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Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure

Learn how to stay cool, calm and unflappable-- no matter how much pressure you're under

Who Will Benefit From This Seminar ...

Anyone who'd like to learn how to stop getting so worked up over little things ... quit allowing their anger to take over ... spend less time worrying about everything ... stay centered in pressure situations ... keep mistakes from throwing them into a tailspin ... and stop avoiding conflict

Emotional self-control--it makes a difference in work performance, personal and professional

relationships and overall happiness. Everyone experiences those moments on the job when unwanted emotions intensify. Workers may get upset with colleagues who don't do their jobs. Or frustrated with bosses who give them more work than they think they can handle. Or angry with themselves because they didn't stand up to a pushy co-worker. Emotions like these are normal. It's what employees do with them that can lead to problems--at work and at home. Losing their temper, overreacting and getting stressed out can get in the way of positive relationships--and profoundly affect their productivity and well-being. This exciting new program will teach participants an amazing, systematic process for developing "emotional self-control." They'll gain a tremendous amount of insight into disruptive emotions and impulses that make them feel out of control and helpless, and learn how to rein them in. The tools and strategies we teach in this unique course will minimize daily work stressors, improve employee performance, earn employees greater respect--and make their lives more fulfilling and enjoyable.

On-Site Seminar Objectives

This workshop will give participants the strategies to ... · Choose how to respond to difficult situations and people · Keep anger from damaging relationships · Behave positively when things don't go the way they expected · Maintain emotional clarity in the midst of change · Eliminate behaviors and habits that work against themselves As you can see, this seminar is packed with a wealth of important information, expert advice and proven-effective approaches for dealing constructively with people, conversations, situations, meetings-- every uncomfortable emotional encounter. Call 1-800-767-7545 today to schedule a workshop customtailored to meet your organization's specific needs.


Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure


Emotions--where they come from and how they affect you

* What's your typical response to difficult people and situations? How's it working for you? * How to conquer 4 basic emotions that affect everything you do (or don't do) * 7 emotional patterns that cause most of what troubles us * How to see situations and people the way they really are--without distortion or judgments * Stop the emotional train by detecting exactly when an intense emotion is taking over * 5 traits every emotionally "in control" professional possesses * The E-factor: Overcome draining emotions and regain your energy and zest for life * Your hot buttons--4 ways to keep people from pushing yours * What your emotions have to do with your weight * A remarkable, 8-step process for mastering your emotions

* How to stop worry from spiraling out of control * How even the most well-intentioned people procrastinate and what you can do about it * The single best way to turn off negative self-talk * How to recognize and deal with the 6 most common self-defeating behaviors

Take control of anger and other strong emotions

* Common misconceptions about anger-- and how to replace them with the truth * New, healthy ways for releasing anger * Reinterpreting events that would normally cause you to "lose it" * What to do immediately when you feel you're going to cry * How and why to detect underlying causes of anger (without going to a therapist) * How to rewire your brain and stop overreacting--for good * How to see anger as a feeling--not an insurmountable fault * Replacing patterns of distorted thinking with "reality thinking" * What to do when you feel you're going to blow up

* Why some people thrive on the feeling of being overwhelmed * Evaluate the inaccurate judgments you make about yourself after a mistake-- and correct them * How to act calmly under pressure-- and feel that way inside too * Scientifically proven ways to remove stress and the symptoms associated with it * A new way to look at communication and how it can protect you from e motional overload * Challenge anxious, fearful thoughts-- 3 guidelines that work * 4 steps for turning "follow through" into one of your best habits

Tackle life's challenges with a new sense of discipline

* Surprisingly simple routines that will add new balance to your life * Nourishing yourself with planned downtime and healthy sleep * Maintaining your new emotional sanity by living the "simple life" * How to stay on even keel--a new systems approach to managing demanding work responsibilities * The plain and simple truth about perfectionism * Organization's a good thing--but know when it turns into a destructive compulsion

Know how to eliminate behaviors and habits that hinder success

* How to face up to conflict, in spite of the almost irresistible urge to run away * Wanting to change a habit isn't enough-- here are 5 steps for turning your "wish" into action * How to give yourself the most wonderful gift of all--the ability to choose your emotional response on the spot

Stay positive and productive in the midst of workplace change

* The very real connection between stress and intense emotions * Dealing with workplace changes you have no control over--the secret to "going with the flow"



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