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California Job's Daughters News March 2011 Grand Officers Installed in Visalia

Grand Guardian ------------------------- Mrs. Charlotte Keel Associate Grand Guardian -------------- Mr. Don Lenaburg Vice Grand Guardian ------------ Mrs. Cathy Sieber-Lowe Vice Associate Grand Guardian ----Mr. Geoffrey Matlack Grand Guide ----------------------Mrs. Denise LaFromboise Grand Marshal ---------------------------- Miss Karen Keller Grand Secretary ------------------------ Mrs. Patricia Mosier Grand Treasurer ------------------------- Mr. Donald Journey Grand Librarian ----------------------- Mrs. Barbee Groshko Grand Director of Music ----------------Mrs. Debby Keene Deputy Grand Guardians Jo-Ann Anderson * Mary Barnes * Robyn Beadle Lynn Boscosky * John Bosman * Lynnette Channon Louanne Clark Diane Coughran Dorothy Crawford Elaine Davies * Chris Davis Peggy Denison * Kathleen Devlin Nancy Dixon Ida Evans Edna Fisher Elaine Francia Karen Francis * Jeannine Galatioto Susan Galyean Rhonda Gayler * Marilyn Glenore Susan Goodloe Beverly Graham Kathleen Hailey Susan Hamblet Rod Haney * Susie Hardman Carol Ann Hayden Grand Chaplain ------------------ Miss Malia Morris Grand Senior Custodian ------- Miss Teresa Valdes Grand Junior Custodian ------- Mrs. Jamie Wagner Grand Inner Guard ----------- Mr. Andrew De Caro Grand Outer Guard -------- Mr. Robert Pawneshing Grand First Messenger ------ Mrs. Gail Shoemaker Grand Second Messenger ------Mrs. Nikki Daniels Grand Third Messenger ----- Mrs. Melinda Woods Grand Fourth Messenger - Miss Kathy Devonshire Grand Fifth Messenger ----------- Mrs. Suzi Kelley Sandra Rae Jill Ramsey Judith Rickabaugh * Dawn Riebel Jean Roche Kathy Rodden Ann Sammis Marty Schaefer * RoseMarie Short * Cathy Sieber-Lowe * Kim Skidmore Garneda Skinnell Teri Steig Carolyn Storey * Laurie Sweezey Jill Taravanovic Lynne Tarvyd * Donna Thom Kathy Thompson Jackie Tracey * Theresa Valdes Trish Vosper Kim Waits Monna Walters Kim Waugh Diann Wren Ann Yaeger * Beverly Youngblood Roy Youngblood Gail Zacher *Consulting Deputy Grand Guardians Page 1

Betsy Hillig Betty Hinkley * Jeannine Hinman * Carol Hollstein Cline "Cub" Jack * Bill Keel * Karen Keller Suzi Kelley Shirley Kindig Patt Kinsel Jacqueline Kirkpatrick * Betty Klotz * Jo Ann Krausman Denise LaFromboise * Marcy Lake Betty Lampson Carolyn LaValley * Judie Massie Teddy McDougall Peggy Mecham-Carlotti Patricia Mosier * Judy Murphy Keta Ortega Kathe Osburn Marcie Parent Sherry Pawneshing Sharron Porter Dorothy Lenaburg Kathy Maguire Jacqueline Marks Kathy Martin *

A note from the Grand Guardian: This year is off to a wonderful start. The Official Visits and the Daughters have been fantastic. Each visit has been unique and enjoyable. It is such a joy to witness the growth of the Bethels and the commitment of the girls and adults. This year's membership theme is "Dream Big." I hope each of you is bringing friends to activities, and getting them interested in Job's Daughters. Every member is important. Be sure to encourage new members to get involved. The more you put into Job's Daughters, the more you will get out of it. If you have a Bethel sister you have not seen for a while, call them and make a special effort to get them involved in the Bethel again. This Order was founded on one woman's Dreams. With all of us "Dreaming Big," Job's Daughters will continue to grow and prosper. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at the Official Visits, picnics, receptions, and Grand Bethel. Always remember to "Believe in Your Dreams." Charlotte Keel Grand Guardian

A note from the Associate Grand Guardian: Mrs. Keel and I began our travels on January 15th in Roseville. That evening our journey took us on a train ride of our 'dreams' to each Official Visit we will make this year. The visits have been lots of fun. We have celebrated our birthdays numerous time - eaten lots of cupcakes and played birthday games. We are getting to know the wonderful Job's Daughters and dedicated adult workers. Our travels took us to Oakhurst in late January where we met with the Grand Bethel Girls. This great group of young ladies have planned a wonderful Grand Bethel and we hope all of you are planning on being there. This year we will again support the Supreme Project H.I.K.E. (Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment). We are hoping that there will be a couple of presentations of hearing devices in California this year. The Philanthropic Project this year is Freedom Dogs. This project focuses on providing assistance to the wounded military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (traumatic brain injury). One Freedom Dog can change the life of many of our wounded warriors. We hope that the Bethels will make donations to help train these incredible dogs. You can choose what your donations will go for - like food, equipment and toys, vet care, mats and blankets or insurance. We are hoping that there will be some special guests from Freedom Dogs at Grand Bethel. I am looking forward to my travels in California this year and meeting each of you. Don Lenaburg Associate Grand Guardian WE'RE LOOKING FOR GOOD NEWS! Has your Bethel done something special in the last few months? Have you initiated a group of new members? Have you had a successful fund-raiser? Have you done a great public service activity in your community? Let's let all your fellow California Job's Daughters know about it. Send the details about what happened to [email protected] Please include a phone number in case we have a question. You can send us photos ­ but you have to include a copy of the completed PR form for each Job's Daughter in the picture. And, yes, for those not quite into the computer age yet, you can mail an item to Mrs. Nancy Blackstock, 1537 N. 6 th Ave. Upland CA 91786.

CALENDAR March 1 - Official Visit - 151 - Selma, 288 - Lemoore March 4 - Official Visit - Inkopah Association March 5 - Reception - Grand Second Messenger March 7 - Official Visit - 146 - Chula Vista, 40 - San Diego March 12 - Reception - Grand Fifth Messenger March 13 - Reinstitution of Daly City Bethel March 16 - Official Visit - 230 - Salinas, 216 - Orinda March 19 - Reception - G. B. Honored Queen March 20 - Event - Miss J. D. Calif. - Woodland March 22 - Official Visit - 56 - Huntington Beach March 23 - Official Visit - 353 - San Dimas, 140 - Corona March 24 - Official Visit - Garden Grove March 26 - Reception - Grand First Messenger March 27 - Official Visit - South Coast Association March 28 - Official Visit - 285 - Imperial Page 2

CALENDAR - APRIL April 1 - Grand Bethel Board meeting Visalia April 4 - Official Visit - 49 - Fresno April 5 - Official Visit - 327 - Bakersfield April 8,9,10 Leadership Camp - Loch Laven April 9 - Official Visit - 182 - Crescent City, 86 - Arcata, 106 - Ukiah, 300 - Santa Rosa April 11 - Official Visit - 326 - Chico, 55 - Oroville April 13 - Official Visit - 46 - Susanville April 15 - GGC Arrangements meeting April 16 - Official Visit - 218 - Orinda, 115 - Antioch April 16 - Reception - Grand Fourth Messenger April 18 - Official Visit - 356 - Etna April 25 - Official Visit - 155 - Coachella April 26 - Official Visit - 262 - Victorville, 341 - Barstow April 30 - Foundation Meeting April 30 - Reception - Grand Guardian - Redlands MAY May 2 - Official Visit - 224 - Whittier, 333 - La Habra May 3 - Official Visit - 161 - Long Beach, 109 - Bellflower 241 - Norwalk May 5 - Official Visit - 209 - Lancaster

CALENDAR - MAY May 14 - Reception - Grand Librarian May 15 - Official Visit - Mar Monte Association May 16 - Official Visit - 5 - Anaheim May 18 - Official Visit - 187 - Temecula, 165 - Sun City May 20 - Official Visit - 337 - Orange May 21 - Official Visit - 122 - Santa Monica, 295 - El Segundo 24 - San Pedro May 21 - Reception - Grand Senior Custodian May 24 - Official Visit - 301 - Claremont, 191 - Chino, 42 - Rialto

Attention all Bethel Librarians

Be sure to Believe in yourself and Believe in your Dreams! Send in your reports to Barbee Groshko, Grand Librarian Deadline is May 1st. Get the forms and information off the CAIOJD web site.

SEW AND SHOW COMPETITION AT GRAND BETHEL May 6 - Official Visit - 97 - Burbank, 153 - Tujunga May 9 - Official Visit - 278 - Yorba Linda May 10 - Official Visit - 289 - Granada Hills, 249 - Newhall May 11 - Official Visit - 89 - Ventura May 12 - Official Visit - 264 - Riverside, 35 - Moreno Valley 145 - Hemet May 14 - Official Visit - 244 - Downey, 43 - Los Angeles FIND THE RULES, ENTRY FORMS AND JUDGING SHEETS ON THE WEBSITE AT WWW.CAIOJD.ORG MRS. LYNNETTE CHANNON, CHAIRMAN ASK AN ADULT LEADER TO HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO SEW AND ENTER THIS CONTEST MAKE A ONE OF A KIND OUTFIT AND BE THE ENVY OF ALL THE GIRLS IN YOUR BETHEL

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Every year at about this time, the excitement builds and anticipation turns to planning. Memories are tested and Bethels start to buzz with ideas, suggestions and plans. Some Bethels are picking a Grand Bethel Officer for the upcoming year, while others work out who is going and who is rooming with whom. Fundraisers are in full swing and shopping for necessities has begun. Yep, planning for Grand Bethel is in full swing. Bethels are planning who will be competing in: Ritual Competition; Singing; Volleyball; Variety Show; Arts and Crafts; Sew and Show; Miss California; and Drill. The work to pick look-alike material, mascots, and trade items is being done with great care: each Bethel wants to be unique. Last year, was your Bethel one of the Bethels that said "We can do that" after watching the Drill Team Competition? Were you the one that watched the routines and said "I can do that" or "They should have done this or that" or "We could do this and totally win!" Do you belong to a Bethel that is close knit and where the girls have bonded? Do you want be one of the girls that is part of a team with their fellow sisters working to be the best you can be? I think the answer is YES! I think every Bethel and every Daughter wants to have a great time while competing to be the best. Because of this, I think every Bethel should sign up for and compete in the Drill Team competition. Don't let what happened last year happen this year. Don't miss the opportunity to sign up to compete in Drill Team. Help your fellow sisters have the opportunity to show off their talent, their personalities and how close your Bethel is. I know your Bethel wants to have a great time and try new things. I know you and your Bethel Sisters want a challenge that is fun, and allows you to show off. I know you want to show how close knit your Bethel is, how motivated they are, and that they are willing to work to get what they want. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Bethel Sisters together and sign up for the Drill Team Competition. What, you don't have enough girls? So join with a nearby Bethel and enter the special combined Bethel class. Application forms are available at If you are interested in helping with the Drill Team Competition in any way, I would be excited to have your help. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know how you want to help. I look forward to be overwhelmed with applications for Drill Team Competition this year. Don't let your Bethel be the one that says "We should have done that." Rob Boswell Drill Team Chairman

Grand Bethel Essay Competition

Every California Job's Daughter is eligible and invited to enter the 2011 Essay competition. How will you answer this question? What have you learned from Job's Daughters that will assist you in achieving your goals and dreams? Dream big and start writing! Certificates and medallions will be awarded at Grand Bethel. The Job's Daughter with the highest overall score will be awarded the Earl Stewart Memorial Trophy and have the opportunity to read her essay from the stage at Grand Bethel. The rules for the Essay competition, an outline about how to write an essay and the competition entry form is available from your Bethel Guardian or on the California Job's Daughters website at Please read the rules thoroughly and follow them carefully! No electronic entries will be accepted. Mail completed entries to Mrs. Gail Zacher, 1465 Norwood Court, Upland, CA 91786 no later than May 1. Good luck and remember to "Believe in the Beauty of your Dreams!" Mrs. Gail Zacher D.G.G Chairman 2011 Essay Competition [email protected] Page 4


Time flies when you're having fun! We all know that phrase; everyone always says it. However, I had never truly experienced what it meant until I began my journeys as Miss California Job's Daughter last June. Has it really been 6 months? Are there really only 6 months left before it is my turn to pass down this cape and crown to the next deserving young woman? The truth is, yes, my time as Miss California Job's Daughter is half over. However, these last 6 months have been the most amazing of my life. I have traveled over 10,000 miles (and counting) and represented my favorite organization in the world (Job's Daughters, of course!) at so many amazing events. I was able to travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado for Supreme Session 2010 and compete in the Miss International Pageant and I have attended Southern California DeMolay Conclave, Grand Lodge, Bright Side of Youth, Grand Chapter, Grand Council and Northern California DeMolay Convention. I have also been to countless receptions, official visits, installations, Bethel meetings, picnics, fundraisers, fun events and more! And my calendar is definitely booked for the rest of the year. I cannot wait to continue my travels! The theme I have chosen for this year is, "Your eyes are an ocean in which your dreams are reflected." Becoming Miss California Job's Daughter is probably the biggest dream I have ever had. Though the road getting there had a few rough patches, I continued to visualize my goal and look where I am now! I am so thrilled to have been able to have this opportunity and I cannot speak highly enough about the pageant. It has helped me in so many ways because I learned so much about not only Job's Daughters, but about myself as well. If you have any questions at all, you are more than welcome to e-mail at [email protected] and I will do my best at answering them! I can't wait to meet many more of you along my travels during the next 6 months! Be sure to remember to send me invitations to your Installations or any special events. Grizzly Bear Hugs and Sunshine Kisses, Katie Allen Miss California Job's Daughter Past Honored Queen, Bethel No. 260 Woodland

Photo Call! The Membership Committee wants photos of you and your bethel having a ton of Job's Daughters FUN! Give/email your Bethel Guardian your favorite photos and help to promote the organization you LOVE! (Guardians, please send your photos to [email protected], and include verification of media release(s) for all Daughters in each photo.) We can't wait to see your snaps! Good News! We want to hear ALL your good news! (Activities/friends brought, petitions, initiations, etc.) E-mail your Membership news to [email protected] with "GOOD NEWS!" in the subject line, and we will share your news with the whole state of CA! Don't Forget! You can earn fun Rewards for bringing a friend to an activity, or having her join your bethel! See your Bethel Guardian for more details! Stay Tuned! Information will be coming to your bethel soon regarding filming of the California Job's Daughters promotional short. Stay tuned for info on how to be ready for your close-up!

Membership Mentionables!

Dream Big!

California Job's Daughters Membership 2011

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Scholarship recipients for 2010

Alexandra Stumpf Bethel No. 24, San Pedro Elsie Bonneville Daskam Memorial Scholarship, $3,000 California State University, Northridge Speech Pathology/Communicative Disorders Emily Daos Bethel No. 24, San Pedro Harold Aggeson Memorial Scholarship, $2,500 University of California, Los Angeles Microbiology/Genetics/Pre-Med Anna Guiles Bethel No. 326, Chico Caddes Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 Mills College, Oakland, CA Psychology/Public Policy Melissa Roberts Bethel No. 291, Sacramento Marge Ramsden Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 California State University, Sacramento Biological Sciences Megan Goudy Bethel No. 148, Auburn Weiske Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA English Erin Alexander Bethel No. 345, Simi Valley McCauley Estate Memorial Scholarship, $1,500 University of California, Santa Barbara Film & Media Studies Marita Gilliland Bethel No. 247, Danville Misner Memorial Scholarship, $1,500 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Human Physiology/Pre-Med Rebekah Gallina Bethel No. 33, San Bernardino Taber Estate Scholarship, $1,500 California State University, San Bernardino Accounting Karissa Burgos Bethel No. 301, Claremont Grand Bethel Scholarship, $1,250 Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA Pre-Dentistry/Nutrition Kaitlynn Fish Bethel No. 244, Downey Grand Bethel Scholarship, $1,250 West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX Psychology Jennifer Lurie Bethel No. 247, Danville Grand Bethel Scholarship, $1,250 University of Arizona, Tucson Political Science/History Haleigh Salvage Bethel No. 324, Thousand Oaks Grand Bethel Scholarship, $1,250 Ventura County Community College, Moorpark, CA Biological Sciences Kelsey Rees Bethel No. 74, El Dorado Bethel No. 159 Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA Pre-Pharmacy Elizabeth Gallina Bethel No. 33, San Bernardino Bethel No. 191 Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 California State University, San Bernardino Psychology Autumn Givant Bethel No. 78, Garden Grove Bethels No. 212 and 290 Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 Biola University, La Mirada, CA Anthropology Ashley Eberhard Bethel No. 83, Stockton Susan Walker Wilson Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 California State University, Monterey Bay Liberal Studies/Human Development


All former Grand Bethel Girls, board members and their spouses are invited to the 17th annual luncheon of the Purple Cord Club on June 25 in Visalia during Grand Bethel. To make sure you get all the information about time of the luncheon and costs, it's important that your information is up to date. Please forward your name (maiden and married), mailing address, e-mail, telephone number, Grand Bethel office and year to [email protected] or [email protected] Put Purple Cord Club in the subject line. You're also invited to join the on-line community at Questions?: Jen Lampson Coleman at [email protected] or 916-806-7330. Page 6

2011 GRAND BETHEL VARIETY SHOW The theme is "California Dreamin" The acts need to be a minimum of 4 members and adhere to the time limit of no more than 3 minutes Send your video and music to Nikki Daniels no later than April 5 Entry forms and information are posted on the Website at


The choir competition song for this year is "I Believe" recorded by Fantasia The 2-part music is arranged by Alan Billingsley The publisher is Hal Leonard Corporation The music for the daughter musician will be "How Great Thou Art" page 56 or page 113 of the Music Ritual The music competition rules and entry forms are available On the website at

ARTS AND CRAFTS COMPETITION The deadline for entry forms to be mailed for the 2011 Grand Bethel Arts and Crafts Competition is May 1. Those entry forms must be signed by your Bethel Guardian or Head Chaperone. The actual arts and crafts entries will not be turned in until Grand Bethel opens in June but no entry forms will be accepted at Grand Bethel. Rules, entry forms and judging sheets are available at the Job's Daughters website at Please read the rules thoroughly and follow them carefully. You may make something just for this year's Grand Bethel or enter items that have been entered in other contests, such as Girl Scouts, 4-H and county fairs, as long as the entry had been made during the past 12 months. Have an arts and crafts event following a meeting and create a work of art for the competition. There are many categories and classes of Arts and Crafts to choose from, including photography, jewelry making and fabric crafts. Check the website and find the category just for you. Your art work or craft must be turned in to the Arts and Crafts room between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Thursday (the first day of Grand Bethel) or 7 to 8 a.m. on Friday. If you are arriving after those times, make arrangements to send your entry with someone arriving earlier. No entries will be accepted after 8 a.m. Friday. Entry forms, postmarked no later than May 1, should be mailed to Mrs. Gail Shoemaker, 800 Keith St., Barstow CA 92311. Questions?: [email protected] or 760-256-6125.

Save the Dates !!!

Job's Daughters.... Where Leaders are Made

Leadership Camp 2011

Southern Camp Loch Levan April 8-10, 2011 Northern Camp-- Camp Hammer October 7-9. 2011

Check the website for registration forms. If you know of a bethel daughter who is interested in being a CIT, please encourage her to apply using the CIT questionnaire found on the website. www,

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