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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages is the first comprehensive reference work treating all of the languages of antiquity. Clear and systematic in its approach, the Encyclopedia combines full linguistic coverage of all the well documented ancient languages, representing numerous language families from around the globe. Providing a full descriptive presentation, each of these chapters examines the writing system(s), phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon of that language, and places the language within its proper linguistic and historical context.

· An authoritative reference work on the ancient languages of the world

­ the first of its kind

· Makes widely accessible much generally inaccessible knowledge · Comprehensive, thorough and systematic ­ the languages are treated in

a uniform and coherent way Subject coverage: English language, linguistics, classical languages, literature, linguistic anthropology, classical archaeology, archaeology of the Americas, reference. At the level of: academic researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students, general readers.

Contents 1. Introduction; 2. Sumerian; 3. Elamite; 4. Hurrian; 5. Urartian;

6. Afro-Asiatic; 7. Egyptian and Coptic; 8. Akkadian and Eblaite; 9. Ugaritic; 10. Hebrew; 11. Phoenician and Punic; 12. Canaanite Dialects; 13. Aramaic; 14. Ge'ez (Aksum); 15. Old South Arabian; 16. Ancient North Arabian; 17. Indo-European; 18. Hittite; 19. Luvian; 20. Palaic; 21. Lycian; 22. Lydian; 23. Carian; 24. Attic Greek; 25. Greek Dialects; 26. Sanskrit; 27. Middle Indic; 28. Old Persian; 29. Avestan; 30. Pahlavi; 31. Phrygian; 32. Latin; 33. Sabellian; 34. Venetic; 35. Continenta; 36. Gothic; 37. Early Northwest Germanic; 38. Classical Armenia; 39. Etruscan; 40. Early Georgian; 41. Ancient Chinese; 42. Old Tamil; 43. Mayan; 44. Epi-Olmec; 45. Reconstructed Ancient Languages.

2003 246 x 189 mm 0 521 56256 2 HB August 2003

1116pp 98 tables c. £120.00

51 figures

5 maps

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Printed in the United Kingdom at the University Press, Cambridge

April 2003



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