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Syncrosoft License Transfer

In this document you will learn how to transfer a Syncrosoft license from a computer to a Syncrosoft USB dongle (also called USB-eLicenser). ANALOG FACTORY owners may notably take this procedure to use their synthesizer on several computers. The license transfer process is implemented since Syncrosoft License Control Centre version 5.4 or higher. Please periodically check the Syncrosoft download page to keep your version up-to-date: Your computer needs to be connected to the Internet to complete the transfer process. This document presents the Soft-eLicenser USB-eLicenser license transfer; the reciprocal transfer USB-eLicenser Soft-eLicenser is also possible and walks the same steps. Plug your USB-eLicenser (hardware dongle) and launch the License Control Centre; on this example you can see a Soft-eLicenser (software dongle) holding an ANALOG FACTORY license, and an empty USB-eLicenser waiting for this license.



Go to Wizard > License Transfer; you will now be guided through the transfer process. Click "Next".

3. The wizard asks you to select which license is

to be transferred. Just click on the adequate one, and click "Next".

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Syncrosoft License Transfer

4. The wizard will now ask you to select the destination dongle. If you only have plugged one, this will be automatically selected, and this step won't be shown. If you have plugged several dongles, simply choose the adequate one by clicking on. 5. At

that stage, the wizard is ready to transfer your license. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, then click "Start".


When the transfer is complete, a confirmation window appears, simply click "OK".

Your License Control Centre main window should now show your USB-eLicenser holding the ANALOG FACTORY license, while the Soft-eLicenser is empty. You can safely unplug your dongle and use ANALOG FACTORY on another computer.


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Syncrosoft License Transfer

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Syncrosoft License Transfer