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Water Distribution Systems

Field Guide DVD Series

This new series gives water operators step-by-step instruction on routine operations and maintenance tasks in their systems. Operators can watch best practices for a variety of routine tasks, ensuring accurate results and safety.


Valve Operation and Maintenance DVD

Keep water distribution valves in top operating condition with the approved procedures in this DVD field guide. Viewers learn valve types and their applications; how to locate, inspect, and exercise valves; and how to keep maintenance records.

Produced by AWWA, 2011, DVD, 15 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-766-5

No. 64348 | Member $140 | Nonmember $195


Service Meters DVD

This DVD field guide explains the various service meter types and sizes for measuring and recording customer water volume. It provides instruction in meter installation, testing, maintenance, and record keeping of residential service meters.

Produced by AWWA, 2011, DVD, 15 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-764-9

No. 64346 | Member $140 | Nonmember $195

Hydrant Flow Tests DVD

This DVD explains how to conduct flow tests in the distribution system and includes step-by-step instructions for correctly performing the tests and tracking data.

Produced by AWWA, 2010, DVD, 15 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-762-7

No. 64344 | Member $140 | Nonmember $195

Pipe Tapping DVD

This DVD focuses on pipe tapping, with step-by-step instructions for correctly tapping each type of pipe commonly used in water distribution systems.

Produced by AWWA, 2010, DVD, 15 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-763-4

No. 64345 | Member $140 | Nonmember $195

Hydrostatic Testing DVD

This DVD illustrates hydrostatic testing in the distribution system, explaining why it's done and teaching operators how to correctly perform pressure tests in the field.

Produced by AWWA, 2010, DVD, 15 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-765-8

64347 | Member $140 | Nonmember $195


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Water Distribution Systems

Water Loss Control

Second Edition

Julian Thornton, Reinhard Sturm, and George Kunkel

This comprehensive water utility guide takes you step by step through every stage of the development of a water loss control program: measuring and auditing water losses, tracking losses to their root causes, and developing a water loss control program. This brand new second edition brings innovative approaches with information on new modeling methods and best practices advocated by AWWA and the International Water Association. Coverage includes

Updated US and international standard water audit methodologies Active leak detection and repair techniques Pressure management techniques Water efficiency programs Guidance on data collection, validation, and component analysis of water supply and customer consumption Innovations in automatic meter reading and advanced metering infrastructure that will transform accountability in the water industry Tips for hiring contractors and writing bids Detailed descriptions and case studies of successful water loss control programs Comprehensive glossary of terms

Published by McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008, hardcover, 632 pp. ISBN 978-0-07149-918-7

No. 20511 | Member $110 | Nonmember $115

Pipeline Repair DVD

In this DVD of the March 2007 AWWA teleconference, a panel of pipeline-repair experts presents detailed information on preparing for main breaks, performing repairs, and other utility issues related to pipe repairs. Discussion topics include


safety, traffic control, shoring, and shielding Advance preparation for main breaks Repair procedures Staffing issues Preventing contamination and disinfection procedures Reporting and public relations Checklist of the repair process

Produced by AWWA, 2007, DVD, 3 hr. ISBN 978-1-58321-692-7

No. 64332 | Member $195 | Nonmember $295

Valve Handbook

Second Edition

Philip L. Skousen

For engineering information on sizing and selecting valves to suit any application, this book is your first choice. It includes selection criteria, common valve problems, sizing, construction, operation, installation, life-cycle cost evaluations, and purchasing issues. This comprehensive book covers all types of valves, including manual, check, pressure-relief, control, and smart valves.

Published by McGraw-Hill, 2004, hardback, 447 pp. ISBN 978-0-07143-773-8

No. 20445 | Member $125 | Nonmember $131

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Water Distribution Systems

On the Job Video Series

On the Job: Meter Reading DVD

This DVD describes the functions and responsibilities of the water meter reader.

Customer The

service--first impressions, common customer concerns

meter pit--what to look for, precautions, tools of water meters--how to access and read them safely



Produced by AWWA, 2000, DVD, 12 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-643-X

No. 64172 | Member $99 | Nonmember $149

On the Job: Trenching and Excavation DVD

Before they arrive on a worksite, trenchers need basic training. This DVD provides a solid introduction to trenching and excavation procedures, safety, and water main installation, replacement, and repair. Topics covered:

Gearing Jobsite

up. Employees learn the personal safety gear they will use (steel-toed boots, hard hat, etc.). safety. Employees learn safety procedures for working around backhoes and other heavy equipment, traffic control, and correct use of trench ladders and trench boxes. installation and repair. Employees take a look at basic work procedures-- locating gas, electric, and communication lines; excavation, pipe laying, and pipe fitting; and disinfecting, pressure testing, and flushing.


Produced by AWWA, 2001, DVD, 12 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-655-2

No. 64223 | Member $99 | Nonmember $149

On the Job: Leak Detection DVD

Water distribution system employees get the basic training they need in this very important aspect of maintenance. Topics covered:

Planning A

is the first step in a leak detection program. Learn what goes into a systematic leak detection plan. list of leak detection and marking equipment you'll need. and techniques for pinpointing underground leaks and nonsurfacing leaks are the focus of an ongoing leak detection program. leaks mean emergency action. Learn how to locate main breaks and save valuable time for repair crews.


urfacing S

Produced by AWWA, 2001, DVD, 12 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-656-9

No. 64224 | Member $99 | Nonmember $149


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Water Distribution Systems

Unidirectional Flushing DVD

Unidirectional flushing is a recently developed pipeline flushing procedure that has been shown to provide excellent results. Unidirectional flushing uses targeted high-velocity water flow moving from source to hydrant in an outbound direction to scour the distribution system. This DVD explains concepts and techniques of unidirectional flushing; how to develop a flushing plan using paper maps; how computer-aided mapping simplifies the project; benefits versus traditional flushing techniques; and the benefits to consumers and the community. It includes a real-life case study that looks at the Virginia Beach water system's unidirectional flushing program.

Produced by AWWA, 2002, DVD, 20 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-704-7

No. 64190 | Member $195 | Nonmember $295

Water Main Disinfection and Dechlorination DVD

New water mains, repaired water mains, and in-ground pipe that has been contaminated by cross-contamination or backflow must be disinfected before being put into service. This DVD visually demonstrates the process described in AWWA C651, Standard for Disinfecting Water Mains. Viewers learn why water mains must be disinfected; how to protect water pipe from becoming contaminated while in storage, in transport, and during installation; how to disinfect water mains using chlorine; how to remove excess chlorine prior to putting the pipe into service; and how to dispose of the highly chlorinated discharge.

Produced by AWWA, 2005, DVD, 14 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-697-2

No. 64281 | Member $195 | Nonmember $295

Converting Distribution Systems From Chlorine to Chloramines DVD

Chloramines offer the advantage of producing fewer disinfection by-products (DBPs) than chlorine for water disinfection. Chloramines offer simplicity of use, formation of a long-lasting measurable residual, and a proven history of success. This DVD educates drinking water professionals about the use of chloramines, explaining the advantages and drawbacks, disinfection by-product formation, DBP regulations, and issues to consider in planning and implementing a chloramination system into a treatment train.

Produced by AWWA, 2004, DVD, 20 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-694-1

No. 64273 | Member $195 | Nonmember $295

Disinfection of Pipelines and Storage Facilities Field Guide

William C. Lauer and Fred J. Sanchez According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 32 percent of waterborne disease outbreaks are caused by pathogen intrusion into water distribution systems. Incorporating disinfection practices for water mains and storage facilities can reduce the risk of microbial contamination. This field guide for use by water system workers provides proper procedures for preventing microbial contamination of water mains, storage tanks, and other distribution system components; and post-installation disinfection, testing, flushing, and dechlorination.

Published by AWWA, 2006, softbound, 136 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-423-7

No. 20619 | Member $45 | Nonmember $69

French language version available. Go to

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Water Distribution Systems

Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control DVD

Cross-connection control is one of the most important barriers in the multiple-barrier approach that drinking water suppliers use to protect public health. Reduce the chances of cross-connections and backflow into your potable water system with this best-selling training DVD. It explains the importance of a formal backflow prevention and cross-connection control program and illustrates important concepts. Topics covered:

What cross-connections are and why they are dangerous Where cross-connections occur in the water system The two types of backflow and the conditions that can generate backflow Costs, injuries, and deaths associated with backflow incidents Types of backflow-prevention devices and assemblies Other methods for preventing backflow and cross-connections Elements of a backflow-prevention/cross-connection control program

Produced by AWWA, 2003, DVD, 14 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-700-9

This DVD was specially developed to reinforce and demonstrate the information in AWWA Manual M14, Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control. Together, the DVD and manual provide total operator training in backflow and cross-connection control.

No. 64255 Member $195 | Nonmember $295


Trenchless Technology Piping Installation and Inspection

Mohammad Najafi

This book offers comprehensive coverage of pipe installation, renewal, and replacement using trenchless technology methods. Step by step, the book explains how to implement efficient design, construction, and inspection processes and shows how to save time and money with a state-of-the-art project management system. A wide variety of trenchless technologies and recommended applications are described.

Published by McGraw Hill, WEF Press, and ASCE Press, 2010, hardcover, 455 pp. ISBN 978-0-07-148928-7

No. 20741 | Member $110 Nonmember $115


Water Distribution System Monitoring: A Practical Approach for Evaluating Drinking Water Quality

Abigail F. Cantor

Monitoring water quality in a distribution system is a daunting task for a water utility: a typical water distribution system is chaotic and complex, with greatly varying piping configurations, water flows, chemical reactions, and microbiological activity. This book simplifies the monitoring task. It describes a method to routinely monitor the distribution system in a controlled, standardized, and accurate manner.

Published by CRC Press, 2009, hardback, 203 pp. ISBN 978-1-43980-052-2

No. 20738 | Member $115 | Nonmember $120


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Water Distribution Systems

Pipe Profile Series

Now there is a convenient and efficient new way to train water distribution system workers on the specific characteristics and installation practices of water pipe materials. The Pipe Profile Series provides complete video training in all the types of commonly used water pipe.

The Pipe Profile Series consists of five DVDs

Each DVD covers Advantages, disadvantages, and concerns Thermal effects and weathering Guidelines for proper transportation, receiving, inspection, and storage Working characteristics Basic installation procedures Bedding and backfill requirements Maintenance, testing, and record keeping

SAVE $100

Save $100 off regular prices when you buy all five DVDs in the Pipe Profile Series

Produced by AWWA, 2009, DVD, ISBN 978-1-58321-603-3

No. 64338 | Member $875 | Nonmember $1,375

Concrete Pressure Pipe DVD

This DVD presents an overview of the four basic types of concrete pressure pipe, including prestressed concrete cylinder pipe, reinforced concrete steel cylinder pipe, reinforced concrete non-cylinder pipe, and bar-wrapped cylinder pipe.

Produced by AWWA, 2009, DVD, 18 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-598-2

Ductile-Iron Pipe DVD

Ductile iron, introduced in the 1950s, is recognized as one of the most significant developments in pressure pipe. DIP has all of the good qualities of grey castiron pipe, plus additional strength and "ductility," which is the ability to deform without cracking.

Produced by AWWA, 2009, DVD, 21 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-599-9


This video covers the development of polyethylene (PE) pipe since it was commercialized in 1933. PE is a thermoplastic polymer that can be softened by heat and pressure and formed into useful shapes.

Produced by AWWA, 2009, DVD, 18 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-600-2

No. 64333 Member $195 | Nonmember $295

No. 64334 Member $195 | Nonmember $295

No. 64335 Member $195 | Nonmember $295

Based on AWWA Standards and Manuals of Practice

All information in the Pipe Profile Series is based on related AWWA Standards and AWWA Manuals of Water Supply Practices--your assurance of current, water industry-approved information.


This DVD covers the primary characteristics that have made PVC popular in distribution systems, including cost and corrosion resistance. PVC pipe is not damaged by aggressive waters or corrosive soils, so no lining, coating, cathodic protection, or plastic encasement is required.

Produced by AWWA, 2009, DVD, 22 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-601-9

Steel Pipe DVD

This DVD covers the history of steel piping for water lines in the US dating back to the 1850s. Steel has great strength, resists water hammer and surge, and has the ability to yield or deflect under a load while resisting it, making steel piping suitable for placement under streets and highways.

Produced by AWWA, 2009, DVD, 22 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-602-6

No. 64336 Member $195 | Nonmember $295

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Water Distribution Systems


Steel Water Storage Tanks: Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

Stephen W. Meier, editor

The design, construction, operation, and repair of steel tanks for potable water storage are the focus of this engineering reference handbook. The handbook describes all types of steel water tanks, both groundsupported and elevated. Coverage includes tank configurations, location, appurtenances, codes and regulations, corrosion control, foundations, welded tanks, bolted tanks, operation, maintenance, inspection, cleaning, rehabilitation, repair, and security.

Published by AWWA and McGraw-Hill, 2010, hardcover, 512 pp. ISBN 978-0-07154-938-7

No. 20534 | Member $110 | Nonmember $120

Elevated Water Storage Tanks

Employees need specialized training to keep elevated water tanks in top operating condition, to work safely, and to keep tanks protected. This extra-value DVD covers maintenance, safety, and security on two DVDs.

Two programs on one DVD!

Part 1: Maintenance

Proper maintenance of water storage tanks is critical to a water utility's efforts to provide customers with a reliable supply of safe water, delivered at acceptable pressure. This program provides a basic overview of tower and tank inspection and maintenance procedures. It describes types of water tanks and towers, components, operation, and efficient water-storage techniques. Cold-weather concerns, corrosion, painting and coating, draining, and cleaning are discussed. 20 min.

Part 2: Safety and Security

Often isolated and unprotected, water towers are relatively easy targets for vandals. This program instructs crews in storage-tank security, barriers, and technology available for the protection of water towers. Additionally, maintenance crews learn safety procedures, safety equipment, and working safely in adverse conditions on elevated water-storage tanks. 20 min.

Produced by AWWA, 2001, DVD, 40 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-650-7

No. 64193 Member $195 | Nonmember $295

Maintaining and Replacing Fire Hydrants DVD

Water operators learn industry-approved procedures for fire hydrant inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement, installation, leak testing, flow testing, and record keeping in this information-packed DVD. Additionally, fire hydrant construction and part names for both dry-barrel- and wet-barrel-type fire hydrants are shown. Designed to train water utility employees, contractors, fire department personnel, manufacturers, distributors, and others who work with fire hydrants. This DVD is meant to supplement, not replace, fire hydrant manufacturers' instructions and recommendations.

Produced by AWWA, 2006, DVD, 20 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-696-5

No. 64279 | Member $195 | Nonmember $295


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Water Distribution Systems

Corrosion Control for Buried Water Mains Pocket Field Guide

Andrew E. Romer, Bayard Bosserman II

Pipe corrosion control is vital for long service life, lower maintenance costs, and prevention of water quality degradation. This field guide explains how soil types, environmental conditions, and electrochemical processes affect external pipe corroson. It provides information on options for preventing external corrosion, including coatings, polyethylene wraps, cathodic protection, and proper installation practices. The guide also describes the causes and prevention of internal pipe corrosion.

Published by AWWA, 2009, softbound, 38 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-725-2

Pump Selection and Troubleshooting Field Guide

Richard P. (Phil) Beverly, PE

Pumps are the most expensive part of a water system to operate and costly to repair or replace after a failure. Proper pump selection and operation is essential for long service life. This handbook provides operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel a handy field reference for selecting, operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining all types of water pumps.

Published by AWWA, 2009, softbound, 132 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-727-6

No. 20677 Member $45 | Nonmember $69

No. 20690 | Member $9.95 | Nonmember $14.95

Pumping Station Design

Revised Third Edition

Garr M. Jones, Robert L. Sanks, George Tchobanoglous, and Bayard E. Bosserman II

This comprehensive reference covers all aspects of pumping station design. This renowned book has all the information you need to design and build a water or wastewater pumping station that is reliable, efficient, and easy to operate and maintain. Chapters cover hydraulics, piping, electrical design, motors and engines, selection and installation of pumps and pump drivers, instrumentation and control, heating and cooling, designing for easy operation and maintenance, avoiding blunders, costs, and much more. Includes project checklists, design examples, and many diagrams and photos.

Published by Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008, hardcover, 1,104 pp. ISBN 978-1-85617-513-5

No. 20453 | Member $250 | Nonmember $275

GIS for Water Utilities DVD

This video provides an overview of the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in water utilities. Many utilities are converting their paper maps to electronic formats so the maps can be used by a GIS, a powerful computer-based information management system designed to work with data referenced by geographic coordinates. It is estimated that approximately 80 percent of all asset information can be geographically referenced. A GIS allows utility operators and managers to determine where their assets are located--for example, the location of valves, water mains, hydrants and meters. A GIS also lets users update, analyze, and display information about those assets. As a result, a GIS can reveal important information that leads to better decision making.

Published by AWWA, 2010, DVD 25 min. ISBN 978-1-58321-604-0

No. 64320 Member $195 | Nonmember $295

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Water Distribution Systems

Water Distribution Systems Handbook

Larry W. Mays

The first all-in-one reference on water distribution systems, this book includes all the information needed to design, analyze, operate, maintain, and rehabilitate water distribution systems. More than 20 world-renowned experts collaborated to explain all water distribution system topics. Coverage includes hydraulics, operation, distribution system design, maintenance, pump system design, pipe rehabilitation, reliability analysis, replacement, and water-quality modeling.

Published by McGraw-Hill and AWWA, 2000, hardcover, 900 pp. ISBN 978-0-07134-213-1

No. 20451 | Member $140 | Nonmember $150

Comprehensive Water Distribution Systems Analysis Handbook for Engineers and Planners

Second Edition

Paul F. Boulos, Kevin E. Lansey, and Bryan W. Karney

Written by world-reowned experts, this second edition covers the latest in theoretical scientific foundations, advanced technological issues, real-world network analysis, and optimization of municipal water distribution systems. Focused on bridging the gap between advanced modeling theory and practical application, this book features more than 100 worked-out example problems, detailed hydraulic principles from steady state to dynamic to sophisticated transient analysis, and step-by-step guidance that walks readers through the complete modeling process from start to successful finish, complete with interpretation of the results.

Published by MWH Soft, 2006, hardcover, 660 pp. ISBN 978-0-97456-895-9

No. 20572 | Member $150 | Nonmember $160

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Good Practices for Preventing Microbiological Contamination of Water Mains Pocket Field Guide

This handy field pocket guide for water distribution employees provides important rules for preventing pathogens from entering the distribution system.

Published by Water Research Foundation, 2001, spiralbound, 12 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-163-2

@ or call 800.926.7337 fax 303.347.0804

No. 90869B | Member $8.95 | Nonmember $12.95

90 AWWA Bookstore Catalog 1.800.926.7337

Water Distribution Systems

Related Water Research Foundation Reports: Distribution

Ammonia from Chloramine Decay: Effects on Distribution System Nitrification If your water utility uses or is considering chloramine disinfection and wants the best results, this research report provides valuable information on nitrification caused by the growth of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in the distribution system. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2003, softbound, 123 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-283-7 No. 90949 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Optimizing Corrosion Control in Distribution Systems This research report describes the use of on-line, real-time electrochemical monitoring of corrosion in potable water systems. The use of real-time corrosion monitoring could provide an additional tool to help water utilities comply with the Lead and Copper Rule, which mandates corrosion control for potable water treatment. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2004, softbound, 271 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-326-1 No. 90983 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Physical Modeling of Mixing in Water Storage Tanks The design of some finished water storage facilities can cause deterioration of water quality, including loss of disinfectant residual, poor mixing, poor turnover time, and excessive detention time. This research study developed a new technique for better observation of tank mixing. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2006, softbound, 59 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-445-9 No. 91112 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Application of HACCP for Distribution System Protection This project evaluates the application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in the drinking water industry to protect and maintain distribution system water quality. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2006, softbound, 148 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-482-4 No. 91131 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Service Life of Water Main Epoxy Lining This study gathered historical information on installed epoxy resin linings in water mains and documented the effectiveness of these linings in protecting cast iron or steel water mains. In addition, accelerated life-cycle tests were conducted to assess long-term performance on epoxy resin linings to help utilities estimate the useful life of this material. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2007, softbound, 154 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-509-8 No. 91154 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Evaluating Water Loss and Planning Loss Reduction Strategies This research presents improved methods for quantifying real water loss in distribution systems and provides water audit and lossreduction strategies for water utilities. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2007, softbound, 289 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-531-9 No. 91163 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Leakage Management Technologies The report describes and ranks listening devices, leak-noise correlators and loggers, tracer gas, ground-penetrating radar, and other leak-detection techniques. It also provides guidance for developing an optimal leakage management strategy and determining the most cost-effective loss reduction strategies for your utility. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2007, softbound, 345 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-553-1 No. 91180 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47 Long-Term Performance Prediction for PE Pipes The report provides models that predict service lifetimes and failure probabilities for PE pipe, describes manufacturing processes, failure mechanisms, performance standards, fracture properties, test results, and failure-prediction model development. Published by Water Research Foundation, 2008, softbound, 162 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321-578-4 No. 91194 | Member $29 | Nonmember $47

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