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Directions to Make a Baby Sock Bouquet Burp Cloth Dress up that next baby shower gift with an enchanting floral creation designed and made by you. Mundane packages of baby socks and burp cloths can be transformed into individual rosebuds and flowers that are fashioned into a delightful gift bouquet. Add a few baby toys for decoration and a little candy for the expectant mother to make your gift the hit of the shower. Baby Sock Roses Baby sock roses are made with baby socks that are tightly rolled from the toe. When you have reached the end of the sock, the opening is folded back on itself to create the outer petal of the rosebud. Taking care not to cause any damage, a piece of floral wire is carefully inserted in the center of the baby sock. Wrapping the bottom of the baby sock rosebud with green sticky floral tape will hold the rosebud and wire in place. Burp Cloth Flowers Rolling the burp cloth lengthwise, somewhat loosely, will create the look of a rose or flower. Folding the very last corner of the rolled burp cloth end back a little will create a rose petal shape. Making a fold in the middle of the rolled burp cloth makes two flowers. Holding two floral wires against the flowers, floral tape is wrapped around each flower and across the "U" shape of the rolled burp cloth to join the flowers together at the base. This will secure the flowers and floral wire. Create a Bouquet Decide on a container. You can use a vase, basket, and a baby toy with an opening large enough to hold the bouquet, or you can make a basket out of diapers. This is done by using a cardboard circle as a base, rolling 6 to 8 diapers, standing them on end side by side in a complete circle on the cardboard, and securing them with a wide piece of ribbon tied around the diapers and finishing with a big bow. Create your bouquet, starting with a center flower and add flowers in a spiral around inside the diaper basket. You can add baby's breath, ferns for greens, or wrap the container in clear or colored cellophane to finish your bouquet. Tips Baby bouquets can be constructed of flowers made from onesies, bibs, baby hats, or T shirts. The items are rolled into rosebuds with stems made from floral wire secured with floral tape. You can make a 3 tiered diaper cake from rolled diapers lined up in a cake shape and tied with ribbon. Decorate the diaper cake with baby socks or burp cloth flowers. Add baby toys or rattles and baby bottles filled with candy for more decoration. These make wonderful baby shower gifts. Keyword directions to make a baby sock bouquet, burp cloth flowers, diaper cake Reference: Baby Sock Rose Bouquet Burp Cloth Bouquet Resources Baby Socks/Washcloth Roses & Silk Flower Pens How to Make A Baby Sock Rose Baby Gift Idea How To Make A Diaper Cake The Baby Bunch on Martha Stewart | Baby Clothing Bouquets


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Microsoft Word - Directions to Make a Baby Sock Bouquet Burp Cloth.doc