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We are a Key Member of the ARRK Global Network.



Who We Are

Our texturing is to add design and functional value to plastic products that we have and see in daily life. Our order varieties are over the length and breadth of injection molding such as interior and exterior parts of automobiles, office automation equipments, home electric appliances and household groceries. We also provide chemical-milling for logo and characters.

Research and Development

We pursue not only accumulating know-how to reproduce customers' image faithfully, but also ideas to create trend of texturing patterns.

What We Do

From the day of establishment in 1974, we have been going forward to satisfy our customers' demands for quality, delivery date and price. Recently, as our manufacture and sales projects planned in multiple countries increase, the tendency continues to be stronger. To correspond these world scale projects, we carry out technical and business tie-up with Mold-Tech, a world's biggest texturing maker, and establish service maintenance network system. Our network with more than 20 bases in the world exists to support our customers' production projects.

Production and Check

We provide high-quality engineers textures to our customers with uncompromising and flexible production system to meet various demands.

We are specialists of metal micro-fabrication to put designs such as leather on metallic surface with etching skill.

1. Wash up

We remove oil and dust from tools.

2. Masking

We mask side and bottom face of natural tools with tape and coating.

Main Equipment List

Machine List

Sand Blasting Dust Collector Corrosion Tank Rotary Press Depth Meter Gross Counting

3. Drawing patterns

We decal basic design of texture to metallic surface with acid proof ink.

4. Corrosion

We corrode metallic surface with acid liquid. Unsheltered surface is to be corroded expect surface covered with acid proof ink. This makes metallic surface patterned indented.

5. Finishing

Coordinating burnish with sandblast or glass beads leads to completion.

We have been pursuing quality improvement as an important issue to strengthen market competitiveness. And also, going forward to improve satisfactory quality and services to our customers in the market in progress of internationalization.


Bangkadi Industrial Park, 147 Moo 5 Tiwanon Road, Tambol Bangkadi, Amphur Muang, Pathum Tani 12000, Thailand Tel: +66-2-963-6368 / Fax: +66-2-963-6362



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