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Rebate Request Form

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Last Name (Borrower's Name)

First Name

M. I.

Street / Mailing Address (Borrower's address)

City Address


Zip Code

_____ - ____ - _______

SSN (Borrower) Email Address (Borrower)

Name of last School attended

Phone Number (Borrower)

Month / Year of Graduation

By signing below as the borrower of a Xanthus Consolidation Loan, I understand, in addition to the other terms and conditions below, I must make the required number of on-time payments as a prerequisite to receive this rebate. I further understand, if I receive a rebate award, I am solely responsible for any federal or state income tax that may be due as a result.


Borrower Signature (Acknowledgement of Terms)

_____________________ Date

Xanthus Consolidation Loan Rebate Terms and Conditions

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To qualify, borrowers must provide valid information and complete all the fields, sign, and date the Rebate Request Form. Consolidation Loan Borrowers who make their first nine (9) required, consecutive, schedule payments ontime and submit a Rebate Request Form prior to the 365th day of the consolidation funding date, will receive a cash rebate applied to their principal loan balance equal to 1% of the principal balance at the time of the original consolidation (up to $2,000). Payments must be received within 15 (fifteen) days after the scheduled due date to be considered on- time. Repayment begins once you receive your final Consolidation Disclosure Notice. All payments must be consecutive. For example, payments cannot be split before and after a deferment or forbearance. Qualifying loans must remain in active repayment with Xanthus Financial Services or its affiliates in order to receive the rebate. Borrowers consolidating with Xanthus Financial Services will be eligible for a cash rebate only one (1) time. Once a rebate has been issued to a borrower, they are not eligible to earn an additional rebate later. Please allow 90 days for processing of your Rebate Request Form. Xanthus reserves the right to modify these terms or conditions or discontinue these benefits at any time without notice.

Rev. 06/07

Form: RRF-03-A Xanthus Financial Services, Inc


Xanthus Rebate Request Form

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