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August 2011

FHEV / PHEV battery pack assembly at Rawsonville By Mike McKee, Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor

YPSILANTI, MI -- The Rawsonville plant will be assembling Battery packs for Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FHEV) and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle for 2013 model year. Full Hybrids vehicles run on the battery up to a certain speed then change to the regular combustion engine to recharge the battery. Plug in vehicles have the additional option of charging the battery by plugging the vehicle into an outlet to recharge the battery. The battery pack assembly line will be installed in the COP room starting this month and production will begin in the spring of next year. The battery assembly line will stretch across the COP room and is basically a 300 foot long line with a test loop. The line will eventually be a 3 shift operation and require about 20 operators to run. The Battery packs are more than just a large standard 12 volt car battery, they are assemblies that include the battery array that holds the charge, a charging and discharging unit and a computer that communicates with vehicle and is the brain of the pack. The packs are large items, about 18 inches wide, 30 inches long and up to 20 inches high, weighing between 120 to 250 pounds depending on the model. The battery packs will be assembled into vehicles at Michigan assembly and Hermosillo Mexico. The current line up of vehicles includes the Fusion, MKZ, C-Max and the Mondeo in Europe. The Rawsonville team is proud to contribute to the environment by building the heart of these green vehicles.


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