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A Closer Look at Omni Air International

Vodavi XTS-IP Phone System with Networking 260 Stations, 2 Locations

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Omni Air International is a charter air carrier located in Tulsa, Oklahoma operating a fleet of DC-10 & B757 aircraft for major tour operators, the U.S. government and other airlines. Founded in 1983, the company began by operating Learjet aircraft providing corporate charter and air ambulance services. Ten years later, the company purchased Boeing 727 freighter aircraft and began operating its freight business with cargo customers including Emery Worldwide, UPS, DHL and more. Success allowed Omni to purchase DC-10 equipment and enter the passenger charter markets in the late 1990's, where it has built a solid name for providing safe, reliable and on-time performance. In 1999, Omni received authorization from the U.S. Department of Defense to operate military missions throughout the world. Today, Omni continues to operate Learjet aircraft for passenger charter and air ambulance service, under the name Omni Air Transport. Omni pledges `No Voice Mail!' and the ability to be airborne within ninety minutes of a call to the 24-Hour Charter Hotline. Great importance is placed upon communications at Omni Air International. Because our business demands the utmost in safety and on-time performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our telephone system is a lifeline for business operations. A series of thunderstorms hit the Tulsa area initially damaging part of the phone system. When a second storm took the phone system processor out completely, we quickly began the process to secure a replacement telephone system so business operations would not be adversely affected. Our main priority was to purchase an industry reliable system within 24 hours with installation complete within a couple of days.


Business can't prosper let alone survive without phone communications. When the telephone system crashed, our communications dealer was able to recover a portion of the system placing the system somewhat in temporary operation. It was patch work and we knew a decision had to be made immediately to purchase and install a new system to avert potentially damaging business consequences. Even though the system was operational there was no guarantee the system would not crash again at any moment.

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Since we did not have significant time to conduct due diligence on the vendor, we had to lay our trust with our communications dealer to assure the right system from a highly reliable manufacturer was selected. If a new system was purchased and there were difficulties in installation or high out-of-box failures, the result would mean no voice communications for Omni Air International.


For telecommunications support, we've had a solid relationship over the years with Ascend Technologies, a telecommunication dealer located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When our telephone system was damaged by the storms, we immediately contacted Ascend Technologies to recommend an immediate solution to our telecommunications disaster. We could not be without phone communications. We depended on Ascend Technologies to deliver the best solution for us. Within a day, Ascend Technologies recommended we install the Vodavi XTS-IP communications system at both the corporate headquarters and warehouse locations. They explained that the XTS-IP or the eXpandable telephone system is a flexible, stackable telephony solution that offers enterprise customers' of all sizes an array of useful communication features and the ability to preserve capital investment by growing their system rather than replace it as needs dictate. The XTS-IP has the ability to grow to 600 ports and add other time and money saving applications such as unified messaging, networking, CTI, ACD and VoIP. Immediately upon signing the purchase agreement, we revved up a Lear 24 jet so Ascend Technologies could fly with us to Phoenix, Arizona where Vodavi had the new phone systems ready and waiting for pick-up at the airport. That is how quickly we needed to get a new telecom solution up and running. We loaded the equipment in the plane and flew it back to Tulsa. That was a Friday afternoon. The Vodavi system was installed and over 260 digital and analog extensions were programmed in less than 48 hours. So by Monday morning, the new system was in service.

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The incredibly fast turnaround from equipment selection to purchase to installation in less than 3 days exemplifies the XTS-IP's flexibility and ease of installation. The installation went smoothly with zero defects on line cards and telephones out of box. An XTS-IP was installed at both locations along with Networking software used to the connect warehouse and corporate locations together using a PRI T1. Three T1's are connected to the local telco and long distance carrier. The voice mail system that was already in place was not affected in the storms. We, therefore, decided to remain with that voice mail platform and simply interface it with the Vodavi XTS-IP. The ability to implement VoIP applications was also another reason we liked the Vodavi XTS-IP solution. We are planning an initial rollout of VoIP phone service at our maintenance facility in Atlanta where 20 telephones will be connected to Tulsa via a T1. Following Atlanta, we will use VoIP to network Omni's other office locations around U.S.


· Improved communication · Improved productivity · Improved call handling · Reduced service issues with single vendor solution · Ability to quickly add technology such as VoIP to changing conditions and requirements · Installation of industry, reliable phone system

"When severe time constraints are placed on new vendors, you quickly develop a first impression of their abilities. Vodavi provided an incredibly fast turnaround and delivered a quality phone system to keep our business running. The XTS-IP platform is easy for us to program ourselves. What's more, the investment in the Vodavi XTS-IP will be further enhanced when we start to implement VoIP at all our nationwide locations. This will allow us to maintain a single, cohesive communications network for improving operations and reducing toll charges." Rod Keeter, Director of IS, Omni Air International

Traditionally known as the industry leader in affordable communications solutions for small business, Vodavi has expanded its product and scope to allow a large marketplace to take advantage of the same expertise our smaller customers have enjoyed for over 20 years. Today's Vodavi delivers diverse communications solutions that serves a wide range of applications from small business to the medium-sized enterprise. Take a closer look and see how our multi-site communications networks offer the best value and performance on the market today.


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