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VOL. 49




Independent Phono -- No. 582

Terms, $1.25 per Yeai;; $1 in Atlantic County,

HAMMONTON, .N. J., JULY 22, 1911

Our Lady's Day.

Monday Ust saw Hammcmton's streets filled as never before with visitors from everywhere,--payticipants~and~spectators~ortHe~Feasf of Our Lady . of Mount Carmel. The crowds began to gather <niite early,-- coming in by train and all sorts of vehicles, until the "oldest inhabitant1 ' was amazed at the multitude. It was an orderly crowd, too, for though plenty of policemen had been appointed, not one was arrested for improper conduct, and but very few were seen overstimulated. One fellow was taken in as a pickpo'cket, but the evidence was not clear, and Chief Adam shipped him away on the next train. The fakers were here, sure, in all sorts ot trade, with pin-wheels, balloons, medals, badges, fans, etc., etc. A Hindoo (?) fortune teller was a novelty, and took in many nickels from the curious and superstitious. Stands and booths in plenty supplied food, drink, and all sorts of things. The Ocean Wave and Merry-go- round were here, of course. Among the fakes was a "child-eating crocodile," to see which many paid a nickel. There was a crocodile, perhaps five feet long, and several little fellows ; but no one saw him eat a. child. The roars which attracted outsiders were made by drawing the hand along a waxed string attached to sheepskin stretched over a section of terracotta pipe, resting in a box. There were two or more gambling dens, which were run so carefully T.liaTTlIe~poli£e missedj'em until late in the afternoon. It was a lively day. Three bands paraded the street,-- one from Egg Harbor, one from Cologne, and the Pizzi Marine Band from Philadelphia. The latter sustained its high reputation. For a time seated opposite this office, it discoursed operatic and classical music that delighted cultured ears. Of course tbe bag-pipes and miscellaneous instruments were in the crowd, including the hurdy-gurdy and monkey. The programme was carried out, notwithstanding one of the heaviest rainstorms we ever witnessed. But this lasted only about an hour, from twelve o'clock, -- a recordbreaking fall of water while it lasted, soaking everything. That was the only interruption, and people continued to pour into town. The parade started promptly at four o'clock,.-- the usual formation, -- bands, society, iinages,,lpng lines of white-robed girls, and the miscellaneous crowd. The dust had been laid, the temperature moderated, and all went well with the marchers and the multitude. The fireworks were quite up to expectation, and delighted the witnesses, -- lasting over an hour. Altogether, the celebration was an unqualified success, and all Ilatnmonton enjoyed it.



Hammonton Trust


Hammonton, N. J>


Public notice is hereby given by Thos. Chnlmors, Collector of the Borough of Folsom, County of Atlantic, H. J., that helwlll eeJi at_pnJriioj^e_aU_theJandBl tenements, hereditament and real estate hereafter mentioned, for tba shortest term for which any person or persons will agree to take the same and pay the tax Hen thereon, including interest and cost of sale. The said sale will take place in front of the Post Office at Folsom, on Tuesday, August 15,1911 at two o'clock In the afternoon. ^ The said lands, tenements, hereditaments, and rear estate ao to be sold, nnd names of the persons against whom tho said taxes bave been laid on account of the same, and the amount of taxes laid on account of each parcel, are as follows: Name Description Tax ol 1910

Voice. J lOaof lot58G Johnson, J. C... -7H ft of lot 850 Michaels. II. IB a of lot 11(50 Moore, W., cst 8 a. lotfl 700, 701 Povey. John HO n, lots 1219, 1221 K Htokoa. est 890 a lots 494. 4!Xi, to S03 ·10 n 543, 544, 545 to 560, G98, 647, 750 Wurfllno, J. 1C., est.. 10 a of 543 Owners Unknown... »Ix3t 754 ' --Lot 813 ...Lot 862 ...IXJt 1009 ...Lot 1198 ...Lot 1199


:_-Capital, $100,000

Surplus and undivlod profits, . over $13,000 Two per cent interest paid on checking accounts averaging a daily balance of $1000 or over. Three per cent, compounded somiannually, paid on Time Accounts. Bale Deposit Boxes for Rent. Trust and Real Estate Department. Acts as Executor and Administrator Agent for the Bale of Real Estate. Steamship Tickets sold; Does general TruufCompany Business.

Bellevue Avenue improvements are progressing. An additional coating of gravel was placed in 'the centre this week, from the lower .end, ahd the big scraper keeps the

Poultry Association

Stookwell Building



Tho-B. Skinner, President. Win. Colwell, Vice-President. ' Jos. R. Imhoff, Vice-President. Robert Picken, Sec. & Treas. O. P. Campanella, Asst. Sec. & Treas. Dean 8. Renwick, Attorney. DIRECTORS JOB. R. Imhoff J. Nelson Ake H. Kirk Bpoar Andrew Etbertdge Thomas Skinner Wm. H. Bernsbouse John A. Hoyle H. M. BoUomley J..O. Bitler John TT French Henry Heasley Arthur Elliott · Daniel M. Ballard Jos. 8. Mart Joseph Thompson Wm. H. Parkburst William Colwell George Jonas

?1 20 3 00 2 71 3 44 3 25

52 49 1 28 200 2 00 200 2 00 2 00 2 00

A bomb which failed to explode ... Local Phono 674 on Monday night was found and fired on Tuesday morning. It is rumored that a party of boys were the discoverers, and that one of ' We are selling them was seriously injured by the explosion. State Forester, Alfred Gaskill, is to be in Hammonton on Monday next, 24th, arriving about ten at $1.40 o'clock, to look into the dying shade trees matter. Interested parties may meet him with possible This is a very low price, with profit to themselves. the market as it is to-day.

Ground Oats and Com

If you have friends visiting you, or you are going away, just phone your Editor.

Watch onr advs. for farther specialties.

Campbell. I* A-Lots 130. 171, 172, 311 81 Betham,W...lx>ts It7,138.139, 91 Kstman, Mary-Lots 21. 23, 25. 27,29 91 Lourl, Nicholas-Lots 124, 125. 126/127 91 Purnell, Hayraond-Lots 120, 121,122,123... 91 Regan, decree Lots 224. 225 91 Stanley, Thos. P-Lota 295. K6 91 Sellenent. Anthony...Lots 13,14.15,16 91 Sklba. John Lot 118 91 Wadnek. Frank P.-Lots GO. 61, 62, 63 91

The Peoples Bank


Plenty of rain just now,--Monday's downpour, a lively shower on Strongest Companies Wednesday forenoon '. (thirty-three Lowest Rates. one-Hundredths), another with electric accompaniment, very early Friday morning,--nineteen one- Conveyancing, The cost in each case will be $2.64, to hundredths; and, as we go to press, ^Notary Puhlic, which will be addrd interest at the rate at 2.30 yesterday afternoon, the of 12 per cent until paid. Commissioner of Deeds. downpour, thunder and lightning, THOS. CHALMERS, Collector. indicated several inches more in Dated July 12, 1911. Hammonton. prospect.

W. H. Bernshouse Fire Insurance

Hammonton, N. J.

_Capital, . . . . . . . #50,000 Surplus and Undivided Profitrt, . $45,000

^_^^^ . !i

College for Women

'John Howard -Harris, LL.D.


Un-Claimed Letters.

List ot uncalled-for letters in the Hammonton Post Office on Wednesday, July 19,1911:

Fire Insurance at Cost.

THE CUMBERLAND Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Will insure your property at loss cost than others. Reason : operating expenses llpbt; no loading of premium for profits ; sixty-seven years of satisfaotoryuorvioo. Cash surplus over $100,000. For particulars, BOO

Three p0r cent interest paid on time Deposits.

Two pr. ot. Intercut allowed on demand acoouuts having daily balance of , $1000 or more.

President Mr. Thomas Daly Mrs. Mary Khoon Miss Kllr.abeth l>ugh Natoll Scallato Offers tho same ndvnntncca to young women ns tho Ilucknell Collcec oircr« to men. All the Miss Kite Scacclaferro Miss L. A. Bowie ·college professors are men who are specialists Mrs. lM}i Good Mr. Isaac Chambers In their lines. Income from productive InMiss Maude Wright vestment pars .professors salaries. Separate campus, buildings, and homo llfo for women --Foreign-- students, lectures and recitations In common Francesco Beronato dl Angolo (duo 10 c) with tho men. Kate per year, KtOfl. College students have also the advantages of the Persona calling for any of the above School of M uslc and Art School. For catalog, letters will please state that it- has addrcsu



been advertised.

Lcwlxbure, I'ouno.

Tnos. 0. ELVINS. P.M.

"' "

Wayland DePuy, Agt.,

Corner Hecond and Cherry Streets,

Hammcmtoii. N. J.

Safe Deposit Boxes for Bent

M. L. JACKSON. President. W. J. SMITH, Vioo-Proa't W. E. TILTON, Cashier. DIRECTORS

U. li. Jnokson J. A. Waas O. F. Osgood George Rlvlna Wm. J. Smith J. 0. Anderson Bam'l Anderson W. R. Tllton Win. L. Ulnok QEOHOE,E. HTROUSE JTJBTIOB of tho Prompt attention paid to Collections, · J"lro, Accident, Automobile, Plato GlaeH Insurance, Oflloo In Bpoar Ilulldlng.

Summer Clearance Sale!

At Bank Brothers

Such a Money Saving Opportunity comes only twice a year, and you should not miss it. Thousands of dollars' worth of this season's Staple Merchandise, from every department, and the remaining Summer stock of several leading manufactories, have been cut in price so amazingly low that you must consider yourself especially fortunate,--being able to secure such v values as we now offer. There are better values, and more of them, in every department,--thus making this "Summer Clearance Sale" the biggest we ever had.


If yon <lo not, yon can find out by a rory llttlo lnvoBtl|intlon tlmt

The Hammonton Faint

IB tho vory bent paint that waa ovar tiiqd In linmnionton, There arc ncorcii of bulldlngn that .you BOO every dny, palntnd with tho Ilainmonton Pulnt oluht to twelve yeurn RRO, nnd. looking well at tlio prciBcnt tlmo. Tho llonimoiitoii Fnlut In nold for IBM than nny otlier (Irnt-olnnn Taint. It hru no oquni, na It worki well, oovnra well, nud wnurn well. Bold by JOH. I. TAY.LUII HOUHB, Hl«n nml OnrrlaKO Painter, Heoond nntl I'Umnmit Hto., Ilixinmonton, N. J.

rm. J, .A.. "W./V.A.S,, Dentist

Oogloy IlulldlnR, : Jim'1"10"1"". N..!,

3VI. DP.

Optouiotrltit. and Optician

400 liollnvun Avo., llnmnionton, N. .1. Doll riiono HII-I. I'liono 7(15


A- H. Phillips Co.

Conservatory of Music

Win llnlliwnn Avnnnn Ilnininiiii(in), j J^«*v Jornnj. l.rninr (iluno imiiil. Hinmnor'l'orm hciiliuilim .Innolll

Fire Insurance.

- MONEY ron

Ohas. Ornziano

Vullny AvmiiiK

Mortgage Loons.

Oorraaponitoncu Solicited . /Ittitlott

Plasterer and Comcnt Worker

Jobbing nnd Coiitmutlnir. prior". I,oi)«l 1'hono 007

BROTHERS STORE, Bellevue Avenue, Hammonion.

Atlantic City, N. J.

' f ·


assembled there the entire police force of the borough, the Chief Constable, and. the Rector. The Rector shook hands most warmly with Mr. Coggs, placed him T h e L ughabli Story of a Gift That Did'nt Meet With Approval at his right"hand, 'and then beganv"Our respected Chief Constable has asked me to make a few remarks of Coryza is an Inflammation of the An Immense-snoutaerea uuardsman Mr. Coggs stood outside the Car- contrary to their - personal feelings. an Introductory character on this In- mucous membrane lining the cavities snorted indignantly when Mr. Anteresting occasion. May I say that Mr. Cogga accepted their apologies swers, with the memory of soldiers in riers' Arms In an exceedingly glooms with easy affability. He shook hands I am gratified, highly gratified, to be of the nasal passages, and may be mood. The circle of customers in ( either of the acute or chronic vauniform being refused admittance to in most conUal fashion with a young here to-day. hotels ami public dances, asked him that hostelry had chanced to be too constable who had come into contact "I have the greatest pleasure In riety. In its acute form It IB generally called "a cold in the head." Tha. if Tommy Atkins was really despised. Inhospitable that 'night. Their denseness in falling to see that Mr. Coggs1 with him professionally only a couple making the -acquaintance of Mr. reason for this is that, given certain What was his owti experience? Coggs"--Indeed, I wonder I have never "(Xii St. Patrick's Day," he said, "the glass was empty was appalling. Even of months since, and who conse- had the privilege of meeting -him be- conditions of the system which ten-the landlord, when Mr. Cogps had or- quently lacked a front tooth. to inflamed mucous membrane', tho ball committee in a provincial town Then Mr. Coggs, with great pres- fore, and it is a great joy to me to acute attack can very often be traced decided that they could not entertain dered something on his own account, shake him warmly by the hand on had replied, "Not of a Thursday, Joe, ence of mind, stated that he would to exposure, to cold, draughts or men in uniform. What snobbery! unless I see the color of your money he sure to lose a day's work if lie behalf of you $11 and to call on our damp. It can perhaps just~as often respected Chief Constable to "Mot only was It an Insult to the first." appeared at the police court the next be traced to heat, dust and stuffiness, men themselves, but it was an insult So Mr. Coggs, .after stating bluntly morning, borrowed a sum from the make the formal presentation." (Loud but" whatever may be the final touch to the King's uniform. Scores of selt- to-the-aBscmbled-dMe-that-ncvor-ln-f-inapeotorT-ttnd-lmrrled--forth-to-make- and_pcolanged reapecting soldiers shun public func- his life had he bean possessed of the most of the few brief momenta The Chief Constable' stepped for- 'lrlB-certaln-tha(rthe~vlctinrorcoryza~ tions. lesUfliey should be snubbed, and such a thirst, received no answer before closing time. ward, and drawing aside a cloth, dis- was in a condition In -which his powers of resistance were reTommy detests nothing so much as save from a sarcastic individual who The news of his exploit had. al- played n fine electro-plated tea urn being reminded by snobs that he is stated that the oest way to control ready spread through Burdeston. It with a flamingly' eulogistic Inscrip- duced or he could not have "caught cold." . ' ·only a common soldier.' had' arrived at the Carriers' Arms in tion. "I've been at soldiering all my life, a thirst like t>at was to suck a peb- rather an exaggerated form. Mr. "Mr. Coggs, on behalf of the police i It Is of great Importance, says the ble. It was this advice that had "Youth's Companion," that these peoand my people were at it generations sent Mr. Coggs out in a fit of the Coggs had single-handed arrested a force and citizens of Burdeston, I ple who spend many months of the before me. I 'won my V. C. in South have the greatest pleasure In. premiscreant who had killed one, two, Africa, and I've travelled in many blackest melancholy. murmured Mr. three--the stories varied somewhat-- senting you with this. We thought year traveling from one attack of "Pebb^s, Indeed!" coryza to another should learn juat parts of the world. Yet I've never some permanent belonging for your policemen. where to place the blame for their had the satisfaction of punching tire Coggs. "I'd like to ' shove pebbles home would be the best thing for our trouble. It is a pity to get Into the Mr. Coggs was the hero of the down dome blighters' throats." For head of the man who refused me adsaloon bar, not merely of the tap- present. Whenever you look upon it habit of blaming every open door or mittance to a public dance or a hotel a moment he meditated hurling a bri',k through the windows of the room. People disputed loudly with I hope that yon will think that the ·window or dreading every unexpected ·when I have been wearing the King's rriserly establishment, or of going In one another which should have the Burdeston police force remember the breath of air, because this only leads colors. good old saying 'One good tea-urn to the course of life most to be avoid"No, Mr. Answers. The average ind punching the heads of a few honor of filling his glass. Even the deserves another.'" ~ recommended close-Hsted customers. But on recall- gentleman who had ed. If a person finds himself with Tommy knows how to behave himself. ing that the landlord was the eS- pebbles as thirst soothers was eager, The Chief Constable paused to let the "catching cold"1 habit increasing I may be a little prejudiced, but. tn his pun go home. ·winter by winter, depend upon It there · jny opinion, soldiering is the nest lieavyweight champion of the Mid- and Mr. Coggs decided not to bear "Excellent--excellent!" said the business in the world for polishing a lands, Mr. Coggs decided that It was malice towards Mm. The landlord Rector. In the meantime, Mr. Coggs is something wrong,. and that Bome-i better to be discreet. Then a only expressed public opinion when thing is not fresh air, because that "man up. stood aghast with hia eyes fixed on is the very thing he, of all people, "Of course, you can't nelp the recruit thought occurred to him. Other he said, "We're proud of you, Mr. the tea-urn. a little 'swanking.' It seems men's, wives saved out of their house- Coggs. Burdeston is proud of you, '.'Thanks--thanks very much," he most needs. In such a case'the dally natural, when some girls will actually keeping money. Mrs. Coggs did riot and if there's any public spirit in thia gasped at length. And - when the habits should be carefully overhauled. Does the sufferer overeat, and espay him so much an hour to walk out --largely owing to the fact that her town they'll get up a handsome tes- Chief Constable had called for three -with them. But when he gets the amiable husband frequently omitted timonial for you. Gents all, I give cheers for Mr. Coggs the presentation pecially does he take too much animal food and too little exercise? This you the health of Mr. Coggs--one rough edges knocked off, he is a very to give her any. gathering was over. mistake Is at the root 'of the coryza "If she'd been a careful, saving pf the very best" decent fellow, and ought not to be re* * ·* · · habit in many cases. It is simpl^ "That' testimonial ought to be a fused admission to any public func- woman,", reflected Mr. Coggs, 'I'd That night as Inspector Macintosh tion. As a matter of <Bct, I know at never have been at a loss for a tan- purse of gold," suggested another went his rounds he ran Constable the sign of rebellion on the part of the overloaded system. Often the least one ball-room where soldiers and ner for a drink. I've a good mind customer. trouble may be traced to too much "That's it," said the landlord. "I'll Higglns to earth in a passage: Bailors in uniform are admitted free." to go home and punch her head." He "What's this? I must report this. heavy clothing, to rooms kept too paused for n moment to consider th< do all I can for it." Perchance the Idea, and then added, "And I > jolly wily landlord perceived that indirect- Why aren't you on your beat? You warm, and to an atmosphere, dried . L I B E L I N G OLD ENGLAND. ly the purse of gold would be pre- ought to be in the High Street by up with, steam heat and no ventilawell will, too." rights." tion. People who sleep in shut up Full of enthusiasm for the noble sented to himself. According to eneral Fillet, of cause of economy Mr. Coggs darted The next day Mr. Coggs had to ."Hush!" said the constable, hold- stuffy bedrooms ought to live In a Trance, the author of "U'angleterre vue ing up his hand. state of grateful surprise if they a Loridres et dans ses Provinces," down a dark passage which was a make his appearance at the police A loud clanging came from tho do not have constant Colds. .published in 1815, wife murderers a short cut to his home. All at once court in a new role. Except that he The change that can be produced hundred years ago generally went two struggling men banged into him was greeted with abnormal friendli- High Street. "Skulking here, you coward! Get In the human constitution In thla rescot free in England.. In this engag- In the -darkness and one stamped ness, .which almost seemed forced, by the pqllce officials, and that he au- out and run in that drunken scamp. spect by n continuous course of coming work the author says that "the viciously on his toe. Murder of a married woman by her "A fight!" shouted Mr. Coggs. "I'll tomaUcally turned' toward the dock I'thought you'd got down there for a mon sense applied to dally life Is alsmoke and not that you was hiding most like miracle working. But tho husband is hardly recognized as a teach you to come fighting jne. I'm Instead of the witness box, which course must bo begun to-day and kept caused laughter among his lighter- localise you was afraid." crime. If by some rare chance tha ready for you!" "Excuse me. sir. It's COKHB. He's up at least 365 days in the year. The guilty husband is brought to justice He gripped the nearest person by headed admirers In the gallery, nothhe Is bound to he acquitted. This ac- the throat, one! in a moment was en- ing untoward occurred. The chair- nicking the ten-urn down the High cold catcher must pay minute attencounts for the heavy death rate gaged in n fierce struggle. His op man of the bench was most flatter- Street.' 1 didn't want to run 'Ifn i n . tion to the digestive process,, and la among women In England. Most Eng- ponent kicked and fought, but Mr. Ing. o night of nil nights. That's why l j probably better off to oat meat not lishmen of llfty have been married Coggs kept his throat grip, and "Very glad to see you here, Coggs ^ot out of his way. Didn't seem right moro than onco a diiy nt the most. at least, three times." Pillet had been finally the combatants swayed to tho --In this capacity; of course. Your 0 spoil his day. Listen." | His bedroom window must stay open ai prisoner of war in England and ground with Mr. Coggs on top. conduct does you great credit, very The Inspector listened and hoard | winter and summer, not two Inches, , Tubllshed this work in revenge, it was "Now I'll knock your blooming great credit. I trust that we shall Mr. Coggs' unsteady kicks nt some | but all the wny open. He must accusso full of llbelous statements that Its head off for kicking like that!" said always In tho future llnd you a bul- netalllc object and his shouting, · tom himself to cold, water bathing. ·circulation was forbidden by the Mr. Coggs, and with a slight disre- wark of the law. I am glad that In 'Where's tho police. I'll knock their Thin does not necessarily mean Ice .French government, and tho few cop- gard foi' sportsmanship bo knelt on spite of--er--past dllllcultleH you dooming heads off. Giving me a tea-) water bathing. A bath thermometer lies available brought very high prices. tho prostrate man's chest and Him- hear no malice against the mombera irn. What's use of tea-urn to m a n ! Is n cheap purchase, and 65 deApparently the English did not con- ply ralnod blows on his hnail. of our borough police forco, and nro IUo me? It's nn Insult. Whore's my j grees Is cold enough for most peraider tho work very dangerous, us a Ho was still engaged in this Intor. willing, oven at some personal risk, BOI1B. copy was secured for tho British mu- estlng occupation when tho sound of to como to their assistance. In my purse of gold. Let me get nolil of Deep, Blow breathing with tho 1 po-licoman nnil I'll show him!" I seum. mouth closed should he constantly a police whlstlp rang In his «irH, two i opinion, and I t h i n k my colleagues Inspector Macintosh shook h i n t or three lights \vor« flashed upon ure w i t h me In t h i n mattor, your con- load. "I know what It'rt nil end In. I practiced, ami never more f a i t h f u l l y .A STORY OF LONGFELLOW. t h a n al t h e moment when n cold him, and Mr. Coggs saw to his ut- duct deHcrvcH public recognition." It's Just what I told tho Chief when j ter disgust that the police; were at "If you will pardon me, your wor- lo ennui for my fifty cents. I Bald BoeniH to bo In the act 'of gelling ItIn Longfellow's Journal, In which nhlp," IntorpoHed thn Chief Constable, ;o him It WI\H a mistake. When a self "caught." lie chronlc-loil dally t h i n g s thai came both nulls of the pannage. " l l n begun I t ! " said Mr. Ooggs,"Ihe pollen forco of thn borough Imvo man's ilono unythliiK out of kindly tinder bin observation, hn notes that A BIBLICAL MATHEMATICIAN. nipon a certain occasion lie nllondcd p o i n t i n g to Iho prontrnto man. " H u t already IhlH matte* In hand. Wo eellng, don't go and hurt him by of«i church where Iho m i n i s t e r took an of courw! you'll lay It all on to me." Hhoiild fnol hurl If (any public movti- 'nrlng to pny him for it. It'll wound An I n t e r u B l I n g prohlnm In nmtho"What's all this?" said an Inspector incut of lliln kind did not originate l i H tondnreHt feolingH "nil w a n t o m i i t l c H nssutneH tho form of n tradition 5ils subject, "I'rogreHH." 1 In was very llattered when the l a t t e r quoted about Hleriily. with the forco." money Hern you aro--you sen for eonnnctlni; I t n e l f w i t h tho niimo of A policeman w i t h o u t a helmet an"V«ry propnr---very proper, In- yourself It's coiiiu true Just im I mild, JoiutpluiH, llin Juwlsh hliitorlnn. After Sialf of thi) "1'nalm of Ufo." A f t e r re'Iieutlng tho vonins thn minister mild, ruvorud w l t l i illlllctilly. "WaH going deed!" mild · tho chajrman of tho d It lim't pleasant lo fnul that Iho t h u ItomniiH lind naptiirud Toloiiat, so '"I could never read that poem w i t h o u t down llm pannage, u l r , w h n n I HIIW lioiicli. "I (|iUto approclato tho spirit ·fifty cnnlH of yours In kicked the story rniiH, .loiiephim and forty oth'.feeling thn I n n p l r a t l o n w i t h w h i c h It the prisoner--In custody of t h a t gnn- of the forco. And -- I know my col- up nnd down llm High Htreet, ers Hought n h n l l n r In n onvu. Ho WIIH w r i t t e n . " To I h h i I n c i d e n t Ixtng- Human there,-climbing over a wall. leagues will bo with mti In thin mut- Wlmt'H Hint? Homo glass going n f r n l d were limy of f a l l i n g Into tho follow a d d n : "llnl I him llm conceit He i i l r i i e k me on thn h<-u'd and arm ter -- I hopo you will not. fall to glvo he'ii kicked Ihn tea-urn through 11. hamln of Ihn ItomaiiH t h a t all of them t a k n n out of inn on Ihn e v e n i n g of w i t h u J i m m y - - m y Inn a r m ' H brokn-- mi an opportunity of helping any ef- I bopn It IHII'I I ho Mnyor'H grocery e x c e p t i n g .loHephiiH and oim othni- man that d a y , when I happminil to inenl u and WIIH Jmil g e l l i n g away whim t h i n fort. You may iitand down, Mr. window. Wnll. wit., uiuHl run him I", rniiolvnd lo k i l l llininHOlvna. Tim wit lady al I'rniicoH'ii and In our conver g e n t l e m a n coinn up and f o u g h t him (,'oggn. I |IOIM< t h a i our next mootnnil tnckln him iiulnt, from 1m- ol' t h e h h i l o r l i i n hngan to work, rtovlrfnation H)IO referred lo t h e snnnon In like a llgnr. If It h a d n ' t bnnn for ing w i l l h« <M|imlly plnntiunt." lilnd. I nlwnyii did n»y H>»« K'n'M Ing n iiehnmn to niive hlniiielr nnil t h i n I IKI m o r n i n g and lidded, -||n quoted h i m , u l r , t h e p r i m m e r would c n r l n l n l y "Very I;O<M|," iiald Ihn landlord of m o n l i i l H wnru n mlHlakn." o l l m r imin who was I l k n mlnduil .with iiome h e a i i t l f n l vnnics, hut nobody




luiew from whence came t h e Hlonii'." LOOK FOR "T. D."


V'our yenni l u l n r t h e l>nni/,i> rnliniK" \VI«H a l l i ' i e d Tin- UH- lln'l l l m , < In t h i r t y - l i v e yeiirn, an In t b e fiii'mcr CIIMM, 'Mr. Ili-nclt'n I n l l l n l n vvi'i« i i | > p i < i n l < > , l 1.1

II. AliyillMIllllllliu; rllli'flllly ill (tin

·colniiKi' "f Unit pi'i'lnd i n i i y n o t l c n thn l i n y l i ' t l m i i "T, I t . " I,,'II,.MI|I l h , < QiH'i'h'ii Hhniildi'i' M i n i u I l l l l , , In ( h i < r l K h l nf ih,' r c n i r i i l ||iii'. II In w i i r l h v «of rrinarlv H i n t M r . l i n n - I t iici'nniplliih.'il lilt* i l i - > < l i ; i i w i t h o u t u M||I|{|I> n l t t l m ; lYoin ( I n , 'Muni Hi, wni'lu'il from V h n t n i i r i i p l n t which hi' f o u n d In nli,i|i \vlniliiwii. l| bun o r t c i i ln'i'ii i i t u t , " ! t h a t "'I'. II." ua lh«> Inn In 1111 lid VIM I t n c n i K i i l nf 'I'll - I I I I M , lint t h a i In < | l i l t n an I'l-rnni'iniM Idcit. The l i ' t l n r n urn t h n n ' w linliilil'ii I n l t l i i l t i . THE REPROACH.

Al noontide, In Ihn i n a r l t n i piucc, 1 Mint w i t h l l a l r n d fiicn to Incn 1 mined my hum! lo "inlln h i m i i l a r l i , To llhllii In I lie o u t e r d n r h , Hut Lovn'n nynri, in i ,.|,i i i a r l l f n l Ibimn, l l e l w n e n m« and m i n i H a l m o camn,

Anil lo, lilu brow wan nn l i n t n i g h t

I.It midllnll With Hln dliwillllll

have got off, lor I'd gonn all da/.nd." lelor iity 1,-reil an nxcliinia H O i i i e l h l n g gleamed on llm He 'iil.ooped and picked up il loaded revolver. "The iicanip mniiiil n i u n l e r . I am inirn we're m i i n l i I n d e b t e d lo y o u , itlr. W h y , iiond l i c a v n n i i , l l ' n Mr. I'OKKII roue n p l n n i L l d l y to I h e ncciinlon. He i t l r n c l t a maKiilllcnnr illlliidn "I'm not Ihn one t o n l i i i i i l hy and Hen murder donn," ho mild In I l i r l l l l n i ; loncn. Dm I m i p n c l o r iilarnd In ama/.n i n n n l . "Well, t w o (If you bring lh<i prliionnr along, If Mr. Ooggii h«rn him l e l l a n y t h i n g of h i m . Morn, Davlnn, you h n l p W l l h n r n to l l i n dOctor'ii round llin c o r n n i , (!omn iiloni;, Mr. <!<iKK". I'm m i n i N Ihn form of Mill'' d n i i l o n ' l l he very g r a l n f i i l lo you .for w h i i l you've done lo n i g h t . " M r . I'oilK" n l r i i H m l magnlllcnnlly ilium; Ihn n l r n n t . Hn had playnd n I H i H i i l n c i i l purl In procninilon In Ihn pollen n l a t l o n bnforn, lull bill purl hud n l w a y i i linen a illffnront onn. NI'W I here wan a coniicloiiniinnii of v l r l u n III bill very wiUlt. At llm pollen i l l a t i o n hn held <pi<|t>ii levee I'ollnniuaii a f l n r pollcnman mine u p I n n h i i l i n hamln w i t h h i m . H e v e r n l e x p l a i n e d lo him Hull If III llin coiirnii of t h e i r d u t y l i m y hiul hnnii cimipnllml lo run Mr. (!OKK" In, yet t h e i r iii'lhmti bait bnnn n u l l m l y

Ihn Cai'lilum' Annii w h n n Mr. Toggn haiilnncd lo convey t h e good miwii to h i m . "TlioiVit f o r t y pollcemnn. put 'niu down u n n a r l n r each, Imipnctorii l l f t y I'ciilii nncli, Chief Countable.'Jfi, niiii;liilnilcH $:!. fit) niich any way. You ought lo gnt n i l of l l f t y dollarii w i t h w h a t l i m y mlin In from o u l i i l d n n i . Hlowed If I don't chip In w i t h }1.'!T> i n y n e l f . I'nrlmpn Ihn night l i f t e r t h e p r n i i n i i t i i l l o n w n m i g h t Imvo u k i n d of c o i i f . r a l i i l a l o r y iiinolinr hnre." '"I'lind Ml" n n v n r lo I'orgnl old f r l n n i l i i ! " nxiihiilnind Mr. Coggn, grip plili; llm l a n d l o r d by Ihn land, "If yon coulil n d v i i l i c n me Ihe m a t t e r of ?!,:![, t i l l I K<it t h i n hern I n i i U m o n l a l l l ' d hn u c o u v n l l l n n c n , " The huidlonl paid out thn money w i t h o u t t h n K l l g h l n n l d n i u u r . ('<>KK" cult I Illll IHI nhimld h a v n naked for la.fill. A f n w diiyn l a t n r Mr. received n p n l l t n noln from Ihn Chlnf roimliililii a i i U l i i K him If hn could


The bent of all iiurvnnlH In Houtb Africa In n '/iilu. unpnclnlly If Ho In raw- I h a l l«, '''<>»" from bin natlvo Hraal anil totally unHpollud by tho W||UH of c l v l l l / n t l o n . Hneh a "hoimo hoy" In honnnt, iiohor, ipilck, clmin mill anxlomi lo Inarn llm wiiyii of Iho vvhlln man. II" noon heeomnn mi ilnfl an tin Ktmllnh litilIn! 1 and UH h a n d y an llm Iduiil liouiinmald. lln donii nvnrytlilng, from cooking to nmiworlng l«'« ""<>''. am) t i f t o r a IIHln practli-u ho doeH II wnll. Tim boyH liavu all i n a n n u r of iitriingn nnm<m, u m i n l l y rlioium by HmiiiMnlvnii from iiomn onu or othor of llm woriln limy hnar o f l n n mind, iiunh 11,1 nlxpniH-u, "llelmy" ( t h r u u p i i n n y j plncn), nhlllliiK, bmalifaiil. liulllu, Hilly fool, ugly, pint pot, iicrubbnr, chopper or whlnk.v. KAN8AQ COTTON. An oxpni-lnmnl In bulng iniulo In collon uiillurn hy I'llmoru Ixninihibury of (!lmiilniH|iiii c o u n t y , K a n . Hu linn an Idna t h a t rollon w i l l grow In n o n l h n r i i Kannan, linlow Ihn flint h l l l n , jiml nil wnll nit 111 Oklahoma, and Im In t r y i n g lo i l m n o n n t i n t n II, Hu him

plaiitnil fun i' iicrmi, and It In doing wnll no fur, If hn nhoiihl K«t n (imp hn will have, lo n h l p |t f o r t y mlliin to _||,,, nnurniit Kin,

h l i n i i n l f . lln I h n r n f o r e proponed tlmt. limy all H l n m l In a iiomlclrelu, t.h,it t h e y put nach o t h e r to death, killing; ovnry I bird man In regular ordor anil Him llm laut i i i i r v l v l n g man nhoiihl t h e n commll iilllcldn. ' I l i l n ngruuil uppoll, he WIIH careful to place hln Illcn i n l m l n d coinrndn In thn n l x l e n i i l h plncn In Ihn I l l l l nnd hlmiinlf In plnco t h i r t y one, w i t h I h n rniiull that t h n two wen, Ihn lain t h a i wurn t u f t ami by I hln niniinn niicapnil death, It In n I run problnin and Ihn iplunllon wnn t o K n o w hnforn I h n l i l l l l n g hngiili w h i c h iMiiiihern I n linn t h n t w o f r l n n d n nlionld niinuniiF I V U O'CLOCK TEA,

lien i i t i i l l i u i aboiil ivlx o'clock Hint n v n n h i K Mr. < ' < > K K n iinnl hank a courlnonn r n p l y by Iho niomtniiKer lo Ihn elT"t'l Hint It would l>" p e r f e c t l y A t I h o n p p o l n l n d hour M r . <'oKK" m i l l a h l y n i l lied In n lop lint ami froch coiil IKI hail borrownd from Hn landlord of llm Cnrrlern' Arm", nr l i v e d at Ihn pollen illation, lln found

H n r v n d I n inonl d n l l c n l u w a y , Urniidnn or Hnvrnii la l l i n warn, Met out In d a i n t y array, C h l i i n b o t h c o n l l y and nun, Mere |n Imr n l e i u u i l t i | i i l l n l l n a u l y ponrii n u t I h n llnlieii; Thin In I l l n linllen' own rile. Thin In l l i n live o'clonk l e a l Here yon jiad h n t t e r Imwarn, "li'iir you w i l l nun by and hy Chiiriiiitent mult I n t o air,


(liinil I'lipiilalloiiH w i l l illn, Donn In a m a n n n r p u l l l n ,

lilnvy nnd imilliin run free, Hern In Ihn llninn Ol' llplln, Here ill Iho llvn o'nlonli tnitl

u n t h a n k f u l " on whom our Heavenly morn t l m l r .ludgn. l.el un raHAir ex I n n t n n d nf h e a d i n g J i i d n n i n n l n n i n l i i n ounii'lven and in-n w l m l l m r or not HHTC In not In niich of nil Home tlieni W« h a v e I n n l n i l um| nccn Hint w h a t of l l m r h a r l i ' a l c h p l r l i t h a t o u r Hid Lord IH good. "Dimmed In (ho H a v l o u r h l l i i off, w i t h ouch groleiii|un m a n H i n t t n i i i l e t l i I n Him." m i n o r , an lln l i l i l n nn looli on t h e p a i r , - l l m c i l l l c a n d hlti v i c t i m . The Mercy Taught by Precept v l n l l i n In b e i n g examined lor a H o l l n n n d liy u Heinle of l l i n u n d o i p l l n l n r In h l n eye ,|lm c r i t i c In t r y nerved gnodiinim nf w h i c h wo urn Mm ng lo dlagnoiin llm nine w i t h a h u g n d a l l y recipient)!, let mi glvo heeil, In · n f t n r projnclng from hlii o w n n y n ! (lie n e x t place, In t h t i p o n l l l v n pro- I In llm H u v l n u r i i ' i i l r l M n g c x p i m i i r e c e p l H w i t h w h i c h o u r Lord a i n | > l l l l < m if llm I n l l l i l l n i i l m u r d l l y and dc<ip I l l i i H C I H - I H ! M l n l n m o n l , I In n|icaltii of i l i i m n a l i l n i m i i i i of llm man of big f a n l l i i "not .Induing" and of " H i v i n g , " or, mi a n d p l e n t y uf i h e m , v e x l n n h l n mi w<i m l K h l nay, (if K l v h i K and forglv r l n l l t e u l i i i iioul a b o u t nonm p e t t y , poll Ing, a n C h r l r i l l i i n d i l l l e i i . That I I o n i d h l y n V n n v n n l a l , nrror o f bin nnlgli lileiinmn " n o t " r n i u l i i i l i i UH f o r c i b l y of hiu 1 . II In H l n wny of l o l l i n g Ihn t h n Tc'll ( ' i i i i l i n a l l i l l i l n l i l M , n i g h t of p i o l a i m m a n n o t to i l l n l r n M i i h l i n i i n l f which are put In llu< imKallvn fiinn, about llm had g r a n u i ' m r of hln "Thou i i h a l t n o t " ilo no mid llilin, li'li'iutii, o r r e m i n d i n g m y ( I n n l a d y w h i l e t w o a r e I n Hie p i m l l l v o , "|(n who hiyii n i i i i m y on c u r i l n not lo liy n m m h u r " mul "Honor,", I n t o a paniilon ovnr |mr n u i l d ' n hreali h l n l i i u l r i u i g l y nl a i l l i i p n i i l l l o n In ho hilt a I ' l l of mere c h l n i i , D a v i d oncn (·,11111 lied i i g a l i n i t . II' lunli were not f e l l u n d e r u i i l m l l a r c o n i l n m n a l l o u , p r u n e t o h a v n n l h e r »iidit, .Inlmviili w h n n , f r n n h from h i u a i l u l l n r y I m I'm) not n a l d , "I'hnii i i h a l l h a v n nn w n x o n l i i d l r . i i n n l ahoul a l i l l l n n\v<> oilier j t ' i d n before llin." If I liny did l i i m l i w h i c h n h i i i i n h l y f a r m e r lind IIOI I l i c l l i m I n m i n e r n n d Illllllee. l l n IHched f r o m n poor n e i g h b o r in or

had not said, "Thou shalf not kill." der to save his own. flocksv Why mul-1 which another prophet declared that So here, the "judge not," "condemn tlply examples? The parable is b l u n t he hud received from God (1 Klnga not," throw a flood of light upon the enough, to make an impression, and 13:1-22: how could that prophet know, natural depravity of the human yet sharp enough to cut to the quick. how could Josiah know whether the heart. How nimbly we vault into It is the Saviour's last effort to resmi-swage was true or false? How ca» the seat of the judge. How self-sat- cue the children of the Highest from we know when It Is God who la trying: isfied our behaviour when" there. It, the unlovely vice of perpetual faultI to Icai1 ua, and when the Impulses is most delightful and flattering to finding, when their time and strength I comes from our own wuywnrd hearts or our sin-diirkened minds? our infirm nature to hall our fellow- would be better employed In mending l Evidently It must t>c possible for us men before the bar of justice, to their own greater faults. The Spirit ; to aiicertaln the true scource of lintear the mask from him, to lay bare of truth ^nd love give us grace not THE GPACE A N D DUTY OF I r-ulves and Inclinations, and of any FOR J U L Y 23, 1911. bis secret acts and hidden motives, to be depressed by tho result of our MERCY. 0 ' teaching: that Is offered to us, or God: to weigh his actions in the balances, self-examination, but to cultivate dilv o n l i l not hold us responsible for obeJOSIAH'S DEVOTION TO GOD. to measure him by the inflexible igently that mercy which was exLuke 6: 36-42. to the truth and rejection oC i dicncc 2 Chron. 34:1-13. j false teachings or for following right The Great Preacher in His Great standard of perfect righteousness, to hibited to perfection /'when - Jesus l m D U l s C B an The history of the Israelites is given d turning our backs on Sermon touches on many frailties in look grave at our discoveries, to set was here among men."---"(W. K. F.) to us In the Bible, not merely, or even wron k' onc«. Jesus always assumed man, but on none with more severity forth the law with exact phrase, and t!lat the mon to chiefly, as a matter of. mere historical h a v e "'horn He spoke could announce the verdict with an air than on the failure to show mer| information; perhaps not at all for krtown If they hail really desired 'allibillty. And at times there Long before Paul wrote so glowing to k that purpose; but chiefly. If not solely, "°w that His words were author·.e of malice about it too, as of Christian charity, the Mast its an Illustration of human nature in. ltatlvo - And He at one time declared Bu tve had gotten our enemy Himself discoursed with a gravi contact wltii the divine nature. Re'-'einctly thnt the power to discern 8 want him, and were about tone on the offices of love nnd th ferrlng to the experience of the Israel- s P | r 'tual truth depends upon our WI1. jve our pound of flesh. In this ites In the wilderness, Paul sayst "nsness to obey It. "My te'aching la vagaries of an unloving heart. Th ^Thess__things,^to-!-115)t Mine, but His that sent Me." He. -theme-of--this-Gospel--Lesaon-lsr-Th'j Jtem__Judgo_it_lB_hard_to_recognlze the Intent we should not lust after Bafd> an<1 added, "if any man willoth Grace and Duty of Mercy. Jesus "the child of the Highest," the man, evil things, as they also lusted." And to (1° Hls w l l l > He "hall know of thetoo, who has just come from his first shows how admirable it is, in that is true of all 6ld Testament h i s - I tenchl " B whether It be of God, or commending to us the example of knees praying, "Forgive us our trestory; It was written for our instruc-I wh''ther r speak from Myself." His heavenly Father,--our Father, passes as we forgive them that trestlon In regard to our own spiritual' Tn'-' Ho|y Spirit Is always ready to too,--and then shows how blamewor- pass against us." The law Is not for weaknesses and the consequences of bear witness to UK of the authority l of any messnge from God to our yielding to temptation. thy *is the lack of'it, using words of such to handle. .They need the CosTopic for July 23, 1911. clearness Pel wltn lts gracious, softening Influextraordinary terseness, Throughout that history we see that 'soui: if we are really anxious to know ences, its spirit of charity and forman at his best is a weak, foolish and obey the voice of God. But when and emphasis. unwilling or we giveness. They need to go to school Gain Through Loss-- Mark 10: 29-31. creature unless he puts himself under we are hear the voiceindifferent, Holy of the Mercy Taught by Example the direction of the Spirit of God. to the meek and lowly Master who in our hearts. When Paul and Silas tried to preach And throughout that history we see What more natural than that chil- teaches, "Judge not," "Condemn the Gospel in Tnesdalonica the Jews That God Is very patient and very dren should take their father as an not," "Forgive." At whatever cost anxious to win man's love, loyalty example? What a loving Heavenly they must get out of the habit of raised a mob against then), crying, and hearty obedience, but that He will THE TYRANNY OF THE SECRET SIN. Father we have? The Old Testa- censoriousness and mercilessness. "These that have turned the world surely punish those who (persist in upside down are come hither also." ment saints were overwhelmed with They must not be hard upon their (Acts 17: 6:) It wiis a just accusation rebellion against Him. We' see, too, One of the most terrible results of the sense of His goodness, Moses fellows, nor prone to pick flaws in for once: these men were turning the that the love of sinful ways grows t i n d u l g e n r e in s| , 'nauigence in stn is the way sang, "The Lord is merciful, and thy their conduct, nor ready to take of- world upside down. But it was because w i t h ' t h e practice of sinful doings, and m w h i c h it enslaves and degrades the God is a merciful God. He will not fense, nor stern in the treatment of the world was wrong side up, and it that long continuance in sinful ways The thoughts are forsake the'e neither destroy thee, nor even those who have given them just badly needed to be turned upside makes it almost impossible to put imagination. forget the covenant of thy fathers cause of displeasure, nor indlctive down in order to be put right side up. away for any length of time'the de- gradually surrendered to the blastlnff sire for sinful indulgence. 'influence of evil suggestion. Some one which He swore unto them." And nor unreconcilable, for are not all The world's ideas were false and its The story oXthe national life of the likened the conquest of the Moses had full forty years of daily these things violations of the law of deeds were consequently evil. Its heart sraelites has been lived over again nas observation of God's covenent igercy love laid down by the Master, and was set on the things of this life and wiYlTmore "or less' exactness' of. detail' imagination to the invasion of a beautowards the children of Israel. The practiced by Him too? Contrari- it had no knowledge of spiritual in multitudes of Individual lives. It tiful civilized province by a horde of Psalmist Sings of the Lord as "mer wise, the disciple of Christ should things. Pride and selfishness were its is a story of good resolutions and bad rude barbarians, who overrun it ciful and gracious, slow to anger anc be "gentle, easy to be entreated, full ruling passions, and it had no higher failures, a story of reformation and torch ,,, nand dcstroy, b everything hackslldings, a story of successes and ., , . . ' cvc.jd.mut, plenteous in mercy." David's wore of mercy and good fruits." ideal by which to correct these pas reverses, of victories and defeats, of t h a t lb' in °-dvance of .their own stage is, "But thou, O Lord, art a God, full With a touch of that wisdom that slons or keep them in subjection. The much sinning interspersed with oc- ° development, and who reduce it of compassion, and gracious, long- shines in Solomon's Proverbs, a highest aim it had was to have acts of repentance and re- | back for generations from civilizasuffering and plenteous in mercy, and greater than Solomon bids us count something worthy of being proud of. n-jwed consecration-- some of which tion's march of progress. truth." Jehorah's mercy is a favor- the cost- Censoriousness begets cenThe Sermon on the Mount which were very hearty and joyous while i -,,.. . . . what the invasion ite theme ajjd a classical example. sorioushess, hardness begets hard- Jesus preached almost at the begin- they lasted, .but none of whichHasteU of Thls tm I ' secret sin does for the human Jesus but sharpens the Impression, ness. : Only the actually perfect man ning of His ministry was His formal very long. To-dava lesson deals with the last ?°u'' " -l88^" " con^^- devaswhen He points out that the Highest can venture with impunity on such declaration of the principles on which ated ; «»ntroHed bjr an army of lawdoes not keep His kindnesses for a method of dealing with his fellows, He intended to build His kingdom and of these seasons of revival and recon- , !mP e » an f, r V sec-ration on. the part of God's chosen ^ lf rCh » of evil degraded thoughts. . them, alone that love Him, but al- and he will not, for he would be as t was a complete contradiction and ^eestlon everyPeople as an independent nation. It TM* ° lows His love to overflow upon the His Father In heaven. But for per- ipsetting of all the Ideas and ideals was apparently their -last chance of consumes whatever is virtuoua a ed ee min unthankful and the evil. He maketh sons as fallible as the most of us, it of the world. And at various times af- rising as a'.nation to the measure' of , f T , .?- Hawthorne His sun to rise on the evil as well behooves them to walk more circum- terward He reiterated the thoughts ex- the groat opportunity which G6d had" , , Scarlet L " e r teaches this . of the tyranny of the pressed in the Sermon on the Mount as on the good, nnd sendeth His rain spectly and humbly. As I hope to them. When they again fell secret sin, the blighting and blastmg upon the just nnd the unjust alike. have my errors overlooked, my of- o Impress them upon the minds of into idolatry their kingdom, was over- result of.surrender to the evil thought. thrown, and from that time till now, Could love and mercy go any farther? fences pardoned, and my reputation His diciples. minister, It will be He taught that nobility consists in with the exception of a very brief The young Puritan has allowed' himWherefore, beloved In Christ, let us generously dealt with, 1 must first remembered, who diligently study our Bibles, and thus set the example of charity and for- service and that wealth is not acquir- period of Independence under the s t l f to fall under the dominion of ed by getting hut by giving; that hu- Maccabees, the Jews have lived under secret sin, Is not able to approach live much with our Heavenly Father, giveness. the dominion of Gentile rulers. They thnt we ns "tho children of tho HighKvon' when we have not to do with m i l i t y and weakness, not pride and, wri"! permitted to return to their own even the most sacred symbals and asof religion without having est" may take on His loving disposi- the real or Imagined offences of our self-assertion, aro the qualities that nnd after a captivity of seventy tion and lend lives full of compas- fellowmon, we have to do with their indicate greatness of soul. venrs in Babylon, but only ns sub- . "Whosoever would hecome great lects of the king of Persia. I This Is the sad and fearful penalty sion and tender kindness. necessities, and here mercy should of surrender to -secret sin. It defies There are three particularly Inter the soul, the dwelling place of th'o' Mercy is one of tho Christian have Its perfect work. To draw among you shall he your minister (sergraces. It adorns the character. It iiwny from a soeno of misery and v a n t ) ; and whosoever would be first -sting statements In this narrative of J I ( ) l y s plr|t . u po,Hon8 the thougntB .. "*·""· beautifies the life. It mines us In want in order to spare our sensitive among you, shall be .servant (bond- he relL-n and death of Josiah. One ,,,.,, ,,,.,stn ,,,,_,... ,,,. growth of the and blasts every fair if then, refers to the discovery of "the ,,.,,,,, and ,mik(.s (lesolatc tho the esteem of our fellowmon. It ex- feelings, or to relievo our backs or servant) of all." "Hlossed aro the meek." "Blessed >ook of the law" in the Temple. From of tht , | mng | nat , on . sln ln t'h o Q" altn UH Into nearness and likeness our purses of the burden, Is to boare tliey t h a t aro persecuted for tnother we lenrn that practically the ,.s , n f l n l t o i y moro tolcrablc th|ln hl(]^ to our Heavenly Father. have In inn un-Chrlstlan way. Wo righteousness' sake." "Blessed are vholc land of Palestine was subject h . in _ It ,8 a torrln , 0 ' h| Tho natural tendency of the de- iro our brother's koopor. o Josiah. And the third tells us of door, of the mind and thn spirit to they that mourn." praved h u m a n heart Is to selfishness a mcKHiiRp from God by tho mouth of e,.,, Those \Wio do not "fenr, love nnd "nioFsed are ye. poor; for yours Is ! i-eathen king t,o Josiah. who wns s > nnd hardness. Tho rough world In rust In God above all things" fenr which wo live Is apt to sour tho dis- lint giving will Impoverish. Had Uio kingdom of God," Woo unto you ( a r d e n t l y t'rylnij to serve God. PRAY, BRETHREN, pRAY. position. It Is as a chock upon this hoy read their Old Testaments lo t h n t nro rich; for yo have recoivcd j The Interesting fact brought out by Lthu ii r H t of these .statements In that natural tendency, and as nn antldoto my profit they would Imvn learned, your consolation." "Prayer IH tho greatest force we there, appears .only onft to our u n h a p p y experiences among hat "Iho liberal soul shall be made "Whosoever would save his life copy of tho lawtoofhave been the coun- can wield. Moses in It Is tho greatest talent shall lose It; but whosoever shall'lose men, that Ihn Lord comnmndH to us at; mul ho that wnternth shall be try at this time, and t h a t had been God has granted us. hln the examplo of Ills Father. He IH vaton-d himself." Snfllcu H, how- snvolife for My sake, tho same shall lost for so long a time that no onp , |t to every Christian. Ho has given There is It." "perfoel," as Is the word In Matthew. tvor .that tho Lord promises a rich of "ICxecpt a grain of wheat full Into knew , ,, UK existence. Their knowl- , democracy In this matter. Wo may ,, , . In Him all fullnctm ilwelln. Ilo IH al- ·nwnrd, ,.,· "good measure, pressed thn enrth and die, It n h l d e t h by Itself edge if Goi 'u reiiiilivinentN was there- .. tl H lo w n i l l t h i «°clal position. together lovely. There Is nothing d o w n , nnd Hhaken togother, and run- alone; h u t If It dlo, It bonroth mni-h fore altogether traditional, nnd was ' "' " I education, native ability, inherited presumably very Imperfect. menu, warped, or Imperfect In Him n i n g ovor." fruit." \ How much of the law of Moses wnu <'haracturlstlcn; but In this matter of \V<! urn Hiifu In taking Him an 0111 lly '.heso and similar uttorancos coninlni'd |n thn book, or roll, that ' exer<'inlng tlm grnatest forco t h n t IB Mercy Taufjht by Parable example. Strange doctrine thin, but no JesiiH t r i e d to leach UH tho falseness I l l l k l n l i found IH not stated, but thn | at work In tho world to-day, wo ara - Wn need not go to ancient llmuH 2 t 7 h ehiipter of Deuteronomy must J o n th<i sumo footing, and suportlclnl view for llluiitratloiiH of God'H nmi'cy, \V< h l r a n g n r t h a n Hut parnhln, no-called. of t h e narrow all get by looking nt of have 1 In It, for that chapter conTluireforo ilo imin IH excusable It It Inivn but to Ihinli how good He hiu I n t e r j e c t e d at t h i n point. Of whom life which we wnrnliiK" which alnrnied he commits tho great nln of omitting In tho light of our outward mirround- laln.i donii t h e Master HpeiiU? M n y wo not been to ourHclvcH. Illii umrcleH lmv< IIIKH. Ilo looked at man, and coiiHld- .Ii.:,mil NO greiitly. lo pray. been imw to nn every morning. Men I m a g l n o H i m l i f t i n g I l l s <<yo» upon ered iimn's IntnreslH In tho light of The fact, t h n t JoMlah WJIH able to pn may ttcoff al t h e t h o u g h t of llndlng u l h < - 1'hnrlnonH, I l l n I n v n l n r n l n ci'lUcH, w h a t ' man IH capable of becoming, and i l n w . i Idid worship In t h e cllli'H DOINQ GOD'3 WILL. rcllglmiH tildn to the commonplace an lln iiayti, w i t h o u t l l n g HIUTUHIII, Ilo HIIW w h a t an limano act U would MamiHHi'h and Kpliralin and Simeon matlcni of food and r a i m e n t . We "Can t l m b l i n d lend I h n b l i n d ? - K h a l i ho for it man to HO|| hltmielf even to e\'eii u n t o N i i p h t n l l , s|io\\'n t h a t th That old Htory of t h e f a l l of Jeriknow bnllnr. Wn know t h a t wn have l|my not both f a l l 'into tlm d l l c h V " o b t a i n possession of I IKI whole, world. · i i i t h n r l t y of t h e king nf .luiliih ex leniled at been (he cho IIIIH UH loiiiiomi for UH In UIOHQ t h e m from I l l n hand whom wn ad Wan not l i e H l m i K ' l f Ihe L i g h t of tlm And In t h e light of t h i s knowledge He |,u.m ..f iivei- w hand bud the iitlicr lurm-l, If ilretiH IIH "Our Father." We know w o r l d , w h o coming I n t o I h n world irli'd hard (o a w a K e n In man a con- nf . f i i d a h hud only hrcn Inyiil to <1ni ilayti. Ono of thn mimt Important in I h a l t h e y coiiie In a n s w e r lo our l l r . h l e l h every man t h a t I H w i l l i n g t o noloumioHH of h|n o w n \vorlh as com- as .limlah w a n t h e y m l K h l pcrhnpi thn u n c o m p l a i n i n g way In whlclt III I l l n l i g h t ? Them dally prayer, "(live IIH t h i n Jny our a fa pared w i t h tho Irllleii for wlilrh, ho l i n v c ri'Hliii-eil t i n ' k i n g d o m uf Oavl< Ihosn undliiclplliu'd iioldlorii nuircheil dally lirnad," And we k n o w , loo, Hint n i l l l a r iiound u h o u l t h a t iiacrlllcMia his pnwer to heconio Illic |n ||M I'lirmcr place a m i i n g t h e natlmiN around Ihn c i t y day a f l o r day, That The fur! t h a t Hud ncnt u mi'iittuKi In w h a t t c H t M men t h e comimtnd to Wn havn not dniinrved t h e m . Thnro l l i l c "Thou h y p o c r l l n '' l i u i ]<·( mi (lod In lila naliiro and to llvo In t>> I l l n n\vn nniA'ant t h p n i K h nni> win go r i g h t on doing (lod's w i l l anil IH loo much l canon for eliunilfylng no| hnlahor tlm old PlmrlHcnti, They f r l o n d i i h l p w i t h Ood. W I I M imi I l l n H c r v a n t , a n d t h a t tin o n r n n l v n n among " I h n evil" and "the am dead, and gone lo nice! oncn .leiuiH HIIW t h i l l man to In. M - r v a i r nf < l i u l li»i| hln life fur rcfiiHlilK n o t h i n g h a p p e n i n g ; doing It iillnutly.




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e m p t i e d of milf boforo hti cull ho Illlcd |n itcei pi thn inc^Mitgn an fi-om (loil w i t h (!od, and t h a i man c a n n o t got K l v n ' i IIH a very v a l u a b l e h i n t an ti rid of n i i l f an long nn !I|H iiffccllomi are, I he y i . r l i ' l y nf IIICIIMH w h i c h l i n d miin let on Ihn I h l n g i i of I l i l n urn. He ahio i l u iniilii H | N w i l l l u i n w n t o I n d l v l i l i i a l i i . law t h a t II In much nniilor for a poor I The HlKirlllcMiien of t h i n h i n t In t h i l l o w n wayii nf i i i i i k l i u ; man t h a n for a rich man to get rfll o f , " " 1 ' '"' "l l In- lovn for carl l i l y poHHoiiiiloiiH, and l . i i n w n I l l i i ' w i l " I n n n I n d i v i d u a l l y mid t h a i t h n llnil H l n p t o w a r d higher ( I m l we I'liiuint afford t o l u n n r n nr i l l i i obey any I n i l l c i i l t i M i of Hln w i l l ho · iniiiil hn u wllHiigneiiii t o p a r t j CIHIMC II cnoicii to tin In an unexpected w i t h lower Ihlngii. vn y. And II wan In llm l i g h t of lh| M I i m Ihi' i i t h i ' i ' b u n d , we ciuinnt a f f n n l liimwlndi;n of innn'ii n a l i i r n and nnniln In accept an a mi'tii'iifti' from (loll and poiiiilldlllleii t h a i .Iniiuii called e v e r y l i ' i i i ' l i l i i K t h a t In g i v e n n u t liy u p o n n i l I h n a n who wliilmd lo become i i n y n n i ' w t u i elaliuit t n Miicalt w i t h I l l n i l l i i e l p l e i i l o deny I h e i i i i i n l v c n a n d n i i t h n r l t y f r n m (lull, \\'n are very l a l i n u p l l m i - i n i u i a n d follow H i m , I c n i ' i i e M l l y wiimeil lo b e w a r e nf fiilnn p i o i u l i i l i i K t h e m nil a b u n d a n t reward l i i u p h i t f i , a n d I h e r n a r e n i n n y faltin p r u ) In tn In i i t i r day. for a l l lln.: l i m y i i h o n l d K l v c u p for I l i a i i n l i u t h e r e w a r d of a larger, r l n h - I 'Phi- prnphi't ^vMn \\'IIM a<'nl from .Imll II III l-i'hlllie .Irlnbulllll fill' er i i a l i i i - n a n d I'lllli IO.VOIIH |,|,,|,,|,v | ((M | 1,1,, ||f,, |,,,,.,i,,,,,, ),,, llfiv iii>-'V'eil n ciiniiiianil nlven (n him In

Do we, or do \ \ c n o t , hellevn hi I hi plilloKOphy of .lenila? Do we llelleyi

iilmotit g r i m l y , w i t h thn world looking; on and i i u y l n g ; "Where IH now your Clod','" and you compelled to hn nlI n n l . i t n l t h a t In (lod'ii wny, anrt wo l K h l an well fall I n t o I l l i i pliinn

. l i i M l l l l i died f u r d l M i d i e d l e n c n I n t i l l ' lonn or lo give e v e r y t h i n g I Iml n t n i i d n c u i n u i n n d nf Oiid l b i u u i ; | i ,, bi'iilbeii h e l w < - e n - mi and Ihn goal ,,( perfect M m ; ( - Chrnn I l l i i a : 1 ) , and t h e prophet manhood and womanhood. . I m l i i l i died t i n u h r y l i i i i n , imiuiil

HuiI'M iiniiie hy it prophet wbn llvei) at IN lln I. The innphet up llethel II,.,I. II wiui Ihe cither prophet, Hi,' niie 'dii'yi',1 III fnlne UieniillHn, Ibnl lln iihoulil hn, and mlnhl hn. and t h a t ""ff"'" 1 ' 1 the I "">'. l»'enune he nhnulil lo i i l l n l n I h a l iilijecl wn can afford lo hnx-e 1iiiii\\'ii lii'lter.

SPECIAL PROVIDENCE. I'enpln tulli about special prnvlditnc"u, 1 bellnvn In thn prnvldiniccH, but Hut In Iho Hpi'i-lalty. 1 do not bellnvn Hint <lod letn t h e thread nf my iHTalrii gu for n i x dayti, a i v l on Ihn iinvi<ntli nveuIK I n k e II up for a moment. Tho noculled npeclul provldcnciMi urn no except Inn to Ihn ruin. Thny are romnnn In nil men at all inomeiitH. Hut it In a fact t h a t (iod'u cnrn In morn · v l i l i i t i t In nninn Inntanci'M of It thitu illieni tn Hi,' dim mid o f t e n Imwllderci'l , Inlnn of I n i n i u i i l t v tTpnn rnich Inilancj':i men Mnl-/,e anil cull tlioiu proV-> deneen, It In we'll t h a t they c a n ; but I u n l l l d l>e |;ln|-|nllnly h n l t e l - If I||K\'elll-l I m l l n v i ' t h a t the whole m i v t t n r M line Ml'lllnl prn\ Idelli'e. Act up f i t l l h f u l l y In your cnnvU'tlnmt, ui.1 w h e n ' \'<iu h a v e lieeik u n f a i t h f u l , ir w i t h yinirnnlf nnil ri'mini" a l w a y n v l l l i culm idinpllclly yinir l i t t l e tank, f i i p p i i ' i i n nr much nn ynii ponnlble can ill rci'iirreiici' tn \'otirni<lf, anil you wlU pi-r-nn iniii-b v a n i t y .



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QEO. A. BT.AKK After two attempts, well advertised, the Board of Education have Work Finished an per Agreement. failed to find a purchaser for the dwelling house and other buildings Plans, blue prints, and estimates furnished. Jobbing on the Tiltou-DePuy property. promptly. Box 633. Local attended to Phone 800. What to do about it is a problem Cherry Street, Hammonton. upon which the Board seems to be divided. A proposition has been made to use the main building for a public library and Civic Club room,-- allowing it to remain where it now stands. The details have not been arranged. We do not like this. The property was purchased by the District in order to clear the way from Bellevue Avenue to the school buildings,-thiH being clearly stated at the meeting which authorized the deal. To carry out their instructions, the Board must remove the buildings, close Schoolhouse Lane, and make of the property 'an open park or public square. To leave the house there, for any reason, would defeat the object of the purchasers. As removal to another location seems impractical, because of trees and shrubbery, no one will buy the buildings; hence their demolition Hccms to be the only alternative. , Remove and dispose of the internal fixtures, tear down the structures, nnd remove the debrin in time to improve the grounds before school opens in September. That, in our opinion, is the only way to carry out the intention of the voters. It WHS not bought aa n speculation ; It is not for rent; to clear and open the space in the one thing desired,

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Miss Mary Little will attend Smith'College,, at Northampton, Mass. ' W. A. Crawford and wife, of Audubon, spent the week here with relatives. Miss Edith Craig, of Hampton A little Bread, GKT You Bakery Cakes and Pies from the Make our type displayed, Homo merchant princes Park, is visiting her friend, Miss to-day, II you want Waeons or Simons' Store, the best. And all their big parade. · Adlington. Little bits ol stinginess, Miss Carrie Jones, from CollingsOANDW1CHKS Made Fresh every Moraine. wood, is spending some time here Discarding printers* luk, *J Order early. Mrs. Albert Jackson. Duals the man ol business And sees his credit sink. Mrs. W. P. Bakely and two with her sister. Born, in Hammonton, July 6th, children are visiting her sister at 1911, to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Leesburg, N.'j. And After July 1st. 1011. the Klcctrlcal O NContracting Business-formerly conducted Lemon, a daughter. Misses Chalmers and Rogers at Hammonton. N. J,; by Kuyal Klectric Co., C. Llttlulield. Wilbur F. Shinn and family will be conducted collected All bills have accepted the Folsom Schools payable to the lirrn by Mr. at Hamfor the coming term. have been visiting friends in New Uttletleld, and all outstanding billsliquidated monton against the concern will be by him. Misses Ethel and Rena Chalmers York and Brooklyn. TfoH Monday's rain storm was quite are attending a manual training r SALE.--cheap horse, Main Rood. Jos. M. Beck, widely extended, and did much school at Cape May. damage in many places. In Philf*llIlKK or Four Unfurnished Rooms Want" TAINTKI) MONEY. ·*· Oct. (or light housekeeping Address adelphia, the sewers were inadeThey do not want a Library, Hoi (180, Hammonton. quate to carry away the sudden The reason why Is funny : The Presbyterian and Baptist They do not want to prosper flood; consequently, streets were picnic committees will make,recomThrough "Carnegie's tainted money." flooded, cellars filled with water, But they'll settle back In darkness, mendations to-morrow. which in some cases rose to the While the devil sings gay tunes first floor. We have no report of Rev. W. L. Shaw and family As they use the tainted money That they get from the saloons. damage hereabout. left on Tuesday for a visit with Hammonton, N. J. Mrs. Orvllle Bassett. relatives in Germantown, Pa. Mrs. B. W. Richards was in town Rev. Frank H. Farley will preach Consider the Fly. on Thursday, with her car, and in the Baptist Church to-morrow, Consider the house-fly ; give the accompanied by several friends. morning and evening. lily a rest. It toils not, neither OEVEN Passcpcer Automobile to Hire, by Mrs. Leon Koster and two child- does it spin, and it's always around ·^ the day or hour. Jtcasonable rates. John Itubb'a, Loco! phone 1111. ren, from Green Bank, are visiting to see that you and your wife are During the storm on Monday, her father, J. H. Garton. not permitted either to toil or to two and twelve one-hundredths G OOD HAY For Sale In Barn. ?20 per ton, spin with any degree of comfort or July and August. Mark C. Montgomery, inchesof rain fell,-arecordbreaker. Tabernacle. N. J. safety. The fly is a shameless vagabond, We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Either clip and paste, or make Chas. K. Nelson upon the birth of corrections on your card, the list of with the dust of death orf his feet. their son, which occurred Tuesday, new local phones in this issue. Fancy the amusement of the fly as July 18, 19x1. he winks an argus eye at the tanMrs. Wm. A. French and ,, Heavy new rails were installed daughter, and Miss Marion, are gle-foot on the window ledge, and on the berry siding, at Pleasant spending a week in Atlantic City. flits lightly from the back-yard drain to thb cradle in the nursery. Street, made necessary by the heavy Scorning parental responsibilities LATE Cabbage 1'lants for sale. Also young Digs. trains and locomotives. Henry M. Phillips. himself (and herself), the fly has ·pMIUIOlPKHY U'aluU reduced to cost while ·*-' they last, nt Waplts'. Tommy Anderson : was sent to made a specialty of administering Chas. D. Jacobs has gone to May's Landing, in default of bail, poison to human babies. The fly Europe on a business trip. Mrs. charged with resisting arrest and appears immune to all calamities short of a hammer blow, which is J. and children are enjoying a visit assaulting an officer. quite likely to break the mirror with Hammonton relatives. don't, wall mull G ET Your Aclvn. In on Thursday.--Friday. before or after killing the fly, or Mrs. D. S. Bellamy and Bister, missing it.; yet on the hair of its At the M. K. Church to-morrow. legs and under its . translucent Miss Helen Burgess, have been spending the week with their sister, Class meeting at 9.30, led by Isaac wings are stored all the germs of B. Hannum. Public service at disease with which it has come in Mrs. Bennett, at Bridgeton. 10,30; .sermon by Rev. John J. Rev Mr. Bodine, a retired Meth- Wa'de, of Scotch Plains, N. J. contact during a. day of constant odist minister, lute of Ocean City, Bible School at the noon hour. and detailed investigation. The pretty little fly will saunter has bought the A. J. Smith house, Popular one-hour "twilight sercorner of Second and Vine Streets. vice"' at seven o'clock ; a brief throughout the aisles of loathsomness and come forth to shake him(~MK>I> llrcnd, CnLcu, and 1'lrn. nt thn address by Mr. Wnde. Good con- self on your lower lipij He is Homo llnkory. gregational singing ; also special Miss'Lottie Rogers has accepted music by male quartette. Pastor cosmopolite, hobnobbing with the A position in the city,--teaching Shaw will preach on July 3oth, garbage can and the custard pie, the cess-pool and the cherry pudmanual training nnd assisting the morning and evening. ding. The best circles admit or do kindergarten teacher with singing. ptHIK l«i drown--all flavors, at not repel him. ' He is intimate, ICrliiiiuul'H Candy Kltolimi. Another circus is due here on 1 not casual, reveling now in the ear August 5th,--"The Migh.ty Ilaug It looks now an though Town of a diphtheria patient and but ten ShowH," occupying twenty-two Council would amend its pending minutes Inter on the bald head of oars and carrying three hundred curbing and sidewalk ordinance ; a banker: he knpws the gutter people. instead of extending the improve- without and the lai jb-chops within Rev. Thos. M. Sparks, of New- ments out to Main Road, will limit the meiit market, a id is the parcel nmrketi N, II., will be in town it to Fourth Street, and Hprend out post which unites t lem. From the to-day, and will preach in Dare- ;i block or two on each side of middle of the street to the fruit town, N. J., the two following Uellevue Avenue,--possibly includ- Htand is u favorite flit for the fly, Sundays. ing Central Avenue to Grape St. and his love of filth makes him ·MINdKb Mum. TniiBuo, or Chloknii lining, We should heartily approve such like to tv««li his feet in the milk--a ··'·· IcimnndwU'hi'n, at Ihv Diilloatonntin, action. Council held an adjourned paradox whereby he spreads the John II. Russell and wife, from meeting last evening, too late to iilth,--before he goes back for Meriden, Conn., nnd R. II. RUH- report this week. more. ttell nnd wile, from (iwyneddj Pa., We have considered the fly ; let tire visiting their brother, I). \V. C. us henceforth abjure him. UnNow Telephones. Unwell, on Valley Avenue. questionably, the fly had once iv useful miwflion, juHt as the old Following; «rti rroonl nddltloiui to spinning wheel and liryun, but tinMr. ClmlmerH, Collector of FolMom Borough, IH advertising tmle tlio Ilttiiimontnti Coinjmuy'ti popular world has outgrown flies: they of real ctUute for taxes of 1910. nnd ovor-lnnreiiHliiK mirvlcit. must go. The Iluinmonton Collector will IOL'5 Ainnto, 1'nolo, Pino Koiul Down in Panama, vultures used present hin Hut ere long. Bolter cj/ to share the streets with the naked \ii\y up now, lift? KOI, W. 1'., llanuuoiitoii Av <(. babies, u n t i l the Americans came TMKUVN llriwl AM,I IhvUi'd litmus, ontcrn (174 Hum. Poultry A mm., llollovtm with modern sanitation and mosJ ·* imiHt Ixi lu hy l''rhlny uvoiilnu, (IH-1 IIutohlliHon, J. I,., Outral quito K r l iiiniKl'n Cnmly Kltolimi, which lo'.'o r.unionioii, o., nun HOIK! starved netting,-- incidents clothed the vultures and At Council meeting, Tmwlny 1103 I'onim, I>HHOMK«T Hlu., K. II. ltd. HOIIIU of th« children. evening, Mr. Rider pn-Hcnted quite ma j'uiiiii, Knku.i<, Twnirtii HI, We can baninh the fly, and will a bundle of paper which hnd been H7H Hoxfortl, Win., Ounlrnl Avo. deposited on lilt) lawn, from the 117(1 JUiyolt, MfH. W. J., (luntrnl Avo. do so when we realize the peril it constltutm. We can put up HIMVCHH [tnliun firu-workti,--expressing IIJH 70n Wulthur, Jolm, Third Hlnml nt once, and apply the final exterllmukii to Providence for thn heavy ruin which ho dwlarcd alone pre- Mako tlU) following olmnftut on ynur oartl i minator as soon as science, in reM7 (Ilinn. Tluirulnu lei loin sponse to our insistent demands, vented (liiiiiiitioini fire;) in hill nelgh10'M Jnliii l.vii'rx to mil dlscovent it. mil A, N, UUiottii l|> nil horhood.

Messrs. Black and Herbert are closing up the alley between their buildings, with a small, structure, eleven by twenty-four feet, which will be for rent. ' There's another Constable in town, tho' he hasn't yet been sworn OI'KCFAL. Pound cnko, and In plain, marble" in. He arrived on Thursday, and ·^ and currant, at 20 cents por pound. . Krlmmel's Candy Kitchen. his father, Antonio Pinto, wears a The Grand Jury have adjourned smile. until next Wednesday. POU RENT. Peot CotttiEO, Pleasant Mills A Road and the Lake. Klnust view In Hamcurdon and Flooding the brain with alcphol monton. Plenty ol room (or bothto chickens. 88 por month. Apply wjll not preserve the mind. Joseph H. Garton. Dr. O. S. Avery, Bacteriologist Lockwood Myrick had the misfortune to break his left wrist, on at the Hoagland Laboratory, in ; Brooklyn, spent the week-end with Tuesday. . \\rANTED,-- second-hand out-door water- Mr. and Mrs. Dassori, and his vv closet. Leave naracjit this offlco. cousin, Miss Minnie Wandell. Miss Emily Dale, of St. Louis, TF You Wont Chicken lor the picnic, "get 1 is visiting Mr. and and Mrs. Thos. - your order In early to Mrs. Albert Jackson. ~~As we~go to press, Mrsrjohn AT Creamer: Albert Walther was home this Hoyle lies very low,--near life's week. He is employed in Wash- close. She has suffered long and patiently, and many are anxiously ington, D. C. watching, hoping still for her reWm. Krimmel is entertaining covery. his sister, Miss Louise, from Columbus, Ohio. Little bits ot printers' ink.

Mrs.. Wesley Adains was here" over the seventeenth. . ^ · '!Tod" Adams has secured a position in Atlantic. Mrs, Marie Krout greeted many friends here this'week. .


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I am an immortal spirit! My home is in Heaven. My Father Is God. My Elder Brother is my Saviour, my best "Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou friend--the. maker of Heaven and Tljere are few or us who escape Me?" (John 21: 15.) No word hero earth. I belong to both time and eterduring our lives those critical times of the erring disciple's past faith nity. I am only loaned to the world, I when we have no idea where the lessness--his guilty cowardice--uh- for a brief time, to Illumine a portion \next s'tep will lead us. We are like mentioned--his base denial, his oaths of its night. My Father bids me shine. Topic for July 23, 191-1. ,-people walking an unfamiliar path in and curses, and treacherous deser- My days hero are all known to God. the dark of the moon. We are travMy life is "immortal till my work is tion---all unmentloned! The memory GOD'S THOUGHT FOR THE ANIelers on country roads with thickets of a threefold denial is suggested, loni!." MALS AND FOR US. and forests surrounding us, while Nothing can happen to me except and no more, by the threefold quesTHE ARITHMETIC OF GOD there is never a friendly light to bo tion of unutterable tenderness, "Si- by. His permission, and Ho undertakes Psalm 104: 10-31. seen. What shall we do? To whom The lad with the loaves and fishes mon, son of Jonas, lovest thou Me?" to overrule all of my mistakes. "My shall -we call for advice? When Jesus finds His disciples times are in His hands. I am here dowas willing to give up his lunch. The psalmist pictures the animals In the thirtieth chapter of Isaiah "Subtracting" it from himself, he sleeping at the gate of Gejhsemane, ng business for Him. Up yonder on we find a very remarkable passage "added" it to the resources of Jesus. He.irebukes them; but how is the re- His kingly throne He Is keeping the waiting on God for their food and in which text after text has an appli- Jesus "divided" the gift that it might buke disarmed of its poignancy by books. He notes well- all my service, shows how God provided for their cation of fitness to modern days as be distributed, and in the division it the merciful apology which Is added all my sacrifice. He commands my needs--trees to shelter the nests of ~It~hlfd~To~the"~days~of old. -"Their ivas~~ "multiplied" until'""the--great- i^"Th>r spirit"" in<leed-ls~--willingr-but 'eet,-and-thoy-move;-He~charges-my- blrds,_Jiigh_moAin_tBlns_a8jafe_:cefugeB-_ strength is to sit still." "In return- thing was fed; So there Is a divine the flesh is weak!" How. different ips, and they speak; He touches my for wild goats and rocks as protecIng and rest ye shall be saved." "In arithmetic. Some of its rules may be rom their unkind insinuation regard- hand, and they at once spring Into mo- tion for the conies, and so on. Thisquietness and confidence shall be hinted at here. ing jllm, when, In the vessel on Ti- Ion. He fllls my heart with His love, s not a mere poetic 'fancy, for Jesusyour strength." "Thine ears shall Add to what spiritual resources you berias, "He was asleep--Master, car- hus making It both holy and harm- taught His disciples that It IB God. less. He fills my days with His Joy, who feeds the birds and who paintshear a word behind thee, saying thlt have all the increase you can get. est Thou not that we perish!" is the way, walk ye In it." What is The Christian is to grow in knowlThe woman of Samaria is full of and illumines my path with His truth, j the lilies. And He used the fact that He comforts my heart with His | God planned in creation for the prethe meaning of returning when taken edge, to Increase in faith, to add pow- earthllness, carnality, sectarianism, in conjunction with rest? Is it not er to power. Do not try to add that gnilt. Yet how gently the Saviour Spirit; He enlightens my soul with servation of the animals, and watches that the soul having tried other helps which will reduce the total of your speaks to her--how forbearingly, yet His word; He maps out my path, He over them and provides for their which have proved but broken reeds possessions. To add greed reduces faithfully. He directs the arrow of enables me to walk in His will, and needs, as an argument to convince must return to the One who is generosity. Gaining envy, you lose conviction to tha^ seared and hard- the centre of His will is my highest us that God will take care of us. mighty to save and who can suit help gratitude. If you find ease, you will ened conscience, till He lays it bleed- earthly heaven. He bids me to be of "Are not ye of much more value than, "good -cheer." I live on His bounty; they?" He asked. (Matt. 6: 25-31).. to every extremity? In such return- find your place given to another. ing at His feet! Truly, "He will not Subtract from your life all that break the bruised reed--He will not I revel In His smile; 1 feast on His "Are not two sparrows sold for-a< ing there is always rest. When we cease to fret, to wear would keep you from God. Take away quench the smoking flax." By "the love; I nestle in His heart. The "ever- farthing? And not one of them shall arms" are my ourselves out in agitation, to wonder self, and you have more power for goodness of God," He would Ifiad to lastingfeeds me with support. from fall on the ground without your He manna service. Remove the sensual, and Its repentance. When Others are speakFather; but the very hairs of your ·what to do and where to go, and simplace may be filled with holy beauty. ing of merciless violence, He can dis- Heaven: He commands His angles to hear are all numbered." (Matt. 10:. ply wait for the Lord's leading, peace garrison me about; He fights my""batflows in upon our troubled hearts Give up your own will, and you can be miss the most guilty of profligates tlss, until all my enemies are sub- 29, 30). and we grow in strength. Our making effective the greatest will of with the words, "Neither do I con- dued. He washes me in the blood of The men who have studied naturestrength is to sit still. When one all, the will of God. demn thee; go, and sin no more." Hlu Son; He Imparts and imputes to learn her secrets have discovered Divide your joys, and double them: has been ill and has lost a portion How many have an unholy, pleasure unto me the righteousness of Christ: that nature Is practically infiniteof accustomed vigor it often happens divide your sorrows, and they de- in finding a brother in the wrong-- He freely gives to me grace accord- both In Its vastness and In its mincrease. Give freely of all God can that ''the physician orders entire ces- ;ive you, and discover how God can blazing abroad bis failings; adminis- ing to my need; He enthrones-Christ uteness and variety, and through all sation of effort. The convalescent give new blessings, filling up your life tering rebuke, but with harsh and im- in my heart, so that "for me to live is the infinite minuteness of vegetablemust be contented to await the re- ] faster than you can empty it. and animal organisms they have patient severity! How beautifully for Christ to live." turn of health, to lie in quietness and He gives me His peace and lets found law, and order, and adaptation Multiply your gifts by your pray- did Jesus unite intense sensibility to to be waited upon by others. Some- ers: your faith by your work: your sin, along with tenderest compassion me call It mine: He fills me with His ot means to ends, They have thus times there is a natural rebellion influence by your example: your ser- for the sinner, showing in this that impulses and ambitions; "His gentle- produced abundant proof that the against this* and remonstrance is vice by your sympathy; your love by He knoweth our frame! ness makes me great." His Interests Creator of the ^universe had a definite made on the score of giving trouble your devotion. Many a scholar needs gentleness are all Identical with mine; I have plan in mind and carried it out with to^rj^nds and relatives- The doctor In chastisement. The reverse would j nothing apart from Him. "Because He amazing skill and foresight. They is Inexorable, "You will give - mon have produced proof that nothing is crush a sensitive spirit, or drive it tojl'ves I shall live also." trouble by and by," is his reply, "if "KNOWLEDGE PUFFETH UP, BUT despair. Jesus tenderly "considers"! My Father hath also Identified me too small for God to think about. LOVE BUILDETH UP." you are not willing to give a little It seems to us a -wonderful thing the case of those He disciplines, with the ages to come. He says I trouble now." "tempering the wind to 'the shorn shall be a king a priest unto God and jthat God should care onough for us --We have- seen the-truth of this- 11-- --A.--striking-contrast is drawn by lamb.";~ In--the~picture^of--the--good tho- Lamb -forever-and ever, tc^know the-number-of-our-halrsr-but lustrated over and over where the the Record of Christian Work be- shepherd bearing" home the" wander-" I Mv Identity is established. My It Is infinitely more wonderful that crown ls body Is concerned. It is just as much tween the labors of a colporteur in ing sheep, He illustrated by paraWe | . . assured. My reward is guiir- He should have taken so great interanteed. And my Saviour and Brother cut In what seem fo us utterly Inthe case where the mind and heart- Colorado and "a well-paid destructive what He-had often and again taught jal are Involved. The mind influences critic in a magnificently housed theo- by His own example. No word o f , I s now in glory, preparing a mansion significant things as to create an imthe body in health and in sickness logical seminary." The colporteur needless harshness or upbraiding ut-1 for me' ! sha11 n!turn, to my ' f a t h ' mense variety -of_livljig _ things____so. alike, and no one can afford to un- reports: "In eight months I have tered to the erring wanderer! In. I ers house" some glad day and I have small that thousands of them can derrate the power of the mental state made 21,714 visits and sold 973 Bi- gratitude is-too .deeply felt to need His,. p TM mls " tllat , ' B "l" ***Mm live In a drop of water, nnd should in any labor whether of the hands bles, 357 Testaments and 265 por- rebuke! In silent love, "He lays it ja8 »o Is. "Where I am there sball my have given to each family of those ,,, ., ,. . i i i . servants bo also. And I shall bo like microscopic objects definite characor the brain. Let us often say to tions. I am now on my way to Mont- on His .^boulders rojoicing. . ourselves in the beginning of a day rose, camping out. It Is cold and Reader! seek to mingle gentleness j Him, for I shall nee Mini BR He Is." teristics nnd c/pabllltloa. or a week, when engagements are snowing and I cannot find a place to In all your rebukes; bear with the| Surely, the Creator, who was not THE WORD OF A SCIENTIST. numerous, and duties seem to be in wrlto." It is stated that "much of infirmities of others; make allowsiitlBflect with merely . doing what conflict, our strength shall be to sit this man's work, is above timber line, ances for constitutional frailties; It Is always satisfying to hear the Boom to us great things but gave His still, to wait upon the Lord, and to among; miners, and he must often nover say harsh things, if kind things attention to tho production of these listen the word that tells us, this pack his own bedding. He says that will do as well; do not unneroRaarlly word of a man who may bo supposed Invisible microbes ami to arranging; la the way. prices, too, are above timber lines hieerate with ree-alllng former cle-lln- to know what he IK talking about. for tholr sustenance and reproduction and that he eats but two meals, yet (juonelfs. In reproving another, lot Tho word of those "modern Hclont- In various ways -- surely He will not |H|»" who huvc not boon blinded to allow (lie smnlloHt thing to happen GOD'S FIDELITY TO THE COVE- his llvlna costs him a dollar daily, us rather feel how much wo need rolie is working for forty dollars a proof ourHolvoH. "Consider thyself," Hplrltuul facts and realities hy the to the most wonderful of Hl« croaNANT OF NATURE. IH ii HearehliiK Scripture motto for diiHt of their material researches Is tiiroH In thlH world without Hln pormonth." Commenting on this simple sketch, dealing with an erring brother, llo- direct and In tho point. In the dolon. Surely lie- will give man A writer In "The Christian" rellKhtful "Llft> of Ixird Kelvin," rolates the following IntereHtlng atory. Tlio Presbyterian nays, "An additional in«ii)lx?r thy Lord's method,of Hllene- ! contly puhllHlied, IH that scientist's overy possible opportunity to fulfill "Once as I entered iho observa- statement to the effect that the thco- inn fierce accusation--"Lot him that word concerning Iho Dlvlno I'ower the- object for which ho WIIH created. Is IH without sin cast the first Htono." And If God carcH for all men and tory .at Harvard College, ut the clone lonloul Homluiiry .Moreover, minor and stworlty aro abovo and w i t h i n crcittion; of diiy, u friend who had led mo housed by virtue of tins gifts of dead to all "I do not Hay Hint, with regard to strives must Have euromen, bow much mor« Ho for thono who there naked If I might lio shown lovers of God's Word, whoso efforts not llio HurceHHt'uI moans of reclaimor n f f KHlidor. or of molting ,ho I'"" "" ° ," "' «-'»n«-e neither af- have become llhi children by adopthe new Instrument Hint had jutit Inward endowment were mount to I..R II... lm<.| flr 1B "°r ,' °" *" « c « tlvn «'?"«'· tion and by rngonorntlini through been introduced. Tho professor re- nioro thoroughly equip young mon to ohdurate. Llko ho Ninootl. Btono,rl Sl " lv i In C b r l H t ? The Intensity and piled, courteously, 'YOH; 1 t h i n k thoro j preach t h a t Word, not to tear It to w i t h w h i c h David Hinote Oodlnlh, K on- i ' TM<"' I ' O H l to<1 o y a ( I r m H power.utWo lie ,-ehukoH aro gononilly the moat | "'">' h"TM (1, " "'» ^^ " *° tomlernoHH of H|H lovo for us nro sot. may bo time enough yet for him to pieces." powerful. Tho old fable of the trav-i'"'" «»««»'»"'* '"«""' ^ *^»TM ° forth In many different, forms of oxnee u Htur, If you will find onn.' My oler and bin cloak ban a moral hero,1"11"11 """ ,'". »'" «"' w»h «"TM""> proHHlon In order that If at all poscompanion 'found one' by looking In , ., ,, ,,,, , , conl ( eneo In a directive power--In SPURGEON'S EXPERIENCE tin In other th IIKH. ho KOII a Him-f .. .. . , , Hlblo wo may ticcome HO improsHoiV a worn hook of astronomical tabled ,, in ,. . , , nn nl uenc-ci other than phyitleal or slilmt will effect Itn riiinoval Hoonor ! , · , , ,, ,,,,,, w i t h the thought, (if Uod'H lovo for' us lying on llio dimk, and replied quietdvniini c or olootrle foreoH. If you "Tho other I It ly, 'Thorn In ono at r>.l!i).' Ho In a homo after a eveningdayiiwan rldliiK ] than Ilie rough toinpoHt. ho lhal. cmr lovo for H i m will booomo hoavy work. I Ihlnk. you hurried Umlaut tho covering \w VIIH fell weary and cloproHHod; whon HWirt- nnlil ol' 1/c'lKhton' that "ho robnkod : forced tilroiiKly enough, Iho boliof 111 strong i""' 'loop, and t h a t w« will hy Hclinnoe to fuultH HO mildly, that thoy wore n o v o r j iitrlppcd olT from I ho groat bi\n liavo houndloHH f a i t h In I l i a loving; ly, Htiddonly, nit a light II|IIK llanh, (i(id, which In the foundation of all reiicaled. not ho(NiiiMi> tho ndriionliihtube, nnd, prone upon hlH hack, u overnight of our affairs. came -"My Kruce IH milllclont for rcllKlon. You will find Hcloneo not dor tho oyo-ploee, lay Iho enthimlnH- thee,' And I mild, 'I Hlumld think It In, od wero afraid, but aiiliamod to do Wo ithonld learn ubio from (lod'o a n l i i K o n l H l l e hut helpful lo religion." HO."

tic jirofoHHor. While Iny frl<-iiil nlnou by, with what ncemed a tacii hummer In bin hand, I noticed t h a i ho kopt bin eye on a tall chronometer clock near int. ".Suddenly i w o iioundit broke llio ImprehHlve nllllneHii; we had been wallln/; for the iilnr One WIIM tin, word 'There' 1 iipnkeii hy t h e protonnor; Iho olher wan the lap of the hammer on the idone lop of tho tohlo by my companion. Moth occurred at Iho name Innlanl, t h e name particle of Ihn liihlanl, t n c y worn (Kialllvely alinultaiieinni, lint t h e mall who apoke the word could not ace tlio oloelt; he \\ini looklnj- at Iho iilar that came ittvliiKlni; alum; t i l l It touched the nplilci web line In hln Imilrunienl; and t h e other man who lit ruck the hammer nnoke could not <ico the iilar; he wan looklnr. al the nccoml hand on Ihe dhil-plale. \Vlien Iho Index In lla nlinplleliy ol rei; nlar d u t y marked i w e n l y nilnuten a l t e r live, ihere lolMhe click on Ihe ntonti; and lln-n, too, then- enmo on III Iho henvena, Inllllnna inillllolin of lllllllolin I ol' Inllen IIWH.V one of (lod'a hdtin, rolling III on Mine, an l i e Imdn II alien nno "Then 1 wan I n v i t e d lo luok la, anil I'co the world of Hr.hl and bean ly an It iiwepl by Ihe ne\t liber In the lube Hut a f t e r w a r d I wnil eurtcMinly to thii hook, and loniid lhal II hail been pllhlhllli'll t e n V,MII n hefine, nnd lhal KM cnleiilal limn ran far a w a y Into t h e f u t u r e nnd Unit II hail been haiu'd on calculnllona Lord,'" and liiiral out ImiK'iliiK. I never fully iimlenitood what tlio holy laiiKhler of Ahriihuin wait nnlil then. II iieeincil to malm unbelief HO libHind.. "ll WIIH an If Home l i t t l e Hull, helm; very thli'Hty, w a n troubled about ilrlnkIIIK Hie river dry, anil li'alher Tliamea iiii|d, 'Drink a w a y l i t t l e ll'di, my iitonm IH nulllcleni for thee.' Or It. m-emcd like a little inoiiHe In Iho i;raintrlen of after nevon yearn of plenty, ! It mli;ht die of fnmlne, .loiieph nay, 'Cheer up, Illlle inouiie, my Knumrleii are nuMleleiil for Ihee.' AKuIn | Imagined n man a w a y up In yonder mountain anylng lo hhmiolf, 'I fear I iihall exhauiil all (he oxygen In Ihe alnionphoro. lint (he earlh inluhl nay, 'llrcatho away, (i man! ami III! t h y liiniot e v e r ; ; my ntmonphoro In luilllclenl for Ihee,' "O brethren, he KIOIU helloverii! I,lido l a l t h will brill); your nouht lo Hellten, hill Krcal f a i t h will hi In/; Heaven t o vonr noulit." AT Ml:ACE W I T H QOD. Tho word of Hlr Oliver l.odgo In, ' perhapH, not no authorllallve an that I of Lord Kelvin; hut It IH tho voice of THE MUD-COVERED SAINT. j modern iielenec, and ht commended to the a t t e n t i o n of I hone hreahron who Service la a ui-oat word. It cannot ,mv(, rmllll| ,|la| miracle la i.ver-einplniMlzcd, for It In at tin- ,,,.,,,,,,,. ,,, (1,,,|,- ralth. liaidn nf the 11Kb! lilml of c:baiuelcl "Tho iioiiiillilllly of what wo call \\'M are tin\'e(l In ncrvti, uilraeloii him heon haatlly nnd wrong'I'llere hi a legend tho (]|-eel( ly dimlcirt Thoy lire not nocoHmirk^v Church (hat well Illnatraleuj-thn 1 iii-Hn of aervlcc. . It In Di-an Karrai more Impoiinlhle or luwinmt than (lie who a w n utteiitlon to It In nomo oC , Inloiioroneo »f n human Idling would hln wi'ltlnita. Tliu lemmil hi ahont t w o ] ,,<,,,,,, K, (l colony or anlH. They favored HiilulH, HI. CamilamiH- thn ' ,,||O1.|,| hit Indued by liliilorleal evllype of nionande iiHeellelam, Imllvlil- ' ,,, |||,,n,,y cl Itlelitnl." mil i-hnnieler, which "lililH for elolHter- | l c e l l MM nelKhhor ami ll« worli farewell" and HI. Nlcliohin, tho I .Vim of THE DIVINE MEASURING ROD. Kcneriinii, a c t i v e , iinnellhih, laliorloini Chrliitlanlly, ,. Let tin meaiuire mu- duty In nlvlnii. HI, t'liMHlaniiH entcTM heaven, and What cnpaelly iihall hn the nieaiiurliiK Chrhil iiayn to him; "What halt thou iieeii nil earth, (liiMHlnoimV" "I Maw," nicVf Vonr c a p a c i t y . I. "Him hath done he aiiMwered,' "u pennant floillKliirliiK w h a t nhe eoiihl," \ v l t h liln \VHMOII In the mai-Hh," "I'llilal ',',, opportunity. "An y have nppm limn help him?" "Nol 1 "Why not?" Innlly do HI""' until all men," "I wan comlnic liefiire Thee," mild <!IIH:|. Veiir ciinvlcthniM. "Thai nervanl filannri, "ami I wan a f r a i d of HoDliUf which knew liln l.nrd'n will anil premv while, rnhcn." pared not hliinielf. neither ill I iiccord * Then HI. Nh'hnlan eiitei-H hi^avifii, all IllK In hhi will, ahull hit hi'iilen wllh I'overed w i t h mud anil mire. "Why MO inanv ntrlpi-a." Mlalned an, I nulled, HI. Nlelnilan?" mild i. The ni "idly of ollicvn, "If a the I-"id. "1 iiaw it peaminl rh under hnilhcr or a nhder he linked or deal! Imv In the ninndi," mild Hi, Nlnhohui, l u t e ur dally I'lind," I'te, "and I put my nhoiilder In the >vhe"l i, The provld ' el' dml. "I.el e v nnd helped him nut." "lllenni'il art cry mnn lay liy him III nloren an (lod limn," niiMWen-d Ilie l.urd; "Ihnil dbbd him nriiMiiered him,'' w e l l , I boil lldiil heller Until CunnlutV Mviiinielrv oT character, "Ahiniiid IIIIM." III I bin Krnce nine." And He hlmincd III. Nleholnii w i t h '!. Vein- ow'l) linppliiciiii, "It |,i ninrr finnfolil approval. lileimi'il t o ulvi. Iliiin in ri-ciilvi'." It |M nlllv It leiiend, lull It pliieliiliilM N, dod'ri iilnry, "lliniiM- ( I c . l w i t h ii nilchty lunnnii, care for tho anlmahi Hinall and great ·Hint thoy, too, nro preeloim In Ills nU-lil. \S'e Hhould not Ihlnk of thorn an metro living thing" but nit CJod'B crcHlnren which He IOVOH, anil ahoulil accordingly. They woro (rent tho all clue III thin world, to ho of iiorvlco lo man. anil wo have n rlKhl to IIHO them, or to lilll thorn when nooomtnry ; lint we bnvo no right to abiiMo thctin or tn destroy them unncccnniirlly. UE NOT CA8T DOWN.


1,000' years old. And God's fidelity to the covenant of nature, here now almost 3,000 years after David had made the nineteenth Psalm, had brought the glorious creature of the sky Into the field of Harvard College's instrument Just as the patient clock reached the second needed for the truth of the ancient prediction. Need I say that these two professors almost wondered--so used to such things were they--at the awestruck devotion, the hushed reverence with which I left the room."




The Finishing Touch



The side man tossed wearily to and Elsie started and looked up. The Tested by a face which seemec They were sitting on a ntlle; all fro. Would sleep never come? One, kind fatherly gaze,, the sympathetic At a sale of animals from a hipporound them the golden coin--'on sec- two had struck, and still with hot voice, invited confidence, and before strangely familiar to her. Where had ond thoughts, and considering the eyes and feverishly active brain, he she had quite realized the situation she seen that sympathetic, fatherly drome a tiger was being offered. The gaze? Suddenly the dim memories of highest bid was made by a man who ·time of year there 'was no golden lay staring into the dark. lier tale was told In a few broken bygone days quickened to life and she was a stranger, and to him it was corn, but the snow lay thick upon the He would end this wearisome vigil, sentences. recognized the face as that of the un- knocked down. The owner of the an.ground, and tbe grounds lay thick In Cautiously be raised himself on one '-And this picture must be finished their coffee pot at home; but what elbow nnd listened. The gehtle regu- and sent off by to-morrow morning," known painter, who had saved them imal, who had been eyeing the stranger uneasily during the bidding, cared they? Echo answered "Noth- iar breathing at the foot of the bed he repeated. "Take me to it, my in their hour of need. At that moment there entered an then went up to him and said: ing!" which shows what'an original told him that Elsie was in deep sleep, child, and we will see what can be old friend who was a frequent visitor "Pardon me for asking the ques·echo" it was. He was restless and which comes from many broken done." ; to the beautiful art studio in Paris tion, but will you tell me where you perturbed;; suddenly he turned to nights. From behind the screen, which shut which Maurice bad opened to receive are from?" his -bonny young .wife, and murthe bed from the rest of the room, pupils. Better living and a renewed "From the country," responded, the "The picture, the picture," be kept mured: _ --^ -Geraldine--my--heart's dellghtrjmutterlng-to-hlm8elt'' "T mnBt-flnlBh-J^e__auJeJUbrgathJing pJMfte LinteresUn-hls life-and-work- bad-done ' ' Kho'ntntiirA» the I showed that the doctor's nrnsn prescription much to conquer his malady and "Are you connected with any Slowly · and painfully he dragged nad taken effect bring him back to health and strength. show?" '· "Why shouldn't you, my own brave Tne "No." "Monsieur, do you know what that .husband?" and she turned her ruby himself from his bed to the easel, I and stranger approached the window "And are you buying this animal which stood in a corner of the room,[ eazed long and earnestly at the is?"'asked Elsie, showing the porlips towards him. for yourself?" rind with the cunning born of a dis- Painting. Silently he took up a brush trajt. and with thfi onnninir born of a dis "It's not that," he replied, as he "Yes." "What! don't you know? That's kissed her all the same, "I want -" traught mind turned up the gas by de- and painted swiftly. The showman shifted about for a "You want to tell me of your love, grees. The weak fingers tremulously Awe-struck ' and wondering, Elsie Malheau, the greatest painter of his love of my life," she cooed. "You grasped the well-known brush, and watched the growth and transforma- age. Surely you saw the obituary,, few moments, looking alternately at the man and the tiger, evidently want to unburden youraelf of that with a sigh of satisfaction' be started tion of the picture under the magic notice and account of nis life about] ing his best lo reconcile the two. trythree months ago? Good old Malwealth of love that lies In your feverishly to work. A new-born force power of "his hand. "Now, young man," ne finally said, hours crept on and still tbe heau. A kinder and better heart heart" seemed to thrill his being, and his "you need-not take this animal un"Quite so; but--er--you've not hand responded in obedience, to its |unltnown one Painted. At last, Just never beat.''--The Erenlng Bulletin. less, you want to, for there are those quite hit It," he answered, quivering Influence. Already his mind's eyel before niidnight be heaved a deep here who will take it off your Sigh and put down the brush. ' with emotion. "I 'wish you " saw the picture in its entirety, alhands." "I will," she said; and threw her- ready the thunderous applause of the "My child," said he, "I can do no HOW TO COOK RICE. "I don't want to sell," was the self upon his breast and kissed him people smote his ears as he advanced, more." quiet reply. "Oh snonsieur," exclaimed Elsie, frantically upon his glacier-like nose. tbe adjudicated winner of the great The Chinese method of cooking "What on earth are you going to "Cxcuse me," he sighed, as he gent- and coveted prize. All the world clasping his hand impulsively, "how rice differs from that of the ordinary do with such an ugly beast If you ly disengaged himself from her em- should ring with his fame as an ar- can I ever repay you for what you housewife, and the rice when done, have no show your own and brace, "but you have not quite frozen tist. Away with poverty, away With have done. Let me know your name nstead of being a mushy, sticky not buying for ofsomeone w'ho Is are a that I may always thank and pray paste, is spotlessly white, perfectly showman?" ·on to the idea. "I want----" wants which starved his genius and "To ask me why i chose you as my round' him down into the very depths for you." dry, with each grain standing by it"Well, I'll tell you," said the purbeloved husband, when I might have of despair and darkness. And Elsie1 "My dear little one," he replied with self. chaser. "My wife died about three made a grand match bad I deigned to --the thought of her stayed his band, tenderness, "it is quite impossible for To attain these results pick the look upon the dukes and earls all and he" looked across with tenderness me to give you my name. Your rice over carefully to remove all years ago. We had lived together for ·eager to cast themselves at my feet?' to where she lay quietly sleeping like thanks and prayers will be reward refuse, then" wash it through several ten years, and--and I miss her." He paused to wipe his eyes and ahe returned. "I do not know, sweet- a child. The promise that he had enough." waters, mbbing it between the hands steady his voice, and then added: est and best, how it was. Ask me whispered In her ear in the first flush Stooping, he kissed her lightly on A remove the coating of starchy "So I've bought the tiger." notof their love should all be realized, the forehead and was gone. Witn powder. When the water is perfectly "I · understand you," said the great ."I won't," he murmured, edging to- and the look of care which of late had tears in her eyes Elsie remained in clear, you will know that the rice is showman in a husky .voice, as he wards the neighboring gate-post. "I crept into and clouded the brightness front of the easel. turned to hide his emotion. in fit condition to be cooked. merely want to----" orher sweet eyes should be banished The next day Elsie packed and sen Have some water boiling in a sauce"Tell me that I am your own blessed forever. The brush was busy again off the picture. Maurice's attack o. THE PROPERTY MAN KNEW. , little wlfey, your own bright star who now, and the hectic flush burned delirium . would afford him llttl pan, the proper proportions being about two quarts of unsalted water sheds the 1'ght of her love upon you!" brightly on his cheek. chance of recollecting the state of his to each half pint of rice. Sprinkle An English actor tells a good story and once again she essayed to imprint -The-hours-ofrdarkness-passed-untH !j)icturB___wJien he--last--worked--on--it, the-rice in so slowly^that ther water of-the-old-days of-the-tourlng-fltup a passionate kiss upon his brow, but and Elsie felt confident that if sue companies. They were at. Oldham ·owing to a sudden movement on the gray dawn filtering through the cess were gained he would in his inno- will scarcely stop boiling and cook playing a melodrama called "Current faded blinds found the artist still it at a gallop in order that the grains Ws part, it was -pressed upon his cence accept the work as of his enCash." One of the properties essential bowler hat. "You want -to tell me painting and the sleeper still sleep- tire creation, never suspecting the may be kept in motion while boiling. to the piece was a light rowing scull, Do not stir or touch the rice In any jjvJth_whlch_the hero bad to push himhow -unworthy you are to be my hus- Ing. The tired Sbrain was beginning to true state of affairs.. "Way" "after" ~th~e grains Bave~ band " self off into the stream. When the "I don't remember finishing it," he menced to soften. play queer tricks. Tho colors danced "I'm hanged If I do!" he yelled. "I company reached Oldham the oar was remarked a few days later, on hearing want you to thump me between my before his aching eyes; the figures on that his work had been sent off. "1 When they are done drain off all missing, but the property man promshoulders; a hair has got down my the canvas assumed- grotesque and only hope it's all right." the water and set the pan in the ised to have one ready for the evenback, and Is itching mo like thun- 'antastlc proportions, and at times a oven, that the rice may swell. Do Ing's perfornnce, says the Pall Mali ivave of blood red hue swept over Three weeks passed. Three weeks not let Jt cook or brown, and serve It Gnzette. That afternoon, with evident der!" · · · · · * * he picture, obliterating all else. His of nerve-torturing suspense and un- as soon as it has become thoroughly pride, he produced from the sacred And then the inhabitants of the .emples throbbed with the noise of certainty, and still no news from tho dry, which will probably be in less recesses of his room a real human neighboring' villages looked at one an- some giant engine, and an unknown committee. than ten minutes. Let each person skull, and when it was pointed out to 'orce compelled him to paint to the Then early one morning the doctor salt the rice to suit his own taste i llim tnnt f t was hardly what was reother, and asked ono of another: "Who can bo beating carpets at line of the quick throb throb. Fresh rushed In excitedly, waving a newspa- after it has been brought to the i 1ulre(1 ne declared In haughty torte'a: figures--creatures of delirium--leaped per. this time of night?" 'If that skull's good enough for able. o the canvas, laughing and mocking "There's your picture," he shouted. VInmlet' it ought to ho good enough .t him with hideous and derisive As Maurice gazed 'on his work, for a piece like 'Current Cash'," faces. TOWN WITH NO TAXES. PROGRESSING. placed so conspicuously and to the A WELL DESERVED SNUB. "Curse you! curse you!" ho mutter- full advantage of tho light beating In Sweden there IH a town named oil, ami a big splodge of color marred down from the "I think Arthur would have pro glass dome On ono occasion an English gentleOrson. They have u Htrcot railway tho left-hand corner. Tho strength head, his heart great filled with a over- posed to mo last night, If you hadn's sud.·ayateni thoro, but It costs, the inhabit- of the thrust overbalanced the easel, den rush of awe was feeling. ome In the room Just whon you man called to BOO Lord Westmoreland and on particular business. Ho was at :antH nothlnp; to rlclo. 'rnoy pay no which fell to the ground with a crash, did." "Good heavens, Elsie," he said In taxc-n. They have free llhrarleit nnd carrying the picture with it. "What reason havo you for bellov- breakfast and, receiving him with his a honrno whlnper, "what nn Inspiration IIIR that?" usual urbanity, asked the object of his froo HChoolH. Onion IH n very happy Elttlo was on her feet In an Instant. I had whon I painted that."" and contented community, and nil ho"Ho had Just taken both of my vlult, Tho gentleman said that ho felt "Maurice, Maurice, what are you doMany yours afterwards Elsie was hands In II!H. Ho had never hold somewhat aggrieved, as ho had brought CUUHO a generation or two ago tho IllK?" cnHiially glancing through n book of moro than ono of thorn at a time bo- an olilclul letter of Introduction to him municipal authorities planted a toroHt "Thoy did It, thoy did It!" ho kopt portraits whon her attention was ar- foro." from tho Foreign Olllco and, having for (li« henollt of tlio town. That forleiiriftid that, his lordship had given a ·OH!. IH hUnlllijoiitly coiiHorved and on muttarlng, Incoherently. In soft, pormiaHlvo tones nho preKi'i'iU dinner the iilKhl before, was mirwill cloubtlowt bo earning money prlHPd and hurt at receiving no Inviwhon nil of tho pruHunt I n h a h i t i i n t H vailed upon him to K"t hack to bod. lie watt mill babbling chlld-llko tation. U)rd Westmoreland exclaimed, uro tUmd ami KOIIO, anil whon tholr w i t h bin iiHiial heartIIIOHH: "God hlo:m Kranilclilldron nro no more. CoiiHorva- when tho doctor arrived. me, Hir, I am really quite 'dlHtroHtiod. "Anxloly, woaknoHH and want ot <lon IH not a now oxoopt In Cuba IH to nbollHb capital punlnh mont that |I!H tiueeemior hati, ami thir- I t h i n k I rocolvod tho lottor of which <hlH country. No man 'nor any nallon ttlcn|> are reiiponulblo for thin. I Will mont. |)r. Manuel Sec-mien, consulting ty men wero put to death (luring bin you Hpoiik. I will HOIK! for It." Ac<H no rich Hint ho or It can nironl to Hond around u draught for him, and attorney of tho Intorlor Department four your rolKn. cordingly tho letter wan brought to 1)0 prodlKnl In wealth. \Vo may not >n no account mmit ho bo dlnUirbed. of Cuba, IH studying Iho modern prhi Tho venliiKo always IH a murderer him, ami on reading It bo nald to tho lie able to support thin govornimmi. iVnd no more of that picture," ho miKor: "Ah, I thoiiKht HO! Thoro, "Illn reason omi fti t h i n country. Cuba hi to havo who linn hci'ii iientencod to death. For by IIIOIIIIH of national foretila, but It tdilcd, w i t h oniphiiHhi. up to dal» prlHoim too. hln work In killing othorn ho receive:! Hlr, hi the letter, hut thoro IH no monlit ovldont that unleim wo lake aonio iiul life' art) worth more than all tho Thoro nro fourteen inunloroiit lu (line off, Iho iiamo an for Kood be- lion of illnnor In It." On which tho world. To-morrow moiiHiii-eii to prevent ilotoroiilnllon,, ilrturoii In tho nlIonian roue nnd Imrkod out of tho I'rlnclpo penitentiary now, hut they havior, nnd iiltto $17 for ovory Job. wo iiro KOIIIK lo ho In a mlnorahlo nny llnd him normal again." probably novor will bo executed. Ho Tho voriluKD In a privileged character room In confuxloii. jillKht hot'oro another contnry Itt paat,




There In a life In the will of Hod, no quiet, no ill peace with Him, MO at real In Ilia Joy, MO p e r f e c t l y eont e n t lhal lie In doliiK bent, lhal Iho linen are wiped mil of (he face, t h e f e v e r hi none from t h e real lean eye, and Hie n a t u r e la iillll. Kent In Hie Lord, ami wall p a t i e n t l y for Him, and npcixt Ilie alnulitlh olher men wuiito, In funny a n x i e t y , In helping your fel Inwmrn.

(thi'lHllaini are noiiK'tlmen porpltixotl ami illHootiniKfil heeiinae of I heir Irlahi. Thoy Itnow nut whal (tod In dolni; wllh them; they fear thai Ho la angry wllh them. Hut I hoy nro "Illit worluiimnihlp." He la preparing them for their deiitlnallon In Iho loinpin of 11 lit Kntee, Thi'lle Irlallt nrtt applied lo i|intllly anil advance them; they will nnly "pcrfecl t h a t which concernelh" Ihem. Howard wait lulicli by I he i-nemy, and eonllned In prlaon. There ho li'iiineil the heart of Iho c a p l l v o ; mill hht experience, original Inn In bin nnf ferlng, excited anil directed hbi Ihoni-htii anil leil him Into all bin e x t r a o r d i n a r y courne of iiHefulneim and' , fa "To comfort and lo hlcim, To llnd u balm fur woe, To lend tint lime and falherloaa. In ungela 'worlt below,"

It In believed that tlie lar^oa! employer |n u,o world or Iho hioyole In Iho llrlllah poatnmiiter-Koniiral. ||e haii In hln department at nioiionl II,·10(1 or them, about ono-niiir or which aro lined by Iho rural delivery carrlnrii. JOuoli hleyclo nveniKe,i lo.nnn mlluu of t r a v e l .a year, nuilim,; ,,,,,,·,, <inm (im ,,, l h ( ( ,, KKI .,,. Kiiln, or 17,01111,0111) mlloH lurlhor than (ho dlnlanee from the eiulli to |lie nun. Tho life ol Iho pout olllce hi <:yolo iivciritKon lour and u halt yearo anil Unit of a lire ahoiit nine inontha. Kxtiopt ror IniprovoiiuiiilH in hraliea. (alia, the deuliui of (he Idtiyeio |mn rumaliiitil inmlleied for ion yearn.

In the atornoon Khtlo loft the) nick j '(nr l>rm',|,|mll. Gome* ban followed the room ami went out for fronh air. An plan lined by Kantian (ioyornora for iiho wnllvoil aloiiK her mind naturally i yoarn whon doilKliiK tho c.irryliiK out hnoyanl anil oiillmlnllc. iloiieoiuled In- 1 or the death penally he iilmply lo I he lovvoat tleptlni of (loHpulr. Tho fntioit to not tho (Into on whloh a conideliue Iho candidate) for Iho (hand dcinncd man iihnll die. (iovornor Ma1'rlx of 25,000 frnncii at tho llrumiohi KOOII did llio name (him; when ho wan International Art Kxhlhltlon had lo In charKe of Iho Inland, ar»!UliiK t h a t liu llnlnhed and itout off next clay. Anil If Cnliiinn wort) (o ho e x e c u t e d It wan what a Ki'ont deal depended on Hn up lo Iho Cuhnnti lo do It, Iliml nucroiia. There worn full two Wllh llio aholhtlmionl or capital pun inontha arnmrii for hoard a Inhinent In Cuba the wenlern heinliliin lo Ihn ImlulKoiil Mother (luniln, upborn will he rid of one i/f Iho mont III addition, there wan the doctor, cruel death dealing dovlcen ever Hindi Momdeiir Yl'lal, who hail been lu al- hy man Iho narrole, introduced Into inojil, dally attendance for tho hull, Culm by Iho Hpaiilnrdn. In demandnaked Ihrue inonihii. He wan hind, loo, and IllK a penally Iho Hpaiilanht morn Ihan Iho lire of a man, and Ihn forohore preaahu; Iho claim. down on a neitl near hy, Kin-role, wllh lla nlow lorluro preced. Kliiln allowed thoutthla |o run oil Ill); (loath, annwcred (heir purpom;.

loo. lie baa an apartment In tho prhion for lilninelf alone, enjoyn bettor food and on tho whole In an Imporlnnl functionary of Iho Kovorninent.


The Garroto Dnocrlhod. Novor before had Iho f u t u r e loomed The inochanlnni In itlmple, There la no dark ami hopoloitn. Her child, u In I'rln i;a.v Illlle fellow of live yearn, had boon nn uprlKht pont, In front of whloh ht a wan w i t h i n u few root nr tool, on which Ihe mnn about lo ho Ihe mom In which the ^arrolo In kept TMK IMMNCC-. itoni away lo frlendn; even ono mouth Minuted nlla, Allaohoil t o Iho u|irl||ht Over Iho black ciirlalmi lhal hid from HOPELE03 CA8II. hunt In mimolhlnr, what, wan (o boIn a wooden collar re enforced hy Iron view Ihe death device wan a nlnn In Thoro wait a prlnoe in lloMioi, come or him? Irlpn made t o adjunl around a per- bin lottorlui;, "darrole." (loniti/. iiaw Anil all men named hhi naino, "Why don't you innlto hay whllo tho Two brlnhl lonra alowly rolled down on'ii neck. A f t e r Iho collar In put on II and chllhi \velll up hln hack. He nun iihlneii and ·" Who, In bin pride exalted, mu, ' llui palo, pinched eliooha ami nplanheil Iho oxeoutloner, or yenluf.o, t w l n l n a i lonned on hhi eot, for ho couldn't nleep Vea, on Iho (opinoiil parapet, "Huh! If I tried lo do (hat It'll junr. on Iho (line-worn ilreitn. Ti elTeel la a and evory lime ho opened hla eyea bin ho my Inoli lo i;el iiumil rucli." '"UK wooden A Kolclon ahrlno lo fume, HI Hn. wan (oo npnet to nolleo lUo j ,|Hh,,lllhlK of ,,,,,· ,,oll,u on (he vief^it'/o aeemeil lo rent on (ho ale.ll. I lit i ..u -I, of ,, (.ulody-droHHod a.raiiK- Uni'n neelt. The ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,, ,.,,ndnuod lold hla frlendn Hint ho hail expe "CATI" EXCLAIMED. There In no iilirlno In lleihnl, or ,vyho, neelu/t IIDI- (l|iitr(inti, nlopnod nnlil Iho neelt In broken. Thin plan of rlonccd terrlhle ilicama and ho wait Nor jirlnoe nor lowly thrall; *iu\ lookeil al her In pity for rmmo I hrlniilnK doalh aomodmca lake,, IIf- much Impici'nod, h'rlemln nay that hln Nun A n y w a y , I don't Illto hln look.t. Thoro In no iihlnliiK Kllnl or nnlil monionln. | experience dial nlKbt In what ll/inrea Fun That'll liccamm he looltii In my Havo wlioru Iho wiuuloror limy hohnhl "Miuliuiin In In iroiihloT" ho roiiuirkI'roiililonl 1'almu ilhlu'l entertain din now In dm 1'reiilileiil'n objection to dlrccllnn lalhei- oflcncr than ho ilooik Tho UyiiMop In llio wall I («l KO'illy, Milling down hettldo lior, name iierup|c|i about, capilal pnnlnh- tint death piimilly. In ycinni,


Executioner of Seventy. One Spanluh executioner named June wailVkop! no butiy t h a i ho obtained bin rnloann within nevon yoarn. He had put aevenly peraonn lo death Wllh (ho $17 ho received for oAnh e.xecullou June left (he prbioii wllh onoiiKh money to KOI u atari In Iho world. Ho iipeiil hln money lively and honnleil of hln record an all executioner. ||ht ine WIIH nut to hint lonj;. however, for on Iho third day of hh llherly ho wan iilahheil to death. Thorn In a III (In Inalde nlory re);ardlii|; Iho opponllloa of I'rciddenl Home/, lo capllnl puiibihmonl. (he Interior (llnlurhanee In Cuba In liMlfi (lomiv. wan u political prliUmer,

1'Var no moro tho heal o' tho nun Nor tho furlomi winter niKon; Thou thy worldly tank hniti douo, Homo an) KOHO and (a'en thy

(loltlon hiihi and f;lrln all niuiK, An chimney nweepcra. come to limit. I'Vur no moro Iho frown o' tlio groat, Thou aro pant (ho lyrant'n iitrolio; dare no nii)i'« lo clothe ami oat; To Ihee Iho reed la ail tho oak; The neeplre, learnliiK, phynlc, iiilint All tollow (hln, anil come lo (Hint. I'Var no moro Iho IlKhtnlUK II an It Nor the all-dreaded thunder ntoiio; Fear nol nlandor, oonnnro raim; Thou him llnlnh'd Joy ami miinn; All h)\'ora yiniiiK, nil loveni inuitt Coni'lnn t o Ihee, and (-01110 lo dual.

with "PITTSBURGH PERFECT" Poultry and Garden Fence

_ · «* .. «_**._r _ _ .<_ _·_._ *T* Jttt^~^n9mlw1f*mnA tflza*. M.Q&D&

This is the verdict of every man and woman whose poultry quartets or gardens are enclosed with this fence . What mow than perfect satisfaction can one desire?

-..-.,*,·* «UA.>c-sSH? Jtt it the high quality O^en Health wire. like old thnr iron wire, perfectlr Balranixed and made info team by uueparafaly joining! ttay and itrand wma by

^^*^£Sttww^ ·»». or w,«, the b«t **, u, rour townBold by


\>>S»3 fSSSj "S £,. . . C »»»-«l'«



Gearge Elvins


o «irry cona-· , _ _ a *_-_J____..* _ _ J ·»_.· ot rtj-ry contact point, that make* "Piltibnrrt ferT i- _ . feet*' Fence the atcongeat, bnndiamcit and moat <!urohle in the world.



99 Reasons

Why it pays to build of Concrete : First, il inslH; Second, it satisfies; Third, it is modern ; The other ninety six reasons you Will Bnd if you will examine a ^·houseof this kind, or if you will call OB the

Cyclone Galvanized Ornamental Fence


Specially made--fully guaranteed--·'durable, ' cBeaper thau wood. ; All sizes and styles. See samples at my office.

Hammonton Concrete Co,


Hammnnton Avenue Hammonton, Local Phone 557 - N. J.

Aft will fit yon with a pair of · Wv our Reading, Sewing or »v i An adjourned meeting was held on Tuesday evening, i8th inst.,'all Near-work Eye Glasses or Specmembers being present. tacles. This includes the examinThe Clerk read the curbing and ation and proper fitting, we make sidewalk ordinance which had these goods and guarantee the quality. passed first reading at last meeting. J. R. HUNTER Mr. White offered an amendment defining the concrete to be used, . ...Eye Specialist... and it was adopted; also another, 214 MARKETST.. .PHILADELPHIA.PA. allowing the use of gravel "or other suitable material" between concrete >valk and property line. The ordinance then passed second reading by a unanimous vote. Tin 'ti^nest gtandard attainable in Mr. Wood moved that the ordinPortland Cement. lt< definite hitfh quality never varies--every bag is alike. ance pass third and final' readin3. Concrete made from " DEXTER" is Clerk then read a^iiotest, signed sturdy u lolid rock--resists strain and by twentyrtwo property owners on weather, and Wl forever. Bellevue Avenue between Fourth "DEXTER" worki .mooth, and Street-aud-MainJR.oad_;-stating-that acti hard. It will in every inft'Ticc pay yon to ^ most of the places within those boundaries were farms, not resiSPECIFY "DEXTER1 dence lots; that as their street lines were very long, it would be a hardship for them to be compelled to put in the required curbing and walks; asked that so much of Bellevue be excepted this year. A similar protest came from Mrs. T. B. Drown, on Egg Harbor Road. Miss Anna Cogley entered a verbal HOW TO USE CEMENT protest in the name of the estate. \Ve can furnult you · number of A prolonged debate followed, diitinct and tijhly authoritative bookparticipated in very vigorously by let* covering the many diverse uses of Messrs. H. M. Phillips, Loami cement. Il you will tell ut -what specially intereatf you, we will give, Monfort, Win. J. Smith, A. J. Rider, fre« of charge and without further Orville Bassett, T. R. Evanp, Dr. obligation on your part, the booklet J. A. Waas, R. G. Scudder, E. W. ·which thoroughly coven the informaBatchelor, J. B. Seely, G. W. tion deiired. Bassett, H. Kirk Spear.-t-t eside \Ve linve Dtxter Portland ·>ers of Council. Cement in Block. S remembered that an ordinance cannot be amended after Hammontoti Concrete'.Co. passing second reading. On motion Hnrrjmonton, N. J. the vote was reconsidered. Another debate followed, on the amendment to omit the upper end of Bellevue, for a year. While considering a motion to Pennsylvania B. R. pass second reading, Mr. White Personally Conducted ijave notice that he desired to offer Excursions several amendments and moved that an adjourned meeting be held on Friday evening, aist inst. So ; voted? Aug. 1, 15, 2fl, September

Town Council Meeting.



To Niagara Falls

7, 21, Octobers, 1011.



Athletic Association.

Last Saturday, our team defeated the Atcos in a ten-inning game. Score, 3 to 2. Atco brought a strong team, and fought out the game to a finish. There were a number of brilliant plays on both sides. In the second, Slack caught a difficult fly, and Lobley made a fine assist on a grounder ; but in the third I.obley and L,ockhart tach made overthrows. In the third, Hammonton scored two runs. Tell made three bags on a hit, and scored en Hayfield's single. Lobley drew a pass, stole second, and scored on Conly's hit. Atco scored in first and third, one each, and the game went on in league style uiitil the tenth.

llnmrnuiitou 0 0 2 0 0 0 u 0 0 1--.'1

n?1" Fammonton, $ll

HI'KTlALTHAlN'ol I'nllmnn Parlor ran, Iilnlnc *.*nrH, nnd !>ny t'onclieH from I'hllaclvllihln tluy following, runnlnR via the

Picturesque 8u«quehanna Valley Eouto

Tlckrtu Rood- RuliiK on rceulnr trnlim to rhlla<lclphln. anil thcnrc on SiKTlnl Train, nnd Rood rc'tiirnhm on regular trains within SI.XTKKN DAYS. StoiMitr within limit allowed at liullnlo, rcturnliiK. llliiMrntcd Ilixiklct and lull Information may bo uhtnlnrd from Ticket Au'ontft. Toum to N'lncnm KiillH, Toronto, 'Itioumnd InlandH. July HI, Aup. li and 111.

Plumber Steam and Gas Fitter

All work in my linn done in workmanlike tnnnnor, and guaranteed.


No Telephone??



Its cost in Mioo leather. Your property in case

of fire.

Ladies' $2.5O Oxfords

We are



HAMMONTON Local Phono 877

Y our LIKB when you lloc<1 tno Oooior. quickly. all for Ian than Ihe cont of one ciKir u day, on actual coat of tlifl , servif.o.


I 0 I 0 0 O'O 0 0 0-2

Can j/ou afford Io be without ill' Bball wo inotull n plume for you 1 A. J. RIDER,

Vicnlilt"') t i n i l Mtiluticrr,

Selling for $2

We .have a large stock Oall and see them

) T«U'}i)iiiiic fr 'l'uui|{itt|ili Co.

Monday, July i?th. Morning game,--Haminoijtou scored 3 runs, Vine-land 2. A very interesting game, finished in a downpour of rain. At the end of the eighth, Ihe score was i to i ; then Vineland scored one, and our team, in one of their famous ninth inning rallies, brought in the two winning runs,--Conly, Persico and Reeves making Ihe necessary hits.

lliiinninnlon Vlnolnnil » 0 n 0 I 0 » <> '-'-:) I) 'I I 'I I) '' " " '-'·*

Everybody reads the Republican

John Prasch, Jr., funeral Director and Embalmor

Twolltn Ht., bnlwnmi rnllrnniln. Lnonl Phono 1101. Doll 47-l>








E. A. Slrout ·» lh« fc"ni»'"« Company." .M"I!"Jil"!"""

It Is i;"inK on morn tlinu 1500 «lniii.|; tliu next twelves months. V - I I I von like Io m-o It on JTMII' liuru--on thr fnrin yon don't Y.'irt MILI <o know that tlicclnllnra - II i' i l o l l n r n yon <)<> \vant--\vcrc III I I , ' : iuiviii|;» bank crcilitcil to your iiccoiilit ? t t> noil* f K i i n u - - - r v r r y \ v h c r c l He run uell your*. No nilvnnrn frr. W r l t n our nciirmt iiKdit (or (roo

Uukion Now York. l'hllntlolt>liU I'lltmltura Ctlcauo

The grounds were flooded at one o'clock, but a dyke WIIH constructed mid drainage water shut off, uiul iK'eaurie of tlie dry new* of the soil, it was posmbki t<> piny the ufu-nioon gmne at four o'clock. A bridge WIIH constructed over Si-hoolliousu I.une, g i v i n g entrance to the field. The afternoon game WIIH <|uitc diflVrtMit from t h a t in the morning. The bull watt wet mid HlirnuTy, m i l k i n g perfect p l n y i n g impossible. Vinelund lnul u total of fourerrortt; lluitiiuouton tiix.


Rammonton, N. J.

IP l> I) I II II I il II- II









II. W, MLI.r.n.iHmiiinontoii, N, J

|: i i i n ft, TriiH-hrliluii M u l l . l i n n

Vim-land lu'ortiil twelve hits, while we only not five ; nnd Vinel a i i d ' h came ut the liK'ht time to count. To-day we |)lny a return w i t h Oakwood A. C., of I'hlliulelphiu. In tlu-ii fiiHt name, J"'y ' i we won,--.1 to 2. Thin will be the line-ii|) to-day : Slack, i b, Huyliclil, 2 b. I.oehart, .1 b. IVrrtico, e. Tell or I ' l t / i w l r i r k , p. Lobley, H.II. Hinlnall, r , f . Conley, e . f , Keyiier, l.f. N e x t week, third of tu-dri* w i t h May'n I

McCAtl. TATTKIINS t.'ulcilimlcil lor ulylu. |>nr(cct fit. ·Implicit? «nit rrlUMIUy Hourly 40 yrnn. Hnli| In imrly «vcrr clly nixl lo\vn In HI" Unli>"l HIAI«I mid <'nii«il«, in \<f mull illrail. Morn mM (Inn ·ny olhar imtko. flonil lor Irea faUloKue. McCALI/a MAOAZINK Morn >ulncill>rri linn ·"? ntlini l»Mnn nipijnulno-- inlllliiii · ninnlli. lnv»lu«hl«. l.utrM tlylo. |iillli<riii, ilri'KiltinkliiKi inllllntrjr, |iUln »cwlnir, funi'jr iircillimuik.finlnlrvMlitif, cll(iu<-(lt, nihiil nl.irlfi, rli'. Olllv M >-inil> · yrnr (wnrlli iloiilila). Incltillllijr H Ircn (iitltrrn. »ult«<rlt>o t«>iUy» «ir luntl l»r imn|>la COJIJT.

In Af ·nil. riiilnl li'jiK* I'rcinlum c>U>«|rii« Khitll<vrc»ll|>rl>ai>Hui<, Aililroi tlU UtCIU CO.. 2)9 la 3<l W. J7IU HI.. N«W


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