following committee: Mrs. J. 0. Plinton, S. T. Hinman, B. Wetzel, 11. M. Partington, G. Birchall, E. Shawcross, the Rev. M. S. Irwin, D. Bagger, and G, Cokraan. The commission has been appointed by the Mayor and Town Council. All playgrounds will be staffed by teachers, college students sper cializing in teaching, and experienced playground people. There is no provision (or rainy days, therefore the grounds will be. closed in weather. of

Trinity Exercises


for thk week's

(Continued from page 1) Cave exploring -was describe? Introducing diocesan competition for profi to the Y's Men's Club last Wednesciency in Christian doctrine, t day by Al Mueller, member of the I · Marlene Fioravanti. New Jersey Giotto Speleological Westfielden Third plaee in Seton Forensic Society. Since the society's foundOratory contest finals, a gold me- ing, he said, members have disThe n m i a ef tk« L*a4«r> covered and explored many new dal, to John Ransome. ··rUa a f article about iM*r> A medal for second place in thi caves in the state. citiatg reatfcMa, writUm by Arrangements were made for American Legion oratory contest, twraar* O. T k * » a , iatrethe club picnic to be held June 25. to Mary -Lou Donnelly. 4uc« Mabel* Talks*. Catholic Daughters poetry-writ- This will be the final get together ing contest: Paula Hefferraan, first before the "summer recess. plaee; John Hansome, second place, and Guy Pace, third place. First prise in the American Legion essay contest, to Joseph Hoff. (Continued from page 1) inan, others, good sportsmanship, re J5»j»y contest on "Catholic Acsponsibillty. tion" sponsored by the Knights of Scholarship: Effort and applicaColumbus- Nancy Thompson, ftrs '. · Frank Ketcham, chairman of tion, . priie;.Mary Ann McCormsck, sec In addition to the Good Citiienond prize, and Mary Neafle, third the physical department commitprize. Carolyn Dooley, Kenneth tee of the WestfieW YMCA, an- ship Medal awards, the Westield Jordan, John Ransom e, Clain nounced today the commencement chapter sponsored an essay conT«>fft, «tid Eileen Ziets received of the men's summer physical de- test in the eighth gta4e» of Holy partment schedule Monday. The Trinity and Mountainside upon the honorable mention. A prize for an outstanding es- program this summer will be cen- topic of "The Flag of the United tered around swimming pool ac Statea Above All Others." At Holy . say on t'Selling As a Career" Riven by the Sales Executive Club tivities. The pool is scheduled for Trinity, Barbara Ann Esposito's of northern New Jersey to Mary constant use from 9 a. m. to 10 paper was declared most deserving p. m. each day. of the caah award, with honorable Ann McCormacV. ' The committee has set aside mention going to the paper of Music Wetk poster contest sponFrederick Anthony PerrotU. At sored by the Musical Club of time for men's recreational swim Westfield awarded to: Carol Ann ming Monday, Wednesday and the Mountainside School, Frank Kessler, first prize and to Janet Friday evenings and men's in Snycra Jr. waa named the winner ttructionai swimming Monday and of the caah award, with Lois D«m Hoffarth, honorable mention. . Third prize in an art contest Wednesday evenings. An adult arevt'a paper receiving honorable sponsored by league of Women coed swim has been scheduled for mention. Mrs. Richard Rcublinfi Voters was given to Catherine Friday from 8:45 to 10 p. m. All recent, Weitrleid chapter, pr«. local businessmen are urged >to aented the Good Cltiienship Medal Jussel. . Medal and certificate for hav- take advantage of a noon time dip awards at Holy Trinity June 10 ing been chosen DAR pilgrim were scheduled every Wednesday. The and at the Mountainside School, presented to Mary Ann McCor- schedule has been designed to ac- at it* commencement Tuesday. commodate the swimming needs of The Coqd Citiienship Medal mack. awards were made at the RooseThe Babe Ruth award for good ill V members. Father and_ son swimming is velt School June 13. sportsmanship was awarded this year to Nancy Thompson and Ed- scheduled for Saturday afternoons. Family swims will be held ward Conroy. The school paper, "Reveille' Sunday afternoons. Anyone interested in participatwon honorable mention from Quill CLOBE-Or IN MINIATURE--Imperial Rome la ahown reproing in the Westfield Y's summer and Scroll. duced In an accurate construction, top phota. The project, orlflprogram may receive more inforGraduates from the college pre(Continued from page 1) nally Intended for diJplay at the lait World'* Fair, it an exact paratory course are: George Bald- mation by either calling the Y, omb, Raymond Hall, Charles H. Kale model ot the city as A appealed in ancient times. Th» lamed win Bumiller, Guy Jamef Buon- WE. 2-2700, or by talking per- Hamler, Alicia Ann Jacobus, Joel Coloaaeum, now partially destroyed as a result of looting during pane, John Frederick Buratti, Ed- sonally with any member of the Charles Jennings, Charles Kelk, the Middle Ages, is shown, below, as it appeared When U waa ward Thomas Conroy, David Jamea physical department utaff. James Livinfrton McGiffin. ' *TMF constructed amid Rome's ancient iplendor. Dorsett, Kenneth Ronald Fleig, Also, Audrey Mlsfca, Patricia^ Charles Kenneth Hare, William Marilyn Ann Walsh, Elletn Zietf. Charles Haitman, Kenneth RichSecretarial course pupils who Ann Ost, David Alder Owens, ElizNewcomer* aid" Jordan,' Anthony Robert Louis will be graduated are: Mary Anne abeth Tomlinson Reeves, Frank Lomaatra, Ralph Thomas Lee, Addario, Lorraine Elizabeth Ajar, Edward Shyers Jr., Judith Ann Elect New Officers Thompson, Thomas W. Twyman, Charles John McDermott, William Eleanor Patricia Alfes, Eileen (Continued from page 1) Bernard McManus, Anthony John Veronica Allen, Virginia Paula Jon Albert Van Tuin, Hilda Waff? SCOTCH PLAINS--Now offiModola, Guy Peter Pace, John Angelilli, Catherine Ruth Bolen, tier, Patricia Ruth Werle and Jay ture etory) Barbara Habley, Dee Walter Weasels. (journalism-sports writing) Her. cers were elected at the last meetJames Ransome, Prank Anthony Catherine Gray Butler, Joan Verman RaicMe, (original r a d i o ing of the aeaBon ot the NewcomRotondo, Vincent John Santoro, onica Cuccia, Joanna Lucy Feola, drama) Ruth La Due, (autobio- ers Club of Scotch Plains and John Joseph Sugameli, Arthur Mary Margaret Furino, Marlehe phicKl sketch) Barbara Holt- Fariwood June 10 at the 'VMCA. Lewis Zande, Joan Marie Ccrrcta, 'atricia Kelly, Constance Jean No harm wouldBeattaf In letting be done Rosemary Margaret Connell, Phyl- Melillo, Mary Rose Mehditto, Mary an empty house get cold, provided (rren, (review) Bnrbara. Broback, Mrs. Kay Fitzgerald was elected lis Louise Crona.ii, Mary Louise Catherine Neifi, Margaret Lillian all plumbing and heating pipe* are (review) K i t h s i i n e Thomas, president; Mia. Joan Ciark, vice An«e Donnelly, Carolyn Elizabeth Nicholson, Patricia Ann Oakes, completely drained. The harm that short short story) Richard Crane, president; Mrs. Gladys Slover, secretary; and Mrs. .Dorothy Dooley, Ruth Mary Driscoll, Pa- "osephine Marie Ognibene, Ruth usually done Is In heating It general- article) Kathryn Welltricia Anne Fittgerald, Margaret Patterson, Catherine Sara Penna, aiaiii, with condensation of mois- man ;. Scholastic Magazine Writ- Pfitzenmeier, treasurer. The program featured the exhiAnn Johnson, Catherine Mary Anna Bertha Pocius, Rose Rita ture ot walla, ceilings and floors. ng Award: (feature) Barbara Jussel, Marie Theresa Maloy, Mary Reilly, Antoinette Marie Sbordone, Such damage can be avoided It Habley; Quill and Scroll; State bition of members' hobbies. The club is planning a fashion Ann Catherine McCormack, Pa- 'atricia Ann Slattery, Norati when you reopen the house, you heat winner, Mary Bohan. tricia Agnes O'Brien",- Patricia League of Women Voters show in the fall for the public. Starrs, Joan Ellen Tordik, it very gradually, with adequate Joyce O'Brien, Claire Katherine The next board meeting will be ·lores Urciuoli, Mary Rose ventilation to prevent the «ondenta> Know Your Town" cover design TelTt, Nancy Harte Thompson,' > '^; u ^ v .^ contest, Sally Gerhart; American held Wednesday at 8:16 p. m. Joan Catherine Villane. tion of moisture. Association of Teachers of. German awards: Luise: Klingelhofer and Patricia Peters; Musical Club t Westfield Music Week poster ontest, Anne Spencer; Piainfleld (Continued from page 1) ourier-Mews Essay contest, Julia Baldwin; PTA prizeB for outstand- which include belts, napkin rings, ing:-work in flne and industrial bookmarks and coasters, bracearts: (art) Betsy Blackwell «nd lets o! wooden "a-llnks", bamboo Gail Morris; (shop)' Ralph Bloom- beads, oval beads, shoe buttons, er; (mechanical drawing) Herbert and gymp braiding. Also, braided lanyards, napkin rings, and dog Nichols. Yewr Uhiriy f--4 Store offer* y w · · Ifcert pfcaj Wtw Howard . Tomlinion ' presented leashes of gymp. Another craft is the work done with Chinese tea he Union County Bchool Secre- mats which produce pursw, hats, taries Association prize to Grace luncheon mats, and shoulder pockUMrty M p t y e * ate «fl M i l evefy etay in ffit ye«r. Frickman. Edmund Allen awarded etbooVB. ETery-child will have the he Baird Latin contest silver opportunity to Work in all the proWe J e l i v w a t i r y atay "rain pr i l i W ' · · - · ; · · · medal to the team of Sharon jects providing he can handle the Kaufman) Robert Marllt and Pren- materials effectively. A highlight tiss Heck, best in New Jersey to of the craft program ig that mateSharon Kaufman, '.and honorable rial is supplied to the children at mention to Robert Marik. Gaston no extra cost. Outstanding craft leaner presented the. American work will be displayed on the playFRESH CALIFORNIA Association of Teachers of French grounds later in tho summer. PEAS , J -lib*. award to Sharon Kaufman. Pries for the outstanding Svork The following ; girls received will be awavdeil. BONELESS FRESH STRINOLESS First Award in girls' .athletics: IEANS Nancy Barker, Julie Ann Bonnett, '. Among the other active ganies Barbara Boyle, Jean Crichton, will be basketball, badminton, deck JERSEY FRESH BEHS Jean. Crlckenberger, Joy Hoff, tennis, tennis instruction (at TamIMPORTED - 2 - l i . CAN Lg. bunthat .2 for Mary Lancaster, Mary Bohon, Es- aques Park) kick ball, punch ball, ther Davis, Carol LaRoza, Mere- spud, dodgeball, touch football, JUMBO dith Lermond, Elinor Williams, box hockey, and croquet. There CANTALOUPES Sara Lou Bonnell, Nancy Bourns, will also be quiet games such as IMPORTED - 5 - l i . 3-6Z. CAN Patricia Bryan, Edna Dietrich, checkers, cards, jacks, marbles, parcheesi, Ji/MIO FLORIDA linny Eustis, Elsie Helme, Bar- jack straws, story hour1 sand moda bara Holtgren, Sharon Kaufman, eling, andeverits will-be. held every ORANOES .........doi. ' Special Barbara Lewis, Diane Packard, Wednesday morning and will inJUMBO SEEDLESS laroline Rowe, Kathryn Wcllman, clude newspaper fashion b Morcia Yocom; Second Award: wheelsaon parade, treasure show, GRAPEFRUIT . 3 for hunt, Margaret Gentles, Sally Gerhart, doll show, pet and hobby show, HONEY CURED Barbara Gingrich, Ruth Read, Bar- playground Olympics, handicraft bara Broback, Mary Drcler, Sara exhibit, cowboy round-up and biLou Bonnell, Ginny Eustis, Bar- cycle rodeo. bara Holtgren, , Diane Packard, DAIRY PRODUCTS Kathryn Wellman; Third Award: Inter-playground , tournaments Barbara Bauer, Patricia Collins, in volley-ball, horse shoes, checkJanet Noll,1 Joan Thomson, lima ers, and foul shooting1 will be held. KRAFT AMERICAN Wilhelm. Each playground will have an opSLICES 8-or. BITS-O-SEA /\ Robert L. Duncan announced portunity to go on picnics to Echo TUNA FISH 6-oi. con X for the following boys as members of Lake, lamaques, Unami or MindoBALLARD he National Athletic Scholarship wnskin Parks, and it is hoped that HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE #% BISCUITS .2 for Society: Anthony Bavosa, Gordon an invitation wiH be available to SYRUP ...,16-«>i. can A for Bourns, Richard Cogswell, Arthur see a big league baseball game in BLUE CHEESE Hartwig, Harry Tenney, George Now York. UBBY'S SLICED The daily program at each playCHIPS .roll Van Hart, Perry Welch, Frank (or BHTS ; 17.or.tan Clark, John Darby, Rogelio Diaz, ground . v/ill stavt -with oponing Angelo Mone, Peter Reynolds, exercise of salute to the flag, VOGLER'S Delmar Bitchie, Harry Sisaon, Morning song, and silent meditaMAYONNAISE '.. pf./ar Richard Stncoy, Peter Tntro, Will- tion. The division areas for tho FROZEN fOODS iam Walstead, Jonathan White, playgvounds nve the same as the SUNKIST PURE LEMON e% m (% and Lloyd Williams, He also made school divisions, with the excepJUICE y/i-oT. can /. for I T C Booster Club awards to Juck Cnr- tion of Franklin and Elm Street er, Tony Bavosa, Pel Brown, Rdb- school children from the Franklin SUNSHINE HYDROX COOKIES '.. 7V4-OI. pkg. 25c SEABROOK WAXED /««% evt Callaway, Arthur Hnrtwitr, School ave* who will attend Rooso10-oz. Z O C BEECH-NUT STRAINED OATMEAl-8-oz. pk0 2 for 29c BEANS Dawson List, Goorge Van Hort, vclt playground. Supervisors for the playgrounds Gerry Wright, Ted Wostrlch, John IVORP SOAP, med. iz., 2 for 17c Personal tz. 4 for 21c SNOW CROP CAULI- r ) 7 Zink, Richard Cogswoli, Perry will be tho following: George CroIVORY FLAKES, 4fl. si., 28c IVORY SNOW, Ig. si. 28c FLOWER 10-oz. sLt C Wolch, Edward CoiToy, Wlllinm enr, Kaymond Halo, Joseph ColeCAMAY BATH SOAP, 2 for 23c Regular sire 3 for 23c Johnson, Albert Pflrrmnnn, Kob- son Lint, Gerry Wright, Rober? Callaway, Ted Wentrich, ntul RoSNOW CROP GRAPE -l Q cvt Casey, ami Kyan Aliens. 27c DUZ, Ig. iz 27e OXYQOL, iig. tx Ifc'llo Dinz, and Melvin Michaels 6-oz. I " C TonnIs letters were awarded by presented truck lcttora to Richard 29c JUICE TIDE, Ig. K 29c JOY.. Samuel Bunting to Richard Schnei- Cogswell, Pony Welch, Edwoid SPIC « SPAN-New Improved 24c ICE r>y der, Henry West, Jonathan White, ColToy, William Johnson, Albert CRISCO, 3-lb :. 85c 1-Jb 31e CREAM Richard Stacey, nnd Jaclr, Carter. Pflrrnmnn, Robert Casey, Ryan pint jLl C W.fc'iiKt'ni.'Johnson Jr. awarded AHers, and Arthur Hartwlff. Mr, golf letters to Ralph Bennett, Will- Duncan nlno announced the Ath522 CENTRAL AVENUE FREE DELIVERY WESTFIELD 2-1294 lam Husk, and Wlllinm Bunce. letic Association S w i m m i n g Noel Tiiyloi' awarded baBoball lot- Awards: Stata.Champion*, Larry Member of Twin County Grocers Association tera to Tpny Bavosa,' Goorgo Van

Road Improvement Set in Thins

W,000 ^ , SCOTCn PLAINS - An ordi ·unco appropriating fl2,200 fro* the capital improvement fund to an account for the improvement of Acacm ro»d was adopted Tuw day night by the Township Cora mittee following a public hearing fSWlcy j , Property owners in the road' which is a deadend road running P»y the i off Mountain avenue, --'" be . will ' seised for the impro' improvement. An improvement commission up ptlllv . ed by the Township Committee will determine the amount to be

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