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Atlanta Chiefs Semi-Pro Football 2010 Player Tryout Waiver Form

I, ___________________________________, understand "Fully" that Atlanta Chiefs Semi-Pro Football participates in full contact football and I understand the risks I take when playing this sport. I also understand that by signing this form I am agreeing to release the Atlanta Chiefs Semi-Pro Football, LLC; the Southern Football League; any school district, school or owners of any field that we tryout or practice on, or any other party affiliated with this team or league, of any responsibility for any injury that I might sustain during a Chiefs tryout, practice, or while traveling to or from any Chiefs tryout, or practice.


Player Name (Print) __________________________________________ Player Signature

SSN #______________________________________ Driver's License #____________________________

Date ______/______/______


Witness Name (Print) __________________________________________ Witness Signature Date ______/______/______

This "Tryout Wavier" form must be completed in the presence of an Atlanta Chiefs Official ONLY.


Microsoft Word - 5_Atlanta_Chiefs_Player_Tryout_Waiver_Form__1

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Microsoft Word - 5_Atlanta_Chiefs_Player_Tryout_Waiver_Form__1