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Officer and Enlisted ­ Active & Reserve

Briefcase Guide to the FY-11 Board Cycle

By CAPT Tom McAtee The purpose of this guide is to consolidate promotion and administrative board information for officer and enlisted members who are eligible for promotion or screening by FY-11 named boards.

Your Official Service Record Is Your Responsibility

Bottom line: Performance is unknown if it is not in your official record. You should be aware of your promotional or advancement opportunity about 12 months in advance of the board. Prepare by knowing what is allowed to be placed in your record. Order or review your record and download a copy of your OSR or ESR/PSR about four months in advance of the board's convening date. Both actions can be accomplished on BUPERS On-Line at Check that your highest educational degree and all personal awards (NAM or higher) are listed properly on the top sheet of the OSR or ESR. For what is allowed in your record, refer to: MILPERSMAN 1070.020 (Officer) MILPERSMAN 1070.080 (Enlisted)

Schedule for FY-11 Named Boards



160 165 166 170 230 245 246 250 251 205 206 225 226 265 210 275 235 285 286 300 335 336 340 341 332 330 329 360 385 386 391

Board Title

Active O-6 Line Reserve O-6 Line Full-Time Support (FTS) O-6 Line Active O-6 Staff Active O-5 Line Reserve O-6 Staff Full-Time Support (FTS) O-6 Staff Reserve O-5 Staff Full-Time Support (FTS) O-5 Staff Reserve E-8/9 Full-Time Support (FTS) E-8/9 Reserve O-5 Line Full-Time Support (FTS) O-5 Line Active O-5 Staff Active E-9 Active O-4 Line Active E-8 Reserve O-4Line Full-Time Support (FTS) O-4 Line Active O-4 Staff Reserve E-7 Full-Time Support (FTS) E-7 Reserve O-4 Staff Full-Time Support (FTS) O-4 Staff Active CWO5 Active CWO4 Active CWO3 Active E-7 Reserve CWO3 Reserve CWO4 Apply (Command ­ Non-Command)


12-Jan-10 12-Jan-10 12-Jan-10 02-Feb-10 09-Feb-10 23-Feb-10 23-Feb-10 23-Feb-10 23-Feb-10 01-Mar-10 01-Mar-10 09-Mar-10 09-Mar-10 12-Mar-10 29-Mar-10 06-Apr-10 19-Apr-10 27-Apr-10 27-Apr-10 11-May-10 17-May-10 17-May-10 09-Jun-10 09-Jun-10 15-Jun-10 15-Jun-10 15-Jun-10 21-Jun-10 24-Jun-10 24-Jun-10 12-Aug-10

Bringing Your Performance Up-to-Date

Changes made in 2006 to regular FITREP due dates have put several months between the performance end date and the convening of certain boards. Certain other FITREPS/ EVAL requirements may shorten the performance gap. Any selection-board-eligible officer or enlisted should understand that two options exist to update performance, both involve the commanding officer ­ special FITREP/EVAL (E-6 ONLY) and letter of recommendation. Commanding officers should also be keenly aware of these options so as not to disadvantage any officer or enlisted they feel should be promoted.

What Is Allowed to be Reviewed

Promotion and advancement selection boards are allowed to review your official record, your OSR (ESR)/PSR, and any communication you send to the board. Any third-party correspondence (recommendations) must be attached to your communication to the board. No other material is permitted.

Official Service Record Photograph

MILPERSMAN 1070-180 now requires a color, full-length photo be placed in the service record of officers within three months after acceptance of each promotion. Here are our recommendations. If you do not have a photo in your record, get one in. If up for a selection board, update your photo. If getting promoted (DOR), get new photo in within three months. Everyone else, update your photo as practical. Remember, these are color photographs.

FITREP/EVAL End of Period

For up-to-date FITREP/EVAL Period End Dates, refer to BUPERINST 1610.10B, Enclosure (1), page 11.


Navy / October 2009

Key Factors for Advancement/Promotion:

1) Career Progression 2) Pattern of Performance

E7 and E8/9 Advancement Boards

Correspondence to the E-7/8/9 boards is normally due four weeks prior to the convening of the board. Correspondence to the E-7 board is normally due approximately six weeks prior to the convening date. Exact correspondence due date can be found in NAVADMIN messages announcing the eligibility requirements for each board. Projected correspondence due dates are as follows: Active Deadlines: E-9 E-8 E-7 12 Feb10 05 Mar 10 07 May 10

Communication with the Board

Your letter to the board (LTB) expressly indicates to the board that you are interested in your own promotional opportunity because you are updating your record. Remember the following: LTB must have board number on envelope and letter. Use paper clips, not staples. Do not put in notebooks or folders. LTB must arrive 3/4 days before board convening date, preferably one week before convenes, to allow for processing. Address the envelope as follows: President, FY-11 (Active or Reserve) (Grade) (Competitive Category) Selection Board (Board #______) Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center (PERS-00R) 5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055 To verify receipt of your LTB, contact NPC Customer Service Center at 1-866-827-5672.

Reserve Deadlines: E-8/9 E-7 12 Feb 10 02 Apr 10

The only method for correspondence with the boards is by regular mail. Direct third-party correspondence is not permitted. Third-party correspondence must be attached to your communication to the board. Correspondence should only be paper clipped on plain paper, no staples, binders, folders, or tabs. Mail correspondence to: President, FY-11 (Active or Reserve) (E-7, E-8, E-9) Selection Board (Board #XXX) Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center (PERS-00R) 5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055


RULE OF THUMB. Historically, Active Duty fills (or promotes) the first 40 percent of selectees in the first eight months of the FY year (Oct through May). The remaining 60 percent are filled (promoted) evenly in the last four months of the fiscal year (Jun, Jul, Aug, and Sep ­ each at 15 percent). Therefore, if a particular board selected 100 officers, the most senior 40 would be promoted between Oct and May, with the remaining 60 being promoted at a rate of 15 per month for Jun, Jul, Aug, and Sep. If you were number 80 of 100 selects, based upon an equitable distribution of seniority among selectees, you could estimate receiving a 1 Aug DOR. The Navy Reserve promotes based on vacancies similar to Active Duty.


If you are missing a FITREP/EVAL from your record and OSR (ESR)/PSR, call 1-901-874-3313/3347 or e-mail joe.hall[email protected] PERS-311 customer service personnel can tell you if the report is actually missing or returned to the reporting senior for correction.

Ensign to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

Your commanding officer has the authority to promote you on the day of completion of 24 months from your ensign date of rank (DOR). For example, an ensign DOR of 10 November 2007, promotion and DOR to LTJG will be effective 10 November 2008. Promotion is effected by completing, signing, and submitting NAVPERS 1421/7 (Rev. 07-04) to Navy Personnel Command. References (a) and (b) on that form are blank and must be filled in with SECNAVINST 1421.4D and 10 USC 14303 respectively. There is a PDF of this form for fill-in and printing at Ref: SECNAV Instruction 1421.4D

Record Review Service Available

The Record Review best prepares your service record for: Statutory Promotion Boards Administrative Command Screening Boards Command ­ Non-Command (Apply) Board Officer Commissioning Programs E-7/8/9 Selection Boards

Navy / October 2009




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