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Thank you for your interest in participating in a trade show. Please completely fill out this form allowing the company a minimum of one week to review the information provided. The Company will review your request and get back to you within a week of receiving the request. For questions regarding this matter, please contact Distributor Compliance by phone at 801-748-3300, by fax at 888-730-0342 (toll free), or 801-812-8465 (local), or by email to [email protected]

Name: Address: Zip Code: Sponsor's Name: Phone Number:

Distributor ID: City/State: E-mail: Sponsor's ID:

Have you participated in a Trade Show/Convention as a Distributor of the Company before? Yes, date: ____/____/______ Location: No, this is my first time participating in a Trade Show/Convention.

Name of Trade Show/Convention: Location of Trade Show/Convention:

(City, State and Name of Facility)

Date and Duration of Trade Show/Convention: _____/____/_____-- ____/____/_____ Web address of Trade Show:

Please attach a typed document containing the following information: A detailed description of the Trade Show/Convention. List of materials and products to be used at the trade show. Written script of your presentation as well as your plans. Your goals for this trade show, such as number of desired leads. Names and ID Numbers of all participants at the booth. In order to help us recognize your success with the trade show, please complete the "Trade Show Results form" within 7 days from the conclusion of the trade show. This form is required before participating in future trade shows.

I have read the Policies and Procedures and agree to the terms therein. Distributor's Signature: Date:


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