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CA SPECTRUM® r9 Foundations 200

PRODUCT RELEASE CA SPECTRUM 9.0 COURSE TYPE, DURATION, & COURSE CODE Instructor Led or On-site Training Four (4) days 02SPC20091 PREREQUISITES Working knowledge of networking Familiarity with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Three months working knowledge of SPECTRUM, or SPECTRUM: Operator WHO SHOULD ATTEND System Administrators Network Administrators Implementers Technical Sales Consultants

Course Overview

Development organizations like yours must address an ever more complex environment where detection of faults and failures and quick response times are critical. You need to be able to manage a large-scale deployment as efficiently and smoothly as possible. CA SPECTRUM enables you to model and manage your Layer 2 and Layer 3 network for LAN, WAN, wired, wireless, physical, and virtual networks. Patented root cause analysis and impact analysis technologies pinpoint the precise cause of problems, identify impacted users, and recommend corrective actions to improve restoration time. This four-day course will teach you the skills you will need to successfully deploy CA SPECTRUM. You will learn about fault management, alarm forwarding, and getting the most from OneClick functionality. You will also be provided the knowledge to enable you to implement, operate, and maintain a large-scale deployment. In addition, the benefits of installing add-ons will be illustrated using the CA SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager Report Manager. This class will provide an in-depth overview of the challenges and solutions for installing and implementing CA SPECTRUM in large distributed environments.

You Will Learn How To

Describe CA SPECTRUM Model the network with CA SPECTRUM Discovery Model networks Manipulate models Configure user security Manage CA SPECTRUM databases Investigate fault isolation and alarm notification Manage CA SPECTRUM processes with processed Establish a distributed SpectroSERVER environment Create a fault-tolerant environment

For Managers

Students will be taught to configure automated fault management across diverse, multitechnology networks to help ensure availability of critical network services. They will gain a practical understanding of CA SPECTRUM best practices, yielding your organization a higher rate of return on the investment (ROI) in CA SPECTRUM r9.0 through improved staff productivity.

RECOMMENDED NEXT COURSES SPECTRUM r9.0: Optimization and Customizations 300 02SPC30051 Four (4) Days SPECTRUM r9.0: Service Manager 400 02SPC40051 Four (4) Days

Course Agenda

Module 1 ­ Describe CA SPECTRUM Describe CA SPECTRUM Employ the CA SPECTRUM Architecture Define the Directory Structure Module 2 ­ Model the Network with CA SPECTRUM Discovery Configure Discovery Schedule Discovery Configure CA SPECTRUM for SNMP Perform Service Provider Discovery Configure Automatic Trap-based Modeling Module 3 ­ Model Networks Annotate a View Module 4 ­ Navigate OneClick Navigate OneClick

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Employ Special Model Types Model a Network Manually Module 5 ­ Manipulate Models Run Searches Edit Model Attributes Implement Global Collections Set Up Server Monitoring Module 6 ­ Configure User Security Configure User Access Secure Network Models Create a Custom Role Configure Preferences Configure LDAP Authentication Module 7 ­ Manage CA SPECTRUM Databases Back Up and Restore the SpectroSERVER Database Manage the DDM Module 9 ­ Manage CA SPECTRUM Processes with processd Modify processd Behavior Manage Processes with cmdC Module 10 ­ Establish a Distributed SpectroSERVER Environment Investigate SpectroSERVER Performance Views Describe the Distributed SpectoSERVER Architecture Identify Distributed SpectroSERVER Prerequisites Investigate Global Collections Employ the Proxy Model Enable Trap Director Module 8 ­ Investigate Fault Isolation and Alarm Notification Describe Fault Isolation Automate Alarm Notifications


Course Agenda continued

Module 11 ­ Create a Fault-Tolerant Environment Describe the Fault-Tolerant SpectroSERVER Architecture Describe Failover Scenarios and Standby Modes Identify OneClick Guidelines for Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing

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