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Meaghan Mountford has been a professional cookie decorator for over a decade, with her cookies appearing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Modern Bride and Chocolatier magazine. She is the Edible Crafts editor at the popular website, and her blog The Decorated Cookie has been featured on hundreds of sites, including Saveur, Bright Ideas (Mars candy company), The Hostess with the Mostess, Serious Eats, CakeSpy, MSN, and much more! She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and daughter.

The Basics

cakes, cupcakes and cake pops

Yellow Cake and Cupcakes

2¾ cups all-purpose flour 2½ teaspoons baking powder ¼ teaspoon salt 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, slightly softened 2 cups granulated sugar 4 eggs 1½ teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup milk 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour cake pans or line cupcake tins with baking cups. remove from the cupcake tins when cool enough to touch.

Yield: Makes 1 nine-inch cake (2 layers), 1 sheet cake, 24 cupcakes, 48 mini cupcakes or 60 cake pops. This recipe will also make 4 layers of a six-inch cake.

Cake pops.

2. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt and whisk together. In the bowl of a standing mixer with the flat beater, or with a handheld electric mixer, cream butter and sugar together until well blended. 3. Add the eggs, one at a time, blending well after each addition. Add the vanilla extract and blend. Alternating, add the milk and flour mixture to the butter and sugar mixture, blending well with each addition, scraping down the sides of the bowl with a spatula as needed. 4. Pour the batter evenly in prepared pans or cupcake tins. Bake 20 to 25 minutes for standard cupcakes, 12 to 15 minutes for mini cupcakes, 30 to 35 minutes for a round cake, 35 to 45 minutes for a sheet cake, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean and the edges start to brown. 5. For a round layer cake, when the cake is cool enough to touch, turn out on wire racks to cool completely. For cupcakes,

To make cake pops, bake a nine-by-thirteen-inch sheet cake using the recipes here, your favorite recipe, or a box of store-bought cake mix. Let the cake cool completely and crumble into a large bowl. Stir in 1 cups of buttercream frosting (this is about half the recipe for buttercream frosting in this book) or use three-quarters of a container of storebought frosting and mix well, pressing the cake and frosting together with the back of a spoon or, preferably, mixing them with your hands until you have a texture that is wet, smooth and able to be formed. Between the palms of your hands, roll the mixture into balls 1½ inches in diameter and place them on a baking tray lined with wax paper. Freeze for fifteen minutes, no longer. Move the tray of cake balls to the refrigerator to keep them firm but not frozen. Work with a few cake balls at a time, while keeping the remainder in the fridge. To make a cake pop, dip the tip of a lollipop stick in melted candy melts and insert gently in the cake ball. Then dip the cake pop in melted candy melts (see the Techniques section) and decorate as you desire.

frosting and fondant

Buttercream Frosting

½ cup (1 stick) plus 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter, softened 4½ cups confectioners' sugar 3 to 6 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract pinch of salt (optional) 1. With a wire whip in the bowl of a standing mixer, or in a large bowl with a handheld electric mixer on medium speed, cream the butter. Add 3 cups of the confectioners' sugar, 1 cup at a time, blending well after each addition. The mixture may still be dry and crumbly.

2. Add 3 tablespoons of the milk and the vanilla extract and blend well. Blend in the remaining 1½ cups of confectioners' sugar. Blend in the salt, if using. 3. Add more milk to thin and more confectioners' sugar to thicken as necessary to achieve desired consistency. The frosting should be thick enough to have stiff peaks when blended and to hold its shape when you scoop a spoonful, but it should be smooth enough to spread easily with a spatula. Yield: 2¾ to 3 cups of frosting. Recipe may be halved.


These buttercream frosting recipes are pretty forgiving. You can add more confectioners' sugar and milk to thicken or thin, respectively, without affecting the taste significantly. Since we primarily use this just to top cakes and cupcakes, not for decorating, nuances in the consistency are not as important as with royal icing, so you may use any consistency that works best for you. Go a bit thinner for easier spreading when frosting cakes and thicker when piping frosting on cupcakes so the frosting holds its shape.

frosting and fondant

Rolled Fondant Icing (aka Fondant)

1 tablespoon (1 packet) unflavored gelatin 3 tablespoons cold water ½ cup light corn syrup 2 tablespoons vegetable shortening (such as Crisco) 1 tablespoon glycerin (found in the craft store) 1 teaspoon clear vanilla extract* 7 to 8 cups (about 2 pounds) confectioners' sugar, plus more for dusting *You may substitute regular vanilla extract, but note you will need to add additional white food coloring for a bright white fondant. 1. Combine gelatin and cold water in a small bowl and let stand until thick, about 3 minutes. Pour mixture in the top of a double boiler or in a heatproof bowl placed on top of a saucepan with simmering water, and stir until melted. Add light corn syrup and mix well. Stir in shortening until almost melted, and remove from heat. Add glycerin and vanilla extract and stir well. Place 6 cups of the confectioners' sugar in the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the flat beater. Pour in the gelatin mixture and blend on low until a sticky ball forms. (Instead of a standing mixer, you may use a wooden spoon to stir.)

2. Grease a spatula with shortening and scrape the fondant onto a surface dusted with confectioners' sugar. Knead an additional 1 to 2 cups of confectioners' sugar into the fondant until it is smooth and pliable. Wrap any unused fondant well in plastic to store.


The recipe for fondant calls for about eight cups of confectioners' sugar, or about a two-pound bag. But be sure to purchase extra, as you will need additional confectioners' sugar when working with the fondant to prevent sticking. Use clear vanilla extract in the fondant and marshmallow fondant recipes, if possible, or add white food coloring to brighten the fondant.

little lamb


little lamb

C a k e B a l ls


cake pops (cake and buttercream frosting) melting chocolate and candy melts


black edible writer Jordan almonds shredded coconut white candy melts mini pretzel sticks wax paper


dip sweets in candy melts use sprinkles and candy use edible writers

Tint the coconut pink, blue, yellow or purple, and use coordinating colors of candy melts and almonds.


1. Follow the recipe for cake pops to bake your cake, prepare your cake balls and chill. 2. Make 2 black dots for eyes with the edible writer on the Jordan almonds and set aside. 3. Pour coconut on a plate and set aside. Melt candy melts according to the instructions. For each lamb, break 2 pretzel sticks in half so each pretzel piece is about 1¾ inches long. Dip the ends of the 4 pretzel pieces in the melted candy melts; then insert them into the base of a chilled cake ball. For best results, return the cake ball to the

freezer for 5 minutes to help set. Holding 2 of the pretzel legs, dip the cake ball in the melts and immediately roll in coconut. Stand the cake ball on the pretzel legs on a piece of wax paper. 4. Use a dab of melted candy melts to adhere the Jordan almond head to the lamb. Let dry.




C up C a k e s


fondant (store-bought recommended) cupcakes buttercream frosting




mix color into fondant make fondant decorations cover sweets with fondant

1¼-inch circle cookie or fondant cutter ½-inch circle fondant cutter coupler toothpicks wax paper cupcake liners 3-inch circle cookie or fondant cutter spatula or knife light corn syrup

*Electric Pink, Electric Green, Orange and Bright White used here. Store-bought white fondant will not need additional white coloring.


gel paste food coloring (pink, green, orange and white)* rolling pin confectioners' sugar


You will need fondant for both topping the cupcakes and preparing the buttons, so make sure to have two batches of homemade or two boxes of store-bought fondant.

1. Prepare fondant, divide and tint an assortment of preferred colors for the buttons. You'll also need a lot of white fondant to top the cupcakes. 2. Roll out fondant on a surface dusted with confectioners' sugar, and cut out 1¼-inch circles for the larger buttons and ½-inch circles for the smaller buttons in your preferred colors. For the larger buttons, center the large end of a coupler on the fondant circle and gently press to make an impression. Poke 4 holes in the center of the circle with the toothpick. For the smaller buttons, just poke the 4 holes in the center of the circle. Set aside on wax paper.

3. Bake cupcakes according to the recipe and let cool completely. 4. Roll out white fondant and cut out 3-inch circles for each cupcake. Frost cupcakes with buttercream frosting using a spatula or knife and top with fondant circles, smoothing edges. 5. Layer buttons in assorted colors and sizes on top of the cupcakes, using a toothpick to dab light corn syrup as needed to adhere.


In SUGARLICIOUS, professional cookie decorator Meaghan Mountford shares dozens of her favorite recipes from her own crafty kitchen. Fully illustrated with gorgeous 4-color photos and drawings, this utterly charming book provides readers with step-bystep instructions to transform simple baked goods into adorable, edible art. Whether it's coating marshmallow pops in sprinkles or crafting a garden gnome to display on a cake, Sugarlicious is all about creating cute and clever edible art within your creative reach.

Available February 7th Wherever Books Are Sold!


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