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MAY 26/07 GUN CATALOG FOR YOUR INFORMATION: 1. Bill C-68, or Prohib 12-6, indicates guns which were prohibited under Bill C-68 & they can only be purchased by people who already own this type of gun. Please ask us if you are in doubt. 2. Some firearms such as machine guns & some s/auto rifles can only be sold to Special Category Buyers & you must be sure that you already qualify. 3. Some firearms that are considered "Antique" by U.S.A. standards, such as modern perc. & flintlocks, & any gun made before 1898, are not always considered "Antique" in Canada. Ask Jim Baggaley about any guns you may want to buy so as to avoid problems. Please familiarize yourself with the current import regulations as we cannot be responsible for U.S. regulations any more than we can be responsible for changes in Canadian regulations. 4. Please note: We cannot store guns forever, so please make your shipping arrangements etc. as soon after the Auction as you can. 5. NOTE!... All ammo & components require at least a P.O.L. & we cannot ship these by regular carriers so please make other arrangements. 212-A-1.--Bag lot; 4-H/cover books: Treasury of Hunting, Hunting Moments Of Truth, The Big Game Shots, & North American Big Game. 212-A-2.--Box lot: Approx. 9-H/cover books incl: The Sportsman's World, Retriever Gun Dogs, White Wings, Bass Fishing, etc... 212-A-3.--Bag lot: 4-H/cover books: Mr. Colt, Guns on The Early Frontier, The Hunting Rifle, & Guns, Crime & Freedom. 212-A-4.--Bag lot: 4-H/cover books: Book of The Rifle, Guns Of The World, America's Premier Gunmakers Winchester, & Modern Rifles Shotguns, & Pistols. 212-A-5.--Bag lot: 3-H/cover books: Guns, Guns & Small Arms, & A Treasury of Modern Small Arms. 212-A-6.--Bag lot: 5-H/cover books: The Age Of Firearms, Guns & Gun Collecting, The War In The Air, Firearms, & Concepts On The March. 212-A-7.--Leather Leg-o-mutton shotgun case. 212-B-1.--Ser.# 10554F, Tobin Arms Co., mod. F-Grade, .12 ga. SxS Hinge/brk. shotgun w/28 ½" bbls. [Krupp Steel, note: this is a Norwitch Conn. USA gun, not Canadian, recoil pad installed.] FRC#__ 212-B-2.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker #______________, H. Arthur Ward, (London), .12 ga. SxS hinge/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" Damascus bbls. [cracked @ wrist & bottom tang by screw, light engraving.] FRC#___ 212-B-3.--Ser.# C172116, Win., mod. 1897, .12 ga. pump/act. shotgun w/28"bbl. [chipped & cracked @ wrist, replaced forewood.] FRC#___ 212-B-4.--Ser.# 15337 (on bolt), Lee/Enfield, mod. L.E.I. Sporter, (1897) .303 cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl.[all information refinished off, missing butt-plate.] FRC#___ 212-B-5.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker #___________, Hamilton, mod. No. 27, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot Boy's rifle w/15" bbl. FRC#____ 212-B-6.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # ____________, Win., mod. 1902, .22 LONG cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/18" bbl. [no finsih remaining, small repair to forend.] FRC#_______ 212-B-7.--Ser.# 0769, Stevens, mod. Crack Shot, .22 LR cal. falling-block Boy's rifle w/20" bbl. FRC#__________ 212-B-8.--Ser.# 383, Flobert, mod. Indoor Salon Rifle, .22 cal s/shot rifle w/22 ½" oct. bbl. [rounded checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#________________ 212-B-9.--Ser.# C625, Stevens, mod. 1915 Favorite, .25 Stevens cal. falling block s/shot rifle w/24" bbl. [damaged @ wrist, sanded rcvr.] FRC#_________ 212-B-10.--Ser.# 4146, Marlin, mod. 28, .12 ga. pump/act. shotgun w/32" bbl. [w/p/grip stock traces of blue on bbl. polished rcvr.] FRC#___________. 212-B-11.--Ser.# 9192, Marlin, mod. 28 Deluxe, .12 ga. pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [deluxe fine checkered straight

212-A-8.--3-compartment, black shooting box, {filled w/shotgun shells} 212-A-9.--Bundle of various gun bbls.

212-A-10.--On Choice, 4-21st Edition Blue Book of Guns: Buyer make take as many up to 4 as they want. 212-A-11.--Box lot; 20-Flayderman Catalogs1-Robert Abels, & 17-Museum of Historical Arms & Catalogs. 212-A-12.--Bibles, etc. Box lot: 13-Books; Gun Digests, & Shooter's

212-A-13.--Lot: 4-cans 0f Collector Gun Powder & approx. 7-boxes reloaded shot-shells. 212-A-14.--Wooden display stand, marked "Prisoner of War Work, 1944/45," made to hold or display a sword.

stock, blue fading.] FRC#_____________ 212-B-12.--Ser.# 3320, Janssen Sons & Co., .12 ga. S xS hinge/brk. hammer shotgun w/30" Damascus bbls. [checkered semi-p/grip stock, some engraving.] FRC#_____ 212-B-13.--ANTIQUE: Paget Cavalry carbine, .58 perc. cal. w/16 1/4" bbl. [made for Native service, captive ramrod, brass furniture, mkd."IP/IV/2P/GR/P". NO FAC REQUIRED. 212-B-14.--ANTIQUE, English s/shot, .12 ga. perc. fowler, (conversion from flintlock), w/41 ½" bbl.[brass furniture, mkd."LONDON" on lockplate.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-B-15.--ANTIQUE: Philo Soper, ½ stocked perc. rifle, about .58 cal., w/30"oct. bbl. [Canadian Frontier gun, brass furniture, patch-box, silver inlay. Stock repaired @ wrist & nicely refinished.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-B-16.--Ser.# 143003, Savage, mod. 99 T/down, .22 HP cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [traces of blue, butt plate chipped @ toe.] FRC# 212-B-17.--Ser.# 124564, Parker, mod. VH, .12ga. 2 3/4" SxS hinge/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls. [traces of blue, Hawkens butt-plate.] FRC# 212-B-18.--Ser.# 8275, Williams & Powell, (Liverpool),.12 ga. SxS hammer hinge/brk. shotgun w/30 1/4"bbls. [scroll engraved, no finish, cracked @ wrist & damaged @ toe.] FRC# 212-B-19.--Ser.# 1569765, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [new buttstock w/Whiteline recoil pad.] FRC#4223581.. The next 2-guns have consecutive serial numbers, & would make a matched set of rifle & carbine, so the successful bidder can take both if they wish: 212-B-20.--Ser.# 57460, Win., mod. 94, Can. Cent. Comm., 1867-1967, .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [appears as new in box.] FRC#4223582.0001. 212-B-21.--Ser.# 57461, Win., mod. 94, Can. Cent. Comm., 1867-1967, .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [slight storage damage on right side of rcvr. by forend. w/box.] FRC#4223583.0001. 212-B-22.--Ser.# RW365957, Rem., mod. 12-A, .22 LR cal. pump/act. rifle w/22"bbl. [slight crack @ wrist] FRC#3972142.0001. 212-B-23.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3865776, Mossberg, mod. 46B(a), .22 LR cal. B/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [w/Mossberg M4D-4x scope.] FRC#3972143.0001. 212-B-24.--Ser.# 42998, Sticker # 3865777, Cooey, mod. 840, .16 ga. hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#3972144.0001. 212-B-25.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker #3865778, Noble, mod. 66J, .16 ga. 2 3/4" pump/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. [appears exc. except missing the safety button.] FRC#3972145.0001. 212-B-26.--Ser.# L692550, Win., mod. 2200, .12 ga. 2

3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. 212-B-27.--Ser.# 102087, Savage, mod. 99, .303 Sav. cal. L/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [appears VG+.] FRC#2637150.0001. 212-B-28.--Ser.# Nil, Sticker #2498894, Win., mod. 04A, .22LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/21" bbl. FRC#__ 212-B-29.--Ser.# B36613, Fox (Savage), mod. B, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls. [chipped @ upper tang.]

212-B-30.--Ser.# N340367, Smith & Wesson, mod. 27, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w152mm bbl. [appears exc., w/Pachmayr grips, adjust. sights, blued finish, plus: wooden pres. case w/screwdriver & cleaning rod..] FRC# K-003138. HG* PLEASE NOTE ! This is not just an ordinary handgun. You must be qualified to own this particular type of gun so if you have any doubts ask Jim or do not buy: 212-B-31.--Ser.# SA30637, UZI, mod. A-Carbine, 9mm cal. 5-shot, s/auto pistol w/419mm bbl. [appears exc., w/collapsible butt-stock.] FRC# L-005735. HG* 212-B-32.--Ser.# UF55A19361, 14MK2/Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. 2, Sporter, .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/600mm bbl. [appears VG re-finished.] FRC#3605110. 212-B-33.--Ser.# 580963, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. L/act. S/ring carbine {missing ring, but stud is there} w/20" bbl. [appears fair+.] FRC#_ 212-B-34.--ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., W.G. Rawbone, Toronto, .12ga. perc. shotgun. [bbl. marked "London Improved Patent Chain Twist Barrels",] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-B-35.--Ser.# 39303, Browning, (Belgium) Grade 1, .12 ga. over & under hinge/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls. [good blue, w/Vent-rib bbls, scroll engraving on action, checkered p/grip stock w/inset silver medallions on each shoulder, "GME" for Gilbert M. Eaton, head of the Co. in Manitoba.] FRC#2637149. 212-B-36.--Ser.# 08496K57, Browning, mod. BLR, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed, L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears exc., w/higloss, checkered straight stock, open sights, scope mnts., Browning leather adjust. sling w/quik-off swivels.] FRC#3759450.0001. 212-B-37.--rings. 212-B-38.--cal. ammo. Bushnell Scope-Chief VI, 1.5x-4.5x, w/Weaver Bag lot, 5 ½ boxes various makes, .308 Win.

212-B-39.--Ser.# S11844, Caspian Arms, mod. 1911, .45 Auto cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [Stainless frame, adjustable sights, appears VG+.] FRC#4486709. HG* 212-B-40.--ANTIQUE: Ser.# 50910, Colt, mod. 1849 Pocket, (ca. 1852), New York City Address, .31 perc. cal. 5-shot rev. w/4", 8-land, oct. bbl. [ w/"Hold-up Scene" on cylinder,lots of silver plating remaining, traces of case colors, flaking blue on

bbl., w/orig. leather flap type holster {needs re-stitched}, & includes a small powder horn.] NO FAC REQUIRED. 212-B-41.--ANTIQUE; German Pottsdam Percussion musket, DATED 1837, .79 perc. cal. w/31 ½" bbl. w/metal ramrod. [2-band, full wood w/brass furniture w/crest of Frederick Wilham on stock, also proof marked on bbl.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-B-42.--ANTIQUE: Bayet Brothers, .20 ga. perc. fowler w/37" ½ rnd., ½ oct. bbl. [½ stocked, iron furniture & ramrod, poss. a Southern U.S. Maker.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-B-43.--ANTIQUE: Germanic Jaeger, ½ stocked flintlock .20 bore fowler, w/32" part oct. bbl. [engraved iron lock, brass furniture, wooden ramrod, originally was from the Fort Langley Collection.] NO FRC REQUIRED Bill C-68, Prohib,12-6 212-C-1.--Ser.# 173622, Savage, mod. 1907, 7.65 cal. 10shot s/auto pistol w/96mm bbl. [appears VG, slight wear to blue, good grips.] FRC#__ HG* 212-C-2.--Ser.# 39187, Drulov, {Czech}, mod. 70, .22 LR cal. s/shot Target pistol w/245mm bbl. [appears exc., w/formfitting walnut grip for right-handed shooter, w/set trigger, & matte-rib bbl. With padded, zippered pistol case.] FRC#___ HG* 212-C-3.--Ser.# A213833, Win., mod. 100, .284 Win. cal., clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [appears VG+, open sights & scope mnts., w/impressed checkered Oak-Leaf design on p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#___ 212-C-4.--Ser.# 46196, Win., mod. 1895, .303 Brit. cal. L/act. rifle w/28" bbl. [ca. 1904, rcvr. sight, worn blue, good wood, cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#__ 212-C-5.--Ser.# 05587PW187, Browning, mod. 1895, Grade 1, .30/06 cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [Copy of Win. 1895, appears new in box.] FRC#___ 212-C-6.--Ser.# 6278, Win., mod. 1895, .30 US cal. L/act. rifle w/28" bbl. [ca. 1897, little or no blue remaining, wood good for it's age, has rcvr. sight, & cresc. butt-plate.] FRC# 212-C-7.--Ser.# 685821, Win., mod. 1894, .30WCF cal. L/act. T/down rifle w/26" bbl. [ca. 1913, fading blue, good select burled wood stock & forend, w/cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#___ 212-C-8.--Ser.# 20751PZ143, Browning, mod. Citori, .12 ga. 2 3/4", over & under, hinge/brk. shotgun w/30" F/Mod. ch. V-rib bbls. [appears VG+, gold trigger, light engraving, w/slight marks to hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock, semi-beavertail forend.] FRC#___ 212-C-9.--Ser.# 31289, Browning, mod. Trombone, .22 LR cal. tube-fed pump/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [slight wear to blue, stock refinished, fitted w/Lyman, micrometer style peep sight.] FRC#___ 212-C-10.--Ser.# 232986A, Win., mod. 88, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed, L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears exc. w/open sights & scope mnts, impressed checkered Oak-Leaf design p/grip stock & forend, adjustable leather sling & Pachmayr recoil pad.]

FRC#__ 212-C-11.--Ser.# 910, Win., mod. 1895, "Flatside" .40/72 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/26" tapered oct. bbl. [ca. 1895, 1st year of prod., appears VG+, bore fair, cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#___ 212-C-12.--Ser.# H269482, Win., mod. 88, .308 Win. cal. L/act. clip-fed rifle w/22" bbl. [appears exc. w/impressed checkered Oak-Leaf design p/grip stock & forend., open sights, & tapped for scope mnt. ] FRC#___ 212-C-13.--Ser.# B6943134, Rem., mod. 760, Gamemaster, .270 Win. cal. clip-fed pump/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears VG+, slight wear in blue near muzzle, w/impressed checkered hi-gloss p/grip stock ] FRC#___ 212-C-14.--Ser.# 1783199, Win., mod. 12, .12ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" FC bbl. [appears VG+, w/Pachmayr recoil pad.] FRC#___ 212-C-15.--Ser.# 171558, Sako, mod. AIVarmint, .222 Rem. cal. B/act. rifle w/23 1/4" heavy bbl. [appears exc., checkered p/grip stock w/semi-beavertail forend, no sights.] FRC#___ 212-C-16.--Ser.# 404406, Win., mod. 1895, .30 Govt. `06 cal L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [ca. 1926, appears VG, w/cresc. buttplate.] FRC#___ 212-C-17.--Ser.# 87695, Win., mod. 1895, .405 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [ca.1915, appears VG, w/cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#___ 212-C-18.--Ser.# A239747, Win., mod. 100, .243 Win. cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [Appears VG+, w/impressed checkered Oak-Leaf design, p/grip stock. W/open sights & scope mnts.] FRC#____ 212-C-19.--Ser.# OU42503, Rem., mod. 3200, Skeet, .12 ga. 2 3/4", hinge/brk. over & under shotgun w/25" V-rib bbls. [appears VG+, w/engraved hunting dog scenes, & hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock w/semi-beavertail forend& Rem. recoil pad.] FRC#___ 212-C-20.--Ser.# 82401,Win., mod. 100, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [Appears Exc., w/impressed checkered Oak-Leaf design, p/grip stock. W/open sights & tapped for scope mnts.] FRC#____ 212-C-21.--Ser.# 635883, Sako, mod. AV-LH (Left hand), .270 Win. cal. B/act rifle w/23" bbl. [appears as new, w/open sights, grooved for scope mnts, checkered p/grip Monte-Carlo style stock & forend] FRC#____ 212-C-22.--Ser.# 36419, Win., mod. 71, .348 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. & 2/3 mag. [ca. 1953, appears VG+, improved 1886 frame, holds 4-rnds., very slight wear to blue, good bore, good plain p/grip stock w/shotgun style butt-plate. Only 47,254 made ca. 1935-1957.] FRC#___ 212-C-23.--Ser.# 22386, HEYM, Friedrich Wilh., mod. SR20N, .30/06 Spring. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, very slight carry-wear on floor plate, semi-gloss checkered p/grip Monte-Carlo style stock w/raised cheek-pce. & rosewood cap & forend tip. Has open sights & tapped for mnts.] FRC#___

212-C-23-A.Ser.# 96473, Win., mod. 88, .308 Win. cal. L/act. clip fed rifle w/22" bbl. [appears VG+, open sights, scope mnts., checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#___ 212-C-24.--Ser.# 62694, Win., mod. 100, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [appears VG+, open sights, tapped for scope mnts., a few slight handling marks on checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#___ 212-C-25.--Ser.# L937637V, Rem., mod. 1100, .12 ga. 2 3/4" s/auto shotgun w/25" V-rib bbl. [appears VG+, w/shell catcher bracket only, & embossed checkered p/grip stock & semi-beavertail forend.] FRC#___ 212-C-26.--Ser.# 983295V, Rem., mod. 870, Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4" pump/act. shotgun w/30" FC bbl. [some wear to blue, forend good, stock has some scars & hairline cracks @ wrist, good bore & seems to function well. C/w/old vinyl shotgun case.] FRC#___ 212-C-27.--Ser.# 46955, Win., mod. 1895, .405 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [ca. 1904, fading worn blue, revarnished good wood, cresc. butt-plate, good bore, functions well.] FRC#____ 212-C-28.--Ser.# 292704, Win., mod. 1894, .32/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl., full mag. [ca. 1904, fading blue on bbl., wood good w/some marks & old sanding, good bore, functions well, cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#___ 212-C-29.--Ser.# 51636, Win., mod. 1895, .35 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [ca. 1905, traces of blue turning brown, wood good, cresc. butt-plate, good bore, functions well.] FRC#___ 212-C-30.--Ser.# 277563, Win., mod. 1897, .12 ga. 2 3/4" pump/act. shotgun w/32" FC bbl. [ca.1905, worn blue, good wood.] FRC#___ 212-C-31.--Ser.# 237006, Savage, mod. 1899, .303 Sav. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [ Note! The cal. is .303 Savage not .303 British, ca. 1921, finish poor. wood solid, revarnished.] FRC#___ 212-C-32.--Ser.# Nil., Win., mod. 67, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [fading blue, good refinished wood.] FRC#___ 212-C-33.--Ser.# PB456489, Llama, mod. 87-Competition, 9mm Luger cal. 10-shot, s/auto pistol w/133mm bbl. [appears exc., w/built-in ported compensator, adjustable trigger, frame is stainless, blued slide & bbl etc., w/2-extra clips, & springs, in a wooden case.] FRC#6489658. HG* 212-C-34.--Ser.# 1010726, Ruger, mod. Standard, .22 LR cal. 9-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears VG, ] FRC#___________HG* 212-C-35.--Ser.# 89158, Echasa, mod. Panzer, Lur, .22 LR cal. 10-sht. s/auto pistol w/118mm bbl. FRC#6489656. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6 212-C-36.--Ser.# 519724, Browning, mod. 1910, 7.65 cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/90mm bbl. FRC#6489657. HG*

Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6. 212-C-37.--Ser.# 536892, FN Browning, mod,. 1900, 7.65 mm cal. 7-shot, s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl. FRC#5052035. HG* 212-C-38.--Ser.# 742398, Herbert Schmidt, mod. 21, .22 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/140mm bbl. [w/booklet & box.] FRC#6489660. HG* 212-C-39.--Ser.# 567835, Herbert Schmidt, mod. 21, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/120mm bbl.FRC#6489661. Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6. 212-C-40.--Ser.#M22712, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer Automatique .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [faded blue, good grips.] FRC#6489655. HG* 212-C-41.--Bag lot; 5-Master trigger locks, (some w/keys) & 3-cable locks w/keys. 212-C-42.--Ser.# CC11240, Win., mod. 94, Comanche Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [used, no box.] FRC#6490544. 212-C-43.--Ser.# A492916, Squires Bingham, mod. 16-R, .2 LR cal. clip-fed a/auto rifle w/462mm bbl. [collapsible buttstock, w/sling & manual.] FRC#61237. 212-C-44.--Ser.# 433796, Savage, mod. 99, .300 Sav. cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [checkered p/grip stock w/schnabel forend.] FRC#1197307. 212-C-45.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6365640, Savage, mod. 6H, .22 LR, tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/24"bbl. [w/a Japan 4x32 scope] FRC#6490543. 212-C-46.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6365642, Win.-Cooey, mod. 39, .22 LR cal. s/shot, B/a/ct rifle w/22" bbl.[w/leather sling.] FRC#6490545. 212-C-47.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6365643, LakefieldMossberg, Mark 1, .22 LR cal. s/shot, B/act. rifle w/23" bbl. [w/Weaver, D-4 scope.] FRC#6490546. 212-C-48.--Ser.# KGR7268, Win., mod. 94, Klondike Gold Rush Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle, w/20" bbl. [appears as new w/box.] FRC#3193271. 212-C-49.--Ser.# LF08832, Win., mod. 94, Legendary Frontiersmen Comm., .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears as new w/box.] FRC#1090061. 212-C-50.--Ser.# CC11046, Win., mod. 94, Comanche Carbine Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears as new w/box.] FRC#3193256. 212-C-51.--Ser.# AG13099, Win., mod. 94, Antlered Game Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears as new, unfired, but no box!] FRC#3193261. 212-C-52.--Ser.# CPC603, Win., mod. 94, Canadian Pacific Cent. Comm., .32 Win. spl. cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears as new in box, except slight storage pitting on bbl..]

FRC#3193263. 212-C-53.--Ser.# RCMP53, Win., mod. 94, RCMP Cent. Comm., {early non/members's}, .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears as new in box.] FRC#3193266. 212-C-54.--Ser.# WFC16686, Win., mod. 94, Wells Fargo & Co. Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. s/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears as new in box.] FRC#1090060 212-C-55.--Ser.# LBH04635, Win., mod. 94, Little Bighorn Comm., .44/40 cal. L/act. s/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears as new, unfired, no box.] FRC#3193267. 212-C-56.--Ser.# LL16350, Win., mod. 94, Legendary Lawmen Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/16" bbl. [appears as new in box.] FRC#1090059.. 212-C-57.--Ser.# BM6042, Win., mod. 94, Sheriff Bat Masterson, Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears as new in box.] FRC#3193258. 212-C-58.--Ser.# BP603, Win., mod. 94, U.S. Border Patrol Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act., S/ring carbine w/16"bbl. [appears as new in box, w/shipping carton.] FRC#3193264. 212-C-59.--Ser.# 25619, Win., mod. 94, Centennial "66 Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl.] damage to wood @ toe & brass toe of butt-plate, appears unfired, w/box, but poor sleeve.] FRC#3193262. 212-C-60.--Ser.#ADJ2040, {regd. incorrectly w/(2) missing in ser.#) Win., mod. 94, Alberta Diam. Jubilee Comm, .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears as new in box, w/shipping carton.] FRC#3193259. 212-C-61.--Ser.# SDJ2040, (regd. incorrectly w/(2) missing in ser.#) Win., mod. 94, Sask. Diam. Jubilee Comm., .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears as new in box w/shipping carton. FRC#3193260. 212-C-62.--Ser.# NRA46468, Win., mod. 94, NRA Cent. Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. full wood musket w/26" bbl.] [appears as new in box.] FRC#3193255. 212-C-63.--Ser.# 7097, Win., mod. 94, Canadian Cent. Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl.[appears new unfired but w/replaced deluxe wood, no box. ] FRC#3193253. 212-C-64.--Ser.# CH01257, Win., mod. 94, Cheyenne Carbine Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears new in box.] FRC#3193257. 212-C-65.--Ser.# SU10018, Win., mod. 94, Sioux Carbine Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears new in box.] FRC#3193268. 212-C-66.--Ser.# AC9684, Win., mod. 94, Apache Carbine Comm., .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears new in box.] FRC#3193254. 212-C-67.--Ser.# 583004, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 cal. L/act. s/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [appears re-blue, nice wood, w/part of a tang sight.] FRC#3193265. 212-C-68.--Ser.# K3362, Thompson Center Arms, mod. Cherokee, .32 perc. cal. s/shot black powder rifle w/24" oct. bbl. appears exc., brass furniture, & wooden ramrod.] FRC#__ 212-C-69.--Ser.# 1G1157001276, Lanber, mod. 844E-3" Magnum, .12 ga. 3", Hinge/brk. Over & Under shotgun w/29 ½" Vent-rib bbls. [Appears exc., scroll engraving, & checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#3193277. 212-C-70.--Ser.# 663627, Boito, (Brazil), .410 ga. 3", hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/28" bbl. [slight rusting on bbl., wood is good.] FRC#3193276. 212-C-71.--Ser.# 11685726, Ruger, mod. 10/22 Carbine, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18 ½" bbl. [appears VG+, w/open sights & Bushnell 4x Custom .22 scope.] FRC#3193273. 212-C-72.--Ser.# C035689, Win., mod. 37-A, Macleods 60th Anniv., .20 ga. 3", hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/28"bb [some light rust spots, has impressed checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#3193279. 212-C-73.--Ser.# H22098, Baikal, mod. IJ-18, .12 ga. hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/28 ½" bbl. [w/checkered p/grip stock. Action will not open. ] FRC#3240433. 212-C-74.--2-pce., 12-place, gun cabinet w/3-glass doors & storage below. 212-C-75.--2-pce., 12-place, gun cabinet w/2-glass doors & storage below. 212-D-1.--Ser.# Nil., Mossberg, mod. 351-KA, .22 LR cal. tube-fed through stock, s/auto rifle w/23.5" bbl. [worn blue, p/grip, cheek-pce. stock revarnished, w/very faint hairline crack.] 212-D-2.--Ser.# Nil., Mossberg, mod. No. 50, .22 LR call tube-fed through stock, s/auto rifle w/23.5" bbl. [worn blue, wood good, has sling swivels.] 212-D-3.--Ser.# RCMP4568, Win., mod. 94, RCMP Comm. (Civilian), .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears unfired, no box.] 212-D-4.--Ser.# 43005, (on bbl. near muzzle), Savage, mod. 19 NRA, .22 LR cal. B/act. clip-fed rifle w/25" bbl. [appears to be a Military rifle, w/ser.# near muzzle, full wood stock & 5-shot clip.] 212-D-5.--Ser.# 40220, Rem., mod. 8-A, .35 Rem. cal. s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [refinished.] 212-D-6.--Ser.# L1173643, Win., mod. 2200, .12 Ga. Magnum, 3", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [ some marks on metal & wood.] 212-D-7.--Ser.# 18164, Iver Johnson, mod. Champion, .16 ga. hinge/brk. s/shotgun 2w/30" bbl. 212-D-8.--Ser.#C371963, Savage, mod. 72, .22 LR cal. falling block rifle w/22" oct. bbl. [appears VG except chip in butt-plate & stock at toe.] 212-D-9.--Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. 77, .12 ga. 2 3/4" pump/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. w/Savage "Super Choke". [appears

good, w/checkered p/grip stock.] 212-D-10.--Ser.# Nil., Noble, mod. 40, .12 ga. 2 3/4" pump/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. w/multi choke. [pitted rusty finish w/home-made stock.] 212-D-11.--Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. 520, .12 ga. 2 3/4" pump/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. [poor, bolt through stock @ wrist.] 212-D-12.--Ser.# 7490T, Mannlicher 1895, produced by Steyr, 8mm Steyr cal. B/act. straight-pull full wood milt. rifle w/30" bbl. 212-D-13.--Ser.# 21605, Rem., mod. 8, .30 Rem. cal. s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [appears refinished.] FRC#7518201. 212-D-14.--Ser.# KD2286, Vetterli Vetali, mod. Terni, converted from 10.4 to 6.5 Carcano cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/32 ½" bbl. 212-D-15.--Ser.# Nil., J.C. Higgins, (Sears Roebuck & Co.), mod. 583, .12 ga. B/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. [worn blue on bbl., wood good.] Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-16.--Ser.# 10905, Beretta, mod. 1934, 9mm Browning Short cal., 7-shot s/auto pistol w/86mm bbl. [newer slide has a different #.] FRC#3099001. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-17.--Ser.# 0010563, Rohm, mod. RG-10, .22 Sort cal., 6-shot rev. w/2 1/4" bbl. FRC#5165824. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-18.--Ser.# 1655, U.S. Revolver Co., mod. D/act., .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. [cond. poor, nickle plated.] FRC#5165819. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-19.--Ser.# 4062, Harrington & Richardson, mod. The American D/act., .38 S&W cal., 5-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. [nickle plated, chipped grip.] FRC#5165820. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-20.--Ser.# 54989, Iver Johnson, mod. Top-break, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. [nickle finish poor, chipped grip.] FRC#5165821. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-21.--Ser.# 12889, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. "Bulldog" .380 cal. 6-shot rev. w/73mm bbl. [w/checkered wooden grips, & lanyard ring.] FRC#5165822. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-22.--Ser.# 12494, Beretta, mod. 1934, 9mm Browning Short cal., 7-shot s/auto pistol w/86mm bbl. [appears VG w/good grips & lanyard ring.] FRC#834195. HG* 212-D-22-A.Parts Gun: Ser.# 9663,Rem., mod. 8, unk. cal., s/auto rifle, no bbl., FRC#_______________ 212-D-23.--Ser.# H002928, Walther, mod P-22, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [appears Exc., poss unfired, w/foam lined plastic case.] FRC#_______________?

212-D-24.--Ser.#W102973, U.S. Rifle, (Win.), mod. 1914, (P-14), .303 cal. sporterized B/act. rifle w/26" bbl. FRC#_____________ The following 4-guns & the Nazi Dagger were brought back by the Owner, who was a Corporal in the R.C.A.F., in 1945 as WW II souvenirs & registered for the first time @ Macklin, Sask. They remained in his possession until his death. The Check goes to the Salvation Army. 212-D-25.--Ser.# 8601N, Luger, (AC/42) mod. P-08, Dated 1939, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/101mm. [Nazi marked, matching #'s including clip, w/brown leather holster.(Dresden)] FRC#D673045 212-D-26.--Ser.# Z86519, Enfield, No. 2, Mk. I*, (incorrectly regd. as a Webley), .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [often referred to as a "Tanker", as was issued to the tank corps., they had the hammer spur removed so it wouldn't hang up when drawn. finish has been polished off, grips are good, has lanyard ring.] FRC# D673044.. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-27.--Ser.# 39935, Walther, mod. 37, 7.65 cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/95mm bbl. [Nazi marked, appears VG+, w/extra clip & orig. brown leather, flap type holster.] FRC#D673042. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib. 12-6: 212-D-28.--Ser.# 69244, Fegyvergyar Frommer, mod. Stop, {incorrectly regd. as "Budapest" which is where it was made}, 7.65 cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/98mm bbl. [appears good, w/orig. brown leather flap type holster.] FRC# D673043.. HG* 212-D-29.--Nazi dagger w/brown metal case. [ser.# etc. ground off scabbard rim & dagger hilt.] 212-D-30.--Ser.# NRA48516, Win., mod. 94, "NRA Cent. Comm., 1871-1971," .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [ Musket style, full wood stock, appears VG+, a few minor blemishes, no box.] FRC#3663523.. 212-D-31.--Ser.# K-12487, {ser.# was missed when regd.}Baikal, (made in USSR), mod. O & U, .12 ga. Hinge/brk., over & under shotgun w/29" solid-rib bbls. [oil finished, checkered p/grip stock, chipped @ right shoulder, has added over-size red recoil pad.] FRC#3663520. 212-D-32.--Ser.# 358870, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Aut0-5, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/27" bbl. w/Weaver choke. [some wear to blue, checkered p/grip stock & forend w/added recoil pad.] FRC#3663516. 212-D-33.--Ser.# 19282, Husqvarna, mod. under-lever, .12 ga. SxS , hinge/brk. hammer shotgun w/31 1/4" bbls. [fading blue, revarnished stock, sling swivels.] FRC#3663522. 212-D-34.--Ser.# 6780048, Rem., mod. 700, .243 Win. cal. b/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [w/open sights, scope mnts, good blue, higloss checkered p/grip stock w/raised cheek-pce., leather sling & quik-off swivels.] FRC#3663526.0002. 212-D-35.--212-D-36.--Bushnell, "Banner", 1.5x-4x scope, w/rings. Ser.# A92954E, (was incorrectly regd. with the

Bbl. # B54104), {the correct # is on the right side of the action near the shoulder}, Beretta, mod. A-M-300, .12 ga. Magnum, s/auto shotgun w/29" Vent-rib bbl. [good blue, a few handling marks on the hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/Beretta recoil pad.] FRC#3663518. 212-D-37.--Beretta shotgun bbl. only!, ser.# C08710F, .12 ga. 3", 28" V-rib .FC. 212-D-38.--Ser.# CF19763, Cooey, mod. 840, .410 ga. 3", Hinge/brk., s/shotgun w/26" FC bbl. [appears exc., poss unfired.] FRC#3663519. 212-D-39.--Ser.# QL38, Savage, mod. 24, .22 LR & .410 Ga. 3", over & under combo gun w/24" bbls. [missing forewood.] FRC#3663521. 212-D-40.--Ser.# BK5277, Lee-Enfield, No. 5, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed, b/act. rifle w/18 ½" bbl. [sporterized, w/oil finished p/grip stock, matching # clip, & leather sling.] FRC#3663515. 212-D-41.--Ser.# 61468, Lee-Enfield, No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 Cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. FRC#366513. 212-D-42.--Ser.# 95500, Lee-Enfield, (BSA), mod. Sht. L.E. , (1940), .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [Missing clip.] FRC#3663514. 212-D-43.--Tree stand in box.

matching #'s except clip, slight holster wear, grip strap mkd. 1.J.4.70. w/old orig. holster (cleaning rod style, no rod).] FRC#3547394. HG* 212-D-53.--Ser.# 113685, Belgian Browning, mod. 1935 Hi-Power, 9mm Luger cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/118mm bbl. [appears VG+, w/custom made black leather holster w/attached extra clip holder.] FRC#3547392. HG* 212-D-54.--Ser.# 23339E, Walther, mod. P-38, by; Carl Walther, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears as new, test-fired, w/orig. box & booklet.] FRC#3547393. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6. 212-D-55.--Ser.# 333083, Mauser, mod. 1910, 6.35 cal. 8shot s/auto pistol w/76mm bbl. [appears good, w/chip @ top of wooden grip. With an orig. old holster.] FRC#3547395. 212-D-56.--Ser.# 18295, Iver Johnson, mod. 22-SuperShot, .22 LR cal., 9-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [w/black leather belt & holster.] FRC#3547396. HG* 212-D-57.--Ser.# 371116864, Ithaca, mod. 37Featherweight, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [pressed checkered p/grip stock w/leather tie-on pad & brown fleece lined canvas case. Soc. Ins.# lightly etched on rcvr.] FRC#3547397. 212-D-58.--Ser.# 81L4200, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk.I*, (Longbranch) (1944), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [w/web milt. sling.] FRC#3547398. 212-D-59.--rev. holster. Bag lot: P-38 holster w/clip, & a hand tooled

212-D-44.--Exceptional fleece-lined, brown-on-brown, scoped rifle full zipper case. 212-D-45.--shotgun.) Lot of 2-gun cases, (1-for scoped rifle & 1-for

212-D-46.--Ser.# 3698829, Ruger, New Model Blackhawk, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/165mm bbl. [appears exc., stainless finish, w/rubber Pachmayr Presentation grips. Also orig. new walnut grips, & orig. box.] FRC#6236790. HG* 212-D-47.--Ser.# BHH6869, Smith & Wesson, mod. 617, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears exc., stainless finish w/checkered walnut grips, w/box.] FRC#6236789. HG* 212-D-48.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6094609, Cooey, mod. 75, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/act. rifle w/27" bbl. [no rear sight, but has scope mounts.] FRC#6236791. 212-D-49.--as new. DNAR, 6x40 scope w/Weaver rings, appears

212-D-60.--Bag lot; 3-bxs. 9mm Luger ammo, 2-bxs,(10each),.303 Brit ammo, 1-bx. .303 Imperial ammo, & (16-rnds) misc. .303 ammo. 212-D-61.--Shot-shell bag containing: 1-box (5-rnds) .12 ga. slugs, 3 & a part bxs. .12 ga. shot-shells, 2-bxs .22 short ammo, a Browning Hi-Power pistol booklet, & The Parabellum Automatic Pistol booklet. 212-E-1.--Ser.# D6218489, Rem., mod. 700, .338 Win. mag. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [oil finished checkered p/grip stock w/black caps, & Weaver scope bases.] FRC#1280161 212-E-2.--Black composite stock, fits mod. 700, long action, clip-fed rifle as above. 212-E-3.--212-E-4.--Bushnell, 4x Banner scope w/Weaver rings. Large maroon vinyl rifle case.

212-D-50.--Ser.# 1729595, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [blue shows some wear, wood good.] FRC#6236796. 212-D-51.--SPECIAL INTEREST!: Ser.# AX465432, Harrington & Richardson, "CAP-CHUR POWDER PROJECTOR", .32 GA. Special, break/act. deemed "Non-Gun". [looks like a shotgun, but no FAC or regn. required, w/accessories.] Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6. 212-D-52.--Ser.# 4375, Luger, mod. P-08, Dated 1912, DWM, 9mm Luger. cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl. [all

212-E-5.--Ser.# B6696229, Rem., mod. 700 BDL, .300 Win. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl.[appears exc., gloss finished p/grip stock w/black caps, w/Redfield base & rings.] FRC#1280164. 212-E-6.--front cap. Redfield, Lo-Pro 6x scope w/Butler Creek


Red vinyl gun case.

FRC#3507366. HG* 212-E-25.--Ser.# 26951, Pietta, mod. Copy: Rem. 1858, New Mod. Army, 36 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/165mm bbl. [Package deal: Appears VG, w/tray of B/powder accessories incl; Manual, bullets, bore cleaner, nipple wrench, brass powder flask, etc.] FRC#93255. HG* 212-E-26.--Ser.# 47617, I.G.A., Gaucha, .20 ga. 3", over & under hinge/brk. shotgun w/26" V-rib bbls. [checkered p/grip stock, & forend, fired very little, stock has some handling marks.] FRC#_____? 212-E-27.--Ser.# 96367, CBC, mod. Nylon-66 Copy, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/18 ½" bbl. [black p/grip nylon stock, appears VG.] FRC#____ 212-E-28.--Ser.# 004678, Iver Johnson, mod EW22HBL, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, L/act. rifle w/18 ½" bbl.[appears as new, test fired, w/booklet.] FRC#_____ 212-E-29.--Ser.# 1196052, Rem., mod. 580, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot Youth's rifle w/19 3/4" bbl. [appears VG, has scope rings & a few handling marks. FRC#_____ 212-E-30.--Ser.# 1T9774, Browning, mod. Mk.I*, 9mm cal..10-sht. s/auto pistol w/118mm bbl. [appears VG+, w/milt. web holster, cleaning rod & spare mag.] FRC#9548036. HG* 212-E-30-A. Pachmayr rubber grip, extra clip, & extra bbl. for Browning s/auto pistol, (as above). 212-E-31.--Ser.# 158381, Smith & Wesson , mod. Highway Patrolman, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears VG+, faint cyl. ring, fitted w/Hogue rubber mono-grip.] FRC#6111523. HG* 212-E-31-A.Bag lot, 10-speed loaders

212-E-8.--Ser.# B6718603, Rem., mod. 700, .350 Rem. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears exc., gloss finish checkered p/grip stock, Leupold base & rings.] FRC#1280167. 212-E-9.--scope. 212-E-10.--Bushnell Scope-chief VI, 1.5x4.5 variable Black leather rifle scabbard.

212-E-11.--Ser.# 3083410, Rem., mod. 522-Viper, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [appears exc., black composite checkered p/grip stock, extra clip, integral base.] FRC#1280170. 212-E-12.--Weaver rings. Tasco, Silver Antler, SA 4x32 scope w/caps &

212-E-13.--Bag lot: Crosman Co2, .177 cal. pellet pistol w/case, bag w/pellets & Co2 ctgs. 212-E-14.--PSE, Graphic Game Compound Bow, Ser.# 291847,60-lb. pull, 31" draw, ,w/(7)-31" arrows, & bag w/tips, sights, glove, & fishing spool. 212-E-15.--Bushnell, Sportview, 9-30x40, Zoom Spotting scope w/tripod attachment, in Blue-Jean velcro case. 212-E-16.--Tasco, 18x36x50mm Spotting Scope, ser.# 34TZ, w/tripod. 212-E-17.--Bushnell, car-window mount, as new in box.

212-E-18.--Ser.# 15947, Emil, Estel, Hofbuchsenmacher, Vilshofen, .16 ag. x .16 ga. over 9.3 cal. hinge/brk., drilling {Combo Gun}w/682mm bbls. [under lever, Euro. raised cheekpiece, p/grip stock, (chipped @ wrist).] FRC#6873033. 212-E-19.--Ser.# C90203, Rem., mod. 14, .25 Rem. cal. tube-fed pump/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [fading blue] FRC#6873013. 212-E-20.--Ser.# NJ200184, New England Firearms, mod. Pardner SB1, .410 ga. 3", hinge/brk s/shotgun w/25 ½" bbl. [fading varnish, mint bore.] FRC#____ 212-E-21.--S# Nil., Sticker #____________? Ranger, mod. Ranger, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [missing mag tube.] 212-E-22.--Ser.# 9K99655, {incorrectly regd. with the "Crane" number 14725, also} Smith & Wesson, mod. 66, .357 mag. cal., 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [stainless, w/Pachmayr grips, adjust. sights, orig. box, & booklet, appears exc.] FRC#8167702. HG* 212-E-23.--Ser.# K396996, Smith & Wesson, mod. 17, .22 LR cal. 6-sht. rev. w/213mm bbl. [blue w/Rosewood grips, adjust. sights, (K-22 Heavy Masterpiece), orig. box & booklet, appears exc.] FRC#3507364. HG* 212-E-24.--Ser.# 966384, Charter Arms, mod. Pathfinder 22, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [adjust. sight, walnut grip, appears exc., w/padded pistol case & booklet.]

Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6. 212-E-32.--Ser.# B25354, Webley & Scott Ltd., (Birmingham), mod. Mk. IV, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/75mm bbl. [appears VG, w/issue # AA265.] FRC#1869328. HG* 212-E-33.--Ser.# 58, (on bolt), Gevarfabriken, mod. Free Pistol, .22 LR cal. 1-shot B/act. pistol w/271mm bbl. [blue appears exc., w/form fitting right-hand grip w/schnabel style forend.] FRC#8049893. HG* 212-E-34.--Ser.# 19769, Anschutz, mod. 54, Match, .22 LR cal. s/shot Target rifle w/25 ½" heavy bbl. [appears VG+, w/checkered, swollen grip stock w/raised cheek-piece & target style checkered forend. Has scope base, & also includes Anschutz target sights w/inserts, etc. in box.] FRC#8241747. 212-E-35.--Ser.# 679800, Mauser, (Husqvarna), mod. 1938 Short Rifle, 6.5x55 cal. B/act., full wood military rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, w/cleaning rod.] FRC#8570691. 212-E-36.--Ser.# 9110, Danzig Mauser, mod. 88, 8mm cal. B/act., full wood, "Turkish Re-work" military rifle w/29" bbl. [was regd. as make "Commission Rifle", appears good, w/cleaning rod.] FRC#8072463.

212-E-37.--Ser.# 434755, Swedish Mauser (Carl Gustafs) mod. 1896, 6.5x55 cal. B/act. full wood military rifle w/29" bbl. [appears VG+, matching numbers, w/cleaning rod, & added peep sight,.] FRC#7504894. 212-E-38.--Ser.# 423469, C-I-L, mod. 402, .12 ga. 2 3/4" full choke, hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears VG, w/a few minor marks on wood, but has a leather adjustable sling.] FRC#6531405. 212-E-39.--TT034760, Sears Roebuck & Co., (Canada), mod. 6C, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [appears exc.] FRC#6531412. 212-E-40.--Ser.# 1153260, F.N., (Belgium), mod. Sporter, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/act. rifle w/20 3/4" bbl.[appears good, wood re-varnished.] FRC#1068929. 212-E-41.--Ser.# 184838, Sako, mod. AI, 6mm PPC cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears exc., w/checkered, swollen p/grip stock & forend, w/Sako mnts. & rings.] FRC#__ 212-E-42.--Ser.# G6206804, Rem., mod. 700, .308 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/26" bull bbl. [Laminated p/grip stock w/rosewood cap, Leupold mnts. & rings, appears exc.] FRC#__ 212-E-43.--Springfield Armory, Professional Optics, 4x14x56 scope w/adjust. objective, appears as new in box. 212-E-44.--212-E-45.--Kolpin, padded, zippered, scoped rifle case. Red vinyl, zippered, scoped rifle case.

212-E-53.--ANTIQUE, Remington, mod. 1863, .58 cal. 2band Zouave, full wood milt. rifle w/33" bbl. [ca. 1862-65, total prod. 12,501, brass furn., metal ramrod, cap box, Civil War era, w/good cartouche, U.S. marked butt-plate, Eagle Head VP inspector proof & steel, appears VG+.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-E-54.--Ser.# 037829, C-I-L, mod. 470, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/21" bbl. [missing clip, appears VG, w/slight wear.] FRC#9177758. 212-E-55.--Ser.# NE239854, New England Firearms Co., mod. Handi-Rifle SB2, .223 Rem. cal. s/shot hinge/brk. rifle w/22" bbl. [green painted p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#9860922. 212-F-1.--Ser.# 632623, Win., mod. `06, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [traces of blue, replaced stock.] FRC#6185512. 212-F-2.--Ser.# 48608, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. 2 3/4", hinge/brk, s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears G.] FRC#6185514. 212-F-3.--Ser.# 4210533, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [missing rear sight, has Williams peepsight, appears VG, swivels removed.] FRC#6185513. 212-F-4.--Ser.#AE107054, Harrington & Richardson, mod. 622, .22 LR, cal., 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears VG+, in orig. box & booklet.] FRC#7091979. HG* 212-F-5.--Ser.# 059260, Rem., mod 788, .243 Win. cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [rear sight removed, has scope bases. Needs work on extractor, does not work properly ] FRC#8711918. 212-F-6.--Ser.# 28648, Mossberg, mod. K, .22 LR cal. tube-fed P/act. rifle w/21.5". Not regd.? 212-F-7.--Ser.# 2386356, High Standard, mod. Supermatic Citation, .22LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/140mm Bull bbl. [has right-hand target grips, adjustable sights, & 2-extra clips.] FRC#7027961.0002. HG* Bill C-68, Prohib, 12-6. 212-F-8.--Ser.# 85388, Browning, mod. 1910, .32 Auto cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. [grips painted white, some holster wear. w/black web holster.] FRC#7027960.0002. HG* 212-F-9.--Ser.# 2409, Schilling & Haenel, mod. 1884 (German Service), 10.6 cal. 6-shot rev. w/118mm bbl. needs some work, actually could be de-registered.] FRC#7027962.0002. HG* 212-F-10.--Black, pistol shooting box, w/ear-muffs.

212-E-46.--Ser.# 60351RR147, Browning, mod. 78, .243 cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [Gloss finish, checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/Browning rings & mnts.] FRC#__ 212-E-47.--Redfield, 4x scope.

212-E-48.--Ser.# P3425, Weatherby, Mk. V, .300 Wthby. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/25" ported bbl. [checkered p/grip stock w/rosewood caps & "Kick-Easy" recoil pad, & Bueller mnts. & rings.] FRC#__ 212-E-49.--Redfield, 3x-9x scope.

212-E-50.--Ser.# 561934, Voere, mod. Sporter, .270 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [w/checkered p/grip stock w/rosewood caps, & Redfield rings & base.] FRC#__ 212-E-50-A.-Redfield, 2x-7x wide-angle scope.

212-E-51.--Ser.# B-10149, Marlin, mod. 1936, .30/30 cal. tube-fed L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [Pacific Coast Mountain Rangers marked, stamped C-Arrow on stock, & lightly stamped on frame, on right side, fading blue, some case-color.] FRC#__

212-F-11.--Ser.# Y2021559, Win., mod. 12, Deluxe, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" V-rib bbl. [Deluxe hi-gloss finished p/grip stock & forend, w/recoil pad & Win. grip cap, Appears VG.] FRC#7027963. 212-F-12.--Ser.# 1148718, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [faded patchy blue, Sauer buttplate, good wood.] FRC____________ 212-F-13.--ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Martini/Henry, mod. 1882, No. 2, Mk. I, .450/500 cal. s/shot full-wood long lever rifle

212-E-52.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # ___________, Unknown, Dale Friesen, Swift Current Sask., Remington marked lock, .50 perc. cal. ½ stocked Kentucky style rifle w/36" oct. bbl. [brass furniture & wooden ramrod.] FRC#__

w/33"bbl. [missing cleaning rod.] Presently regd. FRC#7027966, (could be de-regd.) 212-F-14.--Ser.# 79889, Anschutz, mod. 190, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/act. Target rifle w/24" bbl. [swollen p/grip stock, w/Euro. style cheek-pce, adjust. butt-plate, & has forend rail, also micrometer Target peep sight w/small jar of inserts, w/green foam lined hard shell rifle case.] FRC#7027965. 212-F-15.--Ser.# 1124012, Savage, mod. 99-C, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [checkered p/grip stock & forend, light surface pitting on rcvr. & lever, fitted w/Bushnell Banner Wide-Angle 4x scope.] FRC#7027964. 212-F-16.--Ser.# C107320, Rem., mod. 812, .12 ga. 2 3/4", hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [broken forend spacer, some surface pitting.] FRC#702797. 212-F-17.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker #___________, Iver Johnson, mod. Champion, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [poor, taped stock.] FRC#_____ Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 212-F-18.--Ser.# 82511, Walther, mod. PP, 7.65 cal. 8shot s/auto pistol w/98mm bbl. [Front butt strap has "POL.FTM. F", appears flaking patchy blue, grips fair, w/black leather holster.] FRC#1012329. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 212-F-19.--Ser.# 547832, Jennings, mod. J-22, .22 LR cal. 6-shot, s/auto pistol w/64mm bbl. [appears VG, w/orig. box. ] FRC#9875007. HG* 212-F-20.--Ser.# 11504PW117, Browning mod. BBR, 7mm Rem. mag. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, recoil pad has cut by screw, fitted w/scope mnts, & leather adjustable sling w/quik off swivels, has hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock w/rosewood caps.] FRC#2459989. 212-F-21.--212-F-22.--212-F-23.--case. Tasco, 3x-9x var. scope w/rings & caps. Clip fits Browning, BBR, 7mm Rem. Cal. Black, foam-padded, full zippered scoped rifle

mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/191mm bbl. [appears exc., stainless w/rosewood grips & adjustable sights.] FRC#6971446. HG* 212-F-29.--Hogue, Mono-Grip, fits above or similar rev. & padded zippered pistol case. 212-F-30.--Ser.# 706866, Smith & Wesson, mod. 38 Hand Ejector, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [slight holster wear, has a lanyard ring.] FRC#9732584. HG* 212-F-31.--Ser.# 944821, Smith & Wesson, mod. 38 Military & Police, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w127mm bbl;. [slight holster wear, has lanyard ring.] FRC#9732326. HG* 212-F-32.--Ser.# J2565, Enfield, mod. No.2, Mk.1**, "Tanker", .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl.. [has lanyard ring.] FRC#10166494. HG* 212-F-33.--Ser.# 0034698, Norinco, mod. HP9, .12 ga. 3", pump/act. shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl. [total Camo finish, w/padded zippered Camo case & screw-in chokes, appears unfired.] FRC#9726558. 212-F-34.--Ser.# 3821,Globe Firearms, mod. Mohawk555, .303 Brit. cal. clip-fed s/auto sporter rifle w/21" bbl. [Tokarov action made in 50's or 60's.] FRC#10700845. 212-F-35.--5741085, U.S. Carbine, (Win.), mod. M-1, .30Carbine cal. clip-fed s/auto carbine w/20" bbl. {not restricted} [w/web sling.] FRC#9426961. 212-F-36.--Ser.# 024096, Norinco, mod. SKS-D, 7.62x39 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [appears exc.] FRC#8712083. 212-F-37.--Leapers, 6x scope w/rings & mnts. to fit SKS, & SKS web sling, & dis-mantled SKS mag. 212-F-38.--Ser.# 5288316, Win., mod. Ranger, .30/30 Win., cal. L/act. rifle w/20"bbl. [w/leather sling & quick-off swivels, appears VG.] FRC#3457457. 212-F-39.--Ser.# 1042483, Savage, mod. 99E, .308 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [refinished p/grip stock & forend, appears VG.] FRC#10276396. 212-F-40.--Ser.# 2856, Unknown, (Belgian) "Eatons", .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless shotgun w/30" full & mod. bbls. [refinished stock.] FRC#9158611. 212-F-41.--Ser.# 115073, Husqvarna, mod. AB, .270 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/24"bbl. [checkered p/grip stock & forend, leather sling & Weaver bases.] FRC#8933560. 212-F-42.--NC Star, 6x42 mil. Dot scope w/caps.

212-F-24.--Ser.# TDH9609, Smith & Wesson, mod. 422, .22 LR cal. 10-shot, s/auto pistol w/152mm bbl. [appears VG.] FRC#9379367. HG* 212-F-25.--Ser.# 235451, Walther, mod. P-1, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [appears as new w/extra clip, new holster, (German Police Style Issue), & test-fired target.] FRC#9933299. HG* 212-F-26.--Ser.# 11270P2, Browning, mod. Challenger, .22LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/172mm bbl. [appears as new, test fired.] FRC#5142272. HG* 212-F-27.--Ser.# 31491F, Colt, mod. Single Act. Frontier, .22LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/120mm bbl. [alloy rcvr., fading blue on bbl.] FRC#8749341 HG* 212-F-28.--Ser.# 50036083, Ruger, mod. Redhawk, .44

212-F-43.--Ser.# 5086993, Rem., mod. 11-48, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" bbl. [w/pull-on recoil pad.] FRC#8924276. 212-F-44.--Ser.# (Siamese), Sticker# 333055, Lee-Enfield, mod. No.1, Mk.III, .303 Brit. cal. clip-fed full wood B/act. Milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [w/leather sling & Tiger proof mark.] FRC#3457473. 212-F-45.--Ser.# 93346, Sticker # 5121305, Mossberg,

mod. 183-DG, .410 ga. 3", B/act. shotgun w/24" bbl. & adjustable choke. FRC#9438986. 212-F-46.--Ser.# 59626D, Lee-Enfield, (Ishapore), No. 1, Mk.III, .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [black composite stock.] FRC#10275724. 212-F-47.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3333044, Stevens, (Savage), mod. 58, .12 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed B/act. shotgun w/29" bbl. FRC#3457462. 212-F-48.--Nikon, Real Tree Camo, 3x-9x40 var. scope w/caps, [appears as new.] 212-F-49.--Simmons, 3x-9x40 scope.

cracked stock, no butt-plate.] FRC#10463703. 212-G-13.--Bag lot; 2-boxes + 3 rnds., .30/06 ammo, Savage, mod. 219 butt-stock, 10-shot clip fits Norinco copy of a BRNO, action parts for a Wards Hercules mod. 10. 212-G-14.--Ser.# 7008, W.S. Riley, Patentee & Maker, Eagle Gun Works, Birmingham, .12 ga. SxS hammer hinge/brk., (Jones under-lever), shotgun w/30" bbls. [fine scroll engraving, deluxe wood, checkered straight English style stock w/heel & toe caps, broken @ wrist, w/old style professional inlaid repair, missing front wedge, w/unusual sight base on left bbl.] FRC#? 212-G-15.--Ser.# 5950, Pedersoli, mod. SxS, .12 ga. perc. cal. black powder shotgun w/28" bbls. [Nicely engraved, w/brass ramrod, & checkered straight stock.] FRC#3375640. 212-G-16.--Ser.# 1106, Hopkins & Allen Arms, mod. Swivel bbl. Rifle, .45 perc. cal. over & under black powder rifle w/28" bbls. [2-wooden ramrods, brass furniture.] FRC#7378223. 212-G-17.--Ser.#A6286190, Rem., mod. Mohawk 600, .223 Rem. cal. b/act. rifle w/18 3/4" bbl. [w/Bushnell Sportview scope.] FRC#7378232. 212-G-18.--Ser.# 7593905, Mannlicher-Schoenauer, mod. 1903, 6.5x54 M/Sch. cal. B/act. full wood rifle w/20"bbl. [floor plate & trig. guard appear to have been changed.] FRC#10368214. 212-G-19.--Ser.# 06701, Midland, mod. Sporter, .30/06 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#9806468. 212-G-20.--Ser.# D655314, (regd. incorrectly with an "0" instead of a "D"), Savage, mod. 24V, series D, .30/30 Win. cal. over 20 ga. 3", over & under combo gun w/24" bbls. [checkered p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#7378226. 212-G-21.--Ser.# Nil, Sticker #7275791, Savage, mod. 24 S-E, .22 LR cal. over .20 ga. 3", over & under combo gun w/24" bbls. [plain p/grip stock, appears VG.] FRC#7378225. 212-G-22.--Ser.# 7988, Spandau Mauser, mod. 1871/84, 11mm Maus. cal. sporterized rifle w/20" shortened bbl. [mag tube also shortened.] FRC#____ 212-G-23.--Ser.# 2574606, Rem., mod. Mohawk 10-C, .22LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/19 1/4" bbl. [brown nylon p/grip stock, w/extra clip, appears VG.] FRC#7378219. 212-G-24.--Ser.# 4514175, Sureshot, mod. Sureshot, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/34" bbl. [tapped for side-mount.] FRC#10633326. 212-G-25.--Ser.# 2591H, Walther, mod. P-38 (AC44), 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot, s/auto pistol w/146mm bbl. [Nazi marked, appears VG., w/good modern leather holster] FRC#E043083. 212-G-26.--Ser.# AE19770, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I, (FTR), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [Appears good, rear sight removed & scope mnt. added. Has matching # bolt..] FRC#__

212-G-1.--Ser.# 389717, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. L/act. Carbine w/20" bbl. [ca. 1907, saddle/ring & styd removed & plugged, wood sanded & varnished, social insur. # lightly etched on rcvr.] FRC#2871894. 212-G-2.--Ser.# 174858, Win., mod. 1894, .32 Win. spl., L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl., full mag. [ca. 1899, buttstock badly broken & repaired, soc. insur. # lightly etched on rcvr.] FRC#2871895. 212-G-3.--Ser.# 28054, W. Richards, (London), .12 ga. SxS hinge/brk. hammer shotgun w/30" bbls. [engraved, broken right hammer, forewood poor, soc. insur.# lightly etched on bbl.] FRC#2871896. 212-G-4.--Ser.# Nil., Rem., mod. 12-A, .22 LR cal. tubefed pump/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [butt-stock chipped & cracked @ lower tang, soc. insur.# lightly etched on rcvr.] FRC#2871893. 212-G-5.--Ser.# 5790, C.G. Haenel, (Suhl), (1892), mod. KAR-88, 8mm cal. full wood milt. carbine w/18 1/4" bbl [spoon style bolt, cracked & repaired @ wrist.] FRC#2871897. 212-G-6.--Ser.# 184255, Savage, mod. 1904, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot Boy's rifle w/18" bbl. [appears VG.] FRC#2871898. 212-G-7.--Ser.#20A, Marlin, mod. 20-A, .22 LR cal. tube-fed pump/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [butt-stock poor, cracked & repaired, soc. insur. # lightly etched on rcvr.] FRC#2871899. 212-G-8.--Ser.# B5443, Hopkins & Allen, .12 ga. hinge/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#2871900. 212-G-9.--Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal. tubefed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. FRC#2871901. 212-G-10.--Ser.# 656835, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/26" matted solid rib bbl. w/Poly-Choke. [traces of blue, recoil pad, wood fair.] FRC#10454083. 212-G-11.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 8976485, George Fisher, SxS hammer, .12 ga. 2 3/4", shotgun w/30" laminated steel bbls. [checkered semi-p/grip stock, chipped butt-plate.] FRC#10454082. 212-G-12.--Ser.# 14605, Rem., mod. 1908-1910, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [missing parts, chipped &


Bushnell Banner scope w/Weaver rings.

metal, w/wooden attached stock.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-3.--Ser.# PT31587, Columbia Appl. Corp., N.Y., U.S.A., 1 ½" bore, flare pistol w/8" bbl. [cast metal frame & grip.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-4.--Ser.# 18076, Unknown, poss. German WW I, 1" bore. flare pistol w/8 1/4" bbl. [swing type break action, wood grips marked with faint name looks like Kltur.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-5.--Ser.# 30969, Webley & Scott, mod. No. 2, Mk. I, (1917), 1 ½" bore, flare pistol w/4" bbl. [iron frame & bbl., brown plastic grips, (1-damaged slightly).] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-6.--Ser.# Nil., Mecanic Arm, mod. 1917, 1" bore flare pistol w/7" steel bbl. [break action, brass framed. w/checkered wooden grips.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-7.--Ser.# 242692-A-3, R.F. Sedgely Inc., mod. Mk. IV, 1 ½" bore, flare pistol w/8" bbl. [metal break/action frame w/black plastic composition frame & grip containing the mechanism.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-8.--Ser.# Nil., Unknown (Belgian proofs), probably WW I, 1" bore, flare pistol w/9" bbl. [iron frame, w/under-lever break/act. & wooden grips.] NO FAC REQUIRED. 212-H-9.--Ser.# 17417, Unk, (marked J.K.), poss WW I era, 1" bore, flare pistol w/9 ½" bbl. [iron frame & bbl, pushbutton break/act. release & wooden bag style grips w/lanyard ring.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-10.--Ser.# 108665, Unknown, 1" bore flare pistol w/3 ½" bbl. [iron frame & bbl. w/bakelite of hard rubber checkered grips, w/lanyard ring. Bbbl., release on top by hammer.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-11.--Ser.# 3895, Ostelli, Brescia, 1940, mod. 00, 1" bore, flare pistol w/3 ½" bbl. [all iron frame & bbl., w/checkered alum. grips, push-button break/act. release, w/lanyard ring.] NO FRC REQUIRED 212-H-12.--Ser.# 1162, Terni, mod. 1926, 1" bore, flare pistol w/4" bbl. [all iron frame & bbl., w/checkered alum. grips, push-button break/act. release.] NO FRC REQUIRED 212-H-13.--Ser. # 84808, also stamped "A.J.R.11, & WHE/FAX, poss German, WW I ?, 1" bore flare pistol w/9" bbl. [all iron frame 7 bbl. w/under-lever break/act. release, wooden grips & lanyard ring.] NO FAC REQUIRED. 212-H-14.--Ser.# Nil., US Pat.#4422.433, Crosman Air Guns, mod. 357, .177 cal. pellet gun. [not a toy.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-15.--Bag lot: 3-Safety Fusees & Hand held "Green" signal ctg. [please use with care!] 212-H-16.--New in Box! Daisy "Buck" BB-gun L/act. air rifle. NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-17.--Tray lot; approx. 8-large flare ctgs, & approx.

212-G-28.--Ser.# Nil, Sticker #_____________, Ross Rifle Co., Mod. 10, .303 cal. straight pull, B/act. sporterized rifle w/559mm bbl. [revarnished wood w/checkered forend.] FRC#_____________ 212-G-29.--Ser.# F89577, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III*, (BSA), .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears good, revarnished, w/web sling..] FRC#___ 212-G-30.--ANTIQUE, Ser.# Nil, British .65 perc. cal. ½ stocked fowler w/33" part oct. bbl.[light scroll engraving, checkered straight stock, & wooden ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED. 212-G-31`.--Ser.# 317486, Husqvarna, mod. Imperial, .30/06 Spring., B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [gloss finished p/grip stock w/Rosewood forend cap, leather sling & scope bases.] FRC#__ 212-G-32.--USED; Bushnell. Scopechief, 3x9 variable Command-post scope in box. 212-G-33.--Ser.# 271765, Win., mod. 1200, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [has impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/case.] FRC#__ 212-G-34.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # ____________, Stevens, mod. 77-B, .16 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. [fading blue.] FRC#___ 212-G-35.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker #_____________, Win., mod. 67, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/act. rifle w/27" bbl. FRC#__ 212-G-36.--Ser.# 2040,United Arms Factories, (Liege), mod. Imperial 1, .12 ga. SxS hinge/brk. hammer shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#___ 212-G-37.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker #_____________, Mossberg, mod. 142-A, .22 LR cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/18 1/4" bbl. [fold-down forend, missing butt-plate, bbl. & action were polished.] FRC#__ 212-G-38.--Padded, zippered ,scoped rifle case.

212-G-39.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4562182, Stevens, mod. 58, .20 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed, B/act. shotgun w/25" bbl. [missing clip, has Savage adjustable choke, appears good..] FRC#4676453. 212-G-40.--Ser.# 7884, Win., mod. 94, Canadian Centennial Comm., 1867-1967, .30/30 cal. L/act. carbine w/20" oct. bbl. [has been used, but looks good, has no box.] FRC#4676473. 212-G-41.--Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4562218, Ranger, mod. Ranger, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/a/rifle w/22" bbl. FRC#4676489. 212-H-1.--Ser.# 30457, Federal Laboratories, Inc., Pittsburgh, Penna., No. 4, Mk. I*, 1 ½ " bore, flare gun w/10 ½" bbl. [fully nickel plated, showing wear, w/attached wooden stock.] NO FAC REQUIRED 212-H-2.--Ser.# PY655, Smith & Wesson Chemical Co. Inc., mod. 276, 1 ½" bore, flare gun w/14" bbl. [black finish on

11-various flare ctgs. as a lot. 212-H-18.--Large artillery shell, approx. 5" in diam., & 20" long, weighing approx. 40 lbs. 212-H-19.--212-H-20.--fishing lures. 212-H-21.--cat. 212-H-22.--212-H-23.--w/box. Lot: 1-small shell & 3-various type bombs. Lot: Lge & small glass framed displays of Lot: 3-metal signs; 2 about fishing & 1 about a NEW!, Set of coasters in Fish holder, w/box. NEW!, Set of coasters in Deer antler holder, 212-J-15.--Two C I L Large Displays. Shot Shell Imperial Game Loads, (1962)., Ammo Board. ( x 2) 212-J-16.--Two C I L Displays. Ammo Board, Ammo with Canada Geese. (X 2) 212-J-17.--Ducks. (X 2). Two C I L Displays. Moose , Green Heads 212-J-11.--Two: C I L Ammo Chart obtained 1965, C I L Ammo Chart with Pheasants. (x2) 212-J-12.--Four : Large Display C I L Ctge Boxes Domain 30/30, 12 ga Imperial shot shell, 22 LR mushroom. ( x4) 212-J-13.--Lot of 3 bags of -C I L Displays, Mobil Display - Pest Control, Imperial Shot Shell, C I L 22 Rifles, etc,. 212-J-14.--Three Large C I L Display boxes of Imperial Mag 12 ga, Whiz-bang L R Mushroom, Dominion 30/30 Winchester . (one damaged.) (x 3)

212-H-24.--NEW!, Set of coasters in Western wagon wheel holder, w/box. 212-H-25.--holder, w/box. NEW!, Set of coasters in Green Head duck

212-J-18.--C I L Display, Gearing up for Hunting (1965), brown envelope of posters ,pest control display. The following 198 lots are all from the Burningham Collection : We had to sort and package everything and Jim & Sharon tried to count and describe as accurately as was possible; However please look at the lots and determine (without ripping them open), what you want to bid on. If they gave you a few more pieces than you thought you were getting, please enjoy them. When you are checking out your items please let the Staff assist you so that you get the correct package that you bought! There are a lot of good rare items so please enjoy this great selection. 212-J-1.--Large Imperial King of the Shot Shell Sign 212-J-19.--original tags. Bag Lot: Like new C I L Imperial Hats with

212-J-20.--Box Lot: Approx - 9-bxs. of 12ga Shot Shells, Gevelot , Winchester, Ely, Foby etc. 212-J-21.--Box Lot: Approx - 13- bxs of 12ga Shot Shells, Imperial, Challenger, Field, etc. 212-J-22.--Box Lot: Approx - 3-boxes .12ga, 4-boxes .20ga, 2- bxs .16ga, - Imperial , Canuck, Parago, 212-J-23.--Box Lot: Approx. - 7.5-boxes , Imperial 12ga, 3" & 2 3/4 in Shot Shells. 212-J-24.--Bag Lot: Approx 6 .5 -Boxes of Imperial .20ga, Shot Shells. 212-J-25.--Box Lot. Approx - 10-Boxes of .12ga , Imperial, 2- boxes .20 ga, 1-box .28 ga. 212-J-26.--Bag Lot: C I L Imperial Approx 95-rds, .30/06 Springfield Ammo.

212-J-2.--Lot of three: C I L Plastic Advertising wall plaques for ctgs. and shot-shells. 212-J-3.--212-J-4.--English. 212-J-5.--Board. 212-J-6.--212-J-7.--(Aug 66) Boxed C I L Hunting displays. Boxed C I L Ammo Display Set - Man & Dog Boxed C I L Spring Tip Pack Kit - Display

212-J-27.--99-rnds. Boxed C I L Advertising Signs. Boxed C I L Ammo Kit Advertising Signs

Bag Lot: C I L Imperial, .300 Savage, Approx,

212-J-28.--Bag Lot: CI L Imperial , 300 Savage, Approx, 78-rds, , 19-rds, .250 Savage. 212-J-29.--Bag Lot: C I L Imperial 303 - Approx 99-rds. Bag Lot: C I L Imperial .30/30 - Approx 95-

212-J-8.--Two C I L 1965 Ad Kit, Oct 62, Marshall Hardware C I L Domain Picture. (x 2) 212-J-9.--Two C I L Displays - Ammo , CI L Shot Shell, both (Jan 63), (one with water damage). (x2). 212-J-10.--Two C I L Domain Ammo Chart, C I L Ammo Chart with Pheasants. (x 2)


212-J-31.--Bag Lot: C I L Imperial 410 ga Shot Shells, Approx 7 ½ Bxs, 1-bx .410ga slugs. 212-J-32.--Bag Lot: C I L Imperial Approx , 5-bxs -

.12ga Slugs, 2-Boxes .16 ga , 4-boxes .20 ga. 212-J-33.--SSG - 12 ga. Bag Lot: C I L Imperial , Approx, 16-bxs 212-J-53.--Wooden tray with Collectors Shot Shells and Metallic Ctgs., Eley, Olympic, Metallic - 303's etc. 212-J-54.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells approx 75, Canuck, Olympic, etc. 212-J-55.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Metallic Ctgs., 303, 7.62, 11 Yarint -577 Snider, .45/90, .45/85 etc. 212-J-56.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 70, Brass Casts, Win. West, Ely, Sommer etc. 212-J-57.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 70, Canuck etc. 212-J-58.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 70, Canuck etc. 212-J-59.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 75, Crown, Dominion, Colonial, empties, etc. 212-J-60.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 85, Eatonia, Hudsons Bay, Woodwards, Multi Contracts. 212-J-61.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 75, Imperial, various calibers. 212-J-62.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 60 , Imperial, 12ga, 16ga. 212-J-63.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Shot Shells, Approx 85 , Pin fire, Gevelot, Olympic, Brass etc. 212-J-64.--Wooden Tray, Collectors Rifle Ctgs., .308, .303, .32's, 8mm etc. 212-J-65.--Tray lot; Collectors various rim fire Ammo , including .44 Henry, .442, .44, .52, etc. Approx 58 various rounds. 212-J-66.--Mauser 212-J-67.--212-J-68.--rds Browning Bag Lot: Approx.99-rds., Imperial 7mm Bag Lot: Approx. 98-rds. Imperial .270 Win Bag Lot: Approx. 79-rds Imperial .30/06, 19-

212-J-34.--Box Lot: Approx: 11-boxes .12 ga, - 4-bxs, Heritage, 2-boxes Ace, 1-Master Craft, Shot Shells. 212-J-35.--Shot Shells. Box Lot: Approx: 6-boxes Imperial .12 ga,

212-J-36.--Bag Lot: Approx: 8-boxes Imperial # 4 Buck, 5-rds. per box, 7-boxes .410 ga slugs. 212-J-37.--Bag Lot: Approx : 79-rds, Imperial 308, 39rds, Imperial .32 special. 212-J-38.--Bag Lot: Imperial Approx: 2-boxes .32 Win. special, 1-box .32/40, 39-rds - .25/20, 19-rds, .25/35. 212-J-39.--Bag Lot: Imperial, Approx: 76-rds, .222, 19rds 22-Savage, 1-bx 6mm Rem. 212-J-40.--Bag Lot: Imperial, Approx: 20-rds, 243 Win, 19-rds, 8mm, 19-rds 300 Win mag, 1-bx 7mm Rem mag, 19-rds, Rem 30/06. 212-J-41.--Wooden Eatonia Long Range Box with Approx 10-boxes various .12 ga. Co-Op Sporter, FOB, Victory, etc. 212-J-42.--Box Lot: Approx 11-boxes , 5-boxes - .20 ga Canuck , 7-bxs, 20ga, .12ga - Woodwards, JC Higgins, Eatonia, Mondi, Heritage. {some are part boxes & empties.} 212-J-43.--Wooden tray with approx. 60-collectors shot shells, mostly C I L. 212-J-44.--Wooden tray with approx. 100-collectors shot shells, USA , Remington, etc. (value approx $500) 212-J-45.--Wooden tray with approx. 90-collectors .410 ga, .20ga, 16, - Imperial, Canuck. etc. 212-J-46.--Wooden tray with approx 60 Collectors Shot Shells, 50 approx Metallic Ctgs. Imperial,60% 12- 410- 20ga, 212-J-47.--Wooden tray with approx 60 Shot Shells, Imperial, 10 Metallic Ctgs. etc. 212-J-48.--Wooden tray with approx 75 Shells, Meter, Maxum, Various Caliber 212-J-49.--300 Savage. Shot

212-J-69.--Bag Lot: Approx - 3-bxs .300 Imperial Savage and 39-rds Imperial .308 212-J-70.--Bag Lot: Approx - 2-bxs .300 Win. Mag and 1Dominion and 1-Imperial 7mm mag. 212-J-71.--Bag Lot: Approx - 1 box Heritage .303, 29-rds Imperial .303, 18-rds Imperial Dominion, .30/30, 1-Dominion .30 Rem. 212-J-72.--Bag Lot: Approx - 38-rds Imperial .243, 19rds, .22/250 Rem, 18-rds .250 Sav., 1-bx .32 Win. Special, 19-rds .32/20. 212-J-73.--Bag Lot: Approx - 39-rds 6.5/55 Imperial & Dominion. 19-rds Imperial M.SCH, 1-bx .25/35 Imperial, 1-bx

Wooden tray Metallic Cartridges , 303, 30/06,

212-J-50.--Wooden tray with Collectors, Metallic Cartridges 270, 757, 25/06, 250 Savage, 22-Hornet, etc. 212-J-51.--Wooden tray with Collectors Metallic Cartridges , 40/2, 46/2, 44's, 44/40. 450 express. 577, 45/60, 43 Mauser etc. 212-J-52.--Wooden tray with Collectors Metallic Cart, 32, 9mm , 44, 455's etc.

.25/20 Imperial, 1-bx .38/55. 212-J-74.--Bag Lot: Approx - 19-rds, Imperial .44/40, 19rds, .44 Rem. Mag., 1-bx Dominion .38/40, 1-bx .32 Rem, 1-bx Imperial .35 Rem. 212-J-75.--Bag Lot: Approx - 1-bx Imperial .308, 1-bx Imperial .303 Sav., 48- rds .22 -Rem Jet Mag, 19-rds .222 Rem., 19-rds .25/06. 212-J-76.--Rare Mis-spelled DC Company 44 Colt spelled as "44 Clot" stamped. 212-J-77.--Tray Selection; of 6mm - 9mm Flobert Ctg.., shot shell .410 ga to .4 ga, Rim fire ctg., 2- shells by Avon, Ctg. for starting a Marshell Diesel Tractor, Box with Dominion Air Rifle Shot, CIL Powder Tin, 3- .45/75 Winchesters used for R.N.W.M.P and a pinfire shot shell . 212-J-78.--Tray Selection of : 30 mm , 20 mm Brass, Signal Flares, Mortar Booster 2" X 3" 9MM Luger (Parabellum) 212-J-79.--Tray Selection of: .50 cal Machine Gun "Aromox Pievcing, .55cal Boys Anti-Tank Rifle, 20mm Drill, 5.5 Bull & Blank Loads, 30 M I Carbine, selection 303 British, Large Shell & Brass. 212-J-80.--Tray Selection of Collectors Shot Shells: Henry Actkin, Blue Star, Bonax, etc, approx 50, some are primed hulls. 212-J-81.--Tray Selection of: Metallic Cartridges, 9mm,. 8mm, 6.5mm , 7mm variance. 212-J-82.--flanged, etc. Tray Selection of : 22cal, 25cal, 280cal, 240

85 Various Collector 16 ga, 12ga, etc, 4 hulls , Shot Shells 212-J-91.--Tan Plastic 18-Drawer Cabinet with approx. 97-Various Collector .12ga, .16ga, .20ga etc. Imperial Shot Shells . 212-J-92.--Small Tan Plastic 18-Drawer box with approx 91-Various Collector .12ga, .410 etc Imperial Shot Shells. 212-J-93.--Small Blue Plastic 60-Drawer box with approx 218-Various Collector, Imperial, Canuck, Maxum etc, Shot Shells. 212-J-94.--Five Bag Lots of ;Various Rim Fire Ammo .38 L , .25 Stevens Short, .30 RF Short, .32 RF Short, .38 RF Short, Misc. RF, & 22 RF,. 212-J-95.--Small Four Bag Lots: Various Rim Fire Ammo .44 Henry, .44 Short & Long, 4 early pattern ign. Bunch .41 Short, 3-.41 Swiss, Spencer .56/56, Spencer .56/52, Spencer .56/50, 8- .46 RF. 212-J-96.--Small Blue Metal 55-Drawer cabinet with various collector metallic cartridges, including; .44 Russian, Bulldog, Colt, Various .38's, 9mm, .303 `s including blanks, Various pistol cartridges, 7.6 Dummy etc. 212-J-97.--Small Blue Plastic 20-Drawer with approx 128-Various Collector Shot Shells, Imperial .410, Higgins, Rem, Woodwards etc. 212-J-98.--Small Blue Plastic 4- Drawer Cabinet with approx. 27-rds of .40/60 Win., 15-rds of .303 British ammo, 25rds of center fire metric cal cartridges, 6rds of .45/75 Win Cartridges 212-J-99.--Small Blue Plastic 16-Drawer Cabinet with approx, 13-rds of .44 shot, 3-rds of .40/60 Marlin, 8-rds of .38/40, 6-rds of 8 mm , 5-rds .32/40 Win., 20-rds .351, 10-rds of .35 Rem, 10-rds of .38/56, 8-rds of .38/55, 1-rd of .38/70 & 1-rd of .38/72. 212-J-100.--Small Blue Plastic 20-Drawer Cabinet with approx: 5-rds of .577 Snider, 6-rds of .50/70 Govt., 4-rds of .45 MH, 4-rds of .45/90, Various pistol ammo, .30/06 Norma, 7/65 Mauser, Bunch of 32 LR. 212-J-101.--Small Black Plastic 33-Drawer Cabinet with: Marvel Caps, 20-Shot Shells, 1- 4ga Ely un-primed Hull, 1-10ga un-primed, few metallic cartridges, 2-bxs of .410 slugs, 3-bxs of .16ga slugs, 2-bxs of .12ga slugs. 212-J-102.--30mm. Tray Lot: Five Brass Casing - 37mm, 40 mm,

212-J-83.--Tray Selection of : .40cal including .40/90 Sharps, .40/65, .38 var, .38/72, .44 variance including .44 Evans NM, .44/77 Sharps, 5100 by 450 etc. 212-J-84.--Tray Selection of : .44 & .45 Ctgs. including .44 S&W Russian, .44 Webley, .44 Bulldog, also .41 cal, .32 & .38's, .30 cal to .375, Belted Rimless, .375 Flanged Magnum, .400/350 Nitro Express, etc. 212-J-85.--Tray Selection of: 4 Brass Shot Shells, selection Nitro Express ctgs., .450 Black Powder Express, .375 Belted Rimless, .400 Purdy. etc. 212-J-86.--Tray Selection of: 9mm, .280 Rem , 9.3 x 82 R , .360, 9.3 x 65 R Coll., 7.5 Swiss, .30/30 Win., .30/40 Krag US Army. 212-J-87.--Small Tan Plastic 9-Drawer Cabinet with approx 60 various Collector Shot Shells . 212-J-88.--Small Blue Plastic 36-Drawer Cabinet with approx 155 Various Collector Shot Shells 212-J-89.--Small Blue Plastic 16-Drawer Cabinet with approx. 105 Various Collector 12 ga, 20 ga, 10 ga, etc. Shot Shells 212-J-90.--Black Plastic 18-Drawer Cabinet with approx.

212-J-103.--Tray Lot: 2 - 4ga flares, 1-un-primed case, collector cases, mortar starter, ultra-matic bullet, 4 -empty mortars etc 212-J-104.--Tray Lot: Ammo & Brass .50 cal bullets, unusual numbered nails etc. 212-J-105.--Boxes. Tray Lot: Approx 13-Empty Collector Canuck

212-J-106.--Box Lot: 2-bxs Canuck .12ga Shot Shells, 4bx sm 12ga-CIL, 3-bxs-16ga Canuck, 212-J-107.--Box Lot: 5-bxs of Apollo .12ga, 1-bx- .12ga American Eagle, 1-bx- 12ga Ace, 1-bx- .12ga- Imperial 3" Magnum. 212-J-108--Tray Lot: Empty Collector Shot Shell Boxes : Approx 18 -Canuck, Metor, etc 212-J-109-- Imperial. Tray Lot: Approx 25 boxes 22 Ammo, mostly

212-J-128-- Box Lot: 12 & 1 ga, part boxes, Canuck Collector Shot Shells etc. 212-J-129-- Tray Lot: Approx 7 boxes 2 ga, 1 -16ga , Maxum Canuck, etc 212-J-130-- Tray Lot: Approx 9 ½ boxes Collector Shot Shells , 2- Canuck 10ga, 6 ½ -12ga, 1 ½ boxes. Imperial, etc. 212-J-131-- Bag Lots: 4 boxes 20ga rifle slugs, 4 boxes 16 ga rifle slugs. CIL Imperial 212-J-132-- Bag Lot: 2 ½ boxes Imperial 28ga, 4 boxes Imperial 410ga. 212-J-133-- Bag Lot: Collector Tin part lable, The Peters Cartridge Company, .41 Rim Fire Cartridge . Approx 25 loose ammo. 212-J-134-- Bag Lot: Win 1876 two piece box, containing 18 rds- 45/75. & two piece Win box containing, 1 full Winchester 10rds box of 40/90 sharps. 212-J-135-- Bag Lot: Approx: 1 box Eley Grand Prix -28 ga 21/2 Shot Shells, 1 box 17rds CIL double chilled shot 24ga shot shells, 1full unopened of 25 "Setter" D ,32ga Shot Shells. 212-J-136-- Bag Lot: Approx, two piece box Dominion 44 short Rim Fire, 20rds, 44/40 CIL Dominion, 25rds Dominion 44 Marble Game Getter in CIL box, 212-J-137-- Bag Lot: Collectors: Unopened two piece box Dominion 32 lg Shot, full box Dominion 32 Short Black, unopened Dominion 38 S&W special center fire two piece box. 212-J-138-- Bag Lot: Collectors: Two piece Dominion box 32 S&W, Canuck 32 short, Canuck 32 Long, 1 box 22 WRF, 1 box CIL 22 Auto, 1 box Rem 32 short, 1 two piece Dominion 30 Mauser. 212-J-139-- Bag Lot: Collectors: CIL Canuck 25 Stevens Long - approx 4 boxes, two boxes 25 Stevens short, and one partial. 212-J-140-- Tray Lot: Collectors: Canuck Shot Shells 1and part box 12 ga, 1 box 10 ga, 1 and part box 20ga, 1 and part box 28ga, mostly red box Canuck 212-J-141-- Tray Lot: Various Collectors Rim Fire: Including a Setter 32 cal Dominion cart, 1 - 51-10 express, 1 Canuck 45/70, 1 -40/70, 2- 40/90's, 2-44/77, 1-45/m32, 1-45/70, 1-45/70 Shot & 2 unknown, 212-J-142-- Tray Lot: Various Collector Shot Shells, and Prime Cases, CIL Meter, Westcam, Gevelot, Challenger, Olympic (some not full) 212-J-143-- Bag Lot: Various Collector Ammo.

212-J-110-- Bag Lot: Approx 15 boxes 22 Collector Ammo: including CIL, Whiz Bang, Squires Bingham, etc. 212-J-111-- Bag Lot: Approx 20 boxes, 22 cal Collector Ammo: including CIL, Central V, Jevelot, CIL Bisley, Whiz Bang, Elie etc. 212-J-112-- Bag Lot: CIL Dominion Ammo: 32 Win Special, Approx 101 rds in 7 boxes . 212-J-113-- boxes. Bag Lot: CIL Dominion Ammo: 30/06- 4

212-J-114-- Bag Lot: CIL Dominion: 243 Ammo, Approx 50 rds plus brass in five boxes. 212-J-115-- Bag Lot: CIL Dominion Ammo: 300- Sav Ammo, Approx 45 rds plus 20 brass & 1 box 30/40 Krag. 212-J-116.--Bag Lot: CIL Dominion Ammo: 300 -H&H Mag, 2 bxs - 358 Win, 2 bxs 70 rds- 38/40 Win. 212-J-117-- Bag Lot: CIL Dominion Ammo: 3 bxs- 257 Roberts, 1 bx- 35 Rem, 1 bx- 30 Rem, 212-J-118-- Bag Lot: CIL Dominion Ammo: 17 rds38/55, 1 bx -30/40 Win, 1 box- 308 Win, 1bx- 25/35 Win, 1 bx 351. 212-J-119-- screw in tip). 212-J-120-- 212-J-121-- mm) 212-J-122-- 90 mm Iron Cased Brass Shell Round, (missing Large Bullet (approx 4in dia). Lot of two Howitser Shell Casing (approx 105 War Head G.E.- 70 GD.

212-J-123-- Box Lt. Two War Heads Bullets (missing tip), Boom, plus war tip 212-J-124-- Lot of two: CIL Ammo Display, bag of Imperial display, & empty boxes, 212-J-125-- CIL Large Shot Shell display.

212-J-126-- Box Lot: 7 part boxes of collector Shot Shells, including, Eatonia, Canuck,, CIL, Mastercraft etc 212-J-127-- Box Lot: 7 boxes, (part) Collector Shot Shells, Boar, CIL Maxum, Olympic, Fam, etc.

212-J-144-- Bag Lot: Various Collector Ammo including some belted and clipped. 212-J-145-- Bag Lot: Collectors: Short and Long 303

Clips full of Ammo & Toy Gun "Bigger Bang", 212-J-146-- Bag Lot: Collector Tins, Saloon Shot, Dupont, 2 CIL Blasting Caps, Tins, CIL Black sporting powder Snap Shot. etc. 212-J-147-- Bag Lot: Collectors Dominion Super CleanApprox- 30rds 43 Mauser, 1 box of 303 Savage, 1rds 250 Savage, 5rds 22 savage. 212-J-148-- Bag Lot: Collectors Dominion Super Clean Approx- 1 box 32 Rem, 19rds 303 Savage, 1 box 45 Colt, 1 box CIL 38 special, 1 box 25 colt. 212-J-149-- Bag Lot: Miscellaneous Collectors Cartridges.

38 special, 1 box military 9mm, 1 box 32 Short, 1 part box Dominion S&W Long. 212-J-162--Bag Lot: Unsorted Collector Ammo

212-J-163--Wooden Green Ammo Box with Collector: approx: Ace, Meteor, Canuck, etc.- 4 box 12ga, 3 boxes 20ga, 1 box 28ga, Shot Shell (some incomplete boxes) . 212-J-164--Blue Plastic Container with Collector: Approx 36 trays with various caliber Metallic Cartridges. 212-J-165--Bag Lots: Approx12 boxes of 5-rds of Imperial of 12ga, Buck & Slugs. 212-J-166--Bag Lots: Collector: Approx 12 boxes Imperial 10ga Shot Shells, (some incomplete). 212-J-167--Bag Lot: Collector: Approx - 1 box Imperial 243, 19rds plus 1 box brass Dominion 243, 1 box Gevelot 270, 1 box Imperial 44/40, 1 box Imperial 270. 212-J-168--Bag Lot: Collector: Approx - 1 box Imperial 300 Savage, 1 box Imperial 35 Rem, 1 box Dominion 303 Savage, 1 box Dominion 32 Rem, 1 box Imperial 25/35 plus box of 5-rds. 212-J-169 Bag Lot: Collector: 100rds of 41 Short Rim Fire., 1 box of 38 Long Rim Fire 212-J-170 Bag Lot: Collectors: 2 boxes of 100 rds of 38 Long Rim Fire. 212-J-171 Bag Lot: Collectors: 38rds 38 Long Ammo, 42rds of 32 S&W, 1 box Setter 410 2" Shot Shells, 5-rds Industrial. , 1 box 351 Win. 212-J-172 Bag Lot: Collectors: Approx 13 plus empty, Various 22 ammo. 212-J-173--Bag Lot: Collectors: 10rds Imperial 303, 303 10rd Master Craft, 1box 358 Win Dominion, 1 box 7mm Mauser Win, 1box 303 Macleods, 1 box 223 Rem Imperial, 212-J-174--Bag Lot: Collectors: 18rds 220 Swift, 1 box Dominion 7mm Mauser, 1 box Dominion 6.5 x 55 MS, 19rds Dominion 22 hornet, 9rds Super Clean 303 Savage, 32 Special Brass, few 30/30's, few 7mm mags, and a few 243's in three plastic cases. 212-J-175-- Bag Lot: Collectors: 2- 5rd boxes of buckshot, 2 box of 410 slugs, 1 box of 20ga slugs, 1 box of 410 shot shells, 3 boxes22 ammo, 1 box Dominion 22 hornet , 1 box Imperial 308, 1 box Canuck 32 long. 212-J-176-- Tray Lot of Collectors Cartridges: Canuck 450, 400 Nitro, 500 H&H, Canuck 475 #2 Nitro, 11x15x58R Austrian Werndl, 9.3 x 72R, 10.75 Canuck, 375 Canuck, 360-9.3x72, plus more, plus assorted Rim Fire. 212-J-177-- Box Lot: Collector: 1 box Canuck 10ga, 4 boxes Imperial 12 ga 4 in, 2 boxes 12ga 3" in a Canuck Box. 212-J-178-- Tray Lot: Collector: Approx 10 boxes -16g & 20ga Imperial Shot Shells.(some boxes are not complete.)

212-J-150-- Tray Lot: Collectors - Shot Shells, Imperial and Miscellaneous. Approx 9 boxes12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28 ga, most are full. 212-J-151-- Bag Lot: Collectors Ammo Approx: 12 boxes various 22 Collector Ammo & boxes of CIL Primers & 3 boxes of CIL .22-cal Blanks, & 1 part box CIL BB caps. 212-J-152-- Shells. Bag Lot: Various Unsorted Collector Shot

212-J-153-- Tray Lot: of Various Collectors Shot Shells and Primed Hulls 212-J-154-- Bag Lot: Collectors - 2 - 12 rd boxes 380 dc marked 2 z pistol ammo, 1 box super clean 380 mark 1, approx 2rds of super clean 9mm Luger, 1 box Dominion 25 automatic, 2 boxes Dominion 9mm Luger, 46rds Dominion 32 S&W, 212-J-155-- Bag Lot: Collectors - 3 packages of 303 Ball Ammo, 1-10cart of 303 Blanks, 35rds 303 Savage Super Clean, 13rds Win 300 Savage, 8rds 30/06 Military Ammo, & full box of Military Ammo. 212-J-156-- Bag Lot: CIL Collectors: 10 rds two piece box 32 long colt Black, approx 1 full box of 38 short rim fire, CIL two piece box containing 14 rds 38 S & W Blanks, two piece box 35 rds of 32 Smith & Wesson Shot , 1 Military box of 45 -1911, 1 Dominion Beaver Trade Mark 32 S&W box with 9rds, 1, 2 piece box 32 short containing 20rds, 2 piece box with 5rds 25/35, 212-J-157-- Bag Lot: 2 boxes Dominion 32 S&W Blanks, 1 box 38 S&W Blanks, 1 box 32/20 Super Clean, 1 part box CIL 25/20, 2 piece box of 19rds 30 Gov model 1906, 1 rd in 2 piece box Win 45/90, 2 piece box with 1-rd 32 Colt. 212-J-158-- Bag Lot: Collectors: 1 box Meteor 30/30 Win, 1 box CIL 30/30 Prime Cases, 1 box Ace 303 British, ½ & approx 29rds, 212-J-159-- Bag Lot: Collectors: 1 box Dominion 270, 19rds Gevelot 270, 1 box Mustgrave 270, 1 box Mustgrave 308. 212-J-160-- Bag Lot: Collectors: 1 Box Imperial 43 Mauser, 2 boxes Gevelot 30/06, 1 box Klondike Ammo, 1 box Little Big Horn Ammo. 212-J-161--Bag Lot: Collectors 1 Box Dominion 38 Special Blanks, 1 box CIL Pistol Match 38 special, 1 box Canuck

#961, Daisy Model 155, & Daisy Red Rider Carbine. 212-J-179-- Bag Lot: Collector Various Ammo including some Industrial Loads, some in stripper clips. and various Brass. 212-J-180-- Bag Lot: Collectors - box of 100, 28ga Dominion empty shells. 212-J-181-- Tray Lot: Empty Collector Metallic ctg. Boxes, Dominion, Canuck, 303 British. 212-J-182-- Tray Lot: Empty Collector Shot Shell Boxes, Imperial, Canuck, CIL, Comet etc. 212-J-183-- Tray Lot: Empty Collector Shot Shell Boxes, CIL Canuck, Western Super X, Ace, Imperial, Maxum etc. 212-J-184-- Tray Lot: Empty Collector Metallic Boxes, Canuck 22 long rifle, Remington, Imperil Whiz-Bang etc. 212-J-185-- Box Lot Empty Collector Metallic Boxes, Dominion, Imperial, 303 British, etc. 212-J-186.--Tray Lot: Collector Empty Metallic Boxes Dominion, Imperial, CIL Cosco, Super Clean etc. 212-J-187.--Tray Lot: Collector Empty Metallic Boxes Dominion Empty Shells for Black Powder, 303 British, 30 Mauser etc. 212-J-188.--Bag Lot: Collector Empty Metallic Boxes Whiz-Bang, Super-Clean, etc. 212-J-189.--Box Lot: 2 boxed-50rd Ammo cases, Rifle Cleaning Kit, Gun Cable, Halifax Town Map, etc. 212-J-190.--Box Lot: Books - Cartridges of the World, 2Shooter's Bibles - 1974 & 1976 Handbuch Manual, Gun Digest -31st Anniversary 1977. 212-J-191.--Box Lot: CIL Plastic Display of Standard Shot Sizes, and a CIL Board with the Standard Shot sizes gauge. 212-J-192.--Bag Lot: Collector Shot Shells. 212-K-1.--Ideal, .32/40m loading tool, & Winchester .32/40 loading tool/bullet mold. 212-K-2.--Machine gun butt-stock & p/grip & trigger.

212-K-3.--Box lot: MG-34, machine gun belt links & starter tab, (some appear as new), & a white belt. 212-K-4.--Bag lot: 2-boxes .300 H&H mag. fact. ammo, & 17-rnds + brass, .300 H&H mag. 212-K-5.--5-boxes, (some factory), .270 Win. ammo.

212-K-6.--Bag lot: 1-box .225 Win., 1-box .307 Win., 2boxes Czech. 7x57, & 1-box .250 Sav. ammo. 212-K-7.--Bag lot: 2-boxes .284 Win., 1-box .30/30, 1box .250 Sav. ammo. 212-K-8.--Bag lot; 19-rnds. .300 Win. mag., 38-rnds. .38 RF ammo, & 1-box (10-rnds) Kynoch .280 rimless ammo. 212-K-9.--212-K-10.--212-K-11.--212-K-12.--212-K-13.--RCBS,.300 Win. mag, 2-die set. RCBS, .284 Win. FL die set. RCBS, .30/30 WCF FL die set. RCBS, .30/06 FL die set. RCBS, .270 Win. neck sizer die.

212-K-14.--Bag lot: 2-LEE loaders, .30/06 & .30/30 Win., & 2-sets LEE dies, .270 & .25/06. 212-K-15.--Detector. 212-K-16.--Bag lot: Rifle Bi-pod & Cobra Laser Radar Bag lot: 3-reloading manuals.

212-K-17.--Tray lot: Bullets, Primers, Lube, Bullet tray, & Case-Guard case. 212-K-18.--holster. 212-K-19.--ammo. 212-K-20.--ammo. Trurus, 6" black leather basket weave design Bag lot: approx. 5-boxes .338 Win. mag. Bag lot; approx. 2 ½ boxes .350 Rem. mag.

212-J-193.--Bag Lot: Collector- 2 Box of Milt of 8mm Ammo in stripper clips, 303 Miltary Ammo, 40 + rds 38 Power Tool Ammo, 1 box 10rds Canuck 9mm Mauser, 14rds 300 Savage Ammo, few Win Primers, 9rds 32/20 Win Dominion, Old Tin - 44 sharps Win Label, with CIL matches, Ideal Slit Shot, Maynard Cartridge, etc. 212-J-194.--Box Lot: Collector- part bx of 12ga, 20ga, full box 20ga Meteor, Empty Collector Box's, bag of labels & patches etc. 212-J-195.--Wooden CIL Box, containing unfolded "Skeet Load" Boxes, plus various Magazines, including Gun Report etc. 212-J-196.--Box Lot: 2 Lee Enfield Canvas Receiver Covers, Large Brass & Bullets, 50 Cal plus, two small bags of Collector Ammo etc. 212-J-197.--212-J-198.--Box Lot: Collectors Shot Shell Hulls. Lot of four: BB Guns: Daisy model 26, Daisy

212-K-21.--Bag lot: Black powder misc. incl; crimper, powder measure, pistol case,20-cast .45 cal. bullets, .45 cal. mold, & 1-bullet starter. 212-K-22.--212-K-23.--212-K-24.--& 5-funnels. Bag lot; 5+ boxes .300 Win. mag. ammo. Lyman, No.55, powder measure in orig. box. RCBS, mod. 505, reloading scale in orig. box,


RCBS, rotary case trimmer in orig. box.


Long Army coat w/3-buttons.

212-K-26.--Bag lot: RCBS, kinetic bullet puller, RCBS, Posi-Prime hand priming tool, Lyman powder dribbler & Barotto's brushes. 212-K-27.--case. 212-K-28.--belt & holster. 212-K-29.--RCBS, Rock-Chucker II, press, & Case-Guard

212-K-47.--Police Force coat w/telescopic sleeves, blue in color, double breasted style. 212-K-48.--212-K-49.--"NPC". Heavy dark blue Police coat, (no buttons) Haevy brown coat, w/brass buttons marked

Bag lot: Near new, Mountie style Sam Browne 212-K-50.--Police Force coat, blue in color, double breasted style, w/buttons. Brown leather leggings. 212-K-51.--Black parka w/real fur trim. Bundle of wooden & metal cleaning rods. 212-K-52.---

212-K-30.--Box lot; Ammo bag for M-2, worn as a vest, front & back, U.S. Marked back-pack, Can. Army haversack, Army sewing kit cover only, U.S. Canteen, 101st Airborne haversack. 212-K-31.--Bag lot: Can. Cadets web belt , 2-Army web belts, & 2-rifle cleaning kits. 212-K-32.--Small metal ammo box contain: 5-leather belts, U.S. canvas gaiters, cleaning tips, & 101st Airborne pouch w/shoulder strap. 212-K-33.--Bag lot: Swiss leather double pouch & single pouch, & black leather holster. 212-K-34.--Bag lot; Brown leather belt, 2-small pouches, handcuff pouch, & bag w/yellow shoulder lanyards. 212-K-35.--Box lot; Army canvas kit bag, back-pack, & cylindrical leather case. 212-K-36.--Black high lace-up boots, for Lethbridge Motorcycle Patrolman etc. 212-K-37.--Lot; 2-Mountie style belts w/holsters & handcuff pouches, & older style sword belt w/hanger. 212-K-38.--Bag lot, 2-powder horns: 1-marked C-I-L Ammunition, & pale color horn marked Genuine Horn Italy, missing plug. 212-K-39.--Bag lot; 2-signal horns, 1-powder horn, & 1powder horn missing bottom & plug, + newer powder horn in a bag. [as a lot] 212-K-40.--212-K-41.--212-K-42.--Bag lot; 2-lge horns, & a powder horn. Set of small hand tooled leather saddle bags. Gas mask w/hose & canister.

212-K-52-A.Box lot; 4-Can. forces Base Suffield Millenium Trail Ride 2,000 enamel cups & china can Airforce mug. 212-K-53.--Box lot: C-I-L Canuck wooden ammo, box contain: 6-slings, bag (20 -rnds) .45 ACP ammo, bag (10-rnds.) .30/30 ammo. 212-K-54.--Rare, leather over the shoulder, shot bag w/brass dispenser. 212-K-55.--gunner. Rare double leather shot bag for market

212-K-56.--Bag lot; Zinc & brass powder flask, & copper powder flask w/stands of cannon embossed. 212-K-57.--Fancy powder flask for Mid-Eastern miquelet firearm, inlaid w/mother of pearl. 212-K-58.--Newer powder flask w/5-charger spouts fo Colt Paterson, a 2-cavity bullet mold & a cleaning rod. 212-K-59.--Bag lot, Set of 3-throwing knives in a case & a large throwing knife. 212-L-1.--Dillion, "Square Deal B", reloading press w/booklet & accessories, primer tubes tools, & adaptors, etc. Set fo .38 spl. & can do .357 mag. [appears as new cond.] 212-L-2.--Dillion, "Eliminator" powder scale., as new in box, w/booklet. 212-L-3.--212-L-4.--box. RCBS, Berdan De-capping tool. RCBS, mod. 10.10, powder scale as new in

212-K-43.--Box lot: Milt. goggle w/extra red lens in orig. box, milt. web belt, web double pouch w/straps, Can. canteen in pouch, missing cork. 212-K-44.--Lot; 2-padded, zippered gun cases.

212-L-5.--Dillion, manual powder measure & prime system to fit Dillion RL450 or AT500 reloaders, (w/manual). 212-L-6.--10-lbs.) IMR, 700X, Hi-Skor Powder, in keg, (approx.

212-K-45.--Hudson's Bay "Blanket style" coat, 100% wool, about small to medium.

212-L-7.--Mauser, mod. 98, stock & trigger w/tang safety & leather sling. FAC REQ. BUT NO REGN. 212-L-8.--Box lot: Lyman Turbo Tumbler media & bottle

of re-activator. 212-L-9.--Drop-leg holster, w/2-mag pouches & belt.

212-L-29.--Bag lot; 5-bxs. Win., Super-X, .380 Auto. ammo, & 2-bxs. Rem., .32 S&W LONG ammo. 212-L-30.--Bag lot; 3-bxs. Win., Super-X, .30 Luger ammo., 2-bxs. Win. 9mm un-primed brass, 1-bx. Geco, .38 spl. ammo., & 1-part bx. .32 Auto ammo. 212-L-31.--Bag lot; 2-bxs. Rem. 7mm/08 ammo, 2-bxs. Rem., .35 Rem. ammo, 1-bx. Browning & 1-bx. Imp. .38 Win. ammo. 212-L-32.--Bag lot; 1-bx. Win. .348 Win. ammo, 1-bx. Rem., .280 Rem. ammo, 1-bx. Rem., .30/40 Krag ammo, 1-bx. Win., Super-X, .38/55 & 1-bx. Imp. .38/55 ammo. 212-L-33.--Bag lot; 1-bx. Win., X, .351 Win. ammo, 2bxs, Win., .32/20 ammo, 1-bx. Win. .38/40 ammo, 1-bx. Win., .38 S&W LONG ammo. 212-L-34.--Bag lot; 5-bxs. Nosler, 7mm ,140gr. bullets, 2Pachmayr slip-on recoil pads, 1-Hodgson bullet-lube, 3-new Beretta hats. 212-L-35.--Bag lot; 1-bx. Western Super-X, .300 H&H mag. ammo, 1-bx. .375 H&H mag new un-primed brass, 1-bx. Rem., 6.5 Rem. mag. ammo., (10-rnds) .303 Brit. ammo., 2-5rnd. bxs. Win. Super-X, .20 ga. 3' buckshot., & 4-bxs. Win. .22Short blanks. 312-L-36.--Grab box lot in a bag; Misc. ammo incl. .250 Sav., 6mm Rem., .380, .30/06, .22 RF, primers, etc 312-L-37.--Grab box lot; rnds. & brass, some old collector boxes, .303, .44/40, .25 Rem., .380, etc. 212-M-1.--sheath. Schrade, "Old Timer" hunting knife w/leather

212-L-10.--Bag lot; Sidekick, size 4, holster, Lawrence Challenger 2C tooled leather holster, & Hunter 1100-53 leather holster. 212-L-11.--Bag lot: 2-sets Pachmayr Gripper-grip, & double leather speed-loader pouch. 212-L-12.--shot-shells. 212-L-13.--shot-shells. Box lot; 8-bxs. Rio .12 ga. 3" BB & #2 steel Box lot; 7-bxs. Rio, .12 ga. 3", #2 & #4 steel

212-L-14.--Bag lot; 4-bxs. Rem., Hi-Speed,10 ga. 3 ½" BB steel shot-shells. 212-L-15.--Bag lot; 4-bxs. Rem., Hi-Speed, .10 ga. 3 ½" BB steel shot-shells. 212-L-16.--Bag lot: 2-bxs. Rem., Hi-Speed, .10 ga. 3 ½" #2 steel shot-shells. & 2-bxs. Fed., .10 ga. 3 ½" triple BB steel shot-shells. 212-L-17.--Bag lot; 1-bx. Rio, .12 ga. 3" #2 steel shot shells, & 5-bxs. Rio, .16 ga. 2 3/4" #4, & #6. DREQ. shot-shells, & 1-bx. Fed. .10 ga. 3 ½" steel shot shells. 212-L-18.--Bag lot; 3-bxs. Win. Super-X, .40 S&W cal. ammo., & 1-bx. Rem., .38 Auto Colt ammo. 212-L-19.--Bag lot; 3-bxs. Win., Super-X, .38/55 ammo, & 1-bx. Win. Super-x .38/40 ammo. 212-L-20.--Bag lot; 3-bxs., Rem. .32 S&W LONG, ammo, & 2-bxs. Win., WW-X, .32 S&W LONG ammo. 212-L-21.--Bag lot: 3-bxs. Win., Super-X, .218 BEE ammo, 2-bxs. Win. X, .351 Win. ammo. 212-L-22.--Bag lot; 3-bxs. Win., Super-X, .38/55 ammo., & 2-bxs. Win. Super-X, .25/35 ammo. 212-L-23.--ammo. Bag lot; 4-bxs. Win., Super-X, .307 Win.

212-M-2.--Mexican style hunting knife w/leather sheath, bullet pouch & web style belt. 212-M-3.--Bag lot: Bore sighter, some 7mm mag. ammo, 2 & a part box .22 RF ammo, 30-rnds. .32 auto ammo. 212-M-4.--Bag lot: approx. 103-rnds. 7mm mag. ammo in green Case-gard boxes. 212-M-5.--w/key. 212-M-6.--212-M-7.--Small "Condor Mfg." locking pistol safe Lot; 2-padded, zippered gun cases. Lot; 2-gun cases & 2 gun socks.

212-L-24.--Bag lot: 2-bxs. Win., .375 Big Bore ammo, 1bx. Rem., .35-Whelan ammo. & 1-bx. Fed., .300 Win Short mag. ammo. 212-L-25.--Bag lot; 3-bxs. Win., Super-X, .307 ammo., 1bx. Win. Super-X, 7.62x39 ammo, & 1-bx. Win., Super-X, .30/40 Krag ammo. 212-L-26.--pellets. 212-L-27.--Bag lot; 8-bxs. (500-per bx) Crosman .22 Bag lot; 15-bxs., (250-per pack) .177 pellets.

212-M-8.--Box lot; Leather possibles bag w/knife, rifle case, horn powder flask & canteen, ball starter, etc. 212-M-9.--Lot; 4-Alta. Spring boxes, w/balls, slugs, nipple wrench, wads, solvent, primers, patches, bullets, etc., for black powder rifle. 212-M-10.--(Boxer). 212-M-11.--Orange box, containing: 450-rnds. .303 brass, Orange box, containing: (in orig. boxes, 184-

212-L-28.--Bag lot; 1-bx., Rem., .250 Sav. ammo, 1-bx. Rem., .17 Rem. ammo, 6-bxs. Rem. .22-Hornet ammo.

rnds. .30/06 brass, (Boxer) 212-M-12.--assorted brass. Orange box containing: .300 Win. mag, +

212-M-24.--White pail contain; various brass in boxes, shot-shell belt, cleaning rod, sling shot, etc. 212-M-25.--binoculars. Bell & Howell, field 7-15x35 Zoom

212-M-13.--Orange box containing: 7-boxes, (140-rnds.), .223, 55 gr. S.P., 2-full boxes .223 bullets, 1-LEE Auto-prime complete, 1-full set LEE Auto Primer shell holders, 1-full box (1,000) .451 gas checks. 212-M-14.--Bag lot; 2-bxs. 6.5x54MS factory shells, (1Win., 1-Norma) & 1-box .25/06. 212-M-15.--Bag lot: Var. Lee reloading dies incl:.300 Win. mag, 6.5x55 Swed. Mauser, .270 Win., complete Lee loader in .30/30 cal., Bonanza .243 bench-rest reloading die set. 212-M-16.--Box lot: LEE, electric lead pot. & LEE press.

212-M-26.--Wooden gun rack w/storage below containing shot-shells, small amount of ammo, old sling, gun cleaning kit, etc. 212-M-27.--Lot: Hard foam lined pistol case w/key & 2wooden gun racks. 212-M-28.--Bag lot;1-box Klondike, 1-box Little Big Horn, 1-box Alta. Diam. Jubilee, 1-box Sask. Diam. Jubilee, & 1-box John Wayne, comm ammo. 212-M-29.--Bag lot; Spanish powder flask w/leather pouch, .38-cleaning kit, cleaning rod, .25-rnd.clip for Ruger 10/22, BB's, & can of Liquid Gunsmith. 212-M-30.--Bag lot; Ruko, Buffalo Brand hunting knife, w/sheath, & Browning, mod. 506, folding hunting knife w/sheath. 212-M-31.--Bag lot: loose shot-shells & .22 ammo, & a part box shot-shells. 212-M-32.--Bag lot: 2-boxes .303, (23-rnds), 3-rnds. .300 Win. mag, approx. 4 ½ boxes .22 ammo, 21-rnds.+ brass .38 spl., & a box of pellets. Note !, The Motorhome will sell at apporx. 1:00 P.M. 212-X-1.--SPECIAL INTEREST: 1986, Sterling Glendale 27 ½' motorhome, very low , 44,000 orig. kms, 460Ford on dual fuel, propane/gas. rear bed, larger fridge, roof air, Awning, Solar panel. 2nd. Owner, no smokers or pets.

212-M-17.--Lot of var. bags containing: 122-rnds. various makers .38 short & long RF ammo, & 7-rnds. .25 RF var. makers. 212-M-18.--212-M-19.--212-M-20.--212-M-21.--Picture of Rocky Mountain Goat. Red Fox fur. Book: "The Virginian" Grinding wheels.

212-M-22.--Box lot: approx. 5 ½ boxes .12ga. shotshells,12-rnds. 7mm Rem. mag., 25-rnds. .303, & .243 ammo, etc. 212-M-23.--Wooden case contain; 17-boxes .12ga. shotshells, some .22 ammo, & a bottle of scent stopper.


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