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Legal Resource Guide

For IT Staff and Trainers

Acrobat Legal Resources Deployment Resources for Acrobat 9, Creative Suite 5, Flash Player and AIR Acrobat Updates: What You Should Know Acrobat 9 Legal Quick Start Guide Acrobat 9 Pro Legal Feature Matrix Acrobat 7-8-9 Legal Feature Comparison Acrobat 9 Customization Wizard Creative Suite 5 Version Matrix

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Acrobat Legal Resources

On Demand Training Videos

Acrobat 9 Training Videos (3-5 Minutes Each) Acrobat 9 Ten Minute Tips Details Matter: Why Do I Need Adobe Acrobat 9? Adobe TV (5 minute videos) Learn 5 Ways Acrobat Can Start Saving You Time!

Recorded eSeminars for Legal Professionals

Don't Miss our eSeminars! Sign up here! Convert Powerpoint to Flash-Based eLearning Tools Reduce Risk & Protect Documents with Acrobat 30 Super Acrobat Tips & Tricks Acrobat 9 Top New Features Acrobat 9 Product Family--What's New Adobe Dynamic PDF and the Adobe Enterprise Program Acrobat 9 for the Novice Users

Acrobat 9 for Legal Professionals Using Acrobat to Create and Distribute Legal Forms How to Review and Comment Using Acrobat 9 Using Redaction and Metadata Removal Using Acrobat 9 to Create PDF Portfolios Using Acrobat to Create Legal Closing Binders

Blogs, Downloads and Tips

Acrobat for Legal Professionals Blog 36-Page Guide to Creating Electronic Closing Binders Designing forms for auto field detection Get a free Customized Portfolio Layout

30 Super Acrobat Tips & Tricks Guide

Online Services

Acrobat.Com Adobe eSignature Service


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Adobe Deployment Resources

Acrobat Deployment Resources

Download the Free Acrobat 9 Customization Wizard Main Adobe IT Resource Page Enterprise Administration of Acrobat Products (Starting Point) Unpacking the Adobe Reader for Distribution Adobe Acrobat and Reader Updating and Deployment Information Deploying Acrobat/Reader installers and patches as a single installation (Quarterly patches) Install Acrobat 9 and all patches in one step with Adobe Bootstrapper (Setup.exe) and patch sequencing Current chain: 9.0.0 > 9.1.0 > 9.1.2 > 9.2.0 > 9.3.0 > 9.3.2 > 9.3.3 > 9.3.4 Deploying Acrobat Reader 9 Deploying Acrobat 9 using Windows Group Policy and Active Directory Server Disable Access Points to Be careful when disabling all access to as this option can break some form and review workflows. eSeminar Recording: Deploying Adobe® Acrobat® 9 and Managing Updates session&id=1513560&loc=en_us eSeminar Recording: Packaging and Deployment Best Practices for Adobe® Acrobat® 9 Software Adobe for IT Professionals Blog Administrator's Information Manager (AIM) This auto-updating AIR application contains the Preference Reference, a dictionary of registry level preferences containing over 300 keys. .

Flash Player and AIR Deployment Resources

Adobe Flash Player Administration Guide for Flash Player 10 Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player Adobe AIR Administrators Guide Adobe AIR Runtime FAQ

Creative Suite 5 Deployment Resources

Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition CS5 Deployment Guide CS5 Deployment Component Reference

Security Resources

Acrobat Security Page Adobe Security Update Service Application Security for the Acrobat Family (Guide)

Product Support Periods

End-of-Life Dates for Adobe Products


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Acrobat Security Updates: What You Should Know

Adobe released Acrobat 9.0 in June, 2008. Today the current release is Acrobat 9.3.4. Over the last two years, Adobe has released updates to Acrobat and Reader­ versions 8 and 9 ­ to enhance product security. We urge all of our customers to apply these patches. Security Model and Lifecycle Acrobat is challenging application in some ways because it behaves both as a desktop application that you use to create and manipulate PDF, as well as a web application that runs inside the browser. The Acrobat development team uses a Secure Product Lifecycle model for development. Essentially, this means that we continually stress-test Acrobat to find and close security holes before hackers can exploit them. Adobe works with Microsoft to make sure that when the operating system and browser interact with Acrobat and Reader, that security is maintained. Adobe also works with key security vendors to monitor threats and security responses. Adobe now ships regular security updates more regularly and we will push out any emergency updates immediately. Patch Tuesdays In order to make it easier for our enterprise customers to anticipate new dot releases, Adobe will be delivering Acrobat security updates on "Patch Tuesday". Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of the month, the same time when Microsoft releases security updates. Most of our customers are ready to go with staff and resources at this time. This should allow larger organizations to leverage existing processes to update their desktops. Critical Releases Sometimes, critical security fixes must be delivered as soon as possible. In this case, Adobe may issue an immediate security fix. If a critical fix pre-dates a "Patch Tuesday", we may skip a "Patch Tuesday" fix. Adobe Reader Updates on by Default in Adobe Reader Starting with Adobe Reader 9.3.3, Adobe turned on mandatory updates. Although most enterprise customers deploy updates for their user population, this change helps everyone. By ensuring that "Mom and Pop" have the latest version of Adobe Reader, the overall threat landscape is lowered. Next Major Adobe Reader Release to run in Protected Mode Scheduled for inclusion in the next major version release of Adobe Reader, Protected Mode is a sandboxing technology based on Microsoft's Practical Windows Sandboxing technique. With Adobe Reader Protected Mode enabled (it will be by default), all operations required by Adobe Reader to display the PDF file to the user are run in a very restricted manner inside a confined environment, the "sandbox." Should Adobe Reader need to perform an action that is not permitted in the sandboxed environment, such as writing to the user's temporary folder or launching an attachment inside a PDF file using an external application (e.g. Microsoft Word), those requests are funneled through a "broker process," which has a strict set of policies for what is allowed and disallowed to prevent access to dangerous functionality. 4

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Adobe Acrobat Legal Quick Start Guide

Creating from Office Apps

· Use the PDF Makers available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create richer PDFs with bookmarks, links, and more. · Look for an Acrobat menu and toolbar (Office 2003 and earlier) or the Acrobat ribbon (Office 2007) ·

Archive Email to PDF from Outlook

· Individual Messages Select the message(s) and choose AdobePDFConvert Selected Messages Create New PDF . . . Email Folders Select the folder(s) and choose AdobePDFConvert Selected Folder Create New PDF . . .

Creating PDF from the Web

· · Acrobat Choose FileCreate PDFFrom Web page Internet Explorer Click the Convert button (ViewToolbarAdobe PDF) · ·


To create a new, Security Policy AdvancedSecurityManage Security Policies To apply a Security Policy AdvancedSecurity and choose a policy

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

· · DocumentOCR Text Recognition Click the Edit button to choose ClearScan and other languages ·

Comment on a PDF

ViewToolbarsComment & Markup

Create a Custom Stamp

· CommentsComment & Markup ToolsStampsCreate Custom Stamp

Export a PDF to Word (OCR first)

· FileExportWord (or RTF)

Export to Excel

· · Hold dow ALT to create a rectangular selection using the text tool Hover over text, right-click and choose Open Table in Spreadsheet

Typewriter Tool

· · ViewToolbarsTypewriter Reader enable this tool by choosing Tools TypewriterEnable Typewriter for Adobe Reader

Shared Review

· CommentsSend for Shared Review

Document Co-Navigation

· Click the Collaborate button and choose Send and Collaborate Live

Creating a Form

· FormsAdd or Edit Fields

Combining to Create a PDF Binder

· FileCreate PDFMerge Files into Single PDF

Reader Enabling a PDF

· AdvancedExtend Features in Adobe Reader

Create a PDF Portfolio

· To convert and combine to a Portfolio FileCreate PDFMerge Files into Single PDF Choose the PDF Portfolio option in the upper right. · To Assemble a PDF Portfolio FileCreate PDFAssemble PDF Portfolio

Compare Two PDFs

· DocumentCompare Documents


· ViewToolbars Redaction

Bates Numbering

· AdvancedDocument ProcessingBates NumberingAdd

Summarizing Comments, Redactions or Comparison Changes

· CommentsSummarize Comments . . .

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View, print, and search PDF files, including PDF Portfolios. Create PDF documents from any application that prints using the Adobe PDF Print Driver. Take advantage of advanced PDF conversion using one-button creation from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer. Archive an entire folder of e-mail with attachments from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Merge files from multiple applications into a single PDF document. Merge files from multiple applications into a well-organized, engaging PDF Portfolio. Apply Security restrictions on printing, copying, and altering PDF documents with up to 256-bit encryption. Export PDF files as Microsoft Word documents, retaining the text flow, fonts, formatting, and tables. Scan documents and use optical character recognition (OCR) to create searchable PDF documents. Use new ClearScan OCR. Split documents by file size, number of pages or by top level bookmarks for electronic filing. Examine a PDF document to remove document metadata, hidden text, and notes to avoid an accidental disclosure. Review documents using familiar commenting tools such as sticky notes, highlighting, lines, shapes, and stamps. Manage shared document reviews that allow review participants to see one another's comments. Enable real-time collaboration with synchronized document views and chat. Easily create fillable PDF forms from paper or existing files using the Form Wizard. Collect data from PDF forms using a PDF Portfolio. Export the data from a set of PDF forms to Microsoft Excel. Enable Adobe Reader users to fill and save PDF forms locally. Use the Apply Multiple feature to perform a single operation on multiple files such as OCR, Export to Word, Headers/Footers, etc. Convert documents to PDF/A for archiving with easy search and retrieval. Enable Adobe Reader users to participate in reviews with complete commenting and markup tools. Embed multimedia, 3D designs, audio, and video in PDF files to present in the courtroom or in mediation. Enable Adobe Reader users to digitally sign PDF documents. Enable the Typewriter tool for Adobe Reader users. Add Bates numbering to a single PDF document or an entire folder of PDF files. Rename files with prefix/suffix or to the Bates range. Personalize a PDF Portfolio with customizable templates for navigation and branding. Redact sensitive information contained in text, images, and vector objects and entire pages. Redact text using patterns to quickly mark Social Security numbers, email addresses, etc. Redact using a Word List. Compare and highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document. Create dynamic XML forms with Adobe LiveCycle® Designer ES. Conduct multiple operations across many files using Batch Processing such as applying Redactions, reducing file size, etc. Use Preflight tools to Flatten Form Fields or Annotations into the document layer, or perform other PDF fix-up operations. Easily add audio, video, and quizzes to your PowerPoint slides and create rich, interactive presentations with Adobe Presenter. Convert a variety of video formats such as deposition video to Flash for seamless playback in PDF. Embed video in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and convert to Flash video in PDF. Convert over forty 3D file formats so that they may be manipulated inside a PDF.




Existing Feature

E Enhanced & Improved N New Feature



Legal Feature Matrix












Not an official document of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Pro Extended








Summary of changes from Acrobat 7

Top Features for Legal Professionals

Feature Area Acrobat 8 New Features Acrobat 9 New Features

· Easier to use Wizards for Forms Creation and Document Comparison · Combine files into a PDF Portfolio using professionally designed Portfolio layouts for closing binders · Add a Welcome page for clients · Organize files in folders · Preview of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF, JPEG and other file types1 · Search non-PDF documents in a Portfolio1 · Sort by date, number or text · Direct editing of fields including file name Forms · Automatically recognize existing form fields in static Adobe PDF forms and convert them to interactive, fillable fields. · Compile forms emailed back to you into a PDF Package · Collect form data via email · Acrobat 9 Standard can now create and Readerenable forms · More accurate form recognition. · Automatically find form fields on scanned documents · Easier form authoring which allows you to "Stamp" form fields on documents · Collect form data on, SharePoint or a network folder, or via email · Form Tracker lets you know who has completed and returned forms, and who hasn't Comment and · Manage shared reviews allowing multiple Review people to add comments to the same document at the same time using a network folder · Enable Adobe Reader 7.0 or 8 users to save, fill out, and digitally sign Adobe PDF forms (Pro Only) · Use, SharePoint or a Network folder to host Shared Reviews · Set Review deadlines · Document Co-navigation allows you to turn pages and set views in PDFs live for recipients of your PDF · Enhanced Typewriter tool allows you to set font, size, color and style · Select folders to Bates stamp · Stamp and copy to new destination · Rename files using prefix or suffix · Rename files to Bates Range (e.g. 000100-000112) · Convert Word, Excel files, etc. inside a PDF Portfolio to PDF and Bates stamp Document Splitting · Not applicable · Split documents by file size, number of pages or top-level bookmarks · Set prefix or suffix for split documents User Interface · Complete work faster with a new, intuitive interface Combine PDFs · Combine multiple files and file formats into a single Adobe PDF package. · Maintain security settings and digital signatures of the original files · Search PDF files in the Package

Bates Numbering · Apply Bates Numbers to PDF documents · Shrink documents which have inadequate margin


Not an official document of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Feature Area

Acrobat 8 New Features

Acrobat 9 New Features

Metadata Removal · Find and remove hidden information, · Use Batch Processing (Pro only) to remove including metadata, annotations, attachments, metadata from multiple documents form fields, layers, and bookmarks, and · Analyze metadata in a granular fashion using the permanently delete the information Examine Document panel Document · Unchanged from Acrobat 7 Comparison · Completely rewritten comparison engine · Document Comparison panel allows you to easily set highlight colors, and focus in on what want to compare/ignore including images, headers and footers, etc. · Compare all changes in documents including text, images, moved pages, etc. · Summarize changes as annotations to documents · Find differences in pictures Redaction · Permanently delete sensitive information, including specific text or illustrations, with redaction tools · Search for text to redact · Review Redactions using the Comments panel · Redact using a word list · Find and redact Social Security numbers, email addresses, etc., using pattern-based redaction · Redact entire pages or page ranges · Batch Apply redactions · Automatically rename redacted documents (e.g. document_redacted.pdf ) · Word List Redaction available in Batch Email Archiving · Automatically archive e-mail from Microsoft Outlook or convert e-mail in Lotus Notes to Adobe PDF (Windows only) into a PDF Package · Search PDFs within the email archive Export to Word · Save Adobe PDF files to Microsoft Word while retaining layout · Archive to a PDF Portfolio · Search both PDF and non-PDF content1 · Filter results to narrow searches · Retain additional metadata from email · Bates number across an email archive · Save Adobe PDF files to Microsoft Word while retaining flowing text for easier editing, and tables, fonts, styling · Export many PDFs to Word using Export Multiple files option PDF Creation and · Faster PDF Creation from Word, Excel, Conversion of Office PowerPoint. Formats · Create PDF/A compliant documents · Word: Convert Bookmarks to PDF Bookmarks · Word: Retain paragraph numbering in PDF Bookmarks · Excel: Convert Entire Workbook option · PowerPoint: Convert speaker notes to PDF Notes Web Capture · Unchanged from Acrobat 7 · New web capture engine more accurately converts web sites to PDF · Select and convert portions of web pages in Internet Explorer Headers, Footers and · Save backgrounds, watermarks, headers, and Watermarks footers for easy reuse in the future · Apply backgrounds, watermarks, headers and footers to multiple files using Apply Multiple

Not an official document of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

· Excel: Fit entire Worksheet to single page option · Word, Excel and PowerPoint: Embed video and convert to Flash video in the PDF (Pro Extended only) · PowerPoint: Use the Adobe Presenter plug-in to convert slide decks to PDF complete with animation, narration and quizzes


Feature Area

Acrobat 8 New Features

· 32 OCR languages available. · Embed full-text index in a single PDF or PDF Package · Control scanner natively

Acrobat 9 New Features

· ClearScan OCR option offers better looking output that prints faster · More accurate OCR · 42 languages supported · Search non-PDF documents in a PDF Portfolio · Scanning presets for B&W, Grayscale and Color · Scan to a PDF Portfolio · Scan to multiple PDF documents in batch

OCR, Scanning and · Faster and more accurate OCR compared to Search previous version.

Security · Use Security Policies to apply password or certificate security consistently Multimedia · Embed movies and sounds in documents and play using operating system player defaults

· 256-bit encryption of documents · Import and export security settings · Play Flash content natively with no external player needed · Embed Flash content using PDF Makers for Word, Excel and PowerPoint · Convert a variety of video file types to Flash and embed in a PDF (Pro Extended)


Dependent on having either Microsoft Office 2007 or Windows Vista OS.


Not an official document of Adobe Systems Incorporated.




Take control of enterprise-wide Adobe Acrobat® and Reader® installations

A free downloadable utility, Adobe Customization Wizard 9 is designed to help IT professionals take greater control of enterprise-wide deployments of Adobe Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 software. With it, you can customize Acrobat installer and application features prior to deployment. Providing a graphical interface to the Windows® installer for Acrobat, the Customization Wizard enables IT administrators to: · Modify the installer via a Transform file (or MST file) without altering the original package (MSI file) · Customize the look and feel of Acrobat or Reader before deployment to meet the unique needs of the user base The customized Acrobat installer can be set to run virtually anytime, anywhere throughout the enterprise, whether the install is pulled from a server or pushed silently. Acrobat and Reader have provided IT-focused customization tools since Acrobat 5.0. Reflecting Adobe's continued commitment to the IT administrator, Adobe Customization Wizard 9 was built in-house by Adobe engineers. As a result, Acrobat installations can now be deployed more quickly and supported more easily than ever before. Adobe Customization Wizard 9 works with the Adobe Acrobat 9 family of products: · Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended · Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro · Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard · Adobe Reader 9 Adobe Customization Wizard 9 uses a simple project metaphor to create and edit MST files for the Acrobat and Reader installers. After you launch the Wizard, just point to a copy of the application's installer folder on the local machine or server, and select the MSI file. Any changes made in the wizard will be saved to an MST file that will be automatically created in that same folder and referenced by the installer. Adobe Customization Wizard 9 also provides the ability to roll back any changes, copy the entire installer folder to a new location, and import and export MST files to and from different locations. Finally, if you are deploying with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), the wizard can include SMS settings in your package.

Use the free Adobe Customization Wizard 9 utility to customize installation of the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat and Reader throughout your enterprise.


System requirements ·Intel®Pentium®IIIorcompatible 696MHz processor ·Microsoft®WindowsXPProfessionalwith ServicePack2 ·256MBofRAM ·1,024x768screenresolution ·4MBofavailablehard-diskspace Adobe tests and supports the deployment of Acrobat9productstoWindowsclientsthat meet the minimum system requirements of those Acrobat products. For a list of system requirementsforeachoftheAcrobat9products, choose the individual product from the Acrobat family page ( and then clicktheSystemRequirementslinkinthesidebar on the right. Products that can be customized using Adobe Customization Wizard 9 ·AdobeAcrobat9ProExtended ·AdobeAcrobat9Pro ·AdobeAcrobat9Standard ·AdobeReader9 Language support

Optimizetheinstaller,customizekeyapplication preferences,andmore

Adobe Customization Wizard 9 can enable IT professionals to: · Optimize the behavior of the installer by including silent installation, preserialization, reboot, multilingual, and custom setup choices · Remove previous versions of Acrobat and Reader · Suppress the EULA, registration prompts, and the Getting Started window · Deploy custom Portfolio navigators · Add/Remove redaction code sets · Control access points · Customize key application preferences-- turn off automatic updates, add and set default job options, and customize collaboration and security settings · Help prevent users from modifying certain preferences · Remove shortcuts from the desktop and the Start menu · Customize Acrobat Distiller® job option files and Adobe PDF file printer settings · Customize security settings for digital signatures and Adobe LiveCycle® Policy Server · Edit each Adobe Acrobat application's registry and installer tables · Customize file attachment handling within PDF files, including specifying which file types to block · Add or edit files that will be installed · Preconfigure Acrobat ConnectTM software and disable it Complete support for deployment and server-hosted solutions Adobe Customization Wizard 9 is just one component of the complete IT solution Acrobat and Reader offer the IT administrator. In addition, Adobe provides complete documentation and support to integrate Acrobat and Reader into your organization. Adobe supports deployment via industry-standard deployment tools such as Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), Microsoft Windows Group Policy Objects and Active Directory, and IBM Tivoli software distribution tools. Adobe supports hosting the application on a centralized server via industry-standard hosting tools like Microsoft Windows Terminal Services (WTS) and Citrix Presentation Server. For the most up-to-date information on deploying and hosting Acrobat family software, visit Download the free Acrobat Customization Wizard 9 today Make sure your installed user base is able to upgrade quickly and efficiently to Acrobat 9 and Reader 9. Download the free Adobe Customization Wizard 9 today at detail.jsp?ftpID=3993. Note: Customization Wizard 9 functions only with the Adobe Acrobat 9 family of products. Adobe has similar tools available for Acrobat 8 products (called Customization Wizard 8), Acrobat 7.0 products (called InstallShield Tuner 7.0 for Adobe Acrobat), Acrobat 6.0 products (called InstallShield Tuner 6.0 for Adobe Acrobat), and Adobe Acrobat 5.0 products (called Acrobat Enterprise Installation Tool or AEIT). Go to for more information.

The user interface for Adobe Customization Wizard9isinEnglishonly.However,the wizardcanbeusedtocustomizelocalized versions of applications. Languages tested andverifiedbyAdobeincludeEnglish,French, German,andJapanese.

For more information For more details about the Adobe Acrobat 9 family,

Adobe Systems Incorporated 345ParkAvenue SanJose,CA95110-2704 USA

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95011355 8/08


Adobe® Creative Suite® 5

Editions of Adobe Creative Suite 5

For print-centric designers and print professionals For designers WEB PREMIUM RETAIL PRICE US$999 US$699 US$599 US$699 US$449 US$399 US$699 US$249 US$399 US$299 US$199 US$799 US$999 US$199 -- --

What's in each edition?

For web developers, interactive designers, and RIA* developers PRODUCTION PREMIUM For video editors and motion graphics/ visual effects artists For cutting-edge creative pros and Education MASTER COLLECTION





Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended

Editing and compositing images, plus 3D extrusions and painting, motion content, and advanced image analysis

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Editing and compositing images

Adobe Illustrator® CS5

Creating vector-based graphics for print, web, video, and mobile

Adobe InDesign® CS5

Designing professional layouts for print and digital publishing

Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro

Creating, protecting, collaborating on, and high-end printing of PDF documents

Adobe Flash® CatalystTM CS5

Designing approachable interactive content

Adobe Flash Professional CS5

Creating rich interactive content across platforms and devices


Cost if purchased individually: US$2,446

Adobe Flash BuilderTM 4 Standard

Developing data-centric applications

Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5

Designing, developing, and maintaining standardsbased websites and applications

Adobe Fireworks® CS5

Rapidly prototyping websites and applications and optimizing web graphics

Adobe Contribute® CS5

Simplifying website management--no coding required

Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5

Accelerating digital video production with the allnew Adobe Mercury Playback Engine

Adobe After Effects® CS5

Creating motion graphics and visual effects

Adobe Soundbooth® CS5

Creating and editing audio, customizing music, and adding sound effects

Adobe OnLocationTM CS5

(included with Adobe Premiere Pro)

Direct-to-disk and tapeless video recording and on-set monitoring

Adobe Encore® CS5

(included with Adobe Premiere Pro)

Authoring searchable content for DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and the web





Cost of suite edition:






Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA

* RIA = Rich Internet applications

Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, Adobe OnLocation, Adobe Premiere, Aft er Eff ects, Contribute, Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Encore, Fireworks, Flash, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Soundbooth are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. © 2010 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.


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