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The Official Publication of The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce April 2007 · Volume XX, Number 4


Leadership Boca 2007 is off to a rousing start! This 23 year old community program provides participants with the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of Boca Raton and the surrounding areas through handson experience in diverse fields from media to government to economic development. This exciting and innovative program is designed to give business men and women a more comprehensive perspective of our c o m m u n i t y, so that they can grow their knowledge and network in the greater Boca Raton area. The Chamber and NCCI have jointly developed a unique opportunity to engage 20 of their "manager trainees" to participate in Leadership Boca this year. In something that has never been done before, we increased the size of the class allowing these 20 additional participants to enjoy the same experiences as the historical 40-member group. This allows important, fast-tracked NCCI employees to be exposed to the community in ways that they never otherwise could. "We are excited about the potential of NCCI's pilot program and about expanding it to future Leadership Boca classes," said Troy McLellan. "The faceto-face contact with community leaders and major employers builds a network of contacts that can last a lifetime. We'd like to see this corporate program as the start of a whole new era in developing community leadership." This year's class is led by Eleanor Powers, Leadership Boca Committee Chair, and Greg Snyder, Leadership Boca Committee CoChair. Congratulations to the Leadership Boca Class of 2007: Susan Albertson, Maria Arias, Stephanie Basile, Christopher Benson, Heidi Boehringer, Kristen Bomas, Cheryl Budd, Lori Cairo, Kristin Calder, Adam Chotiner, C a m i l l e Coley, Andrea Corsi, Leo Coto, Gregory D a n i e l , T h e r e s a D e a n , G r e g o r y Delz, David Fisher, Nicole Flier, Wendy Furman, Christopher Gagic, Jim Gavrilos, Gary Gonzalez, Linda Gove, Margo Hall, Naomi Hassig, Bill Horstman, Kevin Kaminski, Yvette Klepper, Joanne Kuleba, Sherry Latronica, Ilene Lustigman, Kirk Lyttleton, James Mabry, Kathryn Maguire, Ben Malik, Michael Mancuso, Barbara Marsh, Ed Marynowitz, Joel McTague, Cliff Merritt, Tracy Mitchell, Mark Nyland, Rick Ohrn, Stella Pores, Vicki Pugh, Robert Rubinstein, Frank Schmid, John Schneyer, Stephanie Sherman, Susan Sherwood, Mark Shim, Steven Sibner, Tim Smith, Maria Snow, James Stevens, Philip Studer, Kelly Thill, Jill Tiburzio, Patti Travasos, Soraya Tyriver, Amy Wellington, Becky Woodbridge, Cilia Zayas.


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The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce 1800 North Dixie Highway Boca Raton, FL 33432 Phone: 561.395.4433 Fax: 561.392.3780 [email protected]





Legislative Session Update - Page 2

Happy Anniversary!

10 Years as a Chamber Member!

Boca Raton Moving & Storage Boca Real Estators, Inc. CreditGUARD of America Stiles Realty Co.

Officers Victoria Rixon Chair Sam Hosn Chair-Elect Al Petrangeli Vice Chair Forrest Heathcott Vice Chair John Mulhall III Treasurer Troy M. McLellan President & Secretary Thomas E. Lynch Immediate-Past Chair Directors James Barr Frank Brogan Cheryl Budd Greg Cryan Charles J. Frankel III John Gallo Richard Gold Michael Gora Gary Klein Rick Konsavage Daniel Mann Pete Martinez Walt Mickens Richard Murdoch Tony Newbold Randy Nobles Keith O'Donnell Sandy Parker J.C. Perrin Joseph Pores Robert Rollins Charles Shane Kathy Skipper Tim Snow Gary Strack Craig Swill Wanda Thayer Al Travasos Roxanna Trinka Joseph Veccia Professional Team Troy M. McLellan President & CEO Linda Tumolo V.P., Administration & Finance Consuelo Inestrosa V.P., Operations Andrea Digilio Director, Special Events Betsy Dougherty Director, Programs Myles Kornblatt Director, Communications Jennifer Miller Executive Assistant Stephanie Basile Director, Membership Sales Evan Whelan Membership Sales Associate Josephine Scannell Customer Service Beverly Kuzma Administrative Specialist Sandy DeFelice Finance Associate

5 Years as a Chamber Member!

Arne Roslund Photography Consolidated World Traders, Inc. Delray Accounting & Tax Services, Inc. JM Lexus Kathryn Jordan & Associates, Inc. Midas International Real Estate

State Legislative Issues Update

The beginning of April means there are 34 days left on the Florida State Legislature's 60 day session. This is a good time to track the progress of the State issues in the Chamber's 2007 Legislative Agenda which was included in your March edition of "The Reporter". Petition Reform, Affordable Health Care, Venture Capital for Emerging Businesses, Guns at Work, and Local Chamber Identity/Fraud Protection have all been introduced and are being debated on a committee level in the State Senate and State House of Representatives. The Communications Services Tax Reduction



is currently headed to the House floor for debate. For details on these and other legislative actions your chamber feels are important to you, please refer to the 2007 Legislative Agenda. If you did not receive your copy of the legislative review or need another copy, please visit the Chamber office or www.bocaratonchamber. com. You may also track the progress of these bills and others by visiting the Florida State Chamber of Commerce's website at and click on the "latest bill news" link.

The Reporter l April 2007

Welcome New Members

Trustee Upgrades

Kaye Communications, Inc. PUBLIC RELATIONS Jon Kaye Boca Raton, FL True Presence INTERNET MARKETING Larry Leibowitz Boca Raton, FL United States Trust Company BANKS-TRUST COMPANIES Jeffrey A. Abrams Boca Raton, FL

Cena To Go RESTAURANTS Jaclyn Bahr Boca Raton, FL Chartered Accountants, Inc. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS Philip Storey Boca Raton, FL CNL Bank BANKS Stacy Brown Boca Raton, FL Continental Broadband Florida INTERNET PROVIDER/SERVICES Norman Wallace Deerfield Beach, FL Daily Bistro Dinners CATERERS Isabel Christina Chaves Boca Raton, FL Diamond Shopper ADVERTISING AGENCIES George Newman Boynton Beach, FL Doug Naarup MUSIC & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Doug Naarup Salisbury, MD Gaucho Rodizio Inc. RESTAURANTS Nilton Rodrigues Lighthouse Point, FL H.A.R.T. - Hurricane Action Response Team HURRICANE RESOURCES Joe Guarcino Davie, FL Holland & Knight, LLP ATTORNEYS Hank Jackson West Palm Beach, FL Innovative Homebuyers, Inc. REAL ESTATE-INVESTMENT Edison Gonzalez Boca Raton, FL Janrodesings, Inc. INTERIOR DESIGNERS & DECORATORS Jan Rothenberg Delray Beach, FL Kaufman Media Group ADVERTISING AGENCIES Adam Kaufman Coral Springs, FL Law Offices of Henry Portner ATTORNEYS-REAL ESTATE Henry N. Portner, Esquire Boca Raton, FL MDG Advertising, Inc. ADVERTISING AGENCIES Joanne Del Gigante Boca Raton, FL Meridian Financial Solutions, LLC PROPERTY LEASING/MANAGEMENT/ COMMERCIAL Michele Pasquale Jupiter, FL MetLife Financial Services/Arthur Cohen INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES Arthur Cohen Boca Raton, FL Principal Financial Group FINANCIAL SERVICES-CONSULTANTS Natalie Hundhausen Miramar, FL Pyn Logic, LLC SECURITY PRODUCTS/SYSTEMS Herve Roggero Boca Raton, FL Realty Associates Luxury Partners REAL ESTATE Gene Komishock Delray Beach, FL Richard A. Levine, M.D., FACP PHYSICIANS Richard A. Levine, M.D., FACP Boca Raton, FL Schirling Associates Home Improvement Co., Inc. ROOFING & ROOF REPAIR Kathy Schirling Delray Beach, FL Sherwin Williams PAINT RETAILERS Audrey C. Dalton Boca Raton, FL Spirit of Women HEALTH CARE Monica York Boca Raton, FL Star Baskets GIFT BASKETS-CUSTOM Nicole Santana-Guinn Boca Raton, FL Sushi Rock Boca Raton RESTAURANTS Tai Julalak Kaewsai Boca Raton, FL TechServices Corp COMPUTER SALES/SERVICE Steve Krupp Boca Raton, FL Thomson Promotions, Inc. ADVERTISING-SPECIALTIES/ PROMOTIONS Ronnie Thomson Boca Raton, FL Tracy Allen Event Planning EVENT PLANNERS Tracy Allen Boca Raton, FL Unique Hair & Skin Studio HAIR SALONS-MEN/WOMEN Kathia Festa Boca Raton, FL Universal Design Cabinets, Countertops and More KITCHENS Daniel Kula Deerfield Beach, FL

New Trustees

Atlantic Partners INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING David Gang Boca Raton, FL Marton Wealth Management of Wachovia Securities SECURITIES-FULL SERVICE Robert W. Marton Boca Raton, FL

New Members

American Business INSURANCE Bruce Mesner Boca Raton, FL Azul Lite Cafe RESTAURANTS Hilza Crespo Boca Raton, FL Beacon Group, Inc., The SIGNS & LETTERING Sandra Foland Riviera Beach, FL Bermuda Landscape & Design, Inc. LANDSCAPING-MAINTENANCE/DESIGN Patricia DeCapito Lake Worth, FL Budget Business Supplies OFFICE-EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Rocky Teitlebaum Boca Raton, FL CB Richard Ellis @ Boca Center REAL ESTATE-COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL Candace Goldstein Boca Raton, FL

The Reporter l April 2007 l



Fred DeFalco DeFalco Family Enterprises

Fred DeFalco is a Real Estate Broker, Licensed Auctioneer, Real Estate Investor, Consultant and Strategist. Fred is also an accomplished internet marketing entrepreneur and owner of Boca with over 175,000 unique visitors per month. Fred's personal passion is public speaking on the topic of Artfully Managing a thing called life. Fred DeFalco started his Real Estate career at the age of 24 in Baltimore, Maryland. Fred, who always works with great intensity, sold real estate for three years and quickly became a sales leader. The Company, recognizing Fred's sales and leadership skills, asked him to open and manage a branch office in 1981. This office quickly became the number one branch office among the company's 13 offices. In 1984 the local company was acquired by Coldwell Banker . At the age of 31, Fred was appointed Regional Vice President for eight offices. In 1986, Fred was promoted to Senior Vice President with Coldwell Banker and moved to Clearwater, Florida. In 1989, The Arvida Corporation recruited Fred as Executive Vice President and Broker to operate Arvida Realty Sales, LTD. Building the company from 58 agents to 180 agents and the market share from 2% to 21% the company became instrumental in the growth of the real estate industry in South Florida, Fred helped to shape and implement many changes in the local real estate industry. In 1997 he made the unusual decision to resign an executive position and return to his industry roots working directly with customers as a sales person. In 2000 Fred opened DeFalco Real Estate Group. His entrepreneurial spirit has expanded further to create an entire network of complementary businesses: DeFalco Real Estate Group, DeFalco Auctioneers and Consultants, Gold Coast Realty Investors, LLC, Gold Coast Realty Investors of NY, LLC, Boca Raton. com, Boca Raton Real, Mayhem Management, Inc., Encouragement Enterprises, a non-profit organization, and WNC Media Consultants, Inc. Fred's decision to create this group of companies and empower his team to create and grow these organizations is based on his belief that he can help others by mentoring, example and encouragement. In addition to an entrepreneurial spirit, Fred always has numerous philanthropic activities going on at anytime including: Field's Family Trust, Troubled, World Vision, Darkness 2, Housing for the Needy, Business Mentoring, and Authors/Writers Assistance.

Marketing & Corporate Communications

How well do you keep all the balls in the air when the floor keeps shifting and they keep tossing new ones at you? JKG Group knows what you're up against. No matter what you're juggling, we'll help you make complicated tasks routine. Complex challenges simple. Overwhelming pressures manageable. JKG Group--We're How It Gets Done.

For more information please visit



The Reporter l April 2007


VOL. XX, No.4 · April 2007 Keeping Data Safe in a Disaster

Most businesses have business plans, many have marketing plans, cash flow models, advertising budgets and even community involvement plans. But not all businesses have disaster recovery plans. According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, 40% of small businesses that close due to a disaster event never re-open. Just what is a disaster recovery plan? It is a corporate plan outlining what to do in case of a disaster. The most often of which here in South Florida involves the dreaded "H" word...HURRICANE. But can also include fire, theft and even sabotage, or terrorism. For this article, we are going to talk about a disaster plan for your data recovery. Client information and financial data are critical to almost any business. Your data is your business. What would your business do if all your data was lost? How long would it take to recover? And do you have a plan that kicks in, in the event of a hurricane or similar disaster? Items to consider are: · Where is your data kept during the hurricane? Is it on a tape at someone's house? Is it in a safe at the office? Is it backed up somewhere you think is safe? Is it on your harddrive in your PC or on more than one computer? If you keep it in a "safe" place, how do you access that data the day after the storm? What if you have had physical damage to the office? What if your PC or server is damaged? How long will it take to get another PC or server to replace the damaged one? What if the area in which your office is located has suffered loss of power and power is expected to be out for a few days, even a couple of weeks? How do you run your business then? If the office is damaged, or there is a loss of power, where do you go to run our business? Do you send someone to another city? If so, how do they access all the information they need to answer client questions and give our clients peace of mind that you are in business and able to handle their needs?

Boca Raton, Florida 33432 How to Build Employee Loyalty and Why It Is So Important

"What have you done for me lately?" is a punch line that we all know and use now and then to get a laugh--or at least a smile. In the world of business, however, it is often on the minds of employees regarding their employers. And how you answer the question can seriously affect your ability to attract and retain good employees. The 2006 SHRM Job Satisfaction Survey found that employees ranked these as their top priorities: · compensation · benefits · job security · work/life balance · feeling safe in the workplace Now that you know the "Hit Parade", all you have to do is apply this knowledge to attract and retain the best talent in your particular market. Do you have an upbeat promotional "handout" for prospective hires? You should; and it should tout all the advantages that you offer as an employer. Obviously, you need to ensure that your company offers a competitive compensation package--pay and benefits. You don't need to "lead the pack"; but if you trail the pack, your employees may not feel properly valued. As job security is so important to today's workers, if your track record has been good in this regard, provide that information in your "Why You Want to Work Here" promotional piece. If your industry is prone to cutbacks, have a stated policy concerning how you handle reductions in force if/when these occur. Work/life balance is often not on an employer's "radar". But acknowledging non-work priorities develops loyalty. Think about offering work scheduling options; flexible schedules (part-time, job sharing, phased-out retirements); and making it genuinely OK to use work/family options. Feeling safe in the workplace was one of the top five job satisfiers in 2004 and 2005, too. Once again, if your track record has been good in this regard, provide that information in your promotional piece. Besides good security systems, you should have a clear policy concerning workplace deportment and it should include immediate dismissal for violence. There are many more things you can do to attract and retain the best talent for your Company. These few suggestions are just some food for thought.

Penny Morey is the Managing Partner of RemarkAbleHR, Inc. Recruiting and Retention Experts. You can contact her at 561.477.3077 or [email protected]




What can you do to be prepared? Write a plan, be informed, and be prepared before a disaster occurs. Your business may depend on it. You can go to to get more information.

Jim Dennis is Director of Sales and Marketing for Out of the Blue Solutions, Inc. For more information you can contact Jim at 561.208.3736 x107, [email protected] or

The Reporter l April 2007 l


Consistently and effectively providing staffing solutions to the South Florida business community since 1989. Contact the professionals at Gemini Recruitment for all of your human resource needs.

Free Educational Seminar

How to Become a Rainmaker

Educating our members is on the top of the Chamber's priority list and because of this, we organize educational seminars aimed at enriching the membership on various business-related topics. The educational seminars are offered free of charge, as a benefit to our members.

Terry Czarnecki President

Cheryl Ryder Vice President

Next Educational Seminar

Wednesday, April 18 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Chamber Boardroom RSVP: Beverly Kuzma 561.395.4433 ext 231 [email protected]

Program: "How to Become a Rainmaker " Build your business through a 5-step consultative approach to selling Speaker: Nicole Governile, ProActive Training and Consulting

Temporary employees Temporary-to-Permanent Permanent Placement Payrolling Services Screening and Testing Background verification

7300 W. Camino Real, #121 Boca Raton, FL 33433

561-955-1295 561-955-1294 Fax [email protected]

Visit to RSVP or for more information.

New Advertising Opportunity!

Be a part of the Chamber's Mid-Month e-mail.

For more information please contact Myles Kornblatt at 561.395.4433 ext. 235 or [email protected]


Auto Accidents Sport Injuries Work-Related Injuries Walk-ins Welcome



Your Lunch or Dinner Check with the Purchase of a Beverage

Only One Certificate per Table

$5.00 OFF


8903 Glades Road, Suite A-11

Somerset Shoppes-Glades & Lyons · 561-488-0225




Valid thru May 31, 2007 No Separate Checks Please Excluding Holidays Taxes & Gratuity added to check prior to discount

The Reporter l April 2007

Chamber Society Page

Young Business Professionals

Gold Coast Seafood Grill

Young Business Professionals

Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel

Nicole Flier, Greg Delz and Jason Muehlhauser

Natalia Barrionuevo Crawford and Rob Gaynor

Martina Miranda and Tara Godfrey

David Blank and Emilie Cherry

Successful Women in Business

Consuelo Inestrosa and David Greenfield Joe Pores, Roxanna Trinka and Troy M. McLellan

Jaime Ehrenfeld, Linda Rinaldi, Yvonne Boice, Betsy Dougherty and Tracey Murphy

Sara Scaldini, Charlene Reiff and Rosemary Krieger

Ioana Grigore, Sherry Tautiva, Deborah Bacarella and Marianne Rantala

Membership After-Hours Network

Membership Breakfast

Ron Towers, Kathleen Puglisi and Troy M. McLellan

Silvia Badurova and Carl Hoffman

J.C. Perrin, Troy M. McLellan, Kathy Adkins, Walt Mickens, Victoria Rixon and Dr. Jose Arrascue

Kristy Hartofilis, and Nicholas Koutrakos

Gail Eagle and John Schneyer

Penny Morey and Jayne Scala

Sharon Ellington and Jim Dennis

Patti Smead and Mary Kenyon

The Reporter l April 2007 l


2nd Annual Splash of Gold Fashion Show

WHEN: Friday, June 8, 2007 WHERE: Boca Country Club 17751 Boca Club Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33407 (Congress Avenue - across from Costco) TIME: 7:00 am Breakfast and Registration, 8:00 am Shotgun Start After completion of round relax and network at the lunch & awards reception

Attention golfers: Get those clubs and golf balls out! The Chamber's 37th Annual Golf Classic is right around the corner!

Do you remember that great day last June? Making contacts in a casual business environment; playing some of the most challenging 18 holes Boca Raton has to offer; the great treats from the hole sponsors; and all those great shots you told everyone you made. It was playing hooky from the office, but if anyone asked where you were, all you had to say was, "I was in a meeting all day." If you don't have any of these memories, then you weren't at the Chamber's Annual Golf Classic.



All sponsors will be listed on the official sponsor sign, in the program, on the Chamber's website, and in the Chamber's monthly newsletter. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or would like to purchase a foursome, please contact Andrea Digilio at [email protected] or call 561.395.4433 ext 224.

Successful Women in Business Golf Tournament

WHEN: Thursday, June 21, 2007 WHERE: Country Club at Boca Raton (6200 Boca Del Mar Drive) TIME: 11:30 am Buffet Lunch and Registration, 1:30 pm Shotgun Start Awards reception following tournament "I was a beginner golfer and took the lessons for the women's golf tournament. Having the lessons under my belt and playing with the women in the golf tournament has given me the courage to get out on the course with existing and prospective clients as well as play in other local golf tournaments such as the Lynn University tournament. Golf is a great way to network and develop business. What other way can you get 4 or 5 hours of undivided attention from a prospective client and have fun at the same time!" - Rhonda Grant, District Sales Executive, Fidelity Federal a National City Company



All sponsors will be listed on the official sponsor sign, in the program, on the Chamber's website, and in the Chamber's monthly newsletter. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or would like to purchase a foursome, please contact Andrea Digilio at [email protected] or call 561.395.4433 ext 224.



The Reporter l April 2007

Congratulations Consuelo

Consuelo Inestrosa has been with the Chamber since July 2001. In her over 5 years of service she has proved to be a tremendous asset to the Chamber team demonstrating e x c e l l e n t communication, organizational, and operational skills. She is very deserving of her recent promotion to Vice President in charge of Operations. In her new role, Consuelo will now oversee the communications, programs and special events departments, as well as continue to head the Ambassadors program. The Chamber is proud and fortunate to have Consuelo on its team.

Network Plus/Mini Trade Show

Only once every quarter you are given the opportunity to showcase your product or service to fellow chamber members at the Membership After-Hours Network Plus. Your next opportunity will be Tuesday, April 24 at the Hilton Deerfield Beach/Boca Raton (100 Fairway Dr. Deerfield Beach, FL 33441). This is a great opportunity to share your passion for your company at one of our most popular events. To purchase a table for $150, please contact Betsy Dougherty at 561.395.4433 ext. 232 or [email protected]

When: Where: Time: Price: Contact:

Tuesday, April 24 Hilton Deerfield Beach/Boca Raton

(100 Fairway Dr Deerfield Beach, FL 33441)

5:30 - 7:30 p.m. $10 member, $50 non-member Jo Scannell, 561.395.4433 ext. 221 or [email protected]

Congratulations Chamber Referral Winner

Kathleen Biscuiti Biscuiti International, Inc.

Welcome to the Chamber Team

Please join us in welcoming our new Director of Special Events, Andrea Digilio. She is a native of Rochester, New Hampshire and moved to South Florida in July 2002. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Hospitality Management. Andrea has a background in hotels and event planning. In her free time, Andrea is an avid runner who is currently training for a full marathon. She completed her first half marathon in January at a time of 2 hours and 2 minutes. When she is not working or running, Andrea enjoys sporting events, dancing and relaxing by the pool.

The Reporter l April 2007 l 9

By referring a business who joined the Chamber, Kathleen a 90 day membership to Michael's Body Scenes. So remember, you are not only helping out your business community by referring others to the chamber, but now you may also get rewarded for it, too! To find out how you can be a winner, visit and click the "Join the Chamber" banner.

The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce's Golden Bell Education Foundation has granted $815,000 to local public schools and scholarships in the Boca Raton area since 1991

All communities are reliant on a capable workforce. We need to insure the very best for our schools because today's students are tomorrow's employees. That is why your Chamber of Commerce invests its time and effort in the Golden Bell Education Foundation. You and your business can be an integral part of this endeavor in ways such as getting involved with organized events and programs, through planned and future gifts, and endowments.

Granting Schools Dollars Today - Developing Business Leaders For Tomorrow

For more information on how you can help, contact Linda Tumolo at 561.395.4433 ext. 225 or [email protected]

Areas of Practice:

· All Injury Cases · Wrongful Death · Automobile Accidents · Immigration · Wills, Estates & Trusts · Real Estate · Transactional Matters

Ellis, Ged & Bodden, P.A.· 7171 N. Federal Highway · Boca Raton, Fl 33487

1 . 8 8 8 . 3 4 2 . 3 4 7 6 · w w w. E l l i s a n d G e d . c o m

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications & experience. 10


The Reporter l April 2007


Your company's telephone menu says more about your organization than you think. Put your telephone prompts, voice mail greetings and your web page speech in the same professional voice as your on-hold.

(954) 480-8811

Email: [email protected] Web site:


Celebrating Boca...All Month Long!

Created 37 years ago, Boca Festival Days was founded to help boost business during what was traditionally Boca Raton's "slow" month of August. It is a month-long, city-wide celebration which includes multiple events sponsored by our business community which in turn benefit local non-profits. The Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce acts as a matchmaker between the business and non-profit communities, creates awareness, and promotes the events. Throughout the years it has grown tremendously and now boasts events of all varieties and thousands of participants. Last year, more than $200,000 was raised for non-profits! Chamber Members are encouraged to become involved! You are the key to making a difference in our community! For more information contact Myles Kornblatt at [email protected] or 561.395.4433 ext. 235

BOCA FESTIVAL DAYS SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Community Builders $2500 Community Partners $1000

* Logo placement on promotional materials, newspaper special section, Chamber web site, and media press kits * Mention in all pre and post press releases to media print, radio, television, magazines * Special Recognition at August Breakfast * 4 tickets to Wine and All That Jazz * 4 tickets to Splash of Gold Fashion Show * 10 Invitations to Kick Off Party * Logo placement on all promotional materials, newspaper special section, Chamber website, and media press kits * Mention in all pre and post press releases to media - print, radio, television, magazines * 2 tickets to Wine and All That Jazz * 2 tickets to Splash of Gold Fashion Show * 6 Invitations to Kick Off Party

Community Friends $500

* Mention in all promotional materials, newspaper special section, Chamber website, and media press kits * Mention in all pre and post press releases to media - print, radio, television, magazines · 4 Invitations to Kick Off Party

Boca Festival Days Event Sponsorship $250

* Listing of your event in all Boca Festival Days materials * Listings in newspaper special sections * Inclusion in all press kits sent to media outlets * 4 Invitations to the Boca Festival Days kick-off event * Event listing on the Chamber's website

The Reporter l April 2007 l 11

Member Ribbon Cutting

Get noticed!

Advertise in The Reporter for as little as $100 a month.

Over 3,500 people read this newsletter every month. Don't delay, call today!

Paramount Residential Library Commons 5000 T-Rex Ave, #150 Boca Raton

For advertising rates and information, contact Myles Kornblatt at [email protected] or call 561.395.4433 x 235. You can also view rates at by clicking on "Advertise With Us" under the Chamber Resources Menu.

Ring in Spring Golden Bell Benefit

WHEN: Friday, April 6th from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Saturday, April 7th from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday, April 8th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm WHERE: The Reserve Shopping Center (Corner of U.S. 441 and Clint Moore Rd.)

Save these dates! Friday, April 6th through Sunday, April 8th will be a weekend for FREE fun in the sun when the 1st Annual Holiday Spring Festival comes to town!


You'll see South Florida's finest Artists and Crafters with 10% of all proceeds from vendors and store owners going to benefit the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce's Golden Bell Education Foundation.



The Reporter l April 2007

nk & Trust Fidelity Federal Ba



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Boca East · 2400 N. Federal Highway, (561) 393-6441 Clint Moore @ 441 · 9878 Clint Moore Road, (561) 482-1449 Glades @ Lyons · 9033 Glades Road, Suite 100, (561) 482-1052 Mizner @ Federal Highway · 520 S. Federal Highway, (561) 338-5901

*Transaction: Defined as any deposit or withdrawal. The Fidelity Federal FREE Business Checking account offer is available to new checking accounts only and is not available to customers with an existing business checking account at Fidelity Federal.

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B'nai Torah Congregation Foundation, in partnership with UBS Financial Services Inc., will hold their Second Annual Continuing Education Accredited Seminar For Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Trust Officers, Insurance Executives & Financial Planners With Keynote Speaker Jeffrey N. Pennell, Professor, Emory University School of Law, Friday, April 27, 2007, 8:30 a.m. ­ 11 a.m. at the Eleanor & Paul Weiner Cultural Center, B'nai Torah Congregation, 6261 Southwest 18th Street Boca Raton, FL 33433. This Exclusive Estate Planning Seminar is offered at no cost. RSVP to Gina Cohen at 561.392.8566 ext 340 or e-mail her at [email protected] The Mathew Forbes Romer Foundation (MFRF) is sponsoring a "Make Your Own DNA Necklace" program during the Spring Children's Fair on Wednesday, April 4th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton. The free activity will allow children who visit the MFRF booth to collect their own DNA (from their saliva), add safe chemicals to a test tube, and then extract a string of their unique DNA to keep in a glass necklace. For more info please visit First Southern Bank welcomes Jennifer L. Rodriguez, a 13-year banking professional, to the bank as vice president/market manager for the North Palm Beach office. In her role at First Southern, Rodriguez will be responsible for the bank's overall business development in the North Palm Beach market and for the daily operations of the branch, which is located at 801 U.S. Highway One. Delray Medical Center has been recognized as one of America's 50 Best Hospitals by HealthGrades, a leading independent healthcare ratings company. The HealthGrades America's 50 Best Hospitals designation, which is new this year, recognizes hospitals that have demonstrated superior clinical quality over a seven-year period, based upon an analysis of tens of millions of Medicare patient records from 1999-2005. These hospitals have achieved better survival rates and lower complication rates across dozens of medical procedures and diagnoses, from cardiac care to orthopedic surgery, consistently ranking among the top five percent in the nation for overall clinical outcomes. Lynn Fedoriw, CPA, manager-tax and accounting services at Shavell & Company, P.A., was awarded American Business Women's Association (ABWA) 2007 Woman of the Year Award from the Coral Springs Charter Chapter. Each year the award honors a member who made a significant contribution to the chapter. The ABWA's mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition. The "Cooking as Therapy" workshop will take place on April 5 from 6:45 to 9:00 p.m. This hands-on workshop will give you an opportunity to satisfy both your appetite and your psyche. Come and learn an innovative way to socialize and build connections with people. Attendance is limited to 60 and RSVP is required. For more information or to reserve a space, contact the Center for Group Counseling at 561.483.5300. Call 4 Health and FONEMED have combined to introduce an answering service/nurse triage program for doctors called FONE 4 Health ­ a complete solution for providing expanded afterhours patient phone assistance for medical practices. For more information, contact Call 4 Health at 561.994.3334. Jeffrey L Klein, Vice President of National Planning Corporation has earned his seventh membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table. The Round Table's membership represents the top life insurance and financial service professionals worldwide. Join the SPCA Wildlife Care Center and Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin for the 6th Annual Walk For Wildlife on Saturday, April 14. The 1.25 mile walk at Quiet Waters Park to help save local wildlife will also feature live entertainment for the family. For more information and fund-raising participation call the SPCA at 954.524.7154 or SCORE will be hosting a FREE Small Business Seminar for coaching all types of small business owners on Wednesday, April 25 at Boca Raton High School from 7:00 ­ 8:30 pm (call 561.338.1420 to RSVP.) For more information on this event or other upcoming FREE seminars, please visit or call 561.981.5180.



The Reporter l April 2007

As a founding member of the Trustee Membership Program, I am happy to see it continue to provide the community of Boca Raton with a place where the decision makers of the area can meet to build a powerful network. In my current role at Promise Healthcare, we work on different projects across the nation. Because of Richard Gold the partnerships built in the Trustee Program, I have a trusted local network that I can rely on nationwide. Promise Healthcare The Trustee Program features area companies at the pinnacle of their industry. The program harnesses the wealth of knowledge among the members, and allows management techniques and business strategy to be shared in intimate and business friendly environment. This level of membership means you are not only committed to building a stronger business, but also a better community through commerce. We are the executives who work in Boca Raton, and we care about its prosperous future. If you are ready to be in a community-minded, corporate organization, then you are ready for the Trustee Program.

Trustee Testimonial

South Florida Hospital News has been a member of the Boca Chamber for more than 3 years. Always a strong proponent of local Chambers, one of the first things we did, prior to the publication of our first issue of South Florida Hospital News, was join the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. As a new healthcare trade publication, it was imperative that we find a way to integrate ourselves into the business community as quickly and efficiently as possible. Charles Felix South Florida The Boca Raton Chamber has afforded us the opportunity to become part of the business community Hospital News through its strong networking events and bi-weekly Leads meetings. It can be difficult to grow a business from single contacts; but as a Chamber member, we can attend the Network Plus functions, connecting with multiple decision makers in a myriad of industries. Since South Florida Hospital News is available by direct mail only, the Chamber gives us the ability to expose other businesses to the benefits of advertising to our targeted healthcare market without costly marketing efforts. And as we embark on the publication of our new consumer-targeted South Florida Guide to Good Health, the Chamber will once again play a major role. The Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce is by far one of the most useful resources any new or established business can utilize in our community. To submit your own Testimonial, call Myles Kornblatt at 561.395.4433 ext. 235 or email [email protected]

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We specialize in insuring small businesses - artisan, contractors, offi ces, commercial residential, plus retail and service businesses are just a few. Call me... Stop by... Log on it's your choice!

John M. Sena

(561) 391-4661 [email protected]

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Home Office:

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60 Seconds From Your Desk to I-95

1,347 SF - $3,250/mo.

* Plus Electric and Janitorial

624 SF $1,500/mo.*

354 SF $900/mo.*

Presenting Boca Raton's newest and most accessible office building, Peninsula Corporate Center at Congress, "The Next Big Thing in Small Spaces" We specialize in Class-A offices for users from 350 to 1,500 square feet. Our storm-ready design features impact glass and full generator backup. It's perfect for professionals, financial or technology firms or for emergency operations centers.

Peninsula Corporate Center at Congress

950 Peninsula Corporate Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Three-Story, Class-A 45,800 SF Office Building Storm-ready design; Impact Glass, 100% Generator Backup Occupancy Scheduled for June 2006 Private Restrooms, Granite Kitchens, Hardwood Finishes Central Landscaped Fountain Courtyard Direct Access with no turns to I-95 Congress Interchange $29.00 Gross; Suites From Under $1,000/Month Standard sizes include 354, 624, 735 and 1,347 SF

Danburg Management Corporation

7700 Congress Avenue, Suite 3100, Boca Raton, FL 33487 Tel 561.997.5777 Fax 561.997.9577

Coming Up

1800 North Dixie Highway Boca Raton, FL 33432-1892

April 12 Membership Breakfast 7:45 - 9:00 am Country Club at Boca Raton PRESORTED STANDARD U.S.POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 4 Boca Raton, FL April 17 Young Business Professionals Luncheon 12:00 - 1:15 pm The Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel April 18 Educational Seminar - "How to Become a Rainmaker" 12:00 - 1:00 pm Chamber Boardroom April 19 Successful Women in Business Luncheon 12:00 - 1:15 pm Country Club at Boca Raton April 24 Membership After-Hours Network Plus/Mini Trade Show 5:30 - 7:30 pm Hilton Deerfield Beach/Boca Raton April 25 Latin Business Professional Luncheon 12:00 - 1:15 pm The Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel

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