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Year 8 Issue 08 April 2011

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April 2011

Bharat Swabhiman Yatra

The list of free Yoga camps

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One copy Annual Five Years Eleven Years Abraod (Annual)



Eternal Wisdom


Democracy and Constitution

We must elect honest system by understanding democracy in absolute terms, only then welfare of the nation is possible.


Administrative bodies, Judiciary and Media are the four pillars of democracy. In democracy, voters are not helpless, meek observers or slaves and rulers are not owners. Rather, rulers are elected, powerful public servants, endowed with many rights. We have chosen MLAs, MPs and other public representatives to protect our welfare. They are not there to exploit us in the name of ruling us, neither are they there to harass us, under the guise of the law, nor are they there to inflict injustice on us. We do not accord a few rights to public representatives, so that they can take away our right to live too. Rulers are our servants and in lieu of their services, we pay MPs, MLAs, ministers, chief ministers or prime minister a salary, house perks and traveling allowances from our tax kitty. Rulers are not serving us for free. Rulers are accorded rights for the welfare of a town, society, state and the nation and if they abuse this power then we have complete authority to depose them from their position. At present, a nexus between corrupt rulers and corrupt officials is resulting into a dangerous scenario, where an ordinary man is disappointed, disillusioned and feeling helpless. Feared of administrative machinery, he has become a victim of exploitation. Awaken now! Don't tolerate exploitation in the name of being ruled. You are the citizen of independent India. In Democracy, like legislature, administration and Judiciary, which means all administrative officers, police and other such authorities have been established to ensure us that we live our lives securely and with dignity and justice too. But if some government official or police officer is perpetrating injustice to you or he is insulting you by adopting unconstitutional means, then you have the right to raise your voice against this corrupt system and punish the same official or getting him suspended from his duties, because, this whole system is established to provide us security and justice. Don't be afraid of them. Behave in a dignified manner, but remember they are not masters; rather they are your servants. In Democracy, every Indian is his or her own master and he or she has been provided with fundamental and constitutional rights. Every citizen has the right to live with complete freedom, complete discipline and complete dignity. So awaken! Don't tolerate exploitation, injustice and corruption. Whoever elected member is corrupt, use voting right against him or her and throw him or her out of power. And vote in full strength to those, who wish to serve the country, those who are honest and transparent and those who have soft and pure heart for the country. Take an oath that neither we plunder this country nor we let corrupt, criminals and dishonest people plunder this country. This is my country and I would not let this country to waste away. Democratic system and country's constitution are established to provide equal justice to all its citizens and to provide equal opportunities to their development. But the constitution, which was written by Baba Saheb Ambedkar; is the country being governed abiding by the same constitution? When leaders, representing the parliament and legislative assemblies, themselves crushing democratic system to pieces; when people swearing-in constitution are themselves killing the constitution, then I can not remain silent. I will not let the dream lived by Baba Saheb Ambedkar to waste away. I will bring a new revolution to the country and eradicate the exploitation inflicting the country in the name of corruption and ruling. SWAMI RAMDEV

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 03

National movement against corruption and black money

To make India the

economic super power

by ending the economy of blackmoney

04 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011


Maharaj wants to ask seven questions from the central government through a signature campaign, in which 624 villages of the country signed, launched in the first phase of national movement against corruption and black money, under his own leadership. retail market and other such places. Economy of a country is the biggest strength of any country and the most powerful economy becomes the most powerful country of the world. In India, infrastructure development is the biggest hindrance and the urgent need is of capital. This unaccounted black money circulating in the country and stashed away in foreign countries, is the money country owns. This money which amounts to 400 lakh crore rupees should be invested in the development of the country. There should be strict laws framed against corruption and it should be imposed with full honesty. Without punishing corrupt people with capital punishment, corruption cannot be stopped. There have been about 84 crore people living below poverty line and they are living a hellish life, full of hunger, deprivation, desperation, and lacking any dignity. (This figure of people below the poverty line is taken from the report of rural development ministry and survey conducted by Arjun Sen Gupta and Indian government). We want to bring to your notice some facts about the black money so that there is no misinformation about it. This 300 lakh crore rupees stashed away in foreign banks is not the money on which tax is not paid. This is the money meant to be spent on the education of poor children, on feeding and treating the poor and on the development of the country. This is the money collected as bribery from countrymen, by abusing constitutional position and authority by legislative and administrative bodies. This is the money amassed by illegal

In the second series of Bharat Swabhiman movement, launched against corruption and black money, an unprecedented rally was successfully organized in the Ram Lila Grounds in Delhi to mark the occasion of martyr's day of Chandra Shekhar Azad and the birth anniversary of Maharishi Dayanand. In this rally, people from all opinions, religions, sects, intellectuals, ordinary and elite class of people, all in unison announced to fight against corruption and bringing back black money. On the occasion Swamiji Maharaj said that my fight is against corruption and I have also announced it too. I will make India a superpower of the world by destroying the black economy. In this noble mission, co-operation of all citizens is essential. I want that everybody in the country progresses, everybody gets respect and everybody gets to get elevated status in the society. Venerable Swamiji handed over a notice to the president to eradicate corruption and bringing back 300 lakh crore rupees stashed away in foreign countries. All the agencies world over, working against black economy like Tax Justice Network, Transparency International, World Bank and retired officials of the World Bank and economist of the country and the world, unanimously believe, so far 11.5 trillion dollars of money has been deposited. Also, every year another 1.6 trillion dollars are deposited. A few Indians have the biggest role to play in this money. Also, another 100 lakh crore rupees of money is in circulation in the country as estimated by 40 commissions and parliamentary committees set up since independence. To witness its evidence, one can go to Tehsils, land registry office, real estate office,

Acharya Balkrishna

Editor, Yog Sandesh

To make the nation a super power...

money is the first necessity. Only an economically sound nation can be a super power, but country's money is stashed away in foreign banks.

RRest on page 6R

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 05

Cont. from page 5

mining of natural resources and sent to foreign shores, in an act of sedition against the country. Some of this money has been accumulated evading taxes. The black money has been collected by abusing constitutional positions by officials. This money stashed away on foreign shores should immediately be brought back into the country. In Indian democratic system, only the central government has the authority to destroy black money floating in the country and overseas. We expect our honest prime minister to bring this money back. If he does this he will be remembered as a national hero in Indian history. Nation will be indebted to him. Otherwise the same nation will suspect his integrity. Because, committing evil is equally criminal as ignoring evil and corruption. Any delay in it would mean protecting thieves and corrupt people. Our prime minister, himself being an economist, believes that currencyrecall is a non-controversial solution to this black money, then why doesn't the central government impose currency-recall and demonetize currencies of large denominations (100s, 500s and 1000s). People who have hard earned money in these denominations should be offered a scheme under which they can change this money into white money. When these large denominated currencies are taken back, then all problems like future market, gambling, inflation, corruption, fake currency, bribery and terrorism will end on its own. It will also close shady businesses like using black money in election, hoarding, inflation and betting also. With this country will get a lot of money to be invested into poverty eradication programs. For this the country doesn't need to enter into

Present government clearly shows lack of will to bring back this black money to the country...

despite agreeing with Swamiji's remedy to the disease, government is not taking any such measure.

any treaty with any other country. What all is needed is the political will to act and allegiance to the country. Under the act of United Nations, 'Convention against Corruption', which was signed by 140 countries and adopted by 120, this black money can be brought back. But why is this Convention pending in the country since 2006 and why doesn't the government get it ratified by its cabinet and send it to the United Nations? Out of these 140 countries, wherever this money is stashed away, we can easily bring back this money under this convention. So the government should immediately act on this and get this UN convention approved in our cabinet. We have sent a proposal for drafting the Lokpal Bill so that nobody can muster courage to accumulate this much of money again. You should pass this immediately by considering its feasibility and thus save the nation. Corruption is the source of

06 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

black money. Until there are strict laws for eradicating corruption, sources of black money can not be plugged. There should be capital punishment for corruption, rapists and traders who adulterate eatable commodities. Also, fast-track courts should be established to dispose off these cases so that money moved out of the country can be brought back and nobody in future dares to earn this black money again and brings disrepute to the nation. This black money is the biggest loot of the country, in our history and in this century. Destroying this black economy and bringing back black money is also crucial because this money is invested in illegal means. Poverty is the biggest curse to this nation and money is its only remedy. Black money both that is stashed away and also circulating in the country can solve the problem of poverty. If the central government does not act on these issues then it simply means that the government,

keeping aside honesty and truthfulness, is acting in collusion with corrupt and black money hoarders. This would also mean that either this money belongs to corrupt leaders within the government or it belongs to people protected by the government. We want to protect India from predators in the form of foreign companies. We want an India free from diseases and addiction. Also we want a country free form corruption, black money and corrupt systems and practices. So that this country may become a progressive and economically strong one. And administration devoid of corruption, black money and corrupt system would be an ideal system for an ideal country. Unfortunately, so far those who have been responsible for development of the country are themselves engaged in destroying the country. Those who were thought to be running the government are in fact engaged in wide-ranging loot of the country. Protectors have become predators. Those who were supposed to protect the country are in fact selling off assets of the country. In the name of democracy, this conspiracy of looting and corruption should come to a stop immediately. The independence that was achieved after several sacrifices of Mahatama Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and others should not be transformed into a dump-yard. Our aim is to bring the last citizen of the country to full education, good health, self-respect and self reliance by adopting means of nonviolence, truthfulness and honesty.

Bringing back black money will ensure development of the country and of the last citizen as well...

Because developed nation means that this development reaches the last citizen.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 07

A huge rally by Bharat Swabhiman and Patanjali Yog

Committee against corruption and black money at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi

On Dais: Swami Ramdev, intellects, religious leaders from different religions and personalities from industrial institutions

Public Deluge: Public deluge at Ramleela Ground against corruption

Discussion: President of India, Swami Ramdev, Acharya Balkrishna, Swami Agnivesh and Anna Hajare in a discussion against black money at The President House

Address: Swami ji, Acharya Balkrishna addressing reporters outside President House

08 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Competition: Presenting a club to the Hercules of Guru Hanuman Palesta to fight against corruption

A Letter

to BabaJi

'Yoga' cured a dangerous disease

Honourable Swami ji, Many a salutations I am ex-servicemen from Indian Army and now I am a soldier of your yoga following army. I believe now that if this physical body is a gift of GOD then 'Yoga' is what keeps it going, which further means that your Yoga regimen and medicinal regimen as suggested by Acharya Balkrishna ji could keep it healthy forever. Here I am sharing the health benefits that I am enjoying from Yoga and Ayurveda so that others could benefit too. When I was stationed at Tejpur in Assam in 1999 I contracted Red and White blisters in my mouth which could not be cured and thus Doctors also prescribed me for biopsy thinking of them as cancer, which was found to be untrue later with my biopsy reports from Pune. But the Doctors termed it as 'Lichen Planus' somewhat similar to cancer as an incurable disease. They said it could never be cured and these blisters would keep reappearing on their own in due course of time. I could not eat properly due to it and thus from 1999 till 2008 I lost a lot of weight. Fortunately I participated in a Yoga Camp at the Kalindi Park Raibareli Road Lucknow and by regularly practicing yoga for the next six month the blisters have been cured. I have consumed boiled gourd and ridge-gourd for 8 years and now I could eat food with gusto. Even I have gained 5-6 Kg of weight too. Even the Cervical Spondylitis for which I was suggested surgery has also been cured with yoga. Being an alcoholic I was also suffering from piles and shivering of hands which have also been cured completely. My Bronchitis Asthma has also been cured up to 90%. I would always be grateful to you. Sincerely, Ex. Subedar Jagdish Narayan Vishwkarma, 2/43 Shri Krishna Vihar Colony, Raebareli Road, Lucknow

Yoga cured Mental illness

Bow to Swami Ji, Salutations, Regards Swami Ji, I am working as Education Friend in the Education Department and my father expired due to a blockage in his heart and this took me to depression as I loved him with highest regards. He always inspired us to follow truth and justice and brought us up with virtue. In depression I tried to commit suicide 3 times and with help and inspiration from Anup ji, I started practicing Yoga and Pranayam and came out of my depression and got a new lease of life. Sincerely Dinesh Babu, Nilmatha, Vijay Nagar, Sector-B, Lucknow

Pranayam and Medicines cured 11 mm stone

Respectable Swami ji! Salutation, I retired from State Bank of India and am following yoga for the last 6 years and was suffering from a 11 mm stone as per sonography reports in August, 2008. I went with sonography again in October, 2010 when I felt pain in my abdomen. The stone was of the same size as it was about 2.5 years ago as I was practicing yoga and then I went to one Doctor at the Patanjali Hospital in Khandwa (M.P) and just in 2.5 months the stone passed out with urine. I am grateful to you for being you. Sincerely yours, K.S. Maurya 44-A, Shubh-Labh Avenue Kanadiya Road, Indore (M.P)

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 09

Family name : Latin : English :

Convolvulaceae Evolvulus alsinoides Linn Shankh Pushpi

Sanskrit : Shankhahuli,Shankha Hindi : Shankhahuli,Shankha


Gujarati : Shankhabali, Sankhavali Marati : Shankhahuli Bengali : Shankhahuli


Perennial herb with a small woody and branched rootstock, 4-12 inches long, densely hairy, branches rise upto some extent and then prevails on ground and on grass. Leaves are 1/2 inches to 1.5 inches long, Petiole is minute base acute . Wide and shiny top parts, smells like radish if it get rubbed, white flowers , white or light or thick rose colour, funnel shaped rounds. Brownish or blakish coloured seeds 4. Entire bush is black plum or grey coloured . the rainy season Sankha Pushpi would be found naturally on rocky and fallow lands in India. It is expansive and is seen in grass like seedlings. In many places this is a perennial plant. Stem lives many years. By the colour distinction in the flowers it can be divided in three categories. 1. White 2. Blue 3. Canscora decussate (Gentianaceac). This is called as SHANKHAHULI also. In many places doctors call this floweras SHANKHA PUSHPI. In fact, for the medicinal purpose, one should use white flower only.


Chemical composition:

One Shanakpushpe alkeliad and two Crystalline substances are found there in.

Useful parts :

Seed, bark, Flower, fruit, root panchang (five parts) .

For better memory

1. Take 3 to 6 grams Shankhapushpi's powder with

10 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011


Properties and Benefits

milk early in the morning to enhance the memory power. Fatigue would vanish if you are studying for longer hours. 2. Give 2 to4 grams of Shankhapushpi's powder with 1 gram of Sweet Flag (bach) powder to rise intelligence in children and to make them sharp. 3. Take its powder 2-4 grams adding it to honey or sugar for 6 months. Wrinkles would disapper from your face in the old age. Memory power and astuteness would be increased. 4. For Sharp memory take 3 to 6 grams Shankhapushpi's powder and honey with milk.

Acharya Balkrishna

Head ache :

Shankhapushpi 1 gram, Black Henbane 250 milli grams with hot water to remove headache within 5 minutes.


Take panchang of Shankhapushpi,s juce 2 spoons, add one quid of black pepper 's powder and give it with honey over and over again to control vomitings.


Astringent, Cold in potency, Slimy, bitter, enhances rememberance power, psychological diseases like epilepsy would be wiped out, radiant, Strong light and strong. Leprosy control and the destructor of poison.

Bed Urination :

If child is urinating on bed at night times, give Shankhapushpi's powder 2 grams and black sesame 1 gram along with milk to check bed urinating problem.

Diabetes :

1. Take Shankhapushpi 6 grams morning and evening along with cow's butter or with water to control diabetes. 2. To overcome the weakness caused by diabetes, take 2-4 grams of powder or swaras of 10-20 mg.


1. Take 2 grams of Shankhapushpi's juice with honey to cure epilepsy. 2. Take powders of Shankhapushpi, Sweet flg and Brahmi in equal quantities. To cure epilepsy , hysteria and delirium take 3 grams of this mixture twice a day. 3. Dry in the shade Shankhapushpi 1 kg, add Sugar 2 kg and make powder. sieve it and fill in bottles. Take 5 to 10 grams with milk for better memory. 4. Shankhapushpi's juice 10-20 grams, powder of Saussurea lappa roots (kooth) 500 grams with honey to cure epilepsy. 5. Take swaras of Shankhapushpi with honey to cure the state of delirium.

Sun stroke :

When the patient would get unconcious state and babbeling, you may give Shankhapushpi's powder 5-10 grams with milk and honey for the beneficiary of the patient. Bleeding : Take 10-20 grams swaras of Shankhapushpi, add it with honey to control bleeding.

High blood pressure :

Take fresh swaras of Shankhapushpi 10-20 mg. every morning and evening for some days and get rid of High blood pressure.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 11

Yoga and Pranayama regulate our body. They control and well-balance the eight systems. Only Yoga has such miraculous power...

...It cures any kind of disease. Yoga is the permanent treatment.




Swami Ramdev

And its Two theories

and systematic - are two types of treatment. Modern therapeutic science is based on symptoms. But in Yoga and Ayurveda the case is different. The problem of the patient would be eradicated once for all while balancing the system in it. Some diseases like Malaria and T.B. would be treated fully. Hypertension, diabetes, Asthma, Thyroid and other diseases would just be maintained by medicines and drugs are not available for these cases in in allopathy. By doing Yoga excercises and by obtaining a natural life style one can control diseases like B.P. Thyroid, Asthma etc. We can practice two types of Pranayama. 1. Before Anulom-vilom Pranayama 2. After Anulom-vilom Pranayama. We have to practice Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Bahya Pranayama to maintain well balanced-state and health before Anulom-vilom Pranayama. And after completion of Anulom-vilom Pranayama, we have to practice Bhramari, Udgeetha and Pranava Pranayama to well-balance and maintain good health in circulatory, respiratory, nervous, endocrine systems.

There are so many doubts regarding Yoga in the people. They ask How it is possible that diseases are plenty in number and just doing by some Yogasanas and Eight types of Pranayam , how they all can be cured wholly? To clear our doubts, let us go to learn some fundamental truths of Physical science as well as psychology. And then we have to analyze the scientific procedure of Yoga science and its authentic effects. Primarily, even though all the bodies are having different shapes and sizes, but the internal functions would be the same for all. The functions of secretional glands, reproductory system, Mooladhar flux to Sahasrar or Brahmandra flux, physical body, the emotional body which is constructed by mind, conscience, ego are the same for all. All beings are having the same nature nourished by Tridoshatmaka , Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Satwa, Raja and Tamas are the Trigunatmaka. In man there are so many minute differences would be found by the varied disparity of D.N.A and ordination (samskaara) levels. Difference at D.N.A. levels helps discriminating one from the other physically and at ordination levels the difference exists in the karmic patterns of earlier births as well as present one. But in the medical field this difference is not being considered as significant. The definition of a word 'Healthy person' has certain standards in modern therapy while going through a series of tests, whether they belong to a blood level or to hormones, heart, liver, kidney or to mind. The same test would be conducted for everybody. They use Angiography that measures cholesterol, C.T.Scan,

7 April

World health Day Special

12 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

M.R.I, Ultra sound, X-Ray, Endoscopy to test Blood pressure and Sugar. Every body has the similar function of Liver, Kidney, heart - shape, weight. Then Yoga treats appropriately for the same human beings. To balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha etc Tridoshatmaka one should depend on Yoga therapy. In Ayurveda there would be different drugs to maintain Vata, Pitta and Kapha etc Doshas. But Gulancha tinospora ('Guduchi') is a drug of Tridosha Shamaka. Just like that Yoga Pranayama is also Tridosha Shamaka. And moreover Yoga takes us to a par excellent state of Satwa, Raja and Tamo gunas. In Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali , he himself declares 'Puroosharthashunyaanaam gunaanaam pratiprasavah kaivalyam Swaroopa pratishthaavaa chitishaktiriti' (kai.paa.4.34). Yoga takes us to the doorstep of conscience beyond the state of mind. 'Yogaschittavritta nirodhaha' ( Yoga relieves us from the accumulated ordinations of our previous births and makes us realize our self - nature. So Yoga is useful for all the beings alike , because we came from the same substance of the nature, even though our forms are diversified. Yoga impacts our mind, system, doshas and ordinations at the same time and cures the person physically as well as emotionally and makes him completely healthy, he becomes aware of himself at last also. And in Allopathy drugs work on symptoms, which are varied as the systems are different. This is the basic disparity of Yoga and Allopathic Therapies. Drugs, chemical salt or hormones etc. would be given to the patient externally in Allopathy. Thus they try to balance the deficiency of chemicals. But by practicing Pranayam, chemical salt or hormones would be well balanced and also generated internally. Ayurveda is also based on the same principle. Just like Yoga, Ayurvedic herbs and other medicinal procedures also work on our eight systems (fluxes) and balance them internally. For example, Asphalt (Mineral Pitch or Shilajit) heals every kind of illness. In Caraka Samhita also it is said - 'Na sosthi rogo bhuvi saadhya roopaha shilahwayam yam na jayet prasahya (Caraka) .' means there is such ailment on this earth which is not curable by Asphalt. Because Asphalt effects reproductory system to respiratory system. That means it increases sperm count and roots out venereal diseases. It corrects the imbalances of urinary track, balances digestive system, contortion of liver and stomach. It is highly useful in strengthening bones and muscles, rectifies the skeletal system and circulatory system and transportation of the body. Asphalt power works well on respiratory system and confiscate all the problems. When these six systems work well, our autonomic and voluntary nervous system also controls well the whole system. If in this way internal system is regulated, our secretional glands

(endocrine) system functions well. In this way Asphalt supplies energy and fitness to all the eight systems. So Asphalt is the curer of all diseases. Just like Asphalt, there are some more herbs that cure all diseases in Ayurveda. In Allopathy the thing is different. It is a symptomatic treatment. Every disease has a different kind of drug there. It it does not work on systems. That is the reason that it can not cure all the diseases. In Yoga and Ayurveda we don't symptomatic treatment. We cure the reasons. The basic element is corrected. From Muladhaar flux to Sahasrar flux all the eight chakras or eight systems would be energized. That is the basic contrast between the ancient and modern theraptic theories. Both are varied in their methods of treatment. If the disagreements are to be obliterated, we should think high above all the prejudice, ignorance, selfishness and ego and understand the theoretical values of these systems. We have to use appropriate method to correct the patient's illness. Life saving drugs, Operations, Emergency, T.B, Malaria etc. are the excellent benefits of Allopathy. Modern Theraptical science has done wonders. And on the otherside, internal system can be set right by doing Yoga and Ayurveda, we can rectify Asthma, High blood pressure, Arthritis, Depression, Migraine pain, Liver , Kidney, Intestines and Heart problems like degenerative diseases. Yoga seeks the welfare of the whole universe. Patient's well - beingness is the sublime objective of Yoga. So patient's health is regarded as the highest priority, beyond all the levels of the personal and professional controversies in theraptic theories.

April 2011

Yoga is the Perfect drug. This cures illness and keep us healthy...

...wherever the Other treatment Procedures do not give permanent solution to the problem.

& Yog Sandesh & 13

Heritage of yoga

Acharya Balkrishna

14 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

The bloody war going around the world could only be brought to an end with 'Ashtang Yoga'...

...Ashtang Yoga is a combination of highly assimilated forms of all common living scenarios, meditation, trance and higher consciousness of spirituality.

the global people from India. And it is impossible to envision a successful man and a decent society except through yoga. As the people searching for completeness in family, caste, community, region, country, language and religion etc. could only lead to anarchy. In reality all this search is the search for self realization and not for peace and calm. All over the world this struggle of self realization is in effect selfish, cunning, misleading and for dominance. Often it is described as a war of religion or virtue for support. Do we not have any other method for social equanimity or harmony? Can we not have one way on which global people could walk? Which does not bring disharmony to a person specific or a nation in whatsoever way? Yes, there is! The way on which the whole world could walk together, with all the freedom, without any fear and all could achieve peace, calm and happiness. It is the way of 'Ashtang Yoga' brought to light by Patanjali. It is not a cult or community but a complete method or system for living life. If the people all over the world seek peace then 'Ashtang Yoga' is the only solution. The bloody war going around the world could only be brought to an end with 'Ashtang Yoga', as it is a combination of highly assimilated forms of all common living scenarios, meditation, trance and higher consciousness of spirituality. One who wants self realization or the truth of life could follow 'Ashtang Yoga' and obviously it is the most easily available effective way for practical and charitable causes. It awakens the insight of one who practices yoga which is normally dormant. A man without any insight leads to a way from dalliance to destruction instead of a way from progress to peace and calm. Such a person could not live peacefully in this world and neither move to higher dimensions. Yoga enables one with a vision not just for self but for the whole humanity and its company brings along eternal peace and calm. It makes one feel confident for achieving miraculous feats. The world history is full of such capable personalities who have succeeded in bringing along a peaceful reign in this world full of chaos and anarchy.

Yoga is the highest call of reflection for

All achievements in the field of literature, philosophical, scientific or religion and spirituality have been made possible by the concentrated minds along with hard work. The silence and solitude required to know the spiritual facts in at par with the concentration and consciousness of the scientists behind the ongoing inventions. And these are equivalent to the sages though in a little scientific way. Consciousness and concentration from yoga leads to a monk like stage and a person who is in this state could only work for the betterment of the society and humanity. Such personalities are often termed as visionaries. Highly revered and priceless work in the Indian literature in the form of ancient texts, 'Aaranyak', 'Upanishad' and 'Jyotish' etc are the fruits borne by such visionaries only. And, this literature directly leads to solutions on any concerns. Yoga empowers the feeling of 'US' rather than 'I' and 'OUR' rather than 'MY' by empowering the reasoning capabilities. It is such a knowledge which is out of any form of debate and an art which gives dexterity in all fields and such a science which confirms all the pleasures even in the absence or resources.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 15

Shanti Saar

Swami Ramdev Yog

Sage Guru Ramdev ji has interpreted GEETA in the form of `Geetamrit'. For our patrons and readers we would be publishing the interpretation by his holiness Guru Ramdev ji in the subsequent publications respectively! Arjun asked Aparam Bhavto Janm param Janm Vivasvat:| Kathmetdvijaaniyaam tvamadau Proktavaniti||4|| 4. Arjun asked - O' Krishna, you are born recently but this world exist way before that and now with this concern how should I trust that you only have explained this earlier too? Krishna Said Bahuni me Vyateetaani Janmani tav Charjun| Taanyahan Ved Sarvaanni N Tvam Vetth Parantap||5|| Ajoapi Sannvyayatma Bhutanamishvaroapi San| Prakrutim Svamadhishthay Sambhavamyaatmmayayaa||6|| 5. Krishna Said - O' Arjun we have taken many a births, I know them all but you being under the influence of Maya is not aware of them. 6. Though I being the supreme consciousness am the ruler of all living beings and am out of this living or life cycle as my supreme conscious form is uniform without any deformity. Even then being in the nature of it and controlling my own nature take birth through and on my own fancy. Shri Krishna said that though you and I have taken many a births and I know them all being stationed in the self consciousness but you following the life cycles could not recall them as you are not stationed in your own conscious-

ness. Being based in my own consciousness I am the ruler of all beings and am free from life and death. But even then I take birth on my own fancy. Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirbhavati Bharat | Abhyuthaanamdharmasya Tadaatmaanam Srujamyaham||7|| Paritraannaay Saadhuna Vinashaay Ch Dushkrutaam| Dharmsansthaapanaarthaay Sambhavami Yuge Yuge||8|| Janm Karm Ch Me Divymevam Yo Vetti tatvat: | Tyaktava Deham Punarjanm Naiti Maameti Soarjun||9|| Veetraagbhaykrodha Manmaya Maamupaashrita: | Bahvo Gyaantapsa Puta Madbhavmaagata: ||10|| 7. O' Bharat (Arjun)! When the Dharma (Life Cycle) is obstructed and Adharma (Obstructions in the life cycle) rises on then I myself take birth. 8. To safeguard good people and to admonish corrupted ones I take form in different ages as revered personalities I myself take birth. Dharma mentioned here in the 7th shloka above is not related to any religions or cult specifically but should be taken in a wide understanding. Dharma here is referring to that life cycle which was started at the beginning of this world for promoting, progressing and prosperity of all living beings. And when this is obstructed by elements or people by working against it, then a higher conscious supreme being takes birth in the form of a revered personality and thus re-establishes the life cycle to its own way. Hence thus I keep taking birth and this form in itself is representing the one and only supreme consciousness or supreme power. 9. O' Arjun, that one, who gets to know me in this form and how I work after death gets assimilated in me and thus gets rid of this continuous life cycle. 10. Many of those who have detached themselves from passion, fear and jealousy under my patronage, following their duties for me have assimilated in me or have found me. (Those who have found the real truth as

mentioned have found me and are me) It has been said in the 9th shloka that those following all their duties for the supreme consciousness and thus following the same through their behaviour find God and thus get rid of this continuous life cycle. Here it is necessary to mention that one just following this in words and not acting or behaving thus would not find salvation, it is just for showing the world that they have found it. So it is very much necessary to know how meritless converts into merit?

7th April: World Health Day, 10th April: Water Conservation Day, 22nd April: Earth day

Our health,

water and


18 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

10th April and Earth Day is observed on 22nd of April. Let me give them a thought. Addiction to drugs affects health. This addiction is social evil and a root cause of our extinction. Addition to alcohol, tobacco and other such products causes excessive libido and behavioral change among people, enhances cases of eve-teasing, violence, crime and degeneration of society. Also, it causes several diseases of liver, kidney, heart and tuberculosis. In India ever year about half a million people die of liver sclerosis, kidney failure and cancer, caused by the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other such products. Traders, engaged in the business of liquor and tobacco are explicitly or implicitly responsible for these deaths. When tobacco and liquor traders in the US can be penalized for paying out 5000 crore rupees for the treatment of victims of addiction, then the same businessmen in the country should also be penalized. These businessmen are responsible for the destruction of lives, families and children of millions of people in the country. Yoga and Ayurveda are systematic forms of treatment, while allopathic treatment is symptomatic. This is the difference between the scientific and ancient form of treatment. A sick person has right to select the form of treatment from a variety of forms. An ordinary man can invite death by buying poison, Tobacco and liquor. But, a terminally ill patient can not choose form of treatment of his or her choice. Some companies in their quest of business upstage the interest of the sick people and in the name of treating them, inflict a great deal of pain and misery on them. Traditional forms of medications like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy and other such forms which are cheap, simple and scientifically proven forms of treatments, should not be opposed on the false grounds. Now the second issue is Water. We all know that in this universe, only the Earth has life forms and that is why, this planet is different from

World Health Day is observed on 7th of April, Water Resources Day is observed on

Sunita Poddar

Managing Director, Lambhill Court Ltd. U.K

An ordinary man can invite death by buying poison. Tobacco and liquor, which cause thousands of deaths around the world, can be easily bought.

But, a terminally ill patient can not choose form of treatment of his or her choice.

others. Water is the key to life forms. All ancient civilizations like Sindhu, Saraswati, Nile and Tigris, all developed close to river banks. Since the beginning of the Life on the Earth, it continues to provide water by recycling. But, humanity, due to changes in lifestyle and modern civilization, has been consuming water resources. Natural resources are to be managed so that in future, water crisis can be averted. Water is essential for life. Water regulates life-forms on the Earth. People in Vedic period were aware that rains recycle river water. Out of five basic elements, water is the only one, which is found in all three forms - solid, liquid and gas. Water is produced by combining two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, under specific conditions. But let us know, these molecules are being taken from nature only. Life is not possible without water. 'Mata Bhumi Putroahang Prithviya' : Earth is our mother and we are all its progeny. But our corrupt political system and government machinery are abusing our natural resources or they are continuously conspiring against the country to debilitate it. Corrupt people abuse these natural resources on their whims and fancies. They sell these resources cheaply to mafia so that they can extort money from them. If we have an efficient management and transparent policy for natural resources and minerals, India can still become a country full of grandeur, because, everything is buried into the womb of the Earth. So, let's not conspire against our mother earth.

April 2011

The Earth continues to provide water by recycling. But, humanity,

due to changes in lifestyle and modern civilization, has been consuming water resources. Natural resources are to be managed so that in future, water crisis can be averted.

& Yog Sandesh & 19

We all know that Swami Ramdev ji and Acharya

Balkrishna Ji are working day and night for a healthy, prosperous India. They wish for a clean, healthy, self dependent, indigenous, prosperous India so that it could regain its authority over the world.

Dharali village would be developed

in all fields by 'Patanjali Yogpeeth'

Mother Subhadra Tapovan

And in the same concern Patanjali Yogpeeth has chosen many villages including Dharali based in the Himalayan region for initiating self development. Patanjali has innumerable plans to develop Uttrakhand as the country's first developed state with refined irrigation and farming techniques in the field of Agricultural and Medicinal farming. The local farmers are being educated free of cost about the medicinal plants and help is also provided for farming related chores and purchasing farming aids. The goal of Patanjali is known to one and all. The program for developing all the villages of the Himalayan region has started and we all must contribute from our side. If one has any doubt about outsiders visiting here, I would like to say that there is no need to panic as Swami Ji has decided to change the overall picture across the country. So, why should our Himalayan region remain left behind? No one ever thought about development in our region but now Patanjali has initiated the era of change. The destiny of people from this region would certainly change now. Literacy in rising and people look forward to new challenging task as they have enough courage and devotion in them and now Patanjali is also working in bringing prosperity in this region. It is a charitable cause and we all should join it to begin development starting from Dharali. Acharya Balkrishna calls me mother and now this son of mine is involved in many a good deeds in the society. Patanjali Yogpeeth is taking the country and the whole world in a new direction and in this sacred cause everyone must participate. Why they chose Dharali for development? It is the remotest village and destiny would be changed from here itself, with happiness and prosperity in the form of development is not far, but knocking at your doors! At present the farmers of this region and village who mainly produce coarse cereals do not find Mother Subhadra is one such friar from the Himalayan region and she had practiced penance for quite long time and even at the age of 80 is working in this region. She is a source of inspiration for one and all and we respect her a lot.

The breeze of development has started flowing from Patanjali Yogpeeth. The first step in this link is towards the Himalayan region...

Patanjali Yogpeeth has started working for the overall development of Dharali village.

20 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011


The opening ceremony of "

Vaanprasth Aashram"

built with the inspiration of Swami Ramdev Ji, would be conducted on 3rd of April, 2011 and 'Ramkatha' by revered Morari Bapu and Yoga and Science camp would be conducted at the same premises from 4th till 14th of April, 2011. Education, health, self-dependence, farming, indigenous goods, poverty and corruption would also be discussed here along with the Ramkatha. You all are requested to participate or grace the occasion with your presence.

the right market though they are full of vitamins and minerals. All produces from these farmers would be purchased by Patanjali and profits thus earned would then be reinvested in developing the Himalayan villages. What else could be better for developing Uttrakhand and our country than this? This region is considered to be holy as it is believed that God resides here. It is not for carnal pleasure but for yoga. The only assets of this region are Ganga and its medicinal vegetation. Himalaya is an abundant resource of rare medicinal plants but we could not use it properly, which is the goal of Patanjali that these could be used properly and people from this region could find employment in this cause and thus would not have to leave for plains in search of jobs. These villages should be developed to an extent so that they could also emerge on the national map. Patanjali is continuously working in this direction and we all should participate in it.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 21



Dr. T.C.Goyal

Professor of surgery (retired)

Cancer seen in any age and at any stage. The peculiarity

of this disease is, it tantalizes patient and by and by and at last it takes his life. called Secondary Cancer Metastasis. or

is a deadly disease in the modern times and it is

What is Cancer

Our body is made up of innumerable cells of different kinds. These cells increase according to the needs of the body under its control. But Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. When Tumor or Cancer is formed in a body swelling of Nodule of a NonHealing Ulcer appears. There is a large time gap between the first stage of this disease and the appearance of its characteristics. This duration is highly significant considering the treatment for it. If it is traced out at an early stage, this is a curable disease like all benign diseases.

If the cancer is restricted to the place of its origin, it is controllable. If the growth of the cancer cells is high then it automatically spreads out. This is a malignant disease.


Tips for general health care should be followed. Generally, the nature of the body. Is to be healthy. If we do harm to our body knowingly or unknowingly, then that results in dreadful diseases. In Ayurveda , it is said - 'Ayukta Ahara viharena vyadhinaam janitaa', which means improper diet and life style are the reasons of a disease. Cancer is also not exempted from the list. There are some reasons of cancer which are given below. The use of Tobacco :- Smoking leads to lung cancer, Throat cancer , Mouth cancer, Etc. Chewing of tobacco cause for Cheek cancer, Oral cavity (mouth) cancer and Esophagus.

Cancer is a word which terrors us. In other words it is called 'death'.

There are some useful tips about this disease and some perfect drugs for the cure of this disease for you...

Secondary Cancer (Metastasis)

Because the cancer cells grow whimsically (Hyperplasia), they face a serious problem of Food supply. So some Cancer cells would go in internal ways of the different body parts like Liver, Lungs and Bones where they find some better feeding. And this type of cancer is

22 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Alcoholism - According to a France Cancer specialist Dr. Moris Tubiana, if these two addictions are controlled Cancer would cease to be exist, because these two bad habits are the route cause of Cancer. Fries using ghee or oil or having junk foods, Using much spicy food non-vegetarian food causes Colon cancer. Artificial colours and aromatic edible foodstuff and beverages Pollution - Air pollution causes lung cancer. Uncleanliness Filthy atmosphere causes cancer in oral cavity, genital cancer and Ano-Rectal cancer. And apart from these cancer has so many known and unknown reasons.


Cancer may attack at any age of life. Generally it is seen in youth and old-aged people. In fact this disease has its foundation in the childhood. It appears in Youth or in Old age. This disease take much time to have a control on body. That is why this disease can be prevented in the childhood only. Here are some tips of prevention. Don't use tobacco Don't use tobacco. Don't eat or smoke. Keep yourself distant from smokers. Don't take liquor. Don't chew pan mashala. Don't take much fried food which is made up of ghee and oil. Don't use much heat while you cook. Don't take non-vegetarian food. Use very less quantity of artificial colours and aromatic substances. Maintain Neatness. It is said 'Bahyabhyantarah shuchi' .

Save yourself from pollution. Don't spread pollution or don't live in such conditions. Use Fibreous food abundantly. Take fresh fruits, vegetables, use aata with husk to prepare roti, less refined rice, Dal with testa. Use vitamin -A and Carotene in meals. These elements are found in some vegetables and fruits like Carot, Mango, Papaya etc. Your meal should be rich with vitamin - C. You may use Aamla (Emblic Myrobalan), Guava, Orange also for it. Antioxidants like Vitamin - E and Seleniyam are useful. This is also useful in cancer disease. Maintain regularity in taking food, doing exercises, yogasanas and meditation. Cancer may be curable also. Live a balanced life , a cancer-free life. If Cancer is severe the limb would be removed through operation.

Accoding to Ayurveda Imbalanced food is the root cause of all the diseases...

...Balanced diet is preferable to check all the unwanted troubles.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 23

Bharat Swabhiman

Contribution of Women

shoulder with daily life, find themselves disillusioned, when it comes the question of how can they contribute to defending the self-reliance of the country? The answer to this inferiority complex lies in the Bharat Swabhiman Yatra, the idea of which is perceived by the venerable yoga teacher Swami Ramdevji. In fact, the contribution of women in India's existence as self-reliant country is far greater than men. Because, the country progressed ahead on traditions of our sanskars or cultural values and women are the mother of these sanskars. All that is required for women, to fulfill the goal of Bharat Swabhiman for their invaluable contribution, is to change their line of thinking. Then the road to success for stronger and self-reliant India will be self-evident.

Women, despite a storehouse of tremendous energy, going shoulder to

Sunita Poddar

Managing Director, Lambhill Court Ltd. U.K

The role of women has undergone a change but somewhere, she has become a victim of getting led astray. In a country, which believes in 'Yatra Naryastu Pujayate Ramante Tatra Devta', women have progressed but their respect in socio-cultural context has declined. There has not been any field of activity, where women have not earned name and fame in a world, where only the economic development is considered supreme. But at the same time a darker fact is that the kind of respect that they attained to in ancient period has been on decline. And for this decline, it won't be appropriate to blame men's world only, women also are responsible for the same to a certain extent. Like men, Women have also fallen prey to the illusion that economic development in life is supreme. Indeed, the mission, which Venerable Swami Ramdevji has espoused, is to return to establishing India's past glory and grandeur. In his quest, he needs significant contribution from women power. Venerable Swamiji is of this clear opinion that women are God's unique creation, who not only have versatile personality but also are an embodiment of altruism, assimilation and tolerance. Saluting women power, country's first president Bharat Ratna, Dr Rajendra Prasad said that women are unique manifestation of power and progress of the country can not be imagined without them. Now the question arises that how women can play their part in accomplishing the mission 'Bharat Swabhiman'. To establish Bharat Swabhiman, women have to take an

24 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

initiative themselves. She will have to educate herself in Indian-ness. Through this education only, she will get to know that how, in the past, women like Apala, Ghosha and Gargi asserted their intellect to their claim to glory. This education will only enlighten her that how queen of Jhansi, Rani Laxmi Bai herself organized an army and posed a challenge to English army and returned unhurt of her sovereignty. Besides educating herself, she will also have to culturally train her progeny, who would be future nation-builders. If children are inculcated with values like honesty, truthfulness and Nationalism, early in their childhood, then the country will be free from corruption. And once corruption is eradicated from the country, it can not be stopped from becoming a superpower like what, once, ancient India was. Why do we always enunciate these facts that Shivaji, inspired by Mata Jijabai's enducation and cultural upbringing, decided to free the country of shackles of slavery. Similary, Pandavas, brought up under Mata Kunti's cultural values, came victorious in the battle of Kurukashetra. It would be appropriate here to mention that studies in the West have proved that women, compared with men, are less selfish and are more aware of their duties. Considering this, if women happen to decide joining Bharat Swabhiman movement, then Swamiji's dream, to make India strong and self-reliant, will be definitely fulfilled. So, come, all the women, and take an oath to contribute to the national movement of 'Bharat Swabhiman'. Change of thought among those too, who are housewives, and among those, who are independent modern women. The idea of change of thought is that housewives do not confine themselves to the duties of the household only, thus change their thought process. That means her duties are not confined to bearing children to carry the family clan forward and attending to domestic chores. Rather they have to believe that they are second-to-none. During her duties as housewives, they come across a variety of people and if they happen to harbor a few thoughts of serving the country and society, then they may spread messages of honesty and ethics among people. She may also fill people with thoughts of fighting corruption. For achieving this objective, she needs not to go out of the house. She will have to think that her role is not confined to bring herself to financial independence only. Rather she has to own up to a duty to the country and society. Swamiji has exactly the same dream of executing our duties to the nation. Since these women are witnessing and analyzing the current state of society closely, they can fight against corruption, which is a big hindrance in building a self-reliant India. They can also spread awareness among people for the same. Women, whether housewives or working, in attaining goals of Bharat Swabhiman will have to fight with their internal thoughts. They have to begin by stirring faith in themselves. Somebody has stated rightly that 'women are no-more weak, they face all adversities, they have incredible power, that is why they are called Durga.

April 2011

If children are inculcated with values like honesty, truthfulness and Nationalism early in their childhood, then....

The country will be free from corruption. And once corruption is eradicated from the country, it can not be stopped from becoming a superpower like ancient India.

& Yog Sandesh & 25

The shape of

Fruits and Vegetables

Which resemble human limbs

Blueberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry are rich in zinc and more beneficiary for conception. These increase sexual energy. Zinc produces Testosterone and semen in a male body. Berry fruits bring ebullition in women and stimulate men. When semen and fetus are healthy, infant would also be healthy. By the influence of Raspberry, Strawberry blood flows fast towards reproductive organs. It ignites joints where sexual desire is softened. According to a study, all the zinc levels would be finished for three sexual intercourses in twenty four hours. But, simply a handful of Raspberry, Strawberry fruits would regain the lost energy. But don't trust those doctors who bluff to enhance your sexual power and ability.

Berry seeds are rich in zinc and they are more beneficiary for conception. They increase sexual energy...

... Zinc produces Testosterone and semen in a male body. Berry fruits bring ebullition in women and stimulate men. When semen and fetus are healthy, infant would also be healthy.

Thyroid shaped chestnut

Chestnut contains Iodine and other Phytochemicals which control Thyroid problem.

Neck , Esophagus shaped Pineapple

Pineapple which resembles neck and esophagus is able to cure the problems related to them like Thyroid, Larynx, Pharynx, Tonsils. Take one glass of pineapple juice with hot water. Menital, an anti bacterial and phytochemical cures diphtheria and lung infection in all the parts of throat. Singers, Heroes and speakers and who speak for long hours may take a ripen Pineapple. It clears throat. But never use a raw Pineapple. A research study reveals that one who has 154 DNA , gets 100 sowlpals. Resultantly, this is useful in curing the deadly diseases in the youth.

himself a destructor of nature. Nature sets a coordination with Man even though he drifts away from her and go astray. Once if we see the shapes and sizes of the fruits Man can identify the umbilical card that he has with the mother nature. A man cure diseases with those fruits which are similar to his limbs. We gave much information regarding this subject in the last issue also. Now let us focus on some more fruits !

Nature has a soul relationship with Man. Man proves

Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj

Yoga gram, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar Continues from the last month...

Breast shaped word Apples

Word apples (kapitha) create wonders in stomach diseases. It roots out all the factors of disease and pathogens. So all the cists and the cells of breast cancer would be burnt away. In word apple we may find different types of micronutrients. They heal all kinds of infections of breast. So there would

Testicles & Overy shaped Berries

Different kinds of berry fruits like Raspberry, Crane berry, Strawberry,

26 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

be no chance of getting breast cancer or the formation of cists again and again. And they take care of the beauty and health of breasts. Word apple is purgative. Pathogen virus would increase in constipation which may be lead to the breast cancer since they are poisonous. There is no other equivalent fruit to rectify constipation other than the Word apple. The juice of the leaves of a Word apple, quath cures swellings in uterus and breasts. It reduces glucose in urinals. Fingers shaped millets Ragi's another name is 'Five finger millets'. Ragi is an excellent substance that works on fingers, joints, joint pains, Osteoporosis. It is highly beneficiary in Iron and calcium deficiencies. It is called in telugu as 'Ragulu' and in Marathi 'Nachni'. It gives great strength and energy. Take a glass of Ragi juice, you would not feel tiresomeness even though you work all the day.

Joints shaped

unripen maize, Ragi, Millets, Sorghum cure joint pains. There are so many bioactive micro nutraceutical chemicals. Rheumatic disorders and knee joints. Sugarcane juice 200 ml. Maize, Ragi of sorghum juice made up of 25 g. to 50 g. grains. 50 ml. Millets juice is helpful in healing swellings, vomitings, motions, malaria, urticaria, diabetes, poisonous effect.

Child hair shaped Maize tufts of hair

Maize is a very good nutrient in the children. Soup made up of maize corns is healthy and energetic because there are several nutrients are there in it like silken, iron, calcium. The soup cures ailments related uterus, pelvis, vegina and urinary track. A raw maize dissolves stones in kidneys. Skull Shaped Coconut Coconut is skull shaped. We bow our head when we pray to God. That means, 'we give up our ego' in the presence of Supreme Power. When we drive off ego, our energy is set free.

And that power starts upward journey. That power mingles with 'Sahasraara flux' (Thousanand petalled lotus) and bestows us divinity. Naturally coconut is very strong like our head. It contains all the limbs that we have in our head in it like eyes and nose parts. The tress of coconut just looks like our hair. Head like coconut places a key role in keeping good health and in preventing illhealth. For every 100 grams we find 4.05 mg of 'enurin' i.e. Thayamin and rich vitamin B values in coconut. That's why it is useful in maintaining health in the tissues of brain and muscles. Working for longer hours with mind compulses a person to feel fatigue, nervous break down. More mental work leads to physical as well as mental diseases. Coconut is beneficiery in such cases. It contains 62 % of medium chain fatty acids, Saturated hydrocorbans, 97% plant saturated fatty acids increase intelligence. Mother's milk is rich in lactoferrin. Like wise coconut milk also contains perfect lauric acid, which increases immune system. Thus the body would be protected from diseases and from the virus that causes diseases. Anti bacterial factors that are available in coconut protects from all kinds of bacteria. Take some kernel, mix it with butter. Apply that paste to get a sparkling face. In the butter of kernel there is a medicinal value in the form or phytosteroid chrohan which is a healer in the inveterate and insidious diseases. Medium chain fatty acids that are available in kernel, burns calories (fats) quickly and give energy to the body and make it slim and trim. It controls the centre where we feel hungry in our mind and make us feel less appetite. So naturally we take lesser food quantity. Thus it cures obesity also. And at the same time it gives many nutrient values to the body also.

Joints, Breathing system, Trachea shaped...

Turmaric rhizome and ginger do wonders in joints and breath related diseases. A Canadian patient was suffering from lung cancer. A Turmaric rhizome was given to her. She used to keep gulping the juice of it and was cured. Her cough was controlled. Turmaric is an excellent remedy for joint swellings and pains. 'Carcumine' in turmeric and 'ginger ale' in ginger are anti inflammatory. One may suffers pain and swelling from the leg fingers to the head joints caused by glyco emino glycine (Gags), turmeric is a great healer in such conditions. Actually, in rheumatic disorders, glyco emino glycine attacks the immune system and thus cause for swelling and pain. They are curable by Turmaric rhizome and ginger. These chemicals either destroy or push away all the poisonous substances like beta emiloid protein in mind, which is a great factor for alzheimers disease .

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 27


He who destroys great fears !



RIG - 2.41.11. Rishi :- Gritsamadah. Devata -Indrah.Chanda-gayatri

Glossary :

May be we are not able to perform significant and virtuous acts...

Indrah- If he is Indra, the supreme God ! Ca- Definitely, Naha - to us, Mulyati- endows happainess, Nahaours Paschat - after Agham papa na nashat- if that sin does not fall upon you, Naha puraha- In front of, Bhadram - safely, soundly, Bhavati - Be it so. Prayer - Brothers! There is no doubt that indra pours happiness upon us. Ever and ever he thinks about our welfare. Still if we are having misery in front of us, we have to understand that Sin pursues us ! If this sin had not pursued us, we would have seen welfare and bliss. We assume the sin that is done two hours before would never pursue you. It would have no concern to you. Thus we continue to do a series of sins days together. But see, our hope! We aspire for a good result eventhough our doings are wrong. Here one point is to be clearly understood that our sin never ceases to exist even though

... But it is in our hand to take a sincere resolution to not to to do a sinful act.

you can not see it in front of you. It pursues us. Our virtue also follows us just like sin. See the paradox! We do not stop committing sins, but ever we wish for only virtuous result. How it is possible? Our sins are pursuing to ruin us! So, let us take oath to not to do a wrong doing, if not possible to do a virtue atleast! May be we are not able to perform significant and virtuous acts. But it is in our hand to take a sincere resolution to not to to do a sinful act. By observing this oath solemnly, Indra shows graciousness upon us and bestows auspicious days earlier. And thus the path would be accessible for all encoming beneficial things, as the sin ceased to pursue us. If we do not do even this much effort, the supreme God Indra would pour ablazing cinders in our lives and make us sullen, hurt and depressed. If we keep our word , he bestows us peaceful time.

Acharya Abhaya Dev Vidyalankar

28 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Patanjali Yog Committee and

Bharat Swabhiman

responsibilities and take care of these following five steps, we would concentrate on regeneration of a healthy and spiritual India but if the central government sides itself from it in the name of co-aliation then we would be forced to intervene politically to have the economic, social and spiritual justice needed for long in this country to bring corruption, black money and corrupt policies and practices to an end and to regenerate a peaceful and prosperous India.

If the government could follow its legal

2. Illegal Mining:

The legal license for mining is with about 200 people but most of them have not even started mining also. And illegal mining involves about 1 lakh people. This is the biggest source of black money. At present our natural resources are in the form of 89 minerals evaluated around 10 thousand lakh crores. If corruption could not be stopped this loot of natural resources would continue.

3. Theft of capital from the developmental projects:

This loot is committed by changing and manhandling papers related with these projects.

5 sources of black money and corruption:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Currency of higher denomination Illegal mining Theft of capital from the developmental projects Bribery Tax evasion

4. Bribery:

Accepting bribe by using legal powers associated with the positions at the government offices.

5. Tax Evasion:

Not filing income tax and thus directly depositing money in foreign banks. In earlier times one has to travel extensively to do so but now the foreign banks have been called here upon in our country. To save our country we have to bring back the black money. To save our country we have to bring an end to corruption. To save our country we have to follow and adopt yoga. We will bring back the black money and also imbibe yoga.

1. Currency of Higher Denomination:

At present more than 10 lakh crores of money is in circulation and most of it is in the form of notes of higher denomination. An ideal percentage of currency in higher denomination is about 2-3% in any economy. So on this basis our economy should be around 300400 lakh crores which in fact is the actual size of our economy. And this unaccounted money is the black money which keeps moving in and out of the country.

to end black money and corruption

1. To form strict laws and to recall currency 2. Approve the 'United Nations Convention Against Corruption' Treaty pending since 2006 3. To hault the Mauritius root 4. To put constraints on foreign banks from Italy and Switzerland 5. Immediate call on Transparent Foreign Account Policy with that Hasan Ali's source for 1 lakh crores should also be disclosed to the country and 50 thousand crores should be recovered immediately from him or else his properties should be announced as national property.

5 main ways

4. To put constraints on foreign banks from Italy and Switzerland:

4 Banks of Switzerland and 8 Banks of Italy depositing laundered money should be immediately put on constraints or closed. All the money deposited in them should be declared as national property and people depositing money in these banks should be booked under the law.

1. To form strict laws and to recall currency:

To stop the resources of black money we should first recover money from those who have amassed it at present and they should be sentenced for life or be charged with capital punishment. By recalling currency of higher denomination we could stop it at once.

5. Immediate call on Transparent Foreign Account Policy:

Any person who has deposited money in foreign bank accounts should be made to declare it within 3-6 months and if they do not abide by this time frame, all money thus deposited should be declared as the national property. Now is the time to decide whether you would stand with those who are safeguarding such people or with those who are creating a movement against corruption and blackmoney! We have started a movement against black money and corruption across the country and if you are also against it then join us by signing the signature movement against the same. Request: Kindly get this form printed and distributed in as many numbers as much would be possible and also discuss the above mentioned 5 sources of corruption and black money!

2. Approve the 'United Nations Conventions against Corruption' Treaty pending since 2006

140 countries have signed this treaty in 2006 to return or help in recovering the black money deposited in their countries amongst in between them. Their government has also got it approved from their cabinets. If Indian government could also gets it approved, it would pave way to bring the black money back to India.

3. To hault Mauritius root:

The central government should immediately close Mauritius root and it should seize the properties of those who have converted black money into white through fraudulent companies and projects and of those who are using foreign credit cards. Along

Head Quarter Address: Rajiv Bhawan, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Second Phase, Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Delhi-Haridwar National Highway, Near Bahadarabaad, Haridwar - 249405 Phone: 01334-2400008, 248888, 248999, 246737, Fax: 01334-244805, 240664

Website :, e-mail: [email protected] /[email protected]

Kids Garden

Satisfaction is eternal bliss

rich and prosperous man used to live in a village with his complete family. He was a extreme hard worker. And close him lived a poor but well educated Brahmin in his neighbourhood. This Brahmin was a satisfied man with extreme patience and he used to live happily with his meager earnings through his hard work. But on the opposite end the rich man was always found craving for more. Even though the rich man was much better than the poor Brahmin but as per this sentence, everyone keeps craving for more, a little more and so on from their current scenario. And so the rich man was always craving for more and more and was living his life in sorrow despite of having it all! One day the Brahmin tried to explain this to the rich man - 'see the world is the source of sorrows and one could not find bliss except being having satisfaction from what it already have. You clearly know this that desires keep on rising and this leads to sorrow as desires create attachments. One keeps working for their desires and if they get fulfilled he is happy or else he is in deep sorrow.' But the rich man could not understand this concept. One day when the rich man was resting at his home, he was informed that his daughter in law had given birth to his grandson, which made him happy to unlimited extent. And then he was informed that both the mother and her son have passed away, which brought immense sorrow to the same man who was enjoying the previous news. He was somehow bearing this sorrow, when he was informed that he has got a benefit in a deal and the same products are coming to him which would add to his current wealth immensely. This news made him forget his loss of daughter in law and the grandson as he now was lost in the thoughts of this new found wealth. He was asking the whereabouts of this shipment when he was informed that the same shipment has been lost in a tempest. On hearing about losing his shipment he again got submerged in sorrow. Now he started thinking that desires are the source of sorrow and one has to control desires to overcome sorrow.


Acharya Satyanand 'Naisthik'

The path of satisfaction takes one towards bliss whereas desires lead man to greed and thus keeps him in a maze or life...

Satisfaction could kill all sorrows and nothing could overcome satisfaction.

Moral Lesson

Man should follow the path of satisfaction as it is the utmost wealth, the source of eternal bliss. Desires are the source of sorrows, and desires are limitless. A satisfactory man is always in bliss wherein a man with desires lives in sorrow.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 31

Join 'Bharat Swabhiman'

and be an associate in building a new India


acclaimed Rajiv Bhai's popular book 'Multinational Companies and their loot in India' is being published here sequentially. This is the last part remaining in this edition. Through this book Rajiv Bhai has called to all Indians for their participation in 'Bharat Swabhiman' and regeneration of a new India and we hope that you all would join us in bringing his dreams to life. Swami Ramdev ji is continuously working hard towards achieving it and we have to contribute from our side now! Kindly join us and become associates in 'Bharat Swabhiman' to bring back the lost glory of India, and to regenerate a healthy, prosperous, indigenous, cleaner and corruption less India.

Shri Rajiv

Five immolations of Bharat Swabhiman

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Corruption less India Self dependent and indigenous India 100% polling India Healthy India with Yoga and Pranayam Organizing noble and nationalist people

Sources of the facts:

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Multinational companies have monopolized over world economy and governments. Their hallmark could be found from the following stats and books.

1989) 14. Nav Bharat Times (17th May 1990) 15. Guinness Book of World Records (1989) 16. Yojna Bhawan Bulletin (1989,1990,1991,199 2,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,200 0,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,200 8) 17. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals ( NovemberDecember 1989, November-December 1999, November-December 2008)


1. The Multinational: Author - Christopher Tu Jendhar 2. Multinational Corporation and Developing Nations : Author - Raymond Vernon 3. Sovereignty at way : Author - Raymond Vernon 4. Seed of Dependence : Author - D.S.F. 1988 5. Anything for a Dollar : Author - Usha Menon 6. Taming the Giants : Author - V. Gaurishankar 7. Cartels in Action : Author - Staking and Merrin 8. Monopoly Capital : Author - Paul Baran and Swiji 9. The American Invaders : Author - F.A Meckenji

32 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Bharat me laane

Ram Rajya...

Prafull Chandra Kunwar `Baghi'

Bharat me lane Ram Raj, Shoshan vihin samras samaj. Hari-har dono ka dwar khol, Patanjali se koi raha bol, Ikksawi sadi mein bharat ko, Rakhna hoga pag tol-tol Yug parivartan ab lane ko, Har yogneeti batlane ko, Sapno ko satya banane ko, Satyug sandesh sunane ko, Taj tandra bhay aalas pramad, Kuch karna hoga hume aaj //1// Patanjali Yog-sutra ka palak, Vaidik mantron ka yuggayak, Jann-gann-mann ka jo adhinayak, Wah ramraj lane layak, Kudrat ka phal rasna chakhkar, Nagpati ko fir sakhshi rakhkar, Dridha sankalpit ho nikal pada, Wah gram-gram har sheharshehar Andaz naya le nawal saaj, Bharat bhar me karne prayas //2// Bharat hoga fir 'bha' mein rat Tamsasur dal-bal-hat-aahat, Raj-gun-gann hona satya nirat, Adham, kutil sare sharnagat Vishram kaha binu ram kaaj? Pehnega bharat vishwa taaj //3// Tha yog abhi tak arth heen,

Prachin vidha urja vihin, Jo swarth neeti per sada chala, De naya arth bhasha naveen Kar sakta jag ka kabhi bhala? Sarthak bankar ab samicheen Sab shath ka hath todne chala, Karte the jo kuch saadh maun 'Bharat yatra' per nikal pada, Anmane bane kuch aadh paun, Hai 'yog -ved' ka 'brand-man' Metne chala aahar aib, Puchata vishwa wah aaj kaun? Tann ke kuteb, mann ke fareb, Jo bharat sakha, jo aarya putra 'Maryada palak Ramdev', Samast rashtra ko hai jin per Jagti me 'jayate satyamev', naaj //3// Har dushman per gire gaaj, Kar antrang-bahirang Ho loktantra me lok laaj //6// shudhdha, Nikla karne wah Yeh Ram-Krishna anupam dharmyudhdha, Jodi, Kali kartuto ke virudhdha, ek bandhi punarjanm dori, Anuchar sehchar harjan darshan-vigyan-milap-dhuri, prabudhdha, 'Yogayurveda' practice-theory, Vikal aaj himgiri ki ghati, Manavta ka shreshtha Rakta ranjit sursari ki mati, shringar, Peedit jann gann pooch rahe Jo divya, shivya, karunavatar, kya, Janni Bharat durdasha dekh, Paltegi sari paripati? Ab kamar kasi le asi dudhar, Laane dharti per Ram Raj, Hai kadachar kodh me khaaj, Vasudha tal per samram samaj Ab karne wale aaye baaj //5// //7//

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 33

is a universally accepted fact that in this world man is such a being whose progress is artificial and not natural. Beginning since the childhood, humans are dependent on others to learn anything and everything. It means a man learns to imbibe from other mediums and this has to be evaluated from time to time and if this evaluation is not done humans would remain as dumb as an animal only, which again is a factual truth.


System Challenges and Solutions

Dr. Brahmadev

Current Education

Since the beginning of this universe, from the time ancient texts came into being till present man has evolved with the society and its education, as these are the mediums through which a child progress artificially and later on with its own knowledge and viewpoints and research claims higher altitudes. Whatever progress that we see today in the world is in fact a result of our predecessor's teachings and this tradition is followed from time unknown. Hence it could be said that education is the basis of human progress. As per our ancient texts (Veda's) - Education is described as something which enhances knowledge, morals, religiousness and self control and decapitates illiteracy. In earlier times education was imparted at remote places far off from society amidst nature. What is the difference here in between these two different forms could be easily understood by comparative observation of the society. Hence, we would scrutinise the current and primordial societies in brief so that we get to know how and in what sort of environment education should be imparted.

Pristine Society

In order to understand the social conditions of pristine societies we could refer to the texts or literature dating to that era. As Sanskrit was widely applicable in use around that time, hence we could refer to Veda's, Aaranyak, Upanishad's, Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharat etc. In this era monks hermitages were the centers of education,

36 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

which were a reflection of the following mantra from Yajurveda. Uphware Girinnam Sangame Ch Nadeenaam| Dhiya Viproajayat|| (Yajurveda 26.15) As per it, the rear sides of mountains at the merging of rivers with natural beauty and clean environment were the ideal places for the progressive minds. The following inspirational lines from King Ashwghosh, clearly reflects the glory of pristine India. Na Me Steno Janpade Na Kadaryo N Madyap:| Nanahitagrinarvidwan Na Sweri Swerinni Kut:|| (Chhandoyopnishad 5.11.5) In my districts neither resides a thief nor is there a miser or alcoholic. There is no one, who does not offers immolation and everyone is wise and knowledgeable. There is not a single man who behaves spontaneously, so, where does the question arises of women acting spontaneously? The similar society is reflected in the Valmiki Ramayan also, and for example Tasmin Purvare Hrush Dharmaatmano Bahushruta:| Narastush Dhane: Swe: Swerlubh: Satyavadin:|| Kaami Va Na Kadaryo Va Nrushans: Kwachit| Drashtun Shakymayodhyayam Naavidwan Na Ch Nastik:|| Nanahitaagnirnaayjva Na Shudro Va Na Taskar:|

Hindi as the medium of education:

Swami Ramdev

Swami Ramdev ji says that, 'we would get the due respect for all the Indian languages including the national language Hindi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bangla etc. It is good to know foreign languages, but it is a shamelessness to use it as national language. Not a single country in the world elsewhere imparts education in a foreign language. Technical, Medicinal, Management related education being given in foreign language keeps many a meritorious students away from it. Their dreams are unaccounted for the lack of knowing the foreign language. Children belonging to laborers, farmers and poor families despite of being good in other subjects have to quit education from 10th onwards for not passing in English, which is compulsory and hence lose their chances of becoming I.A.S., Doctors or Scientists. We would be providing them with the necessary education in their mother tongue.

Kashvibhadasiidayoehyayam Na Chavruto Na Sankar:|| ( Valmiki Ramayan 1.6.6, 8, 12) It means that, the society of Ayodhya was exceptional. Everyone was happy, followed religion, patient wise-men, unselfish, content and abided by truth. No one was cruel, miser, foolish, atheist or venereal. Everyone offered immolation, had high mentality, good morals and stayed away from theft and hybrid culture. In the present scenario, no one could even think of such a society in dreams.

Modern Society

The present society is full of regressive acts of self condemnation. Usually inactivity, selfishness, poverty, lust, addictions, malpractices, corruption, rapes, abduction of property, terrorism, racism, illiteracy and nefarious politics is seen everywhere. Every year millions of students are passing out from the higher education institutions and entering the working society but do these students have any respect for parents, teachers, patriotism and responsibility towards their work? No but they are hungry for money and are indulged in addictive influences and lust. Such cities where rapes are committed against kids, where kidneys are sold, where loots are committed at will, we see a wide difference in the living standards. On one side there are families starving for food and on the other side indulgence in luxury could be seen. Alcohol and

gambling is in full swing, and materialistic bonding to an extent where family relations means nothing. Compassion is long gone from such societies. Environment is polluted to limits, patriotism has gone for a toss, truthfulness and charity is unheard off, national property is offered to fire for selfish demands in these cities. Everyone is asking for rights but they never think of responsibility. Families are breaking up and such headlines are continuously being fed through national daily news papers. One could directly correlate the importance of modern education with the mental disability rising on a daily basis with schools being opened at every doorstep. On comparing the current educated people with the illiterates from villages about 20 years back from now, we would find that the illiterate ones from the villages had compassion for each other whereas on being made literate with the current education they have adopted corruption, selfishness and jealousy. And even villages provided with modern education are becoming centers of modern and unheard of crimes. So we could call the modern education as influenced by the social discrepancies. And it is not exaggerated as the modern society for sure could create emotionless mechanical humans but it lacks the creations of humans.

"With the increase in effectiveness of the modern education today...

...mental pollution in humans is increasing. Materialistic life is giving rise to new and unheard of crimes."

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 37

let's build a new India


signs of change are clearly visible with the landing of some wise man only. History would ensure this as Baba Ramdev has brought a change with his steps for social revolution. Mahatma Gandhi took the step for political revolution. Many such wise men have taken birth creating milestones in the history, like revered Shankaracharya, Ramanandacharya, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Shirdi Sai Baba, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Maharana Prataap and Osho etc. They all have covered milestones in the history. When the society or nations are governed by polluted minds or the system gets rotten, wise men step forward to correct them and create history. Such men become the idol of time for change. The present situation direly needs one such personality when all the systems in our society, nation have become corrupt. All of our education system, medicinal system, farming policy, social values, cultural splendor and judiciary had been affected adversely. Our trade policy, industrial policy, foreign policy and politics have completely rotten and even our defense policy and intelligence agencies are affected with it. Chaos, anger, corruption, selfishness, racism is reigning everywhere. When situations become so adverse it is necessary for some wise men to start a movement of social reform. It is a principal of nature too and history confirms it too. And yes, Swami Ramdev is one such men who had initiated this revolution of social reform and is creating a new history. Our countrymen have lost moral due to these adverse conditions. To positively increase the Indian moral Swami Ramdev is working rapidly. He started it with re-establishing yoga and pranayam as a healthy men only could think wisely and through yoga and pranayam one achieves complete health and thus a healthy mind. A healthy mind then could work for the society and country and 'Bharat Swabhiman' is one such step in this direction. The message through 'Bharat Swabhiman' to the countrymen is the one for change of reforms. Millions of intellectuals concur with Swami Ramdev. Unlike him no other example could be found in the history on whose call people of various age groups have gathered at 5 am for listening to him and practicing yoga and pranayam in open fields. Swami Ramdev had made it possible. Today adults, kids and ladies gather in thousands and millions at 5 am to listen to him is a signal of time reforms. The crowd gathering at his camps is self awakened and not instigated. Yoga-pranayam would help in bringing along this much needed reform and Ramdev ji has called for it and was necessary too. Chanakya had said - The subjects are as their king. And when the king or leadership in itself is corrupt, how could the subjects or

In association with 'Bharat Swabhiman'

D.C.V. Kiran

Swami Ramdev has started on carrying a mast of change for a new freedom, for changing the current rotten system...

Swami Ramdev is the master who is writing a new chapter for history.

38 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Unlike Swami Ramdev ji, no other example could be found in the history on whose call people of various age groups have gathered at 5 am for listening to him and practicing yoga and pranayam in open fields...

Swami Ramdev had made it possible.

his courtier's condemned? The ruler himself makes the rules and takes a call on policies. Today the most important task is to correct the ruler. The governing system is getting worse on daily basis and this is being quoted on a regular basis by Swami Ramdev ji. The current politicians irrespective of their parties are themselves involved in corruption and scams happening on a daily basis are defaming us. We are still following laws made by British 62 years post independence. We have lived as slaves for almost 1000 years under Mughals and British and during this slavery have lost our fundamental identity. Where has gone our Gurukul education system? Where has gone the Charak lead ayurvedic medicinal system? Where have gone our social values from the times of Ramayan? Where have gone the vedic civilization? Where is the politics of Chanakya? We have lost almost everything. Even after 62 years of our independence we have yet to find our fundamental identity. Secretary of Bharat Swabhiman late shri Rajiv bhai correctly pointed out this thing that on 15th of August, 1947 just the government has

changed but not the system, it is just as it was. Systems are still being lead in the old British ways and this is the reason why the politics has become so corrupt today. The nation is entangled in corruption, racism, communalism, terrorism, linguistic issues, regionalism etc. Honestly solution to all these problems is in politics only. So if we have to find our lost splendor again, we have to start with political change. Swami ji says if we could find 550 honest people out of 125 crores to handle responsibilities in the Legislative Assembly, we could reach our goal. Not all of our current politicians are corrupt as there are few honest people too. They are less in numbers and have to keep mum being attached to the ruling parties or being in opposition. We just need to organize such people. Baba Aamte, Kiran Bedi and Swami Agnivesh are openly supporting Swami Ramdev. Apart from these, those are also welcome who have patriotism and nationalism ruling their hearts. This is the call of the time and change would come for sure. The crowds gathering in answer to Swami Ramdev ji's call would not go to waste. Swami Ramdev ji would be able to ring a bell in the conscious minds and in next two years whole country could be seen standing with him. Why should we be left behind? Let join Bharat Swabhiman by pledging for the regeneration of a new India, so that we all could bring back the old glory and splendor our country back to its place.

Change would come for sure...

The crowds gathering in answer to Swami Ramdev ji's call would not go to waste. Swami Ramdev ji would be able to ring a bell in the conscious minds and in next two years whole country could be seen standing with him.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 39

Aacaara Rasaayana

Vasudeva Sastri Ayurvedacharya

Ayurveda belongs to ancient times like Vedas, which are eternal, traditionary. In the primitive times, man used to live upto four hundred years. His body used to be healthy and strong. Man lived in a perfect health condition in those olden times...

Matchless contribution of Ayurveda

...Times passed by. Iniquity and cruelty prevailed everywhere. Age, health and strength were deteriorated by our life style !

The science which is related with the knowledge of Ayush (Age) is called 'Ayurveda'. By practicing the things discussed there in that science, one can live a lengthy life. It is said in Ayurveda by our ancient sages.There is no other science in the medical field to analyse with such depth and perfection about lengthy life, abstinance, virtue, old age preventive chemicals and preventive medicines for disease and ominous science. Ayurveda is not at all a simple medical science. It is a self - complete science. Maharshi Caraka defined clearly 'What is Ayurveda? and What its main objective is ! The main objective of Ayurveda is to sustain good health in a healthy person and to cure the illness of a sick person. The eternity of Ayurveda Ayurveda is called as 'Upaveda' i.e, sub-veda. In the beginning of creation prajapati Brahman composed some characteristic verses for the welfare of mankind. Ayurveda belongs to ancient times like Vedas, which are eternal and traditionary. In the primitive times, man used to live upto four hundred years. His body used to be healthy and strong. Times passed by. Iniquity and cruelty prevailed everywhere. Age, health and strength were deteriorated by our life style to

that extent also! Maharshi Caraka prescribed magnificant process of Aacaara Rasaayana i.e. conduct code to get a longevity of life and sustained health ! Actually, this rasaayanaa is neither a chemical nor a tonic ! It is a process of keeping regularity in doing things in day to day life. Maharshi Caraka's definition about 'Aacaara Rasaayana' follows 'One who is honest, knows no anger, non-drinker, bachelor, calm, non-violent, has effortlessness in doing things, peaceful, soft spoken, ever engaged in chanting and adoration for holiness, patience, having

40 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Today the situation is chaotic. Everybody is carrying his own bag of misery, sorrow, oddities and serious problems.

And man has left all the practices by which he can get peace and happiness.

interest in giving donations, an ascetic, who is engaged to show hospitality towards gods, cows, gurus and acaryaas, ever benevolent, kindness towards all creatures, whose awakening and sleeping states are being maintained in accordance with the nature, who takes ghee and milk daily, who knows the effect of place and time and act skillfully, who loses his ego, whose behaviour is harmonious with science, who is generous-natured, whose mind, wit and thoughts are inclined towards spirituality, who is a theist, who wins over senses, who follows the scriptures is said to be the follower of Aacaara Rasaayana, and he would have the virtuous result of his good behaviour.' Today the situation is chaotic. Everybody is carrying his own bag of misery, sorrow, oddities and serious problems. And man has left all the practices by which he can get peace and happiness. Everywhere we may see 'work anxiety, Impatience and selfishness. Modern physicians have told in strong words that this type of life style ends only with effecting heart, mind, kidney, adrenal, pancreas, blood vessesls , digestive system. So many professionals, Industrialists, doctors , servants who are being exploited by the masters, floods, famines, drought -effected farmers, are demanding the lives of persons through the problems like Blood pressure, Heart weakness, T.B., Diabetes, Brain disability. In Ayurveda and in Indian literature, it is told about 'Manas samadhi' (mental peace), has got a lot of appraisal at various places. Maharshi Caraca said here. In this world (Presently) and after this birth and after repeted birth also, not only that (Solvation) in emancipation (Apavarga) also, if a creature attains any benediction

that is because of Manas Samadhi ! This is a behavioural code is the greatest contribution for the man kind from Ayurveda. It depicts the fundamental reason for all the physical, mental and accidental ailments


1. Place of publication: Divya Yog Mandir Trust (Regd) Krupalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal 249408, Haridwar (Uttarakhand) 2. Frequency of Publication: Monthly 3. Printer's name: Acharya Balkrishna Nationality and Address: Indian Divya Yog Mandir Trust (Regd) Krupalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal 249408, Haridwar (Uttarakhand) 4. Name of Editor Acharya Balkrishna Nationality and Address Indian Divya Yog Mandir Trust (Regd) Krupalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal 249408, Haridwar (Uttarakhand) 5. Partner having more Divya Yog Mandir Trust, (Regd) than one percent Krupalu Bagh Ashram, share in capital Kankhal - 249408, Haridwar (Uttarakhand) 6. Name of magazine yog sandesh and Address Divya Yog Mandir Trust (Regd) Krupalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal - 249408, Haridwar I, Acharya Balkrishna, hereby declare that all the details mentioned above are correct as per my knowledge and information. Signature Acharya Balkrishna

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 41

The human side

of Shri Ram

42 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Naumi Tithi Madhumaas Punita, Sukul Pacch Abhijit Harimeeta| Madhya Diwas Ati Seet Na Ghama, Paavan Kaal Lok Vishrama||


lunar New Year starts around April. During this Navratri on 'Navami' is celebrated as the birthday of Ram, incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ram was born in Ayodhya in the family of King Dashrath and mother Kaushalya. It has been said - God comes in human incarnations whenever virtue of righteousness is adversely affected by atheists... The same is also quoted in Geeta too, and hence Ram came on earth. In the far off south Ravan's demonic powers were becoming unbearable for the commoners and he was trying his best to extend to north as well. In such a scenario to evict commoners from the ill-wills of Ravan, Ram stepped forward. The sublime human side of Ram united the whole of India. During his exile for 14 years he kept moving on feet accompanying wise and spiritual men, giving them patronage and safety from demons of Ravan. He brought everyone from the various classes on the same platform. Kevat, Shabri, Sugreev, Angad, Jaamvant, Jatayu etc from humans, monkeys, birds, bears all were at par for him. After the abduction of Seeta, Ram and Laxman were helped by tribes residing in forests and people across cities alike without any expectations. From casting the bridge over sea to the fight with Ravan in Lanka everyone helped him in one group. Ram loved all his brothers alike and same is referred in Valmiki Ramayan and Tulsidas written Ramcharitmaanas. Kaikayi wished for the Kingship to be offered to her son Bharat and exile of 14 years for Ram, which was obeyed by Ram and left on foot to the forest. Bharat stayed in a hut in 'Nandigram' and kept Ram's sleepers on the throne and thus led the kingdom until his return. Such a harmony amongst brothers could only be seen in Ram and Bharat. On getting a proposal from Surpnakha, Ram signaled towards Seeta and told her that he is married and believes in monogamy and hence could not marry her. Ram killed Ravan for reestablishing dharma and entrusted the kingship of Lanka on Vibhishan, the younger brother of Ravan. This clearly indicates that he did not wished for kingdom but establishing dharma and peace was his only goal. Ram's life is a conjunction of such virtues and dignity which could not be found in anyone else and so is he called ideal dignitary human. He established a happiness conferring kingdom and thinking of public welfare was his primary goal. The examples set by him are inspirational and throughout his life he was a follower of life sciences and life giving powers. He came on earth to direct us all in a new direction, that the philosophy of life is to follow truth, obeying parents and to be lead with renunciation and austerity. For satisfying his subjects he even denunciated his wife, his beloved Seeta. He led his life living for his subjects and so his ideals are still referred too and would continue until time unknown. His whole life was spent around power and the first alphabet of his name also referred to fire or glow. We have forgotten his ideals today and so have we forgotten the nature of his rule. Truth has gone out of life and is seldom mentioned. Public adoration and their welfare had taken a back step giving precedence to selfishness. Truth, renunciation, sacrifice and self immolation for public welfare were his ideals which we have forgotten in this race of materialistic achievements. We have to imbibe his ideals to enjoy few excerpts of his ideal kingship.

April 2011

Jaishankar Mishr 'Savyasachi'

Co-editor/ Department Head 'Yog Sandesh' Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar

12 April

Special on Ram Navami

To establish Dharma and to overcome evil Ram invaded the ruler of Lanka...

...killed Ravan and entrusted the kingdom to Vibhishan and proved that he was not after the kingdom.

Philosophy of life is a result of worshiping the truth, obeying parents, renunciation and austerity...

...Imbibing these and bringing them to application in daily life was the goal of Ram.

& Yog Sandesh & 43


is the mother of success


the time of birth a man neither has a strong physique nor a sharp intellect, but it has hope and self-confidence in its little heart. He enters this world with a tiny flame completely unaware and without any resources. In the light of hope, it finds its path through its hard work and thus facing all that comes his way reaches the pinnacle of excellence and personality.

Rakesh Narula

Man finds its way through various risks, hard ways and conniving mazes with a light in his heart. The light of hope only brings harmony to the impatient and restless minds. It tears away the darkness of despair and provides him opportunities with new found confidence. A ray of hope thus born in a human mind could on its own take care of the darkness of despair. Hope is a higher impetus which inspires humans to struggle and continue progression in adverse conditions. Hope is boon and despair is a curse and keeping this fact in mind intellects imbibe hope as life partner which inspires them to progress

continuously in life. This is the reason why optimists could put their life to right use. We have seen often that many leave hope in adverse conditions and rot their life in the darkness of despair or depression. But the intellects do not surrender even in adverse conditions and target themselves on their goal and move ahead with further renewed confidence. It is a success of hope over despair and optimists are always ready for challenges. Inactivity attacks those under depression and thus imbalances their mind and life energies. In such a condition the men forgets all his ideals, and just a little despair breaks the fortress of good will in him. Building something requires a lot of patience and hard work but the same could be destroyed very easily, similarly it is hard to keep hope and confidence and much easier to be affected by despair. Man is a storehouse of energy and power. He should strive for supreme and glorious tasks in life. Despair is dangerous in any whatsoever situation. A patient on being attacked by despair starts thinking that his condition is deteriorating and the despair starts killing him from inside thus taking him close to death. A man solid as rock could be smothered with despair. Keeping hope lighted always is the key to stay unaffected from despair. Facing obstacles is but natural in this world but only those survive or succeed who does not lose hope or self confidence. We would lose everything around us with the slightest of despair in our life. The flower of our life should never wither and for that we should not let despair come close to us as courage is the mother of success.

Hope is a higher impetus which inspires humans to struggle and continue progression in adverse conditions. Hope is boon and despair is a curse...

...Keeping this fact in mind intellects imbibe hope as life partner which inspires them to progress continuously in life. This is the reason why optimists could put their life to right use.

44 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Regular bath

keeps one healthy


bathing has been accepted by us in many forms. It could be taken at any river, pond or at home from collected water in a pot. It regularly cleans the body from outside and gets rid of laziness. It keeps the body fit and healthy and also regulated the metabolism. And so, regular bath assists in being healthy and fit.

Girish Vardhan

Some men bath with cold water in the morning time and some depending upon the weather either use cold or warm water for bathing. Yogis and monks absorbed in devotion to God bath thrice a day and offer prayers to God. Some, following the same tradition only bath around their waist in the evening. This bath is taken by wiping the region under belly button throughout the circumference of the waist, specially the rear side where the sacral chakra is based.

This chakra is considered to bring in tune this body in the self consciousness. When the power of kundilini starts flowing upwards from the root chakra and passes through the sacral chakra, the person thus following it could feel its unexplained self consciousness. On a macro level bathing with water is known as bathing but in mystic ways it is also considered as the transition of the nasal voice from one side to other side. Normally the air that we breathe produces a certain sound in the nasal passage, The 'pran' passing through the nasal sound normally transforms thrice in a day, from left note to right note or vice versa on its own. At the time of this transformation it reaches a stage of balance in both the nasal sounds. The 'pran' thus running in this balanced form is known as the pranic pulse running through the spinal cord. This pran running through the spinal cord usually brings along a cool feeling, and the bath taken during this cool feeling is the right form of bath that has to be done thrice a day. Bathing after meals is dangerous as it slows down the metabolism and similarly bathing with extreme hot water also adversely affects health. Also bathing in first 10 hours at night is taboo. But on the occasion of some fast, occasion, eclipses or rites related with birth or death it is acceptable. Bathing in the recession of third part of night or the fourth part before sunrise is considered as the best bath. It makes one health, stabilizes oneself in its consciousness. People following yoga regularly bath before sunrise and then perform pranayam to calm themselves and to reach higher consciousness. With regular pranayam they cleanse their mind and access their ordain state.

Bathing after meals is dangerous as it slows down the metabolism...

...Similarly bathing with extreme hot water also adversely affects health. Also bathing in first 10 hours at night is taboo.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 45

Developmental aims of

sequences in yoga

Shri Arvind

world is full of powerful and intense sounds wherein just one word carries a lot, means a lot. One such sentence from Kathopnishad is - 'Yog: Hi Prabhavapyayo' meaning yoga is the beginning and end to all the objects


The goal brought forward to us in yoga is that God,...

The objective of meta-physics is to signify itself with beyond nature, but both the objectives in their actual form and meaning are unified.

In the ancient texts this sentence is being given immense importance and is explained in detail. God created this world with yoga, and with yoga only he would absorb it all in him. Not just the beginning or catastrophe of this world, in fact all objects, cosmos, sequential development are all primary features of yoga and are proven with austerity. As per this ancient belief yoga has been explained in detail including all its features and effects. It should be mandatorily applicable in all those psychological spiritual practices which are called as yoga rituals. Basically yoga is one complete form of self consciousness whose objective is to catalytically achieve those results which the nature in its due course achieves over a long duration of time as per the evolution process. There seems to be a difference here on macro level as the goal brought forward to us in yoga is that God and the objective of meta-physics is to signify itself with beyond nature, but both the objectives in their actual form and meaning are unified. God and Metaphysics are two facets of that accomplishment which is rare - one is physical and the other is metaphysical towards which our human upward movement is being directed. Yoga for

man is one such practice which has been refined from all its erroneous forms in such a way that it is stationed in the divine or human consciousness. God is one such sovereignty which is all and still expandable. There is nothing that is not inside god but god is neither the summation of all the objects nor it is something from this summation. In other words, every object which has a different existence is a specific symbol and just reflects an abstract out of this sovereignty which tries to symbolise its existence in tune with god. Any symbol not even the supreme symbol is expected here to define god but such symbols have the right that they could lose themselves in God. Only those could achieve this state, those who have experienced it in their physical form. Humans are one such form and as per Bible, our generation is just a reflection of God, and his divine form or his divine attributes are the basis of our existence. We do not define God as this form does not defines him but we have been generated in mould of this divine knowledge and we all bear his seal on us. Every object either exists with a name, or as I would like to say, those which have some specific attribute in them. Existence has two parts, object in itself or its symbol, res or factum, natural or supernatural. Every stage of existence has some power in it which forces in itself to progression. Non-living tries to obtain life, living tries to obtain

46 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

consciousness, practical tries to obtain ideal truth and ideal truth moves upward to divine or supreme consciousness. The reason behind this is that every object having fractional divine presence tries to achieve the supreme truth or consciousness and become so. It tries to overcome its physical form and achieve the actual divine form. Every evolved physical form is attracted towards truth on its own like evil towards righteous, uncivilized towards civilized and nature towards divinity. Hence upward mobility is the tool to self-realisation but it is not applicable to one and all. As for all changing or moving existing life forms have to go through three stages, upward mobility, stagnant position, and downward decline. In its lowest of stages all life form by nature move upwards, but only a few actually wants complete liberation. Every non living form does not comprise of pran though it is inspired to have pran and liberation and neither does pran controls every form of existence. Though the mind concentrating on self liberation does exist in all forms of pran, even then every conscious mind is not prepared for the ideal truth. Every form of life for sure is filled with the wish for liberation irrespective of its form. Any life form except humans is not up to that level wherein it could aspire for the self-realisation and liberation as they wish for liberation from their current form only, which is their primary goal. This statement is also applicable in some special cases and that too with some corrections. It would be better to explain this in detail in a different context. It is a fact that upward mobility heads all the activities of nature. Stagnant stage is a lower accomplishment and even if it is complete it is transient. It is complete in the field of struggle and is of unstable form as in the cases of

partial death. Upward mobility takes one to immortality from death in this physical form itself and downwards decline stage is the worst form as it takes one to hell. These are the three stages of mobility as explained in Geeta, 'perfect', 'medium' and 'mean' which has been given to the humans to choose from. We all have to choose and as per out selection be it in transient form or in its divine form god would stabilize himself by dissecting our human nature inside us. So in this way every nature is a step towards its actual realization, which is but natural for him but for an object from lower nature than it is liberation. Pran is liberation for non-living, intellect for pran, ideal truth for intellect and supreme consciousness is for ideal truth and so on. So we have to accept our liberation form for sure as this is the order of the higher or supreme consciousness and we should follow it undoubtedly as it is against our natural tendency. Faith plays an important role here and religion till it is not distorted has its utmost importance as our basic intellect wishes for stabilization in its current nature only and is full of doubts for the unexplained truth. And so the religion or dharma and faith were created by the supreme consciousness to help us in accepting ourselves, our intellect which is trying to find out the eternal bliss in the form of liberation. Upward mobility has been defined for us and we could not keep ourselves distanced from it for long as at some point god would for sure hold us and help us in realizing our true self and would force us to walk on this slope which is quite dangerous for feeble steps. As it is a fact that with the determination an animal is progressing to be a human, a human mind also progressing towards divinity and closes on in its most confirmed ways. And to reach on this conclusion no power out of us is required as it is a logical outcome from the abundant laboratory from nature that we would be bound to progression in the company of brilliant saints.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 47


April Baishakhi 1919 is a date of utmost importance in the indian history. We salute the martyrs with regards from our over a billion residents who laid down their lives for the optimum cause of Indian Independence while peacefully opposing the Rowlatt Act. On this very same day the soldiers of British Indian Army under the command of Brigadier-Gerneral Reignald Dyer displaying the true atrocious nature of the British Governance by firing 1650 rounds of bullets on a unarmed peaceful gathering of 20,000 men, women and children at the Jallianwala Bagh. Each bullet pierced 2-3 patriots taking their lives. Thousands of our patriots sacrificed their lives on this day and unaccounted numbers were injured. Atrocity committed this day was further cemented by the comments of General Dyer on being questioned for this heinous act that he did so to silence the voice of India and that he could not succeed as the rounds of ammunition were not enough with his soldiers to murder every person attending the gathering. But, he failed to silent the rising of Indian concerns for its independence. But this raised the magnitude of the fanaticism for Indian independence many folds and that very same day in the evening a boy aged 12-13 years visited the Jallianwala Bagh and bowed to the soil turned red with the bloodshed and pledged with misty eyes that he would make every British leave this country. Also a person named Udham

Jallianwala bagh

pinnacle of atrocity

Rakesh Kuamr, cheif central officer, Patanjali yog samiti and Bharat Swabhiman

48 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Changing the system would be tribute to martyrs

13th April

Jallianwala bagh Martyr day

Singh who was in his teen years at the time of this cruel incident pledged to reciprocate against this national humility and so he did, by traveling all over to Britain, working their as carpentor, selling news paper and killing 'Sir' Michael O Dyer one of the two main accused of this heinous cruel act on 13th of March 1940. Udham Singh the martyr was born in Sunaam village, district Sangroor of Punjab in 1899 and was orphaned at an early age. He lost his mother at the age of 2 and father at age of 8 years. His brother also passed away when he was just 17 years old. He considered Brigadier -General Dyer and Governor Michael-O-Dyer responsible for this act and followed Governor Dyer under forged names to Africa, Nairobi, Brazil and America. He succeeded in his mission by shooting down 'Sir' Michael Dyer at the Cactson Hall in London on 13th March, 1940. He sacrificed his life by accepting the noose while opposing the corrupt and partial British governance of India. Also, the kid who visited Jallianwala Bagh that inopportune evening was later known as Bhagat Singh an yesore for

the British Governance. He avenged the killing of Lala Lajpat Rai by gunning down Saunders. Bhagat Singh also opposed all evil bills and legislations from 'Simon Commission' to 'Public Safety Bill'. He chose to represent the concerns of 300 million Indians by blasting bombs in the Assembly Hall on 8th of April, 1929 so that the completely deaf British Government could hear our voices. The British Government then hung him till death by falsely implicating under a dramatic litigation, but he became an idol of patriotism for the millions of us. His revolutionary views were idealised and became national views, also his patriotism enlightened millions of youth with love for Indian independence. 1700 hundred people gave their lives at the Jallianwala Bagh peacefully opposing 'Rolatt Act' inspired Bhagat Singh's revolt and Udham Singh's pledge. At present about 34,765 British laws are still in use and we have to rise again in unison with Swami Ramdev ji opposing these for reforms.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 49

would like to tell about the role and accountability of NRI's strengthening the Indian culture. I am trying to floor the emotions in this regard. Wherever we reside on the globe, our effort will never end in keeping alive our culture, heritage, civilization. This is unique in itself.


Bharat Swabhiman

in the eyes of Indian diasporas

Shilpa Shah

Bolton (UK)

A lot many religion and culture in this world incept but few of them thrive. In today's era we could only memorize those cultures, but among these all, Indian culture is still headway and uprising culture across the globe. Wherever Indians have gone, always advertises the Indian religions, Civilization, Vedic significance, Education, Language, Medical and Art etc. We redeem our accountability and responsibility for the land very frankly. Wherever we work in the world, we remain an Indian eternity. Notably, people residing outside of India have always tried to recognize and teach their children about the importance and consequence of their own Upanishads, culture, rituals, society, Ayurveda science, music, bandages and tradition etc. We Indians have always strived to make our culture and heritage rich and alive. Indians in foreign countries felt that it's better to edify their children in Indian culture before they blend towards western culture. India's culture is considered as nectar among Indians living outside their homeland. NRIs shared a vital contribution in promoting out culture... I would like to thank such NRI brothers and sisters. At present, several lesson classes are being conducting in foreign countries in this regard. With blessings of Yoga guru Swami Ramdev, several gurus are working to keep alive our century-old culture. Indians are performing their responsibilities and exercising hard to flourish and floor the vision of Swami Ramdev to exhibit out rich culture and heritage in the world. Facts state that, whenever our culture or civilization was in dilemma because of negative vigor, God came own in a form or figure to save it. Today, when we are facing the said crisis, the

50 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

God landed among us as Swami Ramdev. I have dedicated my life to Swami Ramdev teachings. I am secure under his guidance and I am sure that the entire world will be benefited through his teachings. Intact globe will once again get liberation from ailment and live gladly and cheerfully.




When Individual soul exists in a body, then he would be in all the three 'Avasathaas'...

...While thinking meanly, he would be in mean thoughts, while thinking in medium level, he would be in medium thoughts and while thinking supremely, he would be in supremethoughts and be in a nandana state.

Tanmansajighrukshat tannasaknonmanasaa griheetum Sa yanmanasagrahaishwashyaatwaa havaannamatraapsyat 8 thought of having meal with psyche but they could not. If at all they would have done according to their wish, appetite would have been pacified when they thought of having food. griheetum a yaddhenactchisnenaagraheshwadwisrijya Haivaannamatraapsyat 9 Then they thought of having meal with penis. But they could not do even so. If at all they would have eaten through that path, they would have get satisfied by leaving that kind of meal inspite of taking into body , in such a way. Tadapaanenaajidrikshat tadaavayat. Saishonnasyagraho yadwaayurannayurwaa esha yadwayuh 10 Then the deities thought to catch the food by the 'Apana' (anus air). They did so. Anus air rests below the navel. The food would be caught by it when it is in an equilibrium state . 'Apana' air is the energy of life which moves through the stomach and intestines. Then the question arises 'What is this air?' That means, it is 'Annaayu.' (food of life). 'Air' means 'vavu' in sanskrit, which is derived from 'va+aayu' by whose presence being is able to live and by whose obsence dead! Here Upanishatkar said this as 'Aa+aayuh'. That means, it is 'Annaayu.' (food of life). Age is depended on food. Without food age ceases to exist and man would die. 10 Sa eekshat katham nvidam drute syaditi sa eekshat Katarena prapadya iti. Sa eekshat yadi Vacaabhivyahritam yadi pranebhipraanitam yadi Cakshusha drishtam yadi srotrena sritam yadi twacha spristam Yadi manasaa dhayaatam

yadyapaanenaabhyapaanitam yadi Sisnena vishristamatha kohamiti 11 Creator created all the worlds. He created rulers for those worlds. And he created food. Now the Creator accomplished his 'view.' Now the turn of 'individual soul' came. He thought in himself 'if I do not exist in a purusha (man and woman) how does that physical entity come into existance?' He thought again, 'In which way shall I enter into the body?' Then he thought 'In this body speech is known to speak. Eyes are known to see. Skin is known to touch. Mind is known to meditate. Apaan (outward breath through anus) and Sisn (penis) are known to be engaged in lust ! Are all these tasks being accomplished without my existance? If it otherwise, Who am I? Where is my place?' 11 Sa etameva seemaanam vidaraitaya dwaara praapadyata. Saisha vidrutirnaama dwaastadetannandanam. Tasya traaya Aavasathaashtraayah swapnaa ayamaavasatho yamaavasatho yamaavasatha iti 12 Individual soul entered into the body from this entrance only. That is why this entrance is called 'vidhruti.' 'vidhruti' means 'vidarana' or 'tear off'. These two skulls are different. They burst away. Individual soul rests in this place. Then he obtains bliss. So this place is called 'Nandanam'. When a being is alive, Individual soul rests in 'Nandanam' and when a being encounters death he starts his journey towards through 'vidhruti' path and exits from there itself. This is the goal of a Yogi. When Individual soul exists in a body, then he would be in all the three 'Avasathaas'.While thinking meanly, medium and supremely, creature would be in respective places and supreme will be in a nandana state. While preaching this theory, Sage Anguli said, 'This is transcendent avasadha', 'This is medium avasadha' and 'This is mean avasadha'. 'Avasadha' means place. Individual soul creates three states being in three states. These states are called 'Jaagrat, Swapna and Sushupti.' But here the sage opined all these states are slumbering states. Inspite of having an individual soul, if one does not attain Brahma saakshaatkaara (the vision of Brahman), we may consider that the being in a slumbering state. 12 Sa jaato bhootaanyabhivyikhaayat kimihanyam vaavadishaditi. Sa eta purusham brahma Tatamamapasyadidamadarsamiti 13 When Individual soul leaves his dozing state, he observes the remaining elements. Then he thought, 'To whom shall I talk? Everywhere I see the amplitude of Supreme Brahman' only...! Then it started glorifying 'Idam+Adarsham', which means 'I saw this ...!' other words... If Brahman is being visualised in every iota , where is the separation between us? ...means... 'Individual soul mingles with the Supreme Soul.'

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 51


lack of Rule, Discipline, Honesty and Work Culture


year, on Nov' 18 'The Toronto Star' newspaper published concern of parliamentary committee on poverty and also suggested tricks to tackle with issue. According to published report 9.4 per cent i.e. 31 lakh people falls under belowpoverty line (BPL). Six lakh infants are victim of malnutrition and seven lakh labors lived in most worst condition. The committee in its 300 page report also included suggestions to overcome from the financial crisis for the time. The committee also recommended special provision for such sufferers. I started my hunting in the report about the interpretation and explanation of categorizing poverty.

Shanta Kumar,

M.P. (Rajya Sabha)

The Parliamentary Committee in its report interpreted classification of poverty. According to the report four members family having income less than 34,738 dollar falls under the said category. To clear the figure, I converted Canadian dollar in Rupee and calculated income of a person in a day. I came to know that person whose income is less than Rs 1,148 is said to be

poor. I was bit surprised when compared with my country. In India the same is determined at Rs 360; means person whose income is less than Rs 12 in our country is poor. Further, the apex court questioned the decision of government fixing Rs 12 as the base line of deciding BPL. The government in retorted the apex court that

52 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

person whose income is Rs 13 or above is not to considered as poor. This is really a serious concern and a matter of shame that in our country Rs 12 is deciding factor whereas in Canada the same hovers to Rs 1,148. In Canada, the government run programs for people having income less than Rs 1,148b but in India we do not have any special provisions or programs for people having income above Rs 12. 26 crore population of India is BPL. According to a report published by the Government of India 70 crore people earn Rs 20 everyday. Farmer's suicide are very common news now days. Farmers are jumping to commit suicide. On Sep' 2010, Hindustan Times publishes a story that a deprived mother sold her 18-day baby child to a couple in Maharashtra only for four hundred rupees. Speaking to media, the couple (Ramesh and Manisha) said that 28-year-old was so helpless and unaided that she prepared to give her baby for four hundred rupees. Manisha added that when she offered a bottle of milk in the mouth of baby, he rushed toward it. The same newspaper in another article provided fact that, few years back in same village 48 newly born babies were reported dead because of improper diet. However, 20 babies were once again reported dead in previous year. Few days later, same incident was once again spotted. A couple bought baby child from a widow. The report mentioned that widow lady was extremely poor and thus she decided to take this step. Renowned poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar wrote: Swano ko miltey doodh, vastra Bhookhe baalak akulate hain. Maa ki haddi se chipak theethur

Jade ki raat bitatey hain. Yuvati ki lazza vasan bech Jab byaaj chukatey hain. Because of the distressed and exploitation rebel Dinkar added: Pilane ko kaha se rakth laye danavon ko Nahi kya swatatva hain pratishodh ka hum manavon ko Jara tu bol to sari dhara hum phookhn denge ... Dinkar expressed the scarcity, poverty, helpnesses, pain, and suffering of poor residing in the villages of India. The poet tried to gave portent to the financial allocation and delivery by the higher authority of our nation. But this is very unfortunate for the nation that our politicians are not showing willingness to work for such people. The God has not given much more to Canada compared with India. Almost the third part of the country is covered under snow for the entire year. The temperature dips to minus 20 degree Celsius. But Canada is developed country. Government exercised hard to provide a lavish style of living to its people. I consider Canada one of the most welfare countries in the world. The Canadian government took responsibility of its citizen. They extend a helping hand to aid their citizen in terms of providing medical facilities, employment etc. Environment of government hospitals in Canada cannot be compared with any government or private hospitals. Once, a political party in Canada in its manifesto promised to distribute medicines free of cost. The government actually looks after the welfare of newly born babies in the country. Government use to supply basic commodities required for a new born baby. Canada became developed country in a wee period. The main cause behind this the sincerity, honesty and free and fair policies of government. People too execute their accountability at best. After 63 years of independence, honesty and performing of responsibility is a big concern in India. India is in clutch of poverty, backwardness and corruption. According to few media reports, approximately Rs 300 crore of India has been stashed in Swiss Banks. The effective government is denying from publicizing the names of those who stashed Indian currency in foreign banks. I wish Indians will get liveliness to fight with such corrupts.

It's a matter of concern that after 63 years of Independence India is still a developing...

The nation is clutched into corruption, poverty. Where is our independence, Aug' 15 1947 independence? It's matter of shame and anxiety...

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 53

Excellent Diet necessary

fatty acids

Necessary fatty acids are the natural boons to us. Dr.

Yohana Budwig has achieved remarkable success using necessary fatty acids in treating cancer, in his book - 'Flax Oil - A true aid against Arthritis, Heart Infections, Cancer and other diseases) has written that consuming necessary fatty acids in our diets keeps our cells full of active electrons.

Dr. O.P. Verma

M.B.B.S H.R.H.S (London)

Our modern food consists of enough saturated and Trans fat. They adversely affect the unsaturated fatty acids electron charges in our cells and thus reduces the ability to attract and store the photons in sunlight. Famous Quantum Physicist Deysaur has said that if we could increase the number of solar photons in human body by ten folds we could live upto 10,000 years. Budwig has termed the attractive relation between the solar photons

and electrons present in human body in reference to the quantum physics as the solemnization of Sun and Moon. Light is the fastest travelling medium and as per quantum physics the smallest atom of solar rays is termed as photon, which are uncountable, eternal, active, powerful and mobile. These could not be obstructed as being the most refined form of energy. They have all the colors of universe and they could change their color, nature and form. When two photons are pulsating at the same frequency they form an atom of light and on breaking again they become photons and so they keep changing forms from rays to photons or vice-versa. Electrons are found in an atom and rotate around the nucleus of an element in their defined classes, always in momentum. The magnetic field of electron attracts the photon towards itself. Whenever and electronic particle moves it generates a magnetic field which further resonates and attracts the opposite poles. Photons bring along with them a lot of energy and thus get attracted towards the electrons and thus flows immense solar energy as the electrons keep moving and so does the photon with them. This enables a flow of high energy and it is very important from the perspective of bio mechanics, physics and philosophical context. We all love sun and this is not a coincidence that our movement are in complete tandem with sun. We absorb a lot of solar energy during this time and quantum scientists confirms this that we humans carry the maximum number of photons in our bodies and this increases many fold when we consume unsaturated fatty acids as electrons found in them further attracts the photons. Many oil seeds contain enough unsaturated fatty acids which are in harmony with sun but many multinational institutions refine them to a higher extent in order to

When the sun rays fall on trees and plants they absorb them by breaking the sun rays through the process of photosynthesis...

Electrons flow through the plants and with water in them they develop a strong magnetic field. When we pass through dense vegetation they fill the solar photons in our bodies with electronic charge...

54 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

increase their shelf life makes them saturated. This process of hydrogenation dilapidate the necessary, energetic electrons. When the sun rays fall on plants and trees they absorb the sun light and break it through photosynthesis which further helps in electron flow in them. This electron flow and water in plants generates a magnetic field and when we pass through dense vegetation this magnetic field fills the solar photons present in our bodies with electronic charge which further charge the unsaturated fat based in the outer layers of our red blood cells. And with every pulse lymph blood flows through this immense unsaturated fat containing lymphatic system. This helps in increasing the electronic charge and contraction of the heart. The process of transmission of electronic charges and its amplification continues in our body. Pulses are cylindrical with many layers of Gangila and there is a difference in the electronic charge in between a pulse and Dandride and so in these magnetic fields intense electromagnetic waves continues to emit. Only those could use it whose frequency is in tune with them. Telepathy and Hypnotics are based on these principles. In the physical sciences, existence of human and antihuman is speculated. Humans have enough storage of photons which progresses one towards future and are full of solar energy. Anti-humans on the opposite end lack the solar energy as it does not have enough electrons in them to harmonize with the solar photons and so it keeps moving towards past or degeneration. As per physics and mathematics x-rays, atom bomb or cobalt radiation is dangerous for human health as it kills the active and living electrons and makes it antihuman. As per the theory of relativity of Life line and modern physics time and this universe is based on one equation. Anti-human treads toward past. The active solar photons and electrons through their inter relation completes the various cellular life cycles and so the human

progress towards future. In the above context, describing food is an interesting subject. The unsaturated fat present in our food are full of electrons which attracts the life giving oxygen towards them. But the oil and fat producing companies in order to increase their shelf life hydrogenate them, which reduces the electron count in them. These fats take a human towards past and thus makes him antihuman. They obstruct the electronic flow in the body and deactivate many a life supporting processes in the body. And so these fats are either termed as dead or plastic fats. The food whose electronic wealth has been destroyed makes us antihuman. Hydrogenated fats come in this category and on the other hand electron rich, unsaturated fatty acids and tasty fruits increase the absorption and assimilation of solar energy in our body thus raising its importance. When a patient rests in sun, he feels a new energy in them and these days we are observing people getting heart attacks under sunlight. We could feel the effects of sun light on the human organs like liver, pancreas and bladder. But if the physique lacks in live electrons and unsaturated fatty acids, we would observe adverse effect of sunlight on these organs. The organs thus affected adversely

April 2011

We all love sunlight and it is not just a coincidence that we get rhythm and cadence from sun...

That we absorb and assimilate most of the sunlight amongst our contemporaries, and quantum scientists confirm the same that humans have maximum solar energy in our bodies...

& Yog Sandesh & 55

The unsaturated fatty acids in our food contains electron which attracts the life enabling air towards them...

... but the oil and fat producing companies in order to increase their shelf life hydrogenate them, which reduces the electron count in them.

starts drying up. Doctors suggest the cancer patients to stay away from direct sunlight but on starting the unsaturated fat rich diets suggested by Dr. Budwig, such patients likes to sit in the sunlight. Power of life and alpha linolenic acid (A.L.A): Dr. Budwig has deeply researched and studied the formation of linolic and linolenic acid and presented the world with the mutual attraction in between solar photons, electrons and necessary unsaturated fatty acids. Plants and trees have some enzymes which locks the fatty acids with double carbon bonding just after the carbon key whereas in humans enzymes could only apply this double bond after the sixth carbon only. Fatty acids having more than one double bond are termed as polyunsaturated fatty acid. In A.L.A 18 Carbon atoms are connected in a series, on one end it has methyl group associated with it which is also known as omega end and the other end called as delta end has carboxyl group. A.L.A has a triple double bonding of carbon after every third carbon and so this is also called as Omega 3 Fatty acid or (N3). L.A has 18 carbon atoms and double bonding of omega from one end appears after 6th and 9th carbon atom and as the first double bond is after the 6th carbon atom, it is also called as Omega 6 Fatty Acid or (N6). In the A.L.A carbon where the carbon double bonding happens, two

hydrogen atoms are attached to one side only and at this point one end of the A.L.A twists towards it. In biochemistry this is called as sys configuration. This bending of the sequence affects the physical, chemical and biological attributes of these fatty acids. This prevent these acids from slipping and becoming soluble and stay in liquid form even at the normal temperature, whereas the atoms of saturated fatty acids remain attached and solidifies at the normal temperature. They have light negative charge in them which creates a thin surface layer and is known as surface activity, which brings the toxics on the outer layer of skin, kidneys and lungs which are then removed from the body. Necessary Sys thus do not get attached to the arteries and veins. The point at which the A.L.A series bends, there is a big cloud of electrons which is also called as 'Pie-electrons'. This cloud has huge electron charge in it which not just attracts solar photons but all photons coming from any light source in the universe. These pieelectrons conserve energy and work as an antenna. The electron charge of this cloud has a capability of attracting oxygen and keeps protein intact with them. Because of these pie-electrons the cells have different electric charges at different layers. It works like a capacitor and provides electronic charge to pulse, spleen, heart and cells. So now we have seen, how important are these fatty acids for continuous flow of living energy? Life could not be imagined without them. Deficit of these fatty acids would only make us antihuman and lead us to degeneration. L.A and A.L.A provides us with EPA and DHA, which enhances the flow of power and oxygen to our tissues and cells and thus helps in the flow of living energy. And this living energy further provides us with enough energy to our organs and tissues for proper functioning thus keeping us healthy and sane.

56 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011


Ramdev, who has changed the life style of billion people through Yoga revolution is entering into politics with a single motto to eradicate corruption from the system, then why some intellectualist are advising him to change his path?

Why Baba should escape from politics?

Vishvendra Mehta

The stained image of India because of number of corruption case in recent time has spoiled the picture of our nation. Swami Ramdev is one among working to take out the nation out of such slander image. Swami Ramdev got his name registered in the books of history for taking nation on a different path. He has changed living style of crores of Indians. He crossed the boundary lines and exhibited importance of 'Yoga' in foreign countries. Certainly, the magnitude of corruption actually judder Swami Ramdev, and there is nothing unnatural on this. Whenever, the issue of black money uproar Swamiji reacts irately. Swamiji is well known to all foul plays behind procedure of coming to power. It's all about money power and vote bank. Swamiji have decided to route-out all corrupts from politics and draft passionate and eager people who really wants to contribute in the intensification of nation. Apart from being a Yoga guru,

Swamiji is a ascetic, theorist, and an intellectual without having any greedy feelings for any position. What all he wants to see the nation moving ahead with ambitious people, free from corruption, terrorism, violence etc. The entire nation is with him to rub out the amount of pollution saturated in politics. Everyone wants wellness of each other, development. The reflection Swamiji expedition can be noticed as it is comprehensive. All corrupts are jittery whereas honest are pleased and contended. Why Swamiji should keep himself away from politics? He is working for the betterment of the nation. Swamiji is altruistic. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, his followers are with him. Some intelligencer feels that Swamiji should not involve in politics. Swamiji has such courage that he can lead the nation. There should be no hesitation and objection in this and there is no logic of stopping him. Definitely, changing the system is a not a matter of joke, but people like Swami Ramdev if inroad then it is not an impossible task. Swamiji's steps are in public and nation interest which could change the figure of developing India.

Swamiji is altruistic. From Kashmir toKanyakumari,

his followers are with him. Some intelligencer feels that Swamiji should not get into politics.

Activities of

Revered Swamiji Maharaj in the eyes of news




Don't need to enjoy power Swami Ramdevji

Janjgir-Champa. Yoga guru Baba Ramdevji Said that he is working to bring about revolution in the country at the level of ideology through Bharat Swabhiman Trust and Patanjali Yog Samiti. This ideological revolution is aimed at deposing corrupt people from the power and installing an honest regime to bring about full prosperity in the country. This revolution will directly or indirectly reform the political system of the country. Babaji has made it very clear that he does not have any political ambition. His activities are aimed at purification of the political system of the country. He has made it clear that neither he will join politics nor he will hold rein of power. Rein of power of be handed over to the person who will have the ability build a strong and prosperous India. Yoga guru was interacting with members of press at Janjgir. Reiterating the aims of Bharat Swabhiman trust, Babaji said that he will start a signature campaign before bringing back the black money stashed in the foreign banks which will be given to the central government. If the government did not heed to the demand made through the campaign, the movement for this purpose will be further intensified. While talking about the mission of the Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Babaji said that his movement is focused on bringing hundred percent awareness at the level of thinking, property, education and health. His movement is totally against capitalism. Yoga guru made it clear that when factors like 'strength', 'service to the people' and 'solution to the problems' come together, revolution comes.





Power of our spirit makes our body functional: Swami Ramdev Maharaj

Shakti Janjgir-Champa. I want to make India a paradise; I want to realize power of almighty in every individual. I appeal people to make their body and sole stronger by the means of Yoga and dedicate their life for the welfare of our nation. These were the words of Baba Ramdev while addressing a greater public meeting. Notably, under the Bharat Swabhimam Gramotthan Yojana (Rural Development Scheme) and Patanjali Gramoddyog Bharat Swabhiman (Rural industry), a great public meeting yoga cam was held. Here people from all parts of the district and other areas flocked for participation. They arrived at meeting place at 3:10 in the afternoon. The function commenced after burning of lamp. Babaji started his speech after chanting of Gayatri mantra. He raised his hands to accept the greetings of the crowd and said that he had come there to fill them with enormous power. Underlining the importance of power, he said that everything in the world is regulated and guided by power. Similarly, entire of the universe is regulated and guided by the power of almighty. The day people start using their full potential, they will be able to stimulate the entire of the world. He said that an individual has talent but he is silent. Babaji suggested that first 25 years of our life should be used for earning knowledge, character and strength, next 25 years should be used for earning wealth and after that one should dedicate one's life religion, spiritualism and worshiping God.

Don't spoil your life by becoming naxalite and terrorist: Swamiji.

Masturi. The name of Masturi is heard for the first time. But the way Kasturi (Musk) has a delightful fragrance, similarly Masturi also has the same fragrance. Babaji expressed these words at a yoga camp in Masturi in a morning when a cool, delightful and fragrent air was blowing. His words filled the listeners with a great joy and enthusiasm. Vehemently attacking the corrupt system, he said that present regime lacks strong will power to make India prosperous. When we will bring back 300 lakh crores of Rupees from foreign banks which is wealth of our own nation, our villages will become paradise. Stressing on promoting Yoga education, he said that we have to make our selves healthy by the means of yoga. Yoga guru was speaking at a public meeting organised under the banner of Bharat Swabhimam Gramotthan Yojana and Patanjali Gramoddyog Bharat Swabhiman. Underlining the importance of Yoga, he said that yoga makes our body stronger and purifies our spirit. Yoga enables us to enjoy internal and external peace. He stressed on leading an honest life style. He noted that an individual needs nothing more than two ends meal, a pare of clothe, and a small part of land. One can earn a huge wealth by pursuing the path of corruption and dishonesty, but it will never give peace and joy of life. Babaji stressed on bringing back the black money.

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 59

Baba declares war against corruption

New Delhi. 'I will teach you yoga and also work for making our society free from corruption at the same time.' The wealth of our nation stashed in the foreign banks in the form of black money will be brought back. Moreover, we will give lessons to our children on politics and also they will be taught how to fight against corruption. Yoga guru Ramdevji expressed these words at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan while addressing thousands of workers of 'Bharat Swabhiman'. Yoga guru expressed that if our nation's wealth stashed in the foreign banks is brought back to India, it will foster our economic growth and we will become free from all debts. The rally at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan was organized on the occasion of martyrdom day of Chandrashekhar Azad and birth anniversary of Maharishi Dayananda. After the rally, the workers of Bharat Swabhiman and Patanjali Yoga Samiti staged march to Jantar Mantar. Following this, the workers led by Baba Ramdevji met honorable President and handed over a memorandum of their demands. In the rally, wrestlers of Delhi honoured Swamiji and presented him a 'Gada'. Courtesy


I will bring back the nation's wealth stashed in foreign banks: Ramdev

Addressing a public meeting Yoga rishi Ramdev said that lakhs of crores of rupees of our nation's wealth is stashed in the foreign banks in the form of black money. Traitors of country even don't have faith in almighty. I am all set to fight against such elements with the help of common people of this country. We all will bring back the money which has been stashed in the foreign banks. This will enable us to make our country world's greatest economic power. Babaji called for capital punishment for rapists and those indulged in acts like adulteration and corruption. Babaji added that ensuring such punishment will give a lesson to others to not to indulge in such activities.

Dainik Aaj

Ramdevji attacks system

Meghalaya. Those who are not working for bringing back the black money stashed in foreign banks are thieves. I demand for equal education system for all in the country. Those indulged in adulteration, corruption and malpractices should be hanged till death. Baba Ramdevji said all these words by attacking prevailing system in the country and the society. Ramdevji again reiterated that black money in the foreign banks should be brought back. Speaking on 2G scam, Swamiji said that A Raja is not alone in the country. There are many like him who have become Raja (King) by indulging in corruption. Swamiji underlined on the need for an education system which ensures equal education for all. He demanded for amendment in Right for Education Act. He asked for a system in which children of rich and poor could study in the same educational institute.

Gandhi is being killed everyday in the country: Ramdevji Maharaj

Dhubri (Assam). Baba Ramdev will always be associated with yoga. But at the same time, he thinks that politics decides our rulers therefore it is necessary to indirectly interfere in the political system. He feels that the money allocated for developmental projects is being pocketed by corrupt people. Babaji feels that the kind of India Mahatma Gandhi wanted to build is now no where to be seen. India of Gandhi's dreams has been lost somewhere else. Father of our nation was killed physically only once, but his sole dies everyday due to the acts of corrupt politicians, corrupt policy makers. These were the words of Yoga guru expressed at a press conference. Our land and natural resources are being looted and wasted. Tax evaders are continue to work without any threat. Slamming the 'Transfer Of Power Agreement' of 1947, Babaji said that it is of no use for the welfare of our masses.


60 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011



Prabhat Khabar

Pradesh Today

India has to be made 'World Superpower':

Swamy Ramdev

BARPETA, (ASSAM). While addressing a mammoth crowd, Yoga sage Baba Ramdev expressed that he doesn't want to see any citizen of the country indulging drug addiction. He wished that no one sleep hungry, no one stay poor and India become a leader in the field of world economy and international politics. India has to be made world's superpower. He appealed people for their co-operation to realize these dreams. He further added that we will have to bring back lakhs of crores of rupees of the country stashed in the foreign banks. He said that if the money is brought back in the country, it will change the face of our economy.

Knowledge of democracy is equally important as the knowledge of Anatomy: Yoga Rishi Ramdevji

Papumpare, (Arunachal Pradesh). Addressing men and women gathered from surrounding areas, Yoga Guru said that he wanted to render his knowledge that he earned throughout his life for the welfare of people here. Yoga guru performed Pranayamas like Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati and many yoga-Asanas in the presence of people. Swamyji added that lack of knowledge of food and proper life style makes people prone to malnutrition and diseases. He termed yoga the biggest medicine for body and human life. Adding further, he said that lack of knowledge of anatomy makes us ill and lack of knowledge of democracy promotes corrupt people and encourage them to loot the wealth of the nation. Underlining the importance of laughter in life, Swamyji said, laughter makes us free from intestinal and heart diseases. He appealed to pledge to get rid off drug and alcohol.

Corruption is the biggest reason for the backwardness of the country: Swamy Ramdev

Sonitpur, (Assam). Yoga guru Ramdevji said that corruption is the biggest reason for the backwardness in the country. To bring full fledged prosperity, it is prerequisite to root out corruption from our country. Swamyji expressed satisfaction that impact of the movement started two years is being perceived now. Bharat Swabhiman Jagaran mission started from Dwarka is now getting to be historical. Participation of a large number of people is being perceived in the mission. Swamyji said that it is important development that finance minister of the country is also talking about bring back nation's wealth stashed in the foreign banks in the form of black money. He said that black money amounting to Rs. 320 lakh crores is stashed in the only Swiss bank. He further added that this wealth of our nation is being used for running the foreign economies. If this money is brought back in the country, we will be able to completely eradicate the poverty.


of Bharat Swabhiman in Chhatisgarh

Pledge: Huge public deluge in Bemetra to change the corrupt political system

Road Show: Swami Ramdev addressing public during road show in Takhatpur

Public Meeting : Swami Ramdev addressing public meeting at Masturi, Chhatisgarh

62 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011


of Bharat Swabhiman in Assam

Greeting : Followers greeting Swami ji in Golpada

Public Meeting : Swami ji addressing huge public meeting in Golpada

Lesson of patriotism : Swami ji imparting lessons on yoga and patriotism during a public meeting

Swami ji in naxalite region : Swami ji meeting villager suffering at the hands of naxalites in Kukurkata (Assam)

April 2011

& Yog Sandesh & 63


of Bharat Swabhiman in Assam

Address : Swami ji addressing public meeting in Bijni Chiram

Greeting : Swami ji greeting campers in Gosaiganj

Yoga Camp : Followers practicing yoga at Kokrajhar yoga camp

Greeting : Swami ji accepting greetings from public gathered at Boko

Blessings: Swami ji blessing followers of Bharat Swabhiman

64 & Yog Sandesh & April 2011

Road Show: Swami ji meeting public via road show in Domta

Practice Yoga and keep free from diseases

Application Form

(Bharat Swabhimaan, a social and spiritual movement)

Bharat Swabhiman

Bharat Swabhiman (Trust)

Head Office: Patanjali Yogpeeth, Maharishi Dayananda Gram, Delhi-Haridwar national highway, near Bahadarabad, Haridwar 249402, U.K. India Phone: 01334-244107, 246737, 240008 Fax: 01334-244805, 240664

website :

Main principals:

Purity complete Bharatiyata completely organized discipline

Special Member

Donation Rs. 1100/-

1. Name of applicant ................................................. 2. Name of Father/Husband........................................ 3. Date of birth ................................... 4. Sex ..........) 5. Add.......................................................................... .............................................................................. ................................................................................ Post office ....................... District............................. State............................. Pin code ........................... 6. Telephone (R).......................................................... Office...................................................................... email : ................................................................... 7. Educational qualification ........................................... 8. Have you paid donation for your membership of Bharat Swabhimaan if yes then description of Draft number ........................................................... Date........................... amount ................................. Name of the bank .................................................... Reciept number of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust)............ ..................... Cash amount ....................................

Our aim:

To mend the corrupt system and policies in favour of national interest Bring back the money which has been collected in Swiss bank by looting the assets of the country and investment of this money to foster our economy To build a healthy, prosperous, culturally rich and strong India and reestablish our great nation as Vishwaguru, the mentor of the world.

Road map for bringing change in the system by bringing changes in oneself.

By the means of Yoga for change in oneself one can make himself healthy and build his character to live with complete independence We want to change British policies and 34755 laws made during British rule to structure an indigenous policy. We want to ensure participation of every Indian in the movement. We want to make special volunteers and workers to strengthen the organisation. Public awareness: We want to foster the movement "Go to villages" to stimulate the people of the country to work for interest of the country. We want to hold Yoga classes in every village and locality

Policies are small tools to bring about changes in the system

Educational Policy Health and medical policy Law and order Economic Policy Agricultural Policy This movement is a kind of our pledge to mend the corrupt system and policies and reestablish our great nation at the pinnacle of prosperity in the world. We request you all to be a part of purely Indian institution which has a global influence to build our nation. Please realize your duty towards your country, religion and ensure your participation in the movement with strong will power

Signature of applicant


I have studied the seven principals, seven dignities, five resolution, five vows, and aims, philosophies and principals described briefly in the philosophy of life. I am agree with all these and I pledge to abide by the rules and aims set by Bharat Swabhiman Trust. Signature of applicant

Contact the local office of Patanjali Yog Samitee or Patanjali pharmacy to become a volunteer or a general member of Bharat Swabhiman.

April 2011



of Patanjali Yogpeeth

Become a member of

`Yog Sandesh' a monthly magazine pub lished by Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)

Office: Patanjali Yogpeeth, Maharshi Dayanand Gram, DelhiHaridwar national highway, near Bahadarabad, Haridwar Phone: 01334-244107, 246737, 240008 Fax: 01334-244805, 240664 email:[email protected]

`Yog Sandesh' monthly magazine is available in following

11 Languages Hindi . English . Gujarati . Marathi . Bangla . Punjabi Oriya . Assamese .Telugu . Kannada . Nepali


Opening : Acharya Balkrishna, Dr. Rajesh Naithani and Shri. C.M. Bhandari lighting the brainstorming session

I hereby pay Rs.


as the annual/five

years/ Eleven Years subscription fee for `Yog Sandesh' by cash/M.D./D.D./Pay slip

..... .................................

dated ...................................... Therefore please send me


Yog Sandesh in

language every

month at the address given below.



Father/Husband name


Preface: Shri Rudra Bhandari explaining the preface of brainstorming session


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Lecture : Dr. David Frankle and Smt. Shambhavi Chopra and Dr. Shirley Tellas at a lecture in Patanjali University

(Special rules)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Subscriprion fee-1 year-150/- 5 years-700/- 11 years1500/D.D. should be in favour of Yog Sandesh payable in Haridwar. The D.D. payable on other places than Haridwar send Rs. 70 extra. Please fill your name and address in neat & clean handwriting The subscription in abroad initially for one year. The subscription fee for such members Rs. 800/- or USD 20/- or GBP 10/Subscription fee may be deposited in the A/c no. 30721914467 (SBI Patanjali Yogpeeth, Shantarshah, Bahadarabad, Haridwar). Membership form must be fill in Hindi or English only.


Splendid:Splendid performance of Yoga at the annual day of Doon Public School, Haridwar




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Page 69

Throws light on Ayurveda's principles and philosophy. The life saga of Swami Kripaludev ji Maharaj, Dadaguru of the founder of Patanjali Yogpeeth Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj.

Our Publications

S No.

1. 2.

Pictorial description of Himalaya's rare and accessible herbs and medicines. Yog Guru Swami Ramdev ji reveals the secrets of Yoga in simple and easy to understand language.

NAME OF THE LANGUAGE BOOK Ayurveda, principles and philosophy Hindi, English Jadi Booti Rahasya Sant Darshan Hindi, English Hindi, English Hindi, English Hindi, English



125.0 350.0 200.0 50.0 300.0 75.0

3. 4. 5. 6.

Yog Darsana Vigyan ki Kasauti Per Yog

Vitality strengthing Astavarga Plants Hindi, English


You can purchase books of your choice by visiting our Patanjali chikitsalayas & Patanjali Arogya Kendras (List available on website). Aforementioned books are also available on book shops, News stands, and A.H. wheelers. To purchase books from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar directly, kindly send D.D. of book's price and dispatch charges @ 120/Kg (India), and 1000/ Kg in abroad, favouring Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) payable at any Bank branch in Haridwar along with your letter of intent and neatly written address with phone no., on our address.

Elaborates crucial relationship between Yoga and Science.

Description of rarely accesible, costly and divine medicines.

Name of Beneficiary: Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) Account No: 10876860012 I.F.S.C./ R.T.G.S. SBIN0012228 Name of the Bank: State Bank of India, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar




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