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- WHEN TO DO WHAT Clues from ASTROWORK There are all kinds of ways astrology can help you with timing ­ choosing when to do what. Although this service is for our clients at who order a reading from us and then have questions, we hope it's useful to anyone who's trying to let astrology work for them! For starters, pay attention to your kitchen calendar! Watch for the New Moon, because that's the time to start projects, make new beginnings, get things going! It's the time to plant seeds, zinnias as well as planting the seeds for a raise in your bosses mind! Think of it as increasing light shining on your project! It's called the waxing moon - If you have a due date that's creeping up on you quickly, just go for it! But if you have a choice about a good start date, choose the New Moon and work like crazy for two weeks! Then when the Full Moon comes, finish up projects and take some time to feed your soul! The Full Moon is great for meditating, for listening to your intuition and gaining awareness, suddenly becoming conscious of something. Here's the Current Moon Phase: NEXT Keep an eye on what sign the Moon is in! Since the Moon reflects the mood of the public, it's no wonder everyone gets more analytical and critical when the Moon moves into Virgo. If you're approaching your boss or your Board of Directors with an innovative new idea, why not optimize your chances by going for it when the Moon is in an innovative sign like Aquarius? Here's what sign the Moon is in right now! Moon Libra 21° 14` Keep keywords in mind ­ if you need a refresher course on keywords, dowload our How To Learn Astrology page! Here are some keywords as they apply to the public mood, shown by the Moon Sign:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces People want adventure, they're fired up, and they'll act quickly. Security is an important concern, and will it last? Let's check it out carefully... People are willing to look at options, they're flexible, adaptable, may not commit Everyone gets emotional, concerned about feelings and family and security Let's take a risk! Let's try something creative and fun for a change! Let's look at everything very critically and carefully ­ everyone wants to analyze People are sociable, friendly, everyone wants to get along. Control issues come to the forefront ­ who's got the power, and who's in charge? People get restless and need some new horizons, they feel expansive & optimistic Everyone is more conservative, more concerned about what people think Let's try something really innovative!! Who has any new & interesting ideas? People would just as soon escape into a good movie, or relate to you very sensitively.

NEXTCheck to see when the Moon goes "void of course." That happens every few days, sometimes for only an hour or two, sometimes for a much longer period of time. During those void times, you're better off taking a nap than you are doing much of anything! About the only thing a Void Moon is good for is sending off your income taxes -- nothing will come of it, so no audit!! But if you're signing a contract or making a decision, wait until the Moon does something again! Times are listed for you at VOID MOON DAYS NEXT Check an ephemeris to see "good dates" and "bad dates" based on the current planets relationship to each other. You can do this at EPHEMERIS If MARS is squaring PLUTO, everyone is going to be torked off at something & want control. So take it easy asking for what you want under such a transit! If VENUS has moved on top of URANUS, then it may well be the time to make a romantic move, and the more innovative the better! Remember, planets KEYWORDS are more important than what aspect is taking place. For example, JUPITER is the planet of expansion, going for it. If it's aspecting NEPTUNE, the fuzzy planet of confusion, there is a general cycle going on that reflects possible deception, confusion, etc., so take it easy! OK now we're going to move on to YOUR chart and get much more specific detail... Do you have a copy of your chart?? If not, go to Astrodienst's free chart service. Take a good look at it - get to know your OWN chart - it's YOUR CHART! Every astrologer is biased - ever had a Capricorn interpret your chart? WORK and being productive is so important to them, they project those values on you, even though they may not be YOUR values! Ever notice how other people's biases come out based on their Sun Sign? Libra Sun people say, how can you spend all that time alone?? An Aries says, how can you watch tv all the time? Why aren't you out running, or exercising? A Capricorn says what about your career? And the Leo says hey if you don't Why aren't you focusing more on climbing the corporate ladder?? take time out to have some fun, life isn't worth living! Get back to basics and become more familiar with your chart, and how it works for you! The point here is you have to live up to your chart if you want to be happy! And the beginning point is to look at what house your Sun is in at the time of birth! (If you need a refresher course on houses in a chart, go to our How Astrology Works page! If you have a 4th house Sun and no home & family, whoops - it's not your career you should be focusing on, it's your family! If you're putting 12 hours a day at the office and never coming home for dinner, you're NOT doing ok! OK, so that's the background, and that's the key lesson for you in this lifetime. If you don't spend enough time with your family, resolve issues with your family, you're not going to be happy! If you have a third-house Sun, then keeping your car in tip-top shape so you feel like you've got some freedom and flexibility to go places is very, very important for you. With a second-house Sun, you need a healthy bank-account, or you won't feel good about life in general. Where's YOUR natal Sun?? And for THIS year, where's your Solar Return Birthday Sun? The Solar Return Chart is drawn up on your birthday, for the next year, and it's a good roadmap for the upcoming year. If you don't have a copy of your Solar Return Birthday Chart, you can get one at Astrodienst. If you have trouble, just email us!!! mailto:[email protected] We'll send you your Solar Return Chart, no problem! For starters, look to see what Solar House your Sun is in this year. This is not a case where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ­ there are very BASIC indicators in astrology, and you can get some good bottom lines for yourself. If you get confused or concerned about something along the way, visit a reputable astrologer! In the meantime, back to our Solar Return Sun -- If it's in the 4th house, it's time to think like a Cancer Sun person -- pay attention to your family, build some foundations, make some new beginnings, perhaps redecorate or change residences. If it's in the 2nd house, it's time to focus on that bank account and on your own self-worth. Keep that in mind during the year!! Will it be easy or difficult to do that??? Check the Solar Return aspects to the Sun! Here's an example: A young man, not sure of what direction he wants to go, heads to a new city to find himself, finds out girlfriend is pregnant, returns home and marries her. His Solar Return Sun is in his 1st house, so this is an important year for him in terms of personal progress. He's very "ME ME ME" oriented, with the focus on the first house. Will this be an easy year for him? No, since the SR Sun is opposing SR Neptune in the 7th house of marriage, so there will be some difficulties and problems. (His marriage only lasted a few months until the child was born.) (Natal Saturn opposing Venus, some problems in relationships were promised in his natal chart). How does the Solar Return chart give him direction, help him with what to do? He needs to think about himself (SR Sun in 1st House). But it won't be easy (Sun oppose something) and he needs to weigh and balance his own needs against his marriage partner's needs (Sun oppose Neptune in 7th house).

Since the chart is concerned with his own needs vs. relationship needs, lets focus on those two houses and see what the Solar Return Chart shows about him & his marriage. Capricorn is the sign on the 7th house, showing some responsibilities and some problems. Saturn in the Solar Return chart shows where you have to make some adjustments, take on responsibility, be patient and give it some time! There are some limitations in the Saturn house, and some lessons to learn. (Note: he abandoned ship here; he'll meet these challenges again.) He has Cancer Rising in his Solar Return Chart ­ since it's a cardinal sign, there's lots of activity this year, lots of change going on. (Libra, Aries, Cancer, & Capricorn are cardinal signs). Cancer is the sign of the home and family, which coincidentally is his natal Sun sign, so building a home and family are very important in his life. Will he focus in on the home and family? With the ruler of his Cancer Ascendant (Moon) in Sagittarius, the home and family may make him feel terribly restricted. Solar Return Moon sign? His Moon is in Sagittarius, a freedom loving mood this year, which doesn't bode well for lots of responsibilities! His SR Moon is in the 6th house, showing lots of changes with jobs during this year. Here's another example, sort of opposite the last example! Sun in 7th house, but opposing Neptune in 1st. So relationship concerns are important, but he's pretty unclear on who he currently is. Saturn is in his 3rd house, showing some difficult decisions to be made. Capricorn is rising, so it's a year to take on new responsibilities. As a cardinal sign, there's lots of change and activity this year. With Saturn in the 3rd house, there's some difficult decisions to be made. His Moon is in Pisces, showing he's pretty unclear about things this year; lots of dissolving conditions before a new life takes place. His SR Moon is in the 1st house, showing that lots of personal changes are taking place, with ups and downs along the way in how he's doing. What house is YOUR Solar Return Sun in? Are there easy or difficult aspects to the Sun? What Solar Return house is Saturn in? What's your Solar Return Rising Sign? And what sign is the ruler of the Ascendant in? What's your Solar Return Moon sign? Next we'll be looking at transiting planets, as they relate to your BIRTH CHART (not your Solar Return Chart!) First of all, locate TRANSITING SATURN -- what's it doing to your natal chart right now? Where are you supposed to be focusing? What is it TIME for??? Saturn is not the bad guy it's portrayed as, unless you've been slacking and avoiding your responsibilities. If you have, then yes, it's time to pay the piper! How about transiting Pluto?? Pluto is such a slow moving planet, it will provide the background mood for two or three years!!! Where is it in relationship to your natal planets?? what about transiting Uranus? Where are you supposed to be breaking out of ruts and taking some risks, becoming more yourself? BACK TO ASTROWORK SITE



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