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EMPEROR® 1800 Formulation Guide

Recommended Process for Formulation Preparation

3-step process to prepare a coating formulation: 1. Prepare pigment millbase; 2. Prepare resin masterbatch; 3. Let-down millbase with masterbatch.

1. Prepare Pigment Millbase

Pigment Grinding Resin H2O Additives Dispersant

2. Prepare Resin Masterbatch

Additives Let-down Solvent Crosslinker Resin

Pre-Mix (wet-out) Media Mill

Lab Mixer

3. Let-Down

Lab Mixer Final Coating Formulation

1. Prepare pigment millbase

Raw Material Grind Resin Neutralizing Agent Defoamer Pigment Dispersant Setalux 6100 GR 68 Water AMP95 Dehydran 1293 Carbon black Content (wt%) 14.55 71.95 1.5 3 9

See recommendations in next section Carbon black loading (%) Total solids (%) Pigment/binder ratio 9 20.7 0.9/1.0

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Premix water and neutralizing agent together under good agitation; Add the premix into the grind resin under good agitation; Post-add defoamer to the above under good agitation; Post-add carbon black slowly into the premix then mix for another 5 minutes at 4,000 RPM; Re-circulate through Eiger mill at 10m/s tip speed for another 2.5 minutes using 1.0 mm zirconium media Discharge, then test pH and viscosity of the millbase.

2. Prepare resin masterbatch

Raw Material Resin Defoamer Wetting Agent Leveling Agent Solvent Crosslinker Setalux 6801-AQ24 Dehydran 1293 Surfynol 104 DPM BYK 348 DPM Cymel 373 Total solids (%) Crosslinker (%) 26.8 20.8 Content (wt %) 200 3 3 0.5 6 12.5

Masterbatch letdown procedure: 1. Premix Defoamer, Wetting Agent, Leveling Agent, Solvent, and Crosslinker together; 2. Post add the premix slowly into the Resin under good agitation then mix for another 5 minutes; 3. Post-add the Neutralizing Agent slowly into the premix under good agitation; 4. Mix for 20 minutes then discharge and test for pH and viscosity.

3. Let-down millbase with masterbatch

Content (wt %) Masterbatch letdown Millbase 92.95 7.05 CB loading (%) Total solids (%) 2.41 26.37

Finish formulation procedure: 1. Post add the millbase to the masterbatch letdown under good agitation. 2. Mix for 20 minutes, then discharge.

Best Practice for Formulation Optimization

Optimal color performance of the final coating formulation can be achieved by: · selection of a dispersing aid that is compatible with the pigment and the coating resin; · optimization of the dispersant loading on the pigment; · optimization of the millbase grinding time; · additive selection.

1. Dispersing Aid Selection

For the best color performance, we recommend the use of Baker Petrolite D1441 dispersing aid with EMPEROR 1800. It gives excellent color performance in acrylic and polyester systems. Other recommended dispersing aids are: · Disperbyk 192 · EFKA 4550

2. Optimizing dispersant loading

Color performance is highly dependent on optimal loading of the dispersing aid. We highly recommend that formulators perform a loading study to find the best recipe for their system. Traditional oxidized carbon blacks can require dispersant loadings at 50% (active solids dispersant on carbon black) or more to achieve optimal performance. Because EMPEROR 1800 reduces the amount of dispersing aid required, recommended dispersant loadings are between 10% and 30% (active solids on carbon black).

3. Optimizing grinding time

Optimal color performance is achieved when the pigment agglomerates are dispersed properly through the milling process. Since over grinding can reduce color performance, it is important that milling time be optimized. To optimize milling time for your specific millbase formulation and milling equipment, we recommend that you perform a milling time study to find the optimal milling time. When planning your milling time study, remember that EMPEROR 1800 will reach optimal color with around 80% less milling time than conventional oxidized high color black pigments.

80% grinding time reduction

Mc Value

Grinding Time

EMPEROR 1800 Oxidized High Color Carbon Black

4. Recommended Additives


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