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custom-Tailored corporate Training solutions

Have you noticed a gap between your organization's needs and your employees' skill sets? BMCC has a team of Organizational Development professionals and Subject Matter Expert instructors available to assist you in bridging this productivity gap. BMCC works with employers across Manhattan to design and deliver customized training solutions on a regular basis. Depending on the extent of your performance improvement needs, we can also counsel clients on how to access public grant programs to underwrite training activity. Call our training team at 212-346-8451 today to explore how we can help improve your bottom line by enhancing the talents of your greatest asset!

Teaching opportunities

We are always looking to bring talented new instructors onto our team. If you are an expert in a field and you would like to share your knowledge with our students, send your resume and a 1-page course overview including notes on the target student population to "[email protected]" or call us at 212.346.8410 with any questions about our new course review process. For specific openings, please visit our website at: www.bmcc.cuny. edu/ce. We look forward to you joining our faculty!

A Message from the President

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Photography Credit: Louis Chan, BMCC

There are many reasons to stay positive and embrace these challenging times as an opportunity to take charge of your direction and strive for better times ahead. Whether looking to upgrade your current skills set or pursue a new career altogether, BMCC offers the right steps toward achieving your goals. To show our commitment to delivering some of the best employment training programs in New York City, we recently launched our newly renovated Workforce Training Center at 25 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. State-ofthe-art labs and "Smart" classrooms are just a few of the instructional features you can take advantage of and to optimize your professional training in a number of expanding fields. To help you prepare for a new career, we have partnered with AARP to become a NYC AARP Work Search site in lower Manhattan. BMCC's partnership with the AARP offers individuals access to free career counseling and employment services. Our staff is hard at work consulting with professionals in still-thriving employment sectors, and our faculty is drawing on their own considerable work experience to create courses that will prepare you for opportunities in high-demand industries as diverse as Allied Health, Information Technology, Administrative and Construction. For over 20 years, BMCC, the only community college in Manhattan, has worked hard to support workforce development in New York City. Rewarding careers begin in our Continuing Education classrooms every day. Join us for an Open House soon, and start building the knowledge, know-how and skills that will help brighten and secure your future.

Sincerely, antonio Pérez President |212-346-8410

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Job search & career Transitions

Worksearch assessment service

The AARP Worksearch Assessment helps you: * Assess your interests and skills. * Identify potential career fields. * Explore the jobs that are available to you in the NYC area.



Job-hunting is never an easy process. It can be especially daunting if you've been out of the job market for some time. But the good news is that you now have access to a great, FREE career counseling service in Lower Manhattan, courtesy of a collaboration between BMCC and the AARP Foundation!

In a rut in your current position and considering a job change? Concerned about your job stability? Have you recently been notified of your position being eliminated?

There are any number of reasons why people are heading back into the job market today. Some are looking to rebound after a layoff, while others simply aren't enjoying their current careers and are looking for a change. BMCC has created a series of 2 hour workshops to help you figure out new career options and map out a winning job search plan. The sessions can be taken as often as you would like, and in any sequence. However, we do suggest that you begin with the workshop entitled "What's My Perfect Job?" since knowing what will make you happy in your work is where successful careers always begin!

What's My Perfect Job?

Ever wonder what your perfect job would look like? This two hour interactive workshop is designed to help you get onto the path of discovering your perfect job by identifying your skills and values through the use of assessments and self-examination. At the end of the workshop, our participants often discover several career options they had never actually thought of -- yet.

Job search Workshop series

Writing an Effective resume & cover letter

Fee:$20 Days/Times:Mondays6pm-8pm Dates:August16,Sept27,Nov1,December6th Instructor:LaDanaJenkins

creating a Winning Job search Plan

If landing your next job can be considered a "marketing campaign" all about you, your career ambitions and your skills, then your resume is your most important marketing tool ­ so it needs to be clear, concise and reader friendly. Not sure if yours is? Join us for this workshop to determine if your brochure is doing you justice. Various resume and cover letter formats for different industries will be presented Fee:$20 and discussed. Days/Times:Mondays6pm-8pm Dates:August30,October11,November15 Instructor:LaDanaJenkins

networking Yourself into Your next Position

As a job seeker, the more people you know and interact with, the greater your chances are of landing your next position quickly. This rule is truer in New York City than other areas around the country, so your Networking skills need to be sharp. Through this 2 hour workshop you will learn how to master networking strategies and focus your contacts in an organized and productive way. Participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of establishing contact lists, conducting informational interviews and utilizing on-line networking tools.

OK ­ you know what you enjoy doing and where you want your career to how do you plan on landing that next great position? Through this two-hour interactive workshop, you will learn some of the most effective job search strategies and new techniques that are landing job seekers dream jobs every day. The key element is creating job search plan and sticking to it!

Powerful interview skills

Interviews do not have to be intimidating situations, all they really are is an opportunity for you to talk about your professional experiences and brag about your accomplishments. So why are we so nervous walking into them? Attend this workshop to learn techniques for preparing for your next interview so that you coast thru it smoothly. Really ­ it's possible!!

Fee:$20 Days/Times:Mondays6pm-8pm Dates:September20,October25,November29 Instructor:LaDanaJenkins

Fee:$20 Days/Times:Mondays6pm-8pm Dates:August23,October4,November8,Dec13 Instructor:LaDanaJenkins What Adult Learners say about us:

Fee:$20 Days/Times:Mondays6pm-8pm Dates:September13,October18,November22 Instructor:LaDanaJenkins

Get the job you want quickly, easily and in any economy. In this course, a world-renowned author and career advisor will help you identify the job that is best for your needs. You'll then be given complete step-bystep instructions on how to get that job, regardless of your level of expertise or state of the economy. You will learn how to build rapport with any interviewer, both verbally and non-verbally, while mastering the six phases of a successful job interview. This motivational course will increase your confidence, help you feel great about yourself, and provide you with the foundation you need to get the job you want.

Online Course: 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the material interesting."

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$99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7/6weeks StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate 212-346-8410|

Lunch-time Career Planning Workshops

our goal is to assist adult learners across the region in finding their "Dream Job," but that's no small task. To begin your search for the perfect job, you first need to discern what is your perfect career. We have assembled a talented team of career coaches and counselors to help you move closer to this goal. consider sitting in on one of these sessions ­ you'll be surprised at how much you take-away during a 45 minute session. Charting Courses: Defining Achievable Goals

Defining your goals is the first step towards achieving your objectives and a prerequisite of success. The ability to set clear goals and drive them to completion distinguishes leaders from followers. The ability to set the right goals determines whether the leadership will be successful or ineffective. In this workshop, we will explore three complementary perspectives offered by thought leaders from NASA, business and the military on how to choose the right goals, develop the necessary habits to be effective in achieving them, and mapping the journey towards your goals based on your view of reality and your belief system. Free/1Session/Friday/November12/12:15-1:00PM Instructor:MishaGoussev,Ph.D. intuitive but it is one of the surest ways to improve your productivity and your outlook on life. Join us for this workshop to experience the power of slowing down. Free/1Session/Thursday/Sept23/12:15-1:00PM Instructor:RenateReimann,Ph.D.

Job search & career Transitions

A career change at mid-life should be based on a thorough understanding of your needs and wants as well as the needs of the labor market. Plus, being an older worker in a youth-obsessed world can be tough. Learn about assessment tools that W W NEcan help you identify the skills you already have How to Build an Effective Job Search NE and what jobs are suited for you, the best employIf you're about to embark on a search for a new ment opportunities for the experienced worker, job, you'll need to have a plan in place to chart a and how to describe your experience in a resume consistent and productive course while keeping and during interviews. Learners who are 50 or track of contacts, information and opportunities. Instead of being overwhelmed by the complexity of older are especially encouraged to attend because we will focus on the particular challenges of a an effective job search, learn the core components and how to manage them effectively. We'll discuss mature workforce. how to articulate your goals, develop a timeline, use Free/1session/Thursday/Nov18/12:15-1:00PM a calendar to organize your search, and collect and Instructor:TBA catalogue the contacts and information you gather Delay No More! NEW along the way. Learners who are 50 or older are es- Zen and The Art of Liking Your Job NEW Do you have projects you have been postponing pecially encouraged to attend because we will focus Do you like your job? Would you still keep your over and over again? Has the economic downturn on the particular challenges of a mature workforce. job if you were not paid for it? What would you further increased your procrastination? If so, you love to be doing if money were not an issue? Each are not alone. The good news is that there are proven ways to overcome self-sabotaging delays. In Free/1session/Thursday/Sept30/12:15PM-1:00PM of these questions is likely to have two different this workshop you will learn why people procrasti- Instructor:TBA answers ­ one for your inner voice and one for NEW nate and the techniques that reduce procrastination. Goal Setting for Career Empowerment NEW your boss. Both are tough judges. During a job Are you frustrated with your current job situation? interview we are expected to make a convincFree/1Session/Thursday/August26/12:15-1:00PM Feel as if you can't make the changes or reach the ing impression that the position we are applying higher level in your career that you desire? Regard- for is exactly what we need to make our lives Instructor:RenateReimann,Ph.D. less if you're employed, unemployed, a consultant complete. Many people can play this game very NEW Time Wise NEW or an entrepreneur, this workshop is for you! You well. The most difficult questions, however, come Time management is not only about increasing pro- will be introduced to practical and innovative stratefrom within: what is the right job for me and what ductivity and focusing on priorities, it is also about gies to help you to determine your authentic career should I do with my life? In this workshop we'll honoring time. Both quantity and quality of time in- path, create an action plan and build confidence to discuss how the ancient philosophy of Zen can fluence our life satisfaction. This workshop explores successfully meet challenges. This workshop is an introduction to our Goal Setting for Career Empow- help us find fulfillment in what we do for a living ways to integrate both timesaving and time-savoring erment Course. and use it as a step towards personal transformato improve your enjoyment of time. Sign up today tion and self-empowerment. and join Dr. Reimann to make your time more proFree/1session/Thursday/Sept9/12:15pm-1pm ductive while enjoying yourself in the process. Instructor:LisaVelazquez Free/1Session/Friday/Oct.15/12:15-1:00PM Instructor:MishaGoussev,Ph.D. Free/1Session/Thursday/October21/12:15-1:00PM NEW NEW Technology is your friend: Instructor:RenateReimann,Ph.D.

Finding the job you always wanted: Changing careers at mid-life



The Power of Goal Focus

Potential employers are increasingly are using Do you want to make it easy to accomplish your online and electronic tools to post jobs and find goals? Then learn about the importance of focus in employees. That means that you need to use the goal setting and achievement. Ambivalence about same tools to successfully identify the perfect job the outcomes you want and overloading your days for you. We'll take the guesswork and intimidation and your mind with too many obligations derails out of using these tools. We'll discuss essential onmany ideas and projects. Learn how to define a suc- line tools such as free personal assessment software, cessful goal and how to stay focused on realizing LinkedIn and, how to find information it. This workshop will help you clarify wh at you online about jobs and employers, when to reach want to achieve, and begin practicing how to stay out online and when to write or call, and how to on course for success. use email effectively. Learners who are 50 or older are especially encouraged to attend because we Free/1Session/Thursday/Sept16/12:15-1:00PM will focus on the particular challenges of a mature Instructor:RenateReimann,Ph.D. workforce. Slow Down and Achieve More Free/1session/Thursday/Oct28/12:15-1:00PM Our hectic everyday lives have become a liability Instuctor:TBA for many. Even though multitasking is out, in reality most people still do it because they cannot see any way out. As a result, we feel frazzled and disappointed with poor results. Slowing down and adding more playtime to your life seems |212-346-8410

Tips and tools to help you find the perfect job.

Can't Join Us For Lunch?

We have morning and evening career workshops too! Check page 20 for more workshop options.

FALL2010bMcc WorKs3

allied Health

bcls basic cardiac life support

This program, taught by health-care professionals under the guidelines of the American Heart Association, is designed for, but not limited to, health care providers. It will teach the skills necessary to provide basic life for the adult, child or infant. This course includes the treatment of a victim who is choking, not breathing or in full cardiac arrest, and will also teach you how to recognize the early warning signs of a heart attack. Prudent heart living, risk factors and assessing emergency medical services will also be covered. The course includes both lecture and handson practice using the latest mannequin technology to simulate a real cardiac arrest victim. Upon successful completion, you will receive a card issued by the American Heart Association, which is valid for two (2) years. option that provides theory, lab and clinical rotations in terminology, instrumentation setup and calibration recording, monitoring techniques and hands-on skills required for an entry level Polysomnographic Technologist. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the Comprehensive Registry Exam in Polysomnography Technology (RPSGT) after only six months of work-related experience. Medical Billing (ICD-9CM/CPT Codes), Insurance Forms, and Lab/Vital Signs. Our training consists of both classroom instruction and unpaid medical internship. Job placement assistance is provided.

$3,800/MondaythruFriday/9am-5pm Pleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdatesandtoregisterfor REQUIREDOrientationsession. Foradditionalinformation,contactWandaat212.346.8444 orLeahat212.346.8445.

$3500/Evenings/Monday-Thursday/6PM-9PM 10WeeksInstructionandInternship Instructor:TBA $3500/Mornings/Monday-Thursday/10:00AM-1:00PM 10WeeksInstructionandInternship Instructor:TBA Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. FormoreinformationcontactSandraat212.346.8425.

Medical billing and coding Professional certification

This combined 80-hour billing & coding course offers the skills needed to solve insurance billing problems, manually file claims (using the CPT-4 and ICD9-CM manuals), complete common insurance forms, trace delinquent claims, appeal denied claims and use generic forms to streamline billing procedures. This course covers the following areas: CPT (Introduction, Guidelines Evaluation and Management), specialty fields such as Surgery, Radiology and Laboratory, ICD (Introduction), Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Computerized Medical Billing and basic claims process for medical insurance and third party reimbursements. You will learn how to find the service and diagnostic codes using manuals. After successful completion of this course, you may be qualified to sit for the National Healthcareer Association (Certified Billing and Coding Specialist), American Academy of Professional Coders (Certified Professional Coder) or the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Associate (Certified Coding Associate) Exam. $1,649 / classed offered week nights and weekends. Please visit our website for training start dates.

$68tuitionforcurrentBMCCstudents $95tuitionforGeneralPublic 7hourclassdeliveredonSatorSun,9:30am-4:30pm Instructor:LarryWheeler,EMT-B Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates.

iV Therapy

A 16-hr, two-day session has been designed to help grow your understanding of the theory and methodologies involved in drawing blood. Students receive hands-on training in the proper criteria and techniques for initiating and maintaining intravenous therapy. Please note that while phlebotomy will be discussed during a lecture portion of this course, this learning opportunity is not intended to prepare you to go to work as a Phlebotomist.

acls advanced cardiac life support

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider course is designed for Health Care Providers who either direct or participate in the resuscitation of a patient, whether in or out of the hospital. The goal of the ACLS provider is to improve the quality of care provided to the adult victim of a cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary emergency. In this course, participants will enhance their skills in the treatment of arrest and peri-arrest patients through active participation in a series of simulated cardiac and respiratory cases. These simulations are designed to reinforce important concepts, including The Basic Life Support Primary survey, The ACLS Secondary Survey, ACLS Algorithms and Effective resuscitation team dynamics.

$135CurrentBMCCstudents $215GeneralPublic 16hours/daysvary/8:30am-5:00PM Instructor:SungH.Gwak,RN Pleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdates. Formoreinformation,contactSandraat212.346.8425.

Medical assistant specialist Program

Do you have an interest or some experience in the medical field? If so, you may be a good candidate for the Medical Assistant program.

$165tuitionforcurrentBMCCstudents $195tuitionforgeneralpublic 16hourclassdeliveredover2days,9am-5pm Instructor:LarryWheeler,EMT-B

As a Medical Assistant, you will be trained to function in an administrative as well as a clinical capacity. The administrative duties include but are not limited to meeting and greeting patients, answering phones, Pleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdates. Formoreinformation,contactWandaat212.346.8444. filing patient's medical records, and scheduling appointments. Meanwhile, the clinical duties include taking patient vital signs, preparing the exam room Polysomnography Training Program for patients, blood drawings, and assisting the nurse The Polysomnography Training program at BMCC in other ways. The role of a Medical Assistant is a responds to the national need documented by the very vital one in the Medical field. US National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, who report that chronic disorders of sleep Medical Assistants also have the option to work in and wakefulness affect approximately 40 million Medical Centers, Private Doctor's offices or HospiAmericans, most of whom went undiagnosed and tals. No matter what setting you choose to work in as untreated. The direct cost of three of these disora Medical Assistant, you will bring quality and care ders ­ insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy ­ was to your patients. estimated at US$15.7 billion. The Medical Assistant Specialist Program is an inBMCC's Polysomnography Technology (Sleep) tensive 20 ­ week training program. It focuses on Program is designed to prepare active Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Word Processing Care Practitioners and Therapists as Polysomsoftware (MS2000), Medical Front Desk and Medical nographic Technologists. We offer a certificate Records. In addition, you will cover Computerized

on-line course: Medical billing and coding Professional certification

This program is designed to prepare students to fill positions for medical coding and billing professionals. Upon successful completion of the Medical Billing and Coding course, students will be prepared for an entry-level position doing medical billing or coding in a medical office setting and will be prepared to sit for the CCA national certification exam. This course prepares you for the CCA certification. You must also meet the Professional Association's Eligibility Requirements for the examination. The American Health Information Management Association's (AHIMA) eligibility requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent. This online Medical Billing and coding course is only offered in partnership with major accredited colleges and universities.

Price:$1,595 TotalContactHours:240hours StartDate:within24hoursofRegistration 212-346-8410|

4 bMcc WorKsFALL2010

certified nursing assistant (cna) Training Program

Combining traditional classroom instruction with laboratory simulations, the program covers a broad range of subject matters, concepts and skills, including This program is designed to provide students with Pharmaceutical Terminology, Pharmacology, Law the fundamental skills and knowledge required to secure an entry-level position as a Nurse's Aide. The and Ethics, OSHA, HIPPA, Basic Cardiac Life Supprogram prepares students to sit for and pass the New port (BCLS) and Microsoft Office 2007. A 4-6 week (non-paid) internship will be incorporated into the York State Nurse's Aide Competency exam. The program to give participants the all-important field extraining includes clinical and laboratory instruction, perience they will need before successfully interviewcare, special patient care, medication, exercise and ing for a full time position. Pharmacy Technicians rehabilitation, record keeping, nutrition, anatomy, measure, mix, package, label and deliver medications physiology, CPR and care of geriatric patients. Enrollment Requirements include: 1.) Participants must and other prescribed products to patients. They ensure have a High School Diploma or GED, 2.) a minimum that the right medications are administered, and are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing medical equipreading comprehension level of 10.0 on an enrollment placement exam, 3.) a minimum math level of ment. Pharmacy Technicians serve as "an extra pair of 9.0 on placement exam, and 4.) must interview with hands" for licensed pharmacists, addressing the needs of an aging U.S. population and the increased use of the program's director. Job placement services are prescription medication. provided at the conclusion of your training experience. This course is offered at BMCC's Manhattan Employment Opportunity Center (MEOC) on 125th $3,000 17weeks Street in Harlem. To find out more about our CNA Day&Eveningclassesavailable program and the enrollment process, check out 4-6weeksinternship. the web site at: or call the Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. MEOC Registrar's Office at 212.961.4400. FormoreinformationcontactTinaat212.346.8424.

electronic impulses transmitted by a patient's heart during and between heartbeats. The EKG Technician begins the testing procedure by relaxing the patient, then they attach 3 to 12 electrodes to the patient's chest, arms and legs. After the test is completed, the technician marks sections of the report for the physician to review. EKG Technicians need a high school diploma or GED. They work in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices. Starting salary is between $28,000 and $34,000, depending on your work location, size of the company and your experience. The course and tuition includes the National Certification Exam. The course tuition includes the National Certification Exam and a non-paid internship.

allied Health


$1,175/60hoursoftraining Monday&Wednesday/6:00PM-9:00PM/10Weeks Instructor:TBA Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. FormoreinformationcontactTinaat212.346.8424.

3 Day Electrocardiograph Workshop


Pharmacy Technician certificate Program

Are you interested in working in a pharmacy setting? This 17-week training program will provide you with the hands-on training and background knowledge you will need to be a qualified CPHT Technician.


Electrocardiograph Technician Training

An Electrocardiograph Technician (or EKG Technician) operates EKG machines to detect and record the

Faculty profile Antonio Suarez

AntonioSuarezdiscoveredthehealingtouchatanearlyage.Asaboyscout,heearnedaMeritBadge inFirstAidaftertreatingthewoundsofanotherboywhohadbeeninjuredinanaccident.Thissmall momentofheroismbroughttheyoungMr.Suarezcheersandaccommodations,butitalsobroughthis futureintofocus:"IdecidedthatthiswaswantIwantedtodowithmylife--tohelppeople."

This 3 Day intensive workshop is designed for registered nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to achieve a higher level of education on the topic of electrocardiography. The curriculum includes electrophysiological principles of cardiac conduction, correct placement of leads, analyzing a variety of EKG rhythm strips, emergency management of selected dysrhythmais and interpretation of 12 Lead EKGS. This course also provides information about basic treatments in various situations and potential problems that may be encountered, such as ischemia, injury and infraction. IMPORTANT: You MUST be a Registered Nurse or Health Care Professional to attend this workshop. $415.00 Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. FormoreinformationcontactTinaat212.346.8424.

AftergraduatingfromSt.John'sUniversity,Mr.SuareztookajobatSt.BarnabasHospital(Bronx,NY), wherehewaseventuallypromotedtoHospitalManager.Whilehegenerallyenjoyedhisrole,Mr.Suarez couldnothelpbutenvytheEmergencyMedicalTechniciansandParamedicsrunningthroughhisdoors everydayonlife-savingmissions:"Iwantedtobemorehands-on."Exploringhisoptions,Mr.Suarez enrolledinanEMTcertificationcourseatLaGuardiaCommunityCollege/CUNY.Uponearninghiscer- Phlebotomy Technician Training tificate,Mr.SuarezquithismanagergigandbecameanEmergencyMedicalTechnician. Phlebotomy Technicians (or phlebotomists) perform a EarningasmallersalarythanhedidasaHospital Manager,Mr.Suarezneverthelessfeltmuchmoreat homeinhisnewjob,ridinginanambulanceand helpingpeopleinneed.Mr.SuarezwouldsoontransitionfrombeinganEMTtoaParamedic,whichallowedhimtotakeonamoresophisticatedarrayof patient-careresponsibilities,includinggivingshots andusingadvancedairwaymanagementdevices.

Today,Mr.SuarezservesastheDirectorofEmergencyMedicalServicesandEmergencyManagementatNewYorkDowntownHospital.Lookingback onhiscareer,Mr.Suarezfindslittleroomforregrets: "I'vebeenamanager,aParamedic,anadministrator,aclinicalprofessor,I'vewrittenEmergency Medicaltextbooks.I'veranthegamutoftitlesand responsibilities."Healsolooksforwardtohelping BMCCstudentsbecometheemergencymedicine professionalsoftomorrow:"Iliketohelppeople,and $1,500/115hoursoftraining/10weeks myteachingisanextensionofthat,becauseI'm Tuesday&Thursday/6pm-9pm,&Satfrom9am-4pm helpingpeoplelearnhowtohelpothers." Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates.

FormoreinformationcontactTinaat212.346.8424. |212-346-8410

value role in the medical field by drawing blood samples for laboratory tests. In doing this, they help doctors detect, diagnose and treat disease. Working as part of a lab team, Phlebotomy Technicians are trained to draw blood samples for medical tests and blood donations, while also being asked to keep careful records of blood tests. The Phlebotomy Technician role requires significant patient contact and interaction. At times, for example, they must calm nervous patients. Employment can be found in a number of settings, including doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, blood banks and independent laboratories. Becoming a Phlebotomy Technician requires a high school diploma or GED and specialized training that this course offers. Starting salary is between $25,000$32,000 per year depending on your work location, size of company and your experience. The course and tuition includes the National Certification Exam. The course tuition includes the National Certification Exam and a non-paid internship.

FALL2010bMcc WorKs5

Medical-surgical Technician

This 3-day certification review course is designed to prepare you for success on the Medical-Surgical Nurse Certification Exam. You can also use the course as a refresher for your knowledge of medical-surgical nursing skills and concepts. The curriculum includes essential content found on the certifying exam. Class time will be devoted to lectures, question-and-answer sessionsand case studies, among other topics. Certification in Medical-Surgical Nursing is the formal recognition that you have the knowledge, skills and experience you need to advance your nursing career. PLEASE NOTE: you must be a Registered Nurse with at least 1 year of work experience as an R.N. before taking this course. $262.50forBMCCAlumni $350forGeneralPublic Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. Formoreinformation,contactSandraat212.346.8425.

on-line course: Pharmacy Technician

If you are interested in playing a positive role in the lives of people with developmental disabilities, while also looking for a stable and fulfilling career, you can find both as a Direct Care Counselor. This training program is designed to prepare qualified individuals to work with the developmentally disabled population. Upon completion of the training, you can become certified--if proper examinations are passed--in AMAP (Approved Medication Administration Personnel), SCIP (Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention) and First Aid/CPR. In addition to the certification classes, students will also be taking classes in Basic Price$1,995 American Sign Language, Developmental Disabilities, TotalContactHours:240hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursemate- Treatment Services and Human Growth and Development. All students also participate in job readiness rialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration workshops. Our training consists of classroom instrucDuration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe tion. Job placement assistance will be provided. Direct program. Care Counselors work in Day Treatment Centers, Resi dent Programs and Therapeutic Centers. Toregister:visitourwebsite, A Direct Care Counselor's job is to teach, counsel and This online program teaches the skills needed to gain employment as a pharmacy technician in either the hospital or retail setting. The objective of the Pharmacy Technician Program is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to qualify for entry-level positions in pharmacies as well as prepare for national certification. This online program pairs students with an instructor for one-on-one assistance and includes a forty-hour externship. All materials included.

Dcc Direct care counseling certificate Program

online HiPaa compliance (4 user licenses)

on-line course: Medical Terminology, a Word association approach

This course teaches medical terminology from an anatomical approach. Root terms are divided by each body system. The origin, a combined form, and an example of non-medical everyday usage is provided for each root term. Word Associations are provided as a learning tool. Unusual and interesting information is provided in regards to each term. Root terms are combined with prefixes and suffixes as your learning will culminate in the interpretation of several paragraphs of medical notes.

The HIPAA Compliance online program provides doctors and their staff with a simple route to compliance. Instead of spending endless hours researching HIPAA regulations, training employees, and rewriting contracts, internal documents, patient forms, and policy and procedure manuals, doctors' offices get it all simply by enrolling in the HIPAA Compliance program. This program is ideal for office administrators, practice managers, or physicians. This includes four user licenses for the cost of one enrollment.

assist consumers in daily living skills so they can live healthy and purposeful lives. Direct Care Counselors also have tremendous growth opportunities: being a Direct Care Counselor can be a first step towards becoming a Registered Nurse, a Social Worker, a Physical Therapist or a Dietician, among other professions.

$2,200/6weeks/Mon-Friday/9:00am-5:00pm *ThisprogramiseligibleforITGandITAvoucherfunding foreligiblecandidates. Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdatesandto registerforREQUIREDOrientationsession. Formoreinformation,contactLuisaat212.346.8452

$99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

Price$599 TotalContactHours:12hours(4userlicenses) StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto3monthstocompletetheprogram. Toregister:visitourwebsite,

EMT-basic course



The Emergency Medical Technician-Basic training program is the introductory course for those wishing to pursue a career in prehospital emergency medicine. this course highlights the basic knowledge and skills neces-

Faculty profile

Sung Gwak

Slackersbeware:ifyou'relookingforateacherwhowillgradeyoueasily,looktheotherwaywhen youcutcorners,orletyoucoastthroughyourcoursework,ProfessorSungGwakisnotforyou. AnAssociateProfessoratBMCCforover24years,ProfessorGwakwillbethefirstpersontotell youthatsheisatoughteacherwhodemandsalotfromherstudents.Likeanygreatteacher though,ProfessorGwakisnottoughmerelyfortoughness'sake.Sheholdsherstudentstohigh standardsinordertopreparethemforthehighstakesofthemedicalprofession,whereerrors canbecostlyandfailureisneveranoption:"Whenyouaredealingwiththehealthandwelfare ofahumanbeing,thereisnoroomformistakes." ProfessorGwakbeganhercareerasasurgicalintensivecarenurseinhernativeSouthKorea, butthatwouldprovetobeonlythebeginningofherrichtenureinthemedicalfield;herresume alsoincludesworkasamedical-surgicalandclinicalcarenurseattheUniversityofMissouri MedicalCenter(Columbia,Missouri)andasaqualityassuranceconsultantatHarlemHospital (NewYork,NY).ForProfessorGwak,makingthetransitiontoteachingwasanaturalnextstepin hercareer:"TeachingisahighlyrespectedoccupationinSouthKorea,andIalwayssawmyself asateacher." AtBMCC,ProfessorGwakseeshighlymotivatedstudentslookingtoacquirethecertifications theyneedtothriveinthehealthcaresector.Hergreatestjoyasateachercomeswhensheis abletoseethefruitsofherlabors,"whenformerstudentsreturnyearslatertoexpresstheir gratitudeandfillmeinonwhattheyaredoinginthemedicalworld."Aboveall,ProfessorGwak understandsthatherstudents'learningisdirectlyconnectedtothesafetyandwell-beingoftheir futurepatients:"Ihaveadualroleasateacher--toservethestudents,andtoservethepublic."

6 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


sary for individuals who wish to obtain state or national certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. An EMT-Basic is the initial level of certification available for emergency medical services personnel. Emergency Medical technicians are the first to respond to the injured in emergency incidents or medical situations. This program prepares graduates to assess patients, manage respiratory and cardiac emergencies, provide advance first aid and transport the injured to a medical facility.

allied Health

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Online Learning

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$1,050.00/Fee:$75(nonrefundable)/Mornings StartDate:Sept13th,2010 EndDate:Feb5th,2011 Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. FormoreinformationcontactSandraat212.346.8425

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EMT b refresher course



This EMT- Basic refresher course is designed for EMT's who provide urgent care at emergency sites or in an ambulance during hospital transport. Students enrolled in this class will receive updated training on all necessary emergency medical care skills needed to fulfill duties as a basic-level EMT with an ambulance service or other specialized medical service. This EMT-Basic refresher course covers topics such as trauma management, emergency childbirth delivery, oxygen administration,triage and cardiac arrest treatment.

expert instructors

$500/Fee:$75(non-refundable)/Evenings Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. FormoreinformationcontactSandraat212.346.8425

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Paramedic refresher course



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This course is designed for practicing paramedics who must recertify in the state in which they work. The course consists of review of the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Standard Curriculum (NSC) for paramedics. NSC subjects cover respiratory emergencies, communicable diseases, allergy and anaphylaxis emergencies, EMS operations, geriatric issues, trauma, and cardiovascular emergencies. The curriculum also incorporates updates on treatment procedures, medical research and equipment relevant to the emergency medical services field. Some states may require additional coursework.

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Instructor-Facilitated Online Learning



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Film Editing & Graphic Design

introduction to Final cut Pro

Whether you're an amateur or pro, learn the art of editing through Apple's professional editing software, Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro has become one of the leading industry standards for film and video editing. Learn the basics of editing while also exploring other aspects of the Final Cut Pro Suite: Color, Compression, Soundtrack Pro, Motion and DVD Studio Pro. All courses are taught in an Apple Certified Facility under the supervision of professionals in the industry. Amateurs welcome.

Section1 $2,000/8sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-4:30pm Startdate:April5 Enddate:April28 Instructor:AndrewPang Pleasevisitourwebsiteforadditionalclassdatesandtimes.

offered for $150.

Section1 795/3sessions/Thurs,Fri&Sat/10am-6pm/1week StartDate:October1,2010 EndDate:October3,2010 Instructor:AndrewPang Section2 $795/3sessions/Thurs,Fri&Sat/10am-6pm/1weekStartDate:January14,2011 EndDate:January16,2011 Instructor:AndrewPang

Section1 $2000/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9:45pm/5weeks StartDate:July12 EndDate:August11 Instructor:AndrewPang Section2 $2000/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9:45pm/5weeks StartDate:October18 EndDate:November17 Instructor:AndrewPang Section3 $2000/10sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9:45pm/5weeks StartDate:July13 EndDate:August12 Instructor:AndrewPang Section4 $2000/10sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9:45pm/5weeks StartDate:October19 EndDate:November18 Instructor:AndrewPang NEW 3-Day End user certification Training Pleasevisitourwebsiteforadditionalclassdatesandtimes Looking for the cutting edge in digital editing? Look no further than Final Cut Pro 7, the latest installment in the Apple's acclaimed software series and corneradvanced Techniques in Final cut Pro stone application of Final Cut Studio. Looking for the cutting edge in digital editing? Look rates Final Cut Pro 7 as a great overall improvement no further than Final Cut Pro 7, the latest installment from the previous six installments, highlighting "sexy in the Apple's acclaimed software series and corner- new features" such as new ProRes flavors, iChat Thestone app of Final Cut Studio. rates ater, and Easy Export, while and Zdnet. Final Cut Pro 7 as a great overall improvement from both hail Final Cut Pro 7 as the "first choice" the previous six installments, highlighting "sexy new for professional editors. This course provides an features" such as new ProRes flavors, iChat Theater, overall review of Final Cut Pro. The course prepares and Easy Export, while and you to take Apple's industry-recognized "Final Cut both hail Final Cut Pro 7 as the "first choice" for pro- Pro 7 End User Certification Exam." fessional editors. This course is designed for students Section1 with a working knowledge of Mac OS X and Final $795/3sessions/Fri,Sat&Sun/9am-5pm Cut Pro. You will receive instruction in advanced Final Cut Pro techniques such as media management, Startdate:April30 project workflow, effects, color correction, time ren- Enddate:May2 dering and multi-clip editing. In this course, you will Instructor:AndrewPang

also learn how to use Final Cut Pro in conjunction with other applications such as Motion, Soundtrack Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Final Cut Pro & Intermediate Final Cut Pro ­ or equivalent Final Cut Pro experience.

Predator Filmmaking 101

This is a 3 week intensive workshop (40 hrs a week) geared to the amateur/professional interested in learning how to produce, direct, shoot, edit and post on-line their own video projects. This class will look to train the amateur filmmaker as well as the "prosumer" looking to enhance their skills. Students will learn pre-production basics such as finding a story, developing an idea and planning a shoot. The workshop also covers a wide range of production basics such as using a Pro-Sumer camera, recording production sound, learning how to work with a crew and "getting the coverage you need" for editing. You will also learn how to pull video content off the web and DVD's, the basics of effects and titling, and many other relevant skills. You will have opportunities to work on your own individual projects as well as collaborating with other students in the class. By the time you finish this workshop, you will NEW be able to use professional techniques on your own pieces to give them that professional look and feel! Whether you're someone who is just interested in archiving your family videos, an amateur filmmaker, or a professional looking to further your career in video production, this is the perfect class to get the "handson" experience you're looking for. This class is taught by working Professionals in the Industry ­ and depending on availability ­ other Professionals will be invited to the class to support the classroom instruction. *Class fee ­ includes Mino HD Flip Camera (120 minutes) *Final Cut Pro 7 End User Certification Level One offered for $150) **Students taking Predator Filmmaking will be eligible to take Advanced Techniques in Final Cut Pro.

Section2 $795/3sessions/Fri,Sat&Sun/9am-5pm Startdate:August6 Enddate:August8 Instructor:AndrewPang

Section1 $4500/15sessions/Mon-Fri/10am-6pm/3weeks StartDate:August9 EndDate:August27 Instructor:AndrewPangandRamseyFendall Section2 NEW $4500/15sessions/Mon-Fri/10am-6pm/3weeks StartDate:October25 EndDate:November12 Instructor:AndrewPangandRamseyFendall 212-346-8410|

3 Day Weekend - Final cut Pro intensive

This 3 day intensive will cover the basics of Apple's NEW professional editing software, Final Cut Pro. This class is geared towards preparing you for the Final Cut Pro 7 End User Certification. *Final Cut Pro 7 End User Certification Level One

8 bMcc WorKsFALL2010

adobe creative suite

introduction to Photoshop

Introductory Adobe Photoshop courses introduce users to the editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop software. Students learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop interface and access the numerous editing features. Lessons cover the basics of saving and storing image files and defining the various processes for image editing. By the completion of this Adobe Photoshop course, individuals will know how to use the paintbrush, airbrush, stamp and pencil tools.

Film Editing & Graphic Design

Soft Skills

5 EasY WaYs To rEGisTEr

1 online 24 hours a day at: form on our website

2 by Mail use the registration 3 Fax the registration form to

Section1 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:August16 EndDate:September29 Exception:Sept.6 Instructor:TBA

Section2 Pleasevisitourwebsitefortrainingstartdates. FormoreinformationcontactAndrewat212.346.8538 Toregister:visitourwebsite,

out ind F on 2! ge 3 Pa


4 by Phone 212-346-8410 5 in Person 25 Broadway,

8th Floor, Lower Manhattan


Photoshop ­ advanced

Learn Photoshop tricks and how to piece together drawings, coloring and add effects to photos and drawings. Put together a final portfolio ready to show to potential clients.

What Adult Learners say about us:

"I enjoyed this course very much. The instructor was engaging and created a fun, safe

Section1 $525/12sessions/Sat&Sun/9:30am-12:30pm StartDate:September18 EndDate:October31 Instructor:TBA Section2 $525/12sessions/Sat&Sun/1:30am-4:30pm StartDate:September18 EndDate:October31 Instructor:TBA

environment for the students to learn."

introduction to inDesign

In this course, you will learn about the capabilities, tools and software interface of InDesign. You will also learn about the basic commands and procedures used to create and save basic InDesign documents. By the end of this course, you will be able to create and edit text, paragraphs, shapes, tables, and paths.

Section1 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:July6 EndDate:August18 Instructor:TBA Section2 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:September27 EndDate:November10 Exception:Oct.11 Instructor:TBA |212-346-8410

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introduction to a+ certification

Using state of the art generic Dual Core Pentium IV computers students: · Disassemble, reassemble, install, configure, and troubleshoot various hardware devices and Operating System(s). · Students are given instruction into the core concepts required for the CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA A+ 220-602 Certification Exams. · Focus is on the knowledge necessary to become competent computer service technicians.

on-line course: Help Desk analyst Training, Tier 1 support specialist

This nationally recognized Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist online course and training program teaches the skills that students must acquire to be successful as a Help Desk Analyst. Tutorials and projects will teach the student the practical uses of Help Desk Analyst skills. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers. ProgramFee:$1,495 TotalContactHours:80hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletetheprogram. Toregister:visitourwebsite,

cisco networking academy courses (ccna, ccnP ccsP)

The Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Series gives students a solid foundation to progress on to the Professional Level or Network Security Series of courses also offered through the BMCC Cisco Networking Academy.


Who should attend the cisco networking academy series of courses?

· Individuals seeking entry level skills that can then be furthered through advanced courses. · Technicians that strive to bridge from the realm of computer support to Network Support. · Technical Staff employed in any support related position interested in expanding their knowledge to execute their functions more effectively. · Field Technicians seeking to enhance hands-on skills through Instructor led labs and learn concepts through lectures on effective configuration and maintenance of routers and switches in support of LAN Technologies.

Section1 $795/24sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:September20,2010 EndDate:December13,2010 Instructor:TrevorSmith Section2 $795/24sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:December20,2010 EndDate:March21,2011 Instructor:TrevorSmith Section3 $795/24sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:July6,2010 EndDate:September13,2010 Instructor:TrevorSmith Section4 $795/24sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:October5,2010 EndDate:January11,2011 Instructor:TrevorSmith

a+ / ccna Technician Training Program

on-line course: compTia a+ certification

This 305 hour training program is geared toward Technology Career Entry Level Support in the field of End-User and Network Support, and is designed to prepare men and women to enter the industry as Technicians. Our graduates will be functioning in a demanding field where interpersonal communication skills, problem solving and Technical skills are all required to provide effective customer service, and prepare for advancement. The program involves 260 hours Technology Instruction in state of the art labs, 9 hours of Personal Development training, and 36 hours of Supervised Lab work. At the end of the program, participants will earn a BMCC Certificate and be required to sit for two nationally recognized credentials, the Cisco A+ Computer Support Technician Training and the CCNA.

available hardware

Various Cisco 2600 / 3640 Series Routers, 2950T / 3548 / 3550 MLS / 4000 w Supervisor 3 Engine / 5000 Series Catalyst Switches and ADTRAN Atlas 550's, PIX 515E Hardware Firewall **Note ­ hardware used is course appropriate based on course being taken. · BMCC has the highest device to student ratio and dynamic instructors well versed in complex configurations and troubleshooting methodologies. · Our instructors believe students benefit greatly by spending quality time performing complex configurations on actual equipment and the Continuing Education Division strives to provide the highest quality experience for our students, utilizing the latest technologies and equipment to provide real skills for a real workforce.

CompTIA is the Computing Technology Industry Association, and CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the skills of entry-level computer technicians. CompTIA A+ certification opens the door to an exciting career in computer technology, and ed2go's online program makes training convenient, interactive, and enjoyable. The CompTIA A+ program will prepare you for two CompTIA A+ certification exams: A+ Essentials and A+ Practical Application. Topics covered in the program include motherboards, memory, processors, video, storage media and devices, printers, operating systems, networking, security, and more. Gaining CompTIA A+ certification assures employers and computer owners that a PC repair technician has the requisite knowledge to build, upgrade, optimize, troubleshoot, and repair personal computer (PC) systems. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.. ProgramFee:$1,695 TotalContactHours:320hours openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerials beginswithin24hoursofregistration Instructor:ChrisLobban Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe program. Toregister:visitourwebsite,

$2200/84sessions/Mon-Thurs/6pm-9pm&Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm/16weeks StartDate:August1,2010 EndDate:December12,2010 Instructor:YanTun

iT Testing Vouchers

Did you know BMCC is offering discounted IT Testing Vouchers! You will receive complimentary test taking tips with your purchase to better prepare you for the exams. If you have any questions about purchasing the discounted vouchers or other vouchers not listed below, please contact Calvin Young at (212) 346-8433, or email him: [email protected] Important note: All voucher sales are FINAL .


cisco networking academy ­ networking Fundamentals; ccna semester i

Using Cisco latest curriculum you'll learn: · Communications in a Network-Centric World, how they support learning and the way we live · Learn what communication is and how communications over the network is conducted · The elements of a network, architectures and scalability, fault tolerant architectures, Quality of Service, and Network security · Learn about the trends in networking · Career Opportunities · Perform hands-on labs Instructor(s):ChristopherViteritti/JohnRullan

$130.00A+Voucher $170.00Net+Vouchers $210.00Security+Vouchers |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs11

Section1 $885/20sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:July13,2010 EndDate:September16,2010 Instructor:TBA Section2 $885/20sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:November7,2010 EndDate:January20,2011 Instructor:TBA Section3 $885/10sessions/Satruday9:30am-4:30pm/10weeks StartDate:July11,2010 EndDate:September19,2010 Instructor:TBA

· Spanning Tree Protocols, redundancy ­ BPDUs, root bridges, and forwarding · Implementing inter-VLAN routing and configuring wireless routers · Wireless infrastructure components, configuration of wireless NIC, standards and wireless operation · Encryption types and solving authentication issues

Encapsulation, configuration and troubleshooting · Enterprise Network Security ­ Common Threats and mitigation mechanisms, securing devices from attack · Providing Teleworker connectivity ­ VPN Technologies · Implementing IP Addressing Services ­ NAT/PAT, DHCP, IPv6 · Network Troubleshooting

Instructor(s):ChristopherViteritti/JohnRullan Section1 $885/20sessions/Tuesday&Thursday6pm-9pm/10 StartDate:December2,2010 EndDate:February17,2011 Instructor:TBA Section2 $885/20sessions/Monday&Wednesday6pm-9pm/10 StartDate:April6,2011 EndDate:June10,2011 Instructor:TBA Section3 $885/10sessions/Satruday9:30am-4:30pm/10weeks StartDate:December12,2010 EndDate:February19,2011 Instructor:TBA

Instructor(s):ChristopherViteritti/JohnRullan Section1 $885/20sessions/Tuesday&Thursday6pm-9pm/10 StartDate:December2,2010 EndDate:February17,2011 Instructor:TBA Section2 $885/20sessions/Monday&Wednesday6pm-9pm/10 StartDate:April6,2011 EndDate:June10,2011 Instructor:TBA Section3 $885/10sessions/Satruday9:30am-4:30pm/10weeks StartDate:December12,2010 EndDate:February19,2011 Instructor:TBA

cisco networking academy ­ routing Protocols and concepts; ccna semester ii

Semester II introduces the router architecture, hardware, IOS software and configuration/ functionality of routers: You'll learn: · Router components such as ­ CPU, and types of memory, boot up process, and operational verification · Types of interfaces, router interaction within the network layer of the TCP/IP model · CLI configuration and layer 2 and 3 addressing, implementing addressing schemes · Basic router configuration · How routing tables are built, static and dynamic routing, and routing table principles · Path determination and packet switching, packet fields, and frame fields · Learn about best path routing and metrics, load balancing, and switching functions · Perform hand-on labs

cisco networking academy ­ accessing the Wan; ccna semester iV

In this final course of CCNA you'll learn about Services in a Converged WAN, connectivity and throughput issues for Enterprise networks and about the evolving WAN infrastructure. · WAN Technology Concepts, Physical Layer Concepts, WAN Switching, connection options, Circuit switched and packet switched technologies, and Internet connection options · Point-to-Point Protocol, Frame Relay ­


cisco networking academy ­ building cisco scalable internetworks; ccnP semester i

CCNP picks up with and enhances the knowledge gained through the CCNA Series covering: · Advanced IP Address Management, EIGRP, MultiArea OSPF, IS-IS and BGP Routing implementation, configuration and

Instructor(s):ChristopherViteritti/JohnRullan Section1 $885/20sessions/Tuesday&Thursday6pm-9pm/10 StartDate:September21,2010 EndDate:November30,2010 Instructor:TBA Section2 $885/20sessions/Monday&Wednesday6pm-9pm/10 StartDate:January25,2011 EndDate:March31,2011 Instructor:TBA Section3 $885/10sessions/Satruday9:30am-4:30pm/10weeks StartDate:August26,2010 EndDate:December5,2010 Instructor:TBA

cisco networking academy ­ lan switching and Wireless; ccna semester iii

You'll learn about LAN Switched architectures, configuration and maintenance, Ethernet/802.3 LANs, forwarding methods, Basic LAN, and Wireless troubleshooting: · LAN Standards, LAN design and components · Switch configuration and security · VLANs and VTP ­ configuration and troubleshooting

12 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


troubleshooting. · Students learn through the hands-on configuration of multiple network scenarios and build on their knowledge by performing advanced routing redistribution, control of updated via distribute-lists and the containment of routing updates through the use of Multi-area OSPF routing. · Border Gateway Protocol is implemented in conjunction with IGPs and Routing Protocol Optimization · Students practice through the effective use of handson real world configurations implemented by students right in class on actual equipment.

Compression · Practical Labs enhance students knowledge of the various technologies within the Queuing family.



Section4 $895/20sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm StartDate:April6 $1295/10sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks EndDate:June10 StartDate:December2,2010 Section5 EndDate:February17,2011 $895/20sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm Instructor:ChristopherViteritti StartDate:August2 cisco networking academy ­ EndDate:October13 optimizing network Technologies; Exception:September5&October11

ccnP semester iV

Our Certified Information Systems Security Professional course is centered on the technologies and concepts required to sit for the CISSP® Certification. cisco networking academy ­ The pinnacle certification for network administrators, building cisco Multilayer switched networks; information security officers, managers and policy ccnP semester ii consultants - this certification is a world renowned Using the latest version of Cisco's Curriculum indicator of information systems security expertise. students are given in depth instruction into Campus The 10 Common Body of Knowledge® Areas are ex$1295/10sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks Network Models. plored in depth. 1. Access Control Systems & MethStartDate:February22,2011 · Students implement optimized Switched odology 2. Applications & Systems Development EndDate:April28,2011 Networks using VLANs, Spanning Tree, 3. Business Continuity Planning 4. Cryptography 5. Instructor:ChristopherViteritti MultiLayer Switching and Routing redundancy. Law, Investigation & Ethics 6. Operations Security 7. · Centered on the technologies that comprise the Physical Security 8. Security Architecture & Design ccna security Layered Network Model students implement Core, Models 9. Security Management Practices 10. TeleDistribution and Access Layer scenarios to provide This course is designed to prepare participants to communications, Network & Internet Security sit for Cisco's Network Security Exam #640-553: redundant pathways through the Switched Network Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS). to optimize convergence after a failed link and The course covers all the core concepts for Cisco De- Section1 ensure seamless connectivity for end users and netvice Hardening at layers 2, 3 and 4 of the OSI Model. $1,995/5sessions/Mon-Friday/9am-5pm work devices. StartDate:January11 Students will learn security threats facing modern · Topics covered are PVST, PVST+, RSTP, MSTP, EndDate:January15 network infrastructures and mitigation methods for CSTP, CEF, VRRP, GLBP. Instructor:TBA common network attacks, mitigation methods for Worm, Virus, and Trojan Horse attack, core concepts Not just the buzz words, but the actual nuts and Section2 of the Cisco Self Defending Network architecture, bolts and configuration of each protocol is covered $1,995/5sessions/Mon-Friday/9am-5pm how to secure Cisco routers using the SDM, the along integration of voice, video and data One-Step Lockdown feature to secure a Cisco router, StartDate:March15 networks, multicast and an emphasis on securing EndDate:March19 how to provide secure access on the Administrative switched networks from data theft. and Forwarding Planes. Implementation of AAA on Instructor:TBA Cisco routers using local router database and external $1295/10sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks Section3 ACS, the functionality of TACACS+ and RADIUS StartDate:September21,2010 AAA protocols, configuration of Authentication, Au- $1,995/5sessions/Mon-Friday/9am-5pm EndDate:November30,2010 thorization and Accounting, verification and trouble- StartDate:May17 Instructor:ChristopherViteritti shooting of AAA, implementation/troubleshooting EndDate:May21 of standard, extended, and named IP ACLs used by Instructor:TBA cisco networking academy ­ routers to filter packets will also be covered. Please implementing secure converged Wans; ccnP refer to our website for more particulars. Section4 semester iii $1,995/5sessions/Mon-Friday/9am-5pm Semester III of CCNP allows students to readily dive Section1 StartDate:July12 $895/20sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm into various WAN technologies and Remote Access EndDate:July16 StartDate:January4 configurations. Instructor:TBA EndDate:March10 · Students implement WAN solutions using cutting Exception:January18 edge technologies. Section5 Instructor:TBA · Frame-Relay implementations are done using the $1,995/5sessions/Mon-Friday/9am-5pm Adtran Atlas to allow students to configureFrameSection2 StartDate:September13 Relay PVCs and Traffic-Shaping $895/20sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm EndDate:September17 technologies to effectively utilize WAN Bandwidth StartDate:January5 Instructor:TBA and implement Back-up connections through the EndDate:March11 use of load thresholds that activate back-up ISDN Instructor:TBA online search Engine optimization links. Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) increase their comSection3 · Queuing technologies including Fair Queuing, pany's Web site traffic by improving its search-engine $895/20sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm Weighted Fair Queuing and Class Based Weighted page rankings. This is an especially important task in Fair Queuing w/WRED, Low Latency Queuing and StartDate:April5 today's Internet-driven world, where many customEndDate:June14

$1295/10sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/10weeks StartDate:July13,2010 EndDate:September16,2010 Instructor:ChristopherViteritti

This final course in the CCNP Series tops off all the knowledge glean from CCNP I, II, III with a focus on troubleshooting Methodologies and Tools and troubleshooting. · Topics covered ­ how to gather and analyze symptoms, effect solutions and test the results using hands-on labs. · Students learn how to optimize various technologies and troubleshoot problems at all seven (7) Layers of the OSI Model and gain valuable experience to aid them in building and honing their skills in the areas of authentication, routing, switching, and protocol problems.


Section6 $895/20sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm StartDate:August3 EndDate:October7 |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs13

(70-290) Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Server 2003 Environment $1295/20sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm Price$1,395 StartDate:July12 TotalContactHours:150hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursemate- EndDate:August14 rialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Instructor:ElioNager Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe (70-291) Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Microprogram. soft Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

ers first learn of an organization and its products or services through the Web. Indeed, this SEO program was created in direct response to the skyrocketing demand for paid search engine industry professionals. Because of a shortage of experts in this area, many top SEOs receive multiple job offers. This 3-part program will teach you how to tailor your website to achieve better search engine ranking, incorporate dynamic technology such as Flash, and make the most of your website's content.

is conducted using the required Microsoft Products in a lab environment. Lectures are complemented by real world labs consisting of hands-on configuration. For successful course completion, suggested prerequisite is A+ knowledge and some experience in administering network and client operating systems.

(70-293) Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure $1295/20sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm StartDate:September22 EndDate:October23 Instructor:ElioNager (70-294) EXAM Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure $1295/20sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm StartDate:October25 EndDate:November27 Instructor:ElioNager

McsE on Windows server 2003 certification course

Ready to give your resume a powerful boost? The MSCE Credential is one of the most widely respected certifications technology support professionals can earn. BMCC is rolling out a new course designed to teach participants the elements of planning, design, and implementation of Microsoft Windows server solutions, as well as architectures in mid-sized to large companies. The course

$1295/20sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm (70-270) Installing, Configuring, and Administering MicroStartDate:August16 EndDate:September20 soft Windows XP Professional Instructor:ElioNager $1295/20sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm StartDate:November29 EndDate:January16 Instructor:ElioNager

Faculty profile John Rullan

JohnRullanhasdeeprootsinthetechnologyfield.AgraduateofBrooklynAutomotiveHighSchool, Mr.Rullanoriginallyworkedasanautomechanicalongsidehisfatherandolderbrothers.Even inthisearlystageofhiscareer,Mr.Rullanwasalreadydistinguishinghimselfasatechnology whiz:"Iwastheonlyoneattheshopwhoknewanythingaboutcomputers."Thetrajectoryofhis careerwouldchangein1998,whenalittlecompanycalledCiscoSystemswasbeginningtotake off.Seeingachancetogetinonthegroundfloorofanemergingindustry,Mr.Rullanstruckwhile theironwashot,becomingaCisco-certifiedtechnicianandtrainer. Today,Mr.Rullankeepshimselfbusyasacurriculumdeveloperandcity-widetrainerforCisco programs:"IrunCiscotrainingworkshopsacrossthecountryandspeakatCiscoconferences."As aCiscoinstructoratBMCC,Mr.Rullanworkswith studentswhoarecomingfromvariouspointsin theirlives--somearelookingforacareerchange, whileothersarealreadyinthetechnologyfield, lookingtomoveupthecareerladder.Inaddition toteachingthecoursematerial,Mr.Rullanhelps hisstudentsnavigatetheircareersandmakethe bestdecisionstheycan.

(70-297) Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure ELECTIVE $1295/20sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm StartDate:January20 EndDate:February24 Instructor:ElioNager (70-298) Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network $1295/15sessions/Mon&Wed6pm-9pm&Sat9:30am4:30pm StartDate:February27 EndDate:March31 Instructor:ElioNager

Mr.Rullanisconfidentthattheinformationtechnologysectorwillremainastableemployerinspite Mcas certification series Application Specialist ofthecurrenteconomicrecession:"Youcan'treally The Microsoft Certifiedglobally recognized standard (MCAS) credential is a outsourcenetworking.Inthe21stcentury,every- that validates skills with using the 2007 Microsoft thingwedo,inourworkandourplay,dependson Office system and Windows Vista. The Microsoft networking.Ifyoucandesignanetwork,youcan Certified Application Specialist credential is the sucworkanywhereintheworld."Hebelievesthatthe cessor to the MOUS and MOS credentials, and meets most up-to-date skills keytoasuccessfulcareerintechnologyistostay the demand for theMicrosoft. It identifieson the latest technologies from specific hungry,toadaptconstantlytonewinnovations skills covering the most in-demand 2007 Microsoft andtrends:"Ifyoutreattechnologyasjust`ajob,' Office system products: Microsoft Office Word 2007, youbecomeobsoleteveryquickly.Ifyoutreatitas Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007, and Outacareer,youbecomealife-longlearnerwhocan look 2007--as well as the Windows Vista operating system. Candidates must pass a certification exam in thriveintheindustry."

14 bMcc WorKsFALL2010 212-346-8410|

Microsoft office / Mcas certification

order to earn any one of these six MCAS credentials. The MCAS credential validates the skills that individuals and organizations depend on. Candidates who successfully complete the program by passing a certification exam prove that they meet globally recognized performance standards and are able to work productively and efficiently. Having an MCAS certification on your resume will give you a leg up as a potential employee and will make you stand out as a skilled, qualified job candidate for any number of positions. MCAS certification gives you an expertise in technological, administrative, and professional skills, making you an employee that is truly ready to meet the many challenges in today's job market

Section1 $525/13sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm StartDate:August3 EndDate:September14 Instructor:JasonRamos Section2 $525/13sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm StartDate:January4 EndDate:February15 Instructor:JasonRamos

Section2 $525/13sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm StartDate:March1 EndDate:April12 Instructor:JasonRamos


introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft 2007 is quickly becoming the standard MS Office package in offices today. This course is designed to train participants on effective use of PowerPoint 2007, and how it differs from MS PowerPoint 2003, and will This course will prepare students to sit for the MCAS PowerPoint 2007 credentialing exam ("Exam 77-603"), which can be taken at BMCC's 70 Murray Street instructional facility. In this course, students will learn how to perform both basic and advanced applications on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, including how to work with templates to create customized presentations, link Word tables and Excel charts to their presentation, and use additional features to enhance their PowerPoint slide appearance. Students will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in any number of office and administrative positions in today's workforce and by earning the MCAS PowerPoint 2007 credential, they will be able to showcase their mastery of the software.

introduction to Microsoft access 2007

introduction to Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft 2007 is quickly becoming the standard MS Office package in offices today. This course is designed to train participants on the effective use of Word 2007, and prepare them to sit for the new MCAS Word 2007 credentialing exam ("Exam 77601"), which can also be taken at BMCC's 70 Murray Street instructional facility. During the course, participants will learn how to perform both basic and advanced applications on Microsoft Word 2007, and be trained on how the Word 2007 software differs from the Word 2003 software. Topics to be covered include math operations, Mail Merge Wizard for customized letters, and merging documents thru email and the internet. Students will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in any number of office and administrative positions in today's workforce and by earning the MCAS Word 2007 credential, they will be able to showcase their mastery of the software. Section1 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:September13 EndDate:October27 Exception:October13 Instructor:JasonRamos

Microsoft 2007 is quickly becoming the standard MS Office package in offices today. This course is designed to train participants on the effective use of Access 2007, and how it differs from MS Access 2003, as well as prepare students to sit for the MCAS Access 2007 credentialing exam ("Exam 77-605") which can also be taken at BMCC's 70 Murray Street instructional facility. In this course, students will learn how to perform both basic and advanced applications on Microsoft Access 2007 including how to change large amounts of data, automate common tasks with macros, and export and import data from Excel to Access. Students will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in any number of office and administrative positions in today's workforce and by earning the MCAS Access 2007 credential, they will be able to showcase their mastery of the software. Section1 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:July26 EndDate:September8 Instructor:JasonRamos

Section1 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:June7 EndDate:July19 Instructor:JasonRamos Section2 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:November1 EndDate:December13 Instructor:JasonRamos

Section2 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:January5 EndDate:February23 Exceptions:January17,February21 Instructor:JasonRamos

Section2 $525/13sessions/Mon&Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:September27 EndDate:November10 Exception:Oct.11 Instructor:JasonRamos

on-line course: Microsoft Word 2007

introduction to Microsoft outlook 2007

Microsoft 2007 is quickly becoming the standard MS Office package in offices today. This course is designed to train participants on the effective use of Outlook 2007, and how it differs from MS Outlook 2003 as well as prepare them to sit for the MCAS introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007 Microsoft 2007 is quickly becoming the standard Of- Outlook 2007 credentialing exam ("Exam 77-604"), fice package in offices today. This course is designed which can also be taken at BMCC's 70 Murray Street instructional facility. In this course, students will gain to train participants on the effective use of Excel 2007, and how it differs from MS Excel 2003, as well a strong working knowledge of the software, and learn how to use Outlook 2007 to schedule events, as prepare students to sit for the MCAS Excel 2007 credentialing exam ("Exam 77-602"), which can also plan meetings, instant message, manage an on-line calendar, track responses, and much more. Students be taken at BMCC's 70 Murray Street instructional will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in any facility. In this course, participants will learn how number of office and administrative positions in toto perform both basic and advanced applications on day's workforce Microsoft Excel 2007, as well as learn to use formuand by earning the MCAS las and functions to manipulate the appearances of spreadsheets, data manipulation, how to protect cells Outlook 2007 credential, they will be able to showcase their mastery of the software. from alteration, and many other essential features of Excel 2007. Students will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in any number of office and adminis- Section1 trative positions in today's workforce and by earning $525/13sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm the MCAS Excel 2007 credential, they will be able to StartDate:September28,2010 EndDate:November9,2010 showcase their mastery of the software. Instructor:JasonRamos

This is a comprehensive, performance-based course. It is designed to validate business computer skills using Microsoft Word 2007 software, the new standard in office software. This interactive online program will prepare you to take Microsoft Certification Exam 77-601, the MCAS Word credentialing exam. Students will not only gain basic knowledge of the software, but also how to use tables, Mail Merge, create hyperlinks, add borders and shading, merge cells, design a web page, create and edit styles, and even how to use the Document Map. The Microsoft Word 2007 course has continuous assessment for goalbased learning. The course contains three modules with multiple lessons in each. A student needs to achieve 70% of all possible points to be able to continue on to the following module. This course also includes a final project which must be completed and submitted to the instructor. Students will need to have Microsoft Word 2007 installed on their computer prior to taking this course. |212-346-8410

Price$595 TotalContactHours:35hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecourse materialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto3monthstocompletethe program. FALL2010bMcc WorKs15

on-line course: Microsoft Excel 2007

This nationally recognized Microsoft Excel 2007 online training course is a comprehensive, performancebased certification preparation program designed to validate business computer skills using Microsoft Excel 2007 software. Students will not only gain basic knowledge of the software, including how to format font styles and apply numberformats, but also how to link worksheets, create a PivotTable, and more! This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education provide.

Price$595 TotalContactHours:35hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:you'llhaveupto3monthstocompletetheprogram.

ployment opportunities, and garner greater earning potential. Certification can help you advance in your current job. Mastering more skills increases your effectiveness and efficiency. Research indicates that Office-certified professionals are more confident and productive with Microsoft Office programs. Many employers consider certification in determining who to hire. Certification can be the difference in whether or not you get a job, or get a better job. Students who complete MOS or MCAS certification training earn more (about 12%) than employees who are not certified. In addition, 82% of the students who get certified report getting a bonus upon receiving their certification.

sUsing the computer software program FasType for Windows, you will learn the basic skills of touch-typing. If you already know how to type, this course will help you improve your typing speed and accuracy. When you are finished with the course, continue to use FasType for Windows to improve your keyboarding skills with its intermediate and advanced lessons. $99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

on-line course: Microsoft outlook 2007

The MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2007 certification training course is part of the Microsoft Business Certification program: Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). MCAS certification is the globally recognized standard for validating expertise with the Microsoft Office 2007 system of business productivity applications; Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Vista. Certification can help you differentiate yourself in today's competitive job market, broaden your employment opportunities, and garner greater earning potential. Certification can help you advance in your current job. Mastering more skills increases your effectiveness and efficiency. Research indicates that Office-certified professionals are more confident and productive with Microsoft Office programs. Many employer consider certification in determining who to hire. Certification can be the difference in whether or not you get a job, or get a better job. Students who complete MOS or MCAS certification training earn more (about 12%) than employees who are not certified. In addition, 82% of the students who get certified report getting a bonus upon receiving their certification.

Price$595 TotalContactHours:35hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto3monthstocompletethe program.

on-line course: Microsoft access 2007

The MICROSOFT ACCESS 2007 certification training course is part of the Microsoft Business Certification program: Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). MCAS certification is the globally recognized standard for validating expertise with the Microsoft Office 2007 system of business productivity applications; Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Vista. Certification can help you differentiate yourself in today's competitive job market, broaden your employment opportunities, and garner greater earning potential. Certification can help you advance in your current job. Mastering more skills increases your effectiveness and efficiency. Research indicates that Office-certified professionals are more confident and productive with Microsoft Office programs.

Many employers consider certification in determining who to hire. Certification can be the difference in whether or not you get a job, or get a better job. Students who complete MOS or MCAS certification training earn more (about 12%) than employees who Price$595 are not certified. In addition, 82% of the students who TotalContactHours:35hours get certified report getting a bonus upon receiving StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursemate- their certification. rialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto3monthstocompletethe Price$595 program. TotalContactHours:35hours StartDate:openenrollment, rialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto3monthstocompletethe on-line course: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 program. The MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2007 certification training course is part of the Microsoft Business Certification program: Microsoft Certified Applica tion Specialist (MCAS). MCAS certification is the online Keyboarding globally recognized standard for validating expertise Using the computer software program FasType for with the Microsoft Office 2007 system of business Windows, you will learn the basic skills of touch-typproductivity applications; Word, Excel, Access, Pow- ing. If you already know how to type, this course will erPoint, Outlook and Vista. help you improve your typing speed and accuracy. When you are finished with the course, continue to Certification can help you differentiate yourself in use FasType for Windows to improve your keyboardtoday's competitive job market, broaden your eming skills with its intermediate and advanced lesson-

16 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


business & Management

business & Management

introduction to bookkeeping with Quickbooks

This course introduces you to the basic principles of bookkeeping. You will be guided through a series of practical exercises based on the double entry principles of bookkeeping and accounting. The course will cover the accounting cycle, types of journals, Chart of Accounts, trial balance, bank reconciliation statements, petty cash and ledgers. The last three sessions will be devoted to the practical application of the prior coursework in the QuickBooks accounting software. Individuals interested in starting a career as a bookkeeper or those who desire a better understanding of managing their small business can begin with this solid introduction to bookkeeping. This curriculum teaches the following objectives, Accounting Equation, Chart of Accounts, Profit and Loss, General Ledger, Debits and Credits, Petty Cash Applications, Balance Sheet, and Payroll. Seewebsitefordatesandtimesorcall212-346-8410 cial transactions, as well as prepare various financial reports at the end of the fiscal period. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes, and various common banking activities will be discussed. We'll cover all the bases, from writing checks to preparing an income statement and closing out accounts at the end of each fiscal period. $99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

online a to Z Grant Writing

A to Z Grant Writing is an invigorating and informative course that will equip you with the skills and tools you need to enter the exciting field of grant writing! You'll learn how to raise needed funds by discovering how and where to look for potential funders who are a good match for your organization. You'll also learn how to network and develop true partnerships with a variety of funders, how to organize a successful grant writing campaign, and how to put together a complete proposal package. $99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

introduction to Tour Guiding

advanced bookkeeping with Quickbooks: aiPb Prep class

This follow-up class to the Intoduction to Bookkeeping is a practical "hands on" course that takes you thru seven months of activity in a business. You will be recording all activities including sales receipts, bills, payments, and bank reconciliations. The final three sessions will focus on the American Institiute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) review of the Certified Bookkeeper topics in order for the participants to then take the national certification exams. The AIPB provides the workbooks that are required for the program. There are 6 workbooks that are in addition to the cost of the course (aprox. $220). Seewebsitefordatesandtimesorcall212-346-8410

Tour Guiding is an enjoyable profession and a lucrative business. Millions of Tourists visit New York City each year spending billions of dollars. You can become a tour guide and earn money guiding many of these visitors through our wonderful city. World wide Travel and Tourism is a growing industry, and tour guides are an essential key. Although guiding is fun, it requires preparation and a license. Over the course of five weeks, participants will learn how guided tours can be structured around specific neighborhoods or themes. The course will often meet at various locations and important venues. Our licensed instructor has extensive experience designing and presenting tours in New York City. Section1 $145/5sessions/Tues/6:30pm-9:30pm StartDate:July20 EndDate:August24 Instructor:SheilaEvans

online research Methods for Writers

Attention all writers! Learn how to efficiently and effectively conduct research for any writing project: fiction, nonfiction, business . . . even term papers and dissertations. Research has progressed far beyond a visit to the library. Today, myriad sources provide almost anything a writer might need to know on any subject. Learn how to identify and access every information source imaginable.

$99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

online successful business Writing

online certified bookkeeper course

This nationally recognized Bookkeeping online certification course and home study training program for experienced bookkeepers leads to national certification with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). The AIPB certification is a high professional standard for bookkeepers. This bookkeeping course was created by the AIPB. All textbooks included. Price$1795.00 TotalContactHours:80hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe program. Toregister:visitourwebsite,

Section1 $145/5sessions/Tues/6:30pm-9:30pm StartDate:September14 EndDate:October19 Instructor:SheilaEvans

business Writing

Does the blank page keep you paralyzed in fear? Become more confident in your business writing. In this relaxed four-session workshop, we will review the basics of grammar and punctuation as well as engaging in the process of writing: assignment/idea, pre-writing, writing and editing. Exercises develop skills that will help you write memos, reports, letters and documentation like a professional. This twelvehour workshop provides a step-by-step approach to learning a contemporary style of writing that succeeds in the age of information. Section1 $195/4sessions/Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:July21 EndDate:August11 Instructor:JohnMiller

Do you have a nagging suspicion that a small improvement in your writing skills might also improve your career prospects? Don't let small gaps in your business writing skills prevent you from reaching your full potential! It doesn't matter whether you're a clerical worker, an engineer, or an executive. If you communicate with others in writing, you need this course to help you identify and eliminate problem areas. By the end of this course, you'll know the secret to developing powerful writt en documents that immediately draw readers in and keep them motivated to continue until your very last, well-chosen word. $99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

online Technical Writing

Gatlin Education Service's Technical Writing online training program is designed for anyone who wishes to develop their technical writing abilities to a professional level. Students will learn research methods, audience considerations, style, drafting and revision techniques, how to work in a collaborative environment, and more. A variety of media and formats will be studied, including websites, emails, proposals, memos, and instructions. The need for writers who can clearly and concisely convey information is almost universal in the business world, and people who can write well are consistently hired and promoted over those with limited writing ability. Our technical writing program will give you the skills you need to get noticed.

online accounting Fundamentals

Demand for accounting professionals currently exceeds supply. If you're interested in increasing your financial awareness and accountability while also gaining a marketable skill, this course is for you. You'll learn the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, while also learning how to analyze and record finan-

Section2 $195/4sessions/Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:October20 EndDate:November10 Instructor:JohnMiller |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs17

Price$1,595 TotalContactHours:80hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursematerialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe program. Toregister:visitourwebsite,

online course: Fundamentals of supervision and Management

If you have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position or want to learn how to become a more effective manager, this course will help you master the basics of business by learning the language of management. You will learn how to make a successful transition from employee to manager and how to manage your time so that you can deal with the constant demands of a managerial job. You will learn the skills required to delegate responsibility and motivate your employees. A large part of a manager's job involves getting things done through other people, and this course will help you understand how to influence and direct other people's performance. Finally, you will learn how to solve problems and resolve conflicts so you can accomplish your job more effectively. $99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDates:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

ing, pricing, selling, promotional planning, and contingency planning. You will learn how to target your customers, analyze your industry and competition, and identify your position in the market. The third session will present "Core 3: Cash Flow Planning" and involves detailed strategies for planning the financial future of your business with emphasis on projecting sales, setting sales goals and contingency planning. Cash Flow Planning helps to clarify the personal financial needs of the owner as separate from the financial needs of the business. The fourth and final session will present "Core 4: Operations Planning," which involves key issues and strategies for operating a legitimate business that complies with legal standards and requirements. This section will help the business owner identify what work must be done, how it will be accomplished, and by whom.

on-line course: creating a business Plan

Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. Committing your idea to paper in the form of a business plan not only increases your chances of obtaining financing, but also in keeping your business strategically focused. With the support of your instructor and a network of likeminded students, you'll work through all of the major components of a business plan and emerge with your first draft in hand. And most importantly, you will have completed the first--and most difficult--step on the path to small business success.

learn about the latest and mostly free on-line tools to establish a winning professional presence digitally. You will learn to network with others on-line, and off, in order to win new clients and increase revenue. The course facilitator, an experienced and successful entrepreneur, will train you on strategies for bidding on projects posted on freelancer sites, as well as how to price your services in order to increase the likelihood of winning a bid. The focus of this workshop will be to learn the strategies and tactics you need when venturing on-line professionally regardless of your background. By the end of the class the student should walk away with an established presence on-line, having posted at least one listing offering your services, and having bid on at least one paying project.

$99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate

core-Four business Planning

Section1 $295/4sessions/Tues/6pm-9pm StartDate:April6 EndDate:April27 Instructor:BereniceGomez Section2 $295/2sessions/Sat/9:30am-4:30pm StartDate:June12 EndDate:June19 Instructor:BereniceGomez

Section1: $99/1session/Thursday/6pm-9:30pm StartDate:July15 Instructor:LazaroFuentes Section2: $99/1session/Saturday/1pm-4:30pm StartDate:October16 Instructor:LazaroFuentes

This course will walk new business owners thru the four Core planning topics all owners need to master if they hope to grow their operations effectively. What are the Four "Cores?" Core 1 is Success Planning, and the first session of this series will present participants with the tools for self-assessment, financial goal setting, setting boundaries, communication skills, selling skills, and contingency planning. Success Planning will help you prepare your "business owner" resume and personal financial plan and help you become aware of your wants, needs, and goals for your business. The second session will present participants with "Core 2: Market Planning," which involves tools and strategies for transforming your dream into a real, market-driven business. The importance of matching your business with the needs and wants of customers is highlighted as you discover how to identify the features and benefits of your product or service and learn about imaging, packag-

Hanging Your Digital shingle

What Adult Learners say about us:

Ready to set up your own freelance consultancy, but not quite sure how to begin mapping out the game plan? Join us for an interactive workshop, which will provide you with a firm understanding of how you can supplement or replace your existing income freelancing. Learn the difference between passive versus active prospecting for freelance contracting opportunities on-line and see how freelancing has gone way beyond the "techie" space to include everything from administrative assistants, bookkeepers, lawyers, accountants and even doctors. Course participants will

"I really enjoyed this course. The professor was the best professor I've ever had."

18 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


nonprofit organization Management

In recognition of the emerging career opportunities in the nonprofit sector, BMCC is preparing to rollout a series of courses designed to prepare men and women for successful, rewarding careers with nonprofit organizations. While a full certificate is in the planning, we are going to begin by offering the following courses:

career Enhancement series

act Today ­ Procrastinate Tomorrow

NEW N navigating change and uncertainty EW NEW


business & Management

Are you tired of feeling stressed because you procrastinate too much? Or do you postpone what is really important to you in order to take care of other things? Then this workshop is for you. You will learn the Beyond ProcrastinationTM System which guides you through identifying your reasons for delaying, gives you tools to minimize procrastination and sends you on your way to sustainable higher Proposal Writing and Fund-raising levels of productivity. As a bonus you will receive Nonprofit organizations raise operating capital in Dr. Reimann's latest audio book "Move Beyond two primary ways: by writing grants or proposals ProcrastinationTM and Get Things Done!" Sign up and by fund-raising. This 15 hour class will present detailed strategies for both functions by presenting the today ­ procrastinate tomorrow! elements of a successful proposal and the proposal $75/1session/Saturday/October23/10:00am-1:00pm writing process, as well as by examining successful Instructor:RenateReimann,Ph.D. fund-raising strategies.

Pleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdates. Formoreinformationcall212.346.8410.

Procrastination severely reduces productivity. One person who is late on assignments can slow down Fiscal Management Much of the work of your organization will be defined a whole team or department and jeopardize entire projects. Anybody who has dealt with people who through its certificate of incorporation; however, the procrastinate is aware of how difficult it can be to management of cash flow is another matter entirely. get them moving forward. How many times have This 15 hour class will focus on Fiscal Systems and you tried to motivate somebody only to make the Procedures utilized by healthy operations. Participants will review fiscal management information and situation worse? Find out why some strategies work for some people but not for others. In this ratios, be introduced to fiscal management controls workshop you will learn about different procrastiand learn how to develop fiscal policies and procenation profiles and how to manage them successdures for the organizations they work for. fully. As a bonus you will receive Dr. Reimann's latest audio book "Move Beyond ProcrastinaPleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdates. tionTM and Get Things Done!" Sign up today and Formoreinformationcall212.346.8410. reduce your frustration forever.

The Perfect Touch: N How to Manage People Who Procrastinate



Change and the uncertainty have been unavoidable aspects of life since the beginning of time. Despite modern advances in technology, the ability to navigate change and deal with uncertainty in both professional and personal life remains as much an art as it is a science. The ancient Chinese observed and documented a finite number of recurrent patterns of change in what is now known as the Book of Changes, or the I Ching. Throughout history, this work has been referred to as a book of fundamental principles and wisdom by philosophers and emperors, and more recently, by scientists, mathematicians and businessmen. The I Ching is very effective in stimulating intuition and creativity by illuminating the hidden and invisible factors in our decision making processes. This workshop will serve as a high-level introduction to the I Ching and the basic methods for applying it to your life.

$50/1session/Thursday/October21/6:30-8:30PM Instructor:MishaGoussev,Ph.D.

Goal setting for career Empowerment



Program Evaluation & Quality assurance

Long term success for nonprofit organizations is dependent on effective program management and satisfying the outcomes defined by your funders. This 15 hour class will examine how effective nonprofits define evaluation criteria and build quality assurance protocols into daily operating procedures.

$75/1session/Saturday/November13/10:00am-1:00 PMInstructor:RenateReimann,Ph.D.

Are you frustrated with your current job situation? Feel as if you can't make the changes or reach the higher level in your career that you desire? Regardless if you're employed, unemployed, a consultant or an entrepreneur, this workshop is for you! The purpose of this course is to guide participants to determine their authentic career path, develop an action plan, provide motivation strategies to build confidence and overcome professional challenges to achieve success. Take advantage of this great opportunity to gain a sure fire way to build your clientele, career options and confidence for life!

$145/8sessions/Wednesdays/6:30-9:30PM StartDate:Sept.15 EndDate:November3 Instructor:LisaVelazquez

Pleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdates. Formoreinformationcall212.346.8410. |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs19

career Training

certified administrative Professional studies

Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants are highly important contributors in today's workplace. They are employed in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, with roles and responsibilities that vary considerably from one organization to another. In recognition of the projected need for effectively trained Assistants across the metropolitan region, BMCC has partnered with the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP) to offer a series of five courses which prepare men and women for these challenging careers. If you are already working in the field, the classes will also prepare you to sit for and earn the IAAPs Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) credential, and show your employer you're serious about your career.

organizational Management

Organizational decision making, critical and creative thinking, and strategic planning are the core topics covered in this course. The course will emphasize the importance of organizational mission and values as well as communicating them effectively. Communicating policies, procedures, and management objectives as well as quality management, procurement, and production processes will be covered during this 42 hr course. Participants will also cover employee development, mentoring, coaching, training and evaluation.

office systems and Technology

This course will cover terminology and basic concepts of information processing, computer hardware, telecommunications and network technologies and systems security, systems software for computer operations and management, software for business applications, document layout, design and reproduction, ergonomics and the management of physical resources.

$585.00/14Sessions/Tues&Thurs/6:00pm-9:00pm 7Weeks StartDate:March15 EndDate:April28 Instructor:ChermayneB.Campbell

$585.00/14Sessions/Tues&Thurs/6:00pm-9:00pm 7Weeks StartDate:September7 EndDate:October21 Exceptions:None Instructor:CynthiaBullock

office administration

This course focuses on record management and will emphasize filing systems, file management and industry standards. Other topics included in this 42 hour course include written communication, business grammar, research and reference materials, composing and editing business documents, and information distribution. Verbal communication and business etiquette, keys to success in today's fast-paced office environment, will also be covered.

organizational communication

This course will cover topics in leadership, power and ability, types of organizations, approaches to managing people, techniques for organizing work, delegation of authority, team building, group dynamics, problem solving, techniques for reducing interpersonal conflict and conducting meetings. It also covers legal issues in the workplace including prejudice and discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile environments, and compensation and benefits.

business Management

This course focuses on the Human Resources and Accounting elements of running a successful organization, from recruitment and hiring to performance evaluation. Legal and ethical issues will be covered, as well as job analysis, training and human resource development, accounting procedures and financial statements analysis.

$585.00/14Sessions/Tues&Thurs/6:00pm-9:00pm 7Weeks StartDate:January13 EndDate:March3 Instructor:CynthiaBullock

$585.00/14Sessions/Tues&Thurs/6:00pm-9:00pm 7Weeks StartDate:May10 EndDate:June23 Instructor:ChermayneCampbell

$585.00/14Sessions/Tues&Thurs/6:00pm-9:00pm 8Weeks StartDate:November2 EndDate:December21 Exceptions:11/25/10-ThanksgivingHoliday Instructor:ChermayneCampbell

Student Spotlight

JoAnn viola

JoAnnViolahadaclearideaaboutwhatshewasgoingtodoafterhighschool.Followinghergraduation, shegotajobintheheartofNewYorkCity'sfinancialdistrict,workingatthebrokeragefirmBearStearns. Fast-forwardyearslater:Ms.Violahasbeenelevatedseveraltimesatthefirmandnowservesassupervisor fordataentry.Butin2008,everythingcametoacrashinghaltwiththeonsetoftheGreatRecession,which causedmanyofAmerica'sfinancialinstitutionstocollapse,includingBearStearns.WhenJPMorganChase absorbedBearStearnsinamerger,hundredsofemployeeswerelaidoff,includingMs.Viola. ForMs.Viola,seeingyearsofworkunravelandherprofessionalidentitycompromisedwasatraumaticexperience.Fortunatelythough,shefoundalife-lineintheformoftheNationalEmergencyGrant(NEG),agrant programspecificallyaimedatassistingfinancialworkerslikeMs.ViolawhowerelaidoffwhentheRecession began.ThroughtheNEG,Ms.ViolawasabletosecureavoucherwhichsheusedtoenrollinBMCC'sCertified AdministrativeProfessionalStudiesprogram(C.A.P.S.). AtBMCC,Ms.Violafeelsdeterminedtostartanewchapterinherprofessionallife:"RightnowI'menrolledin`OfficeandTechnology,'`OrganizationalCommunication'and`BusinessManagement'--, butI'malsogettingcertifiedinMicrosoftOffice(MS2007)."Shecreditshertwoinstructors,CynthiaBullock andChermayneB.Campbell,forteachinghernotonlytherequisiteadministrativeskills,butalsostrategies onhowtogetaheadinthecareer-world:"I'mlearningabouthumanresourcesandorganizationaltheory,but I'malsogettinghelpwithmyresume." Withanewleaseonlife,Ms.Violaoffersthiswisdomtootherpeoplewhohavebeenlaidoffandarelookingfor anewbeginning:"Takecourses,learnnewskills.Thatwayifyour`PlanA'fails,you'llalwayshaveaPlanB."

20 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


caPs Training Program

This 290 hour training program will lead participating men and women into stable, satisfying careers as Administrative and Executive Assistants. The program integrates curriculum designed by the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and prepares adult learners to sit for the organization's Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) credential. The program consists of five core courses, as well as training in life-work balance behaviors and job search planning. The core classes included are "Office Systems & Technology," "Business Management," "Office Administration," "Organizational Communication," and "Organizational Management." The Office Systems & Technology course covers a broad range of subject matter and topics, including information processing, computer hardware, telecommunications, network technologies, systems security, systems software for computer operations and management, software for business applications, document layout, design and reproduction, ergonomics and the management of physical resources. Business Management will focus on the Human Resources and Accounting elements of running a suc-cessful organization, from recruitment and hiring to performance evaluation. Participants will learn about legal and ethical issues, as well as job analysis, training and human resource development, accounting procedures and financial statements analysis. The Office Administration course focuses on record management and emphasizes filling systems, file management and industry standards. Organizational Communication will cover topics in leadership, power and ability, types of organizations, approaches to managing people, techniques for organizing work, delegating authority, team building, group dynamics, solving problems, techniques for reducing interpersonal conflict, and conducting meetings. In the final core content class, Organizational Management, participants will learn about a wide array of topics, including organizational decision making, critical and creative thinking and strategic planning, and emphasize the importance of organizational mission and values, while also explaining how to communicate them effectively. Skill building instruction on resume writing, interviewing and job search planning will be interwoven into the 9 week program.

Faculty profile Jeffrey Jackson

Whilemostpeoplespenddecadessearchingfortheirdreamjobs,JeffreyJacksonfoundhis callingattheyoungageof10,watchingepisodesofMatlockonTV:"AslongasIcanremember,theideaofbeingalawyerhasfascinatedme."Byhighschool,Mr.Jacksonwasalready layingthefoundationforhisfuturecareerbybecominginvolvedinpublic-speakinganddebate clubs,andasaPhilosophyminoratRutgersUniversity(Newark,NY),heearnedconsistently highmarksinhisstudiesofargumentandcriticalthinking--theessentialskillsofanysuccessfullawyer. ThoughMr.Jacksonrecallsbeingnervousathisfirstjurytrial,hewouldbecomequiteaccustomedtothatsettingintheyearsthatfollowed.Mr.Jacksonnowhasaresumethatreads likeareal-lifemirrorofhisoldfavoriteshows, MatlockandLawandOrder.From1996to2007, heservedasanAssistantDistrictAttorneyatthe NewYorkCountyDA'sOffice,prosecutingrobberies,burglaries,attemptedmurdersandnarcoticscrimes.Mr.Jacksoncurrentlyworksfor theNewYorkStateOfficeofAttorneyGeneral, wherehehasanextensivejurytrialcaseload. ForMr.Jackson,teachingisanaturalextension ofhislawpractice,becausewhetherhe'sinthe courtortheclassroom,thefocalpointremains thesame:"Iliketodebate,andIlikestudying argument from a philosophical perspective." AsaParalegalStudiesinstructoratBMCC,Mr. Jacksonencourageshisstudentstotakesimilaranalyticalapproachestotheirownwork:"a goodparalegaliscomfortablewithambiguity, withnotalwaysknowingtheanswer,andiswillingtofinditthroughtrialanderror,reasoning andreflection." Mr.Jacksonisalsoimpressedbythediversityof thestudentsenrolledinhisclasses:"Thereare somanydifferentcultures,ethnicities,careersandeconomicbackgroundsrepresentedinmy classroom.It'snotunlikeajuryselection--amicrocosmofNewYorkCity."

career Training

Paralegal career studies

Paralegal studies Program

This Winter, the college will roll-out an expanded Paralegal Studies Program based on feedback from prior participants and our faculty. The 100 hour program will provide you with a more in-depth, wellrounded introduction to the paralegal field, as well as prepare you with the skills you will need as you begin your job search to land your new Paralegal or Legal Assistant position. The program concentrates on civil and criminal procedural law, including Federal and New York State rules, as well as practical Paralegal functions such as conducting witness interviews, organizing and maintaining case files and conducting legal research. Additional tasks covered include performing legal analysis, obtaining evidence through the discovery process, and tracking and entering billable time. The course is designed to provide you with a broad overview of substantive areas of the law, including torts, criminal law, contracts, real property, constitutional law, business entities, intellectual property, family law, employment discrimination,

Section1 $3,800/40Sessions/Day(s)Monday-Thursday/Time: 9:00AM-4:30PM 11Weeks StartDate:October4 EndDate:December14 Exceptions:NoClassesHeld10/11/10-ColumbusDay, 11/25/10-Thanksgiving Instructor:KimberlyWalker Section2 $3,800/40Sessions/Day(s)Monday-Thursday/Time: 9:00AM-4:30PM 11Weeks StartDate:January10 EndDate:March23 Exceptions:01/17/1102/21/11 Instructor:KimberlyWalker,M.A.c

administrative law, and bankruptcy so that when your studies conclude, you will be in a position to make an informed decision as to what area of the law you would like to work in. Computer-based instruction will utilize the Westlaw software system for researching case law and other pertinent legal information. There are no prerequisites for this program, but students are expected to complete a significant amount of homework, as well as a mid-term and a final exam. Text books are included in the course fee, as are job search planning workshops and job placement assistance with college personnel.

$2,200/33sessions/Tues&Thurs/6pm-9pm/18weeks StartDate:July13 EndDate:November4 Instructor:JeffJackson Pleaseseeourwebsiteforadditionalstartdates $2,200/16sessions/Saturdays/9am-4:30pm/16weeks StartDate:TBD EndDate:TBD Instructor:GaryRedente Pleaseseeourwebsiteforadditionalstartdates. FALL2010bMcc WorKs21 |212-346-8410 Center for Continuing Education

& Workforce Delevlopment


on-line course: Paralegal studies certificate

This online program prepares adult learners to be successful in the fast growing paralegal career field. Obtaining a quality paralegal education is the best way to prepare for the profession, and this self-paced, web-based program is paired with an instructor for one-on-one assistance as needed. The program involves approximately 300 hours of instruction, and participants are allowed up to six months to complete the program at their own pace. The training program is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to both gain employment in the field, and successfully complete the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) certification exam. All participants will have free access to the NALA certification exam prep web site as well as Westlaw to compliment your instruction and prepare you for transitioning into the Paralegal field. Westlaw is an online legal research service that provides fast and easy access to an extensive collection of legal resources, news, business, and public records information. Participants will utilize Westlaw in order to research and complete course assignments.

are facilitated by credentialed Supply Management Professionals. They are designed to prepare men and women to enter this exciting and fast-paced field, or, if you are already working in a supply management capacity, the courses are intended to formalize your their purchasing and procurement skills.The course fees noted below are nonmember tuition rates. Different rates apply for ISM-New York members. Membership in the local chapter of the professional association is recommended if you would like to take advantage of reduced instructional rates and the benefits of networking with a community of your peers.

Human capital services Procurement strategies

Topics to be covered in this 1-day course include the Changing Business Environment, Internal HR Services Purchasing and HR Challenges, Human Resources Service Providers, Evolving Human Resources Services Market, a discussion over the option of Insource vs Outsource, Employee Benefits and Benefit Services, Innovative HR Procurement Strategies, a presentation of Best Practices Research, Vendor Assessment, Contract Negotiations and Measuring Success.

Print buying Essentials

Topics to be covered in this 1 day course include Key Printing Industry Trends, Printing Methods, Variable Data, Qualifying and Selecting Print Service Providers, E-Procurement and Outsourcing Solutions, Printing and Graphics Software, Savings Opportunities and Best Practices, as well as Sustainable and Green Printing Trends.

$495/1session/Thurs/9am-5pm Offeredon:February3 Instructor:BobCope

Purchasing of services

Price:$1,795 cost-Price analysis and Total cost concepts TotalContactHours:300hours Topics to be covered in this 1 day course include the StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecourse Principles of Cost Analysis, Cost Analysis Candimaterialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration dates, Cost vs. Price Analysis, Basic Cost Concepts, Cost Analysis Tools & Worksheets, Cost Analysis Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe program. in the Services Sector, the Total Cost of Ownership, Lessons on Identifying Cost Drivers, Analyzing Price ToRegister:visitourwebsite, Increase Proposals, the Cost Analysis In Reverse Technique, Price Adjustment Formulas and Currency Fundamentals of legal research, NEW EW Exchange Rate Fluctuation Formulas. analysis and Writing for the Paralegal N This four-day course will provide a practical, hands on approach to develop three critical skills of the suc- $495/1session/Thurs/9am-5pm Offeredon:January27 cessful paralegal. First, the course will focus on the Instructor:WilliamHeaton fundamentals of critical thinking and legal reasoning through classroom instruction and hands-on analyWhat Adult Learners say about us: sis of real-world legal cases. Students will learn to read, interpret and brief court opinions. Second, the "The Instructor is very course will focus on legal research, including on-line resources. Students will be provided with Westlaw active and enthusiastic." accounts to use for course assignments. Third, the course will focus on the fundamentals of legal writing, including Blue Book citations and drafting memoranda using a written analysis format. Students will be given in-class and homework assignments throughout the semester, including a final, written assignment that will integrate the three skill sets studied in the course. $325/4sessions/24hours Pleaseseeourwebsitefortimesandstartdates

$495/1session/Thurs/9am-5pm Offeredon:January20 Instructor:DonCarli

This 1-day course will cover a range of topics including Defining Service Contracting, Buying Nontraditional Services, Planning the Purchase, Developing the Statement of Work, the Evaluation of Offers and the Service Contract.

$495/1session/Thurs/9am-5pm Offeredon:February17 Instructor:CariaLallatin,C.P.M.,CPPPO

best Value Procurement




In these challenging times, you should strive to generate an immediate and measurable payback and make the leap from good to great, by investing in your key people for attending our three-day valuable learning experience entitled BEST-VALUE PROCUREMENT: A Value-Adding Sourcing Strategy. This unique educational program encapsulates the supply chain management (SCM) professional's two most powerful performance enhancing tools, namely, Value Analysis and Rational Negotiation. Waste watchers and weight watchers stay lean; thus, the focus is on the identification and elimination of waste. You can expect $20 return (or 2,000% return) for every dollar invested in your value improvement effort. By using accelerated learning principles (in

supply Management Training

In recognition of the growing need for effectively trained Supply Managers in both the public and private sectors, BMCC has entered into a collaboration with the New York City Chapter of the Institute for Supply Management. The courses noted below have been developed by the ISM-New York, and

22 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


Paralegal studies

Faculty profile Abate kassa

Mr.Kassawas"professionallyborn"onMay26,1954inthepurchasingandsupplymanagement departmentofEthiopianAirlines,andhehasneverlookedbacksince:"Ifoundthefieldveryexciting, veryinteresting."Mr.Kassa'spassionforhisworkledhimtomakevaluablecontributionstothe growthofhiscompany.Inthe1972,heintroducedvalueanalysisandvalue-engineeringtoEthiopian Airlines--money-savingtoolshehaddiscoveredindependentlythroughresearchandattendingsupplymanagementconferences. Afternearlytwodecadesattheairline,Mr.Kassafeltreadytogointobusinessforhimself,andin 1973heestablishedAOKConsulting&Education.Aconsultantandaneducator,Mr.Kassacreates organicchangeincompaniesbyteachingtheirpersonnelhowtowieldthe"powerofpurchasing"in waysthatbenefit,ratherthancompromise,theirbottom-line."Attheendoftheday,purchasingis reallyaboutsaving,notspending,"headvises.Throughhisconsultancygroup,Mr.Kassahasworked withawiderangeofesteemedclientele,includingtheUnitedNations'InternationalTradeCentreand thePacificIslandsForum. ForMr.Kassa,strategicpurchasingandsupplymanagementskillshavebecomeincreasinglyvaluable againstthebackdropoftoday'srecession:"intheseeconomicallytroublingtimes,peopleareexpected to`domorewithless,'anddoingmorewithlessisamajorfunctionofvalueanalysis."Asateacher, Mr.Kassacombinesthisspiritedsenseofpurposewithalifetime'sworthofknowledgeandexperience topreparehisstudentsfortheirfuturecareers.YetMr.Kassaoffershisstudentsmorethanjustan avenuetowardsgettingafirstjob.Instead,hegivesthemthetoolsforlong-termgrowth:"Itellmy students:`yoursecurityisnotinyourcurrentjob,butinyourprofession.'"Throughteaching,Mr.Kassa giveshisstudentsthatsecurity.

just three days), we will equip your SCM staff with the powerful tools (outlined on the next page) you need and help put your organization on a high performance track. areas for further study using identified ISM® and other resources. It is not intended for those planning to take the full CPSM® Exam.

$1,495/3days/Wed-Friday/9am-5pm Offeredon:October6-8 Instructor:AbateO.Kassa,C.P.M.


contract law legal aspects of Purchasing


clients and negotiating contracts in foreign markets. Logistics, import / export compliance Issues and creating corporate trade compliance programs will also be covered. The afternoon will be spent cover ing post-9/11 governmental agency issues as well as evaluating suppliers, vendors and channel partners when doing business abroad.

cPsM® review courses

The Institute for Supply ManagementTM (ISM®) continues to lead supply management with the development of a new professional qualification that is relevant internationally and reflects the expanded education, skills and experience needed to be a successful supply management professional in the 21st century. Introduced in 2008, the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM®) already has become the qualification that supply management professionals strive to earn. The requirements for CPSM® qualification are: a) 3 years full-time, professional supply management experience (nonclerical, nonsupport) b) Bachelors' degree from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent c) Pass 3 Exams OR if you are a C.P.M. in good standing, pass the Bridge Exam.

This full-day seminar will begin with an overview of the laws governing purchasing & supply, as well as the role of attorneys and the effective use of legal counsel. Antitrust laws will be covered, as will contract law, terms and performance. The afternoon will be spent covering Intellectual Property Rights issues, steps for allocating risk and finally dispute resolution.

$495/1session/Thursday/9am-5pm Offeredon:November18 Instructor:ThomasA.Cook

$495/1session/Wednesday/9am-5pm Offeredon:October13 Instructor:MartinJ.Carrara,JD,CPM

Global Trade Managing compliance and risk


This course will discuss how effective inventory controls can lead to increased profits. The morning session will begin with an overview of the Materials Management Concept, and then launch into inventory planning and controls systems. The afternoon session will be spent covering issues related to minimizing inventory and supply chain management.

inventory Management in the supply chain


This course will focus on the key issues involved with global trade, including dealing with overseas

$495/1session/Thursday/9am-5pm Offeredon:December9 Instructor:NormanL.Heilweil,CPIM

cPsM® bridge Exam review course

This course is designed as a review for current C.P.M. holders as part of their preparation for taking the CPSM® Bridge Exam. It is intended to enable candidates to assess the knowledge they have acquired through education and experience against the content areas covered by the CPSM® Bridge Exam. The course covers content from the CPSM® Study Guide and the ISM Professional Series with a focus on exam content where candidates may expect the most questions. Through case studies, questions and group discussions, CPSM® candidates will have the opportunity to cement their learning and to identify |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs23

construction industry Training

24 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


construction industry Training

construction Project Job scheduler

Construction Project Job Scheduler Scheduling is a critical function on any effective residential or commercial project. This training program is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in the Critical Path Method, the industry's primary methodology for coordinating sub-contractor activity on a job site as well as the delivery of materials. Participants also learn to utilize the Primavera Contractor software package. Other topics presented include Print Reading, Resource Management and Contract Law. This training program was developed due to an identified shortage of qualified schedulers to fill vacant positions with NYC-based construction firms, and through a collaboration with the Building Trades Employers Association, interview opportunities will be arranged for participants at successful conclusion of their studies. 80% completion with job placement rate for the first cohort of students.

Section1-OverviewoftheRenewableEnergyandEnergy EfficiencyIndustries $125/4sessions/Wednesdays/6pm-8pm StartDate:August4 EndDate:August25 Instructor:JohnHowell NEW NEW Section2-ManualJ $150/4sessions/TBA/TBA StartDate:TBA EndDate:TBA Section1 Instructor:JohnHowell $1,245/8sessions InClassDates:WedMay,26,27,28andJune1,2,3/1-5:00pm Section3-ZonalPressureDiagnostic FieldDates:FridayJune4andSaturdayJune5 NEW NEW $125/4Sessions/TBA/TBA ExamDate:WednesdayJune9/1-4:00pm Instructor:AnthonyAlexander/BrendanRains,BA StartDate:TBA EndDate:TBA Thiscourseisofferedtwiceasemesterat25Broadway8th Instructor:JohnHowell Floor;Pleasevisitourwebsitefordatesandtimes.

air leakage problems. By using a "whole house" performance-based approach, contractors can address a comprehensive range of interrelated building issues and be able to provide clients with a more comfortable, safe, durable and energy-efficient home. PLEASE NOTE: For a limited time, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will reimburse 100% of the course fee upon successful completion. This incentive program is being offered by NYSERDA for a limited time.

construction industry Training

Electricity basics for PhotoVoltaics

building Envelope Training



Session1 $1,495/28sessions/Tues-Thurs/6pm-9pm StartDate:September14 EndDate:December21 Exceptions: Instructor:AndrewBoyarsky,PMP,Lead PleaseviewBMCCwebsiteforclassinFebruary2010.

Development of an accurate estimate for a proposed construction project is the basis for a successful bid submittal. Once a contract is awarded, the estimate will serve as a guiding document used by the Project Manager, Site Superintendent and all of the subs. In order to effectively prepare construction professionals for the pivotal role of Cost Estimator, this 80 hour course will focus on Quality Take-Off, as well as Means and Methods, Pricing, and Bid Administration. Additionally, time will be spent on training in technology applications used by construction and construction management companies in creating project estimates. Session1 $1,495/28sessions/Mon-Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:September13 EndDate:December20 Exceptions: Instructor:BuckLawrence Session2 $1,495/28sessions/Mon-Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:February14 EndDate:May16 Exceptions: Instructor:BuckLawrence

cost Estimator Training Program

This week-long, 35-hour training program involves both classroom-based instruction as well as field training. The program will cover advanced building envelope diagnostics, evaluation and repair skills to help you prepare for the Building Performance Institute examinations. Prior Building Analyst training, BPI Building Analyst certification, or equivalent experience is recommended. At the successful conclusion of this training program, NYSERDA will reimburse 75% of the participation fee. For a more detailed program description, visit and click on "courses and seminars."

This class will introduce you to electricity concepts and calculations necessary to design and install PV systems. Topics to be covered include current, voltage, resistance and Ohms Law, among others. You will learn about electrical production, circuits, wiring, demand and calculated load. This class is a required prerequisite to the Introductory 40 hour Photovoltaic Design and Installation Class hosted by the CUNY Center for Sustainable Energy. If you pass the final exam at the end of the class, you will be able to register for the 40 hour intro PV class. If you do not master the material, you will have to retake the class. Electricians and engineers are not required to take this class. *Thiscourseisofferedonamonthlybasisat25Broadway, 8thfloor;pleaseconsultourwebsitefordatesandtimes.

$1,325/6sessions InClassDates:Mon-WedJune,14,15,16/1-5:00PM FieldDates:Mon-WedJune21,22,23/9-4:00PM ExamDate:ThursdayJune24/1-4:00PM Instructor:AnthonyAlexander/BrendanRains,BA ClassroomLocation:25Broadway,8thFloor

Designing Energy Efficient building systems

For contractors, architects, developers, facility managers and maintenance staff interested in using building science technology to help customers solve heating, cooling and air leakage problems that are driving high energy costs and provide them with a more comfortable, safe and durable home. Class will teach the fundamentals of building science: identify building performance problems including ice dams, mold and mildew and indoor air quality issues; analyze buildings using blower door technology and other diagnostic equipment; assess building tightness, mechanical and distribution systems and combustion safety for a "whole house" performance based approach. This course is geared toward new construction design.

overview of the renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industries

The new energy industries are growing very rapidly in many directions. To help you keep the moving parts straight, this course will provide an overview of the technologies, equipment testing and certifications, and individual certifications in major business spaces. Our faculty will cover a broad range of topics, including the solar electric industry from photovoltaic cell fabrication to the installation process and Solar thermal (solar hot water) panels from panel fabrication to installation. Building energy efficiency is the most economical way to reduce fossil fuel consumption, so you will review professional certifications, energy audits, air sealing, insulation, and HVAC. GeoExchange (Ground Source Heat Pumps) seems to get more energy out than you put in, so you will look at the technology, major manufacturers, and skills needed to install a system. Finally, instruction will cover the use of wind turbines, from manufacturers to testing centers to installation, and energy modeling, including TREAT, eQUEST, RemRate & Manual J.

building analyst certification Training

This training program is designed to prepare construction professionals for the BPI's Building Analyst written and field exams, and will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about residential building. Participants will come to understand how the house works as a system, why some homes fail, and how to use the latest building science technology to help resolve residential heating, cooling, base load and

$350/7sessions/Wednesdays/6pm-9pm Offeredon:Pleasevisitourwebsitefordatesandtimes.

rETscreen Workshop

RETScreen is a powerful software program that allows users to estimate costs, analyze risk, and make decisions about solar installations. If you are a professional in the renewable energy business, you will benefit tremendously from having a thorough understanding of this program. This training will |212-346-8410

Center for Continuing Education & Workforce Delevlopment


FALL2010bMcc WorKs25

provide you with an introduction to photovoltaic system development, including such considerations as resource analysis, technology choice, and New York State-specific and New York City-specific policy incentives. The course is designed as an introduction to economic feasibility analysis using RETScreen, Version 4. The workshop will combine a series of interactive presentations with case study-based, small group problem solving.

Student Spotlight epi Santiago

EpiSantiago'spursuitofhisdreamhasbeenanuphillstruggleovertheyears,butheisbeginningto reaptherewards.OriginallyfromthePhilippines,Mr.Santiagowasalwaysdrawntotheconstruction site:"Eveninathirdworldcountry{likethePhilipines},constructionbusinesswasbooming."After earningaBachelorsinCivilEngineeringfromFiatiUniversity(Manila,Philipines),Mr.Santiagomoved totheUnitedStatestofindfurthertraininginconstructionandhopefullymakeacareeroutofit. WithCADtrainingunderhisbelt,Mr.Santiagowasableto becomeanAuto-CADdraftsmanatRecksonAssociates,the largestcommerciallandlordinLongIsland.Asadraftsman,Mr.Santiagothrivedinconstructiondesign:"Iwould consultwitharchitectsandprojectmanagersonthedesign processesforbuildings,andthenpresentourplanstothe client.Everydaywasinteresting." YetforMr.Santiago,beingadraftsmanwasnotthefinal destination,andhebegantosearchforwaystotakehis careertoahigherlevelintheconstructionfield.ThumbingthroughthepagesofanAMNewYorknewspaperone morning,Mr.Santiagofoundanarticleonconstruction skillstrainingatB.M.C.C. Overthelastfewyears,Mr.Santiagohascompletedcertificate courses in Project Scheduling and Construction CostEstimating.Mr.Santiagodescribeshisexperienceat B.M.C.C.asveryenriching:"myteachersareveryknowledgeable,andthecoursescovertheoryaswellaspractical,everydayskillsinconstruction.Assoonas Ileavetheclassroom,IcanapplywhatI'velearnedinclasstomyjob."

topics. The courses are delivered at either BMCC's Lower Manhattan campus or Baruch's campus at 25th & Lexington. All of the courses are facilitated by a credentialed PMP. following this course. Instructors will combine essential PMBOK knowledge along with advanced study methods and proven exam-taking strategies.

$125/1session/Friday/9:30am-4:30pm Toregister:visitourwebsite, Instructors:JeffPerlmanandAndrewMcNamara

Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management

BMCC has teamed up with Baruch College to develop a set of Project Management courses to introduce adult learners to this career field, as well as prepare men and women to sit for the Project Management Institute's PMP exam. PMI has established a set of 11 competencies project managers need to master in order to effectively and efficiently satisfy established project outcomes. This first class in our two course series is 24 hours long, and covers the primary six competency areas. In this class, you will learn how to define Project Scope, how to establish a realistic Project Budget and a Project Schedule, and Resource Management among other topics. The courses are delivered at either BMCC's Lower Manhattan campus or Baruch's campus at 25th & Lexington. All of the courses are facilitated by a credentialed PMP.

Section1 $560/10sessions/Tuesdays/6:15pm-8:45pm Startdate:May13 Enddate:July15 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Instructor:TBA Section2 $560/5sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-3:30pm Startdate:July10 Enddate:August7 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Instructor:TBA Section3 $579/10sessions/Thusdays/6:15pm-8:45pm Startdate:September23 Enddate:December2 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Instructor:TBA Section4 $579/5sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-3:30pm Startdate:November6 Enddate:December11 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Instructor:TB

Section1: $560/10sessions/Thursdays/6:15pm-8:45pm Startdate:May11 Enddate:July13 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Section2 $560/10sessions/Tuesdays/6:15pm-8:45pm Startdate:February23 Enddate:April27 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Section3 $560/5sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-3:30pm Startdate:May15 Enddate:June19 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Section4 $579/10sessions/Thursdays/6:15pm-8:45pm Startdate:September21 Enddate:November23 Location:Lexington&25thStreet Section5 $579/5sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-3:30pm Startdate:September25 Enddate:October30 Location:Lexington&25thStreet

Section1 $895/4sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-4:30pm Startdate:July10 Enddate:July31 Location:25Broadway,8thFloor PleasevisitourwebsitefordatesandtimesforAugust,SeptemberandJanuary.

on-line course: Project Management

This online, instructor-led program provides a comprehensive education in project management. This program teaches the basics of project management and includes preparation for the Project Management Professional national certification exam. Textbook and exam prep are included.

advanced Professional Project Management

Price$1495 TotalContactHours:40hours StartDate:openenrollment,youraccesstothecoursema terialsbeginswithin24hoursofregistration Duration:youwillhaveupto6monthstocompletethe program. Toregister:visitourwebsite, What Adult Learners say about us:

This Advanced class complements the Fundamentals course described above, and continues your training in the 11 core competencies the Project Management Institute has defined for effective and efficient project management. This 24 hour course will train you on the remaining five core competencies including Quality Measurement, Risk Management, Procurement Management and Project Close-out, among other

PMP Exam Test Prep course

Experienced Project Managers who plan to sit for the PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) credential will be well equipped to pass the PMP exam

"The Instructor used projectbased learning and encouraged collaborative work."


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Geothermal course series


construction industry Training



course 1: GeoXchange Design Principles/ or / session 1-Geo-Exchange basics

This session is an introductory level overview of geo-exchange systems. It reviews geo-exchange principles, reversible heat pump basics, energy system comparisons, geological site factors, inter-disciplinary design considerations, geo-exchange ground loop configuration options, testing and installation, financial considerations and an industry overview. A number of case studies from the NYC area will also be presented. At the end of this course, the student will have a basic understanding of geo-exchange systems as well as of the technical, construction and financial issues that must be analyzed when considering a geoexchange system.

tem, building loads, site analysis, constructability review, system options, inter-discipline integration and design software. A sample design problem will be included.

2sessions/weeknights Instructor:DavidOrtiz Pleasevisitourwebsitefordatesandtimes.

course 3: GeoXchange construction Practices/ or/session 3-construction & case studies

course 2: GeoXchange systems and site analysis /or/session 2-Economics & Design

1session/weeknights Instructor:DavidOrtiz Pleasevisitourwebsitefordatesandtimes.

This 2 part session will present an overview of the construction of geo-exchange systems. Part 1 of this session will discuss the basic elements of geo-exchange system construction including preconstruction planning, site work and ground loop installation, heat pump & HVAC system installation, commissioning and system turnover. Part 2 of this session will discuss system design basics including a review of industry best practices, the thermodynamic principles of a heat pump system, building loads, site analysis, constructability review, system options, inter-discipline integration and design software. A sample design problem will be included.

This 2 part session will review both the economic and design considerations that are essential to the success of any geo-exchange project. Part 1 of this session will review the basics of economic evaluation including Life Cycle Costing, payback scenarios, utility bill and energy cost analysis, financing mechanisms and incentive programs. Part 2 of this session will discuss system design basics including a review of industry best practices, the thermodynamic principles of a heat pump sys-

3sessions/weeknights Instructor:DavidOrtiz Pleasevisitourwebsiteforstartdates,timesandpricesor callLindaat212.346.8428formoreinformation. |212-346-8410

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Modern languages

introduction to spanish

and interact in a natural, low anxiety environment. Grammar and vocabulary are taught within a cultural context through everyday situations. Exercises are conceived for the students to enrich reading comprehension and expand communication skills. Audio, magazine articles and literary texts will be used in this class *Note: Basic knowledge of Spanish is required for this class. Section1 $215/8Sessions/Tuesdays/6pm-9pm Section1 Startdate:November16 $215/8Sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-12:30pm Enddate:January11 Startdate:September11 Exceptions:December28,January1 Enddate:October30 Instructor:SoledadArias Instructor:SoledadArias Section2 Section2 $215/8Sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-12:30pm $215/8Sessions/Tuesdays/6pm-9pm Startdate:February5th Startdate:September14 Enddate:March26 Enddate:November2 Instructor:SoledadArias Instructor:SoledadArias This course is designed to introduce the student to a solid understanding of the Spanish language. Special emphasis will be placed on vocabulary and oral expression within a cultural context. Principles of grammar will be introduced as students become more familiar with the language. Activities include role-playing and interactive situations. Audio, magazine articles and literary texts will be used in this class.

What Adult Learners say about us:

"The instructor was very active and made me enjoy learning and practicing my writing."

5 EasY WaYs To rEGisTEr

1 online 24 hours a day at: form on our website

2 by Mail use the registration 3 Fax the registration form to


Section3 $215/8Sessions/Saturdays/9:30am-12:30pm Startdate:November13 Enddate:January22 Exceptions:November27,December25,January1 Instructor:SoledadArias Section4 $215/8Sessions/Tuesdays/6pm-9pm Startdate:January25 Enddate:March15 Instructor:SoledadArias Formoreinformation,contactusat212.346.8410

online speed spanish course

Imagine yourself speaking, reading and writing Spanish. Now you can with Speed Spanish! This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto. You'll learn six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form sentences. In no time at all, you'll be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation and converse in Spanish. _Qu_ Bueno! $99/12sessions/accesstoclassroom24/7 StartDate:NewStartDateeachmonth EndDate:6weeksafterstartdate Instructor:VirginieVandevoorde

4 by Phone 212-346-8410 5 in Person 25 Broadway,

8th Floor, Lower Manhattan


What Adult Learners say about us:

intermediate spanish

A continuation of Introduction to Spanish, the course is designed to review previously acquired concepts, introduce more complex grammatical structures and increase listening and reading comprehension. Students are encouraged to speak

"I learned a lot in just four sessions!"

Join us for a career Training open House!

BMCC's Continuing Education Division hosts a number of Orientations and Open Houses throughout the month to provide you with detailed information on the "In Demand" career fields and the training programs we offer. If you are considering a career in..

allied Health · information Technology construction · Paralegal · administrative Professional

check out our website for event dates and times, and plan on coming to 25 broadway to learn more about how we help area men and women begin exciting new careers each week!

28 bMcc WorKsFALL2010 212-346-8410|

online learning

online learning

Have You Considered an Online Course?

Adultshavebusy,complicatedlives.Onanygivenday,we'rejugglingseveraldifferentprioritiesatonce. With9to5jobsbillstopay,errandstodo,andfamilyobligations,theideaofattendingschoolcanseem almostimpossible. Asanonlinelearner,youcan:

·study at Your own Pace ·anytime, anywhere · save $ on Travel

·save $ on childcare ·save $ on books · Get "classroom Quality" instruction

ThroughourpartnershipswithED2GO,GatlinandUniversityAlliance,BMCCoffersawiderangeofprofessionalcertificateprogramsandpersonaldevelopmentcoursesforyoutoexplore.Whateveryourinterests are,youcanreceivequalityinstructionandachieveyourlearninggoalsfromthecomfortandconvenienceof yourinternetconnection! Hereisjustasmallsampleofthethousandsofonlineprogramsandcoursesavailable:

HEalTH carE

· · · ·

Medical Billing and Coding HIPPA Compliance Pharmacy Technician Personal Fitness Trainer

MEDia anD DEsiGn

· · · · Creating Web Pages Photoshop CS4 Dreamweaver CS4 Webmaster

businEss anD ProFEssional

· · · · Project Management Six Sigma Green Belt Law and Legal Start Your Own Business

WriTinG & PublisHinG

· · · · Business Writing Creative Writing Grant Writing Publishing

coMPuTErs anD TEcHnoloGY

· · · · Basic Computer Literacy PC Networking and Security CompTIA A+ Certification Training AutoCad 2009

· · · ·

PErsonal DEVEloPMEnT

Drawing/Painting for Beginners Outdoor Survival Techniques Speed Spanish Debt Elimination Techniques

Look thru this catalogue and check our website for a full roster of on-line courses and start dates! |212-346-8410 FALL2010bMcc WorKs29

corporate Training solutions

Have you noticed a gap between your organization's needs and your employees' skills? Whether you need a group of employees trained on a new software application or departments of co-workers trained on new business practices, BMCC has a team of Organizational Development professionals and Subject Matter Expert instructors ready to assist you. BMCC works with employers across Manhattan to design and deliver customized training solutions on a regular basis. If funding your training is a concern, and depending on the extent of your performance improvement needs, we can also counsel clients on how to access public grant programs to underwrite training activity.

What Clients Say about us...

"McDonald's Corporation and local Owners and Operators were interested in rolling out a management training program which combined English fluency instruction with Customer Service Skills training to improve the overall customer experience in our restaurants. We needed a training partner to design and deliver the program for employees at the more than 200 restaurants in the five boroughs and have been very pleased with our partnership with BMCC. In particular, the quality of the faculty they identified and trained for us has been exceptional." Juan De La Cruz, Owner & Operator McDonalds' Corporation New York City "We hired BMCC during the Fall of 2009 to develop a training program for our employees which focused on Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills and Microsoft Excel Skills - we were very pleased with the service provided by the Continuing Education staff, and how easy they were to work with." Wei Lik Chan, Manager Human Resources Won Ton Foods, Inc. Brooklyn

The New York City Division of Small Business Services works with employers just like you on a daily basis to assess their hiring and training needs, and develop solutions to help you grow your business. To be eligible for an SBS training grant, firms either need to be based in, or have operations in, at least one of the five boroughs. Check out their web pages for details:

30 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


community corner

community corner

introductory to beaded Jewelry Design and Fabrication


This course will introduce you to the basic tools and supplies used in the creation of beaded jewelry. Learn professional construction methods for creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings of your own design. Stringing, pearl knotting, weaving, crimping, attachment of clasps and basic wire techniques will be taught through demonstration and hands-on work. Students will complete at least one piece of jewelry at each session. Design inspiration is provided through photos and pieces designed by Instructor. A list of jewelry suppliers will also be provided and discussed. Each technique will be accompanied by written instructions. All tools and supplies needed for the course are included but students need to bring an old pillow case and a pair of small sharp scissors to the first class.

Section1 $400/5sessions/Wed/1pmto4pm StartDateJuly28 EndDateAugust25 Instructor:MarshaDavis Section2: $400/5sessions/Sat/1pmto4pm StartDateJuly24 EndDateAug28(NotenoclassAug14) InstructorMarshaDavis Section3 $400/5sessions/Sat/1pm-4pm StartDate:September18 EndDate:October16 Instructor:MarshaDavis W NEW

write a description, post pictures, track your item, complete the sale and the ship the item. Buyers will learn how to search for an item, sort information and determine what is a good buy. Prerequisite: Ability to access internet sites.

This class is structured yet experiential. It is designed to introduce and illuminate the way the five elements, yin and yang, and other essential energy principles can easily be applied to improve one's life. No prior experience is necessary. Susan Kain is a certified chi kung instructor and Iron Shirt martial artist and director of the healing organization 55/3sessions/Wednesdays/6:30-7:30 SectionOne:July7,14,21 SectionTwo:Sept8,15,22

adult lap swim


BMCC offers community residents the opportunity to lap swim in our state-of-the-art pool at the main campus, 199 Chambers Street. The pool features 6 lanes, each of which are 6' wide and 25 yards long, with a depth of 4 feet. You can either register on-line or in-person to access our pool, but you will need to have a BMCC photo ID card to show the lifeguards. A paper receipt (provided when you register) can be used to gain access to the pool for a few days before securing your permanent photo ID. In-person registration is now done at the new BMCC Continuing Education Center at 25 Broadway, 8th floor.Please read: Please be advised that the Swim Id's are no longer given at Continuing Education Office, 25 Broadway. All Id's will be processed at the Main Campus, 199 Chambers Street, Security ID Office Room S-206, within 48 hours upon registration. $15.00 registration fee in already included in the course fee.

Section1 $129/2sessions/Saturday/1pm-4pm StartDate:August21 EndDate:August28 Instructor:TBA Section2 $129/2sessions/Wed/6pm-9pm StartDate:October13 EndDate:October20 Instructor:TBA W

core chi Kung



$55/2sessions/Saturdays/10:30-12:00 October2&9

introduction to Meditation


NEW currentswimmingpoolschedule. EW W

Chi Kung (pronounced "chee gung") is a broad range of gentle, meditative movements and postures developed in ancient China to cultivate health and wellbeing. Tai chi, for example, is a form of chi kung. Chi is vital life energy that can be cultivated in our bodies much the way food and drink provide physical nourishment. Just as research shows that increasing one's physical activity by even a small amount can boost wellness, there is growing research to support the popularity of chi kung and its many benefits to the quality of life. The simplicity of chi kung is at the heart of this class. Through a series of sitting and standing postures, the benefits of grounding, breathing and energy awareness are explored, as well as such practical applications as better focus, balance, sleep, decision-making and stress management.

If life has you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, consider trying a meditation class. In this course you will learn quick and easy ways to meditate that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health. This course will introduce you to 2 basic types of meditation and provide you with practical meditaion techniques you can do anywhere. Join the growing number of people who benefit from the practice of meditation. Mary McIntyre has practiced Meditation for over 20 years and has facilitated meditation classes for businesses and healthcare professionals as well as classes for the community. $15foronehourmeditationclass. Pleasevisitourwebsitefortimesanddates.

learn to buy and sell on ebay



Have you ever dreamed of working from home or just earning extra income by buying or selling goods online? If so....learn the basic skills necessary to begin on Ebay, including how to register, list an item, |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs31

introduction to Digital Photography

Want to improve your Digital Photography? BMCC's in-house photographer Louis Chan is teaching a brand-new course that will help you discover the technical and artistic power of today's digital camera. Whether you're a professional interested in fine-tuning your snap-shots or just looking for creative ways to capture the world around you, this course will give you the knowledge and practical skills you need. Requirements: Digital SLR recommended or any digital camera with manual controls would work too. IMPORTANT: Digital cameras will not be supplied. Course will cover: · Understanding ISO, shutter speed and aperture · Creative use of exposure controls · Autofocus options · Understanding resolution and how a camera creates a digital file · Camera buttons, dials and key menus · Metering and Exposure compensation · Understanding Highlights and Histogram · Archiving, sorting methods, and key wording


techniques NEW · Exposure Modes: From Auto to Manual · White Balance and Lens choices · Light, Composition, Framing, Critique of photographs · Image resolution and resizing for email and print · Understanding common printer options and dialogs Louis Chan is a Commercial and Freelance photographer. He is responsible for BMCC's Subway Advertisement Campaign, among other projects. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Hunter College. Section1 $250/9sessions/Saturdays/1pm-2:45pm/9weeks StartDate:September25 EndDate:November20 Instructor:LouisChan Section2 $250/10sessions/Tuesdays/5:45-7:30pm/10weeks StartDate:September28 EndDate:November30 Instructor:LouisChan

photo by:

Soft Skills

Dan La Noue, Communications Associate Continuing Education, BMCC

SoftSkillsareyourpersonalattributesandstrengths--thewaysyouthinkandbehaveasaprofessional.SoftSkillsdon'trequireadegree,certification,or anysortofextensivebackgroundknowledge.Atwork,yourSoftSkillsemergeinbothinternalandexternalways--howyouthinkaboutprojectsandsituations, howyoubehaveincertainsettingsanddialoguewithotherpeople,andsoon.SomeSoftSkillsmaycomenaturallyforyou(ex."Ihavealwaysfeltcomfortable expressingmyideastoindividualsandgroups")whileothersmayrequiresomeextraeffortonyourpart (ex."Overtheyears,Ihavehadtoworkatbecomingamoreattentivelistener"). SoftSkillsdon'tjusthelpyouonthejob,butonthejobsearchaswell.Whendraftingaresume,manypeoplewritea"profile"sectionabovetheireducational andprofessionalinformationthatlists2-3personalitytraitsrelevanttotheworkplace: · "A team player who works well with others." ·"Comfortable making decisions and taking on leadership roles." Inaddition,interviewerswilloftenaskyoutodescribewhatyoufeelareyourpersonalstrengths: · "I feel that I am a very persuasive when doing negotiations" · "I am open-minded and always willing to consider other ideas and positions." BelowisalistoffivebroadareasofSoftSkillsthatcanbeusedinanyworkplacesetting.Foreachskilllisted,rateyourselfonascaleof1to10,10being excellentand1beingpoor.Afterwards,askafriendorcolleaguetorateyouaswell.,pleasevisitthewebsite.

Communication: the skillful expression, transmission and interpretation of knowledge and ideas. ·Speakingeffectively ·Writingconcisely ·Listeningattentively ·Expressingideas ·Facilitatinggroupdiscussion ·Providingappropriatefeedback ·Negotiating ·Perceivingnonverbalmessages ·Persuading ·Reportinginformation ·Describingfeelings ·Interviewing ·Editing Research and Planning: the search for specific knowledge and the ability to conceptualize future needs and solutions for meeting those needs. ·Imaginingalternatives ·Identifyingresources ·Gatheringinformation Human Relations: the use of interpersonal skills for resolving conflict, relating to and helping people. ·Developingrapport ·BeingSensitive ·Listening ·Conveyingfeelings ·Providingsupportforothers ·Motivating ·Sharingcredit Organization, Management and Leadership: the ability to supervise, direct and guide individuals and groups in the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals.

·Initiatingnewideas ·Handlingdetails ·Coordinatingtasks ·Managinggroups ·Delegatingresponsibility ·Teaching

Work Survival: the day-to-day skills that assist in promoting effective production and work satisfaction.

·Implementingdecisions ·Cooperating ·Enforcingpolicies ·Beingpunctual ·Managingtime ·Attendingtodetail

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Esl & ToEFl instruction

Esl & ToEFl, instruction

Esl instruction

Esl (English as a second language)

At BMCC, we offer quality ESL (English as a Second Language) Instruction for Intermediate and Advanced Level learners. Classes are limited to 20 students so you can benefit from individual attention. Learning is holistic: you study reading, writing, speaking and listening together. · Intermediate students will work on developing reading skills, oral and written communication · Advanced students will spend more time on oral presentation, analysis of readings, and clarity and organization of ideas in writing. You can choose either: · A 5-week course, with classes on Monday and Wednesday · A 8-week course, with classes on Saturday mornings

$230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6-9pm/5weeks StartDate:July19 EndDate:August18 Instructor:TBA $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-12:30pm/5weeks StartDate:September15 EndDate:October20 Exceptions:October11 Instructor:TBA $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6-9pm/5weeks StartDate:September15 EndDate:October20 Exceptions:October11 Instructor:TBA $230/8sessions/Saturday/9:30am-12:30pm/8weeks StartDate:September25 EndDate:November20 Instructor:TBA

$230/8sessions/Saturday/9:30am-12:30pm/8weeks StartDate:September25 EndDate:November20 Instructor:TBA $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-12:30pm/5 weeks StartDate:November3 EndDate:December6 Instructor:TBA $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6-9pm/5weeks StartDate:November3 EndDate:December6 Instructor:TBA

For High intermediate and advanced students only. $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-12:30pm/5weeks This class will help you gain confidence and fluency in your spoken English while we discuss and StartDate:November3 explore our lives in America. You will learn how EndDate:December6 If you are interested in improving your level of to become more comfortable speaking about, unInstructor:TBA English so you can function more easily day-to-day derstanding and immersing yourself in the Ameriin American society, or if you want to further your $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6-9pm/5weeks can way of life. We will discuss how Americans education and are thinking about going to college, we StartDate:November3 behave and look at the use of slang and idioms. will help you reach your goals. EndDate:December6 We will also examine stereotypes, taboos and the Instructor:TBA very real phenomenon of culture shock. You will Before you register, you must take a Placement Test conduct interviews in and out of class on topics to determine which level is right for you. studied in class, and give presentations. You will also talk to an advisor, who can answer Esl advanced $230/8sessions/Saturday/9:30am-12:30pm/8weeks your questions. You can sign up for the Placement This course is designed for advanced level StartDate:September25 test on line at or call students who already have a comprehensive EndDate:November20 212-665-2740 understanding of oral and written English. In Instructor:TBA this course, you will focus on further improving Esl Placement Test conversational skills, reading and writing. Before free/Thurs/2-5pm advanced Grammar for non-native registering for this class, you have to sign up for Location:25Broadway8thFloor speakers the ESL Assessment; call 212-665-2740 or register This course is for mostly fluent speakers who Dates:July1 for the assessment on our website. would like to review the more complex structures July22 of English grammar. Students will learn to rec August19 $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-12:30pm/5 ognize the structures in authentic sources such as September2 weeks newspaper and magazine articles and editorials, StartDate:July19 October7 and then will practice the structures in conversaEndDate:August18 October28 tion and ian writing. The class will take into acInstructor:TBA November18 count individual students' needs. December16 $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6-9pm/5weeks orbyappointment,call:212-665-2740 $230/10sessions/Tuesday/6-9pm/10weeks StartDate:July19 StartDate:June29 EndDate:August18 Esl intermediate EndDate:August31 Instructor:TBA This course is designed for intermediate students Instructor:TBA who have some understanding of written and oral $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-12:30pm/5 English and are able to hold a basic conversation. $230/10sessions/Tuesday/6-9pm/10weeks weeks In this course, you will improve your listening and StartDate:September21 StartDate:September15 speaking skills, as well as your written fluency, voEndDate:November23 EndDate:October20 cabulary and grammar skills. Before registering for Instructor:TBA Exceptions:October11 this class, you have to sign up for the ESL AssessInstructor:TBA ment; call 212-665-2740 or register for the assess$230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/6-9pm/5weeks StartDate:September15 $230/10sessions/Mon&Wed/9:30am-12:30pm/5weeks EndDate:October20 StartDate:July19 Exceptions:October11 EndDate:August18 Instructor:TBA Instructor:TBA |212-346-8410

ment on our website.

improve your spoken English: let's talk about living in america!

FALL2010bMcc WorKs33

accent refinement

accent refinement for non-native speakers

This course is designed to help non-native speakers reduce their accents while simultaneously mastering standard American English. The classroom instruction will be tailored to the needs of the individual student, paying close attention to identifying and addressing the specific accent issue. Outside of class, assignments will be given to support and enforce these new habits. This course emphasizes complete immersion into the English language.

$240/8sessions/Saturday/10:00am-2:00pm/8weeks StartDate:July10 EndDate:August28 Instructor:Neri-Friedwald $290/10sessions/Saturday/10:00am-2:00pm/10weeks StartDate:September25 EndDate:December11 Exceptions:October9,November27 Instructor:Neri-Friedwald What Adult Learners say about us:

$230/10sessions/Wednesday/6-9pm/10weeks StartDate:September15 EndDate:November17 Instructor: Kimber

Pronunciation Workshop

The instructor was very personable, and made learning about the law easy.

This course is open to all intermediate and advanced English language learners who want to improve their spoken American English. You will study the phonetic system of the English language and learn the relationship between pronunciation and spelling. Through practice, your speaking and reading will become clearer and more comprehensible. As a result, you will gain confidence and be able to communicate more fluently in English. $260/10sessions/Saturday/9:30am-1:30pm/10weeks StartDate:September25 EndDate:December11 Exceptions:October9,November27 Instructor: Stroumbos

5 EasY WaYs To rEGisTEr

1 online 24 hours a day at: form on our website

Esl immersion Programs for cunY students


2 by Mail use the registration

ToEFl instruction

The Test of English as a Foreign LanguageTM (TOEFL®) measures the ability of nonnative speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings. The TOEFL Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) tests all four language skills that are important for effective communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The test helps students demonstrate that they have the English skills needed for success. The TOEFL test is a requirement for admission into colleges and universities where instruction is in English. In addition, many government, licensing, certification agencies, and exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL scores to evaluate the English proficiency of people for whom English is not their native language.

3 Fax the registration form to


4 by Phone 212-346-8410 5 in Person 25 Broadway,

8th Floor, Lower Manhattan


Please call 212-665-2740 for more information

ToEFl Preparation

This course gives students targeted practice to improve scores in all four tested skills. You will also learn tips to improve your test-taking abilities for the internet-based TOEFL test (iBT). Before registering for this class, you must sign up for and take a free ESL Placement Test: or call 212-665-2740.

34 bMcc WorKsFALL2010



bMcc cunY language immersion Program (cliP)

Is English your second language? Do you want to be a successful college student? If so, CLIP is the place for you. CLIP is an intensive, low-cost academic program that will help you to improve your reading and writing in English, as well as give you the communication and study skills that you need to achieve success in college. What You Will learn: · writing: essay organization and development, grammar, vocabulary building, and research papers · reading: critical thinking and analysis through study of novels, plays, and biography · communication skills: group work, individual presentations, and speech · culture, history and thought through thematic teaching by experienced ESL teachers · computer skills: typing, Microsoft Word, and internet research Who should Enroll: · entering freshmen in any CUNY college who need ESL classes · college students who have been asked to repeat an ESL class or who have been recommended by their ESL department NOTE: YOU MUST BE ACCEPTED INTO AND TESTED BY A CUNY COLLEGE BEFORE YOU APPLY TO CLIP

FallTuition: ·$180foreligibleNYStateresidents ·$45forthoseonpublicassistance,CollegeDiscovery andSEEK ·$450forNon-NYStateresidents Hoursofclasses: ·Day:9:00amto2:30pm,MondaythroughFriday (25hoursaweek) ·Evening:5:00pmto10:00pm,MondaythroughFriday (25hoursaweek) FallSemester: StartDate:September7,2010 EndDate:December22,2010 SpringSemester: StartDate:January31,2011 EndDate:June2,2011

Esl, ToEFl & GED


Earning your GED is the first step. Consider your options and choose your path. Find out why bMcc is the place for you!

Borough of Manhattan Community College is the largest community college in the City university of New York. it is the only community college in Manhattan. More than 16,000 students from over 100 countries attend BMCC. BMCC is the nation's leading urban community college.

REGISTRATIONINPERSONONLY forFallSemester:afterJuly6,2010 forSpringsemester:afterDecember6,2010

ClassestakeplaceattheAdamClaytonPowellState OfficeBuilding,163West125thStreet,6thFloor, inManhattan Studentswillbetestedbeforethesemester startstodeterminecorrectclassplacement. Call212-665-2740formoreinformationorgoto:www. What Adult Learners say about us:

Colorful instructor, wide range of topics covered, good information."

AccordingtodatafromtheU.S.Dept. ofEducationandtheInstitutefor InternationalEducation,among collegesnationwide,BMCCranks: #4inawardingassociatedegrees toAfrican-Americans. #5inawardingassociatedegrees tominoritystudents. #2inawardingassociatedegrees inbusinessmanagement. #5inawardingassociatedegrees incomputerandinformationsciences andsupportservices. #7inawardingassociatedegrees ineducation.

to learn about the admission process to BMCC, please visit: http:// admissions/prospective.html |212-346-8410

FALL2010bMcc WorKs35

Free cunY assessment Test Prep Workshops

let us help you pass the cunY/acT Mathematics, reading, and Writing Tests.

as many as 75% of students who take the workshop pass. Many had previously failed. acT Math/basic arithmetic

This four-hour workshop prepares incoming students to take the COMPASS Math Test. It is a customized refresher course that includes instruction in numerical skills, pre-algebra and algebra. To enroll in this workshop, students must have an Acceptance Letter from BMCC and a scheduled testing date.

lEarn HoW To:

· Build your reading, writing and math skills · Learn strategies for success · Overcome test-taking anxiety

acT reading Workshop

This four-hour workshop is designed to help students attain a proficiency in reading that will enable them to pass the COMPASS Reading Skills Test. Mock exams will be administered and reviewed to prepare students for the actual test. To enroll in this workshop, students must have an Acceptance Letter from BMCC and a scheduled testing date.

For bEsT rEsulTs:

· Sign up early* · Sign up for all workshops · On-line resources will be provided · Valuable tips

acT Writing Workshop

This four-hour workshop is designed to prepare students to take the sixty minute CUNY/ACT Writing Test. It covers essay development strategies including how to develop and organize ideas, and how to use correct English sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. To enroll in this workshop, students must have an Acceptance Letter from BMCC and a scheduled testing date.

*Students must have a BMCC acceptance letter and a scheduled testing date. For more information, or to enroll in our free workshops, please visit our website at www.bmcc. or call 212-346-8424 for an updated Workshop Schedule.

36 bMcc WorKsFALL2010 212-346-8410|

acT Testing center

Test Preparation

The new York city acT Testing center

The NY City ACT Testing Center at BMCC, which features a secure ACT-certified testing laboratory, is designed to offer tests that will help you start or advance your career.

Here are some of the tests available at the bMcc continuing Education lab:

· · · · · · · · · · · · Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB: 1-888-579-3926) American Dietetic Association (ADA: 1-800-877-1600) Automotive Service Excellence (ASE: 1-319-337-1433) American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO: 1-610-664-1175) American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD: 1-800-410-1250) Liebert Services, Emerson Network Power (LSENP: 614-841-6528) Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMT: 1-404-315-1739) Board of Certification (BOC: 1-877-262-3926) COMPASSTM Internet Version (CIV) Remote Testing (1-319-337-1054) Boston University Distance Education (BU: 1-617-358-1978) Thomas Edison State College Distance Education (TESC: 1-609-984-1181. Ext: 2220) Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM: 1-800-451-9311)

To reschedule, call the acT scheduling center at 800-205-6366. For any other questions, please call us at 212.346.8438 or 212.346.8425. The only acT high stake testing center in cunY and all the 5 boroughs. For more information, call the association affiliated with your exam.

Join us for a career Training open House!

BMCC's Continuing Education Division hosts a number of Orientations and Open Houses throughout the month to provide you with detailed information on the "In Demand" career fields and the training programs we offer. If you are considering a career in..

allied Health · information Technology construction · Paralegal · administrative Professional

check out our website for event dates and times, and plan on coming to 25 broadway to learn more about how we help area men and women begin exciting new careers each week! |212-346-8410 FALL2010bMcc WorKs37

clEP Testing services

(collEGE-lEVEl EXaMinaTion ProGraM®)

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) gives you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know regardless of how that knowledge was acquired--whether it was through advanced course work, independent study, work experience, professional development, or extracurricular activities.

Take any of the following exams and transfer the credits to your college:

Financial Accounting Introductory Psychology Principles of Management Introductory Business Law Principles of Marketing Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Microeconomics Western Civilization I Western Civilization II Human Growth & Development Introductory Sociology Information Systems & Computer Applications American Literature Analyzing and Interpreting Literature English Composition (with and without Essay) English Literature Freshman College Composition Humanities French Language 1 & 2 German Language 1 & 2 Spanish Language 1 & 2 American Government Educational Psychology Intro. U.S. History I (Early Colonization to 1877) U.S. History II (1865 to the Present) Social Sciences & History Biology Calculus Chemistry College Algebra College Mathematics Natural Sciences Pre-Calculus

Office Hours: Monday­Thursday 9:00am­5:00pm, Friday 9:00am­5:00pm Test Dates: Wednesday and Friday Appointment Times: 10:00am, 12:00pm & 2:00pm

A registration fee of $40 payable to BMCC is due at the time of registration and $72 payable to CLEP is due the day of the exam. * Please confirm with your college or the institution you plan to enroll that the credits will be accepted.

For more information call 212-346-8438 or visit our website at

Shorten your path to a college degree and save money on tuition.

38 bMcc WorKsFALL2010

Center for Continuing Education 212-346-8410| & Workforce Delevlopment


Financial aiD & TraininG GranT oPTions

BMCCWorks offers several flexible options to help get you into the classroom and move forward in your career. Consider these options: split Fees / installment Payments ­ pay 60% of the course fee by the first date of class, with the balance due before the course reaches the

mid-point. Learners will be charged a $25 fee for choosing this option. Contact Mary Mcintyre at 212-346-8410.

General information

Monthly installment ­ select long-term training programs have been approved for installment payment arrangements to pay your tuition in manageable monthly installments, please visit: [Select BMCC Continuing education]. iTG Vouchers ­ area residents may be eligible for individual training Grant (itG) vouchers thru the local unemployment office, now known as the NYC division of Small Business Services. the vouchers can be obtained by working with a career counselor at one of the SBS's Workforce 1 Career Centers. please note that at BMCC only a select number of our career skills programs have been approved by the SBS to accept itG vouchers, including the Medical Assistant Specialist program, the direct Care Counselor program, the A+/CCNA technician program and the paralegal Studies program. other programs are approved to accept itGs on a case-by-case basis, please call 212.346.8410 to find out if any other programs have been approved. to begin the application process to see if you may be eligible for an itG, check out the list of Workforce 1 Career Center's in NYC and participate in an orientation: (link is found at the website, go to Small Business Services in the drop-down menu). Va Training Vouchers for Veterans ­ the veterans Administration offers a training voucher for honorably discharged veterans in the area, including service men and women returning from active service overseas. the funds are available thru the Gi Bill, and can be obtained by visiting the New York City vA Regional office(245 W. Houston Street in the Greenwich village area of Manhattan), calling 800.827.1000 or by applying online at . the federal stimulus package also provides for a one-time emergency education Benefit payment in the amount of $3,000.00 for veterans presently unemployed. aarP Worksearch Program ­ AARp WorkSearch program - the AARp Foundation offers a career counseling service for New Yorkers 40 yrs

of age and older. the training Assistance program (tAp) provides financial support for training to adult workers (40 and older) who have incomes which are at or below the median income for the local community. For area residents 55 and older, the Senior Community Service employment program (SCSep) could help you find your next career opportunity or access a training program to lead you there. Call the AARp office at 212.423.9922 for details.

Mary cone barrie scholarship ­ Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship - this annual scholarship is worth $2,500 and helps two qualified students

achieve their continuing education goals. Applications for this year's scholarship are due by July 30, 2010 with winners to be announced in September. established in 2008, the Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship is awarded each year to Marry Cone Barrie, former director of Continuing Studies at the university of toronto. For more information on this scholarship opportunity, check out:

cunY continuing Education career Training Program scholarships ­ the City university of New York has established a new scholarship

fund, generously supported by the Helena Rubinstein Foundation, designed for individuals who seek to advance their careers through learning programs at CuNY colleges by gaining new skills. Applicants may take either individual courses or a complete certificate program which includes several courses. Scholarship funds, if awarded, can cover 50% of your tuition and fee costs, up to $1000, and the applicant is expected to contribute the remaining 50% of the training expense. Call 212.346.8410 for details, or visit our website at for an application.

Dc 37 Members ­ Many of the courses in this catalogue are reimbursable for NYC employees who are members of district Council 37. the

courses you choose can be credit or non-credit courses, as well as courses offered on line. For general information, to check eligibility or to request a tuition reimbursement application, call (212) 815-1663.

lifetime learning Tax credit ­ this credit is available for college, vocational and graduate students taking courses to upgrade their skills, or

acquire new skills. You will be able to take advantage of the tax credit each year when filing your taxes. For more details, visit the iRS website at or call the iRS Helpline at 800-829-1040.

bMcc alumni ­ men and women who earn their degrees from BMCC are eligible to receive a 15% discount on Continuing education courses.

Check out the courses published in this catalogue and give us a call at 212-346-8410 to register and get the discount.

bMcc Employees ­ BMCCWorks is the professional development training operation of the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

if you are presently a full time employee working with the college, choose a course in this catalogue that will help grow your skills and speak with your direct supervisor about registering for that class. Check out the Continuing education web page to learn more about our BMCC staff training policy. |212-346-8410 FALL2010bMcc WorKs39

Tuition and Fees

Registration is done on a first come first served basis. There is a non-refundable $15 registration fee, per student, per registration for in-person or over-thephone registration. All Continuing Education courses and activities are supported from the income derived solely from tuition and fees. Students are NOT considered officially registered until they have completed their tuition payment. Payment can be made by mail, in person, by phone, via fax transmission, or online. Please note that many courses require the purchase of books. This cost may not be included in the course tuition. Please review course description for details.

BMCC occasionally closes due to extreme bad weather situations. In the event of a blizzard or other hazardous weather condition, please tune to WWIN 1010 AM radio or NY1 television for a Third Party reimbursement formal college closure announcement, or call the At times, the employer of an adult learner in a BMCC department directly at 212-346-8410. Continuing Education course will offer to reimburse the learner for successful completion of a course/pro- session cancellation Policy gram. At the conclusion of your studies with us, you If a particular course session needs to be cancelled will earn a Certificate of Completion if you meet the due to an instructor matter, a facility issue or a weather issue, the total number of hours advertised course requirements. A letter can also be providing for the course will be honored. The course parindicating your successful completion of the course, ticipants, in consultation with the instructor, will and the amount of Tuition & Fees paid, if your emDiscount Policy* agree to either extend the course by an additional ployer requires one. The Continuing Education Department offers session, or add additional time to teach of the course cancellation discounts for participation in instructor-facilitated remaining sessions in order to accommodate the courses hosted in Manhattan, however we can not ex- All Continuing Education courses are subject to contact hours missed as a result of the cancellation. tend discounts for participation in our on-line courses. minimum enrollment. When courses are cancelled by statement of non-Discrimination the college for any reason, students may transfer to Discounts are available in the following manner: another course or receive a full refund. BMCCWorks Borough of Manhattan Community College of 15% off Tuition rate for BMCC Alumni (students The City University of New York (CUNY) is who earned an Associates' Degree, or who previously reserves the right to cancel any class for which there is insufficient enrollment and to withdraw or modify committed to providing equal employment and participated in Continuing Education course(s)), and educational opportunity to all persons without course offerings. Students are strongly encouraged BMCC employees (staff, faculty). 10% off Tuition regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic to take advantage of early registration to secure their rate for Senior Citizens or for participating in an origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, transgeninterest in each course and increase the likelihood Open House event. der, disability, genetic predisposition or carrier that the class will run. Course locations, dates, fees, returned checks and instructors may also be changed when necessary. status, alienage or citizenship, status as victim of In accordance with City University regulations, all domestic violence, or marital, military, or veteran Check our website for the most up to date informastudents whose checks are returned from the bank as status. It is a violation of this policy for any memtion regarding course offerings, schedule, locations, unpaid are liable for the amount of the check plus a ber of the college community to engage in disand fees. $25.00 reprocessing fee. crimination or to retaliate against a member of the Holidays and closings community for raising an allegation of discriminaconfirmation of registration BMCC's Continuing Education Division offers tion, filing a complaint alleging discrimination, or The Continuing Education Department will forward courses and programs of study seven days each week, for participating in any proceeding to determine an electronic confirmation of your registration for with start dates monthly, throughout the year. The whether discrimination has occurred. For details a course or program as soon as your registration is Division does close for certain holidays, including: and complete information go to completed and payment made. The confirmation is sent to the email address the adult learner provides July 5 ­ Independence Day rules/aff_act.html when registering, and will include the course or Sept 4-6 ­ Labor Day Weekend Teaching opportunities program title, start and end dates, days and times deOct 11 - Columbus Day We are always looking to bring talented new livered, among other pertinent information. If you do Nov 25-28 - Thanksgiving Recess instructors onto our team. If you are an expert in not receive and automatic response email confirmaDec 24-25 - Christmas a field and you would like to share your knowltion, please contact us at 212.346.8410. Dec 31 ­ New Years Eve edge with our students email us your resume Jan 1 - New Years Day refunds and a 1-page description of the course you are Jan 17 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day Students unable to attend the courses they have regproposing, include learning outcomes as well as a Feb 11 - Lincoln's Birthday istered for must inform the Continuing Education description of the target audience. Please forward Feb 21 - President's Day department in writing that they wish to withdraw. the materials to the address: [email protected] Failure to complete the course DOES NOT constitute official withdrawal, nor does notifying the instructor. The lack of attendance alone DOES NOT entitle the student to a refund of tuition or the cancellation of tuition still due. Withdrawal or refund requests cannot be made by telephone, online, or through the instructor. To request a course refund, please notify the BMCC's Continuing Education Division hosts a number of Orientations Continuing Education Office before the 2nd course and Open Houses throughout the month to provide you with detailed session via email to [email protected] or a letter to information on the "In Demand" career fields and the training programs the Center for Continuing Education and Workforce Development, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY we offer. If you are considering a career in.. 10007. Refunds for online courses are governed by allied Health · information Technology specific rules associated with each provider. Online Certificate programs offer no refunds after the indiconstruction · Paralegal · administrative Professional vidual starts using the course resources.

class meeting. No refund requests will be handled by phone. There will be NO refunds issued after the second class meeting. (Registration fee is non-refundable.) Please allow four to six weeks for processing.

Weather closing Policy

Join us for a career Training open House!

refund Policy

Requests must be made in writing by sending an email to "[email protected]". 100%, if written request is received at least two business days before the first class meeting. 50%, if written request is received at least two business days before the second

check out our website for event dates and times, and plan on coming to 25 broadway to learn more about how we help area men and women begin exciting new careers each week!


40 bMcc WorKsFALL2010


A+ / CCNA Combined Cert program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 A+ Certification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Accent Refinement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Accounting Fundamentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 BCLS Basic Cardiac Life Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Bookkeeping with Quickbooks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Building Analyst Certification training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Building envelope training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Business Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Business Writing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 CCNA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 CCNp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 CpSM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 CiSSp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Core Chi kung. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Core-Four Business planning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Cost estimator training program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 CpSM® Bridge exam & Review Courses . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Creating a Business plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 digital photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 direct Care Counseling (dCC) training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 electrocardiograph . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 eMt, emer Medical technician training. . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 energy efficient Building Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 eSL (english as a Second Language) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Final Cut pro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 GeoXchange Series, Construction training . . . . . . . . . . 27 Goal Setting for Career empowerment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Grammar for Non-Native Speakers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Hanging Your digital Shingle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Help desk Analyst training, tier 1 Support Specialist . . .11 HipAA Compliance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 indesign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 interview Skills. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 iv therapy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Job Scheduler, Construction training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Job Search plan, Creating A Winning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 |212-346-8410

You can email a copy of this catalog to anyone by going to:

MCAS Certification Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 MCSe on Windows Server 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Medical Assistant Specialist training. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Medical Billing and Coding professional Certification . . . 4 Medical-Surgical technician . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Meditation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Microsoft 2007 Suite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Networking Yourself into Your Next position . . . . . . . . . . 2 office Administration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 office Systems and technology. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 organizational Communication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 organizational Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 paralegal Studies program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 paramedic Refresher Course . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 pharmacy technician Certificate program . . . . . . . . . . . 6 phlebotomy technician training. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 photoshop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 photovoltaics, electricity Basics prep Class. . . . . . . . . . 25 pMp exam test prep Course . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 polysomnography training program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 predator Filmmaking 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 procurement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 project Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Renewable energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Resume & Cover Letter, Writing an effective . . . . . . . . . . 4 RetScreen Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Spanish Language Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Swimming / Community Recreation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 technical Writing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 toeFL instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 tour Guiding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 What's My perfect Job? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Zen and the Art of Liking Your Job . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

FALL2010bMcc WorKs41

rewarding careers begin at bMcc


allied Health isconsideredtobethehealthiestsectorinoureconomyforquite

sometimetocome.ProfessionsrangefromadministrativetaskslikeBilling& Codingtomorehands-oninteractionswithpatientssuchasIVTherapy.ThisFall, BMCCisalsointroducingnewAlliedHealthprogramsthatwillprepareyoutowork asanEmergencyMedicalTechnician,aParamedic,andotherin-demandhealth professions.Learnmorestartingonpg4

information Technologycontinuestobeanexcitingarenatobeginorexpand yourcareer.Takeonthechallengesofthe21stcenturyinthiscuttingedgefield. Learnmorestartingonpg10

Center for Continuing Education Borough of Manhattan Community College & Workforce Delevlopment the City university of New York Center 25 Broadway Education OF MANHATTAN for Continuing BOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE & Workforce Delevlopment New York, NY 10004

construction BMCCspecializesincareeradvancementtrainingforconstruction

professionals interested in roles such as project management, scheduling and estimating.We'realsoofferinganumberofclassestoprepareNewYorkersforthe emerging"green"careersandcertifications.Learnmorestartingonpg24

Paralegals areahotcommoditytoday,andwithaParalegalStudiesCertificate

underyourbelt,youcangotoworkinatraditionallawfirm,thecourtsystems, orawidevarietyoflargecorporationswhichhavelawofficesintheircorporate headquartershereinNewYork.Learnmoreonpg21

administrative Professionals areoneoftheleadingcareeropportunityfields inNewYorkCity.BMCCpartnerswiththeIAAPtodelivertheirnationallyrecognized certificationprogramwhichwillshowemployersandcolleaguesalikethatyouare seriousaboutyourcareer.Findoutmoreonpg20

Film Editing and Graphic Design Have you ever dreamed of being a filmmaker?Whetheryou'reanamateur,apro,orcompletelynewtothedigitalarts, BMCCisnowofferingawiderangeofeditingandgraphicdesigncoursesthatcan turnyourfilmmakingdreamsintoareality--andacareer!Learnmorestartingon pg8

supply Managers overseetheprocessoflocatingandsecuringthematerials neededtokeepabusinessfullyoperational.Whethermindingtheinventoryofa smallbusinessormanagingasupplychainthatrunsthroughaglobaleconomy,the supplymanagementpositionrequiresacombinationofanalyticalinsight,business savvyandpeopleskills.Doesthissoundlikesomethingforyou?Learnmorestarting onpg22

community corner StartingthisFall,BMCCisofferinganewseriesofcourses


thatcatertoyourlifeoutsideofyourwork.AttheCommunityCorner,youcanlearna newcraft,rekindleanoldhobby,takeaspiritualbreatherfromyourfast-pacedjob, orjusthavesomegoodoldfashionedfun!Learnmorestartingonpg31


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