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Word Bearer Dark Apostle Host

Having been raised as a fanatical priest it is of little surprise that Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers, saw the Emperor more as a god than a father. Consequently this belief spread to the entire Legion. However, because of the massive propaganda campaigns needed to ensure the total submission of conquered planets to the Imperial Cult the Word Bearers progressed slowly. This eventually led to the Emperor severely reprimanding Lorgar. The Primarch saw this as a personal and terrible insult and was under the influence of his close friend Kor Phaeron soon turned to the gods of Chaos. These fickle creatures demanded more and more worship, offering terrible rewards in return. Quickly the whole legion was

Points: 100 + models

converted and even its Chaplains soon made inspiring speeches in favour of the Pantheon of Chaos Undivided. It was Lorgar who planned the Corruption of Horus, having him wounded and then sending his own men to twist the Warmaster's mind when it was still weak. After the failure of the Heresy, the Legion organized itself around its former Chaplains, now called Dark Apostles. These Apostles lead their troops with a fanatical faith, trusting visions so strongly that their strategy sometimes seems like prescience. Dark Apostles Host vary greatly in size, but they always include a core of fanatical Chaos Marines as well as several units of Possessed, often including an elite unit of Possessed called the Anointed.

FORMATION RULES FORMATION: 1 Chaos Lord, Dark Apostle, Master of Faith 1-3 Possessed Squads 2-5 Chaos Marine Squads Note ­ The only Icon available to the formation is the Icon of Chaos Glory. Dark Apostle: The Word Bearers are the only Legion to have kept its Chaplains, known today as Dark Apostles. The Chaos Lord receives a Crozius for free, granting him a power weapon and raising his invulnerable Save to 4+. The Anointed: One of the Possessed squads is selected to be the Anointed (player's choice). This unit may roll twice on the Daemonkin table and thus gets two mutations. Re-roll if the same effect is obtained twice. In addition the Word Bearers have such an excellent control over this Daemonic possession that the Daemonkin roll of the entire formation may be done before deployment. Faith Above All: The Word Bearers have such belief of truth for their cause that they will march to certain death under the speeches of the Dark Apostle. In addition the Apostles hold great importance to visions they receive before battle and will often reorganize their forces brutally. All units of the formation within 12" of the Dark Apostle are Fearless. After deployment, but before the first turn, you may redeploy D3 units of the formation anywhere within their deployment zone.

Written by ­ Farskit

OPTIONS: All characters and units have all their normal equipment and options as per Codex ­ Chaos Space Marines. The only exception to this is the Dark Apostle, see the Dark Apostle rule to the right.


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