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BOPP Film Professional Committee of CPPIA

Innovation and Development Forum of BOPP & BOPA Film Industry Chain 2009

Since the beginning of 2009, BOPP & BOPA film industry has undergone great changes. On the one hand the global financial crisis had a great impact on the development of the industry; on the other hand, the relevant national authorities promptly introduced a series of measures to stimulate economic development. Owing to those efforts our economy has been pulled back to the fast-growing track again.

At the same time, the too loose national monetary policy in the first half of 2009 resulted in over-investment in BOPP production lines. Although the production capacity exceeded demand already, the BOPP film industry has signed up more than a dozen of new production lines. Consequently, the industrial scale kept growing and many new problems have emerged, such as a serious surplus capacity of BOPP & BOPA in eastern and southern China.

Meet People from Your Industry

To investigate the development tendency of BOPP & BOPA film industry in the future, exchange the information of raw and auxiliary materials industry, discuss the demand of downstream firms, promote the R&D in the BOPP & BOPA film production enterprises, improve the level of equipment maintenance, exchange the supply information of spare parts and promote the sustainable development among BOPP & BOPA film industry and the upstream and downstream industry chain, our professional committee decided to hold Innovation and Development Forum of BOPP & BOPA Film Industry Chain 2009 at Yingbin Hotel at Cangzhou, Hebei Province from Dec. 9th to 11th, 2009.

"Innovation and Development Forum of BOPP & BOPA Film Industry Chain 2009"

from 9th to 11th December, 2009 in Cangzhou, Hebai at Yingbin Hotel

Organization and Sponsors

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation is the co-organizer of this forum and organized by the municipal government of Cangzhou City, Hebai Province and Cangzhou Economic Development Zone. Eastern Plastics Group Co., Ltd., Cangzhou provides special support to this forum.

Brueckner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG of Germany sponsors this forum as well as Bobst (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Baihui Packaging Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Leading Material Science Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kawano Bearing Co., Ltd., Shanghai, Zhejiang Pujiang Hongda Co., Ltd.

The main contents:

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To discuss the main problems and countermeasures regarding BOPP & BOPA film industry chain. To discuss Chinese market development tendency of BOPP & BOPA film industry in 2010. To discuss the supply and demand of raw materials for BOPP film and price trends in China's market in 2009.

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To discuss the development trends of the new products of BOPP film. To exchange the repair and maintenance experience as well as energy saving technology of BOPP film production line.


To exchange the information regarding the downstream sectors such as flexible packaging, capacitors and tobacco, etc.


Two thematic seminars arranged for: 7.1 7.2 Communications among BOPP & BOPA film enterprises and their distributors and customers Equipment maintenance experience exchange among bi-oriented production line operators.


Samples and pictures display of raw and auxiliary materials for BOPP & BOPA films and spare parts for equipment.

Date and venue: · Registration Dec. 9th, 2009 · Meeting from Dec. 10th till 11th, 2009 · Withdraw in the morning of Dec. 12th, 2009

Registration Location: Yingbin Hotel, Cangzhou city (the reception office of Cangzhou municipal government). Address: No.15, Xinhua East Road, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

Who should attend?

Participants: · Senior officials of BOPP & BOPA film production enterprises, including board chairmen and general managers. · Technicians, procurement & sales staff, equipment operators and managers of BOPP & BOPA film manufacturers. · The representatives of the raw and auxiliary materials, equipment and spare parts manufacturers matching BOPP & BOPA film industry. · The representatives from the downstream industries, such as flexible packaging, tape, capacitors and cigarettes, etc. · The BOPP & BOPA film distributors. · The enterprisers interested in investing in BOPP & BOPA industries. · The representatives on behalf of scientific research institutions, monitoring agencies and colleagues.


Association Contact: Mr. Sun Dongquan, Mobile +86-135 229 958 09 Ms. Miao Dan Mobile: +86-136 930 192 07 Ms. Wang Jing-Jing Mr. Huang Lijie Mr. Wei Hezhi Telephone: +86-10-837 50280, 686 901 49 686 933 89 Fax: +86-10-686 910 47 686 933 89 Email: [email protected] [email protected]

The Program

The list of keynote speakers attending the Innovation and Development Forum of BOPP & BOPA Film Industry

Opening speech President of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao Zhengpin Discussion on Marcro-environment of BOPP Film Industry Chain in 2009 Chairman of BOPP Film Professional Committee of CPPIA and chief engineer of Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd., Wu Yaogen Analysis of the Supply and Demand Situation of Raw Materials for BOPP Industry in Chinese Market in 2010 Deputy Director of Resin and Rubber Department of Chemical Division of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Cai Zhiqiang To build super BOPA Film Enterprise and Promote Chinese BOPA Industry in the World The Analysis of Chinese BOPP Market in 2009 and the Demand for BOPP in 2010 The Energy-saving Technology of a BOPP Film Production Line Cutting Technology of Bi-oriented Film The Performance Introduction of BOPP-specific Chairman of Cangzhou East Plastics Group Co., Ltd., Hebei, Yu Guiting Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Zhongda New Materials Group Co., Ltd., Shan Weizhong Sales Director of Brueckner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG., Markus GSCHWANDTNER Bobst (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Wang Da General Manager of Jiangsu Leading Material Science Co., Ltd., Yao Zili General Manager of Shanghai Bearing Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Jixian Manager of Zhejiang Province Pujiang Hongda Co., Ltd., Zhang Biqiu R & D Technical Director of Guangdong Decro Package Films Co., LTD., Xu Wenshu General Manager of Tong Feng Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd., Anhui City, Wang Xiaoyun Chief engineer of Tianjin Tiansu Technology Group Limited, Xie Xuemin General Manager of Beijing Bozhong Yishun Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Xiaomei The Analysis of the Development Status of Tape Industry in 2009 and the Forecast in 2010 Analysis of the Demand for BOPP Film with the Development of China's Plastic Weaving Industry The Technical Performance and Application of BOPP Film General Manager of Xiaona General Manager of Shandong Qunli Plastic Co., Ltd.,Wu Changshuo Technology Director of Dong Hong Packaging Material of East Plastics Group, Yang Jianmei, Hu

Masterbatch Study on the Domestic Production of Chain Holder Bearings for Bi-oriented Equipment Performance Introduction of Filter Disc and Melt Filter for Bi-Oriented Film Production Line To insist on the Sustainable Innovation Strategy and to promote the Sound Development of the Industry Chain The Development of Chinese Capacitor Industry in 2009 and Its Demand for BOPP Capacitor Films Introduction on Equipment Management Experience of Bi-oriented Film Manufacturers Overview of Price Quotes of Chinese BOPP Film in 2009

Additional Program

Two special sessions regarding the BOPP industry development, business and technology negotiation will take place in the afternoon of 11th Dec., 2009:

The Communication Session among BOPP & BOPA Film Enterprisers and Their Distributors and Customers General Managers and Chairmen of the board of BOPP & BOPA film enterprises, their Distributors and Customers Supply and Demand Session of Spare Parts and Exchange of Experience Regarding Bi-oriented Equipment Repair and Maintenance Interaction among BOPP & BOPA equipment maintenance personnel, spare parts procurement staff and equipment and spare parts manufacturers Samples and pictures exhibition of raw and auxiliary materials and spare parts for bi-oriented equipment will be held during the two-day long forum

During the forum, we'll visit the Economic Development Zone of Cangzhou city and listen to the future development planning delivered by the board of Cangzhou Economic Development Zone.


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