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Medallion Headlight Restoration

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Increases Light Output 6001000% Improves Driving Safety Better Night Time Visibility Increase Auto Value Cheaper Then Replacement StateoftheUC Cure Superior Scratch Resistance Excellent Chemical Resistance Excellent Leveling Characteristics Cures with 160 Watt UVA Light Can be Cured with Natural Sunlight Applied with PreVal Sprayer or MiniJet Spray Gun

The MedallionTM Headlight Restoration System has proven to be one of the best systems available. It is a simple 7 step system that takes approximately 20-30 minutes to do both headlights. The resin used in the headlight coating has gone through 3+ years of Florida's weather conditions with no deterioration. Most systems on the market involve sanding, compounding and waxing which holds up for a few months. With these systems, the headlights dull out in less than 3 months. The "MedallionTM Headlight Restoration System" is a simple 7 step process that requires UV light to cure the headlight coating. The UV light source can be a UVA light set-up with a minimum 160 watt UV bulb or in some cases natural sunlight.

MRS690Kit 2 MRS690 Headlight Restoration Coating 1 MRS691 Headlight Sanding/Cleaning Solution 1 MRS692 Solvent Cleaner 2 RS8023 PreVal Power Head 2 RS8024 4 oz. Polyethylene Bottle

MRS694K Tripod Light Fixture Kit with 1 Fixture / 2 160 Watt UV Light Bulbs and Safety Glasses MRS695 160 Watt UV SelfBallasted Curing Light Bulb MRS696 UltraSpec 2001 Safety Glasses

DirectToMetal Primer Surfacer

MRS80 is a direct to all metal primer surfacer that can be applied to bare substrates eliminating the pre treatment primer step. It has excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized panels, galvaneal, body filler, fiberglass, SMC and OEM finishes. MRS80 sands easily without loading the sandpaper. It mixes 4:1 with MRS82 activator. Available in Grey or Black MRS80 gal MRS80Q qt MRS82 qt MRS828 8oz

Medallion Poly Prime Polyester Primer

TwoComponent Polyester Primer Surfacer A High Solids, High Build

primer surfacer with exceptional filling capabilities. It's unique formula delivers "Tight CrossLink Density" which holds down body repair areas and provides an exceptional foundation for superior topcoat holdout. Offers excellent application, flow and leveling, and can be tinted up to 10% by volume with most polyesterbased basecoat tints. RS794 exhibits superior adhesion to properly prepared substrates such as steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass and body filler. Includes hardener


gal qt

Acrylic Urethane NonSanding Sealer

2K Select Shade Acrylic Urethane Sealer is a premium 2 component sealer with excellent solvent resistance and color holdout. RS 776 can be used as a nonsanding single coat sealer to cover body repairs and existing finishes and to create one uniform surface for topcoats. Select Shade Primer Sealer is available in black, gray and white. These colors can be intermixed for various shades of gray. RS776 gal qt

2K Medallion Rapid Production Primer

"Select Shade is a Super High Build Primer Surfacer that can be sprayed as a high/medium build surfacer as well as a sealer. This primer can be dry sanded in as little as 50 minutes depending on film thickness. RS790 can be applied over unsanded ECoat primer on inside surfaces, saving hours of preparation time. RS790 has excellent adhesion to all paint surfaces and can be applied over properly prepared bare metal. By using this "Select Shade" system, these colors can be mixed to create a wide variety of color offerings for optimum basecoat coverage. Easy to sand and can be directly topcoated with basecoat.

2K Urethane Primer Surfacer

A premium quality 2K urethane primer surfacer that dries fast and builds quickly. RS784 has excellent hold out and featheredges easily with no ringing or lifting.

Available in BUFF, GRAY, BLACK and WHITE

RS790 Kit RS790 Kit Gal w/ activator Qt w/ activator


gal w / activator


Basecoat Jet Black

MRT683 is a direct replacement for PPG DMD1683 Basecoat Black. MRT683 is used as a jet black basecoat and as a tint for DBU & DBC basecoat colors

Basecoat Converter

Basecoat Converter is comparable to PPG® DBX1689 Basecoat Converter. This product is intended as a direct replacement for PPG® DBX1689. RS3689

Basecoat Balancing Clear

Basecoat Balancer is comparable to PPG® DBX695 Basecoat Balancer. This product is intended for use as a direct replacement for PPG® DBX695. RS3695

MRT683 gal qt

Basecoat White

MRT684 is a direct replacement for PPG DMD1684 Basecoat White. MRT684 is used as a White basecoat and as a tint for DBU & DBC basecoat colors

Global Reducers

RubberSeal's premium blend of virgin solvents and resins are designed to hold basecoat color in place and prevent mottling. 3800 series reducers are comparable to PPG® D870 series reducers and are intended for use as a direct replacement.

MRT684 gal qt

Basecoat Coarse Satin Aluminum

MRT690 is a direct replacement for PPG DMD1690 Basecoat Coarse Satin Aluminum. MRT690 is used as a tint for DBU & DBC basecoat colors

MRS3870 / 72 / 73 gal

Basecoat Reducer

RubberSeal's premium blend of virgin solvents and resins are designed to hold basecoat color in place and prevent mottling. 1300 series reducers are comparable to PPG® DRR1100 series reducers and are intended for use as a direct replacement.

MRT690 gal qt

RS1360 / 70 / 85

gal 5 gal


HS Black Toner

MRT806 HS Black Toner is a high strength toner that replaces DuPont 806J Black Toner. Available in gallons only MRT806

Basecoat Binder CP

Basecoat Binder CP is formulated as a direct replacement. Use exactly as you would use DuPont® 62320F / 62330F Basecoat Binder.

RS3320 RS3330

HS White Toner

MRT801 HS White Toner is a replacement for DuPont 801J. Available in quarts and gallons MRT801 gal qt

Basemate Reducer

RubberSeal's premium blend of virgin solvents and resins are designed to hold basecoat color in place and prevent mottling. 1700 series reducers are comparable to DuPont® 7100 series reducers and are intended for use as a direct replacement.

RS1760 / 75 / 85

gal 5 gal


CatAOne is a premium, singlestage activator for specific singlestage urethane systems. This product is intended for use as a direct replacement for DuPont® 7005S.

Basecoat Balancer

RS3150 Basecoat Balancer is comparable to DuPont® 150K Basecoat Balancer. This product is intended for use as a direct replacement for DuPont® 150K. RS3150



Basecoat Binder

RS3175 Basecoat Binder is comparable to DuPont® 175K Basecoat Binder. This product is intended for use as a direct replacement for DuPont® 175K. RS3175

Sherwin Williams®

Basecoat Stabilizer

Basecoat Stabilizer is formulated as a direct replacement. Use exactly as you would use Sherwin Williams® Ultra 7000 BCS600 Basecoat Stabilizer. RS360* is a direct replacement for Martin Senour® BCS6.


Urethane Grade Reducer

Premium, 100% virgin reducers in various speeds for use in urethane clearcoats, primers and urethane paints. LKQ to many manufacturers Reducers: PPG® DT860 / DT870 / DT885 RM ® U40 / U50 / U60 Nason® 44120 / 44121 / 44122

RS1860 / 70 / 85 / 95 qt gal gal 5

RS3600 / 3605 / 3608

Rapid Cure Accelerated Reducer


Basecoat Reducer

RubberSeal's premium blend of virgin solvents and resins are designed to hold basecoat color in place and prevent mottling. 1800 series reducers are comparable to R.M.® U series reducers and are intended for use as a direct replacement.

Designed to increase productivity and thru put without sacrificing durability and gloss. This reducer decreases cure times and dry tosand times as much as 80% without affect on potlife and spray ability. MRS155 can be used in clearcoat and primer surfacers. Add 510% to readytospray material.



Basecoat Activator

Basecoat Activator can be used in paint manufacturers' basecoats to increase durability, improve intercoat adhesion and increase gloss holdout. Basecoat Activator should be used in the basecoat when a fast, rapid cure activator is used in the clearcoat. MRS122 Pt qt

MRS1804 / 1805 / 1806

Low VOC CatAMont

A medium solids activator for acrylic urethane clearcoat. It provides excellent gloss, flow and durability. RS1246 is comparable to R.M.® DH46 activator and is intended for use as a direct replacement.

Urethane Activator

Urethane Activator provides the ultimate activation for many polyurethane paint systems. This product helps retain gloss in paint and enhance durability. RS1200 qt gal



Hot Rod Black Satin

Stage One Single Stage Paint

RubberSeal Medallion's Stage One is a singlestage acrylic urethane paint that has a brilliant shine and excellent durability. Stage One has a simple 2:1 mix ratio and is excellent for all automotive or light industrial and fleet applications.

Satin Hot Rod Black is a 2K acrylic urethane coating developed for restoration work, coating frames, engine compartments, exterior panels and other surfaces that a black satin finish is required. Satin Hot Rod Black has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. Formulated for long term durability

MRS4200 gal MRS4200 qt MRS4205qt Activ. MRS42058

RS3000 Jet Black RS3003 GM #12 White RS3004 International White RS3005 Ford White RS3007 Caterpillar Yellow RS3008 School Bus Yellow RS3009 John Deere Green Light RS3010 John Deere Green Dark RS3011 International Red RS3012 Porsche Red RS3013 Candy Apple Red RS3015 Ford Blue

Universal Satin Black Trim & Bumper Paint

Universal Satin Black is a single component coating for trim parts and bumpers. This coating is readytospray, so unused product can be poured back into the can. It dries to a uniform satin finish. This trim & bumper paint can be used on moldings, impact strips, flexible bumpers and metal trim parts. MRS755 Gal

RS2260 RS2275 RS2285 RS2295

Fast Activator Qt Med Activator Qt Slow Activator Qt XSlow Activator Qt



1K Black Underbody Coating

1K Underbody Coating is an enamel based high build coating designed for coating under carriages. This coating is readytospray, requires no hardener. Used for coating frame rails, brackets and under carriages. It dries in 30 minutes. gal 5 gal


MRS7000K Black Kit (4 qt w/ med act) MRS7000K2 Black Kit (4 qt w/ slow act) MRS7001K Tintable Kit ­ med act MRS7001K2 Tintable Kit ­ slow act MRS7000 Qt Black Bedliner MRS7001 Qt Tintable Bedliner MRS7007 8oz Medium Activator MRS7008 8oz Slow Activator RS818 Universal Applicator Gun

European Clear EZ Clearcoat

RS6100 EUROPEAN CLEAR EZ is a waterclear, highproduction clearcoat that is compatible with all acrylic and polyester basecoat systems. Can be lightly watersanded and buffed 23 hours (airdry) after application. It levels instantly as it hits the panel, making it very easy to get a smooth, highgloss finish. RS6100 5 lt qt RS6060 / 6070 / 6080 2.5 lt pt


This Clearcoat is specially designed for rapid production environments. RS4810 can be baked at low temperatures for 10 minutes or air dried 1½ to 2 hours before sanding and buffing. This saves on booth time and energy costs while significantly increasing shop throughput.

European Glamour Clearcoat

MRS6200 4.2 V.O.C. European Clearcoat is a 2:1 mix clearcoat formulated for superior leveling, excellent gloss and easy sanding. This clearcoat utilizes the best UV stabilizers to prevent yellowing. It has excellent adhesion to both acrylic and polyester basecoat systems. This clearcoats is easy to buff next day or 34 days later.

RS4810 gal qt RS4860 / 70 / 80 / 90 qt pt

Blend Eze

Blend Eze Panel Blender/Color Checker is a blend of premium solvents and resins designed to be used as a panel blender for 2K clearcoat systems and singlestage urethanes and to check color match and layout of metallics. Reduce remaining clearcoat with RS2710 at 1:1 mix to melt in edge and then spray without reduction to melt in featheredge. RS2710 can also be used as a wetbed sealer.

MRS6200 MRS6360 / 6375 / 6390

5 lt. 2.5 lt.

qt pt

'Ultimate' Acrylic Urethane Clearcoat

RS2300 is a Premium Acrylic Urethane Clearcoat that is suitable for panel as well as overall refinishing. RS2300 offers outstanding gloss and durability with improved adhesion on all acrylic and polyester color coat systems. Excellent flow and leveling properties make this clear extremely easy to apply.


gal qt

Low Gloss Clearcoat

Low Gloss Clearcoat is designed for undersides of hoods, trunk lids, door jambs, backsides of fenders. It can also be used on exterior panels where a low gloss clear is needed.

RS2300 RS2260 / 2275 / 2285

gal qt qt pt

MRS4820 RS4860 / 70 / 80

qt pt

Water Based Pre Clean

WaterBased Pre Clean is used to remove road grime, silicone, grease and wax. It can be applied directly to the surface with the RS805 Pump and Clean Applicator.


The first step to our adhesion promoting system for flexible bumper covers and polypropylene plastic. Removes all mold release agents, silicone or other contaminants that prevent good adhesion. Excellent for all aftermarket auto parts.



RS620 qt gal 5gal RS597 aero


AcryLac Super Cleaner is a blend of solvents that allow the worker to remove any adhesive, coating or sealant from an acrylic surface without harming existing paint. RS600 is very effective at removing road dirt from rocker panels, valances and similar parts. It also works very well for removing dirt and grime from interior vinyl.


Moldings and other parts with adhesive on them can be immersed in this solution in order to remove adhesive and tape from them. Usually an overnight submersion time is needed to provide adhesive release.

RS600 qt RS601 g RS602 5g

RS659 gal

Wax and Grease Remover

An excellent prepaint cleaner for all acrylic finishes. Quickly removes all silicones, wax, grease and other contaminants. Flashes quickly leaving no residue.

PreClean Wax & Grease Remover

An excellent prepaint cleaner for all acrylic finishes. Quickly removes all silicones, wax, grease and other contaminants. Flashes quickly leaving no residue.

RS608 Slow RS609 Med gal

RS539 aero

Super Solve

An excellent high strength solvent for cleaning grease, wax and other contaminants from all types of plastic or metal. Excellent release agent for adhesives, moldings, etc. Will not hurt cured paint. Leaves no residue. RS615 qt gal 5gal RS529 aero

All Purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated cleaner for all types of plastic, rubber, vinyl, etc. Can be used for most all automotive cleaning applications including engine compartments. Biodegradable. RS636 gal 5g 55g

Select Shade Dual Prime

Select Shade Dual Prime is a dual purpose high build specialty coating designed for priming and surfacing of metal and plastic parts. This primer helps prevent rust and seals out moisture while providing a base for topcoating. The RS570 series boasts excellent flexibility and adhesion so it can be applied on both flexible and rigid parts. Select Shade dries fast, has excellent build and is easy to sand. Paintable in 20 minutes.

EtchWeld Primer

Etch Weld Primer is a superior etching primer for coating all bare metal body parts before welding or painting. Works with mig or spot welders. Dries quickly. Practically eliminates weld spatter and burnaway. Can be directly topcoated with all types of finishes. Very smooth, even spray pattern. Clog resistant can. It also contains a rust converting agent in the formula.



Universal 1K Self Etching Primer

a smooth, fastdrying, single component primer that produces the ultimate adhesion on bare metal, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cured paint, body filler and plastics. Aerosol version can be directly top coated with any acrylic or polyester based product. "CHROMATE FREE!"

RS570 TruBlack RS571 Dark Gray RS572 Med Gray RS573 Lt Gray

20oz 20oz 20oz 20oz

1K Acid Etch Primer

A premium 1K Self Etch Primer for use on all bare metal parts. Extremely strong adhesion to metal, aluminum, galvanized and zinc coated metal. Must be topcoated with another primer before coating with polyester based products. RS517 contains acid.



High Build Acrylic 1K Primer/Sealer

A High Build 1K primer which is great for spot repairs and easy to sand, wet or dry. This primer also adheres to metal and plastic. RS 524 is easy to use with no cleanup and paintable in 20 minutes with basecoat.



Fill and Flex Primer

Fill and Flex Primer is a fast drying sandable primer for all types of flexible and rigid body parts. It is very effective at filling sand scratches, dries to sand in 510 minutes and featheredges better than most primers. Fill and Flex Primers are available in black, grey and rose.



Guide Coat

Guide Coat is the fastest and easiest method for detecting high and low spots in body filler or primer. Instantdry, black formula sprays a light coat that can be sanded in seconds. This highsolids formula has been reported to last as long as 3 or 4 cans of competitive products.

RS515 Gray RS516 Rose RS566 Black

16oz 16oz 16oz



Trim Paint

Heat resistant enamels for use on all automotive trim plastic or metal

FADE Edge Blender

"FADE" Edge Blender is an blending material formulated for melting in dry edges of clearcoats and single stage urethane colors. This blender works well with all brands of urethane clearcoats. FADE Edge Blender is packaged with a spray tip that produces a fine pattern for ease of use and a super smooth blend edge.

RS518 Flat Black Trim Paint RS519 Gloss Black Trim Paint RS527 Silver Trim Paint 16oz



European Trim Black

European Trim is a semigloss black trim paint designed to match factory blackedout window trim, plastic and rubber parts. Tremendous adhesion to aluminum and stainless steel trim. RS526 16oz

Reconditioning CutIn Clearcoat

A versatile 1K clearcoat that can be used for several applications, it gives excellent results on all nonexposed areas that require clearcoating. Also works excellent on color sprayout cards when checking for color match. Works well on hinges, door jambs and various other small parts.

Satin Black Bumper Paint

A perfect match for all factory satin black bumpers and trim parts, acrylic base dries fast. Can be buffed for higher gloss RS514 16oz




New European style trim paint is available in three different gloss levels to match all factory black trim parts. Suitable for metal and plastic trim parts.

RS560 Semi Gloss RS561 Gloss RS563 High Gloss

16oz 16oz 16oz

Heavy Duty Silicone

Heavy Duty Silicone is a 100% silicone spray that stops squeaks, and prevents weatherstrip and window sticking. Protects and lubricates. Super series 20 oz. can. Not recommended in bodyshop environments.

Rubber Coat

Rubber Coat is the economical alternative to highpriced undercoats. Dries in about 2030 minutes to a heavy, smooth satin finish. Can be painted but should NOT be used as a rocker panel coating or in exposed trunk areas. Excellent value. RS592




White Litho Grease

White Litho Grease is a highviscosity, lithium base lubricant for hinges, latches, linkage, etc. Won't run off vertical surfaces. Excellent on all mechanical moving parts. Super series 20 oz. can. Bodyshop Safe

Rocker Guard

A premium textured coating that protects rocker panels and valances from stone abrasion. Matches light or heavy factory texture. Paintable in about 30 minutes.



RS541 Blk 20oz RS540 Wht 20oz

Clear Penetrating Grease

Clear Penetrating Grease is a premium quality clear lubricant that sprays out liquid to penetrate tight fitting parts, and then turns to gel in 2030 seconds. Excellent heat resistance. Best hinge/bushing lubricant available. Bodyshop Safe

Paintable Rubberized Undercoat

Paintable Rubberized Undercoat is a premium quality all rubberbase coating for undercarriages, trunks and fender wells. Excellent sound deadening properties. Dries quickly and is paintable in 30 minutes. Good texture.





Graphite Nut Cracker

Graphite Nut Cracker is an excellent graphite enhanced penetrate for all types of rusted or corroded bolts or nuts. Leaves graphite residue to make removal and installation EASY. Bodyshop Safe

Amber Rustproofing

A multipurpose parafin rustproofing that tacksup in ten minutes. Light viscosity allows material to flow into concealed areas where undercoats can't reach. Will not obstruct welds. Weldable 1 hour after application. Excellent for core supports, sheet metal, frames, etc. RS530 16oz



Nut Cracker

Nut Cracker is a fastpenetrating, corrosion breaking formula that makes fast work of rusted bolts and fittings. A tremendous rust preventative and lubricant. Won't dry out. Protects against corrosion. Bodyshop Safe

Extension Nozzle





Spray Trim Adhesive

Spray Trim Cement is a fasttacking, mist pattern spray cement for vinyl, leather, fabric or plastic applications. High strength. Long tack time.

Vinyl Fabric Cleaner

Vinyl Fabric Cleaner is a premium foaming cleaner that deodorizes while it cleans. Excellent on all fabrics, carpet, vinyl, leather, etc. The only product needed to clean an auto interior. Bodyshop Safe





Super Trim Adhesive

Super Trim Adhesive is a high viscosity, heavy duty, webpattern spray adhesive for all autobody applications including vinyl tops and headliners. Nozzle has light, medium and heavy spray adjustments. RS580 24oz

"Kleer" Glass Cleaner

Our original formula won't streak or haze. Leaves a brilliant shine on windows. Removes bug deposits and light overspray in seconds.



Flexible and Rigid Parts Paint Stripper

Premium grade stripper that can be used for either rubber bumpers or rigid metal parts. One easy application will remove all types of paint as well as gasket material.

Super Solve

Super Solve is an excellent general purpose solvent for cleaning grease, wax and other contaminants from all types of plastic or metal. Excellent release agent for adhesives, moldings, etc. Will not hurt fully cured paint. Leaves no residue.






A fast tacking adhesion promoter for all types of plastic and rubber parts. Provides a good surface for primer or paint to adhere. To be used on unpainted plastic or rubber parts before painting. Also provides outstanding adhesion of bumper repair materials (such as RS7001 or RS7107) on problem plastics.

Blast IT Spray Gun Cleaner

A high pressure aerosol spray gun cleaner formulated to remove urethanes, polyesters and waterborne paints from external and internal parts. Dissolves waterborne paints without making a gummy, gooey mess. Packaged with an extension tube for cleaning internal parts. RS538 20oz

RS590 20oz aero RS1290 16oz can RS12901 gal can

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting ­ Corona Treated

MP400 12 ft. X 400 ft. MP401 14 ft. X 350 ft. MP402 16 ft. X 350 ft

Booth CoatClear

RS706 Booth CoatClear is a clear water washable booth coating used to protect paint booth walls from overspray.

Gal 5 Gal

Wheel Maskers

MP403 17"20" 36/box MP410 15" 100/box MP411 16" 60/box

Spray Mask Apply Spray Mask in door jambs,

engine compartments, wheel wells and frames & underbody for a cleaner paint job. It will seal off the dirt and grime eliminating airborne contaminants.

Wreck Wrap

MP420 24" X 200' 3 mil MP421 36" X 200' 3 mil

Gal 5 Gal

Spray Mask Gun


Dust Trap

RS618 Dust Trap water based clear liquid designed to attract and hold dust on spray booth floors and other dusty work areas. It is readytouse and dries to a nontacky surface.

Medallion Spray gun Cleaning Kit

Gal 5 Gal

A professional spray gun cleaning kit used by spray gun cleaning centers throughout the USA. Recommended by major spray gun companies. RS451

Trim Care

Trim Care is a clear liquid lubricant used on rubber weatherstrips, exterior autobody trim, tires, interiors, bumper strips and side moldings. RS585 Aero. RS68532 oz. RS685 8oz

Pump & Spray Pump & Spray is a manualpump

sprayer designed for the application of wax & grease removers, wheel cleaners, whitewall cleaners and other automotive cleaners.


Black Lighting Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile powderfree Black Lightning gloves offer the fit and feel of latex but are stronger and more punctureresistant than latex or vinyl. Hands stay cooler with longer wear. Excellent grip control 100 gloves / box


The BEST respirator you can buy. NOT a disposable For perpetual use. Offers exclusive triple seal protection in a super durable, super conformable synthetic rubber mask. Easy breathing filters. 1" wide elastic nylon straps give you comfort, stability, durability and ease of fastening and adjustment. One size fits all.

RS472 lg. RS473 xl. RS474 xxl.

Tack Cloth

Low Tack to reduce friction and static electricity. Excellent for ure thane paint systems. Long life.

RS305 Premier Plus Respirator 1 each RS306 Premier Plus Filter Set 4 per pack RS307 Premier Plus PreFilters 2 per pack


RS310L is the full face version of the RS306 Respirator. Protects eyes from harmful vapors. Available with clear shield covers. *Must order with RS 306 Cartridge Filter & Prefilter Set and 2 RS308 Prefilter Retainer Rings.

RS820 Base / Clear RS821 Standard Tan

Mix Cups

Durable plastic mixing cups with several mixing ratios on the outside. These cups are transparent so that clears and primers can be precisely mixed for optimum performance.


Filters out dust, aerosol and welding fumes while providing an exhale valve that eliminates heat, used air and moisture from inside the mask.

RS452 RS453

qt pt



Scuff Master makes scuffing faster, easier and more economical. Can be used with a scuff pad or just a wet rag to achieve a more uniform scratch pattern. This product cleans and scuffs at the same time. Great for color blending and bumper preparation. RS677 22oz

10 / box


A premium quality respirator that filters particulates and odors. Super soft rubber contours to your face, and is the most comfortable mask available. Comes with both charcoal and cloth filters. No cleaning, just discard after approx. 40 hours of use. Zip lock bag.


Medium Cotton Strainers 1000 per pack


Med / Lrg


Waterproof Cloth Tape

2 X 180' Very tough, great for grinding protection and any H.D. application RS920B

Clear Transfer Tape

Great for emblems and small trim pieces RS963 ½" x 33m RS964 ¾" x 33m

Acrylic Foam Attachment Tape

Ultra Strong Adhesion Release line is easy to remove Adhesion holds in all weather Available in large assortment 3 yr guarantee when used with RS999 Ultra Bond RS940 RS941 RS942 RS943 RS990 RS991 RS992 RS994

Fine Line Masking Tape

Great for tight corners and custom artwork Yellow poly RS983Y 1/8" x 36 yd RS984Y ¼" x 36 yd

3/16" x .045 x 54' 1/8" x .031 x 108' 3/8" x .094 x 30' 5/8" x .031 x 60' 1/2" x .045 x 60' 5/8" x .045 x 60' 7/8" x .045 x 60' 2" x .045 x 54'

Silver Duct Tape

General Purpose Duct Tape RS919 2" x 180'

Ultra Bond Adhesion Promoter

Increases adhesion by up to 200% (should always be used on moldings, can be used on most paints ­ check compatibility). Can also be used to make masking tape stick to rubber weatherstrips RS999 8oz can RS998 4oz dauber

3 Year Guarantee against failure

SureMix Sheets

Stop body filler, glazing putties and other two component products from cardboard contamination that causes pinholes in filler and discoloration of basecoats. 100 sheets / board

Butyl Windshield Tape

RS4005 5/16" x 15' RS4006 3/8" x 15' Your Choice


Quick Cure Windshield Urethane

Fast curing medium viscosity windshield urethane for all factory urethane bonded auto glass. Pumps easily and seals up fast to get jobs done quickly. Meets all factory specifications. Primer should be applied to all bare metal area of pinchweld. RS224 11oz

Pourable Glazing Putty

The finest quality European resins are used in this smooth, easysanding putty. Top quality resins mean no staining, excellent adhesion to even zinc coated or galvanized coated steel. Light viscosity for smooth "pin hole" free finishing. Works well on bumper covers where most other putties won't. Extremely pinhole resistant. Flowable

Essex Fast Set Windshield Urethane

One component, superfast setting O.E.M. urethane. Essex is the O.E.M. urethane supplier for domestic vehicles. Meets all O.E.M. specifications. RS221 High Viscosity 11oz RS225 Standard Viscosity 11oz Your Choice

RS50 30oz Bottle RS51 15oz Bag RS52 15oz High Cohesion Bag


Fiberglass reinforced filler. Great for rust repair Completely waterproof Strong and durable RS60 15oz Bag


Primer should be applied to all bare metal area of pinchweld. RS225P 4oz


RS651 #1 Heavy Cutting Foam Pad (Yellow) 7 ½" Curved Used with heavy to medium compounds to remove coarse grit sand scratches (1000 to 1500) and heavy oxidation. Excellent pad for old paint as well as freshly painted surfaces that have cured for 35 days. RS652 #2 Cutting Foam Pad (Green) 7 ½" Curved Used with compounds, polishes to remove moderate to light sand scratches, minor paint defects and swirl marks. RS653 #3 Combo Cutting / Polishing (Orange) Firm High Density 7 ½" Curved Used with compound to remove moderate to light sand scratches (1500 to 2000). Use with polishes and glazes for minor paint defects, swirl marks and to enhance the gloss. POLISHING/GLAZING PAD RS657 #4 White Polishing Pad 8" Flat Use with polishes and machine glazed to remove swirl marks and minor scratches and hazing or dullness. RS658 #5 Black Finishing Pad 8" Flat Use with polishes, glazes to remove swirl marks, hazing and to enhance the gloss and DOI. RS660 #6 Blue Finessing Pad 8" Flat Use with finishing glazes, sealants and waxes to enhance the gloss Use with RS665 Backing Plate. Your choice

Fast Cut Micro Finish

Fast action cut to take away 1500grt sand scratches and swirls. Quick & Easy Cleanup. RS6 Qt. RS7 Gal.

Ultra Finish Compound

Sling free formula removes 1500grt sand scratches. No silicone formula. Can be used as a one step finish on lighter colors. RS674 Qt.

Gloss Max Polish

Permanently removes 2500grt sand scratches and swirl marks. No fillers, glaze, silicone or wax. Leaves a beautiful and intense shine that cleans up easily. RS671 Qt.

Clean and Shine

CLEAN and SHINE is a universal product used to remove smudges, finger prints, dust, hazing and other contaminants from surfaces such as glass, chrome, mirrors, automotive interiors, vinyl and automotive paint. It leaves a smooth surface with a brilliant gloss. This product can also be used as a sandpaper lubricant when wetsanding clearcoats and a wetting agent for compounds.



30 Minute Panel Bonder

A Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) based adhesive designed to be used as a doorskin /quarterpanel adhesive. It has excellent adhesion the cold rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized, SMC, FRP and other composite plastics. It has an open time 2030 minutes which allows time to apply the adhesive and install the panel.

NonSag Seam Sealer / Selfleveling Sealer

Fast Drying. Sets in 510 minutes. Can be sanded in 15 minutes. Painted in 30 minutes. Paint will NOT flake off. Flexible but firm. Will NOT crack or shrink. Strong adhesion. Guaranteed performance when used according to directions. Solvent Free 100% Solids.


RS7101 NonSag 300ml RS7103 Selfleveling 300ml

60 Minute Panel Bonder

A Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) based adhesive designed to be used as a panel adhesive for larger panels including bedsides. Excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized, SMC, FRP and other composite plastics. It has an open time of 5060 minutes which allows time to apply the adhesive and install the panel.


Use on any type of bumper including TPO and polypropylene. Super strong adhesion. SemiRigid. Tough: stands up to impact. Incredibly easy to sand. Fast dry time: 35 minute work time. Sand in 1520 minutes. Excellent featheredge. Should be used on back side to reinforce when used on a flexible bumper. Guaranteed performance when used according to directions. Solvent Free 100% Solids. RS7107 300ml


Epoxy Panel Bonder

A 2:1 mix epoxy panel bonder formulated for large panel application. Excellent product for truck shops. It has a 7590 minute work time and a 4 hour clamp time. Has excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel, aluminum SMC, FRP and other rigid plastics. Can be sanded and painted.

Rapid Bond Adhesive

Sets within 30 seconds. Clear. Urethane based. Powerful adhesion. Bonds metals and most plastics. Repairs bumpers and tabs. Shrinkage free. Nonsag. Sandable/drillable. Use in EU845 Dispenser gun. Solvent Free 100% Solids.




Static Mixer Tips

Replacement Static Mixer for 200 300 ml. cartridges

Static Mixer Tips

Replacement Static Mixer for 50 ml. cartridges



Plastic Spreaders

4" ­ 50/box 5" ­ 25/box 6" ­ 25/box 4" Tall ­ 25/

Sprayable Seam Sealant Dispenser

Create multiple spray patterns and effortless lines with MSP or Urethane. RS8000 Kit

Miniature Light Bulbs

Great quality, long life bulbs that carry the U.S. Government Military specification.

1156, 1157, 194 1156A, 1157A, 2057, 2057A 10pk 10pk

Dual Component Caulking Gun

EU852 is a premium dual component caulking with a 16:1 thrust ratio. This caulking gun can be used with 200ml and 300ml cartridges in 1:1 & 2:1 mix ratios.

Trunk Pad & Sound Deadening Material

Sound Deadening Material is used on floor pans, trunk floors, quarter panels, trunk lids and door skins to deaden sound and vibrations. This material meets low and high temperature standards. Made of flexible rubber composite which makes it easy to contour to any type of surface. RS365 Pads 12" x 12" 12/box 35" x 53" RS366 Roll

Heavy Duty Caulk Gun


Heavy Duty Applicator Gun


Siphon Gun

This quart siphon gun has

an adjustable spray nozzle which allows you to duplicate any factory pattern with ease. Use with undercoat, rocker guard or rust proofing. RS804


Reusable and sturdy 15" capacity RS832

Razor Blades

High quality, Made in USA blades for all uses 100 / box


The MBX Metal Blaster Tool rapidly removes paint, seam sealer, undercoating, decals, graphics and adhesives; all with only one tool! Four types of wire wheels are available to easily meet your needs. Rubber eraser is also available for removing decals and graphics. RS862K MBX Kit

(Includes MBX Tool, Two RS862CB, One RS862MB, One RS862FB and One RS862RE)


Premium Zircona Resin Fiber Grinding Disc

Best quality zirconium abrasive sharpens itself as you grind to provide outstanding cutting and extra long life. Resin bond holds grit in place to prevent debris. Cuts cool and fast to prevent warpage and reduce glazing and loading.

RS860524 Disc 5" 25 per box RS860536 Disc 5" 25 per box RS860724 Disc 7" 25 per box RS860736 Disc 7" 25 per box

RS862CB Coarse Belt RS862MB Medium Belt RS862FB Fine Belt RS862RE Eraser Wheel


You can remove rocker guard, seam sealer, undercoat, rust and paint in the blink of an eye with these amazing Strip Discs. They won't load up and they don't eat up the metal underneath the coatings that you are removing. You will definitely want these discs if you ever need to remove coatings, rust or paint. Nothing works better or faster! RS861 Black Stripping Wheel 4" x ¼" H

Scuff Pads

Excellent quality, longlasting scuff pads that cut evenly with no gouging. These are standard size pads that are solvent resistant

RS924 RS925

Maroon Gray

20/box 20/box


The pin stripe eraser is a premium quality rubber eraser that quickly removes adhesive residue, pin stripes, double faced tapes and most decals without harming paint Comes with a molded 3/8" x 24 metal arbor. Designed to operate at 4000 RPM.

RS8613 Screwon Strip Disc 3" RS8613A Adapter/Arbor for RS8613 RS861M Mandrel for RS861


Great for a variety of uses, including stripping discs, surface prep, mini grinding etc


Pin Stripe Eraser Kit One RS839T & 12 / 839 RS839 Pin Stripe Eraser 4" x ½" x 3/8"



The TrimKut Disc is a revolutionary grinding disc for use on all surfaces. Can be trimmed easily for extended life. Trim feature eliminates waste. Flexible backing plate built into disc for easy installation on grinder. Disc can be reversed for grinding concealed areas. Saves time and money.


Electron welded cobalt teeth give these blades a long life and a fast cutting edge. Spring steel back make these blades incredibly flexible. Made in the U.S.A. 5 blades pk

RS87812 RS8788 RS8786

14 Tooth 12" 18 Tooth 8" 18 Tooth 6"

RS86424 24 Grit 3" RS86436 36 Grit 3" RS86460 60 Grit 3"

25 / bx 25 / bx 25 / bx


Our best quality cutting wheel equals or out performs all other cutting wheels. Extra long life with minimal debris. Four sizes to meet all requirements. 25,000 RPM max. speed.


These reinforced, nonwoven nylon web backed discs provide outstanding longevity. Very tough so it will holdup on coarse surfaces. Superior resin that holdsup to moisture and chemicals

RS887 3" x 1/32" RS888 3" x 1/16" RS889 3" x 1/8" RS890 4" x 1/32"

10 pack 10 pack 5 pack 5 pack

RS8662C Coarse 2" 25 / bx RS8662M Medium 2" 25 / bx RS8663C Coarse 3" 25 / bx RS8663M Medium 3" 25 / bx RS8613A Screw Adapter 2" RS8673H Screw Adapter 3"


1/8" HighSpeed Steel Bits. Drill up to 50 clean holes per side. Won't break under normal use. Handy 12pack.


This premium aluminum oxide disc has a super long life and fast cutting action, not only saving you money but also time. Hightech resin helps the grit stay on the disc.



The RS900 Series Premium Spot Weld Drill Bits are cobalt steel spot weld drill bits designed specifically for MedallionTM Refinish Systems. These bits have a #187 large centering point and are coated with Titanium Nitrate for lubrication and durability. Must use at 600 RPM max.

RS867224, 36, 50 Grit 2" 25 / bx RS867324, 36, 50 Grit 3" 25 / bx

RS9003 RS9005

3/8" 5/16"

Brush Grade Seam Sealer

A permanent, flexible sealant that matches O.E.M. brushed in sealers. Duplicates trunk, cowling, floor pan and other factory sealers. Dries quickly. Paintable in 30 minutes. Won't lift behind brush even on rough surfaces. Two minutes skin time.

MS Polymer Seam Sealer

MSP Seam Sealer is a fast setting flexible seam sealer that can be immediately painted after application. RS234 can be applied with caulk gun or sprayed using the RS8000 air dispenser.






This urethane sealant is suitable for both spraying and standard beads when applied with our RS8000 air dispenser. Easily matches all types and textures of factory sealers with one product.


A fast setting seam sealant that tools easily. Sealer flows slightly so all edges and marks disappear. Duplicates factory door skin seals perfectly. Sets to a very tough, flexible surface. Two minute skin time.



RS207 RS214

5oz white 5oz black


A premium quality, onecomponent urethane for sealing all autobody seams. Also bonds door skins, hoods, decklid braces and roof skins. Bonds metal, aluminum, plastic, etc. No shrinkage. Extremely low V.O.C. Paintable as soon as it skins (2045 minutes). RS228 10.5oz Sausage


A high rubber content seam sealant that cures quickly. Tools very smoothly and has slight reflow after tooling so edges and fingerprints disappear. Minimal shrinkage. Outstanding adhesion. Flexible.

RS208 RS226

11oz black 11oz white


11oz Cartr.


A flexible, semifirm sealant that is very smooth and creamy. Tools very easily and looks like O.E.M. Approximate 8 minute skin time. Won't crack or peel. Minimal shrinkage. A thumbable, easily tooled caulk for all around autobody use. Never dries out. Won't crack or shrink. Excellent for sealing fender extensions, gaskets, wing vents, sunroofs, between panels, etc. Seals out moisture, air, dust. Excellent for reattaching plastic inner door liners.



11oz beige

RS300 Blk 2lb (98 12"x 3/16" beads) RS301 Wht 2lb (98 12"x 3/16" beads)


A super high strength, fast tacking contact cement for gaskets, trim parts, weatherstrips, etc.

The Gorilla Glue bonding system

The Gorilla Glue bonding system is designed especially for the repair of most all automotive plastic and rubber parts. Instantly bonds rubber bumper, header panels, plastic trim parts and stripped screw holes. Gorilla Glue in most cases bonds item to original strength.

RS122 RS128

Amber 5oz Black 5oz


The famous Super Glue that bonds wood, metal, rubber, leather, plastic and fiberglass.



RS160 Complete Kit 161,162,163,166


Excellent quality, super fast dry neoprene contact cement for all exterior and interior auto body applications. Quickly reattaches body side moldings, emblems, weather strips, plastic trim parts. Super fast initial cure. Will not harm cured painted surfaces. Light viscosity spreads easily.

RS161 Activator


8oz w/brush

RS162 RS163

This acrylated, urethane blend adhesive provides incredibly powerful adhesion to glass and metal. It stands up to intense UV exposure, and only a small amount is needed for most applications. Dries super fast!

Thin 20g Thick 20g


RS164 Thin 50g RS165 Thick 50g

RS150 RS151

4oz adhesive 5ml activator


A highly concentrated, highsuds car soap that quickly and easily removes dirt and grime. Resists water spots and streaks.


Highly concentrated cleaner for all types of plastic, rubber, vinyl, etc. Can be used for most all automotive cleaning applications including engine compartments. Biodegradable.

RS630 Gal 5gal 55gal

RS636 Gal 5gal 55gal


Highstrength soap in a powder form that produces high suds and has extra cleaning power. Very economical and works equally well in hard or soft water. Pure soap with no filler added.


A nonsilicone dressing for auto interior and exterior parts. Excellent for tires, bumper moldings, floor mats, vinyl tops, etc. Safe for use in body shops.

RS632 5gal

RS638 Gal 5gal 55gal

Readytouse high strength formula removes dirt and scuff marks easily. No reduction needed, just spray on and either wipe or rinse off with water.



A superior quality silicone based formula for same uses as RS638. Covers easily and lasts longer than most. Makes old parts look new again. CONTAINS SILILCONE.

RS634 gal 5gal

RS639 Gal 5gal 55gal


Readytouse formula that cuts dirt and greasy film from glass in one quick application. Nonstreaking formula has a pleasant odor. RS635 gal 5gal


MultiUse auto body trim treatment and protector. Lifts wax and polish deposits out of textured body, bumper and window trim. Prevent weatherstrips from sticking or becoming brittle. Makes rubber and plastic trim parts look brand new. Will not harm most paint. Contains no silicone.

Plastic Spray Bottle / Chemical resistant sprayer

A chemical resistant pump sprayer for many types of chemical based cleaners and dressings. Primes quickly and outlasts other sprayers.

RS585 RS685 RS68532

aero 8oz (w/ sprayer) qt

RS884 Bottle RS885 Sprayer

Redline XL SelfAdhesive Solid Discs 6" 100 per pack 36 ­ 800 grt Redline XL Rhynogrip Velcro Solid Disc 6" 50 per pack 80 ­ 1500 grt

Redline XL selfAdhesive Long Board Rolls 2 ¾ x 25 meters 960 series 36, 40, 60 grt 80, 100, 120 180, 220, 320 Rhynogrip Film 6" Velcro / Hook & Loop Foam Sand Paper Disc

Water proof paper for wet or dry sanding with foam

3640grt Redline XL Rhynowet Half Sheets 5 1/2 x 9 50 per pack 1000 2500 grt Redline XL Self Adhesive Long Board Strips 2 ¾ x 16 ½ 920 series 50 per pack 36, 40, 60 grt 80, 100, 120 180, 220, 320 100 per pack

Closed Coat reduces loading and extends abrasive cutting power

3000 grit Redline XL Rynowet Sheets 9" x 11" 50 per pack 80 2000 grt Redline XL Velcro Long Board Strips 2 ¾ x 16 ½ 950 series 50 per pack 36, 40, 60 grt 80, 100, 120, 180, 220, 320

3" Velcro 8" Sticky 8" Velcro 40 ­ 2000grt 36 ­ 180grt 36 ­ 1500grt


25 pages

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