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1 Cabrillo College A.D.N. Program Practice Worksheets Semester 3 Dosage Calculation

Review chapters on your preferred calculation method. Read chapters on advanced techniques including titration. Goal: Pass drug dosage calculation test at 100% accuracy. These problems are purposefully complex to assist you with determining your understanding of dosage calculation.

th Show your work, label and circle your answer. Answer to the nearest 10 unless specified.


A physician ordered Dobutamine 250 mg in 150 mL D5W at 8ml/hr via volumetric pump. The client's weight is 185 lbs. Titrate how much Dobutamine the patient receives per kg body weight? (mcg/kg/min)? (Round to hundredth) A child weighs 84 pounds. The physician orders Cleocin 8mg/ kg/ day. In divided dose of four times a day. Pharmacy sent up a bottle labeled Cleocin (clindamycin) 75 mg /5 mL. a. The nurse will administer how many mL per dose? b. The nurse would administer how many mL per 24 hrs?


3. 4. 5.

An IVPB medication is mixed in 100 mL of fluid and is to run over 75 minutes. The nurse sets the dialaflow at what rate? Refer to #3. The nurse switches to a gravity drip. The drip factor is 15gtt/mL. The nurse would set the IV to how many drops per minute? A patient is receiving 20,000 units of Heparin in 500 mL 0.9% NS. The heparin is to infuse at 10 ml / hour on a pump. How many units of heparin will the patient receive in 24 hours? A patient is to receive 15 mg/kg loading dose of Dilantin in 100 mL NS via IV pump. The loading dose is run in over an hour. The weight of the patient is 80 kg this morning. a. How many mg of Dilantin for will the nurse administer for the loading dose? b. The IV pump would be set at what rate?


7. 8.

The physician ordered IV therapy to be infused at 3000 mL Q12H. The drop factor is 60gtt/mL. The nurse calculates the drop rate to be ________gtt/min? Ancef is ordered for a child who weighs 44 lbs. The order is for 50 mg IM Q6H. The recommended dosage 2.55.0 mg/kg/QD in divided dosage. Is this a safe dosage for the nurse to administer to the child? A physician ordered Valium 7.5 mg IM preop on call. Available from the electronic medication dispenser is Valium 5mg/ 1mL in a syringe with a total of 3 mL. The nurse will administer how many mL per dose?


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10. The physician ordered Dopamine 400 mg per 250 mL D5W to infuse at 2.5 mcg/kg/min. Your client weighs 83 kg. The nurse calculated the IV pump rate to be __________ mL/Hr? Hanging is Heparin 25,000 units in 250 mL NS. The patient's weight is 250 lbs. The loading dose is ordered at 60 units per kg. How many units of Heparin are administered for the loading dose? A physician's order is to add 40 mEq KCl to each 1L D5W. There is 750 mL left in the bag. The physician said to start the KCl stat. The nurse will add how many mEq of KCl? A physician's order is Dilantin 200 mg IV push stat. The patient has an IV of D5 0.45 %NS hanging. The ampoule reads 100 mg/mL Dilantin. The nurse will administer how many mL of Dilantin? A patient is to receive an antibiotic mixed in 50 mL DLR via piggy back. The piggyback is to run for 30 minutes. The drop factor is 15 gtt/mL. a. The nurse will set the IV pump at what rate? b. The antibiotic is change to gravity. The nurse will time the drip rate __________ (gtt/min)? 15. The physician ordered Gentamicin 150 mg IVPB Q8H for a child who weighs 22 kg. The recommended dose is 6.07.5 mg/kg/dose. a. The nurse calculates the therapeutic range to be ____________to __________? b. Is the order safe to administer to this child? 16. A neonate weighs 2600 G and will be receiving Tazidime 30 mg/kg/Q12H. The nurse determines the correct dose to be__________? A child weight is 35 pounds. The physician's order is Keflex 150 mg Q6h PO. Available is 125 mg /5 mL. a. Administer how many mL? b. How many teaspoons will the nurse instruct the mother to give for each dose? 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. A patient is to receive Lovenox 30 mg Q12H Subcutaneous. The prefilled syringe reads 40mg/0.4 mL. The nurse will administer how many mL? Convert: Convert: Convert: Convert: Convert: Convert 30 mg to _____gr 30 kg to ______G 1L to _______mL 2 gallons to _________mL 15 mg to __________gr 6 oz to _________mL






The physician's order is 0.5 % NS at 61 mL / hr. Your tubing set is microdrip (60 gtt/ mL). The nurse calculated the drop rate to be _________ gtt/min?

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26. A 12 yearold child weighs 64 lbs. The IV is 250 mg Lidocaine per 250 mL of D5W Q6H. The physician's order is 30 mcg/kg/min. The drop factor is 20 gtt/mL. The nurse will set the drop rate at? A prescribed dose of Vancomycin 200 mg Q6H by IV was ordered. The IV is for a child who weight is 32 kg. The package insert recommends a maximum dose of 40mg/kg/day. Is the dose within the therapeutic range? A patient is experiencing chest pain. The physician's order is to administer gr 1/150 of a medication PRN for pain. The bottle contains 0.4 mg per unscored tablet. How many tablets will the nurse give? A threeyearold weighs 14 kg. The physician prescribed Phenobarbitial PO. The package insert recommends 5 mg/kg/day. How many mg will the child receive per day? The physician ordered IV of 1000 mL D5W Q10H. The bag was started at 0600. The time is 0900 and left in the bag is 750 mL D5W. The drop factor is 20gtt/mL. Calculates and adjust the new rate at __________ gtt/min? Calculate the gtt/min from the following. a. The physician ordered D5 .033% NS 200 ml Q12H. The drop factor is 60 gtt/ml.






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