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Background to Modern Arabic Literature Topics:

1. Introduction: review of main topics in ARAB 245 2. Non-Muslim Arab response to the influence of Western thought on Eastern Arab World in the Nineteenth Century; comparison between Niqula at-Turk and al-Jabarti on Napoleon's expedition; Arabic language as a principle factor in identity of non-Muslims; revival of classical literature and the maqamah. 3. Leading linguists in Lebanon as revivalists; Nasif al-Yaziji, ashShidyaq; language as a vehicle for modernization. 4. The classical and anti-classical: ash-Shidyaq, an early attempt at modernity hadathah. 5. Missionary work in Bilad ash-Sham: modern schools, woman and education, spreading of literacy, translation, Arab journalism and the influence of the printing press, the rise of Arab intelligentsia. 6. Influence of Western ideologies and political movements: secularism and Deism/ Rationalism., impact of the Industrial Revolution, Romanticism, Darwinism and social Darwinism, Socialism, rise of nationalism and Arab Nationalism, Abdullah an-Nadim, Adib Ishaq, Marrash, Shayyil, Farah Antun, ar-Raihani. 7. Encyclopaedists: Bustani, Sarruf, Zaydan. 8. New literary style, influence of Western genres: novel, drama, essaywriting; Mahjari literary movement Requirements (1) Textbook: Albert Hourani, Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age (Arabic edition, 2001) (2) Selected readings of Arab renaissance authors (3) Students' presentations of short papers (4) Exams: two month tests and a final exam


Microsoft Word - Arabic 246.doc

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