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Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package (ONAP)

Grades 4­8

Nelson Assessment Developed, reviewed, field tested, and validated by expert Ontario educators.


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Introducing a numeracy assessment package that:

Provides 100% alignment to the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum Addresses all overall and specific expectations for each grade level Provides consistent, reliable data on all five math strands by grade

Senior Advisor ­ Dr. Marian Small Senior Author:

Joanne Simmons ­ Toronto District School Board

Field Tested in:

Algoma District School Board Bluewater District School Board District School Board of Niagara Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board Durham District School Board Peel District School Board Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board Rainbow District School Board Renfrew County District School Board Thames Valley District School Board Toronto Catholic District School Board Toronto District School Board Upper Canada District School Board


Maria Bodiam ­ Toronto District School Board Sean Hanna ­ District School Board of Niagara Pat Milot ­ District School Board of Niagara Joyce Tonner ­ Thames Valley District School Board

Advisory Panel:

Scott Armstrong ­ Thames Valley District School Board Anna D'Armento ­ Toronto Catholic District School Board Linda Ford DeCunha ­ Durham District School Board Sharman Howes ­ Peel District School Board Suhana Kadoura ­ Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Dan Peter ­ Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board



· ONAP provides teachers with an entry assessment tool to identify students' prior knowledge of the previous year's expectations for all five math strands · ONAP assesses student performance directly against the curriculum as well as the Achievement Chart categories · ONAP assists classroom teachers, schools, and districts to collect reliable and consistent data · Developed, field tested, and validated in classrooms across Ontario · Quick and easy to administer and score

Each grade level kit contains:

· One Teacher's Resource featuring: ­ Comprehensive assessments for each of the five strands ­ Teacher notes for administration, scoring, and interpretation of the data ­ Scoring guides for Part B ­ Rubrics, anchor papers, and rationales for Part C performance tasks ­ Instructional "Next-Steps" ­ Strategies for using the data · A comprehensive CD-ROM: ­ Simplifies recording and analyzing ONAP data ­ Interactive Class Tracking Sheets for each strand ­ Sorts individual and class data overall, and specific expectations ­ Generates graphs for displaying data

©2009 ©2007 ©2009 ©2007 ©2008 Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package ­ Grades 4 Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package ­ Grades 5 Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package ­ Grades 6 Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package ­ Grades 7 Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package ­ Grades 8 9780176349196 9780176349226 9780176349257 9780176349288 9780176349318 $274.95 $274.95 $274.95 $274.95 $274.95




Ontario Writing Assessment

Grades K­8

Nelson Assessment Developed, reviewed, piloted, and validated by expert Ontario educators.


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Introducing a writing assessment that:

Is based on the Revised Ontario Language Curriculum and Achievement Chart Provides consistent, reliable data Features anchors with rationales that bring to life the four levels of the Achievement Chart Provides "Next-Steps" based on the unique needs of students


Mary Reid ­ Principal, Bluewater District School Board Steven Reid ­ Superintendent, Bluewater District School Board


Heather McGowan ­ Educational Consultant (Formerly TDSB) Foreword by David Booth ­ Professor of Education, University of Toronto, OISE


Ontario Writing Assessment for Kindergarten to Grade 8 allows teachers to determine each student's strengths and weaknesses in writing. The results from this assessment can be used to help plan and deliver appropriate programming, and to measure student growth over time. Ontario Writing Assessment is aligned to the Revised Ontario Language Curriculum expectations and the Achievement Chart, as well as the expert panel reports and guides to effective instruction.

Benefits for Teachers:

· Provides a common writing assessment tool for a teacher, school, or district · Supports identification of student strengths, needs, interests, and attitudes in writing · Includes 48 levelled anchors and three task-specific rubrics for each grade to ensure confident and consistent assessment of writing skills (based on the Revised Ontario Language Curriculum and the Achievement Chart) · Provides valuable "Next Steps" for tailoring instruction to meet the needs of all students · Supports tracking student progress over time with easy-to-use tracking sheets


A single, comprehensive Teacher's Guide featuring: · On-demand Writing Tasks that can be administered three times per year (fall, mid-year and end-of-year) · Task-specific Writing Rubrics, Anchors, and Rationales that are aligned to the Revised Ontario Curriculum and Achievement Chart

©2008 ©2007 ©2008 ©2007 ©2007 ©2008 ©2008 ©2007 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 1 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 2 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 3 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 4 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 5 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 6 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 7 Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 8 9780176349110 9780176349127 9780176349134 9780176349141 9780176349158 9780176349165 9780176349172 9780176349189 $164.95 $164.95 $164.95 $164.95 $164.95 $164.95 $164.95 $164.95



Second Edition Nelson Assessment

Grades 4­8


CASI 3 c om ing Sp r ing 2008!


ASI Second Edition for Grades 4­8 helps to identify student comprehension and fluency levels through age-appropriate, field-validated reading passages. CASI is used throughout Ontario to identify students' reading abilities. The second edition aligns to the Revised Ontario Language Arts Curriculum, 2006 and the Achievement Chart Categories, 2006. Existing CASI customers can order a replacement package that contains a new Scoring Guide, reproducible Question Sheet Booklet, and Teacher's Guide. For details and eligibility call Nelson Customer Service at 1-800-268-2222. Each grade-level program includes:


Grade 3


Ten Full-Colour Reading Passages

· Five fiction selections · Five nonfiction selections

Scoring Guide

· Contains exemplars to help teachers determine a student's level of comprehension · New "lay-flat" format shows all four levels of student response on double-page spreads

Question Sheet Booklet

· Includes Blackline Masters for all question sheets in a grade · Question Sheet Booklets now combined into one Blackline Master Booklet · A new question on point of view for each passage · A four-part multiple-choice question to help students prepare for EQAO testing

This new addition to the CASI series: · is built upon the same design as CASI Grades 4­8 · includes grade-appropriate reading passages · offers challenging assessments that reduce topping out by students · prepares students for EQAO testing by providing a transition from oral to written response · focuses on comprehension and higher-level thinking skills · Aligned to Revised Ontario Language Arts Curriculum and Achievement Chart

Complete Kits ©2008 ©2006 ©2006 ©2006 ©2006 ©2006 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 9780176349059 9780176336080 9780176336097 9780176336103 9780176336110 9780176336127 $274.95 $258.95 $258.95 $258.95 $258.95 $258.95

Comprehensive Teacher's Guide

· Includes strategies for next steps, a reading rubric, and reproducible tool · Includes additional strategies teachers can use to help students improve in targeted areas · Expanded sections on several topics, including the use of CASI with struggling readers and student self-selection of text · Student self-assessment form for Grades 4 to 6 · Generic reading conference form

Replacement Packages ©2006 ©2006 ©2006 ©2006 ©2006 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 9780176331818 9780176331856 9780176331894 9780176331931 9780176331979 $84.95 $84.95 $84.95 $84.95 $84.95




PM Benchmark Kits 1 and 2

CENGAGE Learning

Grades K­3


M Benchmark Kits 1 and 2 are comprehensive reading assessment resources using 30 unseen levelled texts. They provide an accurate method of identifying a student's instructional reading level and insight into the student's understanding of visual, syntactical, and structural cueing systems. The Teacher's Guide includes defined step-by-step administration procedures, an annotated summary of reading behaviour, story introductions and a detailed leveling chart.

Kit Components

· · · · 30 unseen levelled fiction and nonfiction texts 30 Reading Record sheets 30 Comprehension Assessment Record forms Teacher's Guide

9780176204044 9780176262846 $257.95 $241.95

©2003 PM Benchmark Kit 1 PM Benchmark Kit 2

Nelson Assessment: Mathematics

Nelson Assessment

Grades 3­6


elson Assessment: Mathematics is a series of classroom resources designed to improve learning. Each student book contains a series of rich assessment tasks organized by strand corresponding to each of the four Ontario achievement categories. The Teacher's Resource provides tools for monitoring student growth and achievement as well as ideas on best practices for assessing and reporting.


· Student Book covering all expectations through 70 assessment tasks, 3­4 per achievement category · Teacher's Resource with student examplars, complete solutions, assessment tools, generic rubrics, and best practices

©2003 Grade 3 Student Workbook (30-pack) Student Workbook (10-pack) Teacher's Resource Grade 4 Student Workbook (30-pack) Student Workbook (10-pack) Teacher's Resource Grade 5 Student Workbook (30-pack) Student Workbook (10-pack) Teacher's Resource Grade 6 Student Workbook (30-pack) Student Workbook (10-pack) Teacher's Resource 9780176267902 9780176267919 9780176203191 9780176267889 9780176267896 9780176203207 9780176267865 9780176267872 9780176203214 9780176267841 9780176267858 9780176203221 $187.95 $69.95 $90.95 $192.95 $72.95 $90.95 $187.95 $72.95 $88.95 $192.95 $72.95 $88.95


Primary W.R.A.P.--Writing and Reading Assessment Profile

Learning Media

Grades K­2


rimary W.R.A.P. is an informal, easy-to-use, assessment tool that ensures your assessment will cover the five essential dimensions of early reading: phonemic awareness, phonics and word repetition, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

©2003 K­2 W.R.A.P. Kit 9780790305189 $190.95

Writing and Reading Assessment Profile (W.R.A.P.)

Learning Media

Grades 3­6


.R.A.P. assesses students' needs and abilities, and helps teachers identify competencies and set realistic instructional goals. This is an excellent planning tool to provide information for literacy instruction.


©2002 9780478124620

Harcourt Reading Assessment

Measuring Student Performance Harcourt Education

Grades 3­8

Summative Performance Assessment Tool for Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry.


his complete resource is designed to assist teachers in collecting summative assessment data to reflect student reading performance.

Each grade includes nine reproducible reading selections: three fiction, three poetry, and three nonfiction that are multi-genre, age-appropriate, and appealing. A comprehensive set of appendices is included for students.

Teacher's notes include:

· Learning Tools · Prior knowledge/skills · Task-specific rubrics

©2004 Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade 3 4 5 6 7 8 Teacher's Teacher's Teacher's Teacher's Teacher's Teacher's Edition Edition Edition Edition Edition Edition 9780774715645 9780774715652 9780774715669 9780774715676 9780774715683 9780774715690 $38.45 $38.45 $38.45 $38.45 $38.45 $38.45



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