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Brazilian GP Viewing by Dennis Liu Snow. So wonderful when we were blanketed in white before Xmas, so enjoyable when heading to the White Mountains for some downhill runs, so enchanting on a quiet winter's evening. So i ncredibly d*mn annoying when it's DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, for gosh sakes, and you're itching to break out the Ferrari for some spring flings. Someone up there must be smiling down at the tifosi, however, as the only sunny, dry day in two weeks came this past Sunday, when we gathered to worship at the church of Maranello! Twenty people and ten Ferraris gathered in Bolton on Sunday morning for a quick, fun 90+ mile run through the back roads of central Massachusetts, despite the roads being still somewhat covered in places with sand and salt. The indomitable Bruce Male didn't lift for a second in his stunning yellow 275 GTB/4, driving along in the wake of road flotsam thrown up by a 355's aero tunnels. Dan Watkins' black 360 Modena was so covered by salt at the end of the drive, one observer thought the car was actually gray. Our Connecticut representatives, Dave & Fiona Friar in their Testarossa and

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the flying wedge down Route 2 on the blast back to FoNE in their Testarossa (four TRs in total!), and the Lovely Jamie (tm) and I tagged along in her 355 Berlinetta. The drive was a blast, despite the less-than-ideal conditions, as we combined some back roads with some high-speed fly-bys along Route 2. Amazingly enough, I've broken my string of runs-in with the local constabulary... I didn't have to shuffle my feet once in chatting with the carabineri on this outing! We finished our run with a triumphant parade down Washington Street to Ferrari of New England, Tubis blazing away, where we ceremoniously snarled ourselves up trying to make 10 u-turns simultaneously. We finally managed to park, whereupon the dealership kindly took our cars away to be cleaned and checked-out, gratis. There were already continued on page 12...


Charlie & Alex Vest in their 308qv continued their tradition of attending every event in New England, while we welcomed Rhode Islanders Chris and Kathy Fagas in their 308 to their first FCA/NER touring event! Also joining us for the first time was Hugh McIlrevey in his Testarossa, and Shawn Broderick in his 355 Spider. Gary and Suzanne Hinicker admirably led much of

New England Region

New Hampshire

Kart Trak

Spring 2003

Calendar of Events

· IGA Hometown Wheels August Details TBA · Maine Weekend August 15th-17th [Fri - Sun] Spruce Point Inn · US Grand Prix Drive & Brunch September 28th [Sunday] Ferrari of New England, MA · Vermont Ferrari Festival October 3rd-5th [Fri - Sun] Basin Harbor, VT · Casino Event October 24th-26th [Fri - Sun] Mohegan Sun Casino, CT ·Board Meetings First Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 7:00 pm. Location: Joe Capasso Mason Enterprise, Inc. 65 Elliot Street [East] Hartford, CT 06114 For Directions Call Joe: 860.296.7771

Club Business

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If you are a member and have a suggestion for an event in your area, or questions on an upcoming event, please contact Pete Lombardo by phone [860.225.1206] or fax [860.533.1939] or, Fiona Friar by e-mail [[email protected]].

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New England Region

Spring 2003 03


by Fiona Friar

Let's go...!

"My wife Darry and I thought the karting event was great fun. The short track makes you work very hard and, by the end of each sevenminute session, we felt as if we'd had a real workout. It was great practice for the upcoming vintage racing season. The lunch was very good and the food plentiful. We should make this a regular late winter/early spring event." ­ Paul Bova

track time. Success! By the time the groupings were finalized, the first six had already taken to the track with their wheels screaming through the turns. I had a moment to chat with the Linseys before Jeanette took to the track. It was to be her first time out. Despite prerace jitters, centered around concern over an already injured back, Jeanette drove like a seasoned pro, tearing around the corners and impressing us with her spirit. As the groups traded places, many of the drivers looked as though they had just spent half an hour at the gym with Richard Simmons. Some resting in chairs watching the TV screen to monitor fastest lap times, others rubbing their arms at the awakening of various muscle groups after a winter's hybernation. It wasn't until the final heat, consisting of the six fastest drivers, that the full force of FCA/NER's competitive spirit let loose. Made up of the Pete Lombardos (junior and a little less junior), Paul Bova, the elder Dave Keeney, Dan Kary and Justin Friar (Dave's older son), this lap bore a resemblance to F1 racing. Replace the Schumacher brothers' F1 family rivalry with the Lombardo father/son battle for first place and you get the picture. In the end youth won out over experience...this time! Exhausted, the final six joined the rest of the pack and their fans for a specially prepared meal at Casa Mia on Franklin Avenue in Hartford's south end. We were impressed to see that four members had braved the salt and sand filled roads with their Ferraris, including new Rhode Island member, Chris Fagas.

Photo by Mike Covello

Kart Trak Heats Up by Fiona Friar FCA/NER members awoke to a clear morning, promising to be the warmest day since sometime before the 2002/2003 ice age set in. After a quick breakfast, Dave and I headed out to Windsor Locks with a feeling that "at last" the spring driving season was approaching. Upon arrival at Kart Trak, we found Pete and Rosemary Lombardo had

"Both Deb and I enjoyed the event and thought the lunch was great, with a wide variety of food. It would have been great to get in at least three sessions but time did not permit." - Roger Lajoie

everything well under control. Several members had already checked in and some were even taking a few practice runs. The Lombardos had stopped to purchase some energy boosters for the competitors. Coffee and Krispy Kremes... is this the recipe for Pete's success at track events?! Within a few minutes the "party room" set aside for us was flooded with members registering, signing in the appropriate places and receiving final instructions... "Pick a track name, proceed to the classroom for pre-karting guidelines (along with helmet and head sock) and have fun!" And then they were off... With a variety of experience levels among the drivers, Pete worked carefully with Jennifer (the ever-friendly, calm and capable Kart Trak representative) to assign groups so that no novice would be intimidated by hardened racers. This required frantic, last-minute modifications based on which drivers had arrived so as not to waste a moment of our assigned

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Ferrari Club of America

Kart Trakers gather around Chris Fagas' 308

The Enzo spirit lives on in New England...he built the marque to be driven and enjoyed. Well done, guys, for putting the rest of us to shame for pampering our "cavallos"! While the Ferraris took the best seats in the house, basking in the sun of a glorious day, we ventured out of the parking lot and into the restaurant. We were led to a secluded back room with an interesting Mediterranean theme. If you looked a certain way and squinted a little, you could almost imagine we were sitting on a verandah overlooking the azure seas of southern Italy. A special thanks here to Joe Capasso, who coordinated the meal with his friends at Casa Mia. No course was overlooked...we started with delicious bread and salad, followed by two types of pasta (one tomato based, the other with clams). By the time the main courses of chicken marsala and a seafood platter were presented along with fresh vegetables, our gas tanks were already reaching the "full" marker. The meal was capped off with an ice-cream sundae and coffee. Along with good conversation amongst our tablemates, Mike Covello, Tim Guay, Dave Hayden, and Justin (Friar), our time passed quickly and pleasantly. Before long, Pete was making final comments. He awarded the first place prize, a poster generously provided by Werner Pfister continued on next page...


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New England Region

Spring 2003 05

Photo by Christian Scott

"I thought the Kart event was very well run. I like the choice of lunch spots MUCH better (than last year's)...The administration at the track seemed to have their act together, again. The lap time sheets were good, (and) competition is tighter than any race schools I've done. Let's do it again next year, or if there is enough interest twice a year!" ­ Mike Covello

Final instructions

The Linseys checking their results

In hot pursuit

...continued from previous page of Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, to his son, Pete. Dave reviewed the year's calendar of events and ended by asking everyone to mark June 21-22, the weekend of Hartford Concorso Ferrari, on their calendars. Then it was time to head back out and enjoy the 60 degree F. plus temperatures, with proud smiles on our faces. We had hastened the approach of spring with appropriate FCA/NER style. Editor's Note: FCA/NER extends its appreciation to Kart Trak in Windsor Locks (860.623.3377, 62 Lawn Acre Rd., Windsor Locks, CT) for making our second annual karting event a successful one. Thanks also to Casa Mia for providing a cozy room for lunch and good service. - FF

Peter Bourossa & Bob Hatch share a strategy

Kart Trak Racing Results: Overall Top Lap Times: Pete Lombardo, Jr. Pete Lombardo, Sr. Paul Bova Dave Keeney, Sr. Justin Friar Dan Kary Jim LaRosa Peter Bourassa Joe Capasso Tony Capasso 11.58 seconds 11.90 seconds 11.89 seconds 11.92 seconds 12.04 seconds 12.10 seconds 12.15 seconds 12.17 seconds 12.30 seconds 12.35 seconds

Part of the Lombardo family enjoying lunch

Top Lap Times (Women): Toby Reis Jeanette Linsey 12.51 seconds 13.43 seconds

Championship Heat Top Lap Times: Pete Lombardo, Jr. Pete Lombardo, Sr. Paul Bova Dave Keeney, Sr. Dan Kary Justin Friar 11.74 seconds 11.90 seconds 12.20 seconds 12.25 seconds 12.40 seconds 12.52 seconds

06 volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Photos on this page by Fiona Friar

Stanely Cohen's new wheels

Enzo Ferrari Visits Connecticut - by Werner Pfister The Enzo Ferrari recently debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to rave reviews. However, the latest limited production "extreme sports car" offering from Ferrari made an even bigger splash when it arrived in Hartford on April 30 via enclosed carrier from Miller Motorcars. FCA/NER Co-Chairman, Stanley Cohen was the lucky guy to receive one of the very first Enzos in America. Stanley has or has had the previous super cars from Ferrari (i.e. 288 GTO, F-40, F-50). While he always ordered them in traditional racing red ("rosso corsa"), this time he opted to go for the far more striking "giallo modena" (yellow). When it comes to options on the Enzo, there are only a few with respect to exterior color. There is red, yellow and black. In addition, the client can select the size of the racing seats, leather vs. cloth material and the color of the instrument dials. Stanley was fortunate to have visited the factory last September to be fitted for the car, and at that time he decided on an all-leather interior in black, with yellow instruments. When I first saw the car in person, the Pininfarina designed body seemed lower, wider, very masculine and more cab-forward than the photos would imply. I also think that Stanley's choice of yellow definitely accentuates all of these features. Another impression was that all the angles and surfaces of the body seem

to serve a definite purpose. We've been told that considerable wind tunnel testing has resulted in a maximum downforce of 1705 pounds at 186 mph. Interestingly, Ferrari says that it actually designed the vehicle to trim back the downforce to a still very substantial 1285 pounds in order continued on next page...

The delivery

New England Region

Spring 2003 07

Photos by Werner Pfister


by Werner Pfister

...continued from previous page for it to accelerate to its ultimate velocity of 217.5 mph. The first thing one notices is the clever forward tilting doors. These, however, are not a new design for Ferrari as they are similar to the 512M vintage race cars of three decades ago. Nevertheless, they will impress even the most die hard Lamborghini fan. In addition, the distinctive nose treatment clearly represents what Ferrari has called one of the "visual links with the world of Formula 1". The engine compartment also shows its race car heritage. Two serious looking diagonal supports connect the roll bar with the carbon/alumimum honeycomb chassis. The significant use of carbon fiber components on the 6 liter, 660 hp V12 engine contrasts nicely with the twelve stainless steel exhaust pipes and the silver foil heat shielding that surrounds the firewall. The Enzo has massive Brembo brakes which are made of a unique blend of carbon

and ceramic. The use of both of these materials runs counter to recent high tech brake development from Porsche. It seems that Ferrari decided against using pure carbon brakes in that for road use, they take too long to get up to critical operating temperature. Formula 1 technology also defined the Enzo's high-tech steering wheel. Ferrari decided to incorporate six function buttons in the wheel center and placed an LED shift light at the 12 o'clock position of the rim. In addition, the controls are finished off with carbon fiber F-1 style paddles and curious wing-nut like headlight and windshield wiper stalks.

Enzo hats for everyone!

There was quite a crowd gathered around when the Enzo rolled off the truck in the Hartford area that day. Stanley Cohen was so excited that he gave out hats with "Enzo" embroidered on them to all those in attendance. The best part was that Stanley was beaming while all of his friends congratulated him on his newest Ferrari acquisition. - WP


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

New England Region

Spring 2003 09


by Tom Lassen

They came... despite the rain

Tutto (Piove) Italiano by Tom Lassen The forecasts were not good. Some said "Showers"; others said "Chance of rain, heavy at times." Regardless of which weather report you listened to, it was going to be wet. But rain or shine, the 8th annual Italian Car Day at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts would take place as scheduled. Nancy and I got up early that Sunday to watch the Grand Prix of Monaco and, in the spirit of Tutto Italiano, Nancy decided to make sauce. (She rolls a mean meatball!) Once it became apparent that the best Ferrari would place was third, we hopped into the Beetle for the trip to Brookline. (Being between Ferraris ­ our 355 Berlinetta was awaiting shipment we thought the Beetle was the appropriate choice because of VW's reputation for floating.) Having missed the New Hampshire Weekend Ramble (you can't blame the Old Man in the Mountain mishap on me), this was our first Ferrari event of the season. Nancy and I looked forward to seeing our fellow Ferraristi to do some catching up. The event, co-sponsored by Ferrari & Maserati of New England and Putnam Leasing, celebrates Italian cars of all marques. There is usually a wide variety of brands represented, everything from Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Detomaso, as well as Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborgini. Ferraris usually make the strongest showing and, despite the weather-induced light turnout, this year was no exception with over 30 in attendance. Conspicuous in their absence were the Lambos, an apparent indicator of their fragility. The Ferrari & Maserati of New England hospitality tent was the premier place to avoid raindrops. As many gathered under the tent to enjoy shelter and a tasty spread of food, outside braving the weather were the truly hearty souls who judged the cars for the concourse. Included were the

Christian Scott, fellow judges and onlookers seek shelter


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Photos by Tom Lassen

A closer inspection...

Judging on the grounds of the Museum of Transportation

Bob Hatch receives his award from the Scotts

event's organizers, Neal and Susan Heffron along with Christian and Anna Scott. While there weren't many cars to be judged, the ones that did show up were impressive indeed. Memorable standouts included a beautiful red 275 GTB/4 and a very nice yellow 365 GT4 BB. One of the real surprises was that the usual collection of early 20th century cars found in the museum had been exchanged for a cool collection of race cars of various vintages. Standing center stage was the star of the exhibit, Louis Scafuri's gleaming new Enzo. Of course, when there's a car like the Enzo around, the cameras come out. Even a TV crew appeared, interviewing people. After the trophy presentation ceremony, I caught up with the TV reporter, Stefano Salimbeni, from RAI, the Italian national network. I asked him why he was covering this event, and he replied that he looks for stories "that link Italy and America...Things that take place here in the US that have interest or a connection with Italy". Stefano added,

Louis Scafuri's Enzo receives star treatment

Award Winners: 12 Cylinder Cars 1974 and Older Gold John Carberry Silver Steven Gilbert 12 Cylinder 1975 and Newer Platinum Todd Lockwood Platinum David Friar

"Italian cars are all about beauty, and this is a beauty contest for Italian cars." I couldn't agree more. We both commented that if only the weather had been better there would have been a stronger turnout. So without hesitation I told Stefano about Hartford Concorso Ferrari on June 22, inviting him to join us at that event. It wasn't long before the car owners and spectators dodged large puddles on the lawn to make it back to their cars. Despite the rain, the participants all had smiles on their faces. Nancy and I had enjoyed our introduction into the 2003 Ferrari season and especially the opportunity to spend time with our FCA/ NER friends, including the Lombardos, Tirrells and Lius. - TL

1974 365 GTB BB 1967 275 GTB/4 1995 456 GT 1989 Testarossa

246/308/288/Mondial 8/QV Series Gold Charlie Vest 1984 308 GTS QV Silver Bennett Heffron 1981 308 GTSi 328/348/Mondial T/F40 Series Gold Brian Faherty Platinum Bob Hatch Platinum Tony Gentile Best of Show John Carberry Judge's Choice Steven Gilbert People's Choice Peter Hansen Farthest Driven Todd Lockwood 1974 365 GTB BB 1967 275 GTB/4 1965 Giulia Spider 1995 456 GT Burlington, VT 1987 Mondial 1989 328 GTS 328 GTS

New England Region

Spring 2003 11


by Susan Heffron

Well, it was just like Noah's Ark... we had the Alfa Spiders lined up two by two, the Milanos and 164s, along with the Ferrari 308s, 328s, 355's and 360's and a few Fiats in between. This was a show for the true diehard fans! We thank those brave souls (especially driving convertibles) who came out in the cold, muddy and overall monsoon-like weather and actually enjoyed the show. We were also grateful that some of our entrants made the trek from as far away as Burlington, VT (Todd Lockwood in his 456), Peter Hanson from Kennebunkport,

Beautiful in any weather

and Putnam Leasing for their continued support. The weather was disappointing, but we all made the best of it... and most impressive of all were the tried and true Tifosi. As Christian so aptly reminded us, Ferraris are meant to be driven and that was proven today. After the show, in the true spirit of Tutto Italiano, spectators went outside the museum entrance and lined the road with cameras and camcorders in hand to see and hear the cars leave the show. Vroom. - SH


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Photo by Tom Lassen

They Arrived in the Rain... Two by Two by Susan Heffron

ME in his beautiful 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, and a few of the FCA New England members from Connecticut including David Friar and Charlie Vest. With some quick thinking and adjustments, we moved "all" the cars to the upper lawn, moved the Enzo inside the museum, and used one of Ferrari of New England's tents to do the judging. Cars drove up one at a time as Christian Scott and Todd Barbera completed the task of judging them. The Alfas and Fiats were judged under a separate tent on the main lawn. The Enzo attracted a great deal of attention, and rightly so. Many of the spectators came out just to see it. While we didn't have our usual thousands of fans, there were still quite a few. We ended the show a bit early with the awards presentation inside the museum (where they have just opened a new exhibit on American Racing Cars). We owe a great deal of thanks to Ferrari and Maserati of New England

Die hard FCA/NER members ready for some pre-GP of Brazil touring

...continued from page 1 dozens of other Ferraris parked around the store, and some very interesting cars parked inside -- a pair of F40s, an F50, a 550 Barchetta, some 575Ms, and lots of customer cars on lifts awaiting service. While waiting for the rain-delayed GP of Brazil to start, we proceeded to pillage our way through lunch. Some members used their 20% discount on some very attractive boutique items, including this incredible radio-controlled 360GT race car (that came in a leather case which alone cost more than my last suit, I'm sure). Once the race started, nearly all of the 75+ enthusiasts there crowded around the big-screen to watch the action. Some people hung out in the service area to watch Kevin, FoNE's master tech with over 30 years of Ferrari experience, diagnose their problems (Chris and Kathy Fagas suffered from a seized water pump, but in the most fortuitous place--in the parking lot!). Steve Oldford, service manager, ran around with a big smile on his face, accommodating everyone's needs. Bryan Haggerty, the General Manager, and Nick Scelsi, Maserati Sales Manager, met dozens FERRARI CLUB of new faces, while Mark sold lots of Ferrari clothing and posters and the ever-fetching Lindsay greeted newcomers. Philippe, of course, was being, well Philippe. Although the race didn't end in the best of ways for us tifosi, it was quite exciting and very enjoyable to watch. Thanks to all the usual suspects who came out, and it was great to finally meet lots of enthusiasts just joining our ranks. Lastly, thanks to Ferrari of New England for being our generous host, and we hope to see all of you at our next events! - DL


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West Hartford (860) 521-3015

Glastonbury (860) 659-8510

Hartford (860) 278-3000

Mohegan Sun (860) 862-9900

Greenwich (203) 629-0900

Westport (203) 227-1300

New England Region

Spring 2003 13

Photo by Fiona Friar

It Wasn't Us...Really! - by Dennis Liu Recipe for a memorable weekend: Simmer a couple of hundred miles of twisty country roads. Sauté with scenic gaps in the White Mountain range. Marinate with a collection of historic Ferraris. Add a splash of a historic luxury hotel and resort. Bake for three days with twenty Ferraris. Stir in a pair of very fast Maseratis. Garnish with roadsters from Porsche, Mercedes-Benz & Honda. Serve to forty enthusiasts. (A spicy pinch by police is optional). Prelude--True Story (I Swear) On Friday, May 2, our group headed up to the grand hotel & resort en masse. We convoyed through Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, in the rain. As we drove by the Old Man of the Mountain, I got onto the radio and shared my newly-learned knowledge (from reading guide books in planning our route) about the history of the OMOTM and the notch itself.

(BigHeadDennis): "Hey, guys, did you know that there is a tradition in this one family of inspecting and repairing the OMOTM every year? They rappel down annually to seal cracks to avoid having water seep in, freeze, and break off pieces. The current guy started doing it when he was 11, and he's bringing his son now too. Oh, and the reason the 4-lane Interstate 93 becomes the 2-lane parkway here is because a NH congressman pushed through legislation to limit the amount of blasting in the notch, to avoid potentially knocking down the OMOTM." (Bob "the Builder" LaRosa, owner of LaRosa Construction): "What? No way... if they did the blasting correctly, they wouldn't knock down the OMOTM." "Well, the book did say that the OMOTM is geologically unstable-- apparently, there is no reason why it should still exist." (Pete Lombardo): "Hey, maybe the sounds from our TUBI exhausts will knock it

down as we drive by!!!" I so, so, swear that this is true. End Prelude Friday, May 2, 2003 For the 2nd annual New Hampshire Weekend Lollapalooza, 40-odd (some are really odd) members of the New England Region of the Ferrari Club of America returned to the scenes of our exploits last year but with the hope of avoiding police roadblocks this time around. Given the string of horrible spring weather on weekends this year, our fingers were crossed. Friday dawned sunny and hot. A dozen cars rendezvoused at Ferrari & Maserati of New England to begin our journey. The incredibly affable Nick Scelsi, Maserati sales manager, and his charming wife, Tammy, led our group away and towards our first stop - the manicured lawn of Sherman Wolf, one of our region's most enthusiastic Ferrari collectors. Sherman upped the ante from last year, this time

On Sherman's Lawn


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Photo by Fiona Friar


by Dennis Liu

erecting a tent and providing a catered lunch for us as we parked our cars all over his backyard and wandered through his collection. He himself even made meatballs for us. Hey, check out the California Spider! Wait, isn't that the Phil Hill 212 Barchetta? Would you rather have the 288 GTO or the 166 Mille Miglia or the 500/F2 Monoposto? Would I fit in the Testa Rossa (two words)? He drives all of them regularly, from thousand mile rallies through Europe to showing up for one of our Sunday drives in the 288GTO and plowing through snow and salt. After lunch and much chatting, we said goodbye to our hosts, Sherman and the ever-hospitable Lisette, as we drove off in the hazy sun towards Northern New Hampshire. As we make our way through the tolls, the sky darkens ominously and the heavens open up. There is a bit of a scramble as spiders make a dive for the shoulder to erect tops. Full credit must be given to modern performance tires, though, as we continued our journey through the pouring rain at considerable speed, with our tires evacuating multiple gallons of water every minute. As we pass through Franconia Notch, the rain has lessened

enough for us to roll down the windows and hear the TUBI exhausts bouncing off the mountains. We arrive in cloudy but dry conditions at the Mountain View Grand Hotel and Resort, our headquarters for the weekend. Built over a century ago, it was newly restored last year and reopened on the weekend of our region's first NH assault. We enjoyed it so much, we've returned to this little 400 acre gem [check it out at]. We took over the entire front driveway, parking Italian machinery everywhere. Some of us scurried inside for their luxury spa appointments, while others (of course) took the opportunity to clean their cars. After cleaning up, we had a casual dinner together and watched some videos of Ferraris and Alfas running at Lime Rock the weekend previous. Everyone also received their first presents of the weekend, really nice embroidered sweatshirts and CD-ROMs containing dozens of historic and modern Ferrari owners manuals. After dinner, the more enlightened (ok, odorresistant) of us retired to the verandah for scotch, where Peter & Pamela Rogal had

Photo by John Nicols

once again brought enough giant Cuban cigars for everyone. Saturday, May 3, 2003 After worrying about the weather all week, Saturday dawned cool and clear. Those of us without hangovers had a great breakfast downstairs. The group gathered in front, where Nick gave everyone some gifts from Maserati of New England. This was when we heard the news--the Old Man of the Mountain had collapsed the night before!!! A bunch of stared at each other, slack-jawed, wondering just how much we had contributed to this tragedy.... The drivers received the route book, trivia quiz sheet and Maserati t-shirt, and we saddled up. The morning's drive took us even farther North, almost to Canada, as we meandered through valleys and hills. At various intervals on our route, participants had to answer assorted questions relating either to Ferrari history or roadside items. Samples: "Which Ferrari production model was the first with ABS brakes?" "How many Ferrari production models were turbocharged?" "What is Enzo Ferrari's middle name?" "What does continued on next page...

Photo by Fiona Friar

The view from the hotel is spectacular

Photo by Christian Scott Photo by Fiona Friar

Instructions for the day from our mighty leader

Photo by The Taubers

Jeff Jones & Glenn Farrell conversing at lunch

Sherman's "Dream Car Garage"

Shachar Tauber tries one on for size

New England Region

Spring 2003 15

...continued from previous page the "4" in "308/GT4" stand for?" "What is Schumacher's favorite restaurant in Maranello?" And the tiebreaker: "What is Dennis' I.Q. combined with his age (in years), his height (in inches) and his weight (in pounds, before breakfast)?" At one rest stop, a few drivers conferred to realize that they had missed counting the number of statues of the Virgin Mary a mile back, so they told their spouses that there was no time to, uh, freshen up, and roared back to circle around and count statues. The group moved on and passed through Dixville Notch. One crest in the road in particular was so much fun, the route instruction consisted solely of "Mile 61.0: WHEEE!" Rumors of Charlie & Alex Vest getting all four wheels airborne are entirely true. As a side note, I fully expected Mr. Trans-Am race car driver, Peter Rogal, and his long suffering wife, the gracious Pamela, to stick to my bumper for the entire ride in their 575M. What caught me a bit by surprise was, well, do you remember Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid? When they're being chased by the posse, and trying to get away but the posse keeps catching up to them? When they realize that they aren't losing them, turn to each other, and say, "Who are these guys?" Well that's the way we felt about Frank Carnovale and Pamela Reed in their Maserati coupe. They stuck right to us at the front of the line, like white on rice. Dang! The group arrived safely in North Conway for lunch. This time, no body cavity searches from the North Conway Gestapo! We dined at the friendly Red Jacket hotel. The lunch of stuffed lamb, chicken in pastry shells, grilled sea scallops and much more was served with a commanding view of the mountain range we had just crossed. Poor Nick was even sunburned from driving the Spyder with the top down and no sunblock. Afterward, the wussier among us headed out to the dozens upon dozens of designer boutiques and outlets in North Conway. A few returned to the Mountain View Grand for more spa treatments (Andrew Bass: did you enjoy your pedicure and aromatherapy?). The more hardy and manly of us instead went to

A "Grand" collection

play kamikaze competitive timed team miniature golf. The rules were simple. We divided up into five foursomes, with a shotgun start on the first five holes. Yours truly happened to bring a stopwatch and an incredibly annoying whistle. At timed intervals, each foursome, if the hole was not complete, had to pick up and move immediately to the next hole, with each player taking an "8" for the hole. The pressure was on. Amazingly enough, Dennis did not end up with a putter wrapped around his throat, despite blowing the whistle much too frequently (nor for making one too many jokes about his wife, the very pregnant and still lovely Jamie (tm), not being able to see the ball she was trying to hit). Bob Hatch came in with an amazing 41, though his "teammates" kept trying to distract him. Kim Fisher and John Nichols tied for second with 44. For the WORST golfers, tied for second were Jamie, Carmela LaRosa and Fiona Friar. The worst golfer? Sad to say, your hmbl & obdnt srvnt, who despite massive amounts of cheating (rumors that I didn't blow the whistle until *I* was done with the hole are entirely untrue and you can't prove it anyway), still managed to suck big time. We meandered our way back to the Mountain View Grand and cleaned up. The hotel threw us a great cocktail party, and everyone had an opportunity to lie, cheat and steal. Why? The poker run, of course. Throughout the day, each Driver and each Navigator drew a card at various stops. No wild cards, but since we used multiple decks, people were coming up with amazing hands. Lots of horse trading, lots of mingling. Some AARPqualified people were running around, drinks in one hand, cards in the other, acting like children, begging, pleading and even stealing to make better hands. Others got their children to run around, look all helpless and charming, only to squirrel away needed cards. Peter Lombardo won this competition (no surprise; that b*st*rd manages to win something at EVERY event he attends). Jeff Jones and Dan Kary tied for second place. We also awarded prizes for the WORST poker hand, for those who actually bothered to read the rules. Charlie Vest had the worst possible hand, but the remarkable second-place winner was Denise Tousignant, who managed to have the second worst hand despite not knowing how to play poker and giving away all of her high cards to the lampreys encircling her. Dinner was served for us in a private dining room. Before the prize ceremony, each driver received two spiffy certificates, created by Friar Three graphic design, suitable for framing and certifying their completion of the strenuous mountain drive that day. We then handed out the loot, donated by Ferrari and


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Photo by John Nicols

The culprits mourning the OMOTM

Photo by Kim Fisher

Judi St. Germain & Bob Hatch wheeling & dealing

Photo by Fiona Friar

John Nicols poses with his 348 TS

Maserati of New England and Independent Ferrari Service. We had so much stuff to give away, it needed to be shipped up to the hotel in four giant boxes! The winners of the golf and poker contests received their awards, and we gave out prizes to the winners of the trivia contest. Since John & Jayne Tirrell were a sponsor, they didn't get anything, despite coming in first! Bob and Carmela LaRosa finished second and received "The complete Ferrari", a concise yet encyclopedic volume covering all Ferrari road cars. Third place winners Dan and Andrew Kary received an incredibly rare official Ferrari calendar. Literally, everyone received a prize, including lots of TUBI paraphernalia, shirts, caps, rare posters, mugs, even official Ferrari shoes, belts and socks. If only Philippe had donated his official Ferrari thong, someone could have dressed himself in complete Ferrari regalia. And every one received scale model Ferraris too! We gave Nick & Tammy Scelsi the Cannonball book by Brock Yates to thank them for being such a help in their first year with Maserati in New England. Some interesting trivia question answers were read. When asked, "What was the first Ferrari Grand Prix car (1948)?", Peter Rogal answered, "1949". "What is Schumacher's favorite restaurant in Maranello?" Alex Vest was sure it was "Ruben's Reubens." Sandy Hatch, a huge Formula 1 fan, was convinced that Jean

Frank Carnovale, Pamela Reed, & the Fagases enjoying Friday's dinner

goodbyes, packed up our cars (with all of the loot we got, it was a tight fit) and hit the road for the drive home. Ironically, we had to take some back roads as a detour around all the traffic jamming up I-93, coming up to pay their respects at the site of the Old Man of the Mountain. If only these thousands of people knew who was responsible for its downfall.... Again, thanks to EVERYONE who came along and made the weekend so wonderful. As nice as the cars were, and as much fun to drive as they are, what really made this trip fun and memorable were the people. As always, I'm proud to call all of the participants my friends. Come with us next year! - DL

Photo by Fiona Friar

Alesi won his sole F1 victory at the Grand Sponsored by: Prix of Le Mans. In 1957. "What is Enzo FERRARI & MASERATI OF NEW ENGLAND, West Newton, MA (617) 559-0123 Ferrari's middle name?" Glenn Farrell and answered, "Bill", Andrew Kary chimed in INDEPENDENT FERRARI SERVICE, with "Scuderia", and, my favorite, Sandy South Easton, MA (508) 238-4224 Hatch's contribution of "Friggin'". Chris and Kathy Fagas even managed to hit the tiebreaker EXACTLY on the head (though I feel obliged to note that I am NOT 42 years old, nor do I weigh three times as much as, say, the alluring Debbie Tauber). Sunday, May 4, 2004 The diehard Formula 1 fans among us awoke early to catch the GP of Spain. The hotel even went to the trouble of Participants included: wiring up Speed in Charlie & Alex Vest 308 GTS Qv. all the rooms for Jeff & Barbara Jones 328 GTB us for the race, but John Nichols & Kim Fisher 348 TS John & Jayne Tirrell F355 Berlinetta many of us gathered Bob & Sandy Hatch F355 Berlinetta in the dining room Dennis & Jamie Liu F355 Berlinetta to munch on Bob & Carmela LaRosa F355 Berlinetta David & Fiona Friar F355 Spider brunch and watch Ira Gold F355 Spider Michael duel some Pete & Rosemary Lombardo 360 Modena more with Juan Andrew Bass & Judi St. Germaine 412i Bob Gagnon & Pat Bennett Testarossa Pablo. Some more Gary & Suzanne Hiniker Testarossa inclined to leisurely Sal Messina Testarossa pursuits went out Glenn Farrell & Denise Tousignant 512 TR Peter & Pamela Rogal 575M Maranello and played golf at Frank & Pamela Carnovale Maserati Coupe GT the Mountain View Nick & Tammy Scelsi Maserati Spyder Grand's course, Dan & Andrew Kary Porsche Boxster S Shachar & Debbie Tauber Mercedes-Benz SLK 32 laid out in front Chris & Kathy Fagas Honda S2000 of the hotel. After John & Sophia Kang BMW M3 (filled with 3 gorgeous kids) brunch, we said our

New England Region

Photo by Fiona Friar

Spring 2003 17

...for all your accounting needs...

18 volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Horse Tales F1 Poll by Stanely Cohen The 2003 Formula 1 season has seen radical rules changes with respect to almost every aspect of Grand Prix racing. In addition, drastic changes are on the horizon that could make Formula 1 more like NASCAR. Ostensibly, the changes are to make Formula 1 not only less expensive but also more competitive. The most obvious change is in regard to qualifying. Disatisfaction with the teams waiting until the last 30 minutes of the qualifying hour has lead to a single-lap qualifying rule. Timing of the lap is based on pre-qualifying on Friday in accordance with teams' standings and qualifying on Saturday in reverse order of the results of the pre-qualifying. The teams are required to start the race with the car they used in Saturday's qualification. A regulation of the FIA prohibits any work on cars between List of questions in connection with Formula 1 rules changes: 1. Should Formula 1 make such a drastic change in direction for the purposes of reducing costs to the member teams? __ Yes __ No 2. Are the more successful and consequently more popular teams such as Ferrari, McLaren and Williams penalized by the rule changes? __ Yes __ No 3. Will the rule changes result in the halt of technical advances in Formula 1? __ Yes __ No 4. Do you feel the new qualifying format is superior to the previous qualifying format? __ Yes __ No 5. Do you watch pre-qualifying? __ Yes __ No 6. Do you feel that Formula 1 should be concerned with team economics? __ Yes __ No 7. Do you feel that the Formula 1 rule changes are made with the U.S. market in mind? __ Yes __ No

the finish of qualifying and the start of the race. A car is required to start with the same fuel load and with tires in the same mechanical condition as when it qualified. This has led to great speculation as to fuel loads with the result that Fernando Alonso of the Renault F1 team scored podium finishes in only their second and third races. Commenting on the new rules, critics have stated that a World Championship team such as Ferrari may be out-qualified by a team that short-fills its fuel tank. Further, it has been pointed out that the placing of slower qualifiers in front of faster teams is inviting starting-line crashes. Witness the Jaguar team with Mark Webber in Brazil and the Spanish Grand Prix when Kimi Raikkonen crashed into the stalled Jaguar of Pizzonia. Future regulations in Formula 1 racing call for the use of standard-issue breaks, uniform rear wing, "long-life" chassis and suspension components, and engines 8. Do you feel that the rule changes will reduce the quality of the racing in Forumla1? __ Yes __ No 9. Do you feel that the rule changes will make Formula 1 more competitive? __ Yes __ No 10. Do you feel that the rule changes will in any way affect the popularity of the Ferrari road cars? __ Yes __ No 11. Do you feel that launch control should be banned? __ Yes __ No 12. Do you feel that traction control should be banned? __ Yes __ No 13. Do you feel that automatic gear boxes should be banned? __ Yes __ No 14. Do you feel that pit to- car telemetry should be banned? __ Yes __ No 15. Do you feel that the regulation prohibiting work on cars after qualifing should be revoked? __ Yes __ No

capable of lasting six races without rebuilds. It is obvious that Formula 1 is bent on reducing the costs of racing to its members. Such changes have already been implemented by the American Racing Series known as CART. Although the season is not completed, there has been sufficient time to form an opinion as to the desirability of the rules changes both present and future. We would like to take a poll as to whether the new rule changes to Formula 1 are favored by the members of the New England Region of the Ferrari Club of America. Please fax your responses by August 22 to one of us (Stanley at 860247-2126; or Joe at 860-296-0873). The results will be published in the next issue of Horse Tales. ­ SC/JC 16. Do you feel that teams should disclose their fuel load prior to qualifying? __ Yes __ No 17. Do you feel that there should only be one type of wet-weather tire? __ Yes __ No 18. Do you feel that F1 should mandate standard-issue brakes? __ Yes __ No 19. Do you feel that Formula 1 should mandate a uniform rear wing? __ Yes __ No 20. Do you feel that Formula 1 should mandate "long-life" chassis? __ Yes __ No 21. Do you feel that Formula 1 should mandate standard suspension components? __ Yes __ No 22. Do you feel that Formula 1 should mandate the use of engines capable of lasting six races without rebuilds? __ Yes __ No

New England Region

Spring 2003 19


by Stanely Cohen

... the Ferrari Disease Claims Another Victim by David Friar This rather rare and unique disease all started about 5 years ago on a sunny day in July when I was invited to visit Lime Rock Park by my friend Joe Capasso. The reported purpose was to take a look at Ferraris running around the track, but Joe's hidden agenda was to convince me to retire my 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo and buy a Ferrari. Not too long afterwards I purchased a 1989 Testarossa with 4,500 miles on it (from Joe as it turns out!) And so it began. The beauty, the sculpture, the raw power, the mystique... I was hooked. Then came the F355 spider, which replaced a Porsche Boxster I had bought for my wife (but that's another story). Could we, should we sell the Testarossa? The obvious answer was: how could we live without this gorgeous piece of art? Those of you who have visited the Friar household know we have an "eclectic" art collection, and we consider the Testarossa


by David Friar part of it. There's nothing like owning a piece of sculpture that you can drive! So, after a rather effective "Roombatini" from Roomba's of New Haven, Fiona made me promise that we limit the gallery to two horses. For two years I kept that promise. But, winters are long and, with the cars tucked away, I find myself surfing the Net, reading and rereading books in my Ferrari library, perusing the Ferrari Market Letter, etc. On one particular snowy day, I asked my bride, "What would you think of buying an older Ferrari?" "No problem," was the answer, "which of the two current ones are you going to part with?" Er, um... Some time prior to that I had asked Wayne Carini of F40 Motor Sports to let me know if he came across a really nice Dino or 330 GTC. These being the only two older cars on my list that we could afford. About two months ago Wayne stopped by my office. He was in the neighborhood. "I have a line on a really nice Dino 246 GTS. Still interested?", he prompted. "Yup", I said, not knowing how to tell my everunderstanding bride that I had even asked Wayne to look for another Ferrari with no intention of selling one of the others. Two weeks later Wayne let me know

An attractive instrument panel...

...and a nice rear end!

20 volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Photos by David Friar

quality motorcars and accessories

A few from our current inventory: 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena F1 Yellow/Black · 1990 Ferrari Mondial Cabrolet · 1985 Ferrari Mondial Cabrolet 1988 Ferrari Testarossa Black/ Tan · 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 CAM · 1999 Callaway C-12 Corvette Coupe Red/ Black

Wayne Carini P.O. Box 269 464 Portland-Cobalt Rd. [Rt.66] Portland, CT 06480 tel: [860] 342-5705 fax: [860] 342-1094 [email protected]

·Sports Cars/ Exotics/ Classics ·Restorations & Vintage Vehicles ·Consignment & Location Services ·International Sales & Shipping ·Low-Rate Financing & Leasing ·We Buy/ Sell/ Trade/ Wholesale

Showroom Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. please call for an appointment

the car was at his shop and informed me I had "right of first refusal" on the purchase but didn't have to buy it! The car is a 1974 Dino 246 GTS original "chairs and flares" car with 12,000 miles on it...unrestored and acquired from the second owner. "I'll be down on Saturday", I said, having no idea how I was going to tell Fiona. After rehearsing my lines a few times overnight, I got up that Saturday morning and said, "Let's go out to breakfast", knowing that Fiona loves to go to the local diner on weekend mornings. During conversation, I mentioned that Wayne had told me about a Dino he wanted me to look at. "Let's take a ride, and you help me keep my sanity." I talked about not needing another car and not really being able to afford it anyway. "So be tough," I said, "and say NO if I get all wrapped up in the thrill of it." After breakfast, we hopped into the F355 spider and cruised down to Wayne's shop in Portland, Connecticut. Of course, Wayne has strategically placed the Dino out front. We pull into the lot, and Fiona exclaims immediately, "Oh, it's gorgeous!" Almost as soon as Wayne appears, she proceeds to negotiate the "fixes" to be included in the purchase. I was a happy man! The Ferrari disease had conquered my wife, and now the gallery (garage) is full. - DF P.S. We've agreed to a three-Ferrari limit...

New England Region

Spring 2003 21

We make leasing as simple as turning the key.

47 Sherman Hill Road Woodbury, CT 06798 203-267-7700 FAX: 203-267-7773


Serving your leasing needs since 1978

Visit our Website at


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

Welcome New Members! FCA-New England Region extends a warm welcome to the following members who have joined us in 2003: · Edward Amabile, Massachusetts · Raymond Ayer, Maine · Terry Baker · Andrew Baldassarre, Connecticut · Anthony Berni, Jr., New Jersey · Frank Carnovale · Tom Clifford, Massachusetts · Chris Fagas, Rhode Island · Thomas Farr · Joe Keough, Rhode Island · James Malapan · Guy Martin, Connecticut · Frank McCracken, Jr., Massachusetts · Todd Morvillo · Salvatore Neri, Connecticut · Scott Okun, Massachusetts · Christopher Sanger · Gene Spivak, Massachusetts · Tim Ware If your name appears above without a State affiliation, that means we do not have your address from National. Please e-mail address and phone/fax/e-mail information to Charlie Vest ([email protected]) and Fiona Friar ([email protected]) to ensure that you receive club mailings.

Names provided by Ferrari Club of America ­ National.


What, Where, When?

In Memoriam FCA/NER recently learned of the passing of one of our members, Vincenzo Bevilacqua, who joined the club in 1993. We understand that he was devoted to his Modena. We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Cynthia and family/friends.

The first person to correctly identify this photo will receive a New England Region t-shirt and hat. The earliest postmark or e-mail transmission will count. (Send your completed entry form to Stanley at 39 Grand St., Hartford, CT 06106 or [email protected] with the subject line reading "Horse Tales Photo Contest"). FCA/NER officers and members of the media are ineligible to win. The decision of the board will be final and unappealable. If you have any personal photos that are relevant and represent an interesting Ferrari event or person, please submit them to "Horse Tales", c/o Friar Associates at [email protected] or 281 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT 06032. If your photo is selected, you will receive a region t-shirt and hat, but you will not be eligible to submit an answer! Make sure you tell us about the photo [person/event, date, and location]. No copy righted materials, please.

your name e-mail home address city state phone # date event location the earliest postmark or e-mail transmission with the correct identification will win a New England Region t-shirt and hat. shirt size (circle one): M L XL XXL zip

New England Region

Spring 2003 23



Ferrari Club of America | New England Region



new england region

new england region

back Black Tee Shirt with Black, White and Red Print Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

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Street address required for UPS delivery. Multiple items may arrive at different times. Make checks payable to FCA/NER. Mail order form to FCA/NER c/o Friar Associates inc. | 281 Farmington Avenue | Farmington, CT | 06032. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipment. Name Address City Phone: [in case of problem with order] State Zip code E-mail

Shipping & Handling with in the U.S. TOTAL



volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

New England Region

Spring 2003 25

License Plate Update by Stanley Cohen & Joe Capasso For the past several months, the New England Region of the Ferrari Club of America (FCA/NER) has been attempting to obtain special interest plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of Connecticut. After making inquiry of the Department of Motor Vehicles, an application was filed. In order to obtain the special interest license plates, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles requires evidence that the organization applying for the plates is non-profit and exempt from all taxation. It is necessary to produce a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service attesting to the non-profit status of the Ferrari Club of America. In addition, the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of Connecticut requires that the submitting organization produce a letter of good standing from the State of Connecticut Secretary of State's Office attesting to the fact that the organization has registered with the State of Connecticut, has legal existence in the State and is authorized to carry out transactions in the State. This requirement by the State of Connecticut is a manner of producing revenue for the State. The New England Region of the Ferrari Club of America has provided the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles with evidence of the existence of the Ferrari Club of America, but unfortunately the Ferrari Club of America never registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State of the State. In addition, we have provided evidence to the Department of Motor Vehicles that the Ferrari Club of America is a non-profit tax exempt organization. Lastly, we have provided the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the State of Connecticut the license plate design as requested by FCA/NER. The design was prepared by the firm of our resident architect David Friar and has been accepted by the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles requires a $3,500 fee, unless we can guarantee at least 200 special

number plates. As no such guarantee can be made, five members of the New England Region have contributed their own money to pay this start-up fee (David Friar, Bob LaRosa, Peter Lombardo, Joe Capasso and Stanley Cohen). At present, the delay is caused by our request of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles that he waive the requirement that the Ferrari Club of America register in the State of Connecticut to do business. If we are successful in our request, the plates will be approved and applications will be printed in our quarterly publication. The special interest plate application requires a payment of $130. Hopefully, we will obtain our approval from the Motor Vehicles Commissioner in the near future, after which FCA/NER will notify members that license plates are available for Connecticut residents. If any other state in the region wishes to obtain specialty plates, we believe that the procedure is the same as in Connecticut. The specialty plates that will be available to Connecticut members of the

FCA/NER will contain a legend on the bottom of the plate. At present, the non-specialty plates issued by the State of Connecticut contain the words "Constitution State" on the bottom. We are allowed to put our own legend, limited to nineteen characters including spaces, in place of the words "Constitution State". At present we have decided to use the words: "Ferrari Club of N.E." If anyone has any suggestions for a different legend, please contact one of us as soon as possible. - SC/JC


volume 3 issue 1

Ferrari Club of America

www .larosabuildinggroup.c

New England Region

Spring 2003 27


Ferrari Club of America New England Region 281 Farmington Avenue Farmington, CT 06032



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