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Earthwise Technologies, Inc.

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Why Buy an Infrared Heater? Infrared Radiant heat is a completely safe form of naturally occurring energy that heats objects in the room rather than just heating the air. Attributes of Infrared Heat As much as 80% of the energy from an infrared heater is absorbed by the objects in a room, which in turn radiate the absorbed heat back into the room. This is why you feel more comfortable in a room heated with infrared radiant heat than conventional sources of heat. Infrared heat distributes the heat evenly, regardless of the location of the heater. This process of heating the floor, ceiling, walls and objects in the room can save up to 50% in energy costs. This has been demonstrated in tests and evaluation studies. See report at: Infrared heat provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of UV radiation. Unlike conventional heat sources, when infrared heat penetrates the skin it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal penetration promotes better blood circulation and:

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Experience the Comfort of Zoned Infrared Heating

Introducing the most environmentally safe and energy efficient zoned heating system on the market today - ComfortZoneTM.

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Reduces muscle and joint pain Decreases joint stiffness Relieves muscle spasms Increases flexibility Increases blood flow

Assists in removal of inflammatory free-radicals from the body Infrared heat has been introduced into cancer therapy. Want additional information? Visit

System Serviceability Features All components of either system can be removed from the wall through their respective registers.

Earthwise Technologies, Inc.

18324 Cook Road SE Yelm, Washington 98597

ComfortZoneTM Infrared Heaters produce: Up to 35% more heat per kilowatt that conventional electric heat products whether they be portable, radiant or HVAC. Cleaner air than heat from conventional heat sources. Processed air is sanitized and conditioned through a proprietary ionization chamber. Infrared waves migrate through the room much faster preventing cold spots and temperature displacements between the walls, floor and ceiling. Therapeutic infrared heat offers dramatic comfort level advantages for those suffering from cardiovascular problems and inflammatory diseases.

Earthwise Technologies, Inc. Tel: 866 446 0500

CZ-1000WA Residential/Commercial

Tel: 866-446-0500 Fax: 360-400-0406

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CZ-1000WA Residential/Commercial

Removal of internal components takes less than a minute.

Save Money Improve Health & Comfort with ComfortZoneTM -- the Efficient Zoned Heat Source

ComfortZoneTM In-Wall Infrared Heater

Cuts energy bills by 25% to 60%

No current inrush, forget about attenuation controls Eliminates installation of heating ductwork With conventional HVAC systems, you have to modify air-flows

after initial installation to customize heat distribution. This is very difficult--especially if registers are in hard to reach locations, such as ceilings. ComfortZoneTM can be retrofitted to existing homes or remodels without upgrading centralized heating unit or modifying ductwork. Additional heating modules can be linked electronically to main control panel. Cuts down on over-all repairs and downtime. Lower purchase & installation cost. Distributes heat much more quickly and evenly throughout the room, from floor to ceiling. Heat can be regulated and controlled separately for each room or zone. CZ-1000WA System diagnostics built into the unit Residential/Commercial make it easy to service. Maintenance can be handled by the homeowner. Replacement of heating elements is simple. Cost-efficient to install--saving as much as 65% on heating bills over conventional technologies.

ComfortZoneTM Model # CZ-1000WA

Cabinet: All Metal ­22 & 24 gauge Weight: 13.0 lbs Dimensions: 15" x 12 ½" x 3 ½" (H,W,D) Power Requirements: 115 Volt AC or 220 Volt AC--1000 Watt. (Compare output to conventional 1500 watt baseboard or in-wall heaters). Power Supply: Requires isolated 12 gauge wire to fuse panel. Chassis Safety Insulation: Exceeds all government and independent laboratory standards for safety in an installed heating appliance (a safety standard that exceeds other manufacturer's specifications). Internal ceramic blanket provides R65 insulation between the wall and the heater. The heater cabinet installed in the wall remains cool to the touch while delivering warm (160° F) infrared heat into the room. Life Expectancy: ComfortZoneTM heaters--50 years+. Thermostat Power Requirement: None. The unit contains its own low voltage power supply for thermostat operation. Thermostat Type: Any 12-24 volt low-voltage thermostat (not supplied). Zoned Heat Capability: Pre-wired. Simple two-wire contact to any zone control panel--can also accept multiple parallel hook-ups to a single low-voltage thermostat. Safety Cut-Off: Yes. Listed Approvals: CTUV-US & International (UL Equivalent). Installation: Any wall with a minimum 3 ½ inches of depth. Heat Type: Therapeutic Infrared Heat. Heat Chamber: Copper-lined for maximum ion transfer. Heating Elements: Two (2) 500w ceramic infrared emitters. Ceramic Life Expectancy: Rated at 20,000 hours. Heat Output: 5,200 BTU infrared heat.

CZ-500WA Bath/Closet

Exclusive Features

Unlike other wall systems, multiple ComfortZoneTM In-Wall Systems can be wired to a single low-voltage thermostat, allowing for complete control in any area with a single thermostat. All components can be easily serviced, eliminating heater downtime. The design of the ComfortZoneTM incorporates serviceability features not found in other wall systems. The units are designed for component replacement in less than 5 minutes and service can be provided by your local distributor or sales representative. Parts are always available through our network of sales representatives and distributors. Optional Air Filtration: Pre-wired to accept ComfortZoneTM In-Wall Air Purification System. ComfortZoneTM Air Purification System (Optional): Five stage system incorporates an electrostatic pre-filter and particulate filter, gas absorption membrane, TIOS panel for hydrocarbon destruction, UV emitter for destruction of bacteria and virus, negative ion generator to enhance penetration of infrared heat and to increase uptake of oxygen into the lungs.

Sanitary Delivery System

No ductwork to breed bacteria and contaminate the air-flow path

from the furnace to the room register. Infrared Ceramic Emitters.

Virtually Silent Operation

28dB ultra quiet operation is 75% quieter than existing in-wall

electric heaters.

SterilAir5TM Air Purifier

Zoned heating capability. Pre-wired to be compatible with all DC

low voltage thermostats or centralized controllers. Built-in low voltage DC thermostat contacts for easy hook -up to more accurate low voltage thermostats. This is especially important for temperature sensitive individuals who require accurate 1 degree temperature control. The unit contains its own DC power supply for easy thermostat hook-up.

ComfortZoneTM. Feel the Difference.

Therapeutic Heat

Characteristics of infrared heat are proven to be more

comfortable than heat radiated from conventional electrical coils. This is because the infrared heat (carrier wave) penetrates and warms the fixtures and people in the room much more rapidly using far less energy.

Other Energy Saving Products from EarthWise Technologies, Inc.:

Portable Ceramic Commercial Infrared Heaters. Portable Quartz Infrared Heaters. SterilAir5TM Air Purifiers with BioSmart Gas Filtration.

Fan System: Three (3) high volume, low noise 80mm DC fans. Frequency Hum: There is no AC 60Hz frequency hum as with other in-wall systems. Fan Noise Level: 28 dB--practically silent. Warranty: Limited 3 Years on Parts & Labor, 5 Years on ceramic emitters.

Same therapeutic infrared system used in infrared

saunas to obtain the maximum health benefits of infrared heat.

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