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The 17 meter Taifun motorglider is one of the few that have a fully retractable landing gear. This sleek ship has a Limbach L2400EB 90 hp 4-stroke engine with an infinitely variable pitch Muehlbaurpropeller.It has a U.S. Standard Airworthiness Type Certificate. Current engine TBO is 450 hrs. Fiberglasdfoam sandwich construction is used throughout The wings are foldable allowing the craft to be stowed in a 32' X 11' space. Wing area is 189.4 sq. f t with a max wing loading of 9.5 lbdsq. ft. at 1,874 Ibs. Max. T.O. weight. Empty weight is 1,345 lbs. Fuel capacity is 23.8 gallons (143 Ibs). Range is 700+mi. at 127mph cruise. Takeoff distance is 754' at S.L./Standard conditions. Rate of climb is over 600 fpm. Best glide ratio is 30.1. Hydraulic actuated disc brakes are standard and the nose wheel is steerable. Flaps and ailerons are interconnectedat -8,0, +8 and +I 5 degree positions. The landing flap position of +3O degrees returns the ailerons to zero degrees. The instrument panel is ample in size for full IFR ~nstrumentation. Used cost of a Taifun is in the vicinity of $100,000.



Published Bi-Monthly by SLSPA, Inc

- April 1995

Stan Nelson, President

Bruce Templeton, Vice President


#43 Vol. VII

New officers Selected at 1995 SSA Convention

At the SLSPA Membership and Board of Director's Meeting on 2 March, 1995 several organizational changes were approved. Please note that these new procedures affect all existing and new members. President ................................................................... Stan Nelson Addresses as follows: Stan Nelson, President SLSPA, Inc. P.O. Box 254245 Patrick AFB, FL 32925 407-254- 1241 Brian G. IJtley, Membership ChairmanISLSPA, Inc. 1930 SW 8th St. Boca Raton, FL 33486 407-750-6876 SLSPA Newsletter/Publications Pete Willian~s. 1033 Dresslerville Rd. Gardnerville, NV 894 10 702-265-3877

Stan will receive all requestsfor information on SLSPAfiom those desiring to become members.

V.P./Secretary ................................................... Bruce Templeton Treasurer .................................................................... Steele Lipe Membership ............................................................... Brian IJtley

Brian will process all new memberships and maintain the master Membership Book. Change or corrections of address should be sent to Brian.

Safety Officer ......................................................... John Schmidt Competition Rules .............................................. Bud Schurmeier

Any member desiring the latest copy of MG Competition Rules should contact Bud.

Newsletter Editor and Publications ........................ Pete Williams

Time to Renew Your Membership for 95-96!

I f this newsletter (MarlApril 95) has ared slip in it, this is your last newsletter and you need t o send your annual d u e s for $20 U S . (or $25 International) t o continue S L S P A Membership. Please send funds t o SLSPA, Inc. c/o Brian Utley, 1930 S.W. 8 t h St., Boca Raton, FL 33486 USA. t I f you have questions, please call Brian a 407-750-6876

Members send all data to Pete concerning MG for sale, memorableflights, maintenance and sewicingproblems. Pete will continue to take ordersfor SLSPA Publications.

Checks for memberships, donations and publications should be made out to SLSPA, Inc. and sent as required to either the Menibership Chairman (memberships and donations) or Newsletter Editor for publications or For Sale ads. Page 1

German Gliding Championship 1995 will have mixed types..


The German Aero Club and Gliding Commission has scheduled a championship for the following classes: Class I: Open Class with retractable engine and span of over 18M Class II: 18M-Class Gliders with and without retractable engine with wing spans of 15-18 Meters. Cluss III: Standard Class gliders with retractable of foldable enginelpropeller which meet Standard Class Definition. The purpose is to select a German gliding champion in all three classes and to test the capability of integration of gliders with retractable engines andpure gliders. This is a 13-day contest (4-1 6 June, 1995) with no handicap scoring. Eighty pilots will be accepted including foreign pilots. The site is Sonderlandeplatz Paderborn-Haxterberg.

Interested pilots contact: DAK-Segelflugkommission -GeschaftsstellePostfach 136 l D-63 14 1 Heusenstamm GERMANY W The registration fee is DM350. Closing date is 3 1 Marchf95. Ed. note: The emergence of the 18 meter sailplane over the past 5 years has created a new competition category. The German Aero Club is to be commended for its leadership in hosting the world's first national competition with both motorized and pure ships with wing spans of 15- 18 meters in a single class. The rules say that if a motorized ship does use its engine, points will be awarded to last turnpoint. Scoring is per DAec-Gliding Championships - copy not furnished to SLSPA. Starts will be by time cameras and finishes controlled from the ground, Radio Nav permitted (GPS).

Rollanden-Schneider Self-launcher Progress Report..


Mike Adams advises the 18 meter prototype LS-9 self-launcher is now flying. It has the Rotax 535 liquid cooled engine (hp unknown but most likely 45-48). Empty weight- 782.6 lbs. Max weight1157.4 Ibs. The engine is buried in the fuselage. No details yet available for expected delivery or price. Interested pilots contact LS U.S. Dealer Mike Adams at

No Handicap Factors for Open Class MG at Minden195...

Bud Shurmeier has advised that if three or more Open Class ships enter the Motorglider Nationals at Minden, an Open MG Class will exist with no-handicap scoring. 619-941-3703 Questions? Bud Schurn~eier

6 8 S S 2 T A P N O U S N A T I O N A L O P E N C L A S S C H U S N A T I O N A L A U X - P O W E R E O C N C T I O N E D B Y T H E S O A R I N G S O C I E T O N S O R E D B Y T H E M I N D E N S O H A M P H A M P Y O F A R I N I O N S H I I O N S H I A M E R I C G C L U P P A B


Pilot Wanted for MG Nationals

Bob Smith wants a qualified contest pilot to checkout in his Stenune S I0 and fly as PIC in the Minden MG Nationals 11-22 June. Bob will act as co-pilot and gain insights into contest flying. This is a great opportunity for some pilot to : 1. Check out in the Stemme S 10 and 2. Fly the nationals with no handicap! Interested? Call or write Bob Smith, Box 672, Ketchum, ID 83340, 208-726-4730

JUNE ii-I=. i995

FOR lNFOUMATlON CONTACT: RICK WALTERS 7 0 2 - 2 6 7 4 4 9 7 PAT PHILBRICK 9 1 6 6 2 2 - 9 1 8 5 T O M STOWERS 7 0 2 - 7 8 2 4 9 4 4


7 0 2 - 2 6 5 - 4 5 5 5 FAX

P.O. BOX 3 6 1 M I N O E N . NEVADA 8 9 4 2 3 USA

SLSPA Breakfast at Reno 95 SSA Convention


South Region 5 Accepts Motorgliders Class ...

Brian Utley advises the South Region 5 contest to be held at Cordele, GA May 8-12 will accept MG entries as a Class to be scored using Aux-Pwrd Rules. For more info contact the Contest Manager: Clyde Taylor 39 11 Forest Dawn Ct. Lithonia, GA 30058 404-985-2732 PM, 404-7 15-7227 Days

Reno 95 had to be one of the best SSA Conventions on record. Attendance was high.. . over 600 delegates, twenty sailplanes were on display and 45 exhibitors were present. SLSPA member Steele Lipe gave a talk on the use of oxygen. Stan Nelson, SLSPA's new President gave a talk on flying self-launch sailplanes safely. At the SLSPA Breakfast over 77 people were present, including 40 SLSPA members. At this breakfast, Stan presented Pete Williams with a plaque of appreciation for his tenure as founder and president of SLSPA over the past seven years. John Schmidt, Stan Nelson and Pete Williams met with Gene Hammond, SSA's Soaring Safety Foundation chairman to review the FAA A.C. 61-94 covering the recommended training procedures for transition to self-launching sailplanes. John Schmidt, SLSPA's Safety Chairman will be reviewing this A.C. with input from Williams, Nelson and Tom Knauff. The objective being to assist FAA in updating this document with SSA input to preserve the intent of the A.C. to not establish a powered glider rating.

Mar-Apr 95

New Safety Publication Available from SLSPA

S!an Nelson has produced a 13-page booklet describing JAR 22 minimunl airworthiness standards for powered sailplanes including takeoff and climb performance standards. The booklet describes procedures for Flight Planning, takeoff, aborted takeoff, loss of power and inflight starts. Copies are available from The SLSPA Publications Library for $1. Send to Newsletter Editor Pete Willian~s.

Page 2


SLSPA Administrative Operations for 1994.. . The newsletter master files contain 42 Newsletters published since May 1988. Each newsletter initial printing is 350 with 100 reprints made from time to time. Each new member gets 6 newsletters and can order back copies at 85 cents each. In addition to sales of newsletter reprints, SLSPA has available copies of all Rotax Engine Repair and Parts Manuals plus TechNotes and Bulletins. Also available are copies of the Safety Survey conducted in 1990; a 12-page booklet titled 'FAA Advisory Circular AC-6 1-94 Pilot Transition Course for Self-Launching or Powered Sailplanes (Motorgliders)". A Newsletter Index is published about two times per year. A 24-page booklet is also available titled "The DG-400, A Pilot's Introduction and Orientation". A Pitney Bowes postal nieter is used for mailing. Average time required to publish and mail one newsletter issue is 20-25 man hours. Subject data for the newsletter is gleaned form the airframe and engine factories, submitted by individual members and compiled fro111other sources such as Sailpltrrre mrrd Gliding, (England), Volo a Velu (Italy), AOPA Pilot, Air S~)ort.r Irrterrrational (FAI), West Wind (PASCO), etc. SLSPA always needs input from its membership. If you have had an interesting flight, maintenance problem, or have a safety note to pass on, please let us know. Photos are particularly welcome. In 1994,84 new members joined SLSPA. Total paid membership is 306. Total circulation is 329. SLSPA, Inc. 1994 Financial Statement

DG-5OOM Cockpit Instrumentation.. .

Seen above is a shot of Tupper Robinson's DG-5OOM front cockpit controls and instruments. The long LCD readout in the center is the DEI (Digital Engine Instrumentation). The LCD rerrdout displays: Fuel Quantity, RPMs, Battery Volts, CHT. Colored LEDs indicmte: Ignition ONIOFF; Engine Extension/ Retraction; Engine Door Position; Start Warning Light; Propeller Position Warning Light. Switches select: Ignition ONIOFF; Ignition Test Circuits I & 2; BattICHT; Total Electric system or soaring instruments only; T.E. or Static pressure for variometer.


Income: Froni Dues, Publications Sales & Donations ......$6,414.10 Expenses: Office Supplies~elephone/FAX/Bank Charges ................... $50 1.69 Fees/Dues/Subscriptions ........................................................ 155.00 Postage ................................................................................ 1,228.25 Printing ................................................................................ 2,304.1 1 Travel (1994 SSA Convention) ........................................... 1,I 66.26 SLSPA Decals and Patches .................................................... 737.12 Total Expenses $6,029.43


$2,838.05 Assets (cash in bank as of 12-3 1-94) ................................. Liabilities 0,000.00


A Special Thanks.. . I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of SLSPA past and present for their support of this organization. The charter upon which SLSPA was founded is to assist pilots who fly or desire to fly motorized sailplanes. I also want to express my gratitude to the new management of SLSPA for their willingness to become involved and make a contribution to this movement. A special thanks also to Stan Nelson for crafting the beautiful plaque.

SLSPA Sailplane Fleet..

DG-400 ...............35 DGdOOM ............. 2 DG-800 .................8 DG-5OOM . . . . . . . 1 Grob 103SL .......... 3 Grob 109 ............. 14 Stemme S10 .......... 3


ASH-26E ............. 4 ASH-24E .............. 2 ASW-22BE ...........1 Taifun ................... 3 Misc ....................21

PIK20El30 .......... 18 Nimbus3DM ........ 3 Nimbus4DM ......... 1 Ninibus4M ............ 1 Ventus CM ............ 6 Ventus BT .............5 Ventus CT ............. 2

TOTAL ............134

s For Sale

VENTUS CM 17.6111. Imrnmaculate. NDH. TTA-95hr. TE-14hr; : Peschages VP6E l a g e screen LCD; 0 Dittle FSG71, Baro' Camera; Tinted Canopy; Cobra Trailer; one man rigging. $90,000 US. Fritz Bortenlanger, Calgary Alberta. Tel. days: 403-2?6-6262 (Canada) NIMBUS 3DM. Perfect. Low engine and airframe hours. Cobra trailer with rigging aids and tow-out gear. Two fill1 panels with S Nav and 760 ch. radio. Parachutes and barograph. New C of A. Contact Phil Lever. Corb~idge. Northumberland, UK NE45 5PZ. Tel.1Fax 0434 672236. PIK-ZOE, 125 hrs TTA, 45 hrs. TTE. Excellent condition. Automatic prop. stop. Full instuments with Winter mechanical vario. Ball electric vario. Edo 720, Oxygen. Minden trailer wlone man rigging. $45,000. 206-866-2025 (WA). Page 3


VALENTIN TAIFUN 17E. N9M.4. SM 1090; always hangared; 225 total hrs. 94hp Limbach with variable pitch and full feathering electric prop; Full IFR panel (Loran and intercom). One person ground handling equipment; 30:l L!D; retractable tricycle gear; side-by-side dual controls. $97,000. Call Dr. John at work 503-234- 1531 or home 503-775-5004. Portland, O R Mar-Apr 95

Principal Motorgliders in use today (not to scale)

Nimbus 3DT


Ventus 2C

Janus CM

Nimbus 3DM


Ventus CM





Super Ximango

Scheibe SF 2%



SLSPA NEUSLETTER INDEX k y / J u n e '88 t h r u JadFeb '95 (42 Issues)

8ack issues available t o mmbers at $1.00 each o r a l l issue! f o r $35. P r i c e s include postage. ~ 1 . 5 0 / 1 s s ~ e ~ 0 m e m b e r s . A i l e r o n connection/D6-400 A i l e r o n g t 1 coat crackdD6-400 A i l e r o n t h r a r checkdDG-400 Alcohol i n Fuel t e s t s y s t m AlrstartdDG-400 Hw/June 88 Anti-rust raintenence ARIA s a i l p l a n e k t m a t i c engine t x t e n s ~ m / r e t r a c t i o n DG-400 June 88 May/June 89 Nw/Dec 88 Sep/Oct 91 July/Aug 88 July/Aug 89 Janhb90 Ha~/Jun 90

Engine bar doors PIK-2OE Engine bay fuel valve DG-400 Engine extraction r e l a y D6-400 Engine extraction blocked DG-400 Engine r e t r a c t i o n blocked DG-400 Engine f a i l u r e Rotax EnqindProp doors D6-400 Exhaust Manifold Cracks-DG-60M Nov/Drc 88 F l i g h t t r a i n i n g program Fourni e r RF58 Mar/4pr 92 F u r l hosts DG-400 Ju\/Aug 89 JadFeb 90 Fuel gauge c a l i b r a t i o n DG-400/50W800 Nov/Dec 94 F u t l leaks Rotax 505 #r/Apr92 Hay/June91 L p / O c t 90 F u e V o i l mixture Rotax Jul/Aug92 Ma~/Junt92 J u l / k g 88 F u t l / o i l n i x t u r e SOLO Hay/Junr92 Fuel octane specs./Rotax Mar/Apr92 Har/ApPl JadFeb 91 kp/Oct 92 Fuel Tank Drain Value/DG-400 Jul/Aug92 Sep/Oct91 O t l c ~ cracks near spoilerdOG-400 t Hay/June92 Glaser-Dirks S a i l p l m s Prices-1995 Jan/Feb95 G l a s f l u p l Hosqui t n Self-Launcher Sep/Oc 193 Grob 103 SL May/Junr 93 Sep/Oct 93 JadFeb92 NodDec9l Har/Apr 94 6rcb 1098 Specs Lp/kt92 High Alt.JetdRotax Ha~/June88 June88 Jul/Aug88 Lp/Oct89 L t t l l i e r Quick Disconnects f o r Control SYS. JuVAug91 JadFeb9O Ign i t ion/Rotax Mar/Jun88 Nov/DecBB JadFeb89 Hay/June89 Har/Ap93 Sep/Oct92Jul/kg92 Ha~/June92 Insurance JulIAug92 Mar/Junt88 IS-2~i2 H o t w g l ider Sep/Oct92 Landing gear r e t r a c t i o n DG-400 June88 Julr/Aug88 Lp/OctBB L i q u i d measures chart Ju l/Aug92 LS-6 Hotorgl ider Har/June93 Nikuni CarbdRotax Hotorgl ider checkout procedures Notorgl ider 1 i s t i n g by types Motorized Sailplane L i s t i n g by OD1 M u f f l e r springdRotax/DG-400 t h u s l e t t e r Index Nrlson Engine Nelsm t h i n g b i r d U Nimbus 3 i Cockpit Layout Nimbus 3Ui f l i g h t procedures Nirbus 3Ui Fuel S y s t m Nimbus 3E)( Specs N i b u s 41 Nimbus 91 Nimbus 4 M Sep/Oct89 Har/June89 Mar/Junt92 Lp/Oct89 Lp/Oct89 Nw/Dec 90 Har/Apr 94 S e p / k t 8f

B a t t e r i e s 06-400 July/Aug88 MarIApr09 Har/Apr9O Hay/June90 B a t t e r ~ e sP I K - M V 3 0 May/June 89 8 a t t e r y Upkeep Jul/aug 93 Brake l i n i n g s DG-400 J a d F e b 89 Mar/4pr 89 BE4 (D64OO Auto Engine Ext/Ret S ~ s t m )Problems Ma~/June91 Cmra bunt D i a p Canopy hinge support cracks DG-400 Carburetors DG-400 Cockpit cleaning Cmbustion c h n b e r dnage Rotax C m p e t i t i o n Rule Changes C w l ing duct Rotax/DG-400 Cyl. Head Tmp. probe Rotax/DG-400 DEI C i r c u i t DiagrdDG-400 Hay/June D 400/800 C u s t m I n s t r m e n t Console G May/June DG-40 Spers May/June D8-400 Cl inb Perfornance May/June W Specs O O Jan/Ftb 93 JuVAug &SO0 Engine f a i l u r e May/June DG-6OM Nou/Dec9O Jan/Feb 90 Har/Apr 90 May/June HarIApr91 JanIFeb92 DG-60M Disc Brake I n s t a l l a t i o n JadFeb DG-80M JuVAug92JadFeb92 Nov/Dec DO-8008 Nou/hc94 Jul/Aug D6-800B Specs Sep/Oc t Discus ti F l i g h t Report Mar/4pr HarI4pr Discus 87 Ducati Iqnition/Rotax Engines J a d F t b 93 Jul/Aug Nou/Dec E l e c t r i c a l SYS. t r o u b l e s h w t i n g DG-400 l l t v a t w pustdpull tube guides PlK-2OE Elevator trim probImdD6-400 Energ, Extension o f engine D6-400 Energ. Extract/Retract b i t c h Caution DG400/800 92 94 93 94 92 91 90 94 90 94 94 93 94 92 91

Lp/Oct9( Parts source l i s t (carbs & ignition-Rotax) PlK-ME maintenance t i p s Mar/Apr89 PIK-2OE & 34 AD (Piston Pin Brarings) May/June92 PIK-2OE E l e c t r i c a l P r o b l m Mar/4pr94 PlK-2OE Engine r e s t r a i n i n g straps Jan/Ftb95 Lp/Oct93 PlK-ME Type c e r t i f i c a t i o n MayNun90 PIK-30 Specs Har/4pr93 P i s t m conrod bearings/Rotax50Sdr501 Lp/Oct88 Nov/Drc88 Prop brake s~st(lJPIK2OV30 Jul/Aug88 Prop mounting Rotax/D6-400 June88 JuVAug88 Prop braking s r s t m D6-400 Jul/Aug94 Prop shaf t l a i l u r e Rotax 50YD6-400 Har/bp91 JuVAug90 Prop s h a l t inspection/replacmtnt Rotax/DG-400 Sep/Oct91 JadFeb92 Har/4pr92 Nov/Dec9l Prop support aounting b o l t s DG4OO June88 Ha~/June88 Jul/AuqW Mar/4prfO Protection o f Gelcoat f i n i s h Nou/Dec93 Rep1acrnrnt P a r t s List/D6-400 Jul/Aug 91 Refueling s a f e t y Ha~/June89 Retractable Engine S a i l p l m e L i s t i n g Har/Apr90 Nw/Drc9O RFI H o i w caused by f l i g h t cmputer Jul/Aug92 Rotax Engine high CHl MayIJun94 Rotax Engine Repair/Partsdanuals Sep/Oct88 Jan/Ftb92 Rotax 505 S t a r t e r Motor P r o b l m Lp/Oct94 JullAug94 Rotax Engine d/H Jm/Fr b93 Hay/Junr93 Jan/Frb91 Jul/Auq93 Nov/Dec94 JuVAug94 Rotax Engine O/H..FM C a e n t s Sep/Oc 194 Rotax Engine Ext/Ret Motor Changeout 06-400 Nov/Drc93 Rotax Parts m d L r v i c e Centers MarlJune 94 Har/Apr92 Safety Survey Har/Ap9l Nw/Dec9O S a i l p l m e D p e r a t i o n s d P w e r P i l o t s Br i t f in9 Sep/Dct94 k h t i k SF-2M Lp/kt93 Jul/Aug90 Nov/Dec9O SF-2% JadFeb93 k h l r i c h t r ASH-26E JadFeb94 Lp/Oct93 Lp/Oct9lMay/Jun9l ASH-26E Specs May/Jun94 15U-21E May/June92 Nov/Dec9l MarIApr92 AW-22 BLE Hay/June93 Lp/Oct93 Seat Cushion Alert~DG-400 Ha/Apr92 Selflaunch Check L i s t Hay/June92 k l f l a u n c h techni(ue MarlAp93 Jul/Aup89 S r l f launch precautions Sep/Oct91 Srrv. B u l l . 135 PIK-20V30 JadFeb89 SOLO Engine tuning (Ventus CT/M) JadFeb91 Spare p a r t s l i s t DG-400 JuVAug88 Spark p l u g problmdRotax/PIK-20E Jul/Aug89 Spark p l ugdRotax/DG-400 Nou/Dec9O Jul/Aug88 Spoi 1er/Aileron connections DG-400 Hay/June90 JuVAug89 Spring Check L i s t JadFeb92 S t m e SlO Specs HarlAp93 Nov/Dec92 S t a r t e r gear crackdD6-400 Jul/Aug89 S t a r t e r r e l a y problmdDG-400 Jul/Aug9I S t a r t e r rmoval/repair/DG-400 June88

Starter/Rotax S t a t i c s y s t m leaks Super Dimona HK 36R Specs. Super Ximango CWI-200 Specs, Taifun Parts Source Nov/Dec9I Tailuheel b a l l bearing type/DG-400 Sep/kt9I Tai luheel nountinp/DG-400 June88 T a i l J l e e l tw d o l l e y fabrication/DG-400 Mar/Apr91 T i l l o t s o n carbs JadFeb9l May/June88 Lp/OctBB Sep/OctW May/Junt91 Jul/Aug 91 TH l i s t i n g f o r DG-400 HayNun90 Jul/Aug93 Tonopah, MI %SPA F l y - I n 93 T.O.P. Engine I n s t a l l a t i o n s Jul/Aug92 Transi t i o n t o motorgl i d e r s F M r e q u ~ r m t n t s Jul/Aug90 Transponders Hay/June92 Type C e r t i f i c a t i o n f o r Exper inental sailplanes Nw/Dec88 U.S. Motorized Sailplane F l e e t JadFeb93 V l W L-3 Ventus Elevator Control Rod Corrosion Ventus M engine t u n ~ n g Ventus M Specs Jul/Aug93 Vrntus T Tech Tips Ventus 2 JuVAug94 JadFeb94 JadFeb93 Lp/Oc 190 Hay/Jun90 JadFeb89 Mar/Apr94

U t i g h t & Balance Hay/Jun89 Jul/Aug89 Nov/Drc89 JadFtb9O UINDROSE SL sailplane Hay/June92 Sep/Oct 91 Hay/Jun89 U i n t e r inspection checkl i s t &p/kt94 Nov/Dec89 U i n t e r i z i n g the t n g h e Nov/Dec93 Uheel b a t e C l l t Inspection Lp/Oct94 UOOOSlOCK SL sai l p l ant Nov/Dec94 Srp/Oct89

Mar/hpr 91 Janfieb 89 Lp/Oct9O June 88 May/Jun 94


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