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Krico Mod. 902 Deluxe Grade III

Krico Mod. 902 Deluxe Satin (Plates Grade IV)

Krico 902 Deluxe

Krico Mod. 902 Deluxe «All weather»

Technical details

calibres 243W-6,5x55-270W 30.06-308W-7x64 7mmRM-300WM no. of grooves: Barrel Action Trigger Set trigger security Frame Magazine Sights Stock length Stock and forearm barrel length 57 cm 57-62 cm overall length 108,5 cm 113,5 cm approx total weight 3,100 kg 3,100 kg magazine capacity 3 3

Scope mounts Package Finishings Special finishings:


4 grooves for calibre 30.06-270W-7x64-6,5x55-308w 6 grooves for calibre 7mmRM-300WM-243W A unique and patented feature is the ability to instantly convert the rifle to a wide range of calibres (also between 270W and 7mmRM). The barrels are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards by Lothar Walther. Bolt action with three locking lugs in one level. Direct trigger combined with forward set trigger (French type). The forward set trigger uncocks automatically if the bolt is operated to open the breach. CNC machinery from 7075t6 material, more usually used for aerospace components. Push release magazine detaches smoothly and instantly into the hand. High quality fixed sights with lateral adjustment and brass front blade. The stock has a standard length of 36 cm. Separated walnut stock wigh high-angle pistol grip with rosewood grip plate. Fine checkering, English oil finish surface, rubber recoil pad. The stock is available in three stock options, Montecarlo, Bavarian and custom made. Wooden side plates can be interchanged with the highly engraved steel plates to upgrade the rifle. Available different scope mounts options. Easy fitting on the rifle because of the threads already made in the locking nut and in the frame. The rifle is supplied in a gun case with stock and barrel wrench. The Krico Mod. 902 Deluxe is available in standard grade or in the upgrade versions: grade 2-3-4. These offer engraved side plates and higher quality of woods. On demand: it is possible to fit upgraded woods on standard grade. Krico Mod. 902 Deluxe "Satin": the same cosmetic features as the Krico 902 Deluxe, except the barrel and the frame have been sanded. This provides a super touch highly practical non glare finish for the dedicated hunter who requires concealment. Krico Mod. 902 Deluxe "All Weather": the same cosmetic features as the Krico 902 Deluxe, except the barrel is made in stainless steel. This ensures the rifle's maximum durability under the most extreme conditions. The rifle's approximate total weight is 3,100 kg, with the wooden side plates fitted on. Weight changes are possible depending on the density of the wood.

Designed by Kriegeskorte Entwicklungsges. GmbH Nürnberger Straße 6, D-90602 Pyrbaum (Germany) - Phone: +49 91 80 27 80 - Fax. +49 91 80 26 61 E-mail: [email protected] - http: // MFG & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION by C.D. EUROPE S.r.l. Via Galilei, 6 I-25068 Sarezzo (ITALY) - Phone: +39 030 89 00 850 Fax. +39 030 89 00 370 E-mail: [email protected] - http: //

Eine Repetierbüchse die sich verschiedenen Jagdgelegenheiten anpasst - Una carabina completamente intercambiabile - A complete shooting system in one rifle - Une carabine interchangeable pour toutes les chasses - Un rifle con posibilidad de varios calibres en un solo arma - Ett gevär för alla situationer - Yksi ase ­ monta vaihtoehtoa

Krico 902 Deluxe

Eine Repetierbüchse mit moderner Handspannung La carabina con un nuovo sistema di sicurezza The rifle with an improved safety system La carabine avec un système de sécurité moderne - Rifle con un nuevo sistema de seguro - Geväret med ett modernt säkerhetssystem Kivääri uudenaikaisella varmistinmekanismilla

Die Leichte - La più leggera - The lightweight - La plus légère - El más ligero - Den lättare - Kevyempi

Auswechselbare Schäfte - Calci intercambiabili Interchangeable stocks - Crosses interchangeables - Culata intercambiable - Utbytbara kolvar - Vaihdettavat tukit

Wechselläufe in reicher Kaliberauswahl - Canne di ricambio in una vasta scelta di calibri Interchangeable barrels in a wide choice of calibres - Canons interchangeables avec un grand choix de calibres - Cañones intercambiables en una amplia variedad de calibres - Utbytbara pipor i ett stort antal kalibrar - Vaihdettavat piiput, joissa laaja kaliiperivalikoima

Maßschäfte auf Anfrage - A richiesta calcio a misura - Custom made stock to order - Crosse sur mesure à la demande - Posibilidad de culata a medida (sobre pedido) - På beställning: Måttbeställd kolv Tilauksesta: mittaperätukki

Custom made stock Grade III Grade II

Bavarian Grade IV Grade III


Auswechselbare und gravierte Seitenplatten Piastrine incise ed intercambiabili Interchangeable, engraved side plates - Platines gravées et interchangeables - Pletinas laterales grabadas e intercambiables - Graverade samt utbytbara sidoplattor - Kaiverretut ja vaihdettavat sivulevyt

Schnell zu entnehmendes Magazin - Caricatore a sgancio rapido - Fast detachable magazine Chargeur avec décrochage rapide - Cargador de rápida extracción - Magasin för snabb plundring Helppokäyttöinen ja täsmällisesti toimiva lipas


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