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thank you for giving


thank you for giving

ARI of Connecticut, Inc. Agency Report 1999/2000

We help people with disabilities to formulate and achieve their goals by offering choices, support, learning alternatives and opportunities to take personal responsibility.


thank you for giving

thank you for giving

ARI is proud to have been born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. We are firmly rooted in this community--which supports our work and to which we contribute--for example, by participating in the "Keep Stamford Beautiful" initiative. We are fortunate to have wonderful friends, family and various investors in all sectors of life at ARI. We are a job training and placement center, mental disabilities, as well as individuals returning to the job market from illness or injury.We are an employer, with a loyal staff who are among the best trained and qualified in our field. We are asked more and more frequently to be a provider of transition services for teenagers with disabilities moving from school to work. We are property owners, tax-payers, and patrons in the city of Stamford and in the State of Connecticut. And, right now, we are part of a service industry which is changing more rapidly than at any time in the last 25 years. We've recognized the need to develop more job opportunities for persons with disabilities together with local businesses. ARI has already down-sized its Production (Workshop) Services by over 25% in one year, while creating our first "enclave" with a major national employer. At the same time we have helped individuals we serve become responsible and contributing members of the community. front of this effort. For instance, the State of Connecticut is proposing to eliminate the "Waiting List" for residential services by moving 2,500 individuals into the community over the next five years. ARI will be at the fore-

thank you for giving

Community-based organizations will have to more efficiently and cost-effectively. ARI, at the behest of its Board of Directors, already has a number of well-received collaborative efforts under way with other local non-profit agencies.

for people with develop- work more closely together to deliver services

thank you

thank you for giving

Our industry began after World War II when its seminal organizations were founded by a few devoted parents. At that time, no services were available in the Stamford community for children with mental retardation. Proudly, ARI is now approaching its 50th Anniversary in 2002. It's a time for both introspection and celebration. It's a time to challenge ourselves to "push the limits" on behalf of those we have been called upon to serve. It is a time, in particular, when government is looking more and more to the volunteer, nonprofit sector to provide a wide range of services with less dependence on tax-revenues. We must be creative, innovative, and good stewards. We must raise funds more aggressively, and be better business managers. We must adapt to these new demands, if we want to celebrate our 100th Anniversary. We ask for your help. By creating job opportunities. By helping us develop affordable housing options. By volunteering or sharing your professional expertise. By talking about ARI and the We thank you, in advance, for giving in all of these ways so that ARI can continue to provide a wider spectrum of services than the State of Connecticut supports. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do our work in the tradition in which we were founded. With respect for every individual, with complete commitment to their success, and with constant optimism. work we do to neighbors, local officials, and the media. And, by always continuing to offer financial support.

thank you

thank you for giving

Mrs. Carol N. Gluckman Mr. Lawrence Gochberg Mr. & Mrs. Jon Edward Gold Mrs. Judith Goldblatt Mr. & Mrs. Ira Goldenberg Ms. Elizabeth Goldfarb Mr. & Mrs. James Goldsmith ARI Auxiliary Mr. Salvatore Colletti Mrs. Beatrice P. Grabell Bill & Ellen Adelkop-Herman Lee Combrinck-Graham & Ms. Helen Grebow Dr. & Mrs. Marc Adelsberg Charles Hertz Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Green Mrs. Yetta Adler Mr. John Coniglio Ms. Cecelia R. Grieshaber Advanced Physical Therapy Continental Coiffures III Mr. Warren D. Gross Center, Inc. Bill & Pat Conway Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Grove The Advocate/Greenwich Time Mr. & Mrs. Colin M. Cook GTE Retiree Organization Ms. Elizabeth Alexander Mr. Mark Cotte Mr. James Guglielmo Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Alpert Mr. Thomas R. Cuccebak Ms. Elaine Guiliani Mrs. Agnes Andrianos Ms. Margaret M. Cullen Guilianos Music Studio Mrs. Madeleine Anglim Ms. Claire M. Daly Mrs. Elizabeth Hagander Mr. John Archibald Danzas­AEI Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Herzog Mrs. Rosaly A. Arena Darien YMCA Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mr. William A. Arnold Mr. Larry Dean Hildebrandt Mr. John W. Atkinson Ms. Joan C. Dean Dr. and Mrs. Wallace B. Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Axelrod Mr. David M. DeCato Hirschberg Mr. & Mrs. James P. Backiel Mrs. Tammy DeLeo Mr. & Mrs. Burt and Judy Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Jayne Bakis Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hoffman Mr. Joseph S. Banas, Jr. DelVecchio Mr. Paul Howard / Howard Mr. Steve Banas Ms. Gertude A. Dennis Construction Mr. & Mrs. Louis Basel Ms. Suzanne M. Depreta Ms. Carol Hurley Ms. Judith S. Becker Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Derosa Mr. Robert A. Behrens Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Devnie Mrs. Rosalie Hutter Mr. Jay Jacobson Benefit Planning Services, LLC Ms. Florence Dickman Mr. & Mrs. Alan Jaffe John & Agnes Benison Mr. Michael DiSette James Daniel Music Studio Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Berkman Mr. Robert Diskin Ms. Elayne Jassey Dr. & Mrs. Joel M. Berns Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Dolan Ms. Evelyn Kahn Mr. Casimere A. Bino Ms. Karen J. Dolan Mr. Irving M. Blum Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kaminski Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Boccuzzi, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas DuBiago Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Katzeff Ms. Judy Katzen John & Eileen Boland Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Epstein Mrs. Judith Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bonoff Ms. Rita Evans Jerabek Mrs. May Kjorsvik Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Brenner Mr. Juliette Fabrizio Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Bridge Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Fahan King Low Heywood Thomas School Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bringman Ms. Hildegarde Fehse Knights of Columbus, Council # 41 Mr. Max Brisseaux Maurice & Carol Feinberg / Mr. Robert Komie Louis D. Browning, M.D. Family Foundation Inc. Mrs. Lillian Krohley Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Bruce Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Feinberg Mrs. Susanne Kuligowski Mr. & Mrs. Peter Buck Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lacerenza Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cardillo Mrs. Lucille M. Flynn Ms. Ida Lebeau Mr. Cyrus Carlton The Flynn Family H. Leeds Patsy & Elsie Carretto Yakira H. Frank Ms. Carol Levine Dr. & Mrs. Donald Case First County Bank Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Levy Mr. & Mrs. Laurence J. Cass First Presbyterian Church Mrs. Betty Levy Mr. Charles M. Castellano of Stamford Ms. Carmela Castelluzzo First United Methodist Church Don & Leigh Lewandoski / Liberty Plumbing Ms. Marilyn C. Cavanaugh Nursery School Mrs. Ilene Kweskin Locker Champion International Mr. Alan Frese Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Oscar H. Friedman Rocco & Carmela Longo & Family Ms. Toby Gersh Chanes Mrs. Josephine H. Gaipa Mr. Mark Lorusso Mrs. Mary Churley Mrs. Noreen Gallagher Mrs. Corrine Lotstein Ms. Margot Olshan Clapps Mrs. Andrea Garabedian Ms. Lillian Lotstein Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Clark Ms. Leona Gargiula Mr. & Mrs. George A. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Gentile, Sr. Mr. Richard Lovello Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Lowenstein Mr. & Mrs. Morton H. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Ms. Isadore M. Mackler Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Colangelo Roseanne George

our donors

Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Madison Ms. Evelyn J. Magarian Mr. and Mrs. Bension S. Maimon Mrs. Mary P. Malafarina Mr. Craig Manchuck Mr. & Mrs. Louis Mantegna Dr. & Mrs. Julian Mark Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Marrucco Marsha & Neil Matthews Mr. John Maul Ms. Patricia McElligott Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. McMaster Ms. Mary McMaster Mr. Sunil Menon Mr. Michael Bell Meyer Ms. Sophia-Louisa Michalatos Mr. Wilbur H. Miller Pat and Paul Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Moavero Mrs. Frances Moavero Mr. & Mrs. Albert Moccia Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Molstre Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Morrill Mr. James T. Murphy Nathan Hale Middle School Ms. Dorothy Newman Ms. Carol Newman Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Norgren Mr. & Mrs. David O. Oberkircher Mr. & Mrs. John M. O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. John J. O'Farrell Mr. Pier Oliaro Harley & Stephen Osman Ms. Elizabeth M. Palen Ms. Ann B. Pappalardo Mrs. Barbara Parese Mr. & Mrs. Leonard and Ellen Parmacek Mr. & Mrs. Stanton E. Parrish Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pasiak Mrs. Virgina Passaro Mr. Lazaro M. Pena & Maria Delpena Dr. Alec Perlson Ms. Christy Perone Mrs. Bonnie Pirro Pitney Bowes Matching Gift Program Mr. Ralph R. Pope Positively You, Inc. Ms. Judith Pucci Mrs. Paula Rabita Mr. & Mrs. Julian Reitman Mr. Walter Reynolds Ms. Anne Rich The Rich Foundation Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Susan Rich Dr. & Mrs. Walter J. Richar Jim & Kim Richar Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Rigney

The Daniel K. Roberts and Betty Roberts Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. Andrew Robustelli Mrs. Margaret Romaniello Dr. & Mrs. Harry S. Romanowitz Ms. Eileen H. Rosner Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Sabia, Sr. Mrs. Sally R. Sacks Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Salvatore Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Sandak Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Saunders Mrs. Sylvie Saunders Mrs. Jennie Sciglimpaglia The Settle Agency Elaine & Lester Sharlach Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Silveira Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Silverman Ms. Betty J. Skovgaard Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ivan E. Smith Mrs. Leland H. Smith Mrs. Penelope S. Smith Stamford Health Foundation Stamford Police Association Inc. Stamford Taxi Inc. Theodore & Vada Stanley Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Sullivan Ms. Olga Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Sullo Summit Advisory Services Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Swain Mr. & Mrs. Richard Taber Mr. Joseph D. Telesco Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Tella Temple Beth El Ms. Monica T. Terlizzo Mr. & Mrs. J. Thornhill Mr. and Mrs. James G. Thornhill Mrs. Patricia A. Torchen Dr. & Mrs. Harold Trachtenburg Mr. Nicholas L. Trivisonno Trenwick Group Inc. Mrs. Doris G. Troy United Methodist Women-- First United Methodist Church United Way of Greenwich, Inc. United Way of Norwalk and Wilton, Inc. United Way of Stamford, Inc.

United Way of Tri-State UVA Construction Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Ursone Ms. Mary Vansickle Mrs. Caryl Vejar Ms. Adeline L. Veneziano Ms. Nora A. Verespie Ms. Antoinette Viggiano Villa Maria Retreat House Bernardine Sisters OSF Ms. Minnie Vitale Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Vodola Mr. Frank X. Volpintesta Mr. Jerry Walden Ms. Sara Walker Mr. and Mrs. James & Doris Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Harry and Luba Weinroth Ms. Grace S. Weiss West Hill Service Station Inc. Mr. Keith Whalen Mr. Norman L. Wholley Mrs. Phyllis Wilk Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus W. Wilkes Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and June Wirfel Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Wise Mr. Earl J. Wofsey Mr. Norman T. Woodberry Ms. Lynn Woodhall Ms. Josephine M. Woodhall Kathi and Ron Jockheck Mr. and Mrs. Sol Young Ms. Zelda Zieselman

I N K I N D D O N AT I O N S :


Both income and expenditures increased this fiscal year. This has been a time during which ARI ran a small deficit, as we invested in our physical plant and prepared for future growth. ARI is committed to expanding and improving its services and we will be developing our fundraising efforts in order to supplement the funding received from the State of Connecticut.


Grants Workshop Investment Income Other Support Services


Residential Services Day / Vocational Services

Fee Income

Henry R. Brenner, Ph.D Donny Chiappetta and Staff Independent Stamford Lodge Mr. Cyrus Carlton Mr. Larry Dean Mrs. Corrine Lotstein Ms. Margaret Northrop Mrs. Louise Rinaldi

Fee Income Workshop Contracts Grants Investment Income Other TOTAL INCOME

$3,911,264 $126,539 $75,700 $46,901 $52,779 $4,213,183

92.8% 3.0% 1.8% 1.1% 1.3%

We regretfully apologize for any inadvertent omissions.

Residential Services $2,186,154 Day/Vocational Services $1,487,742 Support Services $688,763 TOTAL EXPENSES NET INCOME

*for period ending June 30, 2000

50.1% 34.1% 15.8%

$4,362,659 $(149,476)

Design by Barbara Aronica-Buck Photography by Keith Whalen Financial charts by Jamie E. Buck

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thank you for giving

ARI of Connecticut, Inc.

174 Richmond Hill Av e n u e Stamfor d, Con necticu t 06902-5696 ( 203) 3 24-9258; fax (203)324- 3949

w w w. a r i c t . o r g

thank you for giving

PRESIDENT AND CEO Michael M. Smith EXECUTIVE OFFICERS C H A I R P E R S O N : Edward Granelli C H A I R P E R S O N - E L E C T: Barbara Aronica-Buck VICE-CHAIRPERSON: Peter Buck TREASURER: Mario Musilli, Esq. S E C R E TA RY: Lynda Liner PA S T-CHAIRPERSON: Sari Jaffe, Esq. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Marc Aquila Lee Combrinck-Graham, M.D. Kenneth D'Andrea Patricia Ehlers Judith Goldblatt Denise Grove Anne Taylor Hanlon Alan Jaffe, Esq. Peter LaForte Joy Marshall Michael Maul Joel Muhlbaum, Esq. Susan Nabel Jeff Paseltiner Dorothy Picciallo Day Shields, Esq. Jill Tomasello Anthony Truglia, Jr. Carmine Vaccaro Dudley Williams BOARD OF DIRECTORS EMERITI Henry Brenner, Ph.D. Arlene O. DuBiago Louis Lotstein* Paul G. Macari Thelma V. Martin* Philip Molstre Dennis Murphy* Frank D. Rich III Richard W. Saunders, Esq. Richard E. Taber Francis White*


thank you

thank you for giving

Member of

United Way of Stamford Accredited by CARF Funded by DMR


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