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With an ATP® Maintenance Library Service, you save the time and effort of having to contact every manufacturer, order every publication related to the models you are servicing, and track and process revisions on divergent schedules. ATP libraries are based on a single source concept. We collect and organize thousands of publications from hundreds of manufacturers and government agencies including airframes, engines, ADs, Service Bulletins and Associated Service Information. Buying all your publications from a single source makes your ATP library a cost-effective, time-saving tool.

Turn Your Maintenance Library into a Customer Service Advantage

Largest and Most Comprehensive Maintenance Publication Resource

ATP Maintenance Libraries generally include airframe, engine and propeller maintenance publications. Manuals typically included are: · Illustrated Parts Catalogs · Wiring Diagrams · Service Bulletins, Communiqués, and Letters · Structural Inspection and Repair Manuals · Component Maintenance Manuals · Airworthiness Directives

The ATP® Aviation Hub provides online access to your ATP maintenance library from any computer with an Internet connection. With the NavigatorVTM desktop platform, you can also install ATP content on a local computer (or on your network so multiple users can share the same information).

Multiple Access Options to Suit the Needs of Your Operation

Developed through a close collaboration with aviation maintenance professionals, ATP Navigator® technology is the industry standard for maintenance publication access. ATP maintenance library services leverage this proven technology to deliver intelligent search capabilities designed to streamline your workflow and reduce the cost of maintaining compliance.

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use ATP Navigator® Technology

· All your ATP airframe, engine, propeller, appliance and regulatory libraries are accessed through one integrated platform. · Powerful search tools allow you to locate information by date, keyword, manufacturer or model. · Patented PowerTrackTM indexing performs searches by any prior manufacturer or model making it possible to go · The Patented Profile and Compliance tool generates compliance records that can be automatically updated with · The LogIT tool allows you to create a record and later access all documents you used in your compliance research.

each content revision. further than the current Type Certificate holder.

Be Confident In Your Currency

Revision services included with your annual subscription keep you current and compliant with Federal and EASA aviation documentation requirements. With the online ATP Aviation Hub, you have immediate access to ATP's most current content. The NavigatorV desktop platform automatically updates your library twice a week over the Internet. Library updates can also be delivered on discs in the mail, creating a fail-safe revision process.

All ATP maintenance libraries include ATP's world-class customer support, unlimited access to the ATP UniversityTM learning center, and free membership in the AskBobTM online aviation maintenance community. Subscribers also have access to daily AD update notices online and ATP's free daily AD email alert service.

Valuable, Customer Focused Benefits

Discover the benefits of putting an ATP maintenance library service to work for you

When it comes to maintenance publication research and compliance tracking, there is no better solution than an ATP maintenance library service powered by ATP Navigator technology. To learn more about how ATP maintenance libraries can benefit your operation, visit where you can find additional resources and information on saving time and increasing productivity with ATP.

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© Copyright 2011,ATP. All rights reserved. ATP, NavigatorV, ATP Navigator, AskBob and PowerTrak are among the trademarks or registered trademarks of ATP. All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. *Viking maintenance libraries are purchased directly from Viking Air Ltd.

101 South Hill Drive Brisbane, California 94005

Worldwide: +1 415 330 9500 U.S. and Canada: 800 227 4610


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