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1 46 Oct. 25/08 Guns: # 218 FOR YOUR INFORMATION: 1. Bill C-68, or Prohib 12-6, indicates guns which were prohibited under Bill C-68 & they can only be purchased by people who already own this type of gun. Please ask us if you are in doubt. 2. Some firearms such as machine guns & some s/auto rifles can only be sold to Special Category Buyers & you must be sure that you already qualify. 3. Some firearms that are considered "Antique" by U.S.A. standards, such as modern perc. & flintlocks, & any gun made before 1898, are not always considered "Antique" in Canada. Ask Jim Baggaley about any guns you may want to buy so as to avoid problems. Please familiarize yourself with the current import regulations as we cannot be responsible for U.S. regulations any more than we can be responsible for changes in Canadian regulations. 4. Please note: We cannot store guns forever, so please make your shipping arrangements etc. as soon after the Auction as you can. 5. NOTE!... All ammo & components require at least a P.O.L. & we cannot ship these by regular carriers so please make other arrangements. ************************************************************************************ 218-A-1 Ser # 6016 - Cooey " Canuck" .22 LR Cert # 6773291 . Bolt Action Single Shot Rifle - 17 ½" Bbl -


Ser # 4509167 - Winchester " 94" .30-30 Win Cal Lever Action Rifle - 20 " Bbl - [A few nicks & scratches to Varnish - Metal Appears Good .] Cert # 6773290 . Bag Lot : "Winn Well " Short Scoped Rifle Case ( Green & Tan ) - Approx 21 Rnds .30-30 Ammo & 10 Rnds .30-06 Ammo . Ser # 89560 - Parker - Hale, .30-06 Cal Clip Fed Bolt Action Rifle - 24" Bbl - W/Weaver Scope Mounts & Black Nylon Sling - Monte Carlo Style Stock with Rosewood Caps , Has some nicks & scratches - With Black Nylon Gun Case . Cert # 6773289 . Bushnell Banner 3 x 9 Wide Angle Scope w/ Weaver Rings . "Gun Slinger" Hard Plastic Rifle Scabbard , that will strap onto Quad .



218-A-5 218-A-6


Ser # 262207 - CZ " Model 38 " . 9 MM Cal Semi Auto Pistol - .9 MM Browning Short Cal - Semi Auto Pistol - 117 MM Bbl - Registered Incorrectly With 76 MM Bbl As Prohib ** - 8 Shot - With Black Leather Holster . Cert # 4807382 Ser # 163447V - Remington " Sportsman 58" . 12 Ga 2 3/4" Semi Auto Shotgun - 28" Vent Rib Barrel - Glossy Finished Checkered Pistol Grip & Forend - Etched Game Bird Receiver w/ Brown vinyl shotgun case - Cert # 3506117



Ser # 2065429 - Winchester " Pre 64" Model 94 - .30 -30 Cal Lever Action Rifle , w/20 "

2 46 Bbl - Appears Good with Black Vinyl Gun Case - Cert # 3506118 . 218-A-10 Ser # 23317 - Winchester Model 94 " Centennial 66" Commemorative .30-30 Lever Action Rifle , with 26" Bbl . - w/original box - Appears Unfired . Cert # 4005984 Ser # GS12718 - Winchester Model 94 " Golden Spike Commemorative" .30 -30 Lever Action Cal Rifle - with 20" Bbl. - w/original box - Appears Unfired . Cert # 4005985 . Ser # 1025036 - Remington "Model 591M - .5 MM Cal ( Rare ) clip-fed, Bolt Action Rifle , w/24" Bbl. [w/Weaver d-4 scope. - Cert # 4005993 . Approx. 95 Rnds .5MM Ammo ( Rare ) .



218-A-13 218-A-14

Ser # 443391 - Winchester " Model 1894" .44 - 40 Win Cal Lever Action Saddle Ring Carbine w/ 20 " Bbl. - [Shows lots of wear, missing ring.] - Cert # 4005994 . Ser # 33953 - Ruger " Model Single Six" . 357 Mag Cal . Six Shot Revolver - 165 MM Bbl - Appears Excellent - Cert # 4005976 . Ser # 28824P3 - Browning " Model Nomad" .22 LR Cal . Ten Shot Semi Auto Pistol 172 MM Bbl - With Extra Grips & Barrel Weight For Target Shooting ! Appears Excellent - Cert # 4005980 . Ser # 9696P - Walther " P-38 Model" . 9 MM Luger Cal. 7 Shot - 120 MM Bbl Appears Very Good Plus - Cert # 4005975 .




218-A-17-A.- Bag lot ammo incl: 6-boxes .380 ammo (1944), & 1-box 9mm (1944) 218-A-18 Ser # 26685 - Browning " Model Trombone" .22 Long Cal Tube Fed Pump Action Rifle - 22" Bbl - With small leather sling - Appears Good - Cert # 2171538 . Hard Cover Book , " The Webley Story " , Final Print by Dowell. Hard Cover Book , " The Webley Story" , Final Print by Dowell.

218-A-19 218-A-20


Ser # 1875- Sturm Ruger " Hawkeye Single Shot" .256 Mag Cal - 8 ½" Bbl - Blue with Walnut Grips - No.1875 of Less Than 3300 Made From 1963-1964 Only , With Original Box & Booklet - Appears Excellent Bag Lot : Large Leather Belt & Holster - Will Fit Above Gun & Approx. Two Boxes .256 Mag Brass . Bag Lot : Long Horn Leather Break A Way Shoulder Holster - Leather Cartridge Belt New Master Trigger Lock w/Key ( Sealed ) - Master Trigger Lock ( No Key ) Modern Oak Style Two Piece Entertainment Center with glass doors & and open storage and doors below.




218-A-24-A.- Bag lot: 2-Ivory Whale's teeth w/scrimshaw decoration. ["Seals on Ice Floe", & "Cabin in Mountains Winter Scene". 218-A-24-B.- Bag lot: 3-Ivory Whale's teeth w/scrimshaw decoration. ["Winter Scene w/Dog Team",

3 46 "Whaling Scene w/Sailing Ship", & "Whale w/2-Sailing Ships"] 218-A-25.--- Ser.# 113FN353, Browning, mod. Double-Auto, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/26" bbl., w/Poly-choke. [engraved, anodized rcvr., w/gold plated trigger, checkered semi-p/grip hi-gloss stock & forend.] FRC#10683562. 218-B-1.--ANTIQUE: Ser.# 152708, Win., mod. 1860, mod. 1866, .44 RF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [ca. 1880, appears all complete, original & functional w/fair bore. Blue shows slight surface rusting, brass un-polished, wood good w/some minor bumps & bruises, w/crescent, trap-door butt-plate.] NO FAC REQUIRED ANTIQUE: Ser.# 104965, U.S. Springfield, mod. 1873, (note; the date on breech block appears as 1878 as mentioned in Flaydermans but is in fact a deeply stamped "3"), .45/70 cal., trap-door rifle w/32 5/8" bbl.[appears good, good bore, w/cleaning rod.] NO FAC REQUIRED ANTIQUE: Ser.# 134173, U.S. Springfield, mod. 1873, .45/70 cal., trap-door rifle w/32 5/8" bbl.[appears good, good bore, w/cleaning rod.] NO FAC REQUIRED ANTIQUE: Unknown, (English ?), .10 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/38" bbls. [Damascus pattern on bbls, scroll engraving on lock & hammers, also on the brass tyrigger guard & decorative pieces. There is also an old time gunsmith repair to the lower wrist with two inlaid strips of metal, has orig. wooden ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED Ser.# 467863, Rem., mod. 12-CS, .22 Rem. Special (.22 WRF), cal. tube-fed, pump/act. rifle w/24" tapered oct. bbl. [appears VG w/tang sight, note! The cal. .22 Rem. Spl. or .22 WRF.] FRC#_____________________? Ser.# 34, Beaumont, mod. 1875, 11mm cal. B/act. clip-fed carbine w/20 3/4" bbl. [appears good.] FRC#____________________? Ser.# Nil, Sureshot, mod. Sureshopt, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/22" bbl. [appears good, slight surface rust, good bore.] FRC#___________________? ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil, Parker Field & Sons, .20 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/30" bbls. [poor, but a good wall-hanger, bulge in right bbl., missing right hammer, old repair to wrist, missing ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED Ser.# 7467388, Ruger, mod. M77, .220-Swift cal. B/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [appears exc., w/heavy bbl, exc. bore, w/Weaver Micro-Trac, V-9 var. scope & spring loaded adjustable bi-pod, & checkered p/grip stock & forend, ready for the Varmint season, nothing more to buy except the ammo.] FRC#3658082.









218-B-10.--- Ser.# E552231, (under scope mnt), Savage, Mod. 340- Series E, .22-Hornet cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, w/open sights, & Weaver side mount, good wood & exc. bore.] FRC#3658087. 218-B-11.--- Ser.# 104855, Pieper, (Belgium), mod. Depose, .22 Short cal. s/shot B/act. rifle w/19 3/8" bbl. [appears VG+, exc. bore., checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#3658093. 218-B-12.--- Ser.# 498, Kirk Gun Co., St. Paul, Minn., .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [ser. number was probably mis-read, it is partially obscured by trigger guard & is actually

4 46 48601 (under trigger guard & under bbl. on wood.] FRC#3658086. 218-B-13.--- Ser.# 7584046, Ruger, mod. M77, .25/06 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears good, some slight marks on the checkered p/grip stock & forend, & good bore.] FRC#3658081. 218-B-14.--- Ser.# 457986, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Light Twelve, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/29 ½" bbl. [appears good, w/checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, & Pachmayr Whiteline recoil pad, good bore.] FRC#3658091. 218-B-15.--- Ser.# 299948, Lefever Arms Co., Ithaca, N.Y., Mod. SxS Hammereless, ..16 ga shotgun w/28" solid rib bbls. [checkered p/grip stock, good bores, fading blue, case colored action, wood shows use. With orig. canvas case & jointed wooden cleaning rod] FRC#3658084. 218-B-16.--- Ser.# 8249, (not visible), Carcano, 6.5x52 Italian cal. B/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [has stripper clip & set trigger.] FRC#3658089. Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 217-B-17.--- Ser.# 4339Y, Luger, S/42, Double dated P-08, (1916-1920), 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl. [all matching numbers incl. clip, c/w/good black leather Nazi marked holster, Berlin 1941.] FRC#3658076. HG* 217-B-18.--- Ser.# 141271, Ruger, mod. Standard, 9-shot s/auto pistol w/121mm bbl. [appears good, some slight wear to blue, good black plastic grips, w/a Gun Gard foam lined black plastic case.] FRC#3658080. HG* 217-B-19.--- Ser.# 2587, F.N. Browning, (Husqvarna) mod.1903, 9mm cal., 7-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl.[appears good w/good grips & lanyard ring.] FRC#3658077. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 217-B-20.--- Ser.# 322715, Walther, mod. PP, 7.65 cal. 6-shot s/auto pistol w/70mm bbl. [appears good, very slight wear to blue, good grips, extra clip, & orig. box.] FRC#3658078. HG* 218-B-21.--- Ser.# 80650, Erma Werke, mod. EP.22, .22 LR cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/115mm bbl. [appears good w/checkered wooden grips & foam-lined Doskocil black plastic case.] FRC#K-555496. HG* 218-B-23.--- Ser.# 6315, J. Purdey, 314 ½ - Oxford Street, London, .12 ga. SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/27" solid rib bbls. [appears VG+, bold Damascus pattern showing slight carry-wear, scroll engraved, w/Dolphin style hammers, finely checkered burled walnut straight stock, exc. bores.] FRC#12350171.0001 Non-Registered Prohib, 12-6, to be exported, sold to Museum or Dealer for display, not to be owned by Canadian private citizen, or can be destroyed or de-activated. 218-B-24.--- Ser.# 6877, Smith & Wesson, mod. No.1, 1st issue, 6th type, (ca. 1857-1860), .22 Short cal. 7-shot rev. w/3 3/16" bbl. [brass frame, blue bbl. & cyl, slight crack to left grip, in S&W #1, Gutta-Percha fitted case, which has some cracks & chips on lid, w/47 rnds. ammo.] {Sold under the above conditions} 218-B-25.--- Ser.# 75655208, Browning, (Belgium) mod. Aut0-5, Lightweight, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/27.5" V-rib bbl. [hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock 7 forend, gold pltd.trigger, appears exc..] FRC#6840712. {to come in.....

5 46 218-B-26.--- Ser.# 82984, Savage, mod. 1903, .22 LR cal. clip-fed p/act. rifle w/24' oct. bbl. [75% orig. bright blue, proff. repair @ wrist.] FRC#12007987. 218-B-27.--- Display on board: 1892 Win. lever, tang sight 4 ½" tall w/1 ½" hole spacing, 2-very old tang sights, (1-is a Marbles 1903). 218-B-28.--- Box lot, assorted part boxes of Collector & shooter ammo, (about 50-items). 218-B-29.--- Ser.# HGZ219, Glock, mod. 21, .45-Auto cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/117mm bbl. [w/extra clip, reloader, cleaning rod, orig.plastic case, w/booklet,test-fire shell,& cable lock w/key, appears exc.] FRC#10777287. HG* 218-B-30.--- Ser.# MPJ1770, Smith & Wesson, mod. MP-9, 9mm cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/108mm bbl. [blue color-stainless, extra clip, adjust. grips, left or right hand, w/orig. S&W foam-lined hard plastic case w/booklet, appears exc.] FRC#10955661. HG* 218-B-31.--- Ser.# SXF83567, Taurus, mod. PT100-DAO Police, .40 S&W cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [w/extra clip, cleaning brush, orig. box & manual, & internal locking system w/key.] FRC#11574688. HG* 218-B-32.--- Ser.# 31596868, Ruger, mod. P-89, 9mm cal. 10-shot, s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [has test bullet, 3-extra clips, loading tool, master cable lock w/key, plastic case w/booklets, appears exc.] FRC#11771207. HG* 218-B-33.--- Ser.# US920480, Springfield Armory, mod. XD9 Tactical, 9mm cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [extra clip, cleaning brush, hard plastic case w/booklets & chain lock w/key, appears exc.] FRC#9759575. HG* 218-B-34.--- Ser.# 515MT04635, Browning, mod. Buckmark, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl. [w/Browning walnut grips, gold plated trigger, in orig. plastic case w/booklets & cable lock w/key.] FRC#10309043. HG* 218-C-1.--ANTIQUE: Ser.#31240, Ballard, No.5, Pacicic Rifle, (ca. 1876-91, .40/85 cal. falling block rifle w/32" heavy oct. bbl. [blue turning brown, good bore, stock is basically good, but has floral design carved in one side some other design like a stick-man on the other side. The forearm has a light split along the upper left edge as well as a 3" splinter missing, action seems good, w/double-set triggers, & wooden ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED ANTIQUE: Ser.# 6459, Unknown, (Austrian) Rem. type, rolling block action, .50/70 cal. rifle w/31" oct. bbl. [checkered stock w/raised cheek-piece, wooden ramrod, & good bore.] NO FAC REQUIRED Ser.# 56711, Auguste Francotte, (Belgium), mod. Martini cadet action, Take-down, .22 WCF cal. (5.6x35 Vierling), rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [bbl., trigger assembly detach from receiver, uses readily available .22-Hornet brass, good blue, checkered stock, good bore.] FRC#6061496. Ser.# 289670, Colt, S/act. Bisley, Frontier Six-Shooter, .44/40 cal. 6-shot rev. w/121mm (4 3/4") bbl. [ca. 1902, totally engraved, w/ivory grips having Eagle & Serpent design, & also black rubber Colt grips.] FRC#6061491. HG*




6 46 Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-C-5.--- Ser.#3, Baby Hammerless (Columbian Firearms Co.), .22-Short cal. 6-shot, pocket revolver w/32mm bbl. [nickle plated, pearl grips, folding trigger.] FRC#6061489. HG* 218-C-6.--ANTIQUE: Unknown, poss. American, .36 perc. s/shot pistol w/63mm bbl.[ca. 1860, obviously an antique that was registered unnecessarily & given a Sticker # & a FRC# of 6061482.] Should be de-regd., & NO FAC REQUIRED ANTIQUE: Ser.# 0028, Unknown, (French), 9mm pinfire cal. SxS 2-bbl. pistol w/4 ½" bbls. & twin hammers, & folding triggers, fluted wooden grips, plus a spring type blade approx. 3 ½" long.] NO FAC REQUIRED ANTIQUE: Ser.# 7826 (under grip),Colt, 3rd. model Derringer, .41 RF cal. 1-shot pistol w/2 ½" bbl. [High Hammer model w/birdshead grip.] NO FAC REQUIRED Ser.# BER042465M, Beretta, mod. 96D, .40 S&W cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears VG+] FRC#10977860. HG*




218-C-10.--- Ser.# BER042701M, Beretta, mod. 96D, .40 S&W cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears VG+] FRC#10977859. HG* 218-C-11.--- Ser.# BER042373M, Beretta, mod. 96D, .40 S&W cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears VG+] FRC#10977870. HG* 218-C-12.--- Ser.# BER066196M, Beretta, mod. 96D, .40 S&W cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears VG+] FRC#10977861. HG* 218-C-13.--- Ser.# 104263, Rem., mod. 1900, .12 ga. SxS H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" solid matte-rib Damascus bbls. w/good pattern. [appears good, needs release lever spring, bores good, checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, small chip @ upper tang, trig. guard lower strap cracked @ screw hole behind trigger orig. Rem. butt-plate.] FRC#10852031. 218-C-14.--- Ser.# 107418, Hillsdon & Hillsdon, SxS .12 ga. H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/33" solid rib bbls. [appears good, burled walnut checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, good bores.] FRC#11344888. 218-C-15.--- Ser.# 119261, Rem., mod. 1900, .12 ga. SxS H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" solid matte-rib Damascus bbls. w/good pattern. [appears good, bores good, checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, trig. guard lower strap repaired @ screw hole behind trigger, recoil pad added.] FRC#10852033. 218-C-16.--- Ser.# 15073, Hopkins & Allen, Arms Co., Norwitch Conn., .12 ga. SxS, Hammerless, H/brk. SxS shotgun w/30" solid matte-rib bbls. [appears good w/checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, good bores.] FRC#10852047.

218-C-17.--- Ser.# 112255, Parker Bros., pat'd Mar. 26/1878.12 ga. SxS hammerless shotgun w/30" Damascus solid rib bbls. [a few good old repairs to wood, poss replaced stock, damascus pattern shows good, good bores, a nice old gun.] FRC#10852034. 218-C-18.--- Ser.# 041C17532507, Gamo Viper, .177 cal. break/bbl. air rifle w/18" rifled steel

7 46 bull-bbl.[all weather synthetic stock, w/3x9x40 illuminated mil. dot reticle scope, as new in box. 1,000 FPS lead, 1,200 FPS PBA ammo.] FRC#_______________________ 218-C-19.--- Ser.# 71056038, Rem., mod. 710, .30/06 Sprg. cal. clip-fed B/act rifle w/22" bbl. [synthetic stock & Bushnell 3x9 scope, as new in box.] FRC#_________________ 218-C-20.--- Ser.# 013054, Norinco, (copy of a Garand), mod. M-14/S, .308 cal., clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [full wood milt. style, w/3-small clips, 1-lge. clip (blocked), & scope mnts. in box.] FRC#______________ 218-C-21.--- Ser.# C110663M, Rem., mod-870 Express Magnum, .12 ga. 3", P/act. shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl., w/Parkerized finish. [appears as new in box..] FRC#_____________ 218-C-21-A.- Barrel only, Rem. mod. 870-Express, 20" slug bbl. w/sights. {FAC req., no regn,} 218-C-22.--- Ser.# MP956, Win., mod. 94, RCMP Comm. (Member's Gun), .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [as new in box.] FRC#__________ 218-C-23.--- Ser.# G6245433, Rem., mod. 700-BDL, .25/06 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend w/black caps, scope bases w/ ½ front ring, appears VG.] FRC#_______________ 218-C-24.--- Ser.# 268707, Win., mod. 1892, .44/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/ 20" bbl. [S/ring stud ground off, cracked upper tang, sight & mag tube have damage, ca. 1904, w/green canvas case.] FRC#______________ 218-C-25.--- Simmons, 20-60x60 mod. 1281, spotting scope in case w/tripod. [appears as new.] 218-C-26.--- Nikon, "Buckmasters", 6-18x40 side-focus matte NP, rifle scope, appears as new in box. 218-C-27.--- Leupold, Vari X-1, 3x9x40 scope . 218-C-28.--- Bag lot: Harris Ultra-lite bipod, series S, mod. 25, bipod, new in bag. 218-C-29.--- Ser.# 008538, Norinco, mod. 14/S, .308 cal. clip-fed. s/auto full wood milt. style rifle w/22" bbl. [appears as new, w/Marstar scope base.] FRC#__________________? 218-C-30.--- Box lot: 2-Norinco .308, 20-rnd. clips blocked to 5, Nylon web sling, Nylon 2-compartment back-packer style gun case w multiple pouches. 218-C-31.--- Box lot: Custom grade, Hornady .308 die set, approx. 200-rnds. .308 reloads, 50-rnds. brass, 2-boxes .30 cal. bullets, & 3-bags .30 cal bullets, (some are Barnes). 218-C-32.--- Ser.# P117072, Para-Ordnance, mod. P-13.45 Ltd. .45 auto cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/108mm bbl. [appears exc., satin finish rcvr. w/stainless bbl. & slide, w/plastic box, & extra clip.] FRC#10411693. HG* 218-C-33.--- Win. foam lined luggage style large pistol case containing apprx. 127-rnds. .45 auto ammo, a cable lock w/key & small lock w/key. 218-C-34.--- Ser.# 2798420, Colt, mod. M-1991-A-1, Series 80, .45 Auto cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm stainless bbl. [Bomar adjust. front & back sights, w/plastic box & book, appears exc., has fired only 3-boxes ammo.] FRC#11001827. HG*

8 46 218-C-35.--- Bag lot: National Match .45 Auto cal. series 80 stainless steel bbl. only, .45-auto clip, set of Hogue .45 auto grips. 218-C-36.--- Ser.# 157734, Win., mod. 77, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [appears VG+, w/Weaver El Paso B-4 scope, in Weaver tip-up mnt.] FRC#_________________? 218-C-37.--- Ser.# 8748863, Ruger, mod. New Model Super Blackhawk, .44 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/267mm bbl. [Stainless, appears exc., having Hogue custom rubber grips, & also orig. wooden grips, & plastic Ruger box w/booklet.] FRC#11093198. HG* 218-C-38.--- Ser.# 31575446, Ruger, mod. P89DC, .9mmx19 cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [appears exc., w/extra clip & loading tool, alloy & stainless finish, w/plastic box & booklet.] FRC#10732349. HG* 218-C-39.--- Ser.# 22834283, Ruger, mod. Mk. III, .22/45 , .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [appears exc., extra clip, plastic box w/booklet.] FRC#11125815. HG* 218-C-40.--- Ser.# 22834246, Ruger, mod. Mk. III, .22/45 , .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [appears exc., w/extra clip, & plastic box w/booklet.] FRC#11125814. HG* 218-C-41.--- Ser.# 48111289, Norinco, mod. 201C, 9mmx19 cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/116mm. [appears exc. w/extra clip in plastic box.] FRC#10761999. HG* 218-C-42.--- Ser.# 1630654, Norinco, mod. SKS, 7.62x39 cal. s/auto full wood rifle w/20" bbl., & attached bayonet. [appears exc., w/sling, Leapers side mnt. 6x32 scope w/rings.] FRC#7210700. 218-C-43.--- Ser.# 9136218, Norinco, mod. SKS, 7.62x39 cal. s/auto full wood rifle w/20" bbl., & attached bayonet. [appears exc., w/sling, Leapers side mnt. 6x32 scope w/rings.] FRC#7285544. 218-C-44.--- Ser.# 71007542, Rem., mod. 710, .30/06 Sprg. cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [appears as new, grey synthetic p/grip stock, fitted w/Bushnell 3x9 scope.] FRC#1116811. 218-C-45.--- Ser.# 040346, Hatsan, mod. Escort Legacy, .12 ga. 3", s/auto shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl. [has screw-in choke, appears exc., w/checkered p/grip stock & forend & black nylon/camo sling.] FRC#8946425. 218-C-46.--- Ser.# 25786228, Ruger, mod. 10/22 Carbine, (Stainless), .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18 ½" bbl. [appears exc., unfired, plain p/grip stock & stainless scope base.] FRC#10066922. 218-C-47.--- Tasco, 2.5-10x Tactical Varmint scope, w/adjust. objective, & rings. 218-C-48.--- Ser.# 18830539, Ruger, mod. Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, Stainless, .223 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [appears VG, slight storage damage, plain p/grip stock & Ruger stainless rings.] FRC#8426498. 218-C-49.--- Simmons, Deerfield 3x9x32 WV, scope.

9 46 218-C-50.--- Ser.# 18585302, Ruger, mod. Mini-14, Stainless, .223 cal. clip fed s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [appears VG, w/nylon/camo sling & plain p/grip stock.] FRC#7377851. 218-C-51.--- Ser.# 19643988, Ruger, mod. Mini-30, 7.62x39 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [stainless, w/Ruger black composite p/grip stock & forend, black nylon sling & stainless Ruger rings, appears exc.] FRC#8070100. 218-C-52.--- Bushnell, Banner, 4x40 wide angle scope w/caps. 218-C-53.--- Ser.# 040269, Hatsan, mod. Escort Defender, .12 ga. 3", p/act. shotgun w/19.5" bbl. [appears exc., w/composite P/grip stock & forend, folding skeleton style stock, long mag tube, w/black nylon/camo sling.] FRC#9009273. 218-C-54.--- Ser.# 94205424, Marlin, mod. 1894SS, (Stainless), .44 Rem. mag. cal. tube-fed L/act. rifle, w/20" bbl. [checkered straight stock & forend, appears exc. w/hammer extended spur.] FRC#10238226. 218-C-55.--- Ser.# 25765097, Ruger, mod. 10/22 Carbine, .22 LR s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [appears exc., plain p/grip stock, w/rings & adjust. base.] FRC#9250341. 218-C-56.--- Tasco, 2.5-10x42, Tactical Varmint scope, w/adjust. objective. 218-C-57.--- Ser.# HS235967, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Tamer mod. SB-1, (Stainless), .410 ga. 3", Brk/act. s/shotgun w/19 1/4" bbl. [appears exc. w/composite thumb-hole p/grip stock w/integral ctg. holder.] FRC#8028709. 218-C-58.--- Ser.# 11009628, Marlin, mod. 30-AS, .30/30 Win. cal. tube-fed L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [appears some slight storage damage, w/scope base & hammer extension..] FRC#1158531. 218-C-59..--- Bushnelll, Banner, 3-9x w/Weaver rings. 218-C-60.--- Ser.# 58101989, Ruger, mod. Ranch Rifle, (Stainless), 7.62x39 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [appears exc., w/Ruger checkered p/grip composite stock & stainless Ruger rings.] FRC#10378246. 218-C-61.--- Bushnell, 3x9x50mm wide angle scope w/Parallax adjustment. 218-C-62.--- Ser.# A127131, CZ, mod. 858 Tactical-2P, 7.63x39 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18 3/4" bbl. [p/grip composite wood stock, w/bayonet w/leather sheath, & 4-30-shot clips blocked to 5-rnds. in leather case, + cleaning equipment.] FRC#9861440.

218-C-63.--- Ser.# 8817150, Norinco, mod. SKS-D, 7.62x39 cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [appears exc., w/Bushnell, Sportman, scope, missing the folding bayonet, w/black nylon/camo sling.] FRC#8441895. 218-C-64.--- Ser.# 0203633, Norinco, mod. SKS-D, 7.62x39 cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [appears exc., w/Leapers 6x32 scope, w/side mount, w/green web sling.] FRC#8020522. 218-C-65.--- Ser.# J387599, Lakefield-Mossberg, mod. 500-A, .12ga. 3", p/act. shotgun w/30" bbl.

10 46 [pressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, some storage damage.] FRC#7210701. 218-C-66.--- Mossberg, .12 ga. 3" "Slugger" bbl. w/sights. [fits above or similar, FAC but no regn. 218-C-67.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# NA, Win., mod. 1866, .44 RF cal. L/act. carbine w/20" bbl. [bbl., mag tube, loading gate, & lever are rusted/pitted, wood fair w/slight crack near wrist, brass butt-plate w/trap, bore good for it's age, action seems okay.] NO FAC REQUIRED. 218-D-1.--Ser.# 76V45911, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Magnum Twelve, .12 ga. 3", cal., s/auto shotgun w/31" V-rib bbl. [appears exc., light engraved decoration, hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend, fitted w/Browning recoil pad.] FRC#4909472. Ser.# X39997, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Auto-5, .16 ga., 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/29 1/2"bbl. [light wear to blue, checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, w/some marks to finish.] FRC#4909468.


Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68: 218-D-3.--- Ser.# 171866, F.N. Browning, mod. 1922, 7.65 cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [blue shows some wear, good checkered wooden grips, & exc. bore.] FRC#4909460. HG* 218-D-4.--Ser.# 102343, Colt, mod. S/act. Army, .45 cal. 6-shot rev. w/4 3/4" bbl. [ca. 1884, old reblue that shows some expected wear, no markings visible except pat. dates Sept. 19-1871, July 2-72, & Jan. 19-75., sanded wooden grips, appears original has 2-notches on back-strap, all numbers match except loading gate as normal, the cyl. has # 3348, action seems tight.] FRC#4909455. HG* Case-Gard 806, black plastic, foam-lined pistol case only. Ser.# 13982, Win., mod. 1885, Lo-wall, .32 RF Long cal. falling block, s/shot rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [ca. 1887, 2nd. yr. of prod., bbl. has fading blue w/some nicks & bruises, but a fair bore, wood has the beginning of a split at toe, but generally fair to good w/a crescent butt-plate, action seems good.] FRC#4909459. Ser.# 86524, Win., mod. 1895, .30 Army cal. L/act. carbine w/22" bbl. [ca. 1915, worn blue, fluted forend, no top wood, stock pinned @ wrist, has trap-door butt-plate, good bore.] FRC#4909462. ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., U.S. Springfield, mod. 1863, Type II, .58 perc. cal. rifle-musket, w/40" bbl. [ca. 1864-1865, total prod. 255,40, the last U.S. Martial regulation muzzle-loading firearm, it was used in the latter part of the Civil War, & has two very clear Inspector's marks on left shoulder of stock. Appears good overall for it's age, missing the ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED Ser.# 6921, H. Spencer & Co., SxS, .28 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/26" laminated steel, solid rib bbls. [worn blue, Damascus pattern visible, good checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, good bores.] FRC#4909464.





218-D-10.--- Ser.# 35083, Browning, mod. Trombone, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, pump/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [fading blue, good wood, good bore.] FRC#4909454. 218-D-11.--- Ser.# 26009, Breda, mod. 710, .12 ga. 3", s/auto shotgun w/28 ½" bbl. [appears good, w/screw-in chokes, checkered semi-p/grip stock, jointed wooden cleaning rod, & fitted

11 46 metal luggage style case.] {DL10} FRC#3620231. 218-D-12.--- Ser.# 3926, (they missed the "6" off the ser.#), Alger Arms Co., SxS, .12 ga. hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30" choke bored, matte-rib bbls. [appears good, w/engraved action, & checkered straight stock, w/old style padded case.] {DL5} FRC#3620226. 218-D-13.--- Ser.# 110364, Parker Bros. SxS, .12 ga. hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30" matte-rib bbls. [appears VG, w/scroll decorated bird-dog scenes, checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, c/w/leg-o-mutton leather case.] {DL8} FRC#3620229. 218-D-14.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3501155, Francaise D'Armes et Cycles de St. Ettienne, SxS, .20 ga. hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/29" bbls. [Scroll engraved action, w/finely checkered semi-p/grip stock, comes w/leather leg-o-mutton case.] {DL6} FRC#3620227. 218-D-15.--- Ser.# 30350, Jos. Orasche-Ferlach, 7x57 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [engraved floor-plate & trig. guard, spoon style bolt, double set-triggers, checkered p/grip stock & forend, which has a professional repair to the toe.] {DL3} FRC#3620224. 218-D-16.--- Ser.# 76832, Win., mod. 1903, .22 Auto cal., tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. {DL9} FRC#3620230. 218-D-17.--- Ser.# B100790, Whitworth, mod. Express Rifle, .375 H&H cal. B/act. rifle w/23 ½" bbl. [appears as new, w/3-leaf Express sight, checkered p/grip stock w/raised cheek-piece, exc. bore.] {DL2} FRC#3620223. 218-D-18.--- Ser.# 110310, Sako, mod. Forester, Mauser Sporter, .300 Magnum cal. B/act rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, w/engraved floorplate having relief picture of Bighorn Ram. Checkered p/grip stock w/raised cheek-piece & leather sling. no butt-plate, w/older gun case.] {DL1} FRC#3620222. 218-D-19.--- Ser.# 017859, Sako, mod. Vixens, .222 Rem. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, w/burled walnut, checkered p/grip stock w/raised cheek-piece, w/integral mounts & front sight only, w/brown vinyl scoped rifle case.] {DL7}FRC#3620228. 218-D-20.--- Ser.# 1306 on bolt, #90L3447 on action, Lee-Enfield, mod. No.4, Mk.I*, (Longbranch), (1945), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [ appears VG, has no clip. Note; was regd. w/the bolt number only but the ser.# is as shown, 90L3447.] {DL4} FRC#3620225. 218-D-21.--- Ser.# 3348, L.S.A., (Joseph Lang & Son Manufactured), mod. No. 1, .303 cal. Sporting Rifle w/24" bbl. [burled walnut, semi-p/grip checkered stock & forend, Express sights, & 5-rnd. attached mag. Comes w/fitted luggage style case.] {DL11}FRC#3620232. 218-D-22.--- Ser.# 99398, Win., mod. 1885, Hi-wall, falling block action only w/Meredith & Co. Ltd. 26 ½" bbl. In .22/303 Special cal.[was regd. as a Meredith but is definitely a Win. Hi-wall action, no stock etc.] {DL12} FRC#3620233. 218-D-23.--- Ser.# 61806, U.S. Rifle, (ERA), pattern 1914, .303 cal. bbl. & part of the action only. [bbl. measures 23 ½" long.] FRC#________________? Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-D-24.--- Ser.# 9049G, Luger, (BYF), Mod. P-08, (42), 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl. [Nazi marked, all matching numbers except clip, slight holster wear, w/a

12 46 good 1938 Nazi marked holster & extra clip.] FRC#4091928. HG* 218-D-25.-Ser.# 2683i, Walther, BYF-43, mod. P-38, 9mm luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [good bore, slight holster wear, w/good leather Nazi marked (42) holster.] FRC#4091929. HG*

218-D-26.--- Ser.# 38937U4, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Challenger, .22 LR cal. s/auto pistol w/171mm bbl. [appears exc., w/hi-gloss checkered p/grip & gold plated trigger, w/plastic box.] FRC#4091926. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-D-27.--- Ser.# 13K2439, Smith & Wesson, mod. 66, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. [Stainless, appears exc., w/checkered wooden grips w/S&W medallions, & Hunter 1100-12 leather holster.] FRC#4091930. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-D-28.--- Ser.#14981, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [nickle plated, trigger return spring broken, good grips, w/brown leather holster] FRC#4008816. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-D-29.--- Ser.# 124276, Deutsche-Werke, Ortgies Patent, (Germany), 7.65 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/88mm bbl. [shows holster wear to blue, has wooden grips w/Deutsche-Werke medallions, w/black leather revolver holster] FRC#4091931. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-D-30.--- Ser.# 95521, Colt, mod. Open Top, .22-Short cal. 7-shot rev. w/57mm bbl. [ca. 1871-77, patchy nickle plate on brass frame, will not stay cocked, grips worn, spur trigger, comes with a good Bauer Bros leather holster for a bigger rev] FRC# 4008815. HG* 218-D-31.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3897937, Alb. Simonis, SxS, .12 ga. H/brk. hammer shotgun w/30" "Imperial Best Damascus" solid-rib bbls. [an attractive old Belgian gun w/engraved hunting scenes having gold inlaid dogs & gold lettering on bbl. rib. Checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend, orig. butt-plate & good bores.] FRC#4008817. 218-D-32.--- Ser.#437RN50970, Browning, mod. BAR Grade III, .270 cal. s/auto rifle w/21 ½" bbl. [appears as new. w/etched scenes of Elk & Sheep on greyed steel rcvr., finely checkered select walnut hi-gloss stock & forend., w/gold plated trigger, no sights but drilled & tapped for mnts.] FRC#4091936.

218-D-33.--- Ser.# BK3768, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 5, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. Jungle Carbine w/18 ½" bbl.[appears VG, good bore, w/additional 5-rnd. clip.] FRC#4008817. Prohib, (same as Thompson) Note! You must be in this class to purchase, check w/Jim B. 218-D-34.--- Ser.# 57273, Commando Arms, Mark 45, {Semi-auto, looks like a Thompson}, .45 Auto cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/419mm bbl. [appears exc., w/extra clip, both blocked to 5-rnds, FRC#4008821. PR* 218-D-35.--- Ser.# 40718, Weatherby, (Germany), Mk. V, .300 Wby. mag. cal. Ba/ct. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears exc., w/hi-gloss skip-line checkered p/grip stock & forend & braided leather sling, & Beuhler mnts.] FRC#4091932.

13 46 218-D-36.--- Redfield, 1" tube, 4x scope. w/rings to fit above or similar. 218-D-37.--- Ser.# S6234253, Sticker #7364276, Rem., mod. 700-Stainless, 7mm STW cal. B/act. rifle w/26" w/extended screw-on muzzle-brake. [deluxe rings, bases & bbl. sights, w/The Ultimate Sniper, composite adjustable skeleton style stock, w/front rail.] FRC#7503626. 218-D-38.--- Ser.# C6664142, Sticker #7364266, Rem., mod. 700, .308 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [has Rem. composite/p/grip stock, parkerized finish, no sights.] FRC#7503616. 218-D-39.--- Ser.# F119179, Sticker #7364289, Savage, mod. 110, 7mm Rem. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, w/scope bases, pressed checkered stock & forend.] FRC#7503639. 218-D-39-A.- Ser.# D8015170, Rem., mod. 750-Woodsmaster, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/19 1/4" bbl [appears exc., checkered p/grip stock w/black caps & semi-beavertail forend.] FRC#11350122. 218-D-40.--- Ser.# B6892, Sticker # 7364292, Brazilian Mauser, mod. 1908, Oberndorf, 7mm Maus. cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/29.5"bbl. [appears poss. unissued., matching numbers incl. bolt.] FRC#7503642. 218-D-41.--- Ser.# 599426, Sticker # 7364288, U.S. Rifle, (ERA), mod. 1914, .303 cal. sporterized B/act rifle w/26" bbl. FRC#7503638. 218-D-42.--- Ser.# CRB2302, Sticker # 7364286, Ross, mod. 10, .303 cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/24.5"bbl. FRC#7503636. 218-D-43.--- Ser.# A254560, Win., mod. 100, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [oakleaf/basket weave pressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, stitched leather sling.] FRC#3830064. 218-D-44.--- Ser.# 95C9381, Lee-Enfield, (Savage),mod. No. 4, Mk. I*, .303 cal. clip-fed, sporterized B/act. rifle w/640mm bbl. [slip-on recoil pad, leather sling, Bushnell Sportview 3x9x32 scope . FRC#_________________? 218-D-45.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# A1499, Martini-Enfield, mod. 1886, Mk. IV, # 1, .577/450 cal. s/shot full wood milt. rifle w/33" bbl. [long lever, w/cleaning rod.] NO FAC REQUIRED

218-D-46.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3718838, Stevens, mod. 520, .12 ga. 2 3/4", p/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [checkered p/grip stock & forend w/tie-on recoil pad & canvas case.] FRC#3830065. 218-D-47.--- Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 39, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. FRC#___________? 218-D-48.--- Ser.# 7611341, Rem., mod. Seven, .243 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/18.5" bbl. [appears exc., w/checkered p/grip stock w/black caps, heavy leather Rem. sling w/quik-off swivels, Weaver base & open sights.] FRC#3824530.

14 46 218-D-49.--- Bushnell, Scopechief VI, 4x32 scope w/Weaver rings. 218-D-50.--Lot: 3-scoped rifle cases.

218-D-51.--- Ser.# 70742MW351, (Note: regd. w/70742MX351), Browning, mod. A-bolt, .308 Win. cal. B/act. integral clip-fed rifle w/20" bbl. [Burris rings & mounts.] FRC#8674517. 218-D-52.--- Ser.# 29857V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", p/a/ct. shotgun w/18.5" bbl. [w/composite p/grip stock & wood forend, leather sling w/quik-off swivels, + the orig. butt-stock.] FRC#7151529. 218-D-53.--- Ser.# 14189RN127, Browning, mod. BLR, .308 Win. cal. L/act. clip-fed rifle w/20" bbl. [leather sling w/quik-off swivels, appears good w/some wear.] FRC#7151518. 218-D-54.--- Ser.# 61760, (Regd. as no serial number) North American Arms, mod. "Mallard" mod. 2.5, .12 ga. 3" mag, p/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [checkered p/grip stock & forend, some storage damage.] FRC#7151531. 218-D-55.--- Ser.# A6050043, Rem., mod. 788, .243 cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/22"bbl.[plain p/grip stock, leather sling w/quik-off swivels, Weaver bases.] FRC#6362528. 218-D-56.--- Bushnell, Sportview 4x32 scope w/Weaver rings. 218-D-57.--- Ser.# 068926, Anschutz, mod. 520, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/21.5" bbl. [pressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, leather sling, w/Weaver 1.5-4.5 scope in Weaver rings, w/extra clip.] FRC#7151534. 218-D-58.--- Ser.# Nil, Stevens, (by Savage, regd. as a Savage) mod.325-C, .30/30 cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. FRC#7151557. 218-D-59.--- Ser.# S8100903, Ithaca, (SKB), mod. 300, .20 ga. 3", s/auto shotgun w/28" bbl. [gloss finished checkered p/grip stock & forend, alloy rcvr., appears VG.] FRC#7151533. 218-D-60.--- Ser.# Nil., Savage, mod. 4-C, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [missing clip.] FRC#7151535. 218-D-61.--- Ser.# 6534375, Ruger, mod. New Model Single Six, .22 LR & .22 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/165mm bbl. [appears VG, slight holster wear, w/ "Hunter" leather holster.{has extra cyl. & orig. box etc.] FRC#7154446. HG* 218-D-62.--- Ser.# 20356RN117, Browning, mod. BBR, 7mm Rem. mag., cal., internal clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [gloss finished checkered p/grip stock w/some marks & bumps, missing front sling stud w/a replacement to hold the leather sling w/swivels, has browning rings & mounts.] FRC#7151523. 218-D-62-A.- Leupold, Vari-X III, Gold Ring, 2.5-8x scope. 218-D-63.--- Lot: 2-padded, zippered, scoped rifle cases. 218-D-64.--- Lot: 4-older rifle cases as a lot. 218-E-1.--Ser.# Ser.# 7369U2, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Challenger, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto

15 46 pistol w/171mm bbl. [appears exc. w/w/burled walnut hi-gloss checkered grips, & fitted plastic box.] FRC#5205694. HG* 218-E-1-A.-- Bag lot, 2-Browning Challenger clips & 1-Basque .380 clip. 218-E-2.--Ser.# 0082200, Jukar, Conn. Valley Arms, Replica Milt Pistol, .45 perc. cal. modern pistol w/248mm bbl. [appears unfired, w/brass furniture & wooden ramrod.] FRC#5205697. HG* Ser.# 539504, Colt, mod. Police Special, .38 Spl. cal 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [very light wear to blue, exc. bore, checkered wooden grips w/Colt medallions., & Lawrence leather holster.] FRC#5205696. HG*


Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-E-4.--- Ser.# B28775, Iver Johnson, mod. Top Break, Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/101mm bbl. [worn blue, good grips, seems to function okay.]FRC#5205712. HG* 218-E-5.--Crosman, Air Gun, mod. 357, .177 pellet cal. revolver, w/leather holster.[appears as new] NO FAC REQUIRED, BUT USE W/CAUTION AS ALWAYS BECAUSE THEY LOOK REAL Ser.# 10442, Cooey, mod. 84, .410 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/26" full choke bbl. [fading blue, light pitting, wood finish poor, good bore.] FRC#5205715. Ser.# 177020, Lefever Arms, mod. Lefever Nitro Special, .12 ga. H/brk. SxS shotgun w/30" solid matte-rib bbls.. [worn blue, engraved wild life scenes, checkered semi-p/grip stock, good bores.] FRC#5205718. Ser.# Nil., Sticker#5074066, Cooey, mod. 75, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/Lyman target sights & 27" bbl. [appears good, w/good bore.] FRC#5205709. Ser.# 78993, Conn. Valley Arms, mod. Canadian Frontiersman, .45 perc. cal. modern black powder rifle w/28" oct. bbl. [appears as new, engraved lock, double set triggers, brass furniture & inset brass patch-box, stock has raised cheek-piece, c/w/wooden ramrod.] FRC#5205714.





218-E-10.--- Ser.# 4725, Fab. Nat. d Armes, De Guerre, (Belgium), .270 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, good bore, fitted w/good clear scope in Weaver rings, checkered p/grip stock w/raised cheek-piece, good adjustable leather sling, & includes a zippered vinyl rifle case, looks all ready to go hunting.] FRC#5205712. 218-E-11.--- Ser.# G6350938, Rem., mod. 700, Classic, 8mm Mauser cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears exc., w/checkered p/grip stock & forend, bore is exc.,w/Owner's manual.] FRC#11729122. 218-E-12.--- Ser.#8R2342, BSA, mod. Mauser Sporter, .227 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [the ser.# is actually 8R2342, not "B"R2342. Drilled for scope mnt, checkered p/grip stock w/raised roll-over cheek-piece, rosewood caps, & BSA recoil pad.] FRC#12023585.

16 46 218-E-13.--- Ser.# A2745706, Rem., mod. 597, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [Appears exc. w/grey composite stock.] FRC#12023585. 218-E-14.--- Ser.# 610731, Norinco, mod. 1911A1, .45 Auto cal., 7-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [appears as new, they look like a Colt 1911 S/auto, c/w/extra clip.] FRC#413526. HG* 218-E-15.--- Ser.# 4570734, Win., Mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. carbine w/20" bbl. [appears exc., poss unfired.] FRC#4844041. 218-E-16.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4739364, Unknown, .12 Ga. SxS, H/brk. hammer shotgun w/30" bbls. [poor] FRC#4844044. 218-E-17.--- Ser.# 17660, E.V. Reilly & Co., (very faint, it's not PV Kittle as regd.), .12 ga. SxS H/brk. hammer shotgun w/27 ½" bbls. [1-homemade hammer, & one not attached, missing screw, poor.] FRC#4739363. 218-E-18.--- Ser.# 71441, Lakefield, mod. Mk. II, .22 LR cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [inpressed checkered p/grip stock shows wear to finish, has open sights & Bushnell Sportview scope.] FRC#4844042. 218-E-19.--- Ser.# V078127V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/30" F/C/bbl. [appears VG+, good bore, hi-gloss impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend w/Rem. recoil pad.] FRC#4844039. 218-E-20.--- Full zipper, sheepskin padded shotgun case appears as new. 218-E-21.--- Ser.# L2653, L.I.G. Elgoibar, (Spain), SxS, .12 ga., H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/27 ½" matte-rib bbls. [appears good, w/w/engraved, case colored rcvr, & straight checkered stock.] FRC#4844040. Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-E-22.--- Ser.# 71K0595, Smith & Wesson, mod. 19-4, .357 Mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/101mm bbl. [appears good, w/checkered wooden grips w/S&W medallions, w/box. etc.] FRC#4844038. HG* 218-E-23.--- Ser.# Nil., Original. (German), Mod. 22, .177 pellet cal. pellet rifle. NO FAC REQUIRED BUT USE W/CARE. 218-E-24.--- Lot of 3-items: Edwards Day, zippered vinyl gun case, Leather carbine scabbard, & fabric rifle case. 218-E-25.--- Lot, Gurkha type knife, w/wooden handle & brass trim, w/leather case & smaller Gurkha style knife, marked India, w/leather case. 218-E-26.--- Lot, New Survival knife w/sheath & sharpening stone, w/box. 218-E-27.--- Bag lot ammo incl:40-rds. .357 mag., 8-boxes Imperial .22 LR, part box .38 spl. wad-cutters, & 1-box Imperial .12 ga. 2 3/4" shot-shells. 218-E-28.--- Box lot misc. ammo etc. including leather shot-shell belt w/25-rnds. .12ga. shells, used cleaning kit etc.

17 46 218-E-28-A.-- Ser.#446049V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/30" matted bbl. [pressed checkered p/grip stock & forend. ] FRC#4082228. 218-E-29.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 10192, U.S. Springfield, mod. 1873, .45/70 cal. trap-door rifle, w/32 5/8" bbl. [ca. 1873-76, sporterized wood.] NO FAC REQUIRED 218-E-30.--- Ser.# 2970B, Lee-Enfield, (by: Savage). Mod. No. 4, Mk.I*, .303 cal. sporterized, clip-fed B/act. rifle w/640mm bbl. [marked US Property.] FRC#4082229. 218-E-31.--- Ser.# BHJ8957, Smith & Wesson, mod. 617, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears exc., slight cyl. ring, stainless w/rosewood grips w/S&W medallions, c/w/foam lined zippered pistol case.] FRC#L-043926, {re-reg. applied for} HG Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-E-32.--- Ser.# 282510, Dan Wesson, mod. 142-B, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/102mm bbl. [appears VG+, slight cyl. ring, checkered walnut grips, c/w/zippered pistol case.] FRC# L-022632. {re-reg. applied for} 218-E-33.--- Ser.# 99180678, Marlin, mod. Stainless mod. 60-SB, .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/22" micro-groove bbl. [pressed checkered p/grip stock, appears exc.] FRC#4499401. 218-E-34.--- Tasco, Mag. 3x9x32 ST scope. w/Weaver rings, + caps. (satin finish). 218-E-35.--- Ser.# SG08209, Win., mod. 9410, .410 bore 2 ½" only, tube-fed, L/act. shotgun w/24"bbl. [appears exc., deluxe checkered wood.] FRC#4337184. 218-E-36.--- Ser.# T2271, Lee-Enfield, mod. No.1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. clip-fed sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [hi-gloss p/grip stock w/roll-over cheek-piece.] FRC#________________ 218-E-37.--- Ser.# 237006, Savage, mod. 1899, .303 Sav. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [Note: the cal. is .303 Savage, not .303 British, finish poor, replaced stock.] FRC#____________________ 218-E-38.--- Ser.# Nil., Lee-Enfield, (Globeco), mod. No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed sporterized rifle w/22" bbl. [has 5-shot clip] FRC#_________________

218-E-39.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464817, Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. FRC#___________________ 218-E-40.--- Ser.# Nil, Sticker # 4464813, Cooey, mod. 82, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [wood has been cut back .] FRC#_____________________ 218-E-41.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4464806, Continental Arms, mod. single-bbl., .12 ga. shotgun w/30" bbl. [poor] FRC#______________________ 218-F-1.--Ser.# ZH1084, Enfield, mod. # 2, Mk. I**, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [missing lanyard ring & stud.] FRC#8375934. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-2.--Ser.# J30143, Iver Johnson, Automatic Ejecting hammerless, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev.

18 46 w/83mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#8375926. HG* 218-F-3.--Ser.# 11573, Armi San Pablo, (Euroarms), 1851 Navy Replica, .36 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/191mm bbl. [appears VG, ] FRC#L-148168. HG* Ser.# HAK37449, Flobert, mod. Saloon Pistol, .22 BB Cap, 1-shot pistol w/258mm bbl. nickle finish, walnut grips.] FRC#11756957. HG* Ser.# AL239, Unknown, (Martini-type) handgun, .303 Brit. cal. 1-shot pistol w/127mm bbl. East India conversion pistol w/stamped #8 figures as decoration. FRC#869303. HG*



Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-6.--Ser.# 155410, Deutsche-Werke, Ortgies, Pat,, 7.65mm cal. 8-shot, s/auto pistol w/88mm bbl. [finish poor, wood grips w/DW medallions, & leather holster.] FRC1153875. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-7.--Ser.# 6913, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Belgian Constable, .38 S&W cal., 6-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [floral engraved, wood grips, lanyard ring.] FRC#11533872. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-8.--Ser.# 6463, Constabler, mod. Central Fire, .320 cal. 6-shot rev. w/62mm bbl. FRC11533877. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-9.--Ser.# 248, Unknown, (Belgian), Tranter type, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/96mm bbl. FRC#11533874. HG* 218-F-10.--Ser.# 9110, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Copy of S&W, .44 WCF cal. 6-shot rev. w/145mm bbl. FRC#871551. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-11.--- Ser.# 13169, Unknown, mod. British Bulldog, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. FRC#11533871. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-12.--- Ser.# 9536, Unknown, mod. American Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/53mm bbl. FRC#11534042. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-13.--- Ser.# 25244, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [fading blue.] FRC#871548. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-14.--- Ser.# 3621, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Young America, D/act., .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. [nickle finish, good grips.] FRC#8476057. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-15.--- Ser.# 8430, Hopkins & Allen, mod. Forehand D/act., .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. FRC#11533873. HG*

19 46 218-F-16.--ANTIQUE: Ser.# 141907, Swiss Vetterli, mod. 1881, .41 Swiss, RF cal. rifle w/21" bbl. {appears converted to carbine w/cleaning rod.] NO FAC REQUIRED Ser.# Nil., Mossberg, mod. 185-K-B, .20 ga. 2 3/4". Clip-fed, B/act. shotgun w/24" bbl. w/adjust. choke. FRC#973415. Ser.# Nil., Savage, mod. Trainer, .2 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. full wood milt. training rifle w/25" bbl. FRC#____________? Ser.# 171, Unknown , British, SxS, .12 ga. H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" Nitro proof bbls. [checkered straight English style stock, scroll engraved, good bores.] FRC#5169302. Ser.# 107474, Whitworth, (Interarms), mod. Mk.X, .30/06 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [checkered p/grip stock w/oak extended forend, butt-plate & p/grip, fitted w/Weaver scope & leather sling.] FRC#__________________?





Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-F-21.--- Ser.# 1985A, Luger, mod. DWM p-08, 1916, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl. [matching numbers incl. clip but note: Take-down lever & locking plate have no numbers. Small chip out of left grip.] FRC#________________? 218-F-22.--Bag lot: As new modern Luger holster, Luger grips marked "21", Mec-Gar Italian Luger clip, & Master trigger lock w/key. Ser.# F476, Stevens, mod. 1915-Favorite, .22 Long, cal. s/shot falling/block rifle w/24" rnd. bbl. [stock pinned through wrist, butt-plate chipped @ toe.] FRC#______________? Ser.# 3615, Unknown, (Belgian), SxS Hammer, .16 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/28 ½" bbls. [rnd. checkered p/grip stock, lightly engraved.] FRC#________________? Ser.# 89382V, Rem., mod. Sportsman-58, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" bbl.[etched game bird scenes w/dogs, checkered p/grip stock, normal use bumps & bruises.] FRC#927720. Ser.# 09810B, Mossberg, mod. 352-KC, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/18.25" bbl. [plain p/grip stock fold-down forend.] FRC#4915026. Ser.# 57L0990, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I*, (Longbranch), .303 cal. sporterized B/act. clip-fed rifle w/23 3/4" bbl. [w/scope base, & parkerized finish, good wood.] FRC#4716958. Ser.# L851203V, Rem., mod. 100, .12 ga. 3", s/auto shotgun w/30" V-rib bbl. [gloss finish pressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, storage damage to bbl.] FRC#4381965. Ser.# 185577, C-I-L, mod. 830, .30/30 Win. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [flaking varnish on stock, slight storage damage.] FRC#4381966. Ser.# Nil., Ranger, mod. Ranger, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [some surface rust, aged wood.] FRC#4381967.









20 46 218-G-7.--Ser.# Nil., Hiawatha, mod. Hiawatha, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [some surface rust, flaking varnish, tapped for side mnt. scope.] FRC#4381968. Ser.# 57227XF, Excel, (regd. as Ecel), mod. Single Bbl., .12 ga. 2 3/4", Brk/act shotgun w/36" bbl. [no finish] FRC#4381964. Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 75, .22 LR cal. b/act. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [poor cond., missing bolt knob.] FRC#4381963.



218-G-10.--- Bag lot: C-I-L, 830 clip (for a .30/30), 35-rnds. .30/30 ammo, 1-rd. .30/06. 218-G-11.--- Ser.#62351, FN Browning, (Husqvarna), mod. 1903 M07, 9mm Browning Long cal., 7-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl.[appears VG, w/lanyard ring, has "I-9 No. 1566 on left side.] FRC#9732166. HG* 218-G-12.--- Ser.# R79912, Lee-Enfield, mod. No.1, Mk.III*, .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [Missing clip.] FRC#648635. 218-G-13.--- Ser.# CB23862A, Lee-Enfield, ROF (F), mod. No.4, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle w/23 3/4" bbl. [missing clip, & part of back sight.] FRC#751078. 218-G-14.--- Ser.# 358R, U.S. Rifle Co., mod. P-17, .30/06 Spg. cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/24" bbl. [w/Bushnell, Banner, 4x40 scope in Weaver 1" side-mnt., w/Ithaca recoil pad.] FRC#8193860. 218-G-15.--- Ser.# 87L4540, Lee-Enfield, mod. No.4, Mk.I*, Longbranch, .303 cal. clip fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [missing clip.] FRC#8193851. 218-G-16.--- Ser.# 121692, Mahely, mod. H-21, .22 LR cal., clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [c/w/a 10 & a 20-shot clip, cocking lever is broken, but the pieces are there, the owner made s stainless steel lever that appears to function as well or better.] FRC#5564304. Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-G-17.--- Ser.# 64876, Arminius, mod. Gecado, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/90mm bbl. [replaced loading gate.] FRC#._______________? HG* 218-G-18.--- Ser.# 20130, Urko, mod. S/Auto Carbine, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/240mm bbl. [missing clip, nylon sling w/quik-off swivels.] FRC#__________________? 218-G-19 218-G-20 218-G-21 218-G-22 218-G-23 Martin Golden Eagle Recurve Bow, 70 " , 40 Lb Pull w/ Case . Bear White Tail Compound Bow , 39" St 65 Lb Pull , Right Hand . Quiver w/Arrows & Front Counter Weight . Barnett Cross Bow w/ Approx Eleven Arrows . ( Tell Story of the Lost Arrow ) Baikal " IJ 22" .l77 Cal Single Shot Pellet Rifle , Sr # X09616 - FAC Required , Spring Powered w/ Canvas Rifle Case .

218-G-24.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Unknown, (London marked), .12 ga. perc. fowler, w/41" bbl. [lightly checkered straight English style stock w/brass furniture & iron ramrod..] NO FAC REQUIRED

21 46 218-G-25.--- Ser.# Nil., Globe, mod. 40, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. & adjustable choke. [grey finish, replaced butt-stock.] FRC#___________________? 218-G-26.--- Ser.# 39725, Janssen Sons & Co., mod. 1900, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS, H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" bbl. [rounded checkered p/grip stock.] FRC#____________________? 218-G-27.--- Bushnell, 20-50x spotting scope w/tripod, in black nylon case. 218-G-28.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #5072128, C-I-L, mod. 607-H, .12 ga. 3", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#5204428. 218-G-29.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #5072127, Cooey, mod. 600, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. FRC#5204427. 218-G-30.--- Ser.# 639003, C-I-L, mod. 402, .12 ga. 2 3/4", Brk/act. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#5204429. 218-G-31.--- Lot: zippered coped rifle case & a zippered shotgun case. [as a lot] 218-G-32.--- Lot: 3-trigger locks w/keys, [keyed the same.] 218-G-33.--- Box lot ammo incl: approx. 2 3/4 boxes .12 ga. Gevelot, 2-boxes Super-X,.12ga., 18-rds. .16 ga., 29-loose shot-shells, & a part box .22 LR. Prohib, 12-4, you must own one in this class to purchase! 218-H-1.--- Ser.# SA28690, UZI, mod. A, 9mm Luger cal. 5-shot, s/auto carbine w/410mm bbl. [appears as new in orig. box, w/extra bbl., sling, etc.] FRC#7755452. RI* 218-H-2.--18145, Nagant, , mod. Russian 1895, 7.62 cal. 7-shot rev. w/114mm bbl. [poor] FRC#7755338. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-3.--- Ser.# 46215, Smith & Wesson, mod. .38 D/act., .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [ca. 1880-1884, prod. est. 115,000, poor nickle finish, good rubber grips.] FRC#7755316. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-4.--- Ser.# D1492, Iver Johnson, mod Safety Hammerless, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [poor finish, broken r/grip.] FRC#7755376. HG* 218-H-5.--Ser.# 8337, Garate, mod. Top-break, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/105mm bbl. [poor finish, good grips.] FRC#7755348. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-6.--- Ser.# 35489, EM-GE (Gerstenberger), mod. Valor, .32 S&W Long, 6-shot rev. w/50mm bbl. FRC#7755346. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-7.--- Ser.# 718843, Rohm, mod. RG10, .22 cal. 6-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. FRC#7755344.

22 46 HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-8.--- Ser.# 1450, (7100 under grip), Unknown, (Belgian), mod. British Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/67mm bbl. [poor finish, good grips.] FRC#7755321. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-9.--- Ser.# 572378, Rohm, mod. RG10, .22 cal. 6-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. FRC#7755342. HG* 218-H-10.--- Ser.# 111272, Webley, mod. Mk. IV, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [War finish, good grips, good bore, no lanyard ring.] FRC#7755381. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-11.--- Ser.# B24277, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [traces of nickle finish, good grips.] FRC#7755317. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-12.--- Ser.# 14328, EM-GE (Gerstenberger), mod. Valor, .32 S&W Long, 6-shot rev. w/50mm bbl. FRC#7755339. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-13.--- Ser.# 670, Unknown, (Belg.), mod. British Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. [poor nickle finish, good wooden grips.] FRC#7755337. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-14.--- Ser.# 7042 (under grip) Unknown, mod. Top-Break Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/94mm bbl. [broken grips.] FRC#7755335. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-15.--- Ser.# B6777, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [no finish, good grips.] FRC#7755341. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-16.--- Ser.# 77541, Iver Johnson, mod. Top Break, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/75mm bbl. [broken grips.] FRC#7755347. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-17.--- Ser.# F30895, TAC, (Trocaola Aramxadal, mod. 50, .32/20 cal. 6-shot rev. w/108mm bbl. [poor cond., good wooden grips w/lanyard ring.] FRC#7755343. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-18.--- Ser.# 116, Unknown, (Belg.), mod. Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. [finish poor, act. seems good, w/checkered wooden grips w/initials WDNJ carved in them.] FRC#7755334. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-19.--- Ser.# D8645, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [poor cond., broken grips.] FRC#7755345. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-20.--- Ser.# 11090 , Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer, .22 cal. 7-shot rev. w/76mm bbl.

23 46 [poor cond., broken grips.] FRC#7755377. HG* 218-H-21.--- Ser.# 890552, Smith & Wesson, mod. 10, (M&P), .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [poor, has lanyard ring & wooden grips w/#14 stamped on L/side.] FRC#7755382. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-22.--- Ser.# 804138, Rohm, mod. RG10, .22 cal. 6-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. FRC#7755375. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-23.--- Ser.# 1000, Unknown, mod. Military & Police, .32/20 cal. 6-shot rev. w/110mm bbl. [Note: the bbl. is actually 110mm not 101mm as regd.] FRC#7755322. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-24.--- Ser.# 599, Unknown, mod. Top break Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/86mm bbl. [act. poor, good wooden birdshead checkered grips.] FRC#7755336. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-25.--- Ser.# G280 , Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [flaking nickle, broken R/grip, act. seems okay] FRC#7755315. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-26.--- Ser.# CIB1110, Fabrique d Armes, (Belgium), mod. Top Break Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/89mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#7755439. HG* 218-H-27.--- Ser.# 3957, Dutch Service, mod. 1891, 9.4mm Dutch cal. 6-shot rev. w/109mm bbl. [note! The bbl. length was regd. as 159mm but it is really 109mm, poss. a typo. An interesting old gun w/good grips & lanyard ring.] FRC#7755247. HG*

218-H-28.--- Ser.# 83655A, Browning, mod. 1935 Hi-Power, 9mm cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/117mm bbl. [appears good, some wear to finish, good grips & good bore.] FRC#7755453. HG* 218-H-29.--- Ser.# 1074, Beaumont Adams, mod. Civilian, .442 perc. cal. 5-shot rev. w/149mm bbl. [faded blue, scroll engraving, spurless hammer, fine checkered walnut grips. Presently regd. but should be de-regd.] FRC#7755253. Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-30.--- Ser.# 3984, Unknown, Belgian, mod. Bulldog, .455 Rev. cal. 5-shot rev. w/68mm bbl. [hammer spur filed off, missing trigger guard, has good grips.] FRC#7755383. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-31.--- Ser.# 47677, Diablo, mod. Top Break, Revolver Especial, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/94mm bbl. FRC#7755384. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-32.--- Ser.#238976, Walther, mod. 4, 7.65 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#7755320. HG*

24 46 Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-33.--- Ser.# 19718, EIG, mod. D/act. .22 Short cal, 6-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#7755379. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-34.--- Ser.# 567966, Rohm, mod. RG8, .22 cal. 6-shot rev. w/73mm bbl. FRC#7755380. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-35.--- Ser.# 4322, Unknown, mod. Top Break Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/85mm bbl. FRC#7755436. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-36.--- Ser.#706, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/57mm bbl. FRC#7755441. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-37.--- Ser.# 3382, Oyez Arms Co., mod. Top Break, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/79mm bbl. FRC#7755448. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-38.--- Ser.# 8052, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Top Break Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [act. seems okay.] FRC#7755450. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-39.--- Ser.# B6781, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. [good grips] FRC#7755340. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-40.--- Ser.# QC1B3035, Oyez Arms Co., mod. Top Break Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/89mm bbl. FRC#7755445. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-41.--- Ser.#383, (under grip) Euskaro, mod. Top Break, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/90mm bbl. FRC#7755386. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-42.--- Ser.# 74, Unknown, mod. Bulldog, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/53mm bbl. FRC#7755447. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-43.--- Ser.# 76, Laloux,, mod. Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. FRC#7755444. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-44.--- Ser.# 5476, Unique, Mod. 17, 7.65 cal. 9-shot s/auto pistol w/80mm bbl. [missing clip, this model was made after Germany took over the factory in 1940, note the grips which say "9 Shuss" (9-shots).] FRC# 7755451. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-45.--- Ser.# 14338, Fabrique de Armes, (Belgium), mod. Top Break Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/44mm bbl. [has ring trigger.] FRC#7755387. HG*

25 46 Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-46.--- Ser.#1346, Unknown, mod. Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. [act. seems okay, good checkered wooden birdshead grips.] FRC#7755443. HG* 218-H-47.--- Ser.# 55547, Unknown, (Spanish Eibar), mod. Top Break, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/110mm bbl. FRC#7755446. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-48.--- Ser.# 21154, Fabrique de Armes, (Belgium), mod. Top Break Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/89mm bbl. [nickle finish, good grips, act. needs work] FRC#7755435. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-49.--- Ser.# G20808, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. FRC#7755442. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-50.--- Ser.#46808, Unknown, mod. Military, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/130mm bbl. [appears good, w/checkered wooden grips, & lanyard ring.] FRC#7755197. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-51.--- Ser.# 551789, Orbea Hermanos, mod. Top Break Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/100mm bbl. FRC#7755449. HG* 218-H-52.--- Ser.# 2898, Unknown (Belgian), mod. D/act., .22 cal. 6-shot rev. w/120mm bbl. [poor w/homemade wooden grip.] FRC#7755385. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-53.--- Ser.# 13, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Top Break Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. FRC#7755438. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-54.--- Ser.# 117778, EIG, mod. E1, .22 cal. 6-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. FRC#7755378. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-55.--- Ser.# 8642, Fabrique d Armes, mod. Top Break Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#7755440. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-56.--- Ser.# 1387, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Ring Trigger, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. FRC#7755271. HG* 218-H-57.--- Ser.# 990, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Top Break, .44 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/140mm bbl. [was regd. as a .45 cal., but is a .44.] FRC#7755256. HG* 218-H-58.--- Ser.# 7, Unknown, (Belgian), D/act. Military, .455 cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears good, bag style wooden checkered grips, w/lanyard ring.] FRC#7755269. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-59.--- Ser.# G23449, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. FRC#7755276. HG*

26 46 Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-60.--- Ser.# B6752, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm bbl. FRC#7755312. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-61.--- Ser.# 1062, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Folding Trigger, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. [appears good, w/checkered grips & lanyard ring.] FRC#7755245. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-62.--- Ser.# 211978, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Young America, D/act., .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. [action seems okay, missing grips.] FRC#7755275. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-63.--- Ser.# T30175/Q66692, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/101mm bbl. [action seems okay.] FRC#7755216. HG* 218-H-64.--- Ser.# 34, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Top Break, .45 cal. 6-shot rev. w/140mm bbl. FRC#7755257. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-65.--- Ser.# 41049, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Top Break, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/89mm bbl. [good grips.] FRC#7755274. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-66.--- Ser.# 054521, Iver Johnson, mod. Top Break, Safety Hammerless, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. FRC#7755273. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-67.--- Ser.# 53, Unknown, (Belgian), mod. Hinge Break, .22 cal. 1-shot pistol w/67mm bbl. [appears functional & complete.] FRC#7755258. HG* 218-H-68.--- Ser.# 194, De Beaumont, Maastricht, mod. Military, 11mm cal. 6-shot rev. w/159mm bbl. [presently regd., but should be de-regd.] FRC#7755252. HG* SPECIAL INTEREST ! Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-69.--- Ser.# 201680, Liberator, (Guide Lamp), .45 Auto cal. 1-shot pistol w/101mm bbl. [comes with history of how they were produced for use in WW II. FRC#7755249. HG* 218-H-70.--- Ser.# 2409, Suhl & Son, mod. 1883, 10.6mm cal. 6-shot rev. w/181mm bbl. [presently regd., but should be de-regd.] FRC#7755248. HG* 218-H-71.--- Ser.# AL297, Wilh. Weber, mod Spur Trigger, .22 cal. 1-shot pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears to function okay, has walnut grips.] FRC#7755251. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-72.--- Ser.#46443, Dreyse, mod. 1907, 7.65 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/93mm bbl. [broken grip] FRC#7755270. HG* 218-H-73.--- Ser.# 5348, D.D. Levaux, mod. Top Break, .380 cal. 6-shot rtev. w/127mm bbl. [appears good, w/lanyard ring.] FRC#7755268. HG*

27 46 Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-74.--- Ser.# K20355, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammer, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. FRC#7755277. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-75.--- Ser.# 4315, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Victor, .22 LRcal. 7-shot rev. w/51mm bbl. [good grips.] FRC#7755272. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-76.--- Ser.# 524, Stevens, mod. Tip-up, .22 short cal. 1-shot pistol w.89mm bbl. FRC#7755250. HG* 218-H-77.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 11 ?, Unknown, Belgian, 7mm pinfire cal.,6-shot revolver w/72mm bbl. has folding trigger, poor, inoperable.] NO FAC REQUIRED 218-H-78.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 9353, Unknown, Belgian, .32 pinfire cal., 6-shot rev. w/3 3/8" bbl. [fair nickel finish, good grips, folding trigger, action seems good.] NO FAC REQUIRED 218-H-79.--- Ser.# H7660, Enfield, mod. No. 2, Mk. I*, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [Spurless hammer, indicating "Tank" gun or Commando use.] FRC#7755318. HG* Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68. 218-H-80.--- Ser.# 557, Empire Arms, mod. Top Break, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/57mm bbl. [poor, rusty.] FRC#7755349. HG* Prohibited, full auto, you must be in this class to purchase: 218-H-81.--- Ser. Nil., Sten, Mk.II Longbranch, 9mm cal. clip fed 5-shot full/auto sub-machine gun w/197mm bbl. [dis-assembled clip, & detachable skeleton style stock, has oriental writing?] FRC#________________ Prohib, F/auto 218-H-82.--- Ser.# E29023, Lee-Enfield, (BSA), mod. No.1, Mk. III*, B/act. clip-fed full wood milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [w/bayonet only.] FRC#_________________ 218-H-83.--- Ser.# 22607, Arisaka, mod. Type 38, 6.5 Jap. cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/31.5" bbl. [w/dust cover, still has the Chrysanthemum crest.] FRC#_____________ 218-H-84.--- Ser.# EA36250, Mauser, (Eagle w/spread wings & a Crown), 7.92 cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/600mm bbl. FRC#_________________ 218-H--85.--- Ser.# PB656, Mosin-Nagant, mod. 1891, 7.62x54R cal. b/act. full wood milt. rifle w/29" bbl. [w/spike style bayonet & web sling.] FRC#_______________ 218-H-86.--- Ser.# 12449, Turkish Mauser, mod. 1938, 8mm cal. full wood, b/act. milt. rifle w/29.5" bbl. [w/cleaning rod.] FRC#__________________ 218-H-87.--- Ser.# BA7321, Mannlicher-Carcano, mod. 1891, 6.5 Carc. cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/27" bbl. FRC#______________________ De-Activated: 218-H-88.--- Ser.# 1982, Harrington & Richardson, mod. M-4 Survival Rifle. .22 LR cal. clip-fed

28 46 s/auto rifle w/14" bbl.[Note: bbl. has a hole blown out, safety is welded, clip is poor.] Registration unknown, use for parts. 218-H-89.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 39324, Mauser, mod. 1871, .43 Maus. cal. B/act, s/shot full wood milt. carbine w/20" bbl. [poor.] NO FAC REQUIRED 218-H-90.--- Ser.#6251T, Mannlicher, (Steyr), mod. 1895, 8mm cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/30.5" bbl.[note!: bbl. is milled through between the bbl. band & the top wood., for unknown reason, cond. is poor.] FRC#___________________? 218-H-91.--- Ser.# 14584, Mosin-Nagant, mod. 1891, dated 1900, 7.62x54R cal. full wood B/act. milt rifle w/32" bbl. [appears fair.] FRC#___________________? 218-H-92.--- Ser.# 9111, Turkish Mauser, mod. 1938 Turkish Short Rifle, 8mm Maus. cal. full wood milt. B/act. rifle w/29.5"bbl. [cond. fair.] FRC#____________________? 218-H-93.--- Ser.# 14583B, Ljungmann, mod. 42-B, 6.5x55 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/25.25" bbl. [needs some work.] FRC#___________________? 218-H-94.--- Ser.# CR8409, Mosin-Nagant, mod. 1938, dated 1944, 7.62x54R cal. full wood milt. b/act. rifle w/29" bbl. [fair cond, packed w/grease.] FRC#__________________? 218-H-95.--- Ser.# KG2923, Vetterli-Vitali, Terni, mod. 1870/87/16 Rifle, 6.5x52 Italian cal, full wood B/act. milt. rifle w/860mm bbl. [appears fair.] FRC#__________________? 218-H-96.--- Ser.# 1421F, Mannlicher, (WG), mod. 1895, 8mm cal. B/act. straight-pull, full wood milt. rifle w/29 ½" bbl. [appears fair, good wood.] FRC#______________________? 218-H-97.--- Ser.# 69361, U.S. Rifle, (Win.), mod. 1917, .30/06 Spg. cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/26" bbl. [Lyman peep sight, leather sling, poor.] FRC#___________________? 218-H-98.--- Ser.# Nil., Savage, mod. 340-A, .30/30 Win. cal.c,ip-fed, B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [poor] FRC#________________? 218-H-99.--- Ser.# 851506, U.S. Springfield, mod. 1899, .30/40 Krag cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/22" bbl. [missing trig,guard & swivel, wood wired on.] FRC#________________? 218-H-100.--- Ser.# Nil., Firearms International Corp., (Rossi-Brazil), mod. Trade Musket, .40 perc. cal. musket w/914mm bbl. [modern black-powder.] FRC#__________________? 218-H-101.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Unknown, mod. SxS, .12 ga. Pinfire, Brk/act. shotgun, w/795mm bbl. [Jones under-lever, home-made wood, poor.] NO FAC REQUIRED. 218-H-102.--- Ser.# 20261, Alger Arms, mod. SxS hammer, .16 ga. Brk/act. shotgun w/29.5" bbls. [broken stock & left hammer taped to gun, poor.] FRC#___________________? 218-H-103.--- Ser.# Nil., Mannlicher-Carcano, mod. Sporter, 6.5x52 Italian, B/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [very poor, broken stock, etc.] FRC#__________________________? 218-J-1 Bundle of Approx. Forty "Colt Sanctioned" Posters , Designed by C. W. Malberg, Photographed by Mr. T.Dawson , So Much Per Bundle, May Take Up To Eight Bundles .

29 46 218-J-2 218-J-3 Lyman All American Turret Press ( Red ) w/ .300 Wby Dies and Powder Measure . Bag Lot : Redding Powder Scale - Three Part Cans of Powder - Primers - Part Boxes of Bullets . Large Hard Cover Book , " The Book of Colt Firearms " by Sutherland , # 22 of Limited Deluxe Edition of Only Five Hundred ! Large Hard Cover Book , " The Winchester Book", Signed By Author Mr. George Madis , First Edition . Bag Lot : Four Hard Cover Books : One Hundred Great Guns by Lindsay - John Wood's Important Collection of Winchester Firearms - Guns & Gun Collecting by Oopus - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms by Hogg . Bag Lot : Four Hard Cover Books : The Book of Rifles by Smith - Twenty Two Caliber Varmint Rifles by Landis - 1983 Blue Book of Gun Values - Rifles & Shotguns By Jack O'Connor . Bag Lot : Five Books - The Wildest Game Rhymer & Mannix - Kalaharie by Bjerre Zanzabuku by Cotlow - Big Game Hunts by Jack O"Connor - The Best of Zane Grey Outdoors Man . Bag Lot ; Hard Cover Book " Winchester, An American Legend" By Wilson "Winchester America's Premiere Gun Makers " by Kirkland . Bag Lot : Box "Alta Diamond Jub Comm Ammo .38-55 Cal - Box " Klondike Gold Rush Comm .30-30 * Two Boxes Win " 1994 Limited Edition 250 Rnds Per Box .22 WRF Cal * Two " 1994 .22 WRF " Ammo 50 Rnds Per Box . Bag Lot ; Collector Ammo Including : One Box Dom .38-40 * One Box Dom .300 Sav * One Box Western .38 Spec Super Police ** One Box Western .38 Spec Nickel Plated ** One Box Dom .38 Spec ** 1-Box Peters .38 Spec ** 1-Box Rem Klean Bore .38 Spec. Authentic Winchester Western Wooden "Super X .12 Ga 3 " Box : Four Boxes Win .12 Ga 3" ** One Box Federal .12 Ga Hi Brass - Box Rem .12 Ga Heavy Dove Shot Shells . Antique Wooden Winchester Pale Blue Painted Dove Tailed Ammo Box : One Box .12 Ga Kynoch - One Box .12 Ga Imperial - Approx. 3 Boxes .16 Ga Plus Many Loose .12 & .16 Ga Shot Shells . Bag Lot : Four Boxes Win Super Speed Silver Tip .348 Win Ammo - One Box Winchester Silver Tip .348 Ammo . Bag Lot : Four Boxes Winchester Super Speed .219 Zipper Ammo - Approx ½ Box Remington .219 Zipper Ammo - Sealed Win .297 Zipper Un-Primed Brass - Approx Three Boxes Win .218 Bee Ammo . Bag Lot : Two Boxes Federal .30-06 Ammo - One Box Dom .30-06 Brass - One Box Win Super X .30-06 Ammo - Approx Half Box Rem .30-06 Ammo - Approx 18 Rnds .25-35 Cal Ammo - Box Win .32 Win Special Ammo .














30 46 218-J-17 Bag Lot : Original Paper Box & Cartridges of Snider 1885 .577 Cal Ammo - Box Win Super Speed .22 WRF Ammo - Box of Super Clean .22 WRF Ammo - Approx 13 Rnds .380 Kynoch Ammo - Approx. 3/4 Box of Western .22 Auto Rim Ammo - Box of Win .38 Short Rimfire Ammo - Box Imperial .25-35 Ammo . Box Lot ; Various Ammo , Brass & Reloads Including : .357 Mag - .218 Bee - .219 Zipper - 25 Rnds .45-70 Govt - Shot Shells & Various Other Cartridges & Brass ! Small Vintage Green Metal Ammo Box with Contents : .30-06 Belted Ammo Assorted Loose Military Ammo . Bag Lot : Framed Collection of Six Miniature Models of Colts &Winchester Firearms Small Hard Cover Book, " Kucer Miniatures " . Bag Lot : Antique Brass Knife & Handle - Antique Brass Axe Head . Bag Lot : One Small & One Large Embossed Grey Metal Powder Horn & Shot Flask Antique " Horn" Powder Flask . Bag Lot : Two Small & One Medium Sized Antique Powder Flasks ( one Embossed w/Eagle - One Has Large Leaf - One Has Ribbon Design ) . Bag Lot : Two Medium & One Large Antique Leather Shot Flasks : James Dixon & Sons , Sheffield - No. P40 on One - One has 1 1/4 to 1 ½ Oz Measure Mark . Bag Lot ; Large Brass " Batty" U.S. Marked Powder Flask with Embossed Eagle over Pair of "Hand Shake" Dated 1847 - Antique Brass U.S. Marked Compass . Bag Lot : Two Antique Cast Iron Axe Heads . Bag Lot : Small Antique Toy " Scout Made in Canada" Semi Auto ( Dug up ? ) - Small Antique Leather Holster with three large metal studs - Antique EIG Model 1900 Starter Pistol ( Made in Italy ) - Miniature Model " Cannon" Lighter - Vintage Metal " Spur Shaped " Ashtray with Faint Markings " Dalton Gang Rider " . Bag Lot : Antique " National" Brass Cylinder Shaped Lighter - Two Antique Bullet Lighters " Ultima " " Kaschie" - Vintage Chrome " IMCO Triplex " Chrome Lighter Brass Bullet Mold - Winchester Flashlight - 0NE .45 - 90 & .45 -70 Cartridges Unusual " Valnni" ? Cartridge , Looks like bullet ? Antique Nazi Marked Dagger , Solingen, Germany , Etched on blade, Ulles Fur Deutschland " , with Eagle & Swastika on handle, NO Scabbard. Antique Small Chrome " Korium " Forged Solingen Steel , Made in Germany, with "Claw & Ball Hilt , w/leather sheath Stamped " Made in Germany" . Bag Lot ; Clip on sling - Browning Marked Heavy Leather Belt & Holster - Approx Seven Master Trigger Locks w/keys . Vintage Wooden Box with " Estwing" Marked Hatchet and leather sheath. Bag Lot ; Bonanza .220 Swift Two Die Set - CH .30-06 Two Die Set - .218 Bee Four




218-J-21 218-J-22




218-J-26 218-J-27





218-J-32 218-J-33

31 46 Die Set in RCBS Box - Shell Holders - Hodgdon's Reloading Manual , Patches , etc ! 218-J-34 Bag Lot : "Case" Folding Knife w/leather sheath - Ultrabred Folding Knife w/leather sheath - Pocket Hone w/leather sheath - Two Vintage "Barlow " Folding Pocket Knives - Vintage USA Marked Pocket Knife - Vintage Ka-Bar Pocket Knife - Advert Sherritt " Pocket Knife . Bag Lot : One Box Alta Diamond Jub Comm Ammo .38-55 - One Box Win .338 Ammo - Box Five Rnds Plus Brass .220 Swift - 8 Boxes Win .22 Hollow Point Ammo - Approx Two Boxes .218 Bee Ammo - One Box Dom .38 Spec Ammo - One Box 10 Rnds Kynoch .405 Ammo . Bag Lot ; 1-Two Piece Box Win .45-70 / 405 Govt Ammo - Approx Half Box CIL .25-20 Ammo - Five Rnds .25-35 Ammo - One Box Win .22 LR Ammo - Assorted Primers - One Box .45-70 New Un-Primed Brass - One Box .270 Reloads - Partial Tang Sight . Bag Lot ; .219 Dies - Various Ammo , Bullets , Brass Including .45-90 - Assorted Gun Brackets - Felt - Hand Tooled Small Leather Holster & Belt , Etc. Wilf Malmberg ; "Woods" Canvas Back Pack w/Contents : .22 Clean Rod - .30 Cal Cleaning Kit - .12 Ga Cleaning Rod - U.S. Marked Heavy Canvas Milt Rifle Case . Box Lot : Wilf's Black Rubber Rain Slicker - Brown Leather & Corduroy Vest - Green Toned " Dobb's ½" Man's Hat from McDowel's Calgary - Extra Large Jacaru Australian Suede Leather Gent's Hat - Gent's Stetson Cream Toned Hat "Stockman's" The Buckaroo By Stetson . Bag Lot : Three Boxes Factory .300 Wby Ammo - Plus Approx 37 Rnds .300 Wby Mag Reloads . AB JIM $ 150 Plus Bag Lot : New Leather Sling w/quick off swivels - One Used Sling w/quick off swivels New Sling No Swivels - Three New Trigger Locks in packages - Lyman Reloading Manual - Assorted Paper Targets - Mill Run Cleaning Rod . Bag Lot ; Approx Six Antique Brass Casings ( 3 are .44 Henry or 66 Rimfire , 1 is .52 Spencer - 1 is .45-70 - 1 is .32 WRF ) with Description That Was Sent to Mr.Wilf Malmberg, Stating that the shell casings were found in the 1950's on a farm near Chateau Mt. There appear to have been an encampment around the late 1800's , and maybe from Soldiers from Fort Shaw , Sent by Mr. Tyle George. - Also North West Mounted Police .44-40 Cal Cartridge Box End Or Side ( Wooden ) w/ One Wired Round of .44-40 Cartridge . "Alex Coppel , Solingen Marked German Sword Bayonet w/Scabbard & Frog. Large Antique Machete with Faint USA ? Marking . Box Lot ; Two Rifle Cases - Antique "Hame & Horse Shoe" Ash Tray Stand - Two Antique Hames . Box Lot : Winchester US Bi-Centennial Commemorative Calendar - Winchester Buffalo Bill 1977 Calendar - Winchester 1972 Calendar - Two Posters " Winchester Museum & Cody Firearms Museums .






218-J-40 218-J-41


218-J-43 218-J-44 218-J-45


32 46 218-J-47 Box Lot of : Winchester 1978 Calendar - Two Gevelot Advert Posters - Two RCMP Centennial Posters & Small Booklet - Irman Buffalo Bill's Hotel Newspaper - Unframed Wild Life Print - Photo of Australian Gun Museum- Winchester Repro Metal Sign 1960 Family Herald Paper w/ Kurt's Dad, Dewie Browning on Front Page . Bundle of Four Winchester "Salutes The RCMP Comm" Posters - Three " Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump " Posters - Vintage Winchester Banner " HeadQuarters for Winchester Rifles & Shotgun" . Lot of Two Boxes of Firearms Books & Magazines ,For the Collector ! Lot of Two Bags : Original July 12 , 1949 Official Souvenir Stampede Program with with hand written times of the Chuck Wagon Races - Trench Art Ash Tray WWII From 40 MM Shell Casing - Reprint of Henderson `s North West Brand Book 1894 Vintage Framed Photo of Two Hunters w/ Bear complete with letter of the tale Vintage Picture of Bear, Hunter & Dogs ! Antique Swedish Naval Bayonet w/steel scabbard . Bag Lot : Hard Cover Book " The Gun and It's Development Ninth Edition " - Gun Digest 2002 - CIL 25 Yard Practice Targets - Small Solingen German Hunting Knife w/leather sheath . Box Lot : New Sealed Set of Wine Colored Front Seat Cover For Pick Up Truck - Metal Rifle Rack - Three Game Calls - Bag : One Box .12 Ga Shot Shells - Two Boxes .12 Ga Rifle Slugs - Approx 19 Rnds .303 Ammo - Blue Denim Gun Case - Leather .12 Shot Shell Belt . Box Lot : Seven Rubber Recoil Pads - Ctg Pouch - Leather Belt Ctg Holder - 2 Scope Sight Covers - Old Leather Sling ( Mod 70 or 71 Winch) - Box of Paper Pistol Targets - Clay Pigeon Chucker. Box Lot : Three Boxes .12 Shot Shells - 1 Box .16 Ga Churchill - 1 Box 15 Rnds .12 Ga Slugs - 1 Box .10 Rnds .12 Ga 3 ½" # 4 Shot - 4 Full Boxes .12 Ga Shot Shells ( Browning & Rem , etc .) Box Lot ; New Riley McCormick Stetson Hat and Very Good Cowboy Leather Belt . Box Lot : New Master Craft Miter Saw - Old Gun Smith Dies in Wooden Box - Set of Numbered Stamps - .450 Alaskan Sizer . Bundle of Two New Large & Small Meat Saws . Large Set of Texas Longhorns mounted on board . Bag Lot : Antique Angora Chaps . Bag Lot : Mountie Gloves - RCMP Winter Hat . Antique Buffalo Coat with wooden toggle buttons .


218-J-49 218-J-50

218-J-51 218-J-52




218-J-56 218-J-57

218-J-58 218-J-59 218-J-60 218-J-61 218-J-62

33 46 218-J-63 218-J-64 218-J-65 218-J-66 218-J-67 Mounted " Trophy" Antelope Head , Wildlife Sale Permit Tag # 1341 . Old White Tail Mounted Head , Wild Life Sale Permit Tag # 1340 . Mule Deer Mounted Head , Wild Life Sale Permit Tag , # 1339 . Lot of Two Moose Antlers , Wild Life Sale Permit Tag # 1342 , # 1343 . Bag Lot : Antique Binoculars w/case - Two Leather Black Powder Fringed Possible Bags - Leather Hunting Knife Sheath ONLY - Aluminum Canteen w/canvas case - Hand Grenade Dummy . Bag Lot : Antique Sports Lore Call Kit ? w/original box & stamps ! -35 Rnds .25 Auto Ammo - Small Bag .357 Mag Ammo - Bag Milt Brass , etc. Bag Lot ; Browning Basket Weave Leather Holster - Bushnell Sportview 3 x 9 x 32 Scope in box - Pouch Belt of .308 Ball Ammo in Clips ( Military ) - Box Misc Ammo Winchester Butt Plates - Side Mounted .22 Scope Base - etc. Antique Winchester .38 WCF Loading Tool , Retail $ 150.00 Loading Tool , Retail $ 150.00



218-J-70 218-J-71 218-J-72 218-J-73

Antique Winchester .25-20 WCF Antique Winchester .32 WCF

Loading Tool , Retail $ 150.00

Antique Unknown .45 -60 Loading Tool , Patent Sept 14, 1880 - Has Spoon Like Cast Handles , Retail $500.00 Antique Unknown .45 - 75 Cal Handles, Retail Was $ 500.00 Loading Tool - Pat. Sept 14, 1880 - Has Spoon Like



Antique Winchester .40 - 65 Cal Loading Tool - Screw In Style Handle that has " Keep the Die Clean" stamped on - Retail $ 350.00 Antique Winchester .45 Govt Cal Bullet Mold , Retail $ 150.00 Antique Winchester .38 WCF Bullet Mold , Retail $ 150.00 Antique Winchester .40-82 Bullet Mold, Marked JAS on Handles - Retail $ 150.00 Antique Winchester .45 Govt Bullet Mold . Antique Winchester .45-90 Bullet Mold . Antique Bullet Mold with Two Cavity , One Cartridge & One Ball w/ wooden handles Caliber .30 ?? Retail $ 200.00 Antique Unknown .50 Govt Cal Bullet Mold - With Metal Handles . Antique Winchester .25-35 Cal Loading Die - Pat Feb 13, 1894 .

218-J-76 218-J-77 218-J-78 218-J-79 218-J-80 218-J-81

218-J-82 218-J-83 218-J-84

Antique Winchester .38-55 Cal Loading Die - Pat Feb 13, 1894 .

34 46 218-J-85 218-J-86 218-J-87 218-J-88 Antique Winchester .50 Govt Cal Loading Die - Pat Feb 13, 1894. Antique Winchester .45 Govt Cal Loading Die - Pat Feb 13, 1894. Antique Winchester .44 WCF Loading Tool , w/ Antique Winchester Cardboard Box . Springfield Armory .45 ACP Model 1911 A1 , Barrel , Slide w/Muzzle Break , Appears As New , FAC Required, but No Registration . Winchester Super X Ammo Plastic Illuminated Sign , Showing Cartridge & Shot Shell . Bag Lot : .30 MM Scope Mount & Rings w/rail - Appears Excellent - Retail $ 200.00 Composite thumb hole pistol grip stock for rem. mod. 700 long action . Grey composite H-S Precision pistol grip stock Win. black composite pistol grip stock Black composite pistol grip stock for SKS ? Rare hard to find Colt SAA (ca 1878) 1 pcs ivory grips -gun show sticker price $1500 218-J-96 218-J-97 218-J-98 218-J-99 218-J-100 Winchester 44wcf bullet mold Winchester 38-55 bullet mold Winchester 32wcf bullet mold Mosin-Nagant sniper scope w/side mnt, leather caps,& canvas cover World champion C-more Railway Red DotSight w/orig plastic case ,tools,& booklet retail$500.00 Box Lot ; Dillon Precision RL55 B Reloading Machine , with four complete , quick change setups to change from .44 Mag to .357 Mag, to .38 Spec, or .223 Rifle . Also with cover and Instructional Video , Extra primer pickup tubes ( Large & Small ) , Brass primer flip tray , low powder warning buzzer and many extra parts - Plus Lee Shell Holder , etc !! Dillon Precision CV500 Cartridge Case Tumbler . Cage & Tumbler for Separating cases and cleaning media - Box of Corncob Case Polishing Media. Shooting Crony : For Determining Muzzle Velocity . Bag Lot : Set .9 MM Lee Dies - Lee .380 ACP Dies - Lee Rifle Charging Die . Bag Lot : Hornady Case Lube Pad & Tray - RCBS Posi Primer Hand Primer - Lee Manual Reloader - Lee Safety Powder Scale .

218-J-89 218-J-90 218-J-91 218-J-92 218-J-93 218-J-94 218-J-95


218-K-2 218-K-3

218-K-4 218-K-5 218-K-6

35 46 218-K-7 Bag Lot ; Sierra Hand Gun Reloading Manual - New Box Small Pistol Primers 1000 New Box Small Rifle Primers 1000 - Lyman Bullet Extractor - RCBS Case Slick Cleaning Brushes - Case Reamer - New Box BRA Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers Box Lot : Six ( 250 Rnds ) Brass .38 Spec P-Neck Once Fired - Eight ( 250 Rnd ) .38 Spec Brass Once Fired . Box Lot : Two Casegard 38/357 Cases - Two Casegard 9mm /380 ACP Cases Assorted Bullets : 2 ( 40 ) Boxes of .243 Win - 36 Unfired .44 Mag Brass - Med Size Bag of Primed .357 Mag Rem Cases - Two Unopened Bag of .44 Mag & .38/357 Mag Rubber Bullets - Full Box Hornady .22 Cal Match Bullets - Part Box .38 Cal 125 Gr SWC - Part Box .38 Cal 158 Gr SWC , etc. RCBS Rock Chucker II Press , with Primer Feed Tray & Lube Pad . Bag Lot : Sport King Hunting Knife w/leather sheath - 100 Olympia Hunting Knife w/leather sheath . Bag Lot : Leupold Bases & Rings for Browning - Leupold Bases & Rings For Savage Bolt Action . Bag Lot : Lyman 7 MM-08 Rem Two Die Set - RCBS .22 Hornet FL Die Set - RF Wells Savage .250-3000 Dies - Approx 80 New 7 MM /08 Peters Brass . Bushnell Broad View MonOcutial .38 Field w/case . Bag Lot ; Approx Eight Boxes .9 MM Reloads to be Sold As Brass . Bag Lot ; Tray of Approx. 311 Rnds . 9MM Reloads to Be Sold As Brass. Black Hard Cover " Doskosport" Rifle Case . Bushnell Sport View Scope 4-12 x 40 with Adjustable Objective . Bushnell Banner 4 X Scope . Bag Lot : 4 ½ Boxes .8 MM x 57 Ammo & 1 ½ Boxes of Brass . Bag Lot ; 2 Boxes .45 Auto Ammo - 25 Rnds .38 Spec Ammo in Box - Four Ammo Cases . Bag Lot ; RCBS Reloading Dies .8 MM x 57 - Web Ammo Belt - Leather Holster .



218-K-10 218-K-11



218-K-14 218-K-15 218-K-16 218-K-17 218-K-18 218- K-19 218-K-20 218-K-21


218-K-23.--- Box lot: 1-box older C-I-L, Imp. .16 ga. 2 3/4" mag. shot-shells, 8-boxes modern C-I-L .16 ga. shot-shells. 218-K-24.--- Bag lot: 56-rnds. C-I-L, Super-Clean ammo, 20-rnds. .303 Milt. ammo, & shot-shell box full of .303 Milt. ammo. 218-K-25.--- Bag lot: 1-box Super-Clean .45 Colt ammo, part box. .45 brass, 2-boxes navy Arms .32 Long RF ammo, part box Dom. .32 Auto, 1-Kynoch .28 ga. shot-shell, some Parker Hale

36 46 caps, balls, lube, & old holster. 218-K-26.--- Lot of 3- Hard plastic foam-lined gun cases, (1-Doskocil & 2-Gun-gard.) 218-K-27.--- Lot, bundle of 10-soft vinyl gun socks. 218-K-28.--- Lot, bundle of 10-soft vinyl gun socks. 218-K-29.--- Lot, bundle of 10-soft vinyl gun socks. 218-K-30.--- Lot, bundle of 10-soft vinyl gun socks. 218-K-31.--- Lot, bundle of 10-soft vinyl gun socks. 218-K-32.--- Lot, bundle of 8-soft vinyl gun socks. 218-K-33.--- Lot of 2-long bows: 1 is "The Archer's Company, Pinehurst N.C., & older oak ?, bow un-named. 218-K-34.--- Lot of 2-long bows: 1 is "L.E. Stemmler Co., Queens, NY", & older oak ? long bow un-named + 4-older wooden shotgun cleaning rods. 218-K-35.--- Bag lot: Approx. 2-boxes Apollo .12 ga. shells, 1-box Redline .12 ga., 1-old box Federal Hi-power shells, 1-box Rem. Express Keen-bore .12 ga., & a some loose .12 & .20 ga.

218-K-36.--- Leather case containing: 1-brick Amer. Eagle .22 LR, approx. 10-boxes .22 ammo, UMC, caps, Eley Bros. caps, & approx. 25-rnds. 9mm shot-shells. 218-K-37.--- Lot: 3-boxes piano rolls for player piano, approx. 68-rolls in all. 218-K-38.--- Marstar, 4x16x50, Luminated Radical, scope w/adjust. objective, & sun-shade. 218-K-39.--- Bushnell, Elite-3200, 10x40 scope w/box. 218-K-40.--- F.N. Sports, camo, rifle case. 218-K-41 Impact Bullet "Super Sniper " Mildot 16 Power X 42 MM , with 10 Meter - 500 Meter Adjustment . Gun Show Price was $ 625.00 ZRAK Bosnia & Herzegovina Scope with Unusual Mount & Rings .

218-K-42 218-K-43 218-K-44 218-K-45

Swarovski Model Z FM

6 x 42 Scope with Rings & Butler Caps - Retail $ 1000.00 +

Balvar Style Rifle Scope with leather Scope Case - Retail Value $ 500.00 Karl Zeiss Jena , Model ZF6/S with Scope base rail that fits early Bruno .22 . Retail $ 400 - $ 600.00 Early German Manf Russian 4 x 81 MM Claw Mounted Scope , Retail $ 500.00 Scope Water Proofed - Appears As

218-K-46 218-K-47

( Made in Belarus ) 6 x 40 M6

37 46 New , with manual in vinyl case . 218-K-48 Bausch & Lomb 15 - 45 Spotting Scope - with heavy protective coating - with black canvas case . Leupold Vari X III , 2.5 - 8 Power Scope , with Weaver rings , Retail $ 600.00 Leupold M7 4 X Scope , Retail $ 225.00 Kahles Wein Helia- Super Plus Scope w/plastic caps , Retail $ 200.00 Leupold Vari X II 2 - 7 X 33 Scope , Retail $ 250.00 Unknown 6 x 42 Scope with rubber protection & caps , Retail $ 500.00 Leupold Vari X III 2.5 x 8 Power Scope w/Butler caps & Weaver Rings , Retail $ 575.00 Unknown 6 x 42 Scope w/ split rubber protection , Retail $ 550.00 Swarovski Habichti 6 x 42 Nova Scope , with deluxe rings & Butler Creek Caps , Retail $ 1000.00 Leupold M8 6 x 42 Scope w/ Butler Creek caps & Deluxe rings, Appears Excellent , Retail $ 380.00 Weaver KV Scope , with Weaver Rings , Retail $ 225.00 B.Nikel Supra German 4 x 81 MM Scope , Retail $ 200.00 Pecar 3 - 7 X Scope w/Weaver rings , Retail $ 200.00 Kahles Wien Model Helia 15 S 2 , 1.5 - 4.5 Power Scope , Retail $ 500.00 Pecar Germany , 4 x 81 Power Scope , Chipped top adjustment cover , Retail $ 200.00 Haweka German 2.5 x 52 Scope w/rings , Retail $ 200.00 Weaver K 4 , 60- B El Paso Scope with rings & caps , Retail $ 100.00 Optikotechna 4 X World War II German Scope with Unusual Quick off Rings, Retail $ 1,500.00 Weaver K3 , 60 B Scope with Rings & Mounts , Retail $ 225.00 Armsport 3 x 9 x 32 Scope with caps , Retail $ 100.00 Weaver K-4 El Paso Scope , Retail $ 100.00 Bushnell Scope Chief 4X Scope , Retail $ 50.00 Ross Bayonet w/ Scabbard , C Broad Arrow Mark , Retail $ 250.00

218-K-49 218-K-50 218-K-51 218-K-52 218-K-53 218-K-54

218-K-55 218-K-56


218-K-58 218-K-59 218-K-60 218-K-61 218-K-62 218-K-63 218-K-64 218-K-65

218-K-66 218-K-67 218-K-68 218-K-69 218-K-70

38 46 218-K-71 Lee Enfield No 1 Mark III Bayonet w/ metal & leather scabbard - Bayonet Marked Wilkinson 1907 , Scabbard Marked Cliff Walsall 1942 , Retail $ 125.00 1907 Lee Enfield No 1 Mark III Bayonet , Dated 1907 - w/ Un-Marked Scabbard , Retail $ 125.00 Enfield Mark I Rifle /Bayonet ONLY - Retail $ 150.00 Mauser Style Bayonet with metal scabbard . VCS Suhl Marked Bayonet Only - No Scabbard - Retail $ 250.00 Russian Manf Scope with ring & unknown metal accessory ? w/ Paper Work in a Canvas Pouch, Retail $ 200.00 Bag Lot : Tex Shoemaker 71 K 5 Heavy Leather Break -a -Way Holster - Bucheimer Model B10 45 Heavy Leather Semi Shoulder Break a Way Holster - Bianchi No 99M 38 /357 Mag Heavy Leather Holster . Safari Land Colt Comp Score Mount Five Holster with Five Mag Holders , On a Black Nylon Belt . Bag Lot : Bob Mernickles Custom Shoulder Holster w/ Two Mag Pouches - Bianchi Ranger Series Size No 2 Shoulder Holster ( Nylon ) - Unknown Nylon Holster w/Belt . Antique Un-Marked Military Style Sword , with black hand grip. Bag Lot ; Hard Cover Book , " The Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver , Signed by The Author Kopec , Retail $ 100.00 Bag Lot : Two Hard Cover Books , "The Story of The Merwin & Hulbert Company Firearms " Signed by Author Art Phelps - " The Webley Story " By Dowel , Limited Edition Reprint # 0018 . Bag Lot ; Two Hard Cover Books : " The Colt Burgess Magazine Rifle " by Maxwell ,Collector's Edition 1 of 1000 - " Packing Iron , Gun Leather of the Frontier West " by Zon . Bag Lot : Two Hard Cover Books : " The Story of Merwin & Hulbert Company Firearms by Art Phelps - " Handguns of the World " by Ezell . Bag Lot : Three Hard Cover Books : " The German Sniper , 1914 - 45 " by Senich - " Sniper Variations of the German K 98K Rifle " by Richard D Law - " Military Bolt Action Rifles , 1841- 1918 " by Webster . Hard Cover Book, " The Book of Colt Firearms " by R. L Wilson . Retail $ 200.00 Bag Lot : Two Hard Cover Books : " Colt Cavalry & Artillery Revolvers With Custer's 7 TH Colts " by Kopec & Fenn - " Arms & Accoutrements " Signed by The Authors Roger Philips & Don Klancher . Bag Lot ; One Hard Cover Book & Two Soft Cover Books : " The Gunfighters ,


218-K-73 218-K-74 218-K-75 218-K-76



218-K-79 218-K-80 218-K-81





218-K-86 218-K-87


39 46 Accounts & Eye Witnesses , and the Gun Fighters Themselves " by James D Horan - " Guns of the Wild West 1849-1917 " by Markham - " Civil War Collector's War Price Guide, The Expanded Eight Edition " . 218-K-89 Bag Lot : Hard Cover & Two Soft Cover Books : " Small Arms of the World, 12 Th Edition " W.H. B Smith's Small Arms Bible , Revised by Ezell - " 24 th Edition Blue Book Gun Values " - " The Overstreet Indian Arrow Heads Identification & Price Guide . Bag Lot : Five Soft Cover Books : " The 45 - 70 Springfield " - " The German MP 40" " British Enfield Rifles Vol II " - " The M 1903 Springfield Rifle" - " The Moisin Nagant Rifle" . Bag Lot : Six Soft Cover Books : " The Winchester Lever Action Repeating Rifles Vol One Models 1866 , 1873, 1876 " & Vol II Winchesters 1886 & 1892" - " U.S. Winchester Trench & Riot Guns" - " Antique Guns Collector's Guide" - " American .22 Rimfire Boxes by Buttweiler " - " Early Loading Tools & Bullet Molds" by Chamberlin . Leupold Vari X II c 3x 9 x 50 MM Scope with Weaver Rings & Original Box , Appears Excellent , Retail $ 400.00 Original " Puma Bowie" Knife w/leather sheath - Appears Excellent , Retail $ 200.00 "Katz Tanto " Model XT80 Chandler USA Hunting Knife w/black nylon sheath , Retail $ 500.00 "Katz Skinner" Chandler Arizona Knife , Model XT80 , with black nylon sheath, Retail $ 400.00 Puma "Buddy" Model 6383 Hunting Knife w/leather sheath , with non -original Puma Box , Retail $ 200.00 Puma White Hunter Hunting Knife w/leather sheath. Retail $ 200.00 Plus Williams Rodgers Cut My Way , Sheffield England Dagger /w Stacked Leather Handle & Leather sheath. " Nicht Rostend " Hunting Knife w/stag handle & Leather & Pewter Sheath , Retail $ 200.00 "Puma Model 944" Folding Multi Blade Pocket Knife w/leather sheath , with Puma Box . Leupold Gilm-RE Red Dot Sight , in Original Box w/manual. "Katz Boy's " Knife , with black nylon sheath , Retail $ 500.00 HK 94 Collapsible Stock with leather sling . HK 93 Collapsible Stock w/leather sling . Colt 3 x 20 Scope for AR 15 ? "Ken Lock 2000 GLB " Retail $ 300.00




218-K-93 218-K-94 218-K-95


218-K-97 218-K-98


218-K-100 218-K-101 218-K-102 218-K-103 218-K-104 218-K-105 218-L-1

Tri Pod Stand .

40 46 218-L-2 218-L-3 218-L-4 218-L-5 218-L-6 218-L-7 Davidson Optronics Model D Star Tri Pod Stand . RCBS "Rock Chucker" Press with manual , tray and accessories. Bag Lot ; Lee Loading Press ( Red ) . Hornady Case Tumbler Model M 3, 2-Gallon Capacity , Appears as new in original box. Hornady Case Tumbler ( Red ) . Bag Lot ; RCBS Model 505 Reloading Scale w/box - RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure w/box - RCBS Powder Measure Stand . Bag Lot : Redding Powder & Bullet Scale w/box - Lyman Powder Measure w/stand . Bag Lot : RCBS Primer - RCBS APS Strip Loader w/box . Bag Lot : Lyman 450 Press - Forester Case Trimmer w/access - Sizing Dies , Wrench , Etc . Bag Lot : Hornady Custom Grade .7 MM Rem Mag Two Die Set - Redding .7 MM /08 Two Die Set . Bag Lot : Two Sets of RCBS Dies : .7 MM Rem Mag - .30-08 Win - RCBS UPM Mic Adjustment Screw Set . Beta Model Shooting Chrony w/original box . RCBS Rock Chucker II Press with some access in Rock Chucker Combo Box . Bag Lot : Redding Model BR 30 Competition Powder Measure w/box ( appears very good ) - Forester Precision Case Trimmer w/box ( appears as new ) . Beta Chronograph Shooting Crony in original box. Ohaus 10-10 Precision Loading Scale in orig box . Bag Lot : Hornady Custom Grade .25-06 Cal Dies - RCBS .25-06 Dies - RCBS .25-06 Neck Sizing Die Only. Bag Lot : RCBS .6 MM Rem Dies - RCBS .243 Two Die Set - RCBS .7 MM Rem Mag Die Set . Bag Lot : RCBS .45 Auto Carbide TC Three Die Set - RCBS Bullet Puller w/O- Cooet - Red & Green Lee Shell Holders ( 2 ) . Bag Lot : Two Forester Case Trimmers - Three Boxes of Bullets ; .30 Cal & .7 MM . Bag Lot : Cleaning Brushes & Patches - Deluxe Hand Gun Cleaning Rod - Assorted Misc Cleaning Rods , Etc.

218-L-8 218-L-9 218-L-10



218-L-13 218-L-14 218-L-15

218-L-16 218-L-17 218-L-18



218-L-21 218-L-22

41 46 218-L-23 Bag Lot : Green Foam Lined Hard Plastic Pistol Case - Assortment of Cleaning Patches ( 5 Bags ) - RCBS Lube Pad - RCBS Primer Tray - Funnel - Two Cleaning Rods . Bag Lot : Lee Perfect Powder Measure - Sinclair Bullet Comparer - Two Cans of Die Wax - Funnel . Bag Lot : Four Various Game Calls - Two Sets of Shooter's Ear Protectors - Bundle of " Dentist's " Picks - Webb Ammo Belt . Bag Lot : Three Zippered Pistol Cases : Browning - Kolpin - Levy's . Bag Lot : Weatherby Leather Sling w/quick off swivels - Small Leather "Hunter Sure Fit" Holster - Uncle Mike's Side Kick Nylon Holster . Box Lot : Three Leather " Shooting Rests" - Soft Scoped " Browning" Rifle Case Levy's Scoped Rifle Case ( Black ) . Bag Lot : Three Boxes .38 Cal Bullets - Three Boxes .45 Cal Bullets ( Hornady ) - Two Boxes .357 Mag New Brass . Box Lot : Eight Empty Plastic Cases ( some are Case Guard ) - One Box New .6 MM Rem Brass - Bag of .357 Brass - Bag of .243 Win Brass - Bag .38 Spec Brass . Bag Lot : Various Bases , Rings , Sights - Swivels , etc . - Two Parts for Reloading Press . Bag Lot of Books : Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual - Hodgson Data Manual - Modern Practical Ballistics . Bag Lot of Books : Sierra Rifle Reloading Manual - Every Day Ballistics - Hatcher's Note Book . Bag Lot of Books : Hornady Reloading Manual - Speer Reloading Manual - The Accurate Rifle - The Ultimate in Rifle Precision . Bag Lot : The Bolt Action Vol One - Lyman Reloading Hand Book - Bench Rest Actions & Triggers - Canadian Firearms Safety - Shooting Magazine - The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide - Lee Data Manual . Oak Twelve Place Gun Cabinet , with two glass doors, & storage below. Solingen Hunting Knife Original Bowie with Leather Sheath . Solingen Hunting Knife w/folding accessories & leather sheath. Pirate Style Sword w/leather sheath in original box. Tasco E20 15-45 X 50 MM Spotting Scope w/tripod & Image Case . Heavy Leather Belt & Holster . Lot : Hornady Delta Rifle Rest , Hoppes Pistol Rest - Bundle of Targets .



218-L-26 218-L-27




218-L-31 218-L-32




218-L-36 218-L-37 218-L-38 218-L-39 218-L-40 218-L-41 218-L-42

42 46 218-L-43 Lot : Dillon RL 450 Jr. Progressive Reloader : .44 Mag , . 45 ACP & .357 Mag /.38 Spec Dies - w/ extra Box Including Multi Wrench , Dillon Primer Tray , Cover , . ( As New in Box ) - Bottle Dillon Rapid Polish . Dillon CV500 Case Tumbler ( As New in Box ). Dillon Powder Scale ( As New in Box ) . Bag Lot : Lyman Case Trimmer ( As New in Box ) - Lee Powder Measure Kit . Box Lot ; One Bag .440 Lead Balls - One Bag .45l Lead Balls - 8 Boxes .440 Lead Balls - 2 Boxes .451 Lead Balls Box Lot : Sling Shot , Antique RCMP Tape Measure - Crow Call - Duck Call - 12 Crosman C02 Powerlets - 3 Packages of .177 Cal Pellets - 4 Crosman Pistol Speed Loaders w/case . Bag Lot : 2 ( .22 Cal Ammo) Belts - One .12 Ga Ammo Belt - Two Web Belts Canvas Ammo Belt . Bag Lot : Canvas Carry Bag - Uncle Mike's Side Kick Shoulder Holster - Leather Black Powder Supplies Bag - Ram Rod For Black Powder Rifle. Box Lot : Pistol Smithing - Reloading Hand Books - Gun Parts - Gun Smithing Digest , etc. Bag Lot : Four Boxes .44 Mag Brass - Bag Lot of .44 Mag Brass . Bag Lot : Five Boxes of .357 Mag Brass - 2 & Part Boxes of .38 Spec Brass - One Bag .38 Spec Brass - One Bag .38 Spec & Part Bag . Bag Lot : 3 & Two Part Boxes .12 Ga Shotgun Shells . Bag Lot : Five & Part Box of .38 Spec Ammo - One & Part Box of .38 Spec Ammo Bag Lot of .38 Spec Ammo . Bag Lot ; Three Boxes of .45 Cal ACP Ammo . Bag Lot : 14 Rnds .270 Cal Ammo - Bag Lot .270 Cal Brass - Two Bags .223 Cal Brass - Paper Envelope w/shooting targets. Bundle Lot : Shakespeare Fishing Rod & Reel - Heddon Spinning Reel - Tube Case for Fishing Rods - Plastic Bait Box . Box Lot : Crosman .357 C02 Pistol w/trap . Bag Lot : RCBS Jr II Loading Press w/ tray . Bag Lot : Lyman Pro Series Reloading Scale - Rifle Bi-Pod . Box Lot : Three 1960's Fish & Game China Wall Plates - Stag Gun Cleaning Kit Sportsman Gun Cleaning Kit - Outer's Shotgun Cleaning Kit - Two Hand Held Trap Throwers ( One in Box ) .

218-L-44 218-L-45 218-L-46 218-L-47



218-L-50 218-L-51

218-L-52 218-L-53

218-L-54 218-L-55

218-L-56 218-L-57


218-L-59 218-L-60 218-L-61 218-L-62

43 46 218-L-63 Bag Lot : Lever Arms Leather Holster - Kessel Ring Gun Shop 6 " Python Holster Filleting Knife w/plastic sheath . Bag Lot : Pocket Rocket Folding Sling Shot in Box - Outer's Stock Finishing Kit - Gun Stock Oil - Case Lube - Assorted Patches - Gun Stock Wax - Lee Loader .222 Checkering Tool - Five Trigger Locks w/keys. Bag Lot : One Colt Perc Revolver Belt Buckle - One Derringer Belt Buckle - One Crosman Belt Buckle - Three Starter Pistols : Flobert, PIC Model 1962 - EMGE German . Bag Lot : Various .22 Ammo - Box of .12 Ga Eatonia Shot Shells - Few Rounds of Shot Shells in Imperial Box . Bag Lot : Gamo Precision Air Gun Targets - Two Bags of Various Pellets - Co2 Cylinders , etc. Bag Lot : Three Part Boxes .303 Cal Ammo - Bag Lot : Various .303 Ammo & Brass Bag of Assorted Shells Including .44 WCF , 45-70 - .45-75 , 40 -90 , 50 -70 , 50/110 Express, and others listed on paper inside bag - One Lb .4198 Powder . Box Lot : Bag of Paper Targets - Canvas Gun Case - Few Rounds of .6 MM Ammo Misc in Red Bag - Assorted Manuals etc, in Olympic Gun Box - Bushnell Scope Chief 2.5 - 8 X Scope . Bag Lot of Books : Third Edition Flayderman's - Take Down & RE-Assembly Guide Gun Steel & Gun Leather - The Accurate Rifle . Bag Lot of Books : Hornady Hand Loader - Lyman Instruction Guide - Big Game Field to Table Booklet - Game Bird Hunting - The Deer Hunter's Guide - The Hunter's Book of Pronghorn Antelope . Box Lot of Books : Carpentry - Home Owner's Almanac - Basic Wiring - Wood Working Projects, Cabin Building , Modern Trap Lines , etc. Flambeau, foam lined hard black plastic rifle case. Redding, mod. 7, reloading press w/box. Bag lot ammo: 2-boxes Win. Ballistic Silver-tip, .25/06 ammo., & 2-boxes Win., .308 ammo. Box lot: 4-bags brass incl: .30/06, 7mm Rem. mag, .308, 9mm, etc. Box Lot ; Nine Boxes & Some Loose Shot Shells .12 Ga 2 3/4" . Bag Lot : 1 ½ Boxes .22 Cal Hollow Point Ammo - One Box 20 Rnds Federal .303 16 Rnds Rem .303 - 10 Rnds .303 Brass . Bag Lot : Approx 41 Rnds .303 Ammo - 20 Rnds .303 ? Milt Ammo - Approx 5 ½ Boxes .22 Ammo .











218-M-4.--218-M-5 218-M-6


44 46 218-M-8 Bag Lot : 6 Boxes .12 Ga Slugs - 11 Misc Shot Shells - Assorted 7 MM Brass - 6 MM & 303 Bullets - 13 Rnds .308 Ammo - Box .22 Shells . Bag Lot : New Bushnell Sportview 3 x 9 x 32 Scope w/box - (2 ) Outer's Rifle Cleaning Kits - Winchester .308 Clip Fits Winchester Model 88 or 100 . Bag Lot : 76 Rnds .243 Ammo - Plus Some Brass - Bore Solvent & Scent A Way . Box Lot : 2 Boxes Olympic .12 Ga Shot Shells - Four Boxes Remington .12 Ga Shot Shells - 3 Boxes .12 Ga Shot Shells "Supreme" - One Box Canuck .12 Ga - One Box Winchester .12 Shot Shells . Box Lot : 2 Plastic Containers w/Contents : Approx 95 Rnds .12 Ga Shot Shells - Two Card Board Boxes : Approx. 65 Rnds .12 Ga Shot Shells - Box Lot w/Approx Ten Empty Collector's Boxes ( some have brass ) - Some Vintage "True West Magazines ". Black Hard Plastic Foam Lined Gun Case " Kolpin " .


218-M-10 218-M-11




Box Lot : Approx. 5 Boxes .12 Ga 3" Shot Shells - Approx. 3 ½" Boxes of .12 Ga 2 2 3/4 - Approx. 7 ½ Boxes of .20 Ga 3" Shot Shells - Some Loose Shot Shells - 3 Rnds .10 Ga 3 ½" Shot Shells. Bag Lot : Approx . 75 Rnds .308 Win Ammo & Some Brass - 50 Rnds .243 Ammo . Bag Lot : Approx. 78 Rnds .243 Ammo - Approx. 34 Rnds .7 MM Rem Mag Ammo Plus some brass - Other Ammo & Case Guard Plastic Box . Bag Lot : Two Outer's Cleaning Kit & Brushes - Cow Heat - .22 Cal Clip - Quick off Swivel & Front Sight - Stag Gun Oil - Patches - Approx. 8 Boxes .22 Cal Ammo Large Hard Foam Lined Pistol Case - No Key. Doskocil Large Hard Foam Lined Pistol Case . Doskocil Large Hard Foam Lined Pistol Case .




218-N-1 218-N-2 218-N-3 218-N-4 218-N-5 218-N-6 218-N-7 218-N-8 218-N-9

Kolpin Hard Plastic Gun Boot for strapping on Quad . Small Doskocil Hard Plastic Foam Lined Pistol Case - No Key . Green Canvas U.S. Marked Heavy Rifle Case . Green Canvas U.S. Marked Heavy Rifle Case. Green Canvas U.S. Marked Heavy Rifle Case . Heavy Green Canvas U.S. Marked , For Packing Parachute Weapons & Individual Equipment .

45 46 218-N-10 Heavy Green Canvas U.S. Marked , For Packing Parachute Weapons & Individual Equipment. Antique Cast Iron Ball & Chain . Tan Canvas Foam Lined Fancy Rifle Case ( Rectangular Shape) With Lots of Pockets !! Green Canvas A & D Manf Folding Gun Carrying Case with Pockets for Four Handgun , Clips & Cards - ( Rectangular Shape ) . Leather Leg-o-Mutton Style Leather Case, Marked For Winchester - Has slight damage , but has keys . Black Nylon Shooting Vest - with string adjustable sides and back . Green Canvas Shooting Vest - With string adjustable sides and back . Pale Green & Tan " Black Hawk Tactical " Nylon Shooting Vest , with clip sides .

218-N-11 218-N-12 218-N-13


218-N-15 218-N-16 218-N-17


Lot of Green Canvas " Duffle " Bag - Green Snap On Belt w/Kit Pouches - Canvas Belt U.S. Marked & Canteen in pouch ! . Green Web & Nylon U.S. Marked Shoulder Harness w/ First Aid Kit - Two Canteens . Pair of " Camo" Canvas Pants ( Size Med ) . Box Lot : Three Medium Military Green Metal " Cartridge" Ammo Cans . Large Red & Black Locking Tub with Contents : Box of Black & Green Nylon Slings Old Canvas Duffle Bag - Small Canvas Rifle Sling - Soft Shotgun Case - Two Small Black Doskocil Hard Plastic Foam Lined Pistol Cases . Black & Grey " Rubber Maid" Mini Action Packer Storage Tub w/Contents : Three Small Norland Blankets for Pistols or Scopes - Fleece Lined Black " Kane" Pistol Case - Brown & Tan "Gun Club" Zippered Padded Pistol Case . Large Grey Tub w/Contents : Green Canvas Duffle Bag - Green Military Web & Nylon Ammo Belt w/Two pouches - Green Web Ammo Belt - Green Web Military Sling Green Web Military Pouch - Three Green Military Web Belts . Leather Holster w/ Shoulder Strap U.S. Marked " Enger-Cress" Dated 1944 , w/ Large U.S. on Front , For Colt 45 ? Leather Holster w/ Shoulder Strap , U.S. Marked " Enger Cress" Dated 1944 , w / Large U.S. on Front , for Colt 45 ? Bag Lot : U.S. ( In Circle ) Marked Brown Leather Flap Holster by Sears Dated 1942 - Small Leather Cartridge Holder . Bag Lot : Bucheimer Model 35 A-14 Detective Clip On Leather Holster - Small


218-N-20 218-N-21 218-N-22







46 46 Leather Holster ( For leg ) - Small Leather Holster Marked Wm. Reid & Sons , Boston 3 ½" Flap Holster . 218-N-29 Bag Lot : Two Small "Browning" Zippered Pistol Cases - One Large " Kolpin" Zippered Pistol Case - One Large Un-Marked Zippered Pistol Case . Bag Lot : Two Foam Lined Canvas Pistol Cases ( Rectangular Shaped ) - Small Leather "Bianchi" # 81 Glock # 17 Break a Way Holster . Box Lot : Two Medium & One Small Metal Military Ammo Boxes . Box Lot : Two Medium & Two Small Metal Military Ammo Boxes . Adjustable Metal "Rifle Rest" . Medium Metal Ammo Box : Full of Various Bullets ( Judged by the Weight ) For Reloading . Medium Metal Ammo Box : Approx Half Full of Various Bullets , Nosler ,Scharch , Speer, Sierra , etc. This ends the Auction, thanks for attending


218-N-31 218-N-32 218-N-33 218-N-34



46 pages

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