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Backwashing pressure filter Backwashing pressure filter


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backwashing R l a l , cleanable backwashing pressure filters eibe

R PA Process Technologies brings you a complete line of backwashing pressure filters designed to provide your process numerous benefits, including:

Backwashing pressure filters a better solution R PA Process Technologies backwashing pressure filters were designed to enable optimum performance in a wide range of apiain ivligteflrto o plctos novn h itain f water-like liquids. Key specific benefits of our backwashing pressure filters include: Tight retentions as low as 1 micron

from water

time and staff n ig W ith a cleanable, reusable media system, you can eliminate annual disposal costs and start achieving payback soon after installation. In the long term, cleanable media systems also reduce, or eliminate, waste disposal costs and enable environmentally responsible manufacturing initiatives. These savings more than overcome a slightly higher initial purchase price over traditional disposable media systems. Knowledge, experience, resources a partner you can trust

Conservation of valuable process product

for a wide range of liquids

W ith installations in thousands of the world s leading manufacturing plants, and experience in over 10,000 applications, no one knows more about process filtration than RPA Process Technologies. Systems thinking enables solutions Upstream and downstream, your process parameters have a significant impact o t e b s t t l f l r t o s l t o . We can recommend a system n h et oa itain ouin that addresses your specific needs, increases throughput, maximizes solids capture and reduces maintenance demands. And, a comprehensive family of backwashing pressure filters, bag- and cartridge-style filters, our patented Disc Cleaning Filter (DCF ) and other products help us develop total filtration system solutions tailored to your exact application and business needs. Computerized application database speeds solutions W e ve solved thousands of filtration challenges worldwide over almost six decades. We maintain a searchable knowledge database of our filter installations that can help accelerate development of your solution chances are we ve already solved one like it. and ensure timely, responsive system design. Bring us your toughest problem;

Protection of expensive, dfficult-to-service downstream equipi ment

to petroleum products to food

Automated, clean-in-place operation

frees your staff for more important, productive work

Multi-tube configurations

enables continuous operation during off l n c e n n -ie laig

Improved process throughput and e iiny ff c e c

Modular, scalable design

allows your system to grow to handle increased flow or solids loading demands

Minimal operator intervention for improved safety and reduced staffing needs

Compact designs

saves valuable shop floor space

Interchangeable filter elements

provides flexibility to accommodate changes in feedstream composition

316 stainless housings and best-in-class componentry

fraln,rlal lf o og eibe ie

More configurations and more media choices

performance for a broader range of applications

W ide range of available operating pressures

configurations are available for use in applications up to 1,000 psi (69 bar)

Cleanable, reusable media

saves cost,

What you need

not just w h a t

s available

Ronningen-Petter AFR-Series Driven by a culture of innovative thinking, we created the Ronningen-Petter AFRSeries. This revolutionary system was designed from the ground up for the most demanding applications. Consisting of a simple, exclusive circular confgrto,icuigfu t egtsain, iuain nldn or o ih ttos te h When loss of filtrate through cleaning is undesirable (when dealing with a valuable or dangerous feedstock), or when pressure is too low to eff ce tively clean media, F-Series filters can utilize external backwashing. Filtres Philippe VWS-Series When your application demands very high flow rates with a small footprint, our Filtres Philippe VWS-Series system is an ideal solution. Capable of up to 22,000 gpm (4,997 m3/hr), the VWSSeries can be used in a variety of applications requiring surface and drilling water. The VWS-Series is capable of retention from 50 to 2,000 microns utilizing stainless steel wedge wire media. Fully automatic backwashing, based on time or pressure differential, can occur while the In addition, this unique configuration allows use of a single rotating flow diverter that replaces multiple valves for fewer moving parts and longer service life. Like our other multiplex filters, the AFRSeries supports automated backwashing, triggered by reaching a p e s t d fferential pressure threshr-e i od l. Ronningen-Petter F-Series For continuous, high-flow service and solids removal from 10 mesh to 1 micron, our compact, efficient F-Series multiplex filter systems are ideal. A system remains on-line for no interruption of your process. Ronningen-Petter F-Series filter includes 2-20 stations, valved in parallel to common inlet, outlet and drain headers. A unique bottom-to-top flow pattern ensures more equal dsrbto o sld o tefle srae itiuin f ois n h itr ufc frlne o ogr operation time between cleanings. Standard F-Series systems are rated for 250 psi (17 bar) service and optional high-pressure systems can handle up to 1,000 psi (69 bar) ratings. A rugged, easy-access tube lid enables access to filtration media for changeover.

W e continually strive to ensure that we s l t e i d s r s best and broadest portel h nuty folio of backwashing pressure filters. In fc,w o a t e ffer dozens of standard configurations plus the ability to develop a

custom solution to precisely meet your needs.

R PA Process Technologies backwashing pesr flesfl it fu poutfm r s u e i t r a l n o o r r d c a ilies: AFR-Series , F-Series, VWS, and ASeries single- and duo-tube filters.

AFR-Series delivers high performance and high volume in a compact, spacesaving design with very few moving parts. The result? A system capable of handling flow rates as high as 2,000 gpm (454 m3/hr) at operating pressures up to 250 psi (17 bar). In fact, a single AFR-Series filter can replace a 13-station multiplexed system. For even higher flow rates, AFRSeries filters can be easily combined.

Ronningen-Petter A-Series single- and duo-tube For small batch processing, with flow requirements of less than 250 gpm (57 m3/hr), Ronningen-Petter A-Series single-tube systems are an ideal balance of performance and economy. O ffered in standard and StrateThru (for applications processing liquids greater than 500 centipoise) configurations, these systems are well-suited to batch applications such as tank loading and unloading, product mixing and machine coolant cleanup. Our duo-tube systems are perfect for low-volume continuous processes. Consisting of two single filters connected in parallel with a 3-way T-ported ball valve to provide continuous service, the system enables you to

B t e engineered f r better p e r f o r m a n c e etr o

R PA Process Technologies filters are known for the industry s best engineering and construction. Our backwashing pressure filters are designed and built to last. And, with the i d s r s broadest range of available nuty media, your investment can be quickly and easily reconfigured for eff c e c iiny with rapidly changing feedstocks.

Industry-leading media choices To ensure the broadest range of applicability for our backwashing pressure filters, we o ffer a broad range of available media. AFR-Series, F-Series, and A-Series media Our four basic media choices handle a wide range of applications: W ire mesh Perforated Slotted Fabric 1,650 to 2 microns 1,650 to 600 microns Optimized flow for greater eff c e c iiny Every Ronningen-Petter tubular filter cutting-edge AFR-Series angles and reduce pressure drop. Inlet and outlet nozzles are also gradually curved for the same reason. Finally, 3-way, T-port ball valves are utilized to minimize pressure drop between inlet and outlet. Automated control solutions simplify operation Our automated backwashing filter systems virtually eliminate operator intervention requirements. Automated control systems trigger and control the backwash process, as defined by the parameters you set. To seamlsl esy integrate with your existing industrial automation platform, we off r a e choice TRI-CLUSTERfi three-tube media for greater surface area than single-element designs, with an economical up-front investment ACCUFLUXfi seven-tube media that increase surface area from 364 to 791 square inches (.23 to .51 square meters), as compared to single-element filters, and flow by up to 30 percent VWS-Series media Our VWS-Series filters use slotted wedge wire media, available in retentions from 80 microns to 2 millimeters. Optional special protective coatings ensure reliable performance in seawater inake applicatos in. A fundamentally better seal Every RPA Process Technologies backwashing pressure filter system is designed to ensure a positive seal that prevents bypass conditions. Our sealing systems are designed to ensure that even with miniPneumatic control for explosion-proof applications or applications where electrical componentry is not an option, a pneumatic programmer is available. If your process control needs change, most of these control solutions can be easily retrofitted to our backwashing pressure filters. We can also offer other custom control options just ask your sales represnaiefrdtis ettv o eal. Siemens Simaticfi S7 microprocessor-based controller standard with both an adjustable timer and pressure dfferential driven cleaning. This system is readily i integrated into your plant automation system for remote monitoring and available remote access and diagnostic software. DeltaGard solid-state controller IC-based construction for reliable operation in demanding industrial environments. This advanced proprietary system requires 110-220 volt 1-phase current and only 5

t 0 s SCFM a 6 p i

mal training, your operators can easily obtain a perfect seal.

from our simplest A-Series to the

is engineered to ensure maximum liquid flow.

Most of these systems use pulled headers to eliminate 90-degree

1,650 to 15 microns

610 to 1 micron

AFR-Series media AFR-Series filters offer the four options above, plus two additional choices in retentions from 1 to 1,650 microns:

of control systems, including:

( 4 l t e / i a 4 bar) shop air for operation. 10 irsmn t


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