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if there are excess buds above on-time orders, and so supply can not be guaranteed for late orders. As this is a busy time of year, we request you place your orders earlier if possible, so they can be entered into our system in advance. This will help us to resume supply of orders as quickly as possible after the Christmas break.

Budwood orders Christmas period budwood supply Online ordering Excess seed Contact details Auscitrus AGM New varieties available

reminder that all budwood orders must be received by 5:00pm on the 30th December, 2005, for Summer/Autumn 2006 supply. Orders received after this date can only be supplied

All outstanding Spring orders not called in for supply before the last dispatch of 2005 will be cancelled.


s is usually the case, Auscitrus will not be able to supply budwood over the Christmas/New Year period, for a number of reasons. 1. Due to the number of public holidays it is difficult to ensure the material will be delivered in a timely fashion over this period. We will not be dispatching any budwood on Christmas week for this reason.


the orders have been entered into the system. 4. Once the orders are entered in, we carry out a stock take of all available buds on the source trees. From this, we can decide if there are any varieties in short supply, and calculate percentages to supply accordingly. We can not supply any orders until we have finalised this stock take, in case we oversupply a particular variety. When we have finalised the percentages to supply we must apply these to all the orders for shortfall varieties. 5. Once all this has been completed, we need a few days to cut the buds for early January orders, and arrange quarantine inspections for WA and SA orders. 6. Some varieties may not have hardened up sufficiently from Winter hedging, and so cutting of these varieties will need to be delayed. We will notify you if this is the case.

Important notes:

·Closing date for budwood orders is Friday 30th December 2005. ·Last dispatch for 2005 is on Tuesday 20th December. ·First dispatch for 2006 is on Tuesday 17th January.

2. Auscitrus operates with reduced staff over Christmas, so no budwood will be cut on Christmas week. 3. As the orders close on December 30th, we can not start cutting budwood for January supply until all

This effectively means we can not dispatch any budwood between Wednesday 21st December 2005 and Monday 16th January 2006.

Our last budwood dispatch for 2005 will be on Tuesday 20th December. Our first budwood dispatch for 2006 will be on Tuesday 17th January.

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Although we will continue to support paper order forms received via fax of post, we encourage any cs mes h h vn yt ut r w o ae ' e o t tried the online ordering to visit our website and have a look. The system will send you an email confirming your order, so you will have an electronic record in your email program of what you have ordered. If you have any problems call the Auscitrus office on 03 5027 4411 and Roz will help you through the process.

e have received several favourable comments about our online ordering system, with a number of customers preferring to order online. You can order online by following the links on our w e b s i t e a t



in our cool room, and is in sound condition. Recent sowings for Auscitrus use have shown excellent germination rates, and germination tests are about to be performed on all bags in cool storage. If you require any additional seed please contact the Auscitrus office.

e have several kilograms of P. trifoliata, Carrizo citrange, and Troyer citrange left over from the 2005 seed season. This seed has been stored

here are still a number of calls coming in from the old Auscitrus number at Gosford.



here are still a number of calls coming in from the old Auscitrus number at Gosford. These calls are being redirected by Telstra to the Dareton office, but as this incurs a monthly fee, the redirection will be taken off in January 2006. Please ensure your Auscitrus contact details are up to date:

Phone 03 5027 4411 Fax 03 5027 4744 Post PO Box 269 Dareton NSW 2717 Email [email protected] Web

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nother successful AGM was held at Dareton in October. The AGM is the opportunity for all representatives/delegates from the Auscitrus member organisations to come together and discuss the issues currently facing Auscitrus. Although the opportunity has now passed for 2005, you are encouraged to make use of your representative to relay your opinions and concerns (or compliments) about how Auscitrus is managing industry issues. The AGM is held in late October every year, so mark the date for the next AGM and discuss any issues with your representative before this date. We have received a number of enquiries about membership of Auscitrus. To summarise the arrangements under our Rules of Association, our members are nominated citrus or nursery organisations, with equal representation from each industry sector. Each of these organisations must nominate individuals from their membership who represent them at the Auscitrus AGM. They can also nominate their representative as an office bearer. The office bearers and one other elected delegate make up the Management Committee. There were two changes to general representation for 2006. The office bearers were re-elected and so the management committee remains the same for 2005/06. The 2005 Auscitrus Annual report is available for download from our website.

Organisation Australian Citrus Growers Inc

Representative K. Andrew

Office bearers Management Committee

Represents: Australian Citrus Growers SA growers NSW growers

The office bearers were re-elected and so the management committee remains the same for 2005/06.

Citrus Growers of South B. Dring Australia NSW Farmers' Association Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT Ltd Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland Growcom J. Cade B. Swane G.Eyles W. Parr T. Emmerton J. Valenzisi M. Arnold A. Pippos M. Keenan G. Chislett G. Fawcett Chairman Treasurer Secretary Vice Chairman

NSW nurseries NSW nurseries Qld nurseries Qld growers Riverina growers/nurseries SA growers SA nurseries Sunraysia growers Sunraysia nurseries WA growers/nurseries

Riverina Citrus South Australian Citrus Improvement Society Sunraysia Citrus Growers Inc WA Fruit Growers Association Citrus Council

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ability in future trials at Dareton and in other citrus producing states. Primosole is not grown or recommended in Spain because of cross pollination with clementines. It will pollinate clementines plantings to ensure low seeded fruit and an Imperial dominated, local mandarin market. Orogrande Clementine: a Spanish mutation of Nules Clementine that blooms at same time as Nules but can be harvested 5 days earlier. Orogrande fruit contains more fibre and juice than Nules and is also less prone to sunburn as fruit is produced within the tree canopy. Orogrande is said to be suited to areas with hot summers and mild winters such as the Murcia region of Spain.

here will be small quantities of the newly released public varieties Primosole mandarin, Sidi Aissa clementine, Orogrande clementine, and Nagami Cumquat VF available in late Summer/ Autumn. These will all be available as P1 premium varieties, supplied from the rapid multiplication system. Primosole mandarin (known as Clemensole in Spain): an Italian hybrid of Miho Wase satsuma X Carvalhais mandarin which ripens very early (at beginning of October in Sicily, which is the equivalent of early April in Australia). It is very productive with maturity around 10 days before Okitsu satsuma. Okitsu satsuma grown at Dareton is typically at optimum maturity, with near full skin colour, in late April/first week of May. Primosole has a similar fruit size and flattened fruit shape as Okitsu satsuma. The early maturity, easy peel characteristic and orange skin colour help to sell Primosole in Italy. Fruit taste is said to be bland, similar to a satsuma, but it is possible to improve the eating quality of satsumas with deficit water management. Primosole will be evaluated for fruit quality and palat-

Primosole fruit in late September from Spain (equivalent to March in Australia)

and be pollinated by clementines. The variety is seedless in isolation. Primosole is susceptible to wind and can defoliate. It is also susceptible to Alternaria fruit rot in Italy, due to growth cracks at the stylar end, and is sensitive to sunburn Sidi Aissa Clementine: a Moroccan variety with good size and taste. Sidi Aissa is said to have the same maturity period as Nules clementine but have superior internal colour and flavor. Nules has proven the most popular of the 10 clementines released in Australia since 1988. The level of industry adoption of clementines, as a new citrus type for Australia, has been low. The reasons for this have been the difficulties experienced in their culture, being able to isolate

Nagami cumquat Nagami cumquat was imported by Auscitrus because the existing Nagami cumquat line in Australia has Citrus Leaf Blotch Virus, which causes a yellow ring at the bud-union on P. trifoliata and its hybrids. Any bud line infected with this virus poses a crosscontamination threat to other trees in a nursery situation. The Nagami imported by A siu if eo vu' ucrss r f i s t e r s and viroids, and will be maintained as a high health status line in the budwood scheme.

These will all be available as P1 premium varieties, supplied from the rapid multiplication system.

Australian Citrus Propagation Association Inc trading as Auscitrus

Silver City Hwy PO Box 269 Dareton NSW 2717


Ben Swane, a current member of the Auscitrus management committee and long term supporter of the Auscitrus scheme, has been awarded the Graham Gregory Award for excellence in horticulture. The Graham Gregory Award recognizes outstanding achievement from all sectors of the horticulture industry, throughout the whole supply chain. It is the involvement of dedicated individuals such as Ben, and the access to their knowledge and experience, that has made Auscitrus the success it is today.

Phone: 03 5027 4411 Fax: 03 5027 4744 E-mail: [email protected]

The staff at Auscitrus would like to extend our well wishes for the Christmas season, and hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year.


Newsletter - Summer-Autumn 2006

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