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Worksheet: Azar: Basic English Grammar, 3rd ed. Chapter 3

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Thanksgiving: Simple Present Tense Review Directions: Fill in the line with the correct verb. Use present tense verbs. 10 points for each answer.

1. 2. This year, Thanksgiving _____ on November 25. North Americans _____ traditional foods on this day. Some of the traditional foods _____ turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pies. 3. 4. 5. 6. Many people _____ parades on television in the morning. Other people _____ to attend football games on this special day. People _____ their family over for dinner. Thanksgiving _____ always the fourth Thursday in November. That means that the exact date ________ from year to year. 7. 8. Some people ______ to decorate their homes for this holiday. In some homes, the children ______ at a different table than the adults.

Score _____ Professor Kelly Kennedy-Isern Miami Dade College, 2004


Microsoft Word - Thanksgiving-SmplPrsntTenseRvw.doc

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Microsoft Word - Thanksgiving-SmplPrsntTenseRvw.doc