MINUTES OF THE ANCHORAGE SCHOOL BOARD REGULAR MEETING OF January 11, 2010 The Anchorage School Board met in Regular Session on Monday, January 11, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room, at the Anchorage School District Administration Building. President, John Steiner, presided. A. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL, FLAG SALUTE, John Steiner Presiding Board Members Present: John Steiner, Jeff Friedman, Pat Higgins, Jeannie Mackie, Kathleen Plunkett and Tim Steele Crystal Kennedy was excused. Others Present: Carol Comeau, Ed Graff, Linda Carlson, Leslie Vandergaw, Mike Henry, Enid Silverstein, Jerry Sjolander, Eric Tollefsen, Heather Sawyer, Janet Stokesbary, Mike Abbott, Brandon Boyer, Col. Strunk, Ellsworth James, Brian Griggs, Pam Chenier, Laurel Vorachek, Chad Stiteler, Jim Lepley, Vanessa Blake, the press and other interested parties. B. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Carol Comeau asked that item number three, ASD Memorandum # 213, Resolution in Support of a School Board Candidate Forum be moved to the Superintendent's Report. John Steiner explained advisory committees cannot request action from the board. The amended agenda was approved by unanimous consent. C. AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS/PRESENTATIONS 1. Ravenwood Choir, director, Richard Lum 2. ASD Memorandum # 163 - Recognition of the 2009 Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year, Craig Walker Craig Walker, Rick Stone and Cheryl Guyett came to the front. Kathleen Plunkett read: The Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals has selected West High School Assistant Principal Craig Walker as the Alaska Assistant

Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 Principal of the Year for 2009. This honor means that Walker is a candidate for the 2010 National Assistant Principal of the Year. In addition, he will attend a forum and awards banquet in Washington, D.C. in April for all state Assistant Principal of the Year winners to share their expertise among peers and national leaders in education. Walker began his career as a math teacher in the Anchorage School District in 1989 before serving as an assistant principal since 1997 at Bartlett, Service and West high schools. He also participates in the district's Mentorship Program. Assistant Principal of the Year recognition is based on outstanding leadership for providing high-quality learning opportunities for students. This is a request to officially recognize Craig Walker for his outstanding service to our district, his colleagues and our students. His dedication and commitment to the district's mission are greatly appreciated. Ms. Guyett presented Mr. Walker with the Gold Pan Award. Mr. Walker introduced his family. 3. ASD Memorandum # 119 - Presentation of AT&T Grant ­ Graduation Connections Pat Higgins asked Mike Felix, President of AT&T Alaska to come forward. Mr. Higgins read the recognition. "One of the district's main goals is to graduate all students from high school college and career ready. Since 2005, the district has achieved a 45 percent decrease in the dropout rate and an 18 percent increase in the graduation rate. This means more students are staying in school and earning a diploma, but the district recognizes there is still more work to do. AT&T Foundation has generously contributed $50,000 to ASD to further that goal. The donation is part of a nationwide Aspire initiative to strengthen student success and workforce readiness. AT&T Alaska President Mike Felix said the quality of education our society receives will affect us all. "With this program, we're helping Alaska school districts look for ways to encourage students to stay motivated to graduate and to see how their choices today can lead to better futures."


Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 It is requested that the Anchorage School Board recognize Mr. Felix and AT&T Alaska for this donation which will help offer resources and support that can make a difference in graduation rates and individual achievement." Mr. Felix presented a check for $50,000 for the Graduation Connections program which helps at risk students get coursework online with the goal of increasing the graduation rate. Mr. Steiner thanked Mr. Felix and AT&T for their generosity. Ms. Comeau reminded the audience AT&T Alaska does the filming of all the graduations and streams them online for the benefit of all students and families, particularly for those family members deployed overseas. 4. ASD Memorandum # 164 - Recognition of Mt. Iliamna's Support of Military Employee Mr. Steele asked school Principal, Sue Schade and teacher Deanna Blazejewski to come up. He read: The Anchorage School District employs more than 5,500 permanent employees. These employees work hard and are dedicated to providing high-quality education to our students. Many district employees are also active members of the United States military. At times, military training schedules will conflict with school schedules and special arrangements within ASD must be made. Mt. Iliamna Teacher Deanna Blazejewski, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, said Principal Sue Schade is successful at keeping the needs in mind of Mt. Iliamna students as well as the Coast Guard. For her efforts, Ms. Schade was recently honored as a Patriotic Employer by Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. In her nomination of Ms. Schade for the award, Ms. Blazejewski said the guard often requires her to attend trainings and perform readiness drills during school hours and noted that Ms. Schade and staff at the school understand and accommodate her schedule. Ms. Blazejewski's knowledge of the Incident Command System structure to support the emergency preparedness needs of the school and district is appreciated and utilized as necessary. Ms. Blazejewski also noted that the district maintains her salary while she serves in the Coast Guard.


Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 This is a request to formally recognize Ms. Schade for her commitment to ASD staff members who are also serving our country in the military. Mr. Steiner thanked Ms. Schade and Lt. Blazejewski. 5. ASD Memorandum # 174 - Recognition of 2009 National Educator Certification Recipients Jeannie Mackie asked the recipients and their supervisors to come forward. She read: Since July 1, eight Anchorage School District employees achieved a milestone in their careers - national board certification, the most prestigious credential an educator can earn. Successful board certification means the individual has met rigorous standards in his or her field through intensive study, expert evaluation, self-assessment and peer review. National board certification is a voluntary program. While state licensing sets basic requirements, board certification demonstrates advanced knowledge. The following individuals have received certification this year: · Deborah Bevier, Speech-Language Pathologist · Rebecca (Becky) Bowen, SPED Teacher, Kincaid Elementary School · Caren Flaten, SAVE Counselor · Monica Glen, Speech-Language Pathologist · Jason Hutchins, School Psychologist · Sarah Larson, School Psychologist · Andrew Pierce, Speech-Language Pathologist · Benjamin (Ben) Radakovich, School Psychologist · Tamara (Tami) Rodrigues Radakovich, School Psychologist · Leeana (Lee) Stark, Trailside Elementary School Nurse · Elizabeth (Beth) Varner, School Psychologist This is a request for the Anchorage School Board to recognize the dedication of these outstanding professionals and their achievement. D. ANNOUNCEMENTS Ms. Comeau announced the Gifted Students Fair would be in the Atrium of the Education Center on January 14 at 6:30 p.m. This was in addition to the Alternative Fair.


Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 She also reported work sessions were starting for departments to bring forth their budget presentations. The preliminary budget would then be presented to the Board. The first public hearing for the budget was Thursday, January 28 and then again on Thursday February 4. There were a lot of opportunities to weigh in on the budget. The work sessions would be televised live, as well as rebroadcast. The budget memorandum was going to be ready on Wednesday morning. E. SPECIAL ADVISORY REPORTS 1. Student Advisory Board Brandon Boyer reported the next SAB meeting was Thursday January 14 at 11:15 am. Laurel Vorachek was going to meet with them to look at the Climate and Connectedness survey. They would discuss how to get better return and more feedback. He also invited board members to join any of the SAB meetings. Military Delegate Col. Strunk explained upcoming events Fort Richardson and Elmendorf having impact on students and families. The Army was redeploying the 425th, 7000 soldiers would be returning home after 15 months, most of the soldiers would get 1 month off. The Air Force was also in transition, bringing airmen back from Middle East. These were smaller groups and other groups have deployed. All of these things definitely have an impact. Many families would return to the lower 48 students to see extended family. There may be some behavioral type issues as families try to reintegrate the family member. There is an Education deployment task force and resources available. Mr. Steiner asked if when a parent is being deployed or redeployed are the specific teacher and school notified. Ms. Comeau answered. The students of our military men and women are in schools all over the district. Our teachers are knowledgeable and the families let them know. However, there was a specific notification process in place. MECAC Ellsworth James reported the first MECAC meeting would be until next week. The committee had been working on housekeeping items. Last year the group had work hard on their mission statement it had been updated and revamped. He read: "The mission of the Multicultural Education Advisory Committee is to serve as a voice for the wide diversity of families in the 5



Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 Anchorage School District and to promote educational success for al students in ASD, helping overcome challenges to achievement associated with low socio-economic status and ethnic and cultural diversity." (Section 177.3) He invited the board to visit their website and attend their meetings. Mr. Steiner noted one of the agenda items was to reappoint two of the MECAC members, Dan Loring and Atisa Logo. There was a brief recess in order for Ravenwood Choir to perform. F. PERSONS TO BE HEARD NON-AGENDA ITEMS Chris Zafren, President of the Suzuki Association of South Central Alaska addressed the board. She requested the District re-visit the summer rental rates and lower them. It was difficult for them to provide their service to students during the summer time with the economic climate. She handed out an informational packet to the board summarizing her testimony. Mr. Steiner asked about the increase from last year. He noted the board hasn't taken action on increasing the rate for next. Ms. Zafren said the past increased had pressed them and their reserve funds were depleting. It was difficult for families to afford the program as it currently stands. Ms. Zafren asked for a different rate structure, if they could have a site price instead of room by room. Mr. Steiner asked what schools had been used in the past. Ms. Zafren explained that one school is used for one week each summer. Mr. Steiner asked Ms. Comeau how it related to the summer school schedule. Ms. Comeau explained the complex scheduling for district buildings during summer. A large group of administrators and staff meet before the summer season to slot in all requests from community user groups. She noted that the District was facing significant budget cuts. Mr. Friedman added it was wonderful program and he wanted it to succeed however, at the same time there are a lot of non profit groups out there struggling, making it difficult to set the right balance. The board had determined in the past the need to break even in the rentals department. He hoped the district could look at the concept of whole building rental vs. room by room.


Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 Mr. Steele said the possibility of losing various programs for students pained him. He would like to provide those opportunities but they would have to look at fee schedules. G. BOARD COMMITTEE REPORTS Jeff Friedman reported the Policy Committee met last week and they are almost finished with the 300 section. Most of their time was spent on the lottery policy. They received a lot of input from staff across the district. H. CONSENT AGENDA Consent Agenda is attached. All attachments referred to in memoranda Recommendations are on file in the Superintendent's office. 1. Approval of Minutes a. Regular Meeting - November 9, 2009 b. Early Meeting - December 14, 2009 2. ASD Memorandum # 165 - Resolution in Support of Martin Luther King Day

The Administration recommends the Anchorage School Board adopt the attached resolution in support of the Martin Luther King Day of Service set for January 18, 2010. 3. ASD Memorandum # 213- Resolution in Support of a School Board Candidate Forum

It is the recommendation of The Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC) that the Anchorage School Board adopt the attached resolution supporting a school board candidate forum. 4. ASD Memorandum # 115 - Superintendent Evaluation and Contract

It is moved that the School Board approve the attached contract with Superintendent Carol Comeau for a three-year period beginning January 1, 2010 and ending on December 31, 2012 with, by mutual agreement, no change in annual salary for the coming year.


Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 5. ASD Memorandum # 185 - Reappointment of Members to the Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee

It is the Administration's recommendation that the School Board reappoint Atisa Logo and Dan Loring to the Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC). 6. ASD Memorandum # 188 - Acceptance of Grant Award: Anchorage Alternative Schools Mini-Grants

It is the Administration's recommendation that the School Board approve and authorize the Superintendent to accept a grant from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in the amount of $29,381, for four Anchorage School District alternative schools: AVAIL, COHO, Crossroads, and Continuation Program. The awards will fund action plans at each school which are designed to increase students' health and wellness behaviors and to strengthen their bonds to school. 7. ASD Memorandum # 191 - Acceptance of Grant Award: AT&T Grant ­ Graduation Connections

It is the Administration's recommendation that the School Board approve and authorize the Superintendent to accept a grant from AT&T in the amount of $50,000 to support start-up costs for providing online courses for students at Crossroads and AVAIL. 8. ASD Memorandum # 166 - Sale of Surplus Property

It is the Administration's recommendation that the School Board approve and authorize the Superintendent to dispose of the listed surplus property by sealed bid sale or public auction in accordance with Board Policy 732.1. 9. ASD Memorandum # 169 ­ Personnel Report

It is the Administration's recommendation that the School Board approve the attached Personnel Report. Mr. Friedman asked that item number 2, ASD Memorandum #213 ­ Resolution in Support of a School Board Candidate Forum be pulled from the Superintendent's report for discussion.


Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 ACTION: Moved by: Jeff Friedman Seconded by: Tim Steele To approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting November 9, 2009 and the Early meeting December 14, 2009 and Memoranda #165, #213, #115, #185, #188, #191, #166, and #169

VOTE Ayes:

Jeff Friedman, Pat Higgins, Jeannie Mackie, Kathleen Plunkett, Tim Steele, John Steiner Nays: None MOTION PASSED SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT 1. ASD Memorandum # 170 ­ Project Status Report This is a report of activities and project status changes in Major Capital Projects during the period of December 4, 2009 through December 31, 2009. 2. ASD Memorandum # 213- Resolution in Support of a School Board Candidate Forum It is the recommendation of The Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC) that the Anchorage School Board adopt the attached resolution supporting a school board candidate forum. Ms. Comeau noted that MECAC had passed the resolution for board approval; however, it was not appropriate. She asked Dr. James to share his thoughts with the board. Dr. James explained the purpose of asking for a School Board Candidate Forum. It was started last year and was now in its final form. The MECAC wants parents to have every opportunity to be involved in the educational experience and an important part of that is getting to know the School Board members. They thought it would be great to provide a forum for parents to learn about board members. Mr. Graff added MECAC requested the resolution come forward because their intent was to develop a co-hosting of a candidate forum.



Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 It was recommended that they work in collaboration with some other group. They would like permission from the board to seek a partner group, but that partner had not been determined. Mr. Friedman added his perspective from last year. He was invited to a MECAC meeting to explore the idea of a forum. He let them know that his personal feeling was the board should not host a forum as it would be a conflict of interest. The board should not be seen as trying to influence or support board candidates. MECAC would need another organization to host or co-host such an event. Mr. Higgins commented along the same lines as Mr. Friedman. It would be an ethics issue. However, he did like the idea of a forum not involving the school board to be started. Mr. Steele stated to his knowledge the board had never helped or supported a forum that includes school board members. It would be a conflict. But the goal of getting people involved was a good one. Mr. Steiner echoed the sentiments of the other board members. The initiative and rationale was admiral and good. School board races do not generally get publicity. The Board could not be a sponsor. MECAC hosting was a problem too because the school board appoints the MECAC members. He suggested soliciting an organization like Bridge Builders or community associations to get together. Also, he thought "getting to know board members" evening or public reception would be a good idea. Dr. James said he understood sponsoring a forum would be a bit aggressive. He would suggest that someone else be the sponsor or cosponsor. Mr. Steiner answered he thought it would be better to request or suggest that another entity be the sponsor rather than cosponsor. Mr. Steele added that he hoped that MECAC would not be writing the questions or posing questions but a group like Bridge Builders. He thought it was a really good idea. Dr. James said he would take the information given back to the committee. Mr. Steiner noted that Atisa Logo and Dan Loring had been reappointed to MECAC in the approved consent agenda. 10

Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010

Mr. Friedman stated so MECAC is clear, the board had given good guidance in terms of where the committee can go and they don't need a formal resolution if they follow that path. 3. ASD Memorandum # 171 ­ Treasurer's Report / Financial Recap: September 30, 2009 The attached report consists of two parts: the Treasurer's Report and the Financial Recap. The Treasurer's Report and the Financial Recap are presented on a monthly basis. Both sections include year-to-date information as of November 30, 2009. 4. ASD Memorandum #106 ­ Monthly Update Student Information System ­ Zangle

J. K.

PERSONS TO BE HEARD ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS COMMUNICATIONS & SCHOOL BOARD COMMENTS Mr. Steele announced the Association of Alaska School Boards had a FlyIn February 6-9 in Juneau where a number of board members, the Superintendent and Student Advisory Board representative, Brandon Boyer would talk to state legislators on the District's legislative priorities. Ms. Comeau added the Communications Department was developing the brochure. The attendance of Jim Lepley and Ron Fuher from the AEA was noted.


EXECUTIVE SESSION ­ PERSONNEL/FINANCE/NEGOTIATIONS LITIGATION ADJOURNMENT The Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010 was adjourned by unanimous consent at 7:50 p.m.


John Steiner, President

Jeannie Mackie, Clerk 11

Regular Meeting of January 11, 2010

Vanessa Blake, Recording Secretary

Date Minutes Approved




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