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Hemstitch Tips and Techniques




Somersault Hemstitch

Image 1

Diamond Hemstitch

Image 2

Image 3

Note: The diagrams show basic hemstitches. Refer to your specific chart for number of threads removed.


Follow these basic instructions for creating various hemstitches. Refer to the diagrams as necessary. The thread withdrawal is done the same each time as shown on the chart. Refer to your project's chart for the number of fabric threads removed. (Note: The thread withdrawal section is the same for the diamond hemstitch but the stitch is created on the surface of the fabric rather than along the edge of the ladder.) When the threads are rewoven, you will have created a new selvedge. 1. Working from the edge of the band, carefully snip one horizontal fabric thread and unravel it across the band to the other side where you cut another adjacent fabric thread and unravel in the

opposite direction. You will now have a ladder in the fabric and two fabric whiskers, one at either edge. See Image 1. 2. Working in pairs, reweave these threads as follows: Lift the fabric thread carefully and you will see the cut end of the other whisker. Unravel this thread toward the edge of the fabric. Use a needle to weave the point in and out of the fabric threads. See Image 2. 3. Slip the loose fabric thread into the eye of the needle and pull gently. Give the fabric a pull across the grain of the linen and the thread will settle into position. When done satisfactorily, you cannot tell where the linen threads have gone. See Image 3.

Ladder Hemstitch

Zigzag Hemstitch

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