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#74 Antique Sale Sept. 10/11

74-A-1 Lot of Two Items : 1950s "Reliable" Plastic Toy Desk Telephone (Cream & Red) - 1950s Plastic "Telephone" with perfume. 74-A-2 Special Edition from "The Telephone Pioneers of America Club" Vintage Style "Admiration , NY " Vinyl Doll "Telephone Operator Girl " 15" Ht , with sleepy blue eyes, dressed in 1950s pink & grey poodle skirt , wearing a head set . 74-A-3 Miniature "Bell" Metal "Advertisement" Desk Telephone ( gold toned ) with blue & gold metal insert "United in Service To The Nation" 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" . 74-A-4 Lot of Two 1950,,s Salesmans Sample Plastic Desk Telephones : White "The Princess" - Pale Grey "Bell System" . 74-A-5 Antique Salesman Sample Metal "Candlestick Telephone" ( Chrome & Black) Retail $ 125.00 74-A-6 Antique Toy Red Metal "Candlestick" Telephone 7 1/2" Ht . 74-A-7 Lot of Two Items : Antique Toy Metal Desk Telephone ( Red & Blue) , 6 " X 4" - Antique "Structo Toys, Freeport" Wall Telephone 10" Ht (Black ) with original decal . 74-A-8 Vintage Metal Toy "Plapay Phone" by The Gong Bell Mfg Co. East Hampton, Conn. Made in USA - Black Wall Phone with original decals 8 1/2 " x 4" , Original condition. 74-A-9 Antique Toy Chrome Candle Stick Telephone "Bell Phone Call , Kiddies 9432 , The NNHill Brass Company East Hampton, with bell that rings , receiver & ear piece , 8 1/2 " Ht. 74-A-10 Vintage Metal Wall Mounting Toy "Talk O Phone" Bank ( Japan) 7 " x 4 1/2" . 74-A-11 1970s "Electronic Old Fashion Telephone, Two Piece Set Person to Person Intercom, battery operated , with code tapping key, high pitched electronic buzzer sound with 30 feet of cable , Made by Hong Kong , uses one 9 Volt battery , still in original box - appears un-used . 74-A-12 "Pepsi Figural 1950s" Everyday Phone, with wind up music box plays classic fifties, moving figurines , lights synchronized with ringer, with original box . 74-A-13 1970s "Radica Las Vegas" Slot Machine Bank/ Telephone , 15" Ht x 7 ". 74-A-14 1930,,s - 1940s "Western Electric" "Space Saver" Wall Mounting Black Telephone with black metal ringer box. 74-A-15 Circa 1930s Danish ? Brass & Copper Desk Telephone . 74-A-16 Two Vintage Unique "Candle Stick Figural" Electric Table Lamps ( By C.Miller 1956) with original shades ( some damage but still very nice ) Amber Toned, X 2. 74-A-17 Vintage Tin Toy Wall "Ranch Phone 39R2" "Gong Bell Mfg Co. East Hampton Conn, Made in USA", 13" Hi, Has Two Cranks on side, Rings & Talks to You ! With Scenes of Cowboys , and Indians .

74-A-18 Box Lot : Restored "The Angle Lamp Co. N.Y." Font & Burner, Clear round half glass chimney & Milk Glass Top to fit on lamp . 74-A-19 Two CPR Railroad Wall Mounting Bracket Lamps ( Marked ) & Mounted on Wooden Wall & Mirrored Shield Shaped Plaques, complete with burners & glass chimneys, X 2. 74-A-20 Original Large "Squirrel Brand Peanut Butter" Tin Pail w/lid 10" Diameter & 10" ht . 74-A-21 Bag Lot : Circa 1925 Soft Cover "Connecticut Telephone & Signal Systems for Apartment Houses, Residences, Schools & Banks Cat. No 401 - 1940s Hard Cover Book "House Telephones, Bells, and Signalling Systems Handbook - 1930s Hard Cover Book "Practical Telephone Handbook & Guide to Telephonic Exchange - Soft Cover Book Ca 1950s The Telephone and How We Use It by Bell Telephone System . 74-A-22 Box Lot : Three Small Glass "Telephone" Shaped Candy Holders - Pr of Candlestick Telephone Shaped Salt & Peppers - Salt & Pepper "Black Desk Telephone" - Vintage Japan Black "Pay Telephone" Penny Bank - Small Black "Desk Phone" Pill Box - Vintage "Telephone" Perfume Lamp - Avon "Telephone" Perfume Bottle - AGT Coffee Mug . 74-A-23 Hanging Aladdin No. 12 Chrome Coal Oil Lamp, with top of frame, burner, Aladdin glass chimney & White Drape Shade w/clear skirt. 74-A-24 Antique # 2 Bracket Pale Green Glass Finger Coal Oil Lamp with oil cap burner , & beaded glass chimney . 74-A-25 Rare Antique "EAMES" # 2 Coal Oil Desk Lamp, with unusual lift off shade & clear glass chimney base designed for doing book work ! Note: some slight flicks on rim of bottom shade but not noticeable when on lamp ! 74-A-26 1940s Black Type 80 Desk Telephone , by "Automatic Electric" Canada, and with chrome trim on receiver, has been modernized phone cord & jack - Rare to Find Original Card Board Box ! 74-A-27 Antique Walnut Cased "RCA Victor" Mantel Radio. 74-A-28 Box Lot : Antique Tin Sign "Smoke and Know Adanac Cigars, Marsh Bros. Toronto 14" x 6 1/2" Vintage Paper "Pepsi" Folding Vendors Hat - Vintage Framed Vintage Advert "Install New Champion Spark Plugs" - Sealed 33 RPM Record "100 Celebration Good Friends are for Keeps, America Sings of Telephones - 1964 American Telephone & Telegraph Co. Safety Poster . 74-A-29 Lot of Two Boxes : Restored "The Angle Co. Mfg NY" Hanging Lamp (Bronze toned ) - Two Round Satin Glass Half Shades & Two Milk Glass Tall Shades . 74-A-30 Box Lot : (2) Antique Brass "The Angle Lamp Co.Mfg NY" Fonts - Two Angle Milk Glass Shades As a Lot. 74-A-31 Circa 1930s Canadian Black Wall Mounting Desk Telephone. 74-A-32 Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Set of Glass Door Knobs - Approx. Fifteen Antique Insulators : CPR, blue, green , purple, rubber , plastic etc. - Vintage Glass Pop Bottles : St.Paul Beverages, Green 7 UP, Hires, Pepsi , Two Small Milk Bottles, Paper Milk Bottle Tops - Vintage Hires Root Beer Extract etc. 74-A-33 Lot of Four Items : Original Brass "Banff Springs Hotel" Hanging Light Fixture with two satin glass shades - Three Quality Brass Hanging Light Fixtures ( Red Deer Lightning with Satin glass shades )

74-A-34 Antique Three Piece "Club Style" Settee & Chairs Suite , in two pale gold velour upholstery , resting on round wooden carved feet & modern castors for easy moving, a attractive set ! 74-A-35 Antique "Northern Electric" Long Box Oak Cased Wall Telephone, has been converted to dial. 74-A-36 Lot of Two Items : Black "Bell USA" Candle Stick Telephone with black metal "Western Electric" ringer box . 74-A-37 Vintage Black "Kellogg" Ash Tray Design Desk Telephone with dial, 10" width , converted . 74-A-38 Vintage Black "Kellogg" Ash Tray Design Desk Telephone, no dial . 74-A-39 Rare , "Eight Line Connecticut Telephone Co." Black Candle Stick Telephone with walnut ringer box Type 5219 Diagram 640 on paper tag inside , July 27, 1932. 74-A-39-A Rare, "Courtesy Pays Coin Box , Detroit Michigan" For Candle Stick Telephones, complete with key. 74-A-40 Antique Brass "D.A. Kusel Tel & Elec Mfg" Candle Stick Telephone, St.Louis , M.O. USA complete with ear piece. 74-A-41 Rare Antique "1895 Erickson Eiffel Tower" Desk Telephone No. 28 , with dual bells , & unusual Press style hand held receiver . 74-A-42 Antique Black "Erickson, Holland" Intercom Desk Telephone with unusual wind style dial . 74-A-43 Antique French ? Black Multi Line "Crocodile" Desk Telephone with extra receiver , 11" x 6 " . 74-A-44 Antique Oval Brass "Monophone" Desk Telephone by Automatic Electric Co. Chicago with dial , been converted . 74-A-45 Antique Black " Western Electric Company" Candle Stick with chrome trimmed receiver. 74-A-46 Large Oak Cased Wall "Parsens Sloper Secret System" Telephone, Gent & Co. Ltd Makers , Leicester. 22" x 8 1/2" . 74-A-47 European "Jydsk Telefon Aktieselskab" White Enamel Princess Style Desk Telephone , electric and has side crank ,12 1/2" Ht x 7 1/2" . 74-A-48 Antique Black "Monoline Switch Board" Desk Telephone with single mother of pearl button . 74-A-49 Large Floor Model Oak Cased "Switch Board" . 74-A-50 Small Antique Black Metal Toy Desk Telephone , dial , & rings ! 74-A-51 Antique Brass Hanging # 1 "Aladdin" Lamp with brass font, with optional German burner ( used to different burners at time of mfg ) glass chimney , & frosted white shade . 74-A-52 Box Lot : Circa 1900 Small Oak Wall "11 Digit" Parts Telephone, with Parts for restoration eg: Replacement back for dial - chrome bells - bags of parts !! 74-A-53 Antique Hanging " Fleur de Lis" Double Angle Lamp" by Angle Lamp Co. N.Y. Pat in US and Foreign Countries - with decorative embossed copper font & pair of frosted glass shades. 74-A-54 Antique The Mantle Lamp Co. "Aladdin Model No *" Copper Hanging Lamp ( has been electrified ) with glass chimney & white glass shade, Note; can be converted back to oil by changing the burner .

74-A-55, glass shade.

Antique Hanging # Aladdin Coal Oil Lamp with proper burner, glass chimney , & white

74-A-56 Antique Kellogg Wooden Ringer Crank Box & Cradle Desk Telephone. 74-A-57 Circa 1905 Candle Stick Telephone ( Black & Chrome) with tapered shaft. 74-A-58 Circa 1934 Wall "Black Enamel" Western Electric Pay Telephone by The American Telephone & Telegraph Co, & Assoc Companies., 23" x 7" , very nice condition 74-A-59 Rare , American Heavily Carved Walnut " Candlestick" Vanity Style Telephone Desk , 46" Ht , 28" Width, 14" depth, with Figural design of Cupid, door opens to reveal storage for candle stick telephone & slide out writing drawer , resting on tapered legs & Matching Carved Stool - As a Lot. 74-A-60 Tall Circa 1907 Oak Cased "Gray Telephone Pay Station" Co. Wall Telephone ( Call Central ) Hartford , Conn. , complete with receiver , & wooden shelf. 74-A-61 Rare , "Hush-A-Phone" , Circa 1920s - Madison , New York ( device fits over candle stick , for " A Private Conversation" with paper tag instructions on care, cleaning, etc. 7 " x 3 1/2" , appears very good . 74-A-62 Tall Metal "Automatic Electric Telephone Co." Wall Mounted Pay Telephone, (Pale pink toned ) . 74-A-63 Circa 1918 Northern Electric Candle Stick Telephone ( black metal , chrome trim) & with Rare Wooden Receiver & Black Metal Wall Mounting ringer box. 74-A-64 Rare Oak Cased Wall Eleven Digit "Automatic Electric Co .Chicago" Telephone, with chrome mouth piece & black receiver . 74-A-65 1930s Oval Base Black Cradle Telephone by Northern Electric , with dial, & oak cased wall mounting ringer box . 74-A-66 1930s Black Desk "Monophone" by Phillips Electric Works Ltd. Brockville, Can , with "Northern Electric" oak cased ringer box. 74-A-67 Circa 1930s Black "Bee Hive Leich Elec" Desk /Wall Crank Telephone, Bakelite , 10" x 5 1/2" . 74-A-68 Circa 1905 "Fiddle Back" Western Electric Oak Cased Wall Telephone with black metal mouth piece & crank , & receiver - Nickel plated bells. 74-A-69 Rare , Authentic Antique Miniature Salesmans Sample of a "Candle Stick Telephone" with Makers Name stamped on base "Swedish American Telephone Chicago , Approx. 1 1/4" 74-A-70 Antique # 2 "Green Key" Pattern Square Base Clear Glass Coal Oil Lamp , "Eagle" burner, complete with Aladdin glass chimney. 74-A-71 Circa 1940s "Sand Blasted Clear" # Aladdin Washington Drape Model B , with brass Aladdin burner & Aladdin glass chimney . 74-A-72 Early 1900s "Ripley Hollow Stem Coal Oil Clear Glass Lamp with square font, resting on four footed base, with glass chimney. 74-A-73 Rare, # 1 Purple Finger Coal Oil Lamp with unusual saucer basin base , with glass chimney.

74-A-74 Antique Style Circa 1970s Rich Amber # 2 "Lincoln Drape" Aladdin Coal Oil Lamp with burner Rich Amber Glass Shade - w/ clear glass chimney . 74-A-75 Antique Style "Ruby Red Lincoln Drape Aladdin # 2 Coal Oil Lamp with, brass burner & clear glass chimney. 74-A-76 Antique Pressed Glass # 2 B & P Font, clear glass base & square metal base , with Queen Anne Burner , clear glass chimney. 74-A-77 Circa 1940s # 2 Custard Aladdin Lincoln Drape Coal Oil Lamp, Model B , with brass Aladdin burner, Frosted Lincoln Drape Glass Shade with clear skirt , Aladdin glass chimney. 74-A-78 Lot of Two Antique Style Miniature Glass "Greek Key" Coal Oil Lamps ( Amber & Pale Green) with glass chimneys, As a Lot. 74-A-79 Unique "Ripley & Co. Double Handled" # 1 Clear Glass Coal Oil Lamp, designed by Patentee Daniel C Ripley, to make it convenient to pass a lamp from one person to another, with chimney ( has damage but not very visible ) 74-A-80 Exceptional Mahogany East Lake Hall Stand Circa 1880, Complete with original umbrella stand bases ( cast iron) - glove drawer . ( 1000 - 1500) 74-A-81 Circa 1900 - 1920 Golden Oak China Cabinet, Made by Gardiner & Sons , Glasgow, Scotland - bevel glass center door , with four glass shelves ( Adjustable Size 48" Wide x 18 " Wide Deep x 76" Ht., Note : put all four shelves in cabinet & then set them top, top shelf first , shelf bracket locations marked . 74-A-82 condition. 74-A-83 Circa Canadian 1920s Walnut Coat & Hall Stand , holds four hats, four coats, excellent Small Walnut Curio Cabinet, three shelf, 40" Hi x 24 Wide x 11 Deep , Circa 1930 .

74-A-84 Exceptionally Clean Antique Mahogany China Cabinet , two door , three shelves , carved legs, Circa 1930s . 74-A-85 Vintage Walnut Drop Front Secretary Combination Desk/Book Case with two glass doors, fret work, fitted pigeon hole interior , & three drawers , & original handles . 74-A-86 Antique Walnut Style Five Shelf "What Not" Corner Display Stand with turned design . 74-A-87 Large Antique Style Mahogany Flat Top Double Pedestal Desk , with leather top , felt lined drawers & cabinet storage with , with space on top for computer cord. 74-A-87-A Antique Mahogany Style Office Arm Chair with adjustable features , on castors, needs tightening in arms . 74-A-88 Large Framed Vintage Painting Style Picture of Mountain Scene after Long, 75 . 74-A-89 Large French Provincial Style Flat Top "Bassets Computer Desk", with Queen Anne legs & brass pulls. 74-A-90 Antique Walnut Sideboard with hi gallery back, oval bevel glass mirror inset, two drawers & two doors , with orig pulls . 74-A-91 Large Vintage Painting Style Pictures "Spanish Street Scene".

74-A-92 Tall Antique Fumed Oak Hi Boy Dresser with six drawers, resting on Queen Anne legs & original castors, with oval bevel glass swing mirror. 74-A-93 Large Late 1800s Walnut China/Display Cabinet with heavily carved decoration, two glass doors & three wooden shelves . 74-A-94 Antique Oak Wardrobe with two doors, & key - hanger inside . 74-A-95 Vintage Art Deco Walnut Vanity Dresser with bevel glass mirror .

74-A-96 Large Composite Figural Electric Water Fountain "Romantic Couple & Cherub by fountain, 13" x 17 ", Works ! 74-B-8 Vintage Canadian Made French Provincial Four Piece Bedroom Suite "Bonnnet by Sears Canada" ( Cream Toned & heavy gold trim ) : Tall Lingerie Chest - Twelve Dr. Dresser with plain mirror Low Storage Chest ( has false drawers on front, top lifts up - Night Stand. 74-B-9 Antique Mahogany Round Duncan Phyffe Side ( Lamp ) Table with metal tipped feet. 74-B-10 Antique Mahogany Plain Glass Wall Mirror w/embossed design , 43" x 33". 74-B-11 Antique Gilded Plain Wall Mirror, 24" x 15" , has slight flick on frame.

74-B-12 Aubusson 100 % Wool Quality Carpet 9 Ft x 12 Ft ( Two Toned Pale Green & White Tones ) ( From Indo Design Carpets , Calgary, Ab) Price Tag on Carpet 74-B-13 Aububusson 100 % Wool Quality Carpet 8 Ft x 10 Ft ( Matches above lot ) Two toned pale green & white) 74-B-14 Vintage Tall Elegant Electric Table Lamp with center glass font & ornately decorated base with four cherubs , & cream toned shade ! 74-B-15 Vintage Twin Handled Pitcher Style Electric Table Lamp ( Maroon, White & Gilt toned , with Romantic Colonial Scene ) 74-B-16 Vintage Twin Handled Pitcher Style Electric Table Lamp ( Maroon, White, gilt toned , with Romantic Colonial Scene ) 74-B-17 Antique Mahogany Framed Fire Side Bench with rich red velvet upholstery. ( 50 - 70 74-B-18 Two Box : Pair of 1950s ? Drive In Car Speakers - Telephone Parts , Two Small Oak Cased Ringer Boxes with brass bells - Wall Mounting "Northern Electric" Brass Bells - etc. 74-B-19 Lot of Three Items : Large Glass "Battery" Box w/lid - Two Small Wooden Cased Speakers . 74-B-20 Antique Oak Cased "Rural" Wall Mounting Telephone, with low mount mouth piece & receiver, black metal bells . 74-B-21 Chrome "Automatic Electric" Pay Telephone , 17" . 74-B-22 Antique "TEL" Black Enamel Wall Mounting Telephone , Multi Line. 74-B-23 Vintage Floor Model Wooden Framed "555 Switch Board" , was originally from The Windsor Salt Mine, Elk Point, AB .

74-B-23-A material.

Vintage Steno Chair/ Phone Operator, on castors, steel frame & swivels , green toned

74-B-24 Lot of Three Keys For Pay Phones . 74-B-25 Circa 1910 "Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co. Incorporated Catalog No. 10 , Long DistanceTelephone Equipment , Meriden Conn USA , with bill of purchase $ 53.00 74-B-26 Antique Wrought Iron Ice Cream Stool . 74-B-27 Three Antique Canadian Wrought Iron Ice Cream Chairs , X 3 . 74-B-28 Lot of Two Items : Antique Style Brass # Aladdin 25 " Coal Oil Lamp w/ Aladdin glass chimney Antique Style Pale Blue Finger Lamp ( no chimney). 74-B-29 Large Framed Color Picture of Marilyn Monroe .

74-B-30 Two Gilt Framed Painting Style Pictures " Sunset River & Sunset Mountains" X 2. 74-B-31 Framed Print Picture , "Artist painting Little boy" After Paul Peel . 74-B-32 Framed Picture , Norman Rockwell " Outward Bound, Old Captain & Young boy & dog looking out to sea . 74-B-33 Framed Painting Style of Farm Scene of Old Building, K.Guenter 79. 74-B-34 Large Painting Style of "Glacier National Park, St. Marys Lake HF 74". 74-B-35 Two Antique Canadian Wooden & Glass Washboards , X 2 . 74-B-36 Vintage Walnut Framed Wall Plain Mirror. 74-B-37 Two Framed Pictures : "Rushing River Prov Park, Ont" & " Wiinter Morn" After, One in a Series of 48 Limited Editions, after Huntley Brown , X 2. 74-B-38 Two Framed Pictures : Norman Rockwell Print "Sales Girl on Christmas Eve" & Antique Photo from the 1920s , Two young boy with cart pulled by long haired goat, As a Lot. 74-B-39 Carved Wooden Hand Painted Wall Plaque ( American ) "Old Players Baseball Club" by Lloyd Meissenburg 74-B-40 Lot of Two Antique Wall Mounting Black Telephones with unusual receivers & side cranks - One Marked TEL - As a Lot 74-B-41 Lot of Two Items : 1940s Black "Cradle" Desk Telephone by Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd .W. Dated Inspected & Over Hauled Aug 25/59 - Unknown 1940s Black Desk Cradle Telephone - As a Lot. 74-B-42 Lot of Two Items : Ca 1940s ,,Northern Electric" Black Multi Line Office Phone - Unusual Shaped Ca 1940s Desk Telephone with chrome trimmed receiver - As a Lot. 74-B-43 Small Antique Oak Cased Wall Telephone "City Telephone System Edmonton, Manfg by Norther Electric w/original style receiver & rotary dial 74-B-44 Small Antique Oak Cased Wall Telephone "Northern Electric" Made in Canada, rotary dial & hand held receiver .

74-B-45 Lot of Two Ca 1940s Black Desk Telephones ( One Inspected by Canadian Aviation Electronics Oct 1/1959 - Leich 955 901CD with unique rotary dial - As a Lot. 74-B-46 Lot of Two Vintage Black Desk Telephones : "Monophone w/adjustable volume on ringer Northern Telecom (Made in Canada) with adjustable volume of ringer & light up button - As a Lot. 74-B-47 Lot of Two Items : Circa 1940s English Black Bakelite Wall Mounting Rotary Dial Telephone unusual shape ( Has been Converted ) - Vintage European Wooden Cased Princess Style Desk Telephone with Brass cradle & brass trimmed wooden hand held receiver . 74-B-48 Lot of Two Items : Circa 1940s Oval Based Cradle Style Telephone with metal receiver ( Cream toned ) has been converted - 1960s Antique Style Round Based Princess Style Telephone has been converted - As a Lot . 74-B-49 Antique Oak Cased Long Box Telephone with chrome & black mouth , rings !! piece & original receiver

74-B-50 Antique Oak Cased Square Shaped Wall Telephone "By Monophone , Phillips Electrical Works Ltd. with chrome bells & unusual bakelite receiver , rings ! 75-B-51 Vintage Wooden Framed "Pay Telephone" , with deep cream toned phone. 74-B-52 Antique Oak Cased Long Box (Two Boxed) Telephone , with original bells , chrome & black unusual receiver with shelf 32 ", needs some work . 74-B-53 Antique Oak Cased Two Boxed Telephone "Bell Telephone Co." , with mouth piece & receiver , 31" . 74-B-54 Lot of Items : Vintage English Black Princess Telephone w/brass trim - Vintage Style Princess Telephone ( Gilt & Cream toned ) . 74-B-55 Lot of Two Items : 1940s Federal Electric Large Black Desk Telephone "Croc style" with hand crank & receiver - Large Antique "Kellogg" Wall Mounting Telephone with receiver , As a Lot. 74-B-56 Lot of Two Items : Antique British Railway Lantern ( LEB) Painted yellow , with red lenses and burner inside - Antique Railroad Inspectors Lamp "Dietz Acme Inspector Lamp New York USA " with reflector ( as bit rusty ) As a Lot . 74-B-57 Antique Aluminum "Aladdin 23" Lamp Font Only & spider for hanging lamp w/burner . 74-B-57-A shade. Antique Chrome "Rayo" # 2 Coal Oil Lamp with burner & chimney & deep green glass

74-B-58 Lot of Two Boxes of Lamp Parts, Two Aladdin Ball shade holders, One CNR Red Dietz lamp globe , antique Shade w/new holder, chimneys, burners, etc. Great Lot !! 74-B-59 Lot of Two Hard Cover Reference Books : "Oil Lamps, The Kerosene Era in North America" w/updated value 2004 - Oil Lamps 3, Victorian , Kerosene , Lightning 1860-1900 . 74-B-60 Large Carved Walnut Hall Chair, turned supports & cane seat . 74-B-61 Antique Ladies Arm Chair with cream tapestry upholstery , with Queen Anne style legs .

74-B-62 Vintage Round Walnut End Table with inlaid design resting on tripod base - Some lifting on veneer top , but nice .

74-B-63 Antique Style Round Oak End Table with carved ball & claw feet . 74-B-64 Vilas Maple Step End Table ( Stamped VIlas ) . 74-B-65 Large Wooden Flat Top Storage Box with two sided lift up tops . 74-B-66 Vintage Birch "Hammond" Five Drawer Chest of Drawers, with original brass pulls . w/makers tag inside. 74-B-67 Canadian Elm Three Dresser with mirror, swing plain mirror & with original pulls . 74-B-68 Circa 1940s Oak Vanity Bench with needlepoint seat ( pale blue with roses) 74-B-69 Vintage Maple Style Corner Display Cabinet with three tier open display with plate rail design, & door to shelved storage . 74-B-70 Quality Antique Walnut "Malcolm Hilman" Four Drawer Dresser with Makers tag inside , complete w/original pulls . 74-B-71 Canadian Painted White Three Drawer Dresser with plain swing mirror , original pulls & castors. 74-C-1 Antique Blue & White Enamel Sign "American Telephone & Telegraph Co. & Associated Companies , 8" Square. 74-C-2 1950s Telephone Table/Desk with swiveling chair ( in cream & brown tones ). 74-C-3 Lot of Four Hard & Soft Cover Books : The Telephone Book By H.M. Boettetinger, ( Bell, Watson , Vail and American Life 1876-1976) - Telephone Collecting, Seven Decades of Design by Kate E Dooner, - Telephones Antique to Modern , Antique Telephone Identification & Price Guide by Ron Christianson . 74-C-4 Lot of Three Soft Cover Books : Old Time Telephones, Design, History and Restoration 2 nd Edition Expanded & Revised by Ralph Meyer - Collectible Novelty Phones, If Mr. Bell could see me now , with Values by James David Davis - 100 Years of Bell Telephones w/Price Guide by Richard Mountjoy . 74-C-5 Lot of Three Soft Cover Books : (2) 1950s Northern Electric Telephones & Supplies Cat. T7 Catalogs - Soft Booklet "Old Telephones Price Guide . 74-C-6 Vintage "Anjo No. 2061 Classic Guitar ( with red toned trim & scene of Hummingbird on front of guitar ) complete with hard case . 74-C-7 Small Antique Violin 21" - Maker Unknown, complete with case ( no bow) 74-C-8 Small Vintage Violin 22" - Maker Unknown, complete with case & two bows , one missing part . 74-C-9 "Yamaha EG 112 " Black & White Electric Guitar, 39" , complete soft black canvas carrying case . 74-C-10 Students Guitar "Mark II Model MSG 31" , wit soft Mark II zippered carrying case .

74-C-11 Lot of Two Items ; Antique Copy of Stradivarius Violin 22" complete w/box & bow - Hard Violin Case ONLY - As a Lot. 74-C-12 Large Vintage Framed Oil Painting Style Picture "Old Time Country Church" after Anglais Nhancock 1953 .

74-C-13 Box Lot : Antique Telephone Parts - Receivers - Brass Bells - Western Northern Receiver cap $ 36.95 - Telephone cords - mouth pieces, two cranks , etc. 74-C-14 Lot of Three Items : Large Glass "Ed Tel" Advertisement Sign 3 x 2 ,, , Large Vintage Card Board Christmas Advert Sign "Dont forget telephone" - Vintage Card board "be an angel, give an extension this Christmas ( Sask Govt Telephones) . 74-C-15 Antique Galvenized Coal Pail w/contents : Vintage Car brush in orig box - Sloans Liniment Medicine Bottle . 74-C-16 Lot of Six Vintage Line Man Telephones : Black "Canadian" Mounting Telephone Set "F MK l" ( Canadian N.E. Co. 1944 ) - Black "Northern Electric" Two Piece - Hand Set Style ( Black ) - Green Hand Held Northern Electric - Orange GTE Automatic Electric - etc. 74-C-17 Lot of Two Items : Vintage Pink Wall Mounting Telephone - Vintage Green "Speakerphone" Executive Automatic Electric ( Canada ) 74-C-18 Lot of Three Vintage Colored Desk Telephones : Pale Green ITT - Yellow Northern Electric - Red ITT - As a Lot. 74-C-19 74-C-20 As a Lot. Lot of Four Vintage Wall & Desk Telephones : (2 ) Brown - Pale Blue - Orange . Lot of Vintage Office & Princess Telephones : Black - Brown - Pale Blue - Pale Cream -

74-C-21 Lot of Two Items : Vintage Metal "Demolition Bell System" - Large Metal Cased "Western Electric" Made in USA 74-C-22 Lot of Two Items : Vintage Black Boxes linemans test phone "Monophone Automatic Electric" Made in USA - Antique Military "Signal Corps" US Army July 45 with leather case - As a Lot. 74-C-23 Lot of Two Items : Vintage Metal Black Scissor Desk Phone Holder & brackets for mounting - Antique Black Die Cast Wall Mounting Telephone Mouth Piece & original receiver - As a Lot. 74-C-24 Lot of Three Items : Small Antique Oak Boxed Wall Telephones with shield shaped backs, & original earpieces ( One Marked GPO ) - American made w/original metal tag - Antique Aluminum Wall Mounting Receiver "Western Electric, USA" with original ear piece - As a Lot. 74-C-25 Lot of Two Items : Small Oak Cased Square "Northern Electric" Wall Telephone with crank & receiver (rings) - Small Oak Cased Square "R.P.Gerland & Co. Electrical Engineering with bells, missing receiver 74-C-26 Lot of Two Items : Small Oak Receiver Box w/Cow Bell Style Bells - Large Oak Cased Wall Mounting Ringer Box with black metal bells - As a Lot. 74-C-27 Lot of Two Boxes : Wooden "Candle Stick Telephone" Music Box ( Plays " Hello Dolly" Composition Reproduction Wall Mounting Oak Long Box Telephone - Battery Operated Plastic Wall Clock " Old Style Wall Telephone" - Books End "Vintage Yellow Telephone Receivers mounted on metal bracket - "Shower Phone" Soap in Box - (3) Small Round Wooden Telephone Signs - Avon Bottle "Candle Stick Telephone" - Vintage Plastic Advertising Telephone Shaped "Telephone Index" 74-C-28 Novelty "Red London Style Telephone Booth" Phone , 16 1/2" Ht, 8" width , 8" Depth .

74-C-29 Lot of Three Novelty "Beer" Telephones : Tall "Molson Canadian " Beer Can 9" Ht - Beer Can "Budweiser" Telephone - Wall Mounting " Molson Canadian Lager Beer" Advertising Telephone - As a Lot. 74-C-30 Large Wooden Telephone " Line Mans Box & Telephone" By Northern Electric , 28" Lg x 14 " Across . 74-C-31 Lot of Two Rare Items : Circa 1950s "Ericofon" by L.M. Ericsson ( Made in Sweden" with Rotary dial on base ( pale cream) - "Ericofon" Made by Northern Electric copying the Swedish Style ( Pale cream) with dial in base - As a Lot. 74-C-32 Lot of Three Collectors Desk Telephones : 1992 "Hot Dog" Telephone - CT & T Pale Blue Bedroom Telephone - Black & Green Desk Telephone . 74-C-33 Lot of Four 1970s "Touch Tone " Desk Telephones : Two Cream - One Dark Brown Pale Cream - As a Lot. 74-C-34 executives !! Antique Bell "Chrome " Desk Telephone , Originally issued for telephone company

74-C-35 Lot of Two Items : Two Piece Vintage Telephone Operators Head Set & Musical Hold Button ( Plays ) - Vintage "Squirting Telephone" w/instructions & original paper box . 74-C-36 Collectable James Bond Style Telephone in SImulated walnut & black simulated leather Box Case w/rotary dial & touch tone, 74-C-37 Lot of Four Vintage Black Wall Mounting Dial & Push Button Telephones - As as Lot .

74-C-38 Lot of Two Boxes : War Time Era Advert "Bell Telephone System" - Antique Cardboard "Cameo Telephone Index ( some damage) - Vintage Red Leather Telephone Index - DVDs "Western Electric Telephone Apparatus & Supplies - Vintage Telephone Film Collection 15 Movies - Reproduction Tin Sign "Western Union" 74-C-39 Lot of Two Boxes : FEL Mirotel 1970s White Desk Telephone , Northern Tel Pal Yellow Desk Phone - Four Antique Metal Battery Boxes - receiver , Misc phone accessories , etc. 74-C-40 Bag Lot : Vintage Cast Iron Desk Stand with pen for dialing phone - CD of The Best of Lily Tomlin including Mr.Alexander Graham Bell ! 74-C-41 74-C-42 74-C-43 74-C-44 74-C-45 collector ~ 74-C-46 74-C-47 74-C-48 Length . Telephone Light Up Sign , Blue & White 27" x 9 " . Lot of Two Boxes : Sixteen Antique Glass Lamp Chimneys , # 2s & # 1s. Lot of Two Boxes : 1950s Black Panther Ornaments ( Japan ) Various Sizes . # 2 Coal Oil Bracket Lamp, with burner, cast iron bracket & glass beaded trim chimney. Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Lamp Chimneys & Shades or Various Sizes !! Great for the

Large Antique Frosted Lamp Shade with clear glass ribbon base . Lot of Two Boxes : Variety of Antique Glass Lamp Chimneys & Shades ! Authentic Carved Eskimo Art Soap Stone of " Whale" Signed & Dated by the Artist , 5"

74-C-49 Lot of Four Pieces of Carved Jade Figures : Love Birds , Carved Apple w/leaves - Small Turtle - Small Stone - As a Lot. 74-C-50 Lot of Three Antique Coal Oil Lamps : # 2 Clear Glass Bracket Lamp with cast iron bracket & beaded glass chimney - # 1 Scoville, USA Clear Glass Coal Oil Lamp with glass chimney Small Brass " Made in United States of America" Coal Oil Night Lamp . 74-C-51 Lot of Two Boxes : Approx. 15 Rare "Majic Lantern" Glass Slides - Mercury Reflector for lamp - Small Glass Dome - Two Antique Colored Etched Glass Panels " Ladies" - brass base only, etc. 74-C-52 Lot of Two Bags : Two Pieces of Bone - Small Carved Ivory Style Animals - Carved Ivory Style "Elephant in Circle" - Sharks Teeth , etc. Interesting Lot ! 74-C-53 Lot of Three Items : Authentic Eskimo Art Soap Stone "Paper Weight" w/scene of Eskimo fishing by his igloo - Large Onyx Mexican Donkey - Large Green Oriental Soap Stone Wall Plaque - As a Lot. 74-C-54 Box Lot : Carved Oriental Ebony Elephant - Carved Oriental Soap Stone Elephants , Chickens , Men , dog , etc. - Onyx Heart Shaped Ring Box . 74-C-55 Lot of Two Items : Carved Honk Kong Ivory Chinese Ball w/stand - Oriental Green Soap Stone Lion on base . 74-C-56 Lot of Three Items : Antique Chrome Aladdin Model No. 5 Coal Oil Lamp ONLY - (2) Aladdin Glass Chimneys w/boxes . 74-C-57 Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Lamp Parts of All Types, Cast Iron Wall Mount Bracket Aladdin Wicks , Aladdin Mantels, 74-C-58 Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Lamps Parts: (2) Wall Brackets - Burners - Bag of New Lamp Wicks - Bag Lots of Crystal Drops , etc. 74-C-59 Lot of Two Boxes : Deep Orange Banquet Style Lamp - Bags of Various Colored Crystal Prisms , Hanging Chrome Lamp Frame , etc. 74-C-60 Large White Lamp Shade " Fleur de Leis".

74-C-61 Lot of Two Boxes : Circa 1950s Chrome & Satin Glass " Bed Reading Lamp , hangs over bed rail ) - 1940s Art Deco Custard Style Glass Bedroom Lamp w/chrome base - Bag of Four Antique Cylinder Records - Hard Cover "Ivory, Pleasures & Treasures " by O.Beigbeder - Pr of Oriental Brass Book Ends - Pr of Oriental Soap Stone Book Ends - Antique Brass Frog Paper Weight - Oriental Soap Stone Flowers , etc . 74-C-62 Lot of Two Items : Vintage Shadow Framed Hand Painted Porcelain Oval Hand Painted Plaque by E.Serton " Pink Roses" , with ornate gilt trim inside frame - Box Lot of Un-Framed Quality Prints ( Approx Fifty ) Van Gogh , Manet, Capehert Collection. 74-C-63 Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Lamp Parts - Brass Brackets - Round Brass Base - etc.

74-C-64 Lot of Two Boxed Items : Vintage Wooden Tool Box & Small Metal Box w/contents of Approx. Nine Old Time Gas Lamp Pumps . 74-C-65 Box Lot : (2) Antique "Jews Harps" Made in England - Two Bags of Milk Bottle Caps Four "Folk Art" Cloth Dolls .

74-C-66 Box Lot : Antique Brass Sleigh Bells on leather strap - Large Chrome Horse Bit Assorted Antique Horse Spreaders for harness - Bag w/two antique Rosettes for horse bridle - etc. 74-C-67 Three Antique French Provincial Diners ( Painted pale cream w/needle point seats) X 3.

74-C-68 Two Antique Walnut Diners ( not matching ) : One Duncan Phyffe w/tapestry upholstered seat - Ladder Back Chair with needlepoint - X 2. 74-C-69 74-C-70 Four Canadian Wooden Bow Back Chairs , X 4. Antique Wooden Ladder Back Arm Chair with rush seat

74-C-71 Circa 1940s Combination Telephone/Magazine Stand with drawer & open storage on each end, with shelf . 74-C-72 Lot of Two Items : Circa 1940s Painted White Combination Magazine /Telephone Stand with storage below - Antique Pressed Back Chair ( painted pale green ) - As a Lot. 74-C-73 74-C-74 74-C-75 74-C-76 Antique Oak Magazine/Telephone Stand with storage below. Small Vintage Walnut End Table two tier . Lot of Two Items : Antique Bentwood Chair - 1960s School Chair - As a Lot . Vintage Walnut Oval Pied Crust Edge Coffee Table w/ metal tipped feet.

74-C-77 Lot of Two Items : 1970s Large Carved Wooden Wall Mirror ( floral design) - Small Antique Wooden Oval Smokers Stand . 74-D-1 Lot of Two Items : Store Keepers Display Showcase ( Painted White) with glass shelves & Large Modern Black & Gold Table Lamp - as a lot. 74-D-2 Large Oriental Temple Vase ( Black , Gold with rich vibrant colors )

74-D-3 Lot of Three Items : Antique Sad Iron with remove able wooden handle & Coleman trivet Vintage Saw - Reproduction Brass Pitcher/ Bucket w/delft handle . 74-D-4 Canadiana Painted Wooden Washstand with lyre towel back, turned legs on original castors , inside shelf needs repaired . 74-D-5 Vintage Wooden Students Desk , single pedestal with four drawers. 74-D-6 Small Rustic Round Two Tier Plant Stand . 74-D-7 Rustic Tole Painted Wooden Utility Table. 74-D-8 Modern Wooden Coffee Table - needs restoration . 74-D-9 Antique Oak Cased Floor Model Treadle Sewing Machine, with button hole attachments, bobbin, & belt. 74-D-10 Lot of Two Items : Antique Medium Oak Cased Wall Telephone "Northern Electric" Telephone - Bag Lot of Collectable "AGT" Signs, etc.

74-D-11 Lot of Two Items : Antique Reflector # 2 Wall Mounting Coal Oil Lamp w/ wire frame & aluminum reflector - (3) Antique Hanging Lamp Motors/Pulleys for Hanging Lamps. 74-D-12 Lot of Two Boxes : Antique Glass Butter Churn w/replaced glass bottom, has paddles Part Antique Wooden Plane - Ant Metal Match Box - brass tap - Three Glass Nabob Coffee Jars Rubber Tire "Good Year" Ash Tray Small Antique Sad Iron w/wooden handle - Tobacco Tins, etc. 74-D-13 Lot of Three Boxes : Antique Brass "Johnny Walker" Copper Bar Tray (rough condition ) - Antique "Winter Horse Shoes" - Antique Horse Collar ( rough ) - Antique Tin "BA Cleaning Solvent" - Tin "Whiz Motor Rythm" - Three Red Plaster Graduated Elephants (some flicks & damage) - 1947 Free Press Newspaper . 74-D-14 Large Framed Picture /Poster Calgary "1997" .

74-D-15 Lot of Two Items : Large Metal Sign "Public Telephone 1/2 Mile ( Black & White ) - Telus Wall Mounting Phone / Booth . 74-D-16 Raleigh Seven Speed Men Bicycle ( Red & Black ) .


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