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Belden's Audio-Video What's What By Part Number


Part Number Description Application 1192A-1172A-1804A Starquad mic cable, 3 gage sizes Low 60Hz noise 24 AWG, 26 AWG, 28 AWG starquad 1217B-1428B 22 AWG analog audio snake Multipair snake, 4-32 pair, individual jackets 1263B, 9265, 9165 ENG/EFP cable Audio+video: 3 and 2, 1 and 1, 3 and 1 1277A(P)-1280A(P) Miniature (plenum) RGB cable 3-4-5-6 RGB miniature 23 AWG solid (plenum) 1408R-1416R 24 AWG analog audio snake Riser-rated multipair, 4-32 pair, individual jackets Riser/plenum 22AWG shielded pair, 18AWG power pair 1502R-1502P AMX Axlink cable 1503A 10 colors Analog audio 1-pair All-PVC single- pair foil shield, 50 pF/ft. 1504A 4 colors Analog audio dual-pair Figure-8 bonded, four colors combinations available, 50 pF/ft. 1505A (1506A)10 colors Most popular digital/analog video. Serial digital, HDTV, AES3id, S/PDIF, RCA, CMR (CMP) 1505F 10 colors Flexible digital video patch cable Serial digital, HDTV, AES3id, S/PDIF, consumer interconnects 1509C-1519C 24 AWG analog audio snake 2-32 pair multipair cable, individual jackets, CM rated 1520A-1522A RGB-RGBHV analog component. 3-4-5 Multicoax for analog RGB, low-profile. 1694A(1695A) 10 colors Digital Video, #1 for HDTV SMPTE 259M serial digital, 292M HDTV, CMR (CMP) 1800B (1801A) [9180] Digital audio AES3 Digital audio 24 AWG shielded twisted pair (plenum) [26 AWG] 1800F 7 colors Analog/digital microphone cable Ultra-performance, French Braid shield, ultra-flexible. (1802A)1803F-1854F 24 AWG digital audio snake cable (Dual) 4-32 pair digital audio foil shielded twisted pairs. 1807A, 1808A, (7700A) S-Video /S-VHS figure-8, round Dual-coax for S-video, Y-C, (plenum) S-VHS JVC 1810A, 1811A 4-conductor 14 AWG, 8-conductor 14 AWG Neutrik Speakon cable 1814R-1823R 22 AWG analog audio snake 2-32 pair riser-rated snake, individual jackets 1855A 10 colors Miniature digital video cable Serial digital, HDTV, AES3id, #1 digital cable for truck installs. 1856A-1859A Triax cable RG-59/RG-11 flexible triax, colors. 1872A (1874A) Premise/data cable to 1000baseT Cat 6 network cable. Also runs audio/video, DMX-512 (plenum) 1883A 10 colors Analog audio 1-pair 24 AWG 24 AWG version of 9451, twisted pair, foil shield/drain wire 1902A-1932A Analog audio multipair, unrated Ultra-flexible snake cable, individual jackets, 2-32 pair 5T00UP (6T00UP) 10 AWG speaker cable (plenum) High strand, low-capacitance, 10 AWG jacketed speaker cable 5300F1-5522G1 Waterblocked audio cable Dry waterblocked audio cables, various gages, w/ control wires 6541PA-6549PA Plenum multipair snake cable 2 to 16-pair plenum snake, individual foil/overall jacket 7710A-7713A Coax snake ­multiple 1694A 3.4,5, 10 coax analog/digital/HDTV, RGB, VGA, AES3id 7721A 10 colors ENG/EFP cable 1-video, 2-audio, side-by-side (flat) 7731A/7732A Riser/plenum RG-11 digital video Maximum distance 292M HDTV coax cable for digital video 7787A-7792A Coax snake ­multiple 1855A 3,4,5,6,12 coax analog/digital/HDTV, RGBHV, VGA, AES3id 7794A-7798A Coax snake ­multiple 1505A 3,4,5,10 coax analog/digital/HDTV, RGBHV, VGA, AES3id 7803A Waterblocked triax RG-11 flooded/gel-filled waterblocked triax cable. 7804R, 7804C Fiber optic camera cable SMPTE 311M, 2 SM fiber, 4 power conductor (2 in C), control pair 7805A/R ­ 7810A/R Mobile Radio 6 GHz 50 low-loss Outdoor rugged version, some waterblocked, indoor riser-rated 7851A-7852A Premise/data cable to 1000baseT Cat 6 network cable. Also runs audio/video, DMX-512 7876A-7879A, 7910A Home automation Jacketed RG6+Cat 5e+fiber options. 3rd Party Verified 5e 7876S, 7878S Jacketless RG6+Cat5e+fiber options Banana peel home automation 7881A-7882A Premise/data cable, `budget' Cat 6 Low-cost Cat 6 premise/data cables for network wiring 7884A-7889A Starquad multipair snake cable 2-24 quad snake cable, low 60Hz noise pickup 7890A-7893A, 7880A Digital audio AES3 26 AWG digital audio snake cable, 2-16 pair. 7913A, 7914A Home automation Jacketed RG6+Cat5+fiber options. 3rd Party Verified Cat 5 7913S, 7914S Jacketless RG6+Cat5+fiber options Banana peel home automation 8241F 7 colors Flexible analog video coax Analog patch cable, consumer audio interconnect 8412 4 colors Rugged microphone cable 20 AWG all-rubber construction, braid shield 8451 2 colors Analog audio 1-pair 22 AWG Single- pair foil shield 8477 (1860A) 12 AWG speaker cable 12 AWG pair, overall jacket (plenum open pair) 8723 Analog audio dual-pair Round 2-pair 8761 Analog audio 1-pair 20 AWG Large-gage single-pair foil shield 89728-89758 Digital audio plenum snake 2-18 pair, 24 AWG, AES3 plenum, foil shields, no pair jackets 9451 10 colors Analog audio 1-pair 22 AWG Single-pair foil shield , bonded foil/internal drain wire 9451D 4 colors Analog audio dual-pair Figure-8, bonded construction, four color combinations available 9841, 9842 DMX-512 control cable Lighting control cable 573945 Miniature analog video cable 0.146" O.D. surveillance/monitor coax, CM, 10 colors 643948 Miniature plenum video cable 0.193" O.D. surveillance/monitor coax, CMP

AUDIO Analog audio 1-pair Single- pair foil shield 1883A, 8451, 9451, 8761, 1503A Analog audio dual-pair Round or (figure-8) 2-pair (1504A), (9451D), 8723, 1902A, 1509C, 1814R Analog audio snake Analog multipair w/individual jackets 1408R-16R, 1509C-19C, 1814R-23R, 22/24AWG 1217B-1428B, 1902A-32A Analog plenum snake Foil shield, overall jacket. 6541PA-6549PA Digital audio AES3 Digital audio shielded 9180, 1800B, 1800F, (1801A), 1802A, 1803Ftwisted pairs (plenum) 1854F, 7890A-7893A, 7880A, (89728), 1872A Digital audio snake Digital shielded twisted pairs 1803F-1854F, 7890A-7893A, 7880A, 89728-89758 Digital audio coax AES3-id Digital audio on coax Any 75 coax. 1855A, 1505A, 1505F, 1694A Digital audio coax snake Multicoax digital AES3id 7710A-7713A, 7787A-7792A, 7794A-7798A Microphone cable To wire up microphones 8412, 1804A, 1172A, 1192A, 1800F Neutrik Speakon Use Speakon connectors 1810A, 1811A Riser-rated snake The only riser-rated snake. 1408R-1416R, 1814R-1823R S/PDIF Consumer digital audio coax. Any 75 coax. 1855A, 1505A, 1505F, 1694A Speaker cable 10/12 Jacket, zip, plenum, Speakon 8477, 9718, 1860A, 5T00UP, 6T00UP, 1810A, 1811A Starquad Low-noise mic/snake cable 1804A, 1172A, 1192A, snake: 7884A-7889A (2-24 quads) Waterblocked audio Dry-block audio 5300F1-5500F1, 5521G1-5522G1, 5501G1-5504G1, 5300U1 VIDEO 1855A, 1505A (1506A), 1505F, 1694A, (1695A), Digital Video Serial digital/HDTV 7855A, 7731A (7732A) SMPTE 259M/292M riser rated (plenum rated) EFP/ENG Field Production/News Gathering 9265, 9165, 1263B, 7721A Fiber optic camera cable SMPTE 311M 7804R, 7804C Flexible analog video Stranded-center 8241F, 8281F see also "Robotic" Flexible digital video Stranded /French braid. 1505F Miniature surveillance video 0.146" O.D. surveillance/monitor coax, CM, 10 colors 573945, (643048) RGBHV 3-4-5-6-10-12 component multi- 1277A-80A (1277P-80P), 1520A-22A, 1406B-17B, 1164Bcoax red-green-blue (plenum) 1418B, 7710A-12A, 7787A-89A, 7794A-96A, (1824A-26A) Robotic coax Super flex (1 million flexes before failure) 7500A-7504A S-video, S-VHS®, Y-C High-end home video 1807A, 1808A, 7700A VHS JVC Triax Analog professional video camera cable 1856A-1859A, 9267, 8232A-8233A, 9232, 9192, VGA Computer monitor multi-coax 7710A-13A,7787A-92A,7794A-98A, 1277A-80A (1277P-80P) Waterblocked triax Gel-filled flooded RG-11 triax 7803A Waterblocked video Dry waterblocking video cables 5439W5 RADIO FREQUENCY/CONTROL/OTHER AMX Ax-Link , Crestron 22AWG data pair, 18 AWG power pair (plenum) 1502R (1502P) Jacketless home automation cables 7876S, 7878S, 7913S, 7914S Banana Peel Data cable Cat 6 premise/data cables for network wiring 7881A-7882A, 1872A-1874A, 7851A-7852A DMX Lighting control cable 9841, 9842 DMX on Cat 5 Lighting control on Cat 5 1872A-1874A, 7851A-7852A recommended 50-ohm RF coax Transmission line to 6 GHz 8240, 9913, 9913F7, 7733A, 7805A/R ­ 7810A/R/WB Home automation RG6/Cat 5e, fiber options 7910A, 7876A-7879A, 7913A-7914A, see Banana Peel MediaTwist Data/audio/video cable 1872A-1874A recommended (video uses baluns) Connectors for coax cables can be found on our Connector Cross-Reference at For more details on any specific cable, see other side, or see "products and services" at For more copies of this guide, contact [email protected] 1-800-235-3362


Belden Audio-Video Whats What by Part Number

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