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Valley Spinner



A Water-Driven, Small Field Solution

The Valley® Spinner offers big advantages in 3 hectare (7.5 acre) fields or less

Designed to address the needs of growers with small fields or limited access to electricity, the Valley Spinner offers all the structural and mechanical advantages of Valley's superior center pivot irrigation in a single span and tower driven by water pressure. The Valley Spinner gives growers the ability to turn small pieces of ground, such as the corners of a center pivot irrigated field, into productive fields that contribute toward increased yield and profitability.


Center drive powered by the spinner mechanism.


One span with overhang Hydraulically driven Low-pressure requirement (43 PSI / 3 Bars min.) Retrofit Kits Any drop, spray available Used on fields with 3% slope or less


Fits easily into small fields; provides up to 3 hectares (7.5 acres) of coverage No electrical installation needed, saves energy costs Reduces pumping cost. Works with all span lengths and can be retrofitted to used spans (including competitive equipment) Efficient water-saving technologies Allows for the most uniform water distribution


Two- or four-wheel EZ tow Span diameter options Span length options Tire options


Moves easily between different sites Available in 5" or 6 5/8" spans Model 8120 5" & 6 5/8" - 43 m (142.3'), 49 m (160'), 55 m (180'), 61 m (198.9') Model 8000 6 5/8" - 35 m (115'), 41 m (135'), 43 m (140'), 49 m (160'), 55 m (180'), 56 m (184'), 62.5 m (205') Available in 11.2" x 24" and 14.9" x 24"

Overhang Options

6 5/8" overhang lengths 5" overhang lengths 11,03 m (36.2'), 16,7 m (54.8'), 19,36 m (63.6'), 25,08 m (89.3') 5,84 m (19.2'), 8,68 m (28.5'), 17,04 m (55.9'), 22,56 m (74.0')

To receive an exact design quotation, contact your local authorized Valley dealer.

See your local authorized Valley dealer:

7002 North 288 Street P O. Box 358 . Valley, Nebraska 68064-0358 USA Phone: 402-359-2201 (Ext. 3415) Fax: 402-359-4429 International Fax: 402-359-4948 E-mail: [email protected]

Valmont® Irrigation has a policy of continuous product improvement and development. As a result, certain changes in standard equipment, options, price, etc., may have occurred after the publication of this catalog. Some photographs and specifications may not be identical to current production. Your local Valley® dealer is your best source for up-to-date information. Valmont Irrigation reserves the right to change product design and specification at any time without incurring obligations. ©2006 Valmont Industries, Inc., Valley, NE 68064 USA. All rights reserved. AD10630 PP 06/06



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