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Their eyes were opened


The Landscape of Religious Education1

Young people today are immersed in an Australian society that is increasingly pluralist and secular, one that is marked by rapid scientific and technological growth. Our society is both blessed and challenged by a growing diversity of cultures and faiths. This way of life brings much richness and blessing, but also brings challenges that impact on religious learning and on maintaining a living Catholic identity. The challenge: How to engage students in making sense and meaning of this everyday life in the light of the teaching of the Catholic church and the traditions of the Catholic community?



A Vision for Religious Education2

Learners carry diverse experiences, contexts and narratives into the religious education process. A creative framework of dialogue, understanding and action needs to be constructed, leading students in a process of deep learning, evaluation and response to the mysteries of life, enlivened by the Holy Spirit. The goal of this process is a deepened relationship with God, right relationships with others, a greater love of the Church, and empowerment to work to create a just world. It is a dance, as it were, an active interplay between life, culture and religion within the environment of a classroom. Here students are invited to be engaged in the exploration and celebration of the Catholic story in all its richness and diversity through reflection, prayer and action for the good of others and their world.

1 2

See Catholic Education Office, Melbourne, Coming to Know, Worship and Love, 2008, p3 See Catholic Education Office, Melbourne, Coming to Know, Worship and Love, 2008, p2


How do we develop that skill of recognising the graced nature of our world? First, nothing is possible without stopping and reflecting upon what is going on in our life. Pausing in the midst of our daily turmoil ... is the first step. Taking time to reflect upon the mysterious stuff of everyday life is essential ...To appreciate the presence of grace in our world is to see differently.

Fr Tony Doherty , So You're Sending Your Child to a Catholic School , p39, 40

Leading for Learning in Religious Education

During the period 2009 to 2013 the Catholic Education Office Melbourne will continue initiatives that: Strengthen faith based leadership in schools Encourage the ongoing use of the To Know, Worship, and Love texts through the implementation of the Religious Education Curriculum Frameworks Support the development of Religious Education Coordinators and teachers as curriculum leaders through: Deepening their understanding of contemporary pedagogy in Religious Education Facilitating their use of the Religious Education Standards for curriculum development Building RECs skills in and understanding of the relationship between pedagogy, assessment and reporting, and Developing and enhancing their skills in moderation of Religious Education assessment tasks Cultivate in the Catholic school community a deeper understanding of the identity and mission of Catholic schools Develop resources that will assist all religious educators to engage students in the exploration of the Catholic tradition.

PRIORITIES 2009 ­2013


Teachers' professional learning

To achieve these goals, Religious Education Coordinators will be encouraged to develop knowledge and skills as leaders of learning to facilitate: Collegial discussion among Religious Education teachers ­ to foster the development of reflection skills Teacher learning, planning and evidence based reflection and the use of assessment to inform, shape and scaffold learning.

School Organization

To support this approach, schools will be encouraged to develop structures that will enable the REC to work collaboratively with Religious Education teachers and that will promote faith leadership as a shared responsibility.

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Learning Centred Schools

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