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Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope

(Grade 3 Theme 2 Selection 2 Summary ELL)

This is a story about Anthony Reynoso, who lives in Guadalupe, Arizona, with his parents. Soon he will have a new brother or sister. Anthony loves to go with his parents and other relatives to celebrate holidays and birthdays at his grandparents' ranch. Anthony plays baseball and collects basketball cards. What he likes best, though, is to ride and rope Mexican Rodeo style. When Anthony was little, his dad taught him to do this. His dad shows Anthony things that his own father taught him. One Saturday, Anthony and his dad perform in a show. They spin the rope and pass it to one another. They do well! After the show, they go to Slide Rock to play. Anthony's dad taught him well. Anthony plans to teach the Mexican Rodeo tradition to his new brother or sister.

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