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From: Les Pereira [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 9:09 AM To: RegionalTransmission; DeShazo, Gary; Didsayabutra, Paul Subject: 2008 CAISO Transmission Plan Stakeholder Meeting 20-Nov-2007 Gary, Paul and the Group, I would like to briefly confirm my comments yesterday at the 2008 CAISO Transmission Plan Stakeholder Meeting 20-Nov-2007. 1. CAISO Transmission Plan: I believe that the presentations by PG&E, SCE and SDGE are primarily separate stakeholder transmission assessments that have been held within their respective stakeholder processes and attended by their own interested parties. This is appropriate for their own areas. However the CAISO plan is missing a very important analysis ­ and that is planning studies of the whole CAISO footprint of the interconnected system of all three areas by CAISO incorporating major backbone transmission plans of the three PTOS. For example a new 500 kV substation in the Bay Area in PG&E plus a Helms ­ Midway lproject will effect overall 500 kV responses in the interconnected system, different regions, imports, Path 26 etc. The CAISO dispatch is for the whole system, not segmented into separate areas. This is also the spirit of the FERC 890 process I believe. Hence I recommend CAISO wide planning studies to pull together the forward looking efforts of the three PTOs plus additional projects that may fall out of the CAISO analysis. 2. ISO Short Term Plan: This additional effort by Operations is a welcome addition. Some improvement: Each of the recommended upgrades should be supported by data of congestion costs incurred. It is not enough to ask the stakeholders to go to the OASIS and try and work out costs. This will also support the recommendations to the Board for constructing the projects. These currently appear to be only a subset of the constraints in the system. An extended list of constraints actually experienced should be published for stakeholder information. (This information will feed into constrained areas in the system.) If many of those constraints in the extended list are mitigated by redispatch, it should be so stated. This will hopefully become more apparent in the forthcoming MRTU with SCOPF algorithms. 3. The Economic Planning Study is quite ambitious in its scope and methodology and there are many good points. Lacking in the presentation is the downside (and I don't mean manhours which can be handled) in terms of data inadequacies, eg hydro modeling, thermal units heat rate curve accuracy, and the effects of scenarios ­ imports, hydro, loads, gas prices etc, future generation and transmission of "other" projects that will affect the performance and economics of the project under study. The overall "benefits" must be therefore be "weighted" under different scenarios. The resulting benefits could well be "noise" in the study ­ and a case must be that it is not so for credibility of the results. To determine the effectiveness of the study plan proposed, a "pilot" project should be selected and studies performed before any theoretical proposed plan is made into an accepted methodology; the results of this pilot study should be made available to stakeholders for comment.

Regards, Les

Les Pereira P.E.

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From: Les Pereira [mailto:Les

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From: Les Pereira [mailto:Les