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May 19, 2008 OCTOBER 15,E2011 DRAFT DITION

Armitage Baptist Church 2451 N. Kedzie Blvd. Chicago, IL 60647 773.384.HOPE Charles W. Lyons, Senior Pastor E-mail: [email protected] 60647 1.773.384.6800 Charles W. Armitage Baptist Church 2451 N. Kedzie Blvd. Chicago, IL Website: Lyons, Senior Pastor E-mail: [email protected] Website:

SPECIAL PRAYER CONCERNS World's Largest Cities - #30 Bogota, Columbia - 6,834,000 Chicago Public Schools CEO - Jean-Claude Brizard Illinois Corporate Leader - Patricia A. Woertz, CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Government Official - State Senator Iris Martinez, 20th District Media - Elizabeth Shapiro, Director of Communications, WBBM Channel 2 Chicago Hope - John Thompson, Board President Deacon - Moises Sanchez Staff Member - Joycelyn Tanks, Facilities Assistant - wisdom, direction, guidance, and protection Missions Partner Church - Hope Baptist, Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya, James Wandera, Pastor Church Plant - Cornerstone Baptist (formerly Armitage North), Niles, IL, Leland Johnson, Pastor Chris Cashman (husband of Lisa Cashman) - swift and complete healing of collapsed lung; encouragement, peace, and strength for Lisa John Comella (son of Char Comella) - diabetic who has been struggling with an infection in his foot; healing Linda (coworker of Yolanda Rivera) - had surgery 10/7; salvation; physical healing Faustina Morales (mother of Alice Brandy) - healing from pneumonia Maryann (Melva Patock's friend's sister) - diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer Edwin & Hilda Pagan - recently in a car accident; healing; comfort and strength for the families of their son's friends who were killed in a separate accident Maggie Maldonado - having health problems and is experiencing depression; healing and deliverance Mike Connolly (husband of Sharon Connolly) - having shoulder replacement surgery 10/20 Diane Montanez - wisdom, guidance, and power Rafael DeJesus (cousin of Alice Brandy) - has recently joined a drug abuse support group; salvation Jonathon DeJesus (son of Rafael) - having fainting spells; wisdom for the doctors; salvation Hospitalized - Esperanza Torres, St. Mary's; German Morales, St. Mary's; Hector Alers, Northwestern Memorial

THE LYONS SHARE Aspire to inspire before you expire. COURAGE. what is it? DO I NEED IT ALWAYS, OR ONLY IN TIMES OF DANGER? where do I get some? IS IT COURAGE IF I'M STILL AFRAID? what about courage to live? TO DIE? how about courage for navigating the waters of a global economic crisis? COURAGE TO FACE A DIFFICULT FAMILY SITUATION? courage to deal with addiction? COURAGE TO FACE LONELINESS? what does courageous living look like? HOW DOES A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AFFECT MY COURAGE? Sunday, October 16th, Pastor Lyons begins COURAGE, the fall Celebration series, at 9:30 & 11:00am. Suggested ways you can directly contribute to the vitality of your church. PRAY for your pastors Perhaps you could pray for one pastor each day. Maybe there is a particular time during the week that would be conducive to remembering to pray for the pastors. Pray for them by name. Pray for their spiritual health, their marriages, their parenting, the Sprit-empowered use of their gifts, protection against the enemy and his wiles. Pray for your Grow Group leader. Pray for your Bible Study leader. PREPARE for Sunday on Saturday night. Any event we count as significant involves preparation. What things cared for on Saturday night will best enable you to get a good start on the Lord's Day morning? A Saturday night preparation routine would be a great discipline for you and your family. ARRIVE at least 15 minutes before service or Bible Study start time. Your responsibilities may call for you to be here earlier. Certainly, you should be responsible in that way. Arriving early with the specific intention of being available to help if needed, specifically seeking out someone unknown to you to greet and welcome or having a few minutes to pray, all enable you to add a small contribution to what God wants to do. GREET and welcome someone unfamiliar to you. You may have seen the person before, maybe not, but a personal introduction and a warm welcome goes a long way. PRAY during the service or the Bible Study. You may pray for the leader or someone sitting near you or regarding the truth God is seeking to sow into your life. ENCOURAGE those who serve. It may be someone who is serving you but not necessarily. It only takes a moment to look into someone's eyes, smile and say an encouraging word. You know what that means to you. Give it away to someone else. FAITHFULLY contribute to God's work with your tithes and offerings. Your consistency matters. Our faithfulness enables what God wants to do through us. Every time we miss because of vacation or sickness, and fail to make it up, God's work through us stands to be hindered. REACH OUT to someone during the week. Email, text, Facebook, call a brother or sister who God puts on your mind with a sentence or two of prayer, blessing or other encouragement.


Diabetes and other health conditions To trust God for financial needs For more people to come to the Thursday Night Prayer Meeting




2011 433 587 268 34

+/-% -7 -13 0 13

468 674 268 30




10/15 Yesenia Fuller 10/16 Emelyn Agoncillo 10/17 Luis Velazquez 10/18 Jaime Argudo 10/18 Donna Vermillion 10/19 Jim Cervantes 10/19 Peter Gandy 10/19 Juanita Gonzalez 10/20 Angie Hall-Witherspoon 10/20 Joe Santiago 10/21 Helene Cosme 10/21 Angie Osgood

(Weekly Offering Need: $25,962.00) Offering Total: $21,646.06 10/2 Offering Total: $23,950.64 UNTITLED Untitled is an arts based support group that gathers together to encourage, critique, and develop the work and ideas of fellow artists, designers, and creative thinkers within the body of Armitage Church. We meet on the fourth Sunday of each month following Celebration. If you are interested in attending or simply learning more, please contact Viviana Langhoff at [email protected] or find us on Facebook. 4th Sunday at 2:00pm Michael & Viviana's home 2540 N. Lawndale, 1st Floor Chicago

PRAYER MEETING AT BETTY CHERRY'S OPEN TO EVERYONE! 1125 W. Ohio Street, Chicago 312.226.0331 Every Thursday: 7:00-9:00pm October Dates: 20th & 27th Also, Sunday, October 30th is Harvest Day Dress Up! Call Betty for details. If your prayer life needs a little boost, then Betty's house is the place to be on Thursday nights. These ladies will add some fire to your faith and help carry you through those times when it's a little more challenging to wait on God to answer.

YOUNG ADULT GATHERING Want a great way to end a long work week? Then come to the Storefront for a Young Adult Gathering, Friday, October 21st at 7:00pm. It's sure to prove relaxing and uplifting. Come when you can, leave when you must!

WITH SYMPATHY Our prayers and sympathy are extended to Maria Gonzalez and Violet Vega in the death of a close family member, Fernando Salgado, on October 12th. We also extend our prayers and sympathy to Sal and Angel Vega, and Lisette Hernandez in the death of their aunt, Maria Peritony, on October 12th. Our prayers and sympathy are extended to Goldie Hutcherson and family n the death of her daughter Sharon on October 9th. Our prayers and sympathy are extended to Eliezer Santana and family in the homegoing of his sister, Esli Santana, on October 12th.

THANK YOU! We thank everyone who participated in Celebration of Service Sunday to help make it a success. We especially thank Diane Montanez, food coordinator for the dinner, and her hardworking servants. Let us continue in the spirit of honor and appreciation of one another's gifts.


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