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Welcome to Augusta Co-Op's Equine Products Catalog! Inside you will find a listing of many of the horse related items stocked at Augusta Co-Op. We have listed the major brands and items that are stocked in one or more Augusta Co-Op locations throughout Virginia. Also, we provide many services to help you with the upkeep of all of those little things that go into a successful equine farm. Feel free to browse and explore our product offerings! Most of the equine items that Augusta Co-Op stocks are featured in this catalog, but there are some equine items that are stocked that are not featured. Also, new products arrive throughout the different seasons of the year. Call or visit your local Augusta Co-Op store or field representative for more information about a product or service. Augusta Co-Op has retail operations located in the following areas: 1205B Richmond Rd Staunton, VA 24401 (540)885-1265 18 Depot Ln Weyers Cave, VA 24486 (540)234-9275 5788 N Lee Hwy Fairfield, VA 24435 (540)377-6798

8173 Scottsville Hwy Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)286-2650

1078 Custer Ln (Agronomy/Feed Delivery service) Bedford, VA 24523 (434)546-0771

Local delivery of equine products is available in areas of Augusta, Rockbridge, Rockingham, Albemarle, Nelson, Buckingham, Goochland, Bedford, and Campbell counties. Feed and equine products may also delivered to other areas by special arrangements. Lastly, many equine items can be shipped to you by UPS. Contact your local Augusta Co-Op store for more delivery information. Augusta Co-Op also employs an equine specialist, Alisa Berry, to assist you with specific equine issues for your farm. Alisa works with the feed mill, the fertilizer department, all store locations, and other field representatives to solve technical equine issues. Alisa can be contacted at (540)294-3630.


In addition to this equine catalog, Augusta Co-Op has more product catalogs, product features, sales specials, market information, and industry events and news posted on the web at New content and features continue to be added to the website so check back often. Shop Augusta Co-Op today for your equine needs! Anyone can shop here! If you have a farming operation, consider becoming a member of Augusta Co-Op. We welcome new members everyday!

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Feeding and Watering Equipment Housing - Stalls and Fencing Nutrition - Equine Feeds Nutrition - Equine Supplements Animal Health - Dewormers/Vaccines/Wound Care Grooming/Hoof Care/Tack Other Supplies/Services



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Feeding and Watering Equipment



Duraflex® 8, 10, 12, 18 qt Flat Back & Corner 20 qt


Duraflex® 8 & 20 qt - a multitude of colors Regular, Flat-Back & Hookover styles Fortiflex® 8 & 20 qt - a multitude of colors Regular and Flat-Back styles

Bucket Hooks - For Regular and Flat-Back Styles Muck Tubs - 70 gallon capacity in assorted colors

Muck carts

Feed Pans & Scoops

Duraflex® Plastic - Hookover, corner feeders, mini-feeders, divider feeders, feed pans, feed scoops Duraflex® rubber round pans and tubs - 2 qt to 15 gallon sizes



5 foot galvanized (hay rack may be ordered) Tarter® Paddock Master Hay and Grain Tarter® Equine Hay Basket

Round Bale

Tarter® 3 piece A Frame Behlen Country® 3 piece open top with poly skirt

MIneral Feeders

Behlen Country® WVP-6000 and Windvane Salt Block and Salt Brick holders


Waterers & Watering Equipment

Mirafount® Waterers - Frost free, paddock, and stall Ritchie® Waterers - Frost free, paddock, and stall Rubbermaid® Stock Tanks - 50, 70, 100, 150, & 300 gallon Galvanized Stock Tanks - 44, 70, 100, 150, & 300 gallon Float Valves - Aluminum, Plastic, & Megaflow® Water Hydrants - 2' and 3' bury plus repair parts Tank Deicers - Floating, Submergible, Drain Plug Heated Buckets - for wintertime conditions Stall 5 gallon Bucket Holders Gilmour ® Water Hoses and Accessories Wide Assortment of Plumbing Parts and Pipe Mortons® Water Conditioning Pellets

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Stalls and Fencing

Stall Items


Royal Pine Drynest Guardian® Pellet Bedding

Brooms Shovels and Wheelbarrows Duraforks Hay Racks - wall mount, corner mount Hay Nets Stall Fresheners

Sweet PDZ Stall Dry Stall Safe

Cross Ties - bungee & nylon Stall Guards

Nylon Covered Chain

Stall Mats 4x6 Straw

Pasture Fencing

Field Fence

Redbrand® Non-Climb Horse Fence - 36, 48, 60, and 72" height 100 and 200 ft rolls Stay-Tuff® Horse-Tuff® Fixed-knot - 48 and 61" height 165 ft rolls Stay-Tuff® Fence Building Accessories


Wooden CCA treated round and 1/2 round T posts - 5, 6, 6-1/2, and 7 ft height

Electric Fencing

Gallagher Mains and Solar Powered Energizers Gallagher Equibraid, Turbotape and other equine fencing Parmak Mains and Solar Powered Energizers Dare electric fence accessories Temporary step-in posts Energizer repair service is provided for all energizers we sell!



Economy - 19 gauge, red color Bull - Combination 17 and 19 gauge, blue color Heavy - 16 gauge, red color Special order 2x4 wire filled Gate accessories - hinge pins, latches

Round Pens & Corral Panels - 12 ft panels and 6x9 arch gate Wire Panel - 4x4 square, 60 inch height

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Equine Feeds

Augusta Co-Op EliteTM


EliteTM Original EliteTM Maintenance EliteTM Pleasure EliteTM Competitor EliteTM Performance EliteTM Senior EliteTM Mare and Foal


EliteTM 10% EliteTM 14% EliteTM Lite EliteTM Complete EliteTM Balancer EliteTM Fiber Blend


Fibergized Enduroevent Ener-G Grand Prix Granola Foal's Choice Broodmare/Yearling Choice Textured or Pellet Performance Choice 12% Textured or Pellet Seniors Choice Textured or Pellet Signature Line - 10%, 12%, or Pellet Signature Plus 10% Pellet Signature Plus 14% Performance Cool N Lite

Progressive® Nutrition

Envision Horse Diet Balancer Foals First Milk Replacer Topline Squared Foal Starter & Creep Pellets Pro Advantage Grass Premium Growth Cube Premium Growth Pellet Ulcer Formula

Feed Additives

Crimped & Whole Oats Whole, Rolled & Cracked Corn Alfalfa Cubes & Pellets Beet Pulp (with or without molasses) Rice Bran (pellet and meal) Wheat Bran Dengie - alfalfa, timothy, Hi Fi Flax Seed Manna Pro® Horse Treats



Loose Mineral 25 lb bag - UL2110 High Magnesium Loose Mineral 25 lb bag - AU2255 All Phase Diet Balancer Pellet - 50 lb bag Trace Mineral Block - 40 lb or brick size Plain White Salt Block - 40 lb or brick size Horse Protein & Mineral Block - 33 lb block Ultralyx Horse Protein Tub - 100 lb Sweetlix Rabon Fly Control Block - 40 lb

Custom Feed Formulation for orders of 1 ton or more

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Equine Supplements


Vitamin/Mineral/Coat Care

Foxden Linpro Farnam Vita Plus Platform Weight Re-Nu Animed B-12 powder Vita Flex Accel Clovite Focus Senior Focus Hoof Focus Weight


Foxden Flex Fluid Flex Foxden Flex w/ HA Ascend Gel Max Flex XR Animed Yucca Powder Next Level Hilton Herbs Multi-Flex Max Flex XR Vita Flex Equinyl C Platform joint Vita Flex Equinyl liquid Lubrisyn Vita Flex Hylamotion gel Arthri-eze Vita Flex Hylamotion powder Cosequin - 280 gm & 700 gm MSM - liquid 32 oz and powder 1 & 2 lb containers


Farnam HB 15 Biotin Horseshoer's Secret Master Hoof Blend Platform Hoof Health Bet-R-Hoof Crumbles Vita-Biotin Crumbles Farrier's Formula - 11, 22, 44 lb refill bags Farrier's Formula Double Strength

Body Condition

Foxden Muscle Mix Farnam Weight Red Cell Hilton Herbs Veteran


Foxden Tractguard Animed Anigest Yea Sacc Ulcerguard Ulcer Formula Neigh Lox

Calming Aids

Foxden Quiessence Quietex AniMed Vita-Calm Calm & Cool Hilton Herbs Confidence Plus


Immune Health

Animed Anihist Animed Flax Seed Oil

No-Chew Products

Farnam Quitt Halt Cribbing McNasty Chew Stop No Chew spray

Mare & Foal

Farnam Grow Colt Farnam Mare Plus

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Dewormers/Vaccines/Wound Care



Equimax Zimecterin Zimecterin Gold Ivercare Safeguard Quest Quest Plus Combo Care Tape Care Plus Strongid

Feed Through


Strongid C

Strongic C 2X


Fluvac Innovator 4 Fluvac Innovator 5 Fluvac Innovator 6 PotomacGuard Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/1 Equiloid Pneumabort K+1b


Nolvasan Scrub & Ointment Povidine Betadine Iodine Isopropyl Alcohol


Absorbine Vetrolin Mineral Ice Bigeloil Therma Flex Extend-A-Cool Ice Tight Epsom Salt

Wound Care

Furazone Blue Kote/Red Kote MTG DMSO Cut Heal Scarlex (Scarlet oil dressing) Swat - original & pink Blue Lotion Aloe Advantage TriCare

Misc. Animal Health Equipment

Syringes & needles Co-Flex bandages

Gloves & surgical equipment Powerflex bandages

Fly Control

Farnam® fly sprays

Animal Health

Repel X Endure Equi Spot Wipe Equisect organic

Bronco Tri-Tec Mosquito Halt Swat Flysect

Absorbine® fly sprays

Duraguard Ultrashield

Bug Block Supershield

Feed Through products

SimpliFly Supermask

Sweetlix Rabon Block Ultrashield Fly Bonnet

Fly Premise care - ribbons, sticks, traps, baits, sprays

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Hoof Care/Grooming/Tack

Hoof Care

Fiebings Hoof Dressings Tuff Stuff Thrush Buster Pine Tar Thrush XX Riders Rasp Splint Boots & Leg Wraps Horseshoers Products Kopertox Hoof Heal Venice Turpentine Farrier Tools for trimming & shoeing Easy Boots Bell Boots

Pain Relief

Buteless Paste Aspirease BL Solutioon


Shampoos & Conditioners

Mane n Tail Cowboy Magic Lazer Sheen

Quic Silver Eqyss Vetrolin Showsheen Microtek

Show Preparation

Brushes and combs- large assortment Hoof picks Grooming Boxes Oster Clippers & Blades Blankets - stable & turnout

Horse Equipment

Easy Boots Cotton Leg Wraps Splint Boots & Wraps Bell Boots

Tack & Tack Related

Halters Snaps

Rope All Leather Double End Panic Snaps Nylon Leather Break Away Swivel Snaps Quick release Rubber Reins Bridle Hooks Cribbing Straps Saddle Racks Grazing Muzzle Leather Crown Pieces Stirrup Leathers

Lead Shanks Bridles Martingales Saddles - English & Western Saddle Pads - English & Western Bits Cactus Rope Girths Training whips/Riding crops


Tack Cleaning

Lexol products Leather CPR

Leather Therapy products Neatsfoot Oil

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Forages and Other Supplies



Horse Pasture Mix Orchardgrass - various varieties Timothy Alfalfa Kentucky Bluegrass Ryegrass Small grains Forefront R& P Cimarron Plus Roundup (for complete pasture renovation use) 2,4-D

Pasture Herbicides (no or limited grazing restrictions)


Bulk delivery & application by trained co-op applicators Bagged - 50 lb bags

Other Agronomy Services

Soil Sampling Tissue Sampling Professional on-farm consultation by Certified Crop Advisors Herbicide applications for large pastures and small paddocks

Supplies for related items around the Equine Farm

Pet Supplies - feed, flea & tick control, vaccines, grooming products Frontline, & other products for your dogs, cats, other pets Hardware Supplies - full line of plumbing, electrical, fasteners, chain, hand tools, gates and fencing Paint Supplies - specialty paints for board fence, barns, and roofs available in both gallon and 5 gallon buckets Lawn & Garden - garden seeds, plants, mosquito control, Scotts fertilizer

Other Supplies/Services

Pest Control - humane traps, rodenticides, groundhog eradicators, insecticides Clothing & Shoes - everyday workwear items such as Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans, Carhartt & Dickies for men and women, Gloves, Ariat and Justin western boots, Muck boots other brands of jeans, jackets, and hats Gifts - horse related gift items and cards for your friends and family Power Equipment - Husqvarna branded power equipment Factory trained mechanics to provide quality service for your power equipment Carry-On® utility trailers

Other Services

Well pump service - including emergency after-hours service Small Engine repair/Clipper repair/Blade sharpening

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